Auckland Council Libraries: Auckland’s coastline: their lives and history

Auckland’s coastline: their lives and history

This list of titles features Auckland’s vast coastline, including those of the outer-lying islands. Readers can learn of the history behind selected coastal communities and the main sport enjoyed by Aucklanders.

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Sandra Coney

In 140 full-colour pages, the book takes readers on the journey of the country’s best-known club, highlighting its role in life-saving and sporting innovation. It brings back memories of the personalities and the action-packed history of the club.

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Untamed coast

Bob (Robert Anster) Harvey

Bob Harvey takes us on a personal odyssey in this book. It is the intimate story of the west coast between the spectacular Manukau and Kaipara harbours, where sea collides with land and rainforest cloaks the hills.

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The iron-bound coast

Wallace Badham

Written from first-hand experience, it brings to life the early years of Karekare and neighbouring farming and logging settlements, at a time when car and air travel were starting to end the isolation of these stunning locations.

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Voices from the surf

This book collects the voices of generations of lifeguards. With tales of brave rescues, competition success, club camaraderie, and many reflections on the bond that the 'clubbies' have with the special, spiritual landscape that is Karekare.

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To the Islands

K. R. Howe

Laced with personal anecdotes, sailing experiences and the historical interaction between Māori and Pākeha, this book is an intriguing account of the Hauraki Gulf. If you love the sea, boats and the Hauraki Gulf islands, you will love this book.

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Exploring the Hauraki Gulf

Linda Bercusson

The Hauraki Gulf is a region of exceptional natural beauty and abundant recreational opportunities. This book is an informative and handy guide for visitors and locals alike.

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Paul Monin

Matiatia Bay is the gateway to Waiheke Island. For centuries it has been the landing place for travellers in the Hauraki Gulf. Waiheke residents, urban planners, and the Auckland Council all have a keen interest in what happens next.

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Waiheke Island

Stephen Picard

This new book is a tourist’s dream guide with ample colour photographs and maps, all covering the island's geography, people, history, conservation and commerce. It includes winemaking, transport, real estate and tourism.

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Aotea (Great Barrier Island)

Johan Bonnevie

Thirty minutes away by air from Auckland. Its Māori name 'Aotea' seems to indicate a new world, a new beginning, and that it was indeed when first discovered by early Polynesian explorers. This book describes its history since those ancient times.

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Sand between my toes

Ivan F. Jackson

Over 100 years of surf lifesaving in New Zealand, chronicled and illustrated in this first book about a sport that has involved and engaged Kiwis for decades. The book traces the clubs from the early days through to the present day.

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