Auckland Council Libraries: Researching historic events

Researching historic events

Are you looking for information about a historic event? Here are some sources to help you out.

Search the library catalogue

If you are researching a historic event, there is likely to be a variety of resources available in the library catalogue.  

Auckland Libraries also provides access to a range of online databases. You can search for resources in these databases using our article search

  • When using article search, you may see a ‘Research Starter’ for some historic events. This provides a short overview of the event and other resources to look up.

Browse online resources

When researching an event, try these online databases:

Newspaper and magazine archives

To access digital archives, go to Family and local history online resources. Under 'All resources', select 'Newspapers'. 

While some newspapers and magazines are digitised and can be found on Papers Past , those that aren't digitised can be viewed on microfilm at our research centres. 

These include copies of the New Zealand Herald, Auckland Star, New Zealand Truth, Auckland Weekly News, and New Zealand Women's Weekly. Ask your local research librarian for assistance if you're unfamiliar with using microfilm. 

Ask an expert

As your research progresses, you may need to: 

Each research centre has a unique collection and areas of speciality. They hold historical NZ Government publications, manuscripts, maps, ephemera and oral history resources.

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