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Explorers of our world

This list gives a selection of famous explorers. They endured hardship and many struggles in a time when they only had access to simple technology. They battled physical obstacles and sacrificed to achieve greatness.

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Great explorers

Stewart Ross

In this book there are 14 extraordinary journeys by land, sea and air - each remarkable for the way it was made, for the technology behind it, and for the inspiration it gave to future generations.

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Da Gama

Robin S. (Robin Santos) Doak

A biography of the Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama, who travelled to India in search of spices and other riches.

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Meet-- Captain Cook

Rae Murdie

This picture book tells the tale of the great explorer Captain Cook who was the first European to discover the eastern coast of Australia.

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Into the unknown

Stewart Ross

Open this dynamic book and discover how the greatest explorers in history, from Marco Polo to Neil Armstrong, plunged into the unknown and boldly pieced together the picture of the world we have today.

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Laurence Bergreen

Thrilling, grisly and completely true, this book tells a story that not only marks a turning point in history but also resonates powerfully with the present.

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To the heart of Africa

Valerie Bodden

A history of David Livingstone's 19th-century excursions into the African interior, detailing the challenges encountered, the individuals involved, the discoveries made and how the expeditions left their mark upon the world.

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Anita Ganeri

Retold in vivid detail using quotes from Shackleton and men on the expedition and is illustrated with contemporary photographs and artifacts. This is one of the most astonishing feats of exploration and human endeavor ever recorded.

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Exploration and discovery

Simon Adams

The discovery and mapping of our world is the result of centuries of exploration. With over 250 illustrations, maps and photographs, this book captures all the excitement and spirit of adventure.

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Explore with Lewis and Clark

Rachel Stuckey

This entertaining book follows the travels of Americans Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Historical information and high-interest fact boxes are presented in an entertaining tabloid style that guides readers through a voyage of discovery.

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Abel Tasman

Maria Gill

Abel Tasman and his crew were most likely the first Europeans the Aboriginal people of Australia and the Māori of New Zealand had ever seen. Join the journey and discover the legacy left behind.

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I wonder why Columbus crossed the ocean

Rosie Greenwood

Revamped for a new generation, this popular series explores questions that young readers ask about the world around them in an unrivaled child-friendly style. Read about the explorers and their remarkable journeys!

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