Auckland Council Libraries: Time turning school holiday reads

Time turning school holiday reads

From Once upon a time to Time for Bed, these picture books will take you through time.

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What's the time, Mr Wolf?

Debi Gliori

Not the only version of this well-loved story and game that we have but one of my favourites.

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It is time for...

Introducing how to tell the time.

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The legend of rock paper scissors

Drew Daywalt

Who first thought up this popular game?

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John Joe's tune

Tania H. Atkinson

Looking back in history to where our national anthem came from.

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Chris Gall

What would the future look like if a group of tiny robots got out of control.

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The magic school bus

Joanna Cole

Just one of the titles in this popular science series which has both picture books and fiction titles.

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Torben Kuhlmann

One of our favourite adventurous mice.

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I like old clothes

Mary Ann. Hoberman

Dressing up is so much fun but what stories do the clothes have to tell?

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The song of Kauri

Melinda Szymanik

See what the Kauri does as it grows tall and strong. If you like this you may also enjoy Taketakerau : the Millennium Tree/Marnie Anstis ; illustrated by Patricia Howitt.

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When I grow up

Tim Minchin

We also have a number of books with this title and theme, but Tim sings it best.

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