Auckland Council Libraries: Time turning reads for kids

Time turning reads for kids

Whether you are interested in going back into history to find out how life used to be or letting your imagination fly into the future where you wonder what it might be like, there is something for everyone as we adventure through time these school holidays.

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Angel of the battlefield

Ann Hood

Book 1 in The Treasure Chest Series by Ann Hood. The twins discover a hidden room with a secret in their new home.

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The storm begins

Damian Dibben

Book 1 in the History Keepers series by Damian Dibben. Imagine if you lost your parents and you didn’t know where they were, or even, when?

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The Lincoln project

Dan Gutman

Book 1 in the Flashback Four series by Dan Gutman. Four very different kids are picked by a billionaire to travel through time.

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A stitch in time

Penelope Lively

Maria likes to be alone with her thoughts but on holiday she starts to hear the voices from a time long ago.

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Gladiator clash

Chris Blake

Book 1 in the Time Hunters series. When Tom accidentally breaks a statue at the museum, it leads to all sorts of action and adventure.

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Cup magic

Susan Battye

Part of the My New Zealand Story series. These are written in diary form sharing a year in the life of a Kiwi youngster during one of our moments in history. This book centres around the first time New Zealand won the America’s Cup.

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Terror moon

Trevor Baxendale

One of the Doctor Who: Choose the Future series which gives readers the choice of how the story will end up for them. There are a range of Doctor Who resources in our collection including fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels for all fans.

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George's secret key to the universe

Lucy Hawking

Book 1 in the George series which takes 'a rollercoaster ride' through space and science.

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Could a robot make my dinner?

Kay Barnham

This book answers the questions about technology that you never thought to ask but always wanted to know. One of a series of children’s non-fiction books.

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Impossible inventions

Malgorzata Mycielska

People invent things all the time that 100 years ago would have been considered impossible. That’s the difference time makes.

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From moa to dinosaurs

Gillian Candler

Travel back in time in New Zealand and unlock the secrets of who survived and why so we can protect our future.

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