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A murder of quality  by John Le Carré

A murder of quality

John Le Carré

"George Smiley was simply doing a favor for Miss Ailsa Brimley, and old friend and editor of a small newspaper. Miss Brimley had received a letter from a worried reader: 'I'm not mad. And I know my husbad is trying to kill me.' But the letter had arrived too...

Some things wrong  by Thomas Pors Koed

Some things wrong

Thomas Pors Koed

""Presence on the road. Call it a road. Somewhere with the expectations of a road. The expectation to go on. For example. The expectation to overcome the impediments to going on. The expectation that going on is possible. The expectation that going on is even...

A friend indeed  by Elka Ray

A friend indeed

Elka Ray

"When single mom Jo Dykstra was at her lowest, her childhood friend Dana McFarlane helped her out big-time. So, when Jo gets a frantic late-night call from Dana, sobbing and desperate for help, it feels like a chance to help her friend in return. The last...

Expecting a fortune

Expecting a fortune

Expecting a fortune: "His poison pen ... would soon be Cupid's arrow! Bea Fortune vows that she'll be the most-talked-about restauranteur in Chatelaine. But when her opening night's sabotaged and she's skewered in the local paper, those dreams take a...

Rescued by the Australian GP

Rescued by the Australian GP

An ER nurse to redeem him: "Flying EMT Tate is the new guy in town, but he won't be staying long. Grief and guilt keep this ex-military medic on the move. Inadvertently becoming ER nurse Madi's date to a charity auction should change nothing...but that's...

Baby protection mission

Baby protection mission

Baby protection mission: "When a baby is targeted, can a K-9 team keep him safe?When his sister is kidnapped, rancher Cade McNeal will do anything to prevent his baby nephew from being next. Now Officer Ashley Hanson and her K-9 partner are on the case, and...

Tracking the truth

Tracking the truth

Rocky Mountain survival: "Running from unknown enemies...but the wilderness is no refuge.Narrowly escaping death after being attacked, photojournalist Kylie Robertson flees to the mountains with her ex, former Navy SEAL Josh Harvath. She doesn't know who's...

The Earl's Cinderella countess

The Earl's Cinderella countess

The Earl's Cinderella countess: "The one match she doesn't want to make... The Earl of Fleetwood was Eleanor St. Aubin's first love, but being a mere vicar's daughter held her back from admitting her feelings. Now a successful matchmaker, the prospect of...

Crash landing

Crash landing

Cold murder in Kolton Lake: "A cold case investigation leads to red-hot danger. Reviewing a murder from twenty years ago, FBI Special Agent Scott Lynley needs the last person to see the victim alive. Still haunted by her aunt's death, FBI Victim Specialist...

The Maverick's marriage deal

The Maverick's marriage deal

The Maverick's marriage deal: "Rancher Shep Dalton was just eighteen when told his high school friend Rylee Parker he'd marry her, if they hadn't found spouses by thirty. Those twelve years went by in a flash, and what started out as a joke has suddenly turned...

She sings  by G. C. (Gregory Charles) Billington

She sings

G. C. (Gregory Charles) Billington

"Julie Prentice has everything, but she feels increasingly insubstantial and of no consequence. Her uncertainty leads to depression. When a reckless liaison destroys her marriage she becomes a wanderer, until, in a remote village high in the Himalaya, she...

Words of radiance  by Brandon Sanderson

Words of radiance

Brandon Sanderson

"Return to a planet swept by apocalyptic storms, a world tipping into war as aristocratic families move to control the shard blades and shard plates, ancient artifacts from a past civilisation that can win wars. As the world tips into a war for control of the...

Sleeper agent  by John Birmingham

Sleeper agent

John Birmingham

"In the town of Gainesville, Cooper Fox has a special place in people's hearts. Since the car accident that wiped his memories, Cooper has been...a little foggy. Cooper doesn't know how to do much, but one thing he instinctively seems to know about is strength...

The buried  by Lisa Childs

The buried

Lisa Childs

"State trooper Mae Montgomery investigates a murder at her former sister's wellness retreat center Halcyon Hall, now run by the father of her sister's child who she believes contributed to her sister's death."--Publisher.

A cage so gilded  by Ingrid Seymour

A cage so gilded

Ingrid Seymour

"The prince would choose to save his realm. But the beast would follow his heart... To me. After I saved his life and kingdom, Kalyll let me go, choosing duty over the passion that burned between us. Though his death was written in the stars, I found a dark,...

A prince so cruel  by Ingrid Seymour

A prince so cruel

Ingrid Seymour

"There is a curse on his blood, an ailment that, if revealed, could destroy his kingdom. The only one who can help him is me, a human with average healing abilities. It's what the Envoy told him, and her word is law. I'm his only hope. He sends his...

Nine rules to break when romancing a rake  by Sarah MacLean

Nine rules to break when romancing a rake

Sarah MacLean

"Lady Calpurnia Hartwell has always followed the rules, rules that have left her unmarried - and more than a little unsatisfied. And so she's vowed to break the rules and live the life of pleasure she's been missing."--Publisher.

Love in tandem  by Becca Kinzer

Love in tandem

Becca Kinzer

"After a failed engagement and her mother's battle with cancer, Charlotte Carter's life is finally turning around now that she's landed a dream job teaching music. What she didn't see coming was the imminent closure of the school's music program. She's...

A lot of people live in this house  by Bailey (Fiction writer) Merlin

A lot of people live in this house

Bailey (Fiction writer) Merlin

"Rachel arrives at the house on the hill alone as Job attends a meditation retreat in India for two weeks to unpack his own grief. She's greeted by housemates who smile, bring her cups of tea, and seem happy she's there. She hates it. Not long after, Job is...

Murder on the cliff  by Jane Adams

Murder on the cliff

Jane Adams

"Meet Rina Martin, a retired actress with a taste for tea, gardening and crime solving. She played a TV sleuth for years, but now she has to do it for real. It's lonely out on the cliffs of Marlborough Head. Lonely and dangerous. When a body washes up on the...

Fatal domain  by Steven James

Fatal domain

Steven James

"A series of clues leads Department of Defense redactor Travis Brock to suspect that a grim chapter from his past is not yet over. With the help of his eidetic memory and his newly formed team, he must unearth the truth and stop a terrorist group from stealing...

Chain-Gang All-Stars  by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah

Chain-Gang All-Stars

Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah

"Welcome to Chain-Gang All-Stars -- the highly popular, highly controversial profit-raising program inside America's private prison system. Harkening back to the time of gladiators, but watched by millions of live-stream subscribers, prisoners compete for the...

The uncrowned queen  by Posie Graeme-Evans

The uncrowned queen

Posie Graeme-Evans

"A final installment of the Anne trilogy finds Anne de Bohun, the former mistress of Edward Plantagenet, living on a small farm where she grows medicinal herbs and supports her young son, but when England is threatened by civil war, Anne is summoned to help...

The exiled  by Posie Graeme-Evans

The exiled

Posie Graeme-Evans

"Enjoying her success as a merchant, exiled fifteenth-century single mother Anne incites the wrath of chauvinist local merchants, a situation that threatens to reveal her son's identity as the illegitimate son of the king."--Publisher.

His last wife  by Ruhi Choudhary

His last wife

Ruhi Choudhary

"Everyone thinks my life is bliss. The love of my life, Cary, and I live in our dream home and we have a beautiful little girl, Harper. I may not have given birth to her, but I'm her mommy now. But there's one thing we never talk about... Cary's wife before...

Tuck  by Stephen R. Lawhead


Stephen R. Lawhead

"Abbot Hugo plans to bring the invading Normans to the forest in force, heralding the start of a campaign to wipe out King Raven and his band, but Friar Tuck, a most unconventional priest, may have a solution to the band's desperate dilemma."--Publisher.

Hood  by Stephen R. Lawhead


Stephen R. Lawhead

"Presents a reimagining of the tale of Robin Hood in which the son of a king, Bran ap Brychan, flees the kingdom of Elfael after his father is killed and leads a band of thieves as they try to battle the Normans and take back the kingdom."--Publisher.

City of thieves  by David Benioff

City of thieves

David Benioff

"Documenting his grandparents' experiences during the siege of Leningrad, a young writer learns his grandfather's story about how a military deserter and he tried to secure pardons by gathering hard-to-find ingredients for a powerful colonel's daughter's...

Dogeaters  by Jessica Hagedorn


Jessica Hagedorn

"The destinies of a varied group of characters - movie stars, department store clerks, the wealthiest man in the Philippines - are intertwined with a beauty pageant, a film festival, and an assassination, in a study of the Philippines under...

Bloodlust blues  by Luanne Bennett

Bloodlust blues

Luanne Bennett

"Welcome to Crimson, Georgia. I'm Charley--reluctant witch, and owner of the best bar in town. Everyone's welcome at the Stag--vampire, wolf or human. As long as they don't make trouble. Or ask too many questions about what we're selling out of the back room....

The fixer upper by Phoebe MacLeod

The fixer upper

Phoebe MacLeod

"Finding a man is like buying a house: sometimes you have to look beyond the exterior to see the potential underneath. As an estate agent, Alex's job is to create happy-ever-afters. It's just a shame she can't work the same magic on her own life. Her long-term...

Secrets and sunshine by the Sunflower Cliffs  by Georgina Troy

Secrets and sunshine by the Sunflower Cliffs

Georgina Troy

"When shoe designer Paige Bingham is jilted she decides to enjoy her honeymoon-for-one in Sorrento. What she doesn't expect is to meet a mysterious entrepreneur, Sebastian Fielding, when she gets there. He helps ease the sting of rejection as he introduces her...

Widows on the wine path  by Julia Jarman

Widows on the wine path

Julia Jarman

"Viv, Janet and Zelda know all about facing the wobbly first year of becoming a widow as their friendship was forged when they ran away from the same dreary support group. Forming instead the much more lively widows' wine club - The Muscateers - they welcome...

The secrets of Crestwell Hall  by Alexandra (Novelist) Walsh

The secrets of Crestwell Hall

Alexandra (Novelist) Walsh

"1605. Bess Throckmorton is well used to cunning plots and intrigues. With her husband Sir Walter Raleigh imprisoned in the Tower of London, and she and her family in a constant battle to outwit Robert Cecil, the most powerful man in the country who is...

Mother of the bride  by Samantha Hayes

Mother of the bride

Samantha Hayes

"My mother is obsessed with every detail of my wedding--controlling my dress, my ring, my happiness. But when the day finally comes, will she really let me go? Last year, my sister's fiancé was murdered on his wedding day. And I found my mother's corsage next...

The perfect housemate  by Lorna Dounaeva

The perfect housemate

Lorna Dounaeva

"I was so nervous about someone new joining our house share; after everything that happened with my parents, my friends are like my family. Our imperfect but well-loved house is the only place where I can be myself. But when Poppy knocks on our door, blonde...

The fortune teller  by Natasha Boydell

The fortune teller

Natasha Boydell

"'You might think you've met the man of your dreams. But if you marry him, it will end in tragedy within five years. If you want everyone you love to stay safe, you should walk away... ' The fortune teller told me my fate. But I ignored her. I married the man...

The mistress  by Valerie Keogh

The mistress

Valerie Keogh

"She wants what you have... Hannah Parker is a woman who always gets what she wants. When her current husband discovers she has been lying to him - again - she knows it's time to move on and find someone who can give her the life she desires... The life she...

The good wife  by Gemma Rogers

The good wife

Gemma Rogers

"Appearances can be deceiving... After a whirlwind romance and three years of marriage, I'd tried to be a good wife. My husband Tom is always watching, controlling my every move. He chooses my clothes, my hairstyle, even instructing what and how much I'm...

Keep your friends close  by Joanne (Novelist) Ryan

Keep your friends close

Joanne (Novelist) Ryan

"She knows your darkest secret... Can she keep it? It's a normal sunny day when Mia sees her ex-boyfriend on the street where she lives. But she knows that's crazy. She knows it can't possibly be him. She knows... because she killed him. Mia and Carrie have...

The Wrexham killings  by Simon McCleave

The Wrexham killings

Simon McCleave

"When a young woman is discovered in Wrexham covered in someone else's blood, it seems that a horrendous crime has been committed. The only questions are who and where. But there's a major problem. She can't remember a thing - not even her name! Once the...

The feud  by Gemma Rogers

The feud

Gemma Rogers

"The day my path crossed with Simon Fox I thought I'd already lost everything but then he almost ran me off the road with his flash car and belittling jibes. The men in my life had undermined me for too long. Enough was enough. Fuelled by alcohol and the...

The babysitter  by Gemma Rogers

The babysitter

Gemma Rogers

"Ali and Christopher Tolfrey's one year old daughter Eden is abducted whilst in the care of Ali's best friend. Snatched in broad daylight from Bushy Park on a trip to the swings, Eden disappears without a trace. Brooke Simmons regains consciousness, dazed from...

Midnight fugue  by Reginald Hill

Midnight fugue

Reginald Hill

"It starts with a phone call asking for help. But where it ends is a very different story. Gina Wolfe is searching for her missing husband, believed dead, and thinks Superintendent Dalziel can help. What neither realize is that there are others on the same...

Enemies of Mercia  by M. J. author. Porter

Enemies of Mercia

M. J. author. Porter

"A King's command. A warrior's quest for the truth... Tamworth AD835. Following Icel's epic rescue of Lord Coenwulf's children from their almost certain death, King Wiglaf is forced to call upon Icel's loyal services once more. Furious that the conspirators...

Sisters of the sands  by J. B. Villinger

Sisters of the sands

J. B. Villinger

"16-cycle old Sacet was once a child soldier for the Female Dominion. Along with an army of brainwashed squad sisters, it was her job to capture, kill, or otherwise defeat the male population of their desert world. But now that she's free and has the power to...

Blood of wolves  by G. N. Gudgion

Blood of wolves

G. N. Gudgion

"In a war between gods, Adelais stands alone. After bringing down deadly vengeance on church and crown in Galmandie, Adelais escaped to her home in Vriesland. But even here she is surrounded by enemies. While the common folk worship her, ruthless nobles plot...

A new arrival in Borteen Bay  by Morton S. Gray

A new arrival in Borteen Bay

Morton S. Gray

"Skye knows it's now or never. It's time for her to reveal herself to the father she's never met. So she hops on a plane from Dublin to the English seaside town of Borteen. But between the father she's just getting to know and her worried mother, Skye realizes...

A Christmas escape to Arran  by Ellie Henderson

A Christmas escape to Arran

Ellie Henderson

"From living the high life to hitting rock bottom in the space of a few hours . . . Marketing guru Amelia has it all. She's tied the knot with Declan, the love of her life, ready to start their perfect future together in London after an idyllic honeymoon in...

Recipe for Mr Christmas  by Anni Rose

Recipe for Mr Christmas

Anni Rose

"Sometimes second chances take a little time . . . Susie Keane is mourning the death of her husband. They had a wonderful forty years of marriage, but now she's unsure of what to do with her life. Then the arrival of the annual Christmas card from the...

The Sea Sisters Swimming Club  by Sue McDonagh

The Sea Sisters Swimming Club

Sue McDonagh

"Fifty-year-old police officer Fran Doherty thought she had a good few years left in her. But if a heart attack while dancing the night away at a disco in a sequin dress isn't a sign to slow down, then she doesn't know what is . . . Fran's waved goodbye to the...

Summer in your eyes  by Chris Penhall

Summer in your eyes

Chris Penhall

"Travel writer Holly Merriweather knows a fresh start is just what she needs. The break-up with her childhood sweetheart and collapse of their artisan cheese business definitely didn't help in that department. So Holly's thrilled to score her dream job at an...

Healing hearts in the little village  by Ella Cook

Healing hearts in the little village

Ella Cook

"One broken-hearted city doctor. A countryside surgery in need of a new GP. The perfect love story bound to get your pulse racing . . . Dr Liv Emery is at her wits end. Her perfect life was within her grasp. Instead she's dealing with the fallout of being...

A summer wedding on Arran  by Ellie Henderson

A summer wedding on Arran

Ellie Henderson

"Three sisters. One wedding. Infinite possibilities . . . On the enchanting Isle of Arran, three sisters find themselves at Meadowbank Cottage, their childhood home. But it's the first time they've been together since their mum died. And now they're back in...

Bea's magical summer garden  by Kirsty Ferry

Bea's magical summer garden

Kirsty Ferry

"Lilac-haired Bea Appleton can't wait to create a buzz about the honey festival at her fantastic garden. The only thorn in her side is her awful next-door neighbour. Ever since he moved in, he and his poisonous assistant Carla have been complaining about Bea's...

Sapphire storm  by C. Travis Rice

Sapphire storm

C. Travis Rice

"Ethan Blake has dedicated his life to satisfying other people's appetites. At forty-three, he's finally landed his dream job, head pastry chef at an exclusive resort. Now he's got a jet-setting career that's taken him to romantic locations all over the world....

Sapphire spring  by C. Travis Rice

Sapphire spring

C. Travis Rice

"Naser Kazemi has never met a problem a good spending plan couldn't fix. But working as the chief accountant for his best friend's resort isn't turning out to be the dream job he'd hoped for. It doesn't help that his fashion designer sister is planning an...

Love's winding road  by Susan F. Craft

Love's winding road

Susan F. Craft

"When Rose Jackson and her Irish immigrant family join a wagon train headed for a new life in South Carolina, the last thing she expects is to fall for the half-Cherokee wagon scout along the way. But their journey takes a life-changing turn when Rose is...

The Paris affair  by Victoria Cornwall

The Paris affair

Victoria Cornwall

"Born to a French mother and an English father, Charlotte Bray has always felt like an outsider in her Cornish fishing village. She spends her days on her father's fishing boat, helping to feed a nation at war. But the war brings devastation, and her world is...

The secret sister  by Jan Baynham

The secret sister

Jan Baynham

"Wales, 1943. Sara Lewis should be heartbroken when her husband doesn't return from war. But he was never the kind husband she hoped for. And now she's stuck with her cruel mother-in-law on the family farm. Sara must do what is best for her young son. So she...

Won't you save me  by Wendy Dranfield

Won't you save me

Wendy Dranfield

"Detective Dean Matheson has his first case now he's back in Maple Valley. And then his second. And his third. A nameless girl's body found in front of the town's new church. A horrifying murder scene in the apartment over the diner. A child missing without a...

Who cares if they die  by Wendy Dranfield

Who cares if they die

Wendy Dranfield

"Did she jump or was she pushed? It starts with the hanging woman in the Maple Valley woods; the woman with no shoes, no car and no name. On paper it's an obvious case of suicide - but to Officer Dean Matheson, something doesn't add up. Then there are the...

Where the snow bleeds  by Wendy Dranfield

Where the snow bleeds

Wendy Dranfield

"Two missing girls. One chance to save them. Eighteen-year-old Hannah Walker and her best friend have vanished without a trace while working at a ski resort in Colorado. Something sinister is going on. So why aren't the local police interested? Former...

A death in Venice  by Verity Bright

A death in Venice

Verity Bright

"Stunning views across the Grand Canal and a hotel suite fit for royalty... Lady Eleanor Swift is having a jolly good time on her Italian vacation, until a gondola ride is cut murderously short! 1924. Lady Eleanor Swift has been on a grand tour around Italy...

Ghost cities  by Siang (Filmwriter) Lu

Ghost cities

Siang (Filmwriter) Lu

"Ghost cities - inspired by the vacant, uninhabited megacities of China - follows multiple narratives, including one in which a young man named Xiang is fired from his job as a translator at Sydney's Chinese Consulate after it is discovered he doesn't speak a...

The canal murders  by J. R. (John R.) Ellis

The canal murders

J. R. (John R.) Ellis

"Life moves at a slower pace on the canals. But death always comes when you least expect it. The last thing DS Stephanie Johnson and DS Andy Carter expected during their much-needed canal holiday was a murder. When retired folk musician Annie Shipton is found...

Bloodshed on the boards  by Judy Leigh

Bloodshed on the boards

Judy Leigh

When The Spriggan Travelling Theatre Company arrives in Seal Bay to perform a Cornish version of King Arthur the locals flock to be entertained. But for Morwenna Mutton, sexagenarian librarian, wild swimming enthusiast and amateur sleuth, the theatre brings...

The missing maid  by Holly Hepburn

The missing maid

Holly Hepburn

"London, 1932. When Harriet White rebuffs the advances of her boss at the Baker Street Building Society, she finds herself demoted to a new position... a very unusual position. Deep in the postal department beneath the bank, she is tasked with working her way...

The atrocity engine  by Tim Waggoner

The atrocity engine

Tim Waggoner

"Creatures from dark dimensions infesting your home? Demonic beings trying to drive you insane? Alien gods attempting to destroy your universe? Just call Maintenance. This underpaid and overworked secret organization is dedicated to battling forces that seek...

Of gods & globes III

Of gods & globes III

"20 speculative stories based on the world's astronomical myths. We know that the moon holds sway over the ocean tide and the almost universal testimony of the effect of a full moon on people. Are planetary effects more mysterious than we have discovered?...

Downstream  by Annika (Freelance writer) Johansson


Annika (Freelance writer) Johansson

"Lismore resident Rob, a happily married empty-nester, enjoying his late middle age, has always defined himself by the quality of the roof over his head and the state of his family life. Solid. Safe. Stable. But when the 2022 flood hits, he and his wife Sal...

All the beautiful things you love  by Jonathan Seidler

All the beautiful things you love

Jonathan Seidler

"Elly and Enzo love each other. Elly and Enzo are getting divorced. Now, everything must go. When Enzo suddenly walks out on Elly after ten years together, she finds herself marooned in an expensive East London flat, surrounded by all their belongings. She is...

Red River Road  by Anna Downes

Red River Road

Anna Downes

"On the Coral Coast of Western Australia, solo traveller Katy is on a mission to find her free-spirited sister, Phoebe, who disappeared along the same route a year ago. But as she drives her campervan further into the wild north, Katy realises she's not as...

One of us is missing  by Ber Carroll

One of us is missing

Ber Carroll

"Rachel and Rory Sullivan decide to celebrate making it thorugh a difficult year by taking their teenagers. Emmet and Bridie, to their first ever stadium concert. By the end of the night one of the four has vanished without a trace. As the police investigation...

Tiananmen Square  by Lai Wen

Tiananmen Square

Lai Wen

"As a child in Beijing in the 1970s, Lai lives with her family in a lively, working-class neighborhood near the heart of the city. Thoughtful yet unassuming, she spends her days with her friends beyond the attention of her parents: Her father is a reclusive...

Moon Road  by Sarah Leipciger

Moon Road

Sarah Leipciger

""Kathleen and Yannick have not spoken for nineteen years, not since what happened with their daughter. Now, there's unexpected news from the other side of the country, and the call for a road trip they can only make together. As they rattle over two thousand...

Effie Olsen's summer special  by Rochelle Bilow

Effie Olsen's summer special

Rochelle Bilow

"These childhood best friends swore they'd never speak again. But that was before a surprise summer reunion gives them a chance to turn up the heat. Effie Olsen thought she'd never settle down on the tiny Maine island where she grew up, but she's returning...

Pride and joy  by Louisa Onomé

Pride and joy

Louisa Onomé

"Joy Okafor is overwhelmed. Recently divorced, a life coach whose phone won't stop ringing, and ever the dutiful Nigerian daughter, Joy has planned every aspect of her mother's seventieth birthday weekend on her own. As the Okafors slowly begin to arrive, Mama...

A magical girl retires  by Park Seolyeon

A magical girl retires

Park Seolyeon

"Stopped from jumping off a bridge by her guardian angel, a millennial woman learns she is a magical girl like the ones in manga and must wield her credit card as her magic wand to defeat monsters."--Publisher.

A dilemma for the pilot's girl  by Fenella-Jane Miller

A dilemma for the pilot's girl

Fenella-Jane Miller

"March 1941: Recently married, Barbara should now be enjoying her life as a newlywed, but she is plagued by a secret that she must keep hidden if she wants to keep the family she loves. But no one can keep a secret forever. Barbara knows that if her new...

A second chance for the pilot's girl  by Fenella-Jane Miller

A second chance for the pilot's girl

Fenella-Jane Miller

"January 1944. Heavily pregnant, Barbara is looking forward to welcoming her new baby. But with her husband Alex still away flying and fighting the Germans, she fears he will miss the arrival of his longed-for child. But after the birth, Barbara is gripped...

The lost love songs of Boysie Singh  by Ingrid Persaud

The lost love songs of Boysie Singh

Ingrid Persaud

"This is the tale of four women. Popo: brilliant, vulnerable and stuck. She's determined to free herself from the traps of her past. Mana Lala: a devoted mother - her only connection to her man is their little boy, and she will do anything to keep them close....

The vacation rental  by Katie Sise

The vacation rental

Katie Sise

"When Georgia rents her country home for the month of August, it's off to the relaxing Connecticut shore for her; her husband, Tom; and their young daughter. It's just what they need to ease family tensions and reconnect. All that's left to do is leave behind...

The lost lover  by Karen (Writer) Swan

The lost lover

Karen (Writer) Swan

"Flora MacQueen has always dreamt of more than life on the small Scottish island of St Kilda. So, when she catches the eye of visiting adventurer and wealthy businessman James Callaghan, her future seems brighter. Winter seas separate the lovers, but the...

Relics of ruin  by Erin M. Evans

Relics of ruin

Erin M. Evans

"The conspiracy at the heart of the empire has been revealed. The Archivists played a key role in solving a brutal murder and uncovering one of the empire's longest kept secrets. Now, what's left in its wake are a series of unearthed artifacts, one shaken...

Oracle  by Thomas Olde Heuvelt


Thomas Olde Heuvelt

"On a foggy winter morning two children discover the impossible: the wreck of an eighteenth-century ship stranded in a field. One enters the hatch on the deck and is never seen again. And she isn't the last to disappear. Soon a government agency begins to...

Court of wanderers  by Rin Chupeco

Court of wanderers

Rin Chupeco

"Remy Pendergast, vampire hunter, and his unexpected companions, royal vampires Lord Zidan Malekh and Lady Xiaodan Song, are on the road through the kingdom of Aluria again after a hard-won first battle against the formidable Night Empress, who threatens to...

Love you, mean it  by Jilly Gagnon

Love you, mean it

Jilly Gagnon

"Ellie Greco is not happy to be stuck in Milborough. For a few brief, shining years, she managed to get away from her hometown to pursue her dream career - designing beautiful, elaborate costumes for theater - until her father's death five years ago called her...

Happy medium  by Sarah Adler

Happy medium

Sarah Adler

"Fake spirit medium Gretchen Acorn is happy to help when her best (read: wealthiest) client hires her to look into the unexplained phenomena preventing the sale of her bridge partner's struggling goat farm. Gretchen may be a complete fraud, but she'd like to...

The alternatives  by Caoilinn Hughes

The alternatives

Caoilinn Hughes

"Olwen was plunged prematurely into adulthood when her parents died in tragic circumstances. She and her three younger sisters each single, each with a PhD, are now in their thirties and leading disparate, distanced lives. Until one day Olwen, a geologist...

Simpatía  by Rodrigo Blanco Calderón


Rodrigo Blanco Calderón

"Simpatía is set in the Venezuela of Nicolas Maduro amid a mass exodus of the intellectual class who have been leaving their pets behind. Ulises Kan, the protagonist and a movie buff, receives a text message from his wife, Paulina, saying she is leaving the...

Mind games  by Nora Roberts

Mind games

Nora Roberts

"Thea Fox is just twelve years old when her parents are brutally slain. With Thea's help the police are able to put their murderer - a psychotic serial killer called Ray Riggs - behind bars for life. Changed forever, Thea slowly learns to come to terms with...

You like it darker  by Stephen King

You like it darker

Stephen King

"'You like it darker? Fine, so do I', writes Stephen King in the afterword to this magnificent new collection of twelve stories that delve into the darker part of life - both metaphorical and literal. King has, for half a century, been a master of the form,...

Lies & weddings  by Kevin Kwan

Lies & weddings

Kevin Kwan

"Rufus Leung Gresham, future Earl of Greshamsbury and son of a former Hong Kong supermodel, is drowning in debt. The only solution, according to his mother, is for him to attend his sister's wedding and seduce a woman with money. Will it be the French hotel...

Perfect wives  by Emma Hannigan

Perfect wives

Emma Hannigan

"When actress Jodi Ludlum leaves America to return home to Ireland to a small village nestled in the green woodlands of south county Dublin to raise her son, she's determined to bring him up far away from the media spotlight. But returning home also means...

When the devil drives  by Christopher Brookmyre

When the devil drives

Christopher Brookmyre

"Is the devil merely the name we give the worst in ourselves? When private investigator Jasmine Sharp is hired to find Tessa Garrion, a young woman who has vanished without trace, it becomes increasingly clear that there are those who want her to stay that...

The A.B.C. murders  by Agatha Christie

The A.B.C. murders

Agatha Christie

"There's a serial killer on the loose, working his way through the alphabet and the whole country is in a state of panic. A is for Mrs. Ascher in Andover, B is for Betty Barnard in Bexhill, C is for Sir Carmichael Clarke in Churston. With each murder, the...

Hourglass  by Keiran Goddard


Keiran Goddard

"Exquisitely crafted, richly imagined, and as funny as it is moving, Hourglass is an unusual and uniquely told love story. Turning time upside down, it combs the wreckage of personal heartbreak for something universal and asks what it means to lose what you...

The L-shaped room  by Lynne Reid Banks

The L-shaped room

Lynne Reid Banks

Pregnant by accident, kicked out of home by her father, 27 - year old Jane Graham goes to ground in the sort of place she feels she deserves - a bug-ridden boarding-house attic in Fulham. She hinks she wants to hide from the world, but she finds out that even...

Murder on a midsummer night  by Kerry Greenwood

Murder on a midsummer night

Kerry Greenwood

"The Hon. Phryne Fisher, languid and slightly bored at the start of 1929, is engaged to find out if the antique-shop-owning son of a Pre-Raphaelite model has died by homicide or suicide. At the same time she is asked to discover the fate of the lost...

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