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Macros made easy  by Danielle (Blogger) Lima

Macros made easy

Danielle (Blogger) Lima

"Scrumptious, Macro-Friendly Recipes For Every Meal. If you thought tracking your macros meant never indulging in your favorite foods, think again! Danielle Lima, creator of the popular food blog Oh Snap Macros, provides 60 standout recipes for delicious meals...

Out there  by Lee Kalpakis

Out there

Lee Kalpakis

"Out There: A Camper Cookbook presents the story and recipes of Lee Kalpakis, a professional cook who returned home to the Catskill Mountains after 14 years in New York City to live in an off-grid camper in the woods"--Publisher's description.

One pan

One pan

"Cooking can be a time-consuming process, and when you have a family to feed, have returned from a busy day at the office, or just can't be bothered, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen making dinner. One-pan cooking makes cooking an...

Slow cooked comfort food

Slow cooked comfort food

"Slow cooking brings winter-inspired flavours and comfort food to the table. From warming soups to tasty bakes and pies, saucy casseroles plus easy slow cooker meals and more, these recipes will keep everyone well fed. Remember to leave room for our...

New England cocktails  by Matthew Reed Baker

New England cocktails

Matthew Reed Baker

"An elegant collection of over 100 recipes inspired by the Northeast. These signature drink recipes from New England hotspots pay homage to this wicked region. With over 100 recipes and dozens of bartender profiles, you can drink like a local whether you're...

The Cottagecore baking book  by Kayla Lobermeier

The Cottagecore baking book

Kayla Lobermeier

"From Kayla Lobermeier, author of The Prairie Kitchen Cookbook, comes an enchanting escape into the realm of cottagecore baking, where rustic charm meets mouthwatering flavors. Whether you are already living out your cozy cottage dreams or are just starting to...

Middle Eastern delights  by Lamees Attar-Bashi

Middle Eastern delights

Lamees Attar-Bashi

"Bring your kitchen to life with the smell of tantalizing ingredients like cardamom, rose, orange blossom, and pistachios. In this exciting cookbook, Lamees AttarBashi highlights the recipes she grew up on, as well as her own spins on the classics. With...

Sydney cocktails  by Alanna House

Sydney cocktails

Alanna House

"Sydney Cocktails is an elegant collection of over 100 recipes inspired by the land down under. These signature drink recipes from Sydney hotspots pay homage to the flavor capital of Australia. With over 100 recipes and dozens of bartender profiles, you can...

More from a quiet kitchen  by Nici Wickes

More from a quiet kitchen

Nici Wickes

"Nici Wickes invites you back to her quiet kitchen for a second helping of uncomplicated, delicious recipes. During the global pandemic, Nici amassed a dedicated following through social media, sharing her recipes and personal stories of dealing with life's...

The gluten-free kitchen  by Emily Kerrigan

The gluten-free kitchen

Emily Kerrigan

"Filled with handy tips and easy-to-follow recipes, this beautiful book, by certified nutritionist Emily Kerrigan, is the ultimate guide to gluten-free living. Do you love cooking but need to avoid gluten? Or have you recently been diagnosed with coeliac...

Charcuterie by occasion  by Alejandra Diaz-Imlah

Charcuterie by occasion

Alejandra Diaz-Imlah

"Bring the life to the party with 50 charcuterie boards that are beautifully designed with holidays, celebrations, and everything in between in mind. Sweet and savory, bold and spicy--whatever you need, a charcuterie board has you covered. Charcuterie by...

The cast iron

The cast iron

"Featuring staple recipes from the experts themselves, this cookbook will elevate your cooking game to a whole new level. Impress your guests with beautifully prepared meals, including breakfast essentials, hearty dinners, and scrumptious desserts. You'll be...

Easy Indian vegetarian  by Chetna Makan

Easy Indian vegetarian

Chetna Makan

"Simple and satisfying meat-free dishes from the queen of Indian home cooking. Celebrating the incredible vegetarian food that India has to offer, Easy Indian Vegetarian delivers fresh, authentic Indian food for every day. You will find recipes for every...

So good  by Emily English

So good

Emily English

"When we think of nutrition and eating well, so many of us jump to the words 'diet', 'unenjoyable', and 'sacrifice'. Sometimes we see healthy eating as something we should do, rather than something we want to do. This is the book to help you kickstart healthy...

The official Horizon cookbook  by Victoria Rosenthal

The official Horizon cookbook

Victoria Rosenthal

"You've explored the wicked heat of the Sun Furrows, the icy peaks of the Longroam, and the vast, deadly wilds of the Forbidden West. These locales are filled with danger, but are also rich with enough unique cuisines and flavorful foods to prepare a feast fit...

In love with Rome  by Lisa Nieschlag

In love with Rome

Lisa Nieschlag

"Discover all that the Eternal City has to offer from its ancient architecture and iconic landmarks to its famously tasty cuisine. Whip up flavourful pasta dishes such as Spaghetti Cacio E Pepe and Rigatoni All'Amatriciana as well as Italian classics like...

The encyclopedia of Mediterranean

The encyclopedia of Mediterranean

"Explore the sun-drenched flavors of the Mediterranean with this comprehensive culinary guide. The Encyclopedia of Mediterranean is your passport to a world of vibrant, healthful, and diverse cuisine. Overflowing with over 350 mouth-watering recipes, this...

Agak agak  by Shu Han Lee

Agak agak

Shu Han Lee

"'Agak agak' is a colloquial term rooted in the Malay word for 'somewhat'. This term comes to life especially in the home kitchen, where cooks rely on their senses and experience, rather than tools or exact formulas. Singaporean cuisine, as we know it today,...

Fruitful  by Sarah Johnson


Sarah Johnson

"This is a celebration of fruit, and all the glorious variety it can bring to our plates. From crisp apples to buttery pears, fragrant peaches to plump berries, and vibrant lemons to juicy cherries. An introduction covers the key techniques for cooking with...

The Hairy Dieters' fast & fresh  by Si King

The Hairy Dieters' fast & fresh

Si King

"Inspired by the ingredients of the Mediterranean, Si King and Dave Myers have developed over 80 delicious and nutritious recipes to help you move away from processed foods and ready meals to make the most of the fresh ingredients available throughout the...

Quit ultra-processed food in 4 weeks  by Angela Dowden

Quit ultra-processed food in 4 weeks

Angela Dowden

"Have you ever wondered why you can't stop reaching for chocolates, ice cream, fizzy drinks, and snacks? All of these familiar suspects are ultra-processed foods: they're filled with additives and preservatives to keep you coming back for more. So how do you...

Bohème cooking  by Carrie Solomon

Bohème cooking

Carrie Solomon

"From Paris farmers' markets to the Brittany coast, Carrie Solomon's vegetable focused cooking is infused with vibrant flavor and whimsical creativity in this fresh, airy cookbook"--Publisher's description.

Niçoise  by Rosa Jackson


Rosa Jackson

"To eat--and cook--like a Niçoise involves snacks and sandwiches you can enjoy on the go (socca and pan bagnat), tender stuffed vegetables (petit farcis), slow-simmered meat stews (beef daube), and vivid fruit desserts. This southern French cuisine is among...

Rebel bakes  by George Hepher

Rebel bakes

George Hepher

"From social media sensation George's Bakery comes Rebel Bakes - a joyful celebration of all things sweet. In Rebel Bakes you'll find over 80 mouth-watering recipes to some of George's best-loved signature bakes, as well as a whole host of exclusive...

Joon  by Najmieh Batmanglij


Najmieh Batmanglij

"In Joon, master chef Najmieh Batmanglij distills one of the world's oldest and most influential cuisines to capture its unique flavors in recipes adapted to suit our busy lives. Najmieh's fans have been making meals from her Food of Life for more than 30...

Koreaworld  by Deuki Hong


Deuki Hong

"A vibrant exploration of the evolution of Korean cuisine, both in Korea and in Koreatowns across the globe, with more than 75 bold, flavor-packed recipes and stunning photography. Join chef Deuki Hong and journalist Matt Rodbard as they take an insider's look...

Mediterra  by Ben Tish


Ben Tish

"Across the Mediterranean, from Spain to Morocco, via Italy, Sicily, Greece and Lebanon, one delicious food influence gives way to the next. The whole region is a rich seam of deeply delicious food, and the recipes in this mouth-watering collection are...

Eat to your heart's content  by Sat Bains

Eat to your heart's content

Sat Bains

"Sat's obsession for more than three decades of being a chef has been big, bold flavor, and that's not something he's prepared to sacrifice to ensure his food is also heart healthy. He still enjoys the odd steak and glass of red wine - since we all,...

The Asian pantry  by Dominique Woolf

The Asian pantry

Dominique Woolf

"Discover Asian-inspired recipes that are big on flavour! Easy and delicious, umami-packed Asian inspired recipes all created using an accessible, affordable collection of essential pantry ingredients from the No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling author of...

Saladology  by Theo Kirwan


Theo Kirwan

"Jack and Theo Kirwan, co-founders of acclaimed Dublin-based restaurants, Sprout, are devoted to showing just how full flavoured a salad can be. Their first cookbook, Saladology, includes more than 100 exciting recipes, ranging from simple side salads,...

Good vibes baking  by Sandro Farmhouse

Good vibes baking

Sandro Farmhouse

"Over 75 recipes for feel-good baking from GBBO 2022 runaway star, Sandro Farmhouse Lick the spoon, feel the vibes, and bake with joy with the runaway star of GBBO 2022, Sandro Farmhouse. Sandro is on a mission to share his love of baking in this indulgent and...

Dolci!  by Renato Poliafito


Renato Poliafito

"Recipes that capture the flavors of la dolce vita, from Bologna to Brooklyn—Italian and Italian American-ish cakes, cookies, pies, and pastries, from the James Beard Award–nominated brains behind one of America’s best bakeries. A joyous celebration of...

The official Veganuary cookbook

The official Veganuary cookbook

"Love food? Want to try new recipes? Curious about plant-based cooking? Delicious food is at the heart of the Veganuary ethos so, whether you're vegan, veggie, flexi, or simply want to try a few more veg-centric recipes, we've included something for absolutely...

Beer food  by Ross Dobson

Beer food

Ross Dobson

"There is more than a little truth in the suggestion that beer is humankind's greatest ever invention. It was a thirsty appetite that motivated people to grow the grains needed to make beer; bread was more an afterthought. And while wine might be synonymous...



"Thermomix has always been about empowering people to cook real, good food, without too much fuss, making it the ideal kitchen appliance to cook for diabetes. With over 1 million Australians currently living the disease, diabetes is one of our biggest health...

Cult cocktails  by author Liquid Liquid (Firm)

Cult cocktails

author Liquid Liquid (Firm)

"Professional cocktail experts share their secrets and at-a-glance recipes for 100 iconic cocktails, from Americano to Zombie. A beautiful, fuss-free collection of infographic recipes for the world's best-loved cocktails. Choose a recipe to suit your level of...

Kin  by Marie Mitchell


Marie Mitchell

"As the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, Marie Mitchell's cooking is motivated by a powerful desire to understand and celebrate those recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. In Kin, her hotly anticipated debut cookbook, she shares...

Deliciously chocolatey cakes & bakes  by Victoria Glass

Deliciously chocolatey cakes & bakes

Victoria Glass

"From biscuits and cookies and small cakes and bakes to larger cakes, pastries, desserts and puddings and petit fours, Victoria charts the delicious range of some of our much-loved classics with a chocolatey twist"--Publisher's description.

I'll have the risotto!  by Maxine Clark

I'll have the risotto!

Maxine Clark

"Creamy, satisfying and delicious, risotto is one of the world's favourite rice dishes. This Italian comfort food is so versatile and works well made with vegetables, fish, shellfish, meat and poultry. Different regions of Italy have their own classic rice...

The pressure canning cookbook  by Jennifer Gomes

The pressure canning cookbook

Jennifer Gomes

"In The Pressure Canning Cookbook, passionate Master Food Preserver Jennifer Gomes packs healthy, yummy, and inspiring canning recipes that both kids and adults will love. Learn how to can pantry basics like common veggies and ground meat, as well as a tasty...

Italian snacking  by Anna Francese Gass

Italian snacking

Anna Francese Gass

"Italian food has captivated our taste buds for centuries. Combining simplicity and creativity, it enchants with an alchemy of high-quality ingredients, recipes tied to the specialties of each region, and the experience of being at the table. There is an...

Easy  by Roxy Pope


Roxy Pope

"So Vegan's Roxy Pope and Ben Pook believe the food we choose to eat can have a positive impact on our planet and our health. But not just any old food. They're talking about simple and speedy plant-based meals, which you'll find right here in "Easy", a...

Eat like a legend  by Daniel Churchill

Eat like a legend

Daniel Churchill

"From chef, athlete, and performance coach Dan Churchill, a cutting-edge cookbook filled with protein-packed, healthy recipes for fueling up, feeling right, and living like a legend. We are not all super athletes, but we all perform in one way or another,...

Gennaro's Verdure  by Gennaro Contaldo

Gennaro's Verdure

Gennaro Contaldo

"In Gennaro's Verdure, Gennaro transforms humble vegetables from side dish material into the hero of the plate, using punchy flavours from staple ingredients in his unique and much loved Italian style. Structured by colour chapters that group recipes into...

Drink up & glow  by Gabriella Mlynarczyk

Drink up & glow

Gabriella Mlynarczyk

"In Drink Up & Glow, master beverage creator Gaby Mlynarczyk helps readers reduce stress and restore balance with 75 recipes for adaptogenic and functional beverages that promote stress relief, immunity support, and everyday wellness"--Publisher's description.

Eat pacific

Eat pacific

Compiled by award-winning chef, judge and TV host Robert Oliver, Eat Pacific includes 139 zesty recipes from Fiji, Samoa, the Kingdom of Tonga, the Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Niue, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Tahiti, New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea, taken from the...

Soups  by Maggie Ramsay


Maggie Ramsay

"Versatile, nutritious and easy to cook - soup is the original one-pot wonder. Inspired by soups from around the world, this beautifully illustrated book features 80 tried-and-tested recipes bursting with flavour, colour and goodness. From comforting classics...

Recipes for adventure II  by Glenn McAllister

Recipes for adventure II

Glenn McAllister

"In Recipes for Adventure II, Chef Glenn shares backpacking recipes and food-drying projects selected from over 100 issues of his newsletter, Trail Bytes. Step-by-step instructions and full-color photos guide you from the kitchen to the trail, where your meals...

Simple steps to healthier kids  by Karen Ovens

Simple steps to healthier kids

Karen Ovens

"To all parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, cousins, extended families and soon-to-be parents. Love your kids from the inside out. Take valuable time to learn and understand why, what you feed their bodies, their minds and their...

The green cookbook  by Rukmini Iyer

The green cookbook

Rukmini Iyer

"Maximum flavour, minimum fuss from the creator of the 1.75 million copy-selling ROASTING TIN series. 75 all-new vegetarian and vegan recipes to help you get delicious dinners on the table with Rukmini's much-loved approach to cooking with minimum fuss and...

The young forever cookbook  by Mark Hyman

The young forever cookbook

Mark Hyman

"Dr. Mark Hyman's revolutionary book Young Forever revealed how to reverse the biological hallmarks of aging through easy and accessible dietary, lifestyle, and longevity strategies. In this companion cookbook, Dr. Hyman shares more than 100 satisfying recipes...

Easy air fryer bakes  by Lucy Parissi

Easy air fryer bakes

Lucy Parissi

"Easy Air Fryer Bakes is the definitive modern baking book, demonstrationg that there's an air fryer treat for every occasion. Proven to be quicker, more energy efficient and cheaper to run than traditional ovens, air fryers are here to stay! In this book,...

Chocolate overload!  by Jessie Marsden-Urquhart

Chocolate overload!

Jessie Marsden-Urquhart

"Amazing bakes for every season I'm Jessie - a baker on a mission to spread seasonal joy! I hope you love baking and decorating these super cute, easy treats with all the chocolate goodies. Use up your leftover chocolate eggs to bake Easter brownies and...

Quick & easy  by Nicky Corbishley

Quick & easy

Nicky Corbishley

"100 quick and easy, home-cooked family recipes, ready in 30 minutes or less, from the hugely popular blog and YouTube channel Kitchen Sanctuary"--Publisher's description.

Korean made easy  by Seji Hong

Korean made easy

Seji Hong

"Bibimbap. Korean Fried Chicken. Kimchi. There's no doubt Korean food is delicious - made up of bold flavours and comforting dishes - but many people unfairly assume it's too difficult to cook at home. In Korean Made Easy, Seji Hong demonstrates the simplicity...

The bartender's pantry  by Jim Meehan

The bartender's pantry

Jim Meehan

"The first all-inclusive guide to cocktail mixers, with more than 100 recipes, from the James Beard Award-winning author of Meehan's Bartender Manual"--Publisher's description.

Boker tov  by Tom Sas

Boker tov

Tom Sas

"Tel Aviv is colourful and cosmopolitan, a city full of contrasts and flavours. Boker Tov brings this atmosphere and delicious Israeli streetfood directly to your kitchen. The funky recipes offer a wide variety of fresh herbs and greens, refreshing tastes and...

Italy  by Barbara Caracciolo


Barbara Caracciolo

"Italy is a country with a culinary tradition like no other, one that symbolizes the comfort of home and food's power to bring people together all across the globe. Italy: The Ultimate Cookbook is a thorough, wide-ranging look at the genius that guides the...

Seriously, so good  by Carissa Stanton

Seriously, so good

Carissa Stanton

"Through 100 flavor-bomb dishes that are good for your health, heart and mind, the creator of Brocc Your Body wants to remove the anxiety around food by helping us all feel more confident in and out of the kitchen-and live life to the fullest"--Publisher's...

Roots, heart, soul  by Todd (Chef) Richards

Roots, heart, soul

Todd (Chef) Richards

"Chef Todd Richards, the James Beard Award–winning author of Soul, is your guide to exploring West African diaspora cooking in the Americas, spanning history from the slave trade through the Great Migration, with over 100 mouthwatering recipes and illuminating...

Indulge  by Valerie Bertinelli


Valerie Bertinelli

"When Valerie Bertinelli turned 60, she said "Enough already!" and ended her battle with the scale for good. She stopped counting calories. She stopped thinking of certain foods as good or bad. She quit saying no and began saying yes, finally learning how to...

Cured  by Steve McHugh


Steve McHugh

"Boost the flavor of any meal with this definitive guide on curing and preserving your own jams, pickles, sauces, and more, featuring more than 150 recipes for using your preserved goods"--Publisher's description.

Sweet treats  by Melodie Asseraf

Sweet treats

Melodie Asseraf

"Chef Melodie 'Mel' Asseraf is a two-time champion of Food Network's hit show, Chopped, and was trained in classical French cuisine in Paris. Her simple yet elegant sweets have been a social media sensation--and now, she's excited to bring the joy of baking to...

Happy days  by Christina Ward

Happy days

Christina Ward

"Relish in nostalgia and relive the pop culture of the 1950s and ’60s with Richie, Fonzie, and friends from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with Happy Days: The Official Cookbook. From the Cunningham kitchen to popular “greasy spoon” diner, Arnold’s, this cookbook’s...

Vegetables  by Mark Diacono


Mark Diacono

"Enjoy the best of veg, all year long, with this must-have vegetarian cookbook. Vegetables showcases almost 100 inventive vegetarian recipes that encourage you to celebrate the seasons, switch up your diet, upgrade your sense of vitality and health and tread...

The kitchen commune  by Chay Wike

The kitchen commune

Chay Wike

"Featuring more than 100 family-friendly, crowd-pleasing recipes-including gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, paleo, vegan, and more-for everyone. Preparing a meal is an act of love for yourself and the ones you share it with. In this stunning cookbook, Chay...

Bite-sized French pastries for the beginner baker  by Sylvie Gruber

Bite-sized French pastries for the beginner baker

Sylvie Gruber

"Get Started in French Pastry with Small & Simple Bakes! This collection of mouthwatering French pastries packs all the flavor of your Parisian favorites and none of the fuss. Using simple language and detailed directions, Sylvie Gruber helps you learn the ins...

Wanderlust Creamery presents the world of ice cream  by Adrienne Borlongan

Wanderlust Creamery presents the world of ice cream

Adrienne Borlongan

"With a family background in ice-cream making and a degree in food science, the flavor chemist behind LA-based Wanderlust Creamery, Adrienne Borlongan, turned her interest in recipe development and travel into a successful ice cream business. She and her...

Plant to plate

Plant to plate

"Welcome to a wellness adventure in your kitchen. In these pages, you will find recipes that connect you to nature, nourishment, and nutrition. Together we’ll make meals meaningful by elevating your relationship to life through all your senses. As we...

Painting the plate  by Felicity Souter

Painting the plate

Felicity Souter

"This unique cookbook pairs artistic masterpieces with effortless recipes that will turn your dining room table into a feast for the eyes and the palate. Filled with gorgeous photography, high quality reproductions and fascinating anecdotes, this one-of-a-kind...

Carbivore  by Phoebe Lapine


Phoebe Lapine

"Put Carbs Back on the Table! Diet trends come and go, but over the last decade, no one food group has been vilified and misunderstood as much as carbs. A hundred years ago, our relatives got more than 50 percent of their nutrients from carbs, and yet the...

Donut love  by Sloane Papa

Donut love

Sloane Papa

"The photographer and recipe developer behind the social media account Sloan's Table offers a smorgasbord of donuts to make at home including Nutella Bomboloni, White Chocolate Cappuccino, Garlic Herb Brioche Knots, and Mini Powdered Sugar"--Publisher's...

American grill  by Tyler Florence

American grill

Tyler Florence

"In this ultimate grilling guide, chef, bestselling author, restaurateur, and beloved star of Food Network's Tyler's Ultimate embraces his love of deluxe American comfort food to teach readers how to char, caramelize, and marinate to perfection. Tyler...

The complete cheese pairing cookbook  by Morgan McGlynn

The complete cheese pairing cookbook

Morgan McGlynn

"The ultimate guide to creating cheese pairings for entertaining guests, impressing friends and family, and more. In this sumptuous collection of cheese pairing charts and recipes, Morgan McGlynn Carr demonstrates that, by matching mouthwatering cheese with...

Cooking with Anna  by Anna Haugh

Cooking with Anna

Anna Haugh

"For Anna Haugh cooking is in her bones and sharing in her nature. A born and bred Dubliner, Anna was raised on her mum's Irish home cooking. In this, her debut cookbook, she shares 85 recipes that are as straight-forward as they are delicious, such as Braised...

Gluten free air fryer  by Becky Excell

Gluten free air fryer

Becky Excell

"These quick and versatile gluten-free recipes will reunite you with all the foods you miss eating, through the magic of air frying! Gluten Free Air Fryer shows you everything you need to know about this essential appliance, with a huge variety of practical,...

The unofficial Ghibli cookbook  by Thibaud Villanova

The unofficial Ghibli cookbook

Thibaud Villanova

"Create 40 delicious dishes from your favorite Studio Ghibli films! 40 recipes inspired by the masterpieces of Studio Ghibli: My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle... Dive into the dreamlike worlds of these animated films...

Vegan baking made simple  by Saloni Mehta

Vegan baking made simple

Saloni Mehta

"With these straightforward, low-cost recipes, it's never been easier to bake the decadent vegan cakes, cupcakes, cookies, donuts and sweet breads of your dreams. Saloni Mehta, creator of popular vegan baking blog Pastry by Saloni, guides you through each...

Detox at home

Detox at home

"A collection of recipes to support followers of the internationally renowned brand Chenot in applying the principles of the detoxifying and health-promoting Chenot Diet at home. Evidence-based research recognizes that periodically eating a low-calorie diet...

Code noir  by Lelani Lewis

Code noir

Lelani Lewis

"Code Noir is a cookbook steeped in history. Not only because of its title, which refers to a seventeenth-century decree in which King Louis XIV outlined the rules about how enslaved Africans in the French colonies should be treated, but also because it sheds...

Somethin' outta nothin'  by Lorenzo Espada

Somethin' outta nothin'

Lorenzo Espada

"Learn to make 100 delicious comfort food recipes outta nothin' with the debut cookbook from social media chef Lorenzo Espada. Lorenzo Espada, aka @eatwitzo, has a slogan he lives by: Let's make somethin' outta nothin'. Growing up, his mother and father always...

At my Italian table  by Laura Vitale

At my Italian table

Laura Vitale

"Bring the joy of Italian living to your kitchen with 100 family-friendly Italian and Italian American recipes from social media star and beloved author of Laura in the Kitchen In Laura Vitale's first cookbook she shared recipes from her popular YouTube...

Bake class step by step  by Anneka Manning

Bake class step by step

Anneka Manning

"Become the baker you want to be with this approachable and inspiring way of learning to bake anything. Whether you're a beginner baker or you're already baking with confidence, Anneka Manning's unique step-by-step lesson sequence will help you master the 10...

Let's eat  by Dan Pelosi

Let's eat

Dan Pelosi

"In his debut cookbook, larger-than-life personality Dan Pelosi offers up a warm hug of home cooking, sharing both comfort food and connection with 101 of his nearest and dearest Italian American recipes. Some have been passed down through his family, and...

Noon  by Meike (Food writer and Photographer) Peters


Meike (Food writer and Photographer)...

"This bold new cookbook by James Beard Award-winning author and photographer Meike Peters invites us to indulge in simple, satisfying, and scrumptious meals to feed our midday cravings. With a few tricks and clever flavor combinations to keep your mind, body,...

Verdura  by Theo Randall


Theo Randall

"Cook and eat the Italian way, with 100 fresh, wholesome and delicious vegetarian recipes. World-renowned chef Theo Randall shares his 10 favorite vegetables and reveals the best ways to cook with them through 100 fabulous recipes covering Aubergines,...

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