Te ao Māori

Rongoā Māori - Māori medicine

Rongoā Māori is a term used not only as Māori medicine but also as a remedy and preservative against sickness and death. Māori believe that both man and plants are offspring of Tane, God of the Forest, and therefore have a spiritual connection.

“In trees, the Māori saw living life forms that are senior in status to man, because Tane created plant life before mankind. They are therefore to be respected as older relatives, they are a link between man and his sacred ancestors, Papa and Rangi, and rituals have to be observed before the collection and use of herbal materials required for medicines can take place.”

~ Murdoch Riley. Māori healing and herbal: New Zealand ethnobotanical sourcebook.

These resources will help you find general information about Rongoā Māori, its healing properties, traditional uses, treatment and herbal remedies to illnesses and the importance of the tohunga.



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