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Laying out the bones  by Kate Webb

Laying out the bones

Kate Webb

"A long, hot summer in Wiltshire is broken by a sudden downpour. Flash floods bring something sinister to the surface-- a human skeleton. When forensic testing matches the bones to a man named Lee Geary, reported missing nine years earlier, the case is passed...

The bodies left behind  by Jeffery Deaver

The bodies left behind

Jeffery Deaver

When a night-time call to 911 from a secluded Wisconsin vacation house is cut short, off-duty deputy Brynn McKenzie leaves her husband and son at the dinner table and drives up to Lake Mondac to investigate. Was it a misdial or an aborted crime report? Brynn...

Scrublands  by Chris Hammer


Chris Hammer

"In an isolated country town brought to its knees by endless drought, a charismatic and dedicated young priest calmly opens fire on his congregation, killing five parishioners before being shot dead himself. A year later, troubled journalist Martin Scarsden...

Death on the Scotland Express  by Fliss Chester

Death on the Scotland Express

Fliss Chester

"After an eventful trip to the Scottish Highlands, Cressida Fawcett is looking forward to being back among her society friends in London. Enjoying an ice-cold martini in the lounge car of the express train, loyal pug Ruby on her lap, she's ready to blow off...

The fool's run  by John Sandford

The fool's run

John Sandford

"Kidd is a computer whiz, artist, and professional criminal. LuEllen is his lover, and his favorite partner in crime. Their playing field in on the cutting edge of high-tech corporate warfare. This time they've been hired by a defense industry corporation to...

The brass verdict  by Michael Connelly

The brass verdict

Michael Connelly

"Things are finally looking up for defense attorney Mickey Haller. After two years of wrong turns, Haller is back in the courtroom. When Hollywood lawyer Jerry Vincent is murdered, Haller inherits his biggest case yet: the defense of Walter Elliott, a...

No other darkness  by Sarah Hilary

No other darkness

Sarah Hilary

"Two young boys. Trapped underground in a bunker. Unable to understand why they are there. Desperate for someone to find them. Slowly realising that no-one will. Five years later, the boys' bodies are found and the most difficult case of DI Marnie Rome's...

Personal injuries  by Scott Turow

Personal injuries

Scott Turow

"To Robbie Feaver the law is all about making a play-to a client, a jury, or a judge. But when the flashy, womanizing, multimillion-dollar personal injury lawyer is caught offering bribes, he's forced to wear a wire. Even as the besieged attorney looks after...

Twisted justice  by William Bernhardt

Twisted justice

William Bernhardt

"If he loses this court case, the consequence is death. Ever since his father's wrongful incarceration, defense lawyer Daniel Pike has defended the innocent at any cost. But he's stunned when his arch-rival DA is found shot dead and brutally crucified. And...

Murder at the Mansions  by Sara Rosett

Murder at the Mansions

Sara Rosett

"London, February, 1924. Discreet sleuth for the high society set, Olive Belgrave is delighted with her new flat at South Regent Mansions where she's made several friends, including the modern career woman, Minerva, who draws a popular cartoon about a flapper...

The scarlet stiletto

The scarlet stiletto

"Thirty years of silver blades, scarlet stains and the most elegant of heels. Thirty years of slipping in the knife, tightening the noose, measuring out the poison. Thirty years of whispered threats and tangled plots, of murder and mayhem. For thirty years,...

A vigil of spies  by Candace M. Robb

A vigil of spies

Candace M. Robb

"John Thoresby, the Archbishop of York, lies dying. One of the most powerful men in the country, his imminent demise has the dominant families of the north vying to influence his succession. Owen Archer, one of the few men Thoresby trusts, is determined that...

Innocent blood  by P. D. James

Innocent blood

P. D. James

"Adopted as a child into a privileged family, Philippa Palfrey fantasizes that she is the daughter of an aristocrat and a parlor maid. The terrifying truth about her parents and a long-ago murder is only the first in a series of shocking betrayals. Philippa...

Other plans  by Caimh McDonnell

Other plans

Caimh McDonnell

"Bunny and company are supposed to be keeping a low profile, but nature calls they end up in the wrong bar, surrounded by the wrong people at the wrongest of wrong times. Meanwhile, the Sisters of the Saint have more than enough troubles of their own. A...

The Templars' last secret  by Martin Walker

The Templars' last secret

Martin Walker

"The victim carries no identification and her fingerprints are not known to the French Police or Interpol. The only clue to the woman's identity is that her dentistry looks American, but Bruno's inquiries at local hotels and gites yield no trace of a missing...

Breakup : Book 7  by Dana Stabenow

Breakup : Book 7

Dana Stabenow

" The discovery of a dead body and a brutal bear attack may be linked, and it's up to Kate Shugak to investigate in Breakup. The first day of Spring: a bad day to be in Alaska. Breakup: the time of year when Alaska awakens from its Arctic slumber. Snows melt....

A cold day for murder  by Dana Stabenow

A cold day for murder

Dana Stabenow

"Somewhere in twenty million acres of hungry forest, a ranger has disappeared: Mark Miller. Missing six weeks. It's assumed by the National Park Service that Miller has been caught in a snowstorm and frozen to death, the typical fate of those who get lost in...

Dashing through the snow  by Mary Higgins Clark

Dashing through the snow

Mary Higgins Clark

"In picturesque Branscombe, New Hampshire, on the night before the village's first (and many hope annual) Festival of Joy, a group of employees at the local market learn they have won $180 million in the lottery. But the one worker, Duncan, who decided at the...

The broken window  by Jeffery Deaver

The broken window

Jeffery Deaver

"A twisted techno-genius destroys lives with impunity by stealing personal information from behind the impenetrable walls of cyberspace. Rhyme's cousin Arthur has been arrested on murder charges, and the evidence against the estranged relative Lincoln hasn't...

I've got you under my skin  by Mary Higgins Clark

I've got you under my skin

Mary Higgins Clark

"A Manhattan ER doctor is brazenly murdered in front of his young son in a city playground. Five years later, his killer is still at large. When Laurie Moran's husband was brutally murdered, only three-year-old Timmy saw the face of his father's killer. Five...

Daddy's gone a hunting  by Mary Higgins Clark

Daddy's gone a hunting

Mary Higgins Clark

"A dark secret threatens the lives of two sisters, Kate and Hannah Connelly, when their family-owned furniture firm, famous for its fine reproductions of antiques, explodes into flames in the middle of the night, leveling the buildings to the ground, including...

I'll walk alone  by Mary Higgins Clark

I'll walk alone

Mary Higgins Clark

"Alexandra "Zan" Moreland, a gifted, beautiful interior designer on the verge of a successful Manhattan career, is terrified to discover that somebody is not only using her credit cards, but may also be impersonating her in a scheme that involves the much more...

A story to strangle for  by E. V. Hunter

A story to strangle for

E. V. Hunter

"With its reputation in tatters, Alexi Ellis is determined to save her beloved Hopgood Hall from any more bad press. A writing course for wannabe journalsits shouldn't cause too many issues and will hopefully take the heat off Hopgood Hall. But disaster...

The sign of four spirits  by Vicki Delany

The sign of four spirits

Vicki Delany

"When a psychic fair arrives in West London, Gemma Doyle, owner of the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium, wants nothing to do with it. But somehow, at the urging of Donald Morris, an enthusiastic Sherlockian, she finds herself talked into attending a...

What mother won't tell me  by Ivar Leon Menger

What mother won't tell me

Ivar Leon Menger

"Deep in the forests of Nordland, in a lake-side cabin on a small island, Juno has lived in almost complete isolation since early childhood. She has only her Mama and Papa and her little brother Boy for company. They live in constant fear. For danger could...

Mt Yasur  by Matt Francis

Mt Yasur

Matt Francis

"In the heart of Vanuatu's Tanna island, Hu Lee, the leader of an aid agency, meets a tragic end, fatally stabbed amidst a tsunami evacuation drill. With no witnesses, Sergeant George Long, visiting for the wedding of Constable Jayline Oli, is thrust into the...

All these perfect strangers  by Aoife Clifford

All these perfect strangers

Aoife Clifford

"University life is full of perfect strangers, charismatic academics and instant best friends. Pen Sheppard fits in by reinventing herself and wiping away her past, never thinking that others might be doing the same thing. But keeping secrets can become...

Reckoning  by Baron R. Birtcher


Baron R. Birtcher

"Ty Dawson is a small-town sheriff with big-city problems. As lawman, rancher, and Korean War veteran, Ty Dawson has his share of problems in the southern Oregon county he calls home. Despite how rural it is, Meriwether can't keep modernity at bay. The 1970s...

The deceiving look  by Victor Methos

The deceiving look

Victor Methos

"When a local criminal defense attorney turns up dead, Sheriff Billie Gray arrives on the scene. At first glance, the lawyer's death looks like suicide. But Billie knows better: this was murder. To assist with the investigation, Billie calls on her old friend...

Murder at the polo club  by C. J. Archer

Murder at the polo club

C. J. Archer

"Summer has arrived along with a plethora of social events that keep Cleo and her cousins busy. Between balls, dinners, concerts and picnics, they attend the final match between two proud polo clubs. When the winning team's captain is found murdered in the...

The beholders  by Hester Musson

The beholders

Hester Musson

"June, 1878. The body of a boy is pulled from the depths of the River Thames, suspected to be the beloved missing child of the widely admired Liberal MP Ralph Gethin. Four months earlier. Harriet is a young maid newly employed at Finton Hall. Fleeing the...

No one dies yet  by Kobby Ben Ben

No one dies yet

Kobby Ben Ben

"2019, The Year of Return. It has been exactly 400 years since the first slave ships left Ghana for America. Ghana has now opened its doors to Black diasporans, encouraging them to return and get to know the land of their ancestors. Elton, Vincent, and Scott...

The busy body  by Kemper Donovan

The busy body

Kemper Donovan

"Meet our narrator: witty, nosy, professional weaver of lies - aka ghostwriter for the rich and famous - and now, lander of The Dream Assignment (that is, a politician's tell-all memoir). Enter Dorothy Gibson: recently toppled Presidential Candidate, aka that...

Syrup to no good  by Catherine Bruns

Syrup to no good

Catherine Bruns

"Spring has finally come to Sugar Ridge, Vermont, and with it the end of syrup-making season. But Leila Khoury, new owner of Sappy Endings Farm, won't be making like molasses any time soon. Her best friend Heather's wedding is coming up, and Leila will do...

The silent man  by David Fennell

The silent man

David Fennell

"A father is murdered in the dead of night in his London home, his head wrapped tightly in tape, a crude sad face penned over his facial features. But the victim's only child is left alive and unharmed at the scene. Met Police detectives Grace Archer and Harry...

While drowning in the desert  by Don Winslow

While drowning in the desert

Don Winslow

"Neal is assigned to escort monkeyish octogenarian Natty Silver home from Las Vegas to Palm Springs. Natty, once a burlesque top banana, has a nonstop barrage of corny jokes, an eye for an aging cocktail waitress, and a chronic disappearing act. When Neal...

Death at a Scottish wedding  by Lucy Connelly

Death at a Scottish wedding

Lucy Connelly

"Finally feeling like Sea Isle, Scotland is becoming her new home, American doctor Emilia McRoy is delighted when she is invited to a wedding at Morrigan's Castle. Her friends have warned her that it's a three-day party and it's bound to get wild, not to...

The two faces of January  by Patricia Highsmith

The two faces of January

Patricia Highsmith

"Two men meet in the picturesque backstreets of Athens. Chester MacFarlane is a conman with multiple false identities, near the end of his rope and on the run with his young wife Colette. Rydal Keener is a young drifter looking for adventure: he finds it in...

The beautiful and the wild  by Peggy Townsend

The beautiful and the wild

Peggy Townsend

"It's summer in Alaska and the light surrounding the shipping-container-turned-storage-shed where Liv Russo is being held prisoner is fuzzy and grey. Around her is thick forest and serrated mountains. In front of her, across a clearing, is a low-slung cabin...

Dangerous women  by Mark De Castrique

Dangerous women

Mark De Castrique

"This urgent, cleverly plotted high stakes thriller is set in motion by botched attack on two law clerks leaving one dead and the other in a coma. The ensuing cover up leaves a string of bodies and too many players at cross-purposes. It also leaves Chief...

Obedience  by Joseph Hansen


Joseph Hansen

"As an insurance investigator, Dave Brandstetter built a reputation unraveling suspicious deaths. Now, well into middle age, he has decided to retire for the sake of Cecil, the young TV reporter who loves and cherishes him, and has too often risked his own...

Early graves  by Joseph Hansen

Early graves

Joseph Hansen

"Dave Brandstetter's afternoon does not begin well: his ex-boyfriend picks him up at the airport, and the ride home - in bumper-to-bumper Los Angeles traffic - is one long argument between them. The insurance investigator's day gets worse when he finds a man -...

Likely to die  by Linda A. Fairstein

Likely to die

Linda A. Fairstein

"New York City's oldest and largest medical center is the scene of a ghastly attack: top neurosurgeon Gemma Dogen is found in her blood-soaked office, where she has been sexually assaulted, stabbed, and designated by the cops as a 'likely to die.' By the time...

Tastes like fear  by Sarah Hilary

Tastes like fear

Sarah Hilary

"The young girl who causes the fatal car crash disappears from the scene. A runaway who doesn't want to be found, she only wants to go home. To the one man who understands her. Gives her shelter. Just as he gives shelter to the other lost girls who live in his...

Someone else's skin  by Sarah Hilary

Someone else's skin

Sarah Hilary

"Detective Inspector Marnie Rome: dependable; fierce; brilliant at her job; a rising star in the ranks. Everyone knows how Marnie fought to come back from the murder of her parents, but very few know what is going on below the surface. Because Marnie has...

Dead ringer  by John Francome

Dead ringer

John Francome

"David Tredington ran away from home 14 years ago, but his rich father never gave up the search. Now David has been found, and he arrives back at the family estate to a mixed welcome. Then the death of a stable lad leads David to suspect someone in the racing...

Back hander  by John Francome

Back hander

John Francome

"Alan Morrell, a jockey is desperately in need of a ride, but a tragic accident robs him of this chance. Owing a lot of money his only asset is a racehorse yet to be tested. Things are not looking good for Alan and his friends Lee and Max. Two unexplained...

Dead man walking  by M. K. (Novelist) Murphy

Dead man walking

M. K. (Novelist) Murphy

"As dusk falls the night before the trial of notorious crime boss Thomas Unwin, the prosecution's star witness is brutally murdered, his killer escaping in plain sight from a secure hotel. Detective Rick Turner spent months building the case against Unwin, and...

An unsuitable job for a woman  by P. D. James

An unsuitable job for a woman

P. D. James

"Meet Cordelia Gray: twenty-two, tough, intelligent and now sole inheritor of the Pryde Detective Agency. Her first assignment finds her hired by Sir Ronald Callender to investigate the death of his son Mark, a young Cambridge student found hanged in...

Death in holy orders  by P. D. James

Death in holy orders

P. D. James

"When the body of a theology student is found on a desolate stretch of East Anglican coast, his wealthy father demands that Scotland Yard should re-examine the verdict of accidental death. Commander Adam Dalgliesh agrees to pay a visit to the young man's...

Tipping point  by Dinuka McKenzie

Tipping point

Dinuka McKenzie

"Weeks from Christmas in the sweltering heat of summer, Detective Kate Miles' estranged brother, Luke Grayling, returns home to Esserton to farewell a childhood friend-- Ant Reed, dead by suicide. Within days of the funeral, another young man, Marcus Rowntree,...

The eleventh floor  by Kylie Orr

The eleventh floor

Kylie Orr

"Sleep deprived, struggling and at breaking point, first-time mum Gracie Michaels books one night - alone - at The Maxwell Hotel. A king-size bed all to herself. No demands. With time to recharge she'll be able to return to her family more like the unflappable...

Everyone who can forgive me is dead  by Jenny Hollander

Everyone who can forgive me is dead

Jenny Hollander

"What if everything you know about the worst night of your life turns out not to be true? Nine years ago, with the world's eyes on her, Charlie Colbert fled. The press and the police called Charlie a "witness" to the nightmarish events at her elite graduate...

The actor  by Chris (Dramatist) MacDonald

The actor

Chris (Dramatist) MacDonald

"At long last, Adam Sealey has an Oscar within reach. Working with his controversial former mentor, Jonathan, he's given the performance of a lifetime, and he almost believes it might be worth the cost. Because Adam subscribes to "the method". It's the secret...

No one can know  by Kate Alice Marshall

No one can know

Kate Alice Marshall

"Three sisters, two murders, and too many secrets to count. Emma hasn't told her husband much about her past. He knows her parents are dead and she hasn't spoken to her sisters in years. Then they lose their apartment, her husband gets laid off, and Emma...

Front sight  by Stephen Hunter

Front sight

Stephen Hunter

City of Meat: "Charles Swagger is on the hunt for notorious bank robber Baby Face Nelson when he traces a tip to the Chicago stock yards. While there, he's brutally assaulted and discovers that the madman who attacked him is involved in a nearby narcotics ring...

The missing witness  by Allison Brennan

The missing witness

Allison Brennan

"Detective Kara Quinn is back in Los Angeles to testify against a notorious human trafficker, finally moving past the case that upended her life. But when the accused is shot in broad daylight, the chaotic scene of the crime turns up few reliable bystanders....

Rabbit hole  by Kate Brody

Rabbit hole

Kate Brody

"Teddy Angstrom is no stranger to morbid public interest in her family's tragedies. And when her father dies suddenly, ten years to the day after her sister Angie's disappearance, she intends to maintain as much privacy as she always has. Clearing out her...

The trials of Marjorie Crowe  by Craig Robertson

The trials of Marjorie Crowe

Craig Robertson

"Marjorie Crowe lives in Kilgoyne, Scotland. The locals put her age at somewhere between 55 and 70. They think she's divorced or a lifelong spinster; that she used to be a librarian, a pharmacist, or a witch. They think she's lonely, or ill, or maybe just...

The fury  by Alex Michaelides

The fury

Alex Michaelides

"This is a tale of murder. Or maybe that's not quite true. At its heart, it's a love story, isn't it? Lana Farrar is a reclusive ex-movie star and one of the most famous women in the world. Every year, she invites her closest friends to escape the English...

Only if you're lucky  by Stacy Willingham

Only if you're lucky

Stacy Willingham

"Reeling from the death of her best friend, Eliza, Margot moves to university looking for a new start. A new group of friends. A new life. She gets her wish when the enigmatic Lucy invites her to join two other girls in a shared house for their second year. As...

The silence in her eyes  by Armando Lucas Correa

The silence in her eyes

Armando Lucas Correa

"Leah has been living with akinetopsia, or motion blindness, since she was a child. For the last twenty years, she hasn't been able to see movement. As she walks around her upper Manhattan neighborhood with her white stick tapping in front, most people assume...

Random in death  by J. D. Robb

Random in death

J. D. Robb

"Sixteen year old Jenna Harbough's parents had finally given in, and there she was, at a New York club with her best friends, watching the legendary band Avenue A, carrying her demo in hopes of slipping it to the guitarist, Jake Kincade. Then, from the stage,...

Missing persons  by James Patterson

Missing persons

James Patterson

"A wealthy businessman approaches Jack Morgan, head of Private-- the world's largest investigation agency-- with a desperate plea to track down his daughter and two grandchildren, who have disappeared without a trace. What at first seems to be a simple missing...

Silent crimes  by Michael Hambling

Silent crimes

Michael Hambling

"Detective Sophie Allen's daughter discovers the body of a reclusive tramp in remote woodland in Dorset. He's been dead for a week. Sophie and her team try to piece together something about his life, but progress is slow. Then a hidden package is discovered...

Hell's Kitchen  by Jeffery Deaver

Hell's Kitchen

Jeffery Deaver

"Every New York City neighborhood has a story, but what John Pellam uncovers in Hells' Kitchen has a darkness all its own. The Hollywood location scout and former stuntman is in the Big Apple hoping to capture the unvarnished memories of longtime Kitchen...

The lace widow  by Mollie Cox Bryan

The lace widow

Mollie Cox Bryan

"New York, 1804. America's beloved Alexander Hamilton lies dead after a duel with Aaron Burr. Meanwhile, Eliza Hamilton's eighteen-year-old son, Alexander Jr., was seen fighting with a man in a tavern the night before his father's duel and quickly comes under...

The lost years  by Mary Higgins Clark

The lost years

Mary Higgins Clark

"Biblical scholar Jonathan Lyons believes he has found the rarest of parchments - a letter that may have been written by Jesus Christ. Stolen from the Vatican Library in the 1500s, the letter was assumed to be lost forever. Now, under the promise of secrecy,...

I hear sirens in the street  by Adrian McKinty

I hear sirens in the street

Adrian McKinty

"A torso in a suitcase looks like an impossible case, but Sean Duffy isn't easily deterred, especially when his floundering love life leaves him in need of a distraction. So with Detective Constables McCrabban and McBride, he goes to work identifying the...

And then you die  by Michael Dibdin

And then you die

Michael Dibdin

"After months in hospital recovering from a bomb attack on his car, Zen is lying low under a false name at a beach resort on the Tuscan coast, waiting to testify in an imminent anti-Mafia trial. He has clear instructions: to sit back and enjoy the classic...

Death by demo  by Callie Carpenter

Death by demo

Callie Carpenter

"Jaime and Henry were the perfect couple with the perfect life; together, they ran one of the most successful construction and interior design companies in all of Charlotte, North Carolina. But when Jaime catches her charismatic husband in an affair, she...

Lest she forget  by Lisa Malice

Lest she forget

Lisa Malice

"After surviving a car crash, Kay Smith wake from a coma with amnesia, a battered face, and no one to vouch for her identity. Her psychiatrist is convinced that her memory loss is connected to the horrific flashbacks and nightmares haunting her. As she digs...

The engagement party  by Darby Kane

The engagement party

Darby Kane

"Emily Hunt went missing from her affluent liberal arts school on graduation weekend. Her body was found floating in a river, and a quiet loner who most people on campus really didn't know died by suicide. A tenuous link - one text - bound the two dead...

Here in the dark  by Alexis Soloski

Here in the dark

Alexis Soloski

"A dark and stylish novel of psychological suspense about a young theater critic drawn into a dangerous game that blurs the lines between reality and performance. Vivian Parry likes the dark. A former actress, she now works as the junior theater critic at a...

Death in the dark woods  by Annelise Ryan

Death in the dark woods

Annelise Ryan

"Business has been booming since Morgan Carter solved the case of the monster living in Lake Michigan. The Odds and Ends bookstore is thriving, of course, but Morgan is most excited by the doors that were opened for her as a cryptid hunter. Recently, there...

Hidden in shadows  by Viveca Sten

Hidden in shadows

Viveca Sten

"Secrets, vengeance, and a brutal murder unsettle an idyllic winter paradise. In the Swedish ski resort of Åre, crime is rare. Certainly nothing so brutal as the murder of Johan Andersson, a former Olympic skier found bound and beaten to death in the forest....

Forty thieves  by Thomas Perry

Forty thieves

Thomas Perry

"Sid and Ronnie Abel are a first-rate husband-and-wife detective team, both retirees of the LAPD. Ed and Nicole Hoyt are married assassins-for-hire living in the San Fernando Valley. Except for deadly aim with a handgun, the two couples have little in common -...

Murder at the Highland Castle  by Helena Dixon

Murder at the Highland Castle

Helena Dixon

"A majestic castle by a Scottish loch, a glass of whisky by a roaring fire, stockings hung by the chimney... and a body? It's a midwinter murder for Kitty Underhay! Winter, 1935. Lightly dusted with snow and nestled on the edge of a sweeping Scottish loch,...

First victim  by L. A. Larkin

First victim

L. A. Larkin

"Ex-cop Sally Fairburn has put the world of crime behind her, but when her old boss contacts her about working her first case as a detective, she can't resist. The high-profile Austin case will be her first opportunity to prove herself. Retired accountant...

Murder at the Matterhorn  by T. A. Williams

Murder at the Matterhorn

T. A. Williams

"Despite being retired from the police, Dan Armstrong is always on hand to help with solving a crime. So, when he's contacted by an old colleague in need of help, Dan readily agrees. The only problem Dan can see is the location - an isolated mountain-top...

Death at the Abbey  by Anita Davison

Death at the Abbey

Anita Davison

"When Flora Maguire receives an alarming telegram informing her of her father's tragic death in a riding accident, she races back from London to her childhood home. But when Flora and her new husband, Bunny, get to Cleeve Abbey - where she was once Governess...

To conjure a killer  by Clea Simon

To conjure a killer

Clea Simon

"When her ex-boyfriend, who was working on stealth software designed to record and transmit personal data, is murdered, Becca, under scrutiny by the police, enlists a local hacker group to help her expose a killer while introducing her three magical cats to a...

Pretend you don't see her  by Mary Higgins Clark

Pretend you don't see her

Mary Higgins Clark

"Mary Higgins Clark sends chills down readers' spines with the story of Lacey Farrell, a rising star on the Manhattan real estate scene. One day, while showing a luxurious skyline co-op, Lacey is witness to a murder - and to the dying words of the victim. The...

Hidden crimes  by Michael Hambling

Hidden crimes

Michael Hambling

"Exploring a foggy Wiltshire hill path, a walker hears a distant scream and calls the police, but the attending officers find nothing. Two days later, a farmworker comes across a woman's body, her head bashed in. The victim is quickly identified as Bridget...

Deck the halls  by Mary Higgins Clark

Deck the halls

Mary Higgins Clark

"Three days before Christmas, Regan Reilly accidentally meets Alvirah Meehan at a New Jersey dentist's office. That's where it all begins. While Regan's mother, Nora, the famous mystery writer, is in the hospital with a broken leg, her husband, Luke, and his...

The vanished man  by Jeffery Deaver

The vanished man

Jeffery Deaver

Forensic criminologist Lincoln Rhyme and his partner Amelia Sachs are pitted against an unstoppable "invisible" killer. As the fatalities rise and the minutes tick down, they must move beyond the smoke and mirrors to prevent a terrifying act of vengeance that...

All dressed in white  by Mary Higgins Clark

All dressed in white

Mary Higgins Clark

"Five years ago Amanda Pierce was excitedly preparing to marry her college sweetheart in a lavish ceremony at the Grand Victoria Hotel in Palm Beach. Then, with their guests and families on site, Amanda disappeared. In present-day New York City, Amanda's...

Solitude Creek  by Jeffery Deaver

Solitude Creek

Jeffery Deaver

"One mistake is all it takes. Busted back to rookie after losing her gun in a gang take-down, California Bureau of Investigation Agent Kathryn Dance finds herself making routine insurance checks after a roadhouse fire. But Dance is a highly trained expert in...

The Cinderella murder  by Mary Higgins Clark

The Cinderella murder

Mary Higgins Clark

"Television producer Laurie Moran is delighted when the pilot for her reality drama, Under Suspicion, is a success. Even more, the program--a cold case series that revisits unsolved crimes by recreating them with those affected - is off to a fantastic start...

The silent corner  by Dean R. (Dean Ray) Koontz

The silent corner

Dean R. (Dean Ray) Koontz

"I very much need to be dead - These are the chilling words left behind by a man who had everything to live for - but took his own life. In the void that remains stands his widow, Jane, surrounded by questions destined to go unanswered ... unless she does what...

Touch and go  by Patricia Wentworth

Touch and go

Patricia Wentworth

"Sarah Trent has just been engaged as governess to seventeen-year-old Lucilla Hildred, whose mother and stepfather were killed in a car accident. Lucilla's father died in the war, and his younger brother, Maurice, has been missing since 1918. Uncle Maurice's...

A murder of crows  by Sarah Yarwood-Lovett

A murder of crows

Sarah Yarwood-Lovett

"Dr Nell Ward is an ecologist, not a detective. But when she's the prime suspect in a murder, only her unique set of skills could help to clear her name... In the sleepy village of Cookingdean, Dr Nell Ward is busy working in the grounds of a local manor...

A mischief of rats  by Sarah Yarwood-Lovett

A mischief of rats

Sarah Yarwood-Lovett

"When a driver dies during a glamourous classic car event at her family's estate, Dr Nell Ward is in a race against time to uncover the truth and prevent the killer from making a speedy getaway... Back in her natural habitat, Dr Nell Ward heads to a woodland...

Gypsy in amber  by Martin Cruz Smith

Gypsy in amber

Martin Cruz Smith

"A murder threatens to force the police into a confrontation with New York's gypsy community. The cops are determined to pin the blame on a gypsy. But Roman Grey knows there is more to the case than the convenient closing of a crime file, and vows to bring the...

Murder on the Cornish cliffs  by Verity Bright

Murder on the Cornish cliffs

Verity Bright

"Winter, 1923. It's nearly Christmas and Lady Eleanor Swift has received a rather strange letter from an old friend of her uncle. Mr Godfrey Cunliffe has asked her to stay in Cornwall for the holidays - but only because he believes his gardener is trying to...

The fall  by John T. Lescroart

The fall

John T. Lescroart

"On a cool night in May, a teenage foster child named Anlya Paulson plummets to her death from a San Francisco overpass. But did she fall - or was she pushed? Homicide inspectors focus their attention on a likeable but naïve middle school teacher and volunteer...

A nutcracker nightmare  by Christina Romeril

A nutcracker nightmare

Christina Romeril

"Hanna and Alex, owners of the Murder and Mayhem book and chocolate shop, are busy preparing for the Harriston High School's reunion weekend. Neighbors will connect with old friends and perhaps try to avoid old foes. One person no one can avoid is Kyle, the...

Excavations  by Hannah Michell


Hannah Michell

"At home in Seoul, former journalist Sae, is waiting with two clingy toddlers for her husband to come home from work. He has never been this late before. Her children are crying, and Sae, exhausted and anxious, turns on the TV to distract herself. She clicks...

Murder at Bletchley Park  by Christina Koning

Murder at Bletchley Park

Christina Koning

"Spring, 1941. The Second World War has entered a dangerous phase, with British ships being torpedoed in the Atlantic and nightly bombing raids on major ports. At Bletchley Park, top secret home of the nation's code-breakers, the race is on to crack the German...

Aunt Dimity and the wishing well  by Nancy Atherton

Aunt Dimity and the wishing well

Nancy Atherton

"When a strapping young Australian named Jack MacBride arrives in Finch to wrap up his late uncle's affairs, heads turn in the sleepy English village. But when Lori volunteers to help Jack clear out his uncle's overgrown garden, they discover something even...

The Juliet code  by Pepper Basham

The Juliet code

Pepper Basham

"Frederick and Grace Percy finally make it to Italy to enjoy a delayed honeymoon and explore the beauties of the historic city of Venice. To their surprise, their friend, Detective Jack Miracle, is also in the city, investigating a series of art heists...

Miss Blaine's prefect and the weird sisters  by Olga Wojtas

Miss Blaine's prefect and the weird sisters

Olga Wojtas

"Librarian Shona McMonagle travels back to eleventh-century Scotland to prevent the murder of Duncan by Macbeth and his wife, and finds her efforts hampered by the three weird sisters of legend."--Publisher.

All around the town  by Mary Higgins Clark

All around the town

Mary Higgins Clark

"When Laurie Kenyon, a twenty-one-year-old student, is accused of murdering her english professor, Allan Grant, she has no memory of the crime. But at the scene of the homicide, her fingerprints are everywhere - on the door, on the curtain, and on the knife...

Courting trouble  by Lisa Scottoline

Courting trouble

Lisa Scottoline

"A quiet Fourth of July weekend at the beach is shattered when Anne Murphy opens her morning newspaper. Staring back at her from the front page is her own photo, under the headline 'Lawyer murdered'. Once the body in the morgue is identified, the murderer will...

The bone collector  by Jeffery Deaver

The bone collector

Jeffery Deaver

"Lincoln Rhyme was once a brilliant criminologist, a genius in the field of forensics - until an accident left him physically and emotionally shattered. But now a diabolical killer is challenging Rhyme to a terrifying and ingenious duel of wits. With police...

Out of sight  by Ruhi Choudhary

Out of sight

Ruhi Choudhary

"The woman's body was propped against the rough bark of the tree. Traces of dried blood streaked her pallid face like brushstrokes. There was a horrifying void in her face where her left eye should have been... When a young woman is found murdered in the...

The lost notebook  by Louise (Novelist) Douglas

The lost notebook

Louise (Novelist) Douglas

"It's summer and holidaymakers are flocking to the idyllic Brittany coast. But when first an old traveller woman dies in suspicious circumstances, and then a campaign of hate seemingly drives another victim to take his own life, events take a very dark turn....

The Hayling Island murders  by Pauline Rowson

The Hayling Island murders

Pauline Rowson

"Meet DI Andy Horton. He's a risk-taking Harley-Davidson-riding detective who doesn't always play by the rules - which often lands him in trouble with his bosses... Detective Inspector Andy Horton arrives at Portsmouth CID to find a stinky, old metal box on...

Last Christmas  by Maria Frankland

Last Christmas

Maria Frankland

"The doorbell cuts through the sound of the howling wind outside. Snowflakes from the freezing December air whirl into the house as I open the front door to the police. The look on their faces says everything. My husband is dead. Did one of my family kill...

The retreat  by Karen King

The retreat

Karen King

"The sunlight sparkles on the bright turquoise of the pool, next to the freshly painted house with its trailing pink flowers and terracotta roof. I feel a jolt of pride. My partner Jose and I have dreamed of this moment, opening our perfect home nestled in the...

Her hidden shadow  by Carla Kovach

Her hidden shadow

Carla Kovach

"Lauren returns home from celebrating her engagement with friends and stumbles as she gets out of the taxi. So what if her best friend Sienna didn't show up? Lauren had a good night anyway. As she walks towards the small house she shares with her fiance,...

The safe house  by Lynda Stacey

The safe house

Lynda Stacey

"After the shocking events of last Christmas, Jess Croft is determined this festive season will be the one to remember, for all the right reasons. But when a stranger turns up on her doorstep claiming to be her estranged father, Jess is shocked. Moreso, when...

Terror in topaz  by A. M. Stuart

Terror in topaz

A. M. Stuart

"Singapore 1910: Harriet Gordon has been dismissed from the job she loved and finds herself cast adrift. When her brother receives an invitation to visit a prestigious school in Kuala Lumpur, she and Julian decide to leave Singapore behind for a few days, but...

Vermilion drift  by William Kent Krueger

Vermilion drift

William Kent Krueger

"Assigned to protect security at a mine where protestors are trying to prevent the storage of nuclear waste, Cork O'Connor discovers the bodies of five long-missing people and a recently murdered sixth victim who was killed with Cork's own gun."--Publisher.

Someone from the past  by Margot Bennett

Someone from the past

Margot Bennett

"Sarah has been receiving threatening anonymous letters, seemingly from a former lover. Just one day after revealing this information to her co-worker Nancy, Sarah is found shot in her bedroom by one of her past flames, Donald. Hearing the news and desperate...

The Meiji guillotine murders  by Fūtarō Yamada

The Meiji guillotine murders

Fūtarō Yamada

"Tokyo, 1869. It is the dawn of the Meiji era in Japan, but the scars of the bloody recent civil war are yet to heal. The new regime struggles to keep the peace as old scores are settled and dangerous new ideas flood into the country from the West. A new...

Dead sweet  by 1974- author. Katrín Júlíusdóttir

Dead sweet

1974- author. Katrín Júlíusdóttir

"When Ottar Karlsson, a wealthy and respected government official and businessman, is found murdered, after failing to turn up at his own surprise birthday party, the police are at a loss. It isn't until young police officer Sigurdis finds a well-hidden safe...

The escape  by Ruth (Ghostwriter) Kelly

The escape

Ruth (Ghostwriter) Kelly

"When struggling influencer couple Adele and Jack post a crowdfunding video online, they're amazed when a mysterious benefactor offers to buy them a crumbling French chateau. It's the lifeline they need to leave all their troubles behind. For Adele, it's a...

One of the good guys  by Araminta Hall

One of the good guys

Araminta Hall

"Two young women vanish in a seaside town. At the cliff's edge, nobody is who they seem. Desperate to escape the ghosts of his failed marriage, Cole upends his life. He leaves London behind for a remote stretch of coast, relishing the respite from the noise,...

Touch of steel  by Denise (Denise Margaret) Fitzpatrick

Touch of steel

Denise (Denise Margaret) Fitzpatric...

"She was only gone for two minutes... When Maryanne Anderson receives a call on a beautiful December morning she has no idea her life is about to change forever. Sitting under the shade of the Jacaranda tree with baby Josh, she feels happy and relaxed. Mikey...

The Christmas guest  by Peter Swanson

The Christmas guest

Peter Swanson

"When Ashley Smith-- a bright-eyed but lonely American studying in London-- is invited to spend Christmas with her classmate's family at their Cotswolds manor house, it seems like a perfect country idyll. And for Ashley-- who records it all in her diary--...

Crosshairs  by James Patterson


James Patterson

"New York City detective Michael Bennett faces his most terrifying killer ever. It could be anyone. They could be anywhere. A killer uses fearsome precision to take out impossible targets. Detective Michael Bennett teams with a shooting expert-- a former Army...

Alibi  by Lynda La Plante


Lynda La Plante

"Identical and brutal assaults on three women. One woman survives to give a detailed description of her attacker. The police arrest a suspect, Damon Morton, confident he is their man. But three of his employees admit to the crimes, and Morton's wife and...

Murder at the Louvre  by Jim Eldridge

Murder at the Louvre

Jim Eldridge

"Paris, 1899. Abigail Wilson has received an invitation from Professor Alphonse Flamand, a prominent French Professor of Archaeology, to join him on anarchaeological dig in Egypt. Overjoyed to be presented with such an opportunity, Abigail and her husband,...

Foul play  by Fiona McIntosh

Foul play

Fiona McIntosh

"Superstar footballer Luca Bruni is being blackmailed for a night of lust he swears he didn't participate in... except the ransom photo denies that. A media darling on and off the field, he has powerful charisma, a perfect home life he'll do anything to...

Where you end  by Abbott Kahler

Where you end

Abbott Kahler

"When 22-year-old Kat Bird wakes up from a coma, she sees her mirror image: Jude, her twin sister. Jude's face and name are the only memories Kat has from before her accident. As Kat tries to relearn her history and identity, she trusts Jude will provide all...

A week on Mount Olympus and other tales from the bench  by Peter Murphy

A week on Mount Olympus and other tales from the bench

Peter Murphy

"Charlie Walden is the Resident Judge of the Bermondsey Crown Court, where he had hoped for a quiet life, but has found it to be anything but. With the job of balancing the needs of prosecutors, judges, 'Grey Smoothies', the humourless grey-suited civil...

The last word  by Elly Griffiths

The last word

Elly Griffiths

"Natalka and Edwin are running a detective agency in Shoreham, Sussex. Despite a steady stream of minor cases, Natalka is frustrated, longing for a big juicy investigation to come the agency's way. Then a murder case turns up. Local writer, Melody Chambers, is...

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