Auckland Council Libraries: A slow train through summer

A slow train through summer

Looking for a slower-paced adventure this summer, why not dip into these selected titles featuring train journeys!

Paris to the past

Ina Caro

In one of the most inventive travel books in years, Ina Caro invites readers on 25 one-day train trips that depart from Paris and transport us back through 700 years of French history.

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A history of the world in 500 railway journeys

Sarah Baxter

This book takes you around mountains, along valleys, over hills and into cities. It reveals the world's history, exploring the progress of civilizations and following the tracks of historical figures along the way.

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Great American railroad journeys

Truly a colourful and exciting enterprise with vignettes of revealing social history; this book captures all the colour, beauty, excitement and fervour that journeying across this historic continent can muster.

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The Silk Train

Iain Finlay

Journalists Iain Finlay and Trish Clark set out to travel 21,000 kilometres from Singapore to Venice. Their route covers territory along which ancient Silk Road trails have wound their way over the past 2,000 years.

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Belles and whistles

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin recreates five of these famous train journeys by travelling aboard their nearest modern-day equivalents. As Martin explains how we got from there to here, evocations of the golden age contrast with the starker modern reality.

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The 8:55 to Baghdad

Andrew Eames

Andrew Eames sets out to travel from London to Baghdad by train, following the route of the old Orient Express. It is the identical journey made by Agatha Christie in 1928, a journey which was to change her life completely.

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The Trans-Siberian railway

This new edition of a classic anthology takes us through the tremendous achievement of the railway’s construction across harsh, unsettled lands through the earliest journeys of Western travellers and the trains on which they travelled.

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Small island by little train

Chris Arnot

From stalwart little locomotives of topographic necessity, Britain's narrow-gauge steam trains run on tracks a world apart from its regimented mainlines. In this book, Chris Arnot sets out to discover their stories.

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The 50 greatest train journeys of the world

Anthony J. Lambert

Whether you're on the Orient Express or traversing some of the wildest countrysides in Britain, train travel affords a vision of the world like no other. Here is a carefully chosen, selection of train journeys with character and a real sense of histo...

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Mile by mile London to Paris

Matt Thompson

The railway route from London to Paris has always been both historic and romantic. This new book logs every mile of both London-Paris routes in forensic detail. It is a fascinating guide as you whiz through the landscape on the train.

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