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Books can help you feel less alone, provide a temporary escape or empower you. Between the pages, you may find the words to explain exactly how you feel. This list showcases some titles suggested by the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and some of our librarian Anne's choices.

The emergency poet

A brilliant new anthology of poems designed to lift your mood and help you to overcome stress, depression and general anxiety.

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Life is so good

George Dawson

George Dawson is the grandson of a slave who learned to read at the age of 98. The way he lived his life was inspirational and a true feel-good story.

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How to raise a wild child

Scott D. Sampson

Help your kids off their devices and show them how to love nature. At the same time, this will take you away from our increasingly digital world.

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Blue mind

Wallace J. Nichols

Find out the remarkable truth about the benefits of being in, on, under, or simply near water. Blue Mind will awaken readers to the vital importance of water to the health and happiness of us all.

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The biophilia effect

Clemens G. Arvay

A best-selling German title which seeks to provide some science behind the connection between nature and emotions.

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Maori and the natural world

In the Māori world, the weather, flora, fauna, sun and moon are all related to each other and to the tangata whenua. This book provides a window into those relationships.

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A world of prayer

Many people turn to their faith or to figures they admire when they are struggling. This book is a combination of these with thoughts and people from around the world.

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Stand by me

John Kirwan

This powerful collection of stories offers insights and provides a guide for parents, caregivers and teachers who are concerned about the wellbeing of young people.

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