Auckland Libraries: Strategic plan: Te Kauroa - Future Directions

Strategic plan: Te Kauroa - Future Directions

Te mahere rautaki: Te Kauroa – Ngā Ahunga a ngā Rā kei te Heke Mai

Auckland Libraries strategic plan 2013 to 2023.

What is Te Kauroa- Future Directions?

Te Kauroa - Future Directions is a strategic plan outlining what we will focus on over the 10 years to 2023. It provides a framework for our planning and development, and determines our priorities in contributing to the vision and outcomes of The Auckland Plan.

We play an important part in realising the Auckland Plan's vision for the people of Auckland. Current models of library service delivery will not meet the demands of an expanding, even more diverse city: we must adapt to suit our rapidly evolving world. 

We aspire to:

  • be a leader on the national and international scene.
  • deliver what Aucklanders expect from a world-class library.

Two parts of Te Kauroa - Future Directions

Te Kauroa - Future Directions is in two parts:

  • the first part outlines the current state of libraries, what is changing in the world, digital innovation and the impact on library services and collections
  • the second part outlines the response to these changes.

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There are six focus areas in our library plan 

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