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Talk, read and sing with Auckland Libraries

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When you talk, read and sing with your tamariki, you help them develop important connections, language and social skills.

The more words and conversations you share together, the better prepared they will be to learn.

Talk, Read, Sing resources

Keep an eye on this page for themed resources to download and use. Or pick up an activity sheet from your local library on your next visit!

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Tips for whānau with pēpi and toddlers

Kōrero | Talk

Talking with young tamariki is a brain-building activity. Every time you talk to a pēpi, new connections are being made in their brain.

The more you engage, the more they learn to understand and use new words and concepts.

Try commenting on what they are looking at. Doing this gives them words and sentences that match their interest at that moment.

“The bird is flying. Can you see the wings fluttering?”

Pānui | Read

Reading to young tamariki helps build their language and early literacy skills and helps them get ready for school.

For pēpi and toddlers, the most important part of reading is interacting while you’re reading.

You can talk about the pictures in the book, make fun comments, ask questions and connect the story to their life.

“That dog has fluffy white fur! Do you think it feels like grandad’s beard?”

Waiata | Sing

Young tamariki love music! It nourishes their brains and is a great way to connect to language, culture and identity.

Encourage your tamariki to act out the meaning of songs. You could wiggle your fingers in the air and sing along with ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Tīrama Tīrama Ngā Whetū)’ or clap your hands and sing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’.

Once you teach them some actions, your tamariki could try creating their own!

About Talk, Read, Sing

Talk, Read, Sing is part of the Too Small to Fail campaign originally created in the United States.

Auckland Council Libraries have adapted this programme for children and whānau in Tāmaki Makaurau in partnership with Talking Matters. 

Contact our Literacy Specialists by email or call Te Māpuna / Library Connect on 09 377 0209 to learn more about this initiative.

Auckland Council Libraries:Talk, read and sing with Auckland Libraries