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History and culture of Niue

Celebrate the history and culture of Niue Island.

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Niue and the Great War

Margaret Pointer

In 1915, 160 Niuean men joined the New Zealand Expeditionary Force as part of the Maori Reinforcements and set sail to Auckland and then Egypt and France. Most had never left the island or worn shoes before.

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Weavers of men and women

Hilke Thode-Arora

Based on a museum survey and on ethnographic fieldwork with weavers originating from the Polynesian island of Niue, the author gives a detailed overview of Niuean weaving past and present.

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Niue 1774–1974 ;

Margaret Pointer

Tiny Niue lies alone in the south Pacific, a single island with formidable cliffs rising from the deep ocean. Far from the main shipping routes and with a daunting reputation, ‘Savage Island’ did not naturally invite visitors.

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Ko e tupumaiaga he Niu = The origin of the coconut tree in Niue

The story of how the coconut tree got to Niue Island.

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Tohi vagahau he vagahau Niue

A dictionary of Niuean vocabulary and grammar.

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John Puhiatau Pule

This book is the first study of this art form. Most known pieces of hiapo (barkcloth or tapa) were produced in the mid to late nineteenth century and are now dispersed all over the world.

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Tales of Niue nukututaha

Zora Feilo

A bilingual collection of stories from Niue, in both Niuean and English. With illustrations by Lange Taufelia, Tales of Niue Nukututaha features 12 tales from the island of Niue, giving traditional Polynesian storytelling a new twist.

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Cultural crafts of Niue

Shari Cole

Crafts of Niue, including hand weaving, Pandanus, basket making and fibrework.

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Politics, propositions and perspectives

Maru Talagi

This book is based on an unpublished Master of Arts thesis written in 1990 as well as prepositions, personal memoirs, experiences and perspectives of Niue's historical political past and present.

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