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The Pioneer Woman cooks  by Ree Drummond

The Pioneer Woman cooks

Ree Drummond

"In The Pioneer Woman Cooks--Dinner's Ready you'll find lots of new dishes to fit your schedule, whether you're in a hurry to get supper made or simply want to get out of the kitchen quicker to spend time doing other things you enjoy (even if that's curling up...

Recipes for an aching heart  by Laura Lea

Recipes for an aching heart

Laura Lea

"Have you ever been in a period of life where normal, everyday responsibilities feel overwhelming? Where even getting out of bed in the morning is a feat, let alone making a meal for yourself and your family? If so, this book is for you. This might be a time...

Travel kitchen  by Kelsi Boocock

Travel kitchen

Kelsi Boocock

"Healthy Kelsi goes global! Taste the flavours of the world as Kelsi travels to exotic destinations - exploring markets, learning tips from local chefs and streetfood vendors, and indulging in tasty vegan food. Back from a foodie's dream trip, including a...

Feeding creativity  by Mary McCartney

Feeding creativity

Mary McCartney

"Mary McCartney is a photographer, filmmaker, TV cook and author. In Feeding Creativity she blends her passions for food and photography, cooking 60 of her favourite recipes for friends, family, musicians, actors, artists and visionaries. Mary makes each a...

Wasted  by Conor Spacey


Conor Spacey

"Wasted is a capsule collection of recipes that have come from identifying some of the most wasted food items in our homes. This book will help you to stop wasting food and turn perfectly good ingredients into delicious dishes. And the key word here is...

The everlasting meal cookbook  by Tamar Adler

The everlasting meal cookbook

Tamar Adler

"The award-winning, bestselling author of An Everlasting Meal serves up an inspiring, money-saving, environmentally responsible, A-to-Z collection of simple recipes that utilize all kinds of leftovers--perfect for solo meals or for feeding the whole...

Made in Taiwan  by Clarissa Wei

Made in Taiwan

Clarissa Wei

"Taipei-based food journalist Clarissa Wei presents Made in Taiwan, a cookbook that celebrates the island nation?s unique culinary identity?despite a refusal by the Chinese government to recognize its sovereignty. The expansive book contains deeply researched...

In Mary's kitchen  by Mary (Chef) Berg

In Mary's kitchen

Mary (Chef) Berg

"The kitchen is Mary's happy place, where worries melt away, a busy mind calms, and time seems to slow down. But she knows that for many people, the exact opposite is true! However you feel about mealtimes, Mary is here to walk you through the simple pleasures...

Air fryer magic

Air fryer magic

"In this ultimate cookbook, the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen shows just how versatile air fryers can be with dozens of tested-til-perfect recipes for delicious mains, easy appetizers and sides, decadent desserts and super-fast breakfasts. Plus, the experts...

Brunch with Brother Marcus  by Tasos Gaitanos

Brunch with Brother Marcus

Tasos Gaitanos

"Delicious recipes from an London culinary institution. Brunch at Brother Marcus is a weekend institution in London, and here in their first book you can find out why. Tas and Alex take the flavours of the Eastern Med to make dishes worth getting out of bed...

Pinch of Nom  by Kate Allinson

Pinch of Nom

Kate Allinson

"Recipes you'll love - that won't break the bank. Seventy-five incredibly tasty, satisfying and low-cost recipes from the authors of the bestselling Pinch of Nom series. Pinch of Nom Budget is bursting with slimming-friendly meals and desserts that bring all...

Cooking with Shereen  by Shereen Pavlides

Cooking with Shereen

Shereen Pavlides

"The popular chef and viral TikTok star shares killer recipes and "Chefie" tips for 60 all-new dishes, including classics, Italian favorites, griddled masterpieces and global comfort foods--all of which will get you a standing ovation and a request for an...

Plant-based delicious  by Ashley Madden

Plant-based delicious

Ashley Madden

"Why not have uber delicious and super healthy? Certified holistic nutritionist, licensed pharmacist and passionate plant-based chef Ashley Madden is here to prove that tasty family favorites belong on your table -- with a vegan twist! Ashley reinvents...

One-pot Mediterranean  by Samantha Ferraro

One-pot Mediterranean

Samantha Ferraro

"Grab your Dutch oven and dive into the most wholesome, flavor-packed recipes the Mediterranean has to offer. Whip up dishes that are packed with seasonal vegetables, tender meats, and healthy grains, all slow-cooked in classic Mediterranean spices and in just...

Sam's eats  by Sam Way

Sam's eats

Sam Way

"After taking the social media world by storm and amassing over 13 million followers with his hypnotising 60-second recipe videos, Sam Way is ready to show you how to make tasty, gourmet food in the comfort of your own home. In this, his debut cookbook,...

Seafood journey  by Ghillie Başan

Seafood journey

Ghillie Başan

"Scotland has some of the best seafood in the world, so we why don't we eat more of it? Why don't we highlight the bounty of our seas and the people who fish, produce, sell, preserve and cook it? Acclaimed cooker writer Ghillie Basan embarks on a journey...

Taste the world in Marseille  by Vérane Frédiani

Taste the world in Marseille

Vérane Frédiani

"Situated on France's southern coast along the Mediterranean Sea, Marseille is the country's oldest city, and its unique character is shaped by its inhabitants and their remarkable culinary diversity. Marseille's authentic flavors escape classification, as the...

The slow road cookbook  by Kirianna Poole

The slow road cookbook

Kirianna Poole

"Mums only want the best for their families. But Kirianna Poole didn't find that in a big house in the middle of suburbia. Instead, she's spent five years travelling with her husband and three kids in their vintage Kombi. Life travels slowly in an old...

30-minute meal prep  by Robin Miller

30-minute meal prep

Robin Miller

"The ultimate meal prep cookbook for creating quick, healthy, delicious meals to feed your family all week! 30-Minute Meal Prep is the essential cookbook for busy families. Robin's revolutionary meal prep strategies save you time and help you create...

BReD  by Ed Tatton


Ed Tatton

"Sourdough bread is naturally vegan—flour, water, and salt transformed into extraordinary, delicious bread. Ed Tatton, co-owner of the popular plant-based café and bakery BReD with Natasha Tatton, chef, and artisan bread maker, has been baking and refining his...

The seaweed forager  by Rebecca Gouldhurst

The seaweed forager

Rebecca Gouldhurst

"Step into the enchanting world of The Seaweed Forager, your guide to the treasures of the coastal shores. Learn to identify, harvest and prepare a myriad of seaweed species found along the stunning coastlines of Aotearoa/New Zealand. Uncover the astonishing...

Tasting the past  by Jacqui Wood

Tasting the past

Jacqui Wood

"The many influences of the past on our diet today make the concept of 'British food' very hard to define. The Celts, Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans all brought ingredients to the table, as it were, and onwards the Crusades gave us all manner of spices....

Home bar  by Andy Clarke

Home bar

Andy Clarke

"Drinks expert Andy Clarke reveals his top tips for cocktails and home bar kit without spending the earth. Features over 50 recipes, simple snack suggestions, and tips and ideas on how to host a cocktail party at home, minus the fuss. From basement bars to man...

Quick and easy  by Nancy S. Hughes

Quick and easy

Nancy S. Hughes

"Bring out your electric pressure cooker appliance of choice or your beloved Instant Pot and get to work shedding pounds. Managing a busy, non-stop lifestyle and finding it hard to maintain or lose weight easily? You can make reaching your weight-loss goals a...

The open fire cookbook

The open fire cookbook

"Whether you're setting up a firepit for a backyard barbecue or going on a camping trip, this book suits all of your outdoor cooking needs. Go back to the basics with chapters dedicated to meat, seafood, vegetables, sides, and more. There is something here for...

Tiki cocktails

Tiki cocktails

"Bursting with fruity, exotic flavors and beautiful garnishes, tiki cocktails are a home bartender's fantasy--but they can be difficult to make. Tiki Cocktails simplifies the ingredient list and reduces the number of steps to give you delicious flavor with...

The "I love my air fryer" comfort food recipe book  by Aileen Clark

The "I love my air fryer" comfort food recipe book

Aileen Clark

"The foods you love made quick and easy in the air fryer! In The "I Love My Air Fryer" Comfort Food Recipe Book, you'll discover 175 recipes and photos for delicious and satisfying dishes sure to bring a smile to your face. You'll find savory snacks like...

Eating with the Tudors  by Brigitte Webster

Eating with the Tudors

Brigitte Webster

"Eating with the Tudors is an extensive collection of authentic Tudor recipes that tell the story of a dramatically changing world in sixteenth-century England. This book highlights how religion, reformation and politics influenced what was served on a Tudor's...

A year in the kitchen  by Blanche Vaughan

A year in the kitchen

Blanche Vaughan

"A Year in the Kitchen, written and curated by Blanche Vaughan, Food Editor of House & Garden, shares more than 150 deliciously easy recipes inspired by the seasons. Recipes include: Asparagus Carbonara (Spring); Summer Greens & Soft-Cheese Pie (Summer);...

Simple keto

Simple keto

"With easy-to-follow recipes and sweet and savory meals for all occasions, following the ketogenic diet has never been easier. These energy-packed meals will satisfy all cravings and shorten your cooking time. Keto experts and beginners alike will gain a...

Epic outdoor pizza oven cookbook  by Jonathon Schuhrke

Epic outdoor pizza oven cookbook

Jonathon Schuhrke

"Become your neighborhoods master pizza maker, and get the most enjoyment and use from your outdoor pizza oven, with this truly epic cookbook.Outdoor pizza ovens cook up a crispy crust and deeply flavorful toppings in a matter of just a few minutes. Thats why...

The little book of chocolate  by Mélanie Dupuis

The little book of chocolate

Mélanie Dupuis

"From tempering to moulding and glazing to making ganache, and featuring over 15 chocolate recipes such as Honey Ganache Dipped Chocolates, Moulded Gianduja Chocolates, Truffles, Chocolate Slabs and even a Chocolate Egg, you will perfect your chocolate skills...

Titanic  by Veronica Hinke


Veronica Hinke

"Decades after its box office debut, James Cameron's legendary film Titanic continues to captivate audiences with its stunning visual-effects, sophisticated cinematography, and tragic love story. Titanic: The Official Cookbook helps readers recreate the...

Authentic Brazilian home cooking  by Olivia Mesquita

Authentic Brazilian home cooking

Olivia Mesquita

"Indulge in the culinary trip of a lifetime alongside Olivia Mesquita, São Paulo native and creator of Olivia's Cuisine, as she teaches you how to prepare all of the tastiest, most iconic dishes from Brazil. Each recipe is easy and approachable for those new...

Complete Arab cookery  by Arto Der Haroutunian

Complete Arab cookery

Arto Der Haroutunian

"Incorporating the history, traditions, and techniques of these countries Arto der Haroutunian has assembled an unparalleled breadth of recipes representing the whole gamut of Arab cooking. The basis of society in Arabia, especially in the south, was...

Maydān  by Rose Previte


Rose Previte

"Rose Previte introduces readers to the eclectic cultures of the region spanning North Africa, the Caucuses, and the Middle East through food, offering a nuanced, informed, and yet entirely warm and personal way in. Before opening her beloved Washington, DC,...

Gastronogeek. Recipes to die for  by Thibaud Villanova

Gastronogeek. Recipes to die for

Thibaud Villanova

"Sleuth your way through intriguing culinary adventures with the world's greatest crime-solvers. Packed with 40+ unique recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and drinks inspired by fan-favorite, world-famous detectives! From breakfast to after-dinner...

Eat your flowers  by Loria Stern

Eat your flowers

Loria Stern

"Cook with botanical ingredients for stunning visuals and delicious flavors—and let your creativity blossom! For most of us, “eat your flowers” might mean enjoying an edible blossom decorating a restaurant dessert on a night out. For Loria Stern, it’s a way to...

Scandinavian gatherings  by Melissa Bahen

Scandinavian gatherings

Melissa Bahen

"Here, the creator of the popular website Lulu the Baker offers up traditional recipes using easy-to-find ingredients, as well as handmade decorations and tips for entertaining, all organized around seasonal festivities like Lucia Day and Christmas Eve supper,...

Smash hits  by author Nat's What I Reckon

Smash hits

author Nat's What I Reckon

"Eat like an absolute legend with 45 of Nat's all-time best recipes. Filled with hits and memories plus a solid dose of good times, rest assured, this cookbook has your back! Life's tricky, cooking doesn't have to be. Nat's here to take the nonsense out of the...

Mob 6

Mob 6

"Six everyday ingredients, incredible quick and easy meals. Mob are back with their much-anticipated simplest cookbook yet- ultra-tasty recipes made with six affordable ingredients, without ever compromising on flavour or originality. Find food for every...

Tim Burton's The nightmare before Christmas. The official baking cookbook  by Sandy K. Snugly

Tim Burton's The nightmare before Christmas. The official baking cookbook

Sandy K. Snugly

"What's this? What's this? With over 55 recipes in Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Official Baking Cookbook for bars, breads, cakes, muffins and more inspired by Tim Burton's iconic film, fans can celebrate Christmas, Halloween, and...

Rachael's good eats  by Rachael DeVaux

Rachael's good eats

Rachael DeVaux

"From an Instagram health, fitness, and food influencer with over half a million followers, Rachael's Good Eats is a beautiful, accessible four-color cookbook with over 100 recipes in every category from breakfasts, soups and hearty salads, to cozy comfort...

I could nosh  by Jake Cohen

I could nosh

Jake Cohen

"For New York Times bestselling author/food world darling Jake Cohen, noshing isn't just a habit, it's a lifestyle. Noshing is about hospitality after all, whether that means keeping your fridge stocked with turkey club ingredients for the perfect midnight...

Eden vegan  by Tess Eden

Eden vegan

Tess Eden

"A friendly entry point to plant-based cooking, with veganised Kiwi classics, budget-friendly recipes and meals to whip up in a minute from what's in the pantry. Every dish in this book is 100 per cent vegan, made with whole-food ingredients that can all be...

Super easy tortilla and taco cookbook  by Dotty Griffith

Super easy tortilla and taco cookbook

Dotty Griffith

"Super Easy Tortilla and Taco Cookbook includes recipes for every meal plus snacks and even desserts, all of which are made with healthy, non-processed, affordable ingredients. Learn to make authentic corn and wheat tortillas as well as gluten-free...

Allergy-proof recipes for kids  by Leslie Hammond

Allergy-proof recipes for kids

Leslie Hammond

"Feeding your kids well when they have food allergies can be a struggle at best—and a nightmare at worst. But with Allergy-Proof Recipes for Kids, those mealtime battles are over. Every recipe is full of kid-friendly flavors, yet free of wheat, gluten, dairy,...

The Mediterranean diet guide and cookbook  by Kimberly A. Tessmer

The Mediterranean diet guide and cookbook

Kimberly A. Tessmer

"Healthy food, healthy lifestyle, healthy you. Based on the fundamentals of balancing foods high in omega-3 fats such as fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil, nuts, etc. The Mediterranean diet has a variety of health benefits. More than just a flavorful...

Snacking bakes  by Yossy Arefi

Snacking bakes

Yossy Arefi

"The award-winning author of Snacking Cakes presents sixty simple recipes that require minimal effort yet result in maximum flavor as you create delectable delights perfect for snacking, including cookies, bars, brownies, cakes and loaves"--Publisher's...

Bush tukka guide  by Samantha Martin

Bush tukka guide

Samantha Martin

"Jaru woman Samantha Martin (aka the 'Bush Tukka Woman') was born into a long line of traditional hunters and gatherers. She grew up learning the layout of the land and what's in season from her mother and Aboriginal Elders. In this second edition of Bush...

Paris cocktails  by Doni Belau

Paris cocktails

Doni Belau

"An expanded and updated collection of over 100 recipes inspired by the City of Light. These signature drink recipes from Parisian hotspots pay homage to the most romantic city on Earth. Delve into Paris's "New Golden Age of Cocktails" with Jazz Age...

Modern Cape Malay cooking  by Cariema Isaacs

Modern Cape Malay cooking

Cariema Isaacs

"The love language of the Cape Malays is food, and author Cariema Isaacs says tramakasie (thank you) every day that she gets to express herself in this way. Modern Cape Malay Cooking, Cariema’s fourth cookbook, is a celebration of food and feasting, providing...

Plant forward  by Jazmin Blais

Plant forward

Jazmin Blais

"The Blaises open their kitchen to show you how they eat and maintain healthy habits when the TV cameras are off. Using humor and heart, Richard details how he found his path to health by moving meat to the side in favor of a more plant-centric diet... Each...

Comfort food essentials  by Kim (Chef) Wilcox

Comfort food essentials

Kim (Chef) Wilcox

"Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Macaroni and cheese. Comfort food. People love it, and this cookbook is boiling over with delicious recipes that you can use to create your own"--Publisher's description.

Heroes' feast flavors of the multiverse  by Kyle Newman

Heroes' feast flavors of the multiverse

Kyle Newman

"Explore the cuisines of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse with 76 delectable new recipes from the New York Times bestselling authors of Heroes' Feast"--Publisher's description.

The video game chef  by Cassandra Reeder

The video game chef

Cassandra Reeder

"Welcome the games that made up your childhood and continue to entertain you today into your kitchen! The Video Game Chef features over 70 delicious recipes inspired by nostalgic video games. Create Pac-Man Power Pellets, Super Mario Bros Mushrooms, The Legend...

Beautiful bread  by Theresa Culletto

Beautiful bread

Theresa Culletto

"Shape, twist, paint, and embellish artisan breads into art you can eat. Professional baker Theresa Culletto begins with base recipes that anyone can make, including challah, focaccia, pita/naan, and savory and sweet buttermilk doughs. Tasty, fun, DIY projects...

Jane's patisserie everyday  by Jane (Baker) Dunn

Jane's patisserie everyday

Jane (Baker) Dunn

"Simple cakes and delicious bakes for every day. Bestselling author Jane Dunn shows you how easy it is to bake every day with her simple treats, foolproof cakes, and comforting savoury bakes. Covering all the classics from chunky cookies and fluffy cupcakes,...

Mac & cheese  by Carol Hilker

Mac & cheese

Carol Hilker

"A far cry from the boxed, neon 'barely-food' staple of yesteryear, today's mac and cheese is now a culinary supernova. In the past decade, mac and cheese has become indispensable on menus across the globe, from dive diners to artisan eateries, delectable...

Real superfoods  by Ocean Robbins

Real superfoods

Ocean Robbins

"When most people think of superfoods, they picture exotic and pricey products with magical healing abilities. But how "super" is a food that only a few can afford? Real superfoods are the ones that do the most good for the most people. They're loaded with...



"Delicious recipes inspired by the lush biomes of James Cameron's Pandora. Be transported to the breathtaking locations of Avatar and Avatar The Way of Water with more than 50 delicious recipes inspired by the lush worlds of Pandora. Experience The Hallelujah...

Made in Bangladesh  by Dina Begum

Made in Bangladesh

Dina Begum

"Taking you through the six Bangladeshi seasons – summer, monsoon, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring – with warming flavours and memories, Dina Begum's Made in Bangladesh teaches modern classics and age-old recipes to home cooks across the world. Puchka...

Goon with the spoon  by 1972- author. Snoop Dogg

Goon with the spoon

1972- author. Snoop Dogg

"Following the breakout success of his first cookbook, From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen, Snoop Dogg returns with this new collection of recipes in collaboration with his friend and iconic Bay Area rapper E-40. Drawing...

Healthy eating with Pacific plants!  by Vittoria Pasca

Healthy eating with Pacific plants!

Vittoria Pasca

This is the second Cookbook by award-winning nutritionist Vittoria Pasca. It's a guide to healthier, more nutritious daily menus. Following an explanation on balance meal planning, you'll find 50 colourful and delicious recipes that will help you put all the...

Simply West African  by Pierre Thiam

Simply West African

Pierre Thiam

"Experience the vibrant cuisines of West Africa any night of the week with 80 easy, accessible recipes This is West African food for every kitchen, a generous, warm welcome to its delicious, irresistible culinary mainstays and rhythms. If you already cook with...

Falafel  by Dunja Gulin


Dunja Gulin

"Falafel are deep-fried balls or patties of chickpea or fava beans, with added herbs, spices, onion, garlic and are widely eaten across the Middle East. While the style varies from region to region, they are usually eaten in a wrap or pitta with salad, tahini,...

Enjoy  by Kelly Gibney


Kelly Gibney

"Enjoy champions the simple everyday meals we share with those closest to us. It is full of inspiring ideas for vibrant easy dinners, fresh and colourful salads, comforting soups and desserts that will utterly delight; all delivered in Kelly's warm and chatty...

Ramen forever  by Tim (Chef) Anderson

Ramen forever

Tim (Chef) Anderson

"In Ramen Forever, Tim Anderson shows you the way to enjoy delicious homemade ramen on a regular basis, and gives you the tools to build your own ramen, just the way you like it! It is broken into five sections,– Broth, Seasoning, Aromatic Oils and Fats,...

Italian kitchen  by Anna Del Conte

Italian kitchen

Anna Del Conte

"Anna Del Conte is the doyenne of Italian cookery, beloved by food writers including Nigella Lawson and Delia Smith. Her writing about Italian cooking is thoughtful and caring, filled with reminiscences of the food from her childhood and stories of how Italian...

Michel Roux at home  by Michel Roux

Michel Roux at home

Michel Roux

"Discover the joy of cooking simple and delicious French meals at home with Michel Roux, the celebrated chef and author of numerous award-winning cookbooks. Journey into the heart of Michel Roux's home kitchen as he shares the mouth-watering everyday recipes...

The home bartender  by Shane M. Carley

The home bartender

Shane M. Carley

"Discover how to make more than 200 easy, delicious, and affordable recipes with only four ingredients or less in the third edition of the hugely popular Home Bartender. Making drinks at home has never been easier for the busy mixologist, and you don't need...

Chili crisp  by James (Food writer) Park

Chili crisp

James (Food writer) Park

"James Park, food writer and chili crisp devotee, writes a love letter to his favorite ingredient in over 50 recipes. These approachable and adaptable recipes could fill your whole day with chili crisp. Packed with chili crisp inspiration to take your love of...

The official Five nights at Freddy's cookbook  by Rob (Cookbook author) Morris

The official Five nights at Freddy's cookbook

Rob (Cookbook author) Morris

"The one and only OFFICIAL Five Nights at Freddy's Cookbook, with over 40 recipes inspired by the hit games. Delight in over forty tasty recipes inspired by the Five Nights at Freddy's games, with gorgeous, eye-popping photography! From Freddy Fazbear's...

Sweet and easy Japanese desserts  by Laure Kié

Sweet and easy Japanese desserts

Laure Kié

"Traditional recipes for mochi, wagashi, manju, dorayaki, anpan, melon pan and many others meet the classic Japanese cookies, cakes, tarts, ice creams and custards that are now popular worldwide. Japanese flavors infuse and transform your favorite desserts and...

Giuseppe's easy bakes  by Giuseppe Dell'Anno

Giuseppe's easy bakes

Giuseppe Dell'Anno

"Bake yourself a sweet bite of Italy, every day! Giuseppe's Easy Bakes is all about accessible, easy bakes and Italian and flavors. Most of the recipes take no more than 20 minutes to prepare and are ideal for both the novice baker and seasoned cooks looking...

One pan chicken  by Claire (Chef) Thomson

One pan chicken

Claire (Chef) Thomson

"Providing solutions for if you're cooking in the oven, on the stovetop, or need to use up leftovers, best-selling author and professional chef Claire Thomson offers up her best 70 recipes with chicken as star of the show, revealing just how simple it is to...

A history of the world in ten dinners  by Victoria Flexner

A history of the world in ten dinners

Victoria Flexner

"In ten chapters--each an important moment in food history, from Ancient Rome to Al-Andalus in Spain, from the Ethiopian Empire to nineteenth-century New York City--the authors pair menus with immersive retellings of historic culinary breakthroughs, and...

The encyclopedia of desserts

The encyclopedia of desserts

"Coconut, chocolate, vanilla, berry, caramel, cream--whatever you're craving, The Encyclopedia of Desserts has it with 400 irresistible recipes for every sweet tooth. Sometimes you just want a sugar cookie, and other times you absolutely need a torte. Whether...

The complete Mediterranean cookbook

The complete Mediterranean cookbook

"Influenced by the many and varied cultures of the region, Mediterranean food is a delightful fusion of traditional dishes and bold, contemporary flavors. Bring brightness to your kitchen with Spanakopita, Honey Mustard Salmon, Green Shakshuka, Slow Cooker...

Poppy cooks  by Poppy O'Toole

Poppy cooks

Poppy O'Toole

"Professional chef turned TikTok star, Poppy O'Toole shows you how to get the most out of your air fryer. With 100 recipes for cooking the perfect chips, roast chicken, baked potatoes, mac and cheese, brownies and more, as well as some surprising air-fryer...

Neopets  by Rebecca Woods


Rebecca Woods

"With 40+ fantastic recipes, easy-to-follow steps, and eye-catching photography, this is the cookbook for any Neopets fan. You'll learn how to assemble Neopia's finest feasts, from omelettes to jellies to cupcakes and maybe even the occasional Iced Fish Cake....

Little everyday cakes  by Candace Floyd

Little everyday cakes

Candace Floyd

"There's something sad about leftover cake. Ask most any home cook, and you'll find they're more of a pie or cookie baker than a cake baker. There's a problem with baking a cake: unless you're taking it to a potluck party or holiday gathering, there's just too...

Make it Japanese  by Rie McClenny

Make it Japanese

Rie McClenny

"Learn the building blocks of authentic Japanese home cooking with 85 satisfying, soulful, everyday recipes from the beloved BuzzFeed Tasty food personality Make It Japanese reflects Rie's journey living in the United States for over 15 years and learning to...

Madhur Jaffrey's Indian cookery  by Madhur Jaffrey

Madhur Jaffrey's Indian cookery

Madhur Jaffrey

"Madhur Jaffrey has led the way for cooking real Indian food at home for more than 5 decades. Originally published in 1982, this book inspired and empowered a generation of home cooks to recreate her recipes perfectly. In this 40th anniversary edition, Madhur...

The pasta codex  by Vincenzo Buonassisi

The pasta codex

Vincenzo Buonassisi

"Featuring 1,001 recipes compiled over thirty years of research and travel, The Pasta Codex relates the history and traditions behind the world's most famous food, with recipes for every shape and type of pasta and sauce"--Publisher's description.

Italy by ingredient  by Viola Buitoni

Italy by ingredient

Viola Buitoni

"A fresh, exciting approach to Italian cuisine through its most iconic ingredients, presented by one of today's foremost experts in the recipes and flavors of Italy. From glossy drops of balsamic vinegar to flakes of parmigiano reggiano and spoonfuls of fresh...

Secretly vegan  by Amanda Bankert

Secretly vegan

Amanda Bankert

"Plant-based sweets adored by even the most discerning pastry lovers, from an American p tissi re in Paris Since 2016, Amanda Bankert has been the surreptitious purveyor of vegan treats in the world's most butter-obsessed city- Paris. It started with donuts;...

Flavour  by Mark Moriarty


Mark Moriarty

"Imagine if the everyday food you made at home, went from ordinary to extraordinary? This is Mark Moriarty's speciality. By bringing restaurant know-how home, Mark's home cooking - as watched by hundreds of thousands on his hit RTE TV show - packs ordinary...

Cooking with Marshmello  by author Marshmello

Cooking with Marshmello

author Marshmello

"Grammy-nominated, chart-topping artist Marshmello has always had a passion for cooking. In the same way that music brings people together around a common love, he’s found that food is an equally powerful way to bridge the cultural gaps between his fans and...

Meatsmith  by Andrew McConnell


Andrew McConnell

"More than another meat cookbook, this is an elegant guide to classic cooking that will inspire moments to be remembered. Discover menus for special occasions – from a fiery butcher's picnic to a summer lunch in the garden – plus how to grill the perfect rib...

Start here  by Sohla El-Waylly

Start here

Sohla El-Waylly

"A practical, information-packed, and transformative guide to becoming a better cook and conquering the kitchen, this is a must-have masterclass in leveling up your cooking. Across a dozen technique-themed chapters - from "Temperature Management 101" and...

Rick Stein's simple suppers  by Rick Stein

Rick Stein's simple suppers

Rick Stein

"These are my simple suppers. Recipes that are straightforward and informal - yet effortlessly delicious. The idea of supper appealed to me because it suggests an ordinary meal. When one is not trying too hard; maybe something you're going to cook in your...

Star wars  by Jenn Fujikawa

Star wars

Jenn Fujikawa

"The most exciting Star Wars cookbook yet has arrived! Discover more than 80 recipes inspired by all corners of the Star Wars galaxy including the Skywalker Saga, novels, comics, and beyond. Following his culinary journeys in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: The...

The witch's cookbook  by Deanna Huey

The witch's cookbook

Deanna Huey

"Conjure up enchanting recipes worthy of legendary witches! Gather 'round your cauldron and summon your culinary senses! The Witch's Cookbook brings you 75 recipes and gorgeous photographs inspired by literature, film, and television's most adored witches....

Rumi  by Joseph Abboud


Joseph Abboud

"Chef Joseph Abboud's food looks Middle Eastern because its proud origins are a little bit Lebanese, a little bit Persian, and a little bit Turkish - but it also represents the heart of an honest and enduring eatery in inner Melbourne's Brunswick, named for...

Let's bake bread!  by Bonnie Ohara

Let's bake bread!

Bonnie Ohara

"In the long-awaited follow-up to her first book Bread Baking for Beginners (more than 130,000 copies sold), baker Bonnie Ohara offers the ultimate guide for baking with your kids, with a delicious array of kid-friendly recipes and extracurricular lessons on...

Flavour  by Sabrina Ghayour


Sabrina Ghayour

"The new collection of simple, delicious, crowd-pleasing recipes from the bestselling Middle-Eastern chef. Over 100 fabulously flavourful recipes with a Middle-Eastern twist. Recipes include: Zaatar onion, tomato & aubergine tartines with labneh; Chicken...

East winds  by Riaz Phillips

East winds

Riaz Phillips

"The hidden Caribbean isn't a place but a legacy of the complex history, people, and food that exists outside the limelight of Caribbean culture. East Winds is full of Riaz's award-winning recipes, with food and travel writing interwoven throughout, giving...

Chocolate all day  by Kirsten Tibballs

Chocolate all day

Kirsten Tibballs

"Chocolate All Day is your invitation to indulge friends and family with choc-focused treats that are big on wow and low on difficulty. From a Chocolate Babka Knot with Peanut Swirl to Choc-chip Cookie Sandwiches with Orange Ganache, Rocky Road Chocolate Cake...

#itsfine  by Ben Smith


Ben Smith

"What if we told you that you can eat anything you like and lose weight? Well, you probably wouldn't believe us, would you? And if you did believe us, you would ask HOW? We asked the same question. After both struggling with our weight and the effects of crash...

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