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Try something new

Learn a new skill and try something new! Any of these fabulous options will help get you started.

Creative confidence

Tom Kelley

Creativity comes naturally to some and not to others, or so we thought. David and Tom Kelley identify the principles and strategies that allows everyone to tap into their creative potential.

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The LEGO® architect

Tom Alphin

Discover architectural styles with Lego and be inspired to recreate real buildings with the world's favourite building block.

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Make some noise

Scott Binder

Practical advice and tools for learning the craft of DJing blended with encouraging messages to inspire dreams and aspirations about becoming a DJ.

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Urban jungle

Igor Josifovic

Plant styling ideas from a collective of Urban Jungle Bloggers. A voyage through stylish European homes to showcase how arty green-living can be.

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The natural home

Wendyl Nissen

Discover how easy it is to lead a healthier life with just some small changes and be reminded of the simple way that people used to live. Learn how to make natural cleaning and beauty products along the way.

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Big magic

Elizabeth Gilbert

The author of Eat, Pray, Love digs deep into her own generative process to share wisdom and perspective about creativity, whether to write a book, make art, embark on a dream, or simply infuse everyday lives with more mindfulness and passion.

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Read this if you want to take great photographs

Henry Carroll

The title says it all! Henry Carroll, photographer and photography teacher shows anyone contemplating photography as a hobby how to get started. No jargon, no confusing diagrams, just inspiring images and playful hands-on tips.

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The art of travel

Alain De Botton

With the help of a selection of writers, artists and thinkers - Flaubert, Wordsworth and Van Gogh - this bestseller provides invaluable insights into everything about holidays, travel, airports and sightseeing. An antidote to the travel guide.

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On time

Catherine Blyth

Take a course in time-travel that lets you seize every day and make it feel like a long weekend. This book wants to help you cease clock-watching by making time work for you.

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Giving yourself to life

Deborah Shepard

A chronic pain condition led this NZ author to use journaling as a remedy. She began to observe the natural world around her, and literature and art more closely. By giving herself to life, she discovered the power of writing to heal.

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