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The laws of connection by David Robson

The laws of connection

David Robson

In the early 1960s scientists at the University of California, Berkeley set out to establish the key factors affecting health and longevity. Their results, known as the 'Alameda 7', you already know: don't smoke, drink in moderation, sleep seven to eight hours...

Finding your people by Alexandra Hourigan

Finding your people

Alexandra Hourigan

Despite living in a world where instant communication is at our fingertips, it sometimes feels harder than ever to make meaningful connections. There's an overwhelming focus on romantic partners, but frankly, we're sick of platonic relationships missing out on...

The final diagnosis by Cynric Temple-Camp

The final diagnosis

Cynric Temple-Camp

An unlikely case of autocide, a rare and deadly amniotic avalanche, a victim of roasted peanuts ... The 'if' of death is certain. The 'when' is unknown. It is the 'why' that really gets people's interest. Cynric Temple-Camp, bestselling author of The Cause of...

Be who you are to get what you want by Damali Peterman

Be who you are to get what you want

Damali Peterman

'Invaluable information ... that will help you show up as yourself - and leverage that to your advantage' - SUNNY HOSTIN '[A] groundbreaking, powerful book' - TIFFANY ALICHE 'Essential advice for anyone who has felt underestimated in a negotiation' - DOUGLAS...

Tits up by Sarah Thornton

Tits up

Sarah Thornton

Boobs. Knockers. Jugs. Cans. Baps. Melons. Puppies. Fun bags. Bosoms. Hooters. In the English language there are over 700 expressions for female mammary glands - the majority of which are mostly used by men. In Tits Up, bestselling author, sociologist and...

Grounded by Ruth Allen


Ruth Allen

How do we understand nature? Benevolent and supportive? Wild and threatening? Reassuring or unpredictable? We all have a different experience of, and relationship with, nature. This audiobook includes immmersive sound design to further ground the listener in...

Breath by Carly-Jay Metcalfe


Carly-Jay Metcalfe

I am dying. I know that I'm dying, despite not having been told by my doctors that I am dying. I know I am dying because I'm in the dying room. Carly-Jay Metcalfe was born with cystic fibrosis, survived a double-lung transplant at the age of 21 and faced a...

How we love by Clementine Ford

How we love

Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford is a person who has loved deeply, strangely and with curiosity. She is fascinated by love and how it makes its home in our hearts and believes that the way we continue to surrender ourselves to love is an act of great faith and bravery. This...

The metabolism reset by Lara Briden

The metabolism reset

Lara Briden

Women's health expert Lara Briden believes that weight gain is primarily the symptom of metabolic dysfunction, not the cause. And if you have metabolic dysfunction, it's because something is amiss with your brain's regulatory mechanism, not your willpower....

How to spot the (star) signs by Matthew Galea

How to spot the (star) signs

Matthew Galea

Find true love. Manage your boss. Keep your friends. This audiobook is your cosmic assistance go-to. For when you've planned a last-minute Tinder date and want to suss out if your signs are compatible. For when you've started a new job and want to figure out...

Little people, big feelings by Genevieve Muir

Little people, big feelings

Genevieve Muir

Parenting educator and mum-of-four Gen Muir has helped thousands of families dealing with strong emotions and challenging behaviour in young kids. Fussy eating, bedtime battles, school refusal, public meltdowns, sibling rivalry? Muir shows you how to work with...

Love, death & other scenes by Nova Weetman

Love, death & other scenes

Nova Weetman

Nova Weetman's unforgettable memoir reflects on experiences of love and loss from throughout her life, including losing her beloved partner, playwright Aidan Fennessy, during the 2020 Covid lockdown; the death of her mother ten years earlier; her daughter...

Beyond the body bully by Bev Aisbett

Beyond the body bully

Bev Aisbett

If you can improve the way you think about your body, you will improve your life. Why do we hate our bodies so much? Why do we constantly criticise and pressure ourselves about the way we look? Why do we strive to attain thin, ultra-toned bodies - and then...

Sociopath by Patric Gagne


Patric Gagne

Read by the author, Patric Gagne. 'Your friends would probably describe me as nice. But guess what? I can't stand your friends. I'm a liar. I'm a thief. I'm highly manipulative. I don't care what other people think. I'm capable of almost anything.' Sociopath:...

Nostalgia by Agnes Arnold-Forster


Agnes Arnold-Forster

In Nostalgia: A History of a Dangerous Emotion, Agnes Arnold-Forster blends neuroscience and psychology with the history of medicine and emotions to explore the evolution of nostalgia from its first identification in seventeenth-century Switzerland (when it...

Mind your manners by Sara Jane Ho

Mind your manners

Sara Jane Ho

Read by the author, Sara Jane Ho. Founder of a global etiquette school and star of her own Netflix series, Mind Your Manners, Sara Jane Ho teaches readers how to thrive socially in a variety of situations, in person and online. Structured around five main...

Shield by Rachael Craw


Rachael Craw

Evie is out of options. She must comply with the Affinity Project - obey their rules, play their deadly games, give up Jamie. And her losses keep growing. When she decides to help a small group of Shields trying to affect change, Evie finds herself in the...

Some shall break by Ellie Marney

Some shall break

Ellie Marney

After a harrowingly close contact with juvenile sociopath Simon Gutmunsson, junior FBI consultants Emma Lewis and Travis Bell went their separate ways. Emma rejected her Quantico offer and Travis stayed to train within a new unit of the FBI Behavioral Science...

Saint by Adrienne Young


Adrienne Young

As a boy, Elias learned the hard way what happens when you don't heed the old tales. Nine years after his lack of superstition got his father killed, he's grown into a young man of piety, with a deep reverence for the hallowed sea and her fickle favour. As...

Completely normal (and other lies) by Biffy James

Completely normal (and other lies)

Biffy James

Love has rules. So does grief. And Stella Wilde's about to break them all. Stella Wilde is secretly in love with the hottest guy in school, Isaac Calder. He seems to love her back, but there's a problem - he already has a girlfriend, the gorgeous Grace Reyes. ...

Hits different by Tasha Ghouri

Hits different

Tasha Ghouri

DISCOVER YOUR BOOK OF THE SUMMER FROM TASHA GHOURI, LOVE ISLAND STAR AND DISABILITY CAMPAIGNER! The audiobook includes an exclusive Q&A at the end between Tasha Ghouri and Lizzie Huxley-Jones. Cassie needs a change. She's in a job she hates, dating a guy who...

The cheerleaders by Kara Thomas

The cheerleaders

Kara Thomas

'Sharp, brilliantly plotted, and totally engrossing' - Karen McManus, author of One of Us Is Lying There are no more cheerleaders in the town of Sunnybrook. First there was the car accident - two girls dead after hitting a tree on a rainy night. Then the...

My life and other weaponised muffins by Tristan Bancks

My life and other weaponised muffins

Tristan Bancks

I'm Tom Weekly and eating is my favourite sport. My mum's raspberry muffins are weapons of minor destruction. I've been trapped inside a runaway car on a trip to buy ice cream. I accidentally invented meatball bungee. And my recipe for chocolate mousse has a...

Smiley shark and the great big hiccup by Ruth Galloway

Smiley shark and the great big hiccup

Ruth Galloway

Oh no! Smiley Shark has the biggest hiccups ever! Hic, Hic, Hicuuuuuup! Soon he is doing roly-polies with Starfish, being tickled by Octopus and holding his breath with Pufferfish. But nothing's working! Will his friends ever put a stop to his big and...

Fidgety fish by Ruth Galloway

Fidgety fish

Ruth Galloway

Tiddler was always fidgeting. He wriggled and squiggled, until his mum told him to go out and swim till he was tired. So Tiddler swam out into the deep sea, where he met limpets and jellyfish, he went further till he reached a big, dark cave.

Smiley shark by Ruth Galloway

Smiley shark

Ruth Galloway

Far away in the deep rolling ocean lived Smiley Shark. Smiley Shark longed to dip and dive, jiggle and jive, dart and dash with a splish and a splash with all the other fish; but whenever he smiled at them they swam away. But when all of the other fish are...

The giggler treatment by Roddy Doyle

The giggler treatment

Roddy Doyle

If adults are mean to children, they get the Giggler Treatment. It's smelly. It's squishy. And it sticks to your shoe ... Mr Mack's dog, Rover, sells his own poo to 'the Gigglers,' a group of children who take revenge on any adult who treats children...

Small robot, big adventure by Shane Hegarty

Small robot, big adventure

Shane Hegarty

When toy robot, Boot, wakes up at a scrapyard, it has no idea how it got there and why it isn't with its owner, Beth. It only has two and a half glitchy memories, but it knows it was loved, which means something important to humans. Boot soon realises its...

Fluff, mess up! by Matt Stanton

Fluff, mess up!

Matt Stanton

Gilbert and Fluff have made an enormous mess! They have to clean up, but Gilbert would rather not get his hands dirty. What he needs is ... A BUNNY WITH A WILD IDEA! A hilarious story full of heart and packed with food fights, jumbo jets, banana smoothies and...

School of monsters collection. 4 by Sally Rippin

School of monsters collection. 4

Sally Rippin

Dom's Special Things: Dom has lots of special things like rocks and stones with insect wings. Collecting fossils is Dom's favourite thing to do. But what happens when his friends break one? Our Friend Zap: Zap is an alien who doesn't speak the local language,...

Ming and Ada spark the digital age by Jackie French

Ming and Ada spark the digital age

Jackie French

Ming Qong is convinced that girls have changed the world throughout history. History's sister, the mysterious Herstory, believes that the more you know about the past, the better you can understand the future. And so she now sends Ming back in time to work as...

The summer dolphin by Holly Webb

The summer dolphin

Holly Webb

When Lillie spends the summer in Wales with her family, she can't help but feel like the baby of the group. Her big sister Frankie would rather spend time with their older cousin Lana than play with her, and no one else seems to notice how lonely she is. Then...

Astrochimp by David Walliams


David Walliams

Chump the chimpanzee was always being silly. He would: - make rude noises from BOTH ENDS ... - pick his nose with his little toe ... - eat the skins of bananas, hurling out the tasty part inside. NASA's scientists thought he'd be the PERFECT chimp to send into...

Oi frog & friends by Kes Gray

Oi frog & friends

Kes Gray

Oi Aardvark!: Join in with the fun and silliness, and meet a whole host of crazy creatures from aardvarks to zebras, along the way. Oi Duck-Billed Platypus!: Oi! Where are duck-billed platypuses meant to sit? And kookaburras and hippopotamuses and all the...

The wren in the holly library by K. A. Linde

The wren in the holly library

K. A. Linde

Set in an alternate day New York filled with monsters, The Wren in the Holly Library is a dark, spicy romantasy loosely inspired by Beauty and the Beast - perfect for fans of V.E. Schwab and Leigh Bardugo. She stole from a monster . . . now she must pay the...

Every last suspect by Nicola Moriarty

Every last suspect

Nicola Moriarty

Complicated, driven, loving. Manipulative, irresistible, monstrous. Love or hate her, Harriet Osman is impossible to turn down. But someone in her life has finally snapped, leaving her lying in a pool of her own blood. Harriet isn't one to die quietly though,...

The conditions of unconditional love by Alexander McCall Smith

The conditions of unconditional love

Alexander McCall Smith

'You can't go out of the house without tripping over a philosophical question.' That is a remark made by Isabel Dalhousie to Jamie, the bassoonist who is her handsome younger husband. Isabel's own life, of course, points to the truth of this observation - she...

Worth a shot by Amy Ewing

Worth a shot

Amy Ewing

Cordelia James was once at the top of her game-a renowned street photographer with a massive social media following, gallery showings in Chelsea, and a lucrative book deal. But after the sudden death of her father, everything changed. Now, Cordelia can barely...

The other woman by Holly Down

The other woman

Holly Down

David and I used to be the golden couple that everyone wanted to be. But as I sit in the dark corner of a crowded bar and watch his arm wrap around the waist of his beautiful younger colleague, Nina, my worst nightmare is confirmed - my husband is having an...

The echoes of us by Emma Steele

The echoes of us

Emma Steele

Robbie and Jenn are meant to be. They've finally reconciled after eight months spent apart and both know that, this time, it's forever. But forever might not be as long as they think. As a truck hurtles towards their car on their way home, Robbie is thrown...

Godwin by Joseph O'Neill


Joseph O'Neill

Mark Wolfe, a brilliant if self-thwarting technical writer, lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, Sushila, and their toddler daughter. His half-brother Geoff, born and raised in the United Kingdom, is a desperate young soccer agent. He pulls Mark across the ocean...

Eruption by James Patterson


James Patterson

A once-in-a-century volcanic eruption is about to destroy the big island of Hawaii. But a decades-old military secret could turn the volcano into something even more terrifying ... Now it's up to a handful of brave individuals to save the island - and the...

Summer Fridays by Suzanne Rindell

Summer Fridays

Suzanne Rindell

Summer 1999: Sawyer is striving to make it in New York. Between her assistant job in publishing and her upcoming wedding, it feels like the perfect life could fall into place at any moment. There is only one problem: Sawyer's fiancé has been working longer...

The German daughter by Marius Gabriel

The German daughter

Marius Gabriel

A stolen child. A terrible wartime secret. Will the truth set her free? Norway, 1940. Liv has lived a quiet life on her family farm, dreaming of a happy life after the war is finally over. But all of her dreams vanish when the Nazi soldiers arrive in her...

Service model by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Service model

Adrian Tchaikovsky

Meet CharlesTM, the latest in robot servant technology. Programmed to undertake the most menial household chores, Charles is loyal, efficient and logical to a fault. That is, until a rather large fault causes him to murder his owner. Understandably perplexed,...

The salmon of doubt by Douglas Adams

The salmon of doubt

Douglas Adams

Read by Stephen Mangan (Green Wing, Dirk Gently) and featuring an introduction written and read by Stephen Fry, and an epilogue read by Richard Dawkins. The Salmon of Doubt is Douglas Adams's indispensable guide to life, the universe and everything. It...

Knife river by Justine Champine

Knife river

Justine Champine

Beautifully written and soaked with atmosphere, KNIFE RIVER is the debut novel of an exciting new voice in literary crime. First, there were my mother's bones . . . A young woman returns home to the small, claustrophobic town of Knife River. When Jess was...

Dead tired by Kat Ailes

Dead tired

Kat Ailes

Alice has made the most of her maternity leave, becoming simultaneously a proud mum (well, a mum, at least) and accidental amateur sleuth. With her son, Jack, fast approaching his first birthday, she is keen to continue to keep him alive and maybe finally...

The little sparrow murders by Seishi Yokomizo

The little sparrow murders

Seishi Yokomizo

Kosuke Kindaichi comes to remote Onikobe expecting a peaceful mountain retreat, but finds death stalking him at every turn. No sooner has the famous sleuth learnt of a decades-old murder haunting the village than a new series of killings strikes the community....

The book club by Roisin Meaney

The book club

Roisin Meaney

A tragic accident leaves the tight-knit book club in the small seaside town of Fairweather reeling. Then stranger Tom McLysaght arrives in the community, and the members of the club find their lives changing in ways they never could have imagined. None of them...

His best friend's baby by Barbara Hannay

His best friend's baby

Barbara Hannay

She needs a little favour ... Polly Martin has given up on love, but not on becoming a mother. She returns briefly to her hometown of Wirralong to proposition her childhood best friend, Seth Ramsay, confident he'll agree to be her IVF donor. Seth walks out of...

The broken wave by Matthew Ryan Davies

The broken wave

Matthew Ryan Davies

'We never talked about what happened in 1992. Did it quietly haunt him the way it did me?' In the small seaside town of Queenscliff, two boys from opposite sides of the world forge a friendship over a summer of sun, adventure and brotherhood. Until a...

Jinnie by Josephine Cox


Josephine Cox

Ten years ago, Louise Hunter's life was torn apart by tragedy. Her husband, Ben, killed himself; her brother-in-law, Jacob, was murdered; and her sister, Susan, abandoned her newborn daughter, revealing the baby is Ben's child. Louise remains haunted by guilt...

Our shadows by Gail Jones

Our shadows

Gail Jones

Sisters Nell and Frances were raised by their grandparents and were once closely bound by reading and fantasy. Now they live in Sydney and are estranged. Each in her own way struggles with the loss of their parents. Little by little the sisters grow to...

Brumby's Run by Jennifer Scoullar

Brumby's Run

Jennifer Scoullar

A blissful carefree summer beckons for Samantha Carmichael. But her world is turned on its head when she learns she's adopted - and that she has a twin sister, Charlie, who is critically ill. While Charlie recovers in hospital, Sam offers to look after...

Fallen skies by Philippa Gregory

Fallen skies

Philippa Gregory

Lily Valance wants to forget the war. She's determined to enjoy the world of the 1920s, with its music, singing, laughter and pleasure. When she meets Captain Stephen Winters, a decorated hero back from the Front, she's drawn to his wealth and status. In Lily...

The horseman's promise by Cathryn Hein

The horseman's promise

Cathryn Hein

Sophie Dixon is determined to leave her tragic past behind and forge a bright future on her beloved farm. While looking to buy a new horse, she is drawn into her neighbour Aaron Laidlaw's orbit, despite the bad blood between their families. As the racing...

Then she ran by Charlie Gallagher

Then she ran

Charlie Gallagher

On a lazy Sunday morning, Jenny Harris is shaken awake by her panic-stricken boyfriend, Joseph. Their baby daughter lies asleep on her chest. 'We've got to go!' Joseph screams. In their hotel room, Jenny hurriedly wraps her tiny baby up. All their belongings...

Heartsease by Kate Kruimink


Kate Kruimink

I saw my mother for a long time after she died. I would see her out windows, or in the corner of my eye. Always in the periphery, always a dim blur, but unmistakably my mother, the herness skating through every line and flicker. Charlotte ('Lot') and Ellen...

Tell by Jonathan Buckley


Jonathan Buckley

A tale of intense, flickering intelligence, Tell is structured as a series of interview transcripts with a woman who worked as a gardener for a wealthy businessman and art collector who has mysteriously disappeared. The joint winner of The Novel Prize, Tell is...

Love & Rome by Jenna Lo Bianco

Love & Rome

Jenna Lo Bianco

Moving from Melbourne to Rome was meant to fix Stella Chiaro' s life - and it did, for a while. But destiny has other plans. With a one-way ticket home, artist Stella is running out of time and money. She is desperate to find stable work in the art world to...

Too late by Colleen Hoover

Too late

Colleen Hoover

Sloan will go through hell and back for those she loves. And she does so, every single day. Caught up with the alluring Asa Jackson, a notorious drug trafficker, Sloan has finally found a lifeline to cling to, even if it's meant compromising her morals. She...

Down the track by Stella Quinn

Down the track

Stella Quinn

Being 30-something, broke, divorced and in a cold war with her 12-year-old son is a lot, but Jo's handling it. Just. At least, she is until her job at the Natural History Museum is in jeopardy. An invitation to dig up dinosaur bones on a remote Queensland...

Among the grey gums by Paula J. Beavan

Among the grey gums

Paula J. Beavan

1842, Hunter Valley. Lucy Stewart's life turns chaotic when she finds herself caught up in a murder investigation in order to save her brother-in-law, Joe, from the hangman's noose. Constable Sam Donovan believes the accusations levelled at Joe Stewart are...

The midnight feast by Lucy Foley

The midnight feast

Lucy Foley

Midsummer, the Dorset coast. Guests gather for the opening of The Manor hotel, the new jewel on the Dorset coastline. The champagne is flowing, the guest list sparkling, the sun setting on an unforgettable summer solstice. But under the cloak of celebration,...

The king's witches by Kate Foster

The king's witches

Kate Foster

Women whisper secrets to each other; it is how we survive. 1589. Princess Anna of Denmark is betrothed to King James VI of Scotland. Before they can wed, Anna must pass the trial period: one year of marriage to prove herself worthy of being Scotland's new...

The burial plot by Elizabeth Macneal

The burial plot

Elizabeth Macneal

'I genuinely could not put this down' - Stacey Halls, author of Mrs England 'A tour de force of a gothic thriller. I devoured it' - Gillian McAllister, author of Wrong Place, Wrong Time 'Taut, propulsive, beautifully done' - Susan Stokes-Chapman, author of...

Elusive by Genevieve Cogman


Genevieve Cogman

Revolutionary France is full of blood and bite . . . 1793. Eleanor, once a lowly English maid, is now a member of the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel: renowned for their daring deeds, and for rescuing aristocrats and vampires from the guillotine. When the...

Cross the line by Simone Soltani

Cross the line

Simone Soltani

For fans of Hannah Grace and Lauren Asher, CROSS THE LINE by Simone Soltani is an unmissable sweet and spicy, brother's-best-friend, Formula 1 sports romance. Formula 1 driver Dev Anderson's career is on the line. After a social media disaster leaves him with...

All fours by Miranda July

All fours

Miranda July

A 2024 BOOK OF THE YEAR PICK FOR BBC R4 OPEN BOOK, THE OBSERVER, GQ, GRAZIA, HERO, I-D, NYLON A semi-famous artist announces her plan to drive cross-country from LA to NY. Thirty minutes after leaving her husband and child at home, she spontaneously exits the...

Oi frog & friends by Kes Gray

Oi frog & friends

Kes Gray

Oi Aardvark!: Join in with the fun and silliness, and meet a whole host of crazy creatures from aardvarks to zebras, along the way. Oi Duck-Billed Platypus!: Oi! Where are duck-billed platypuses meant to sit? And kookaburras and hippopotamuses and all the...

The other woman by Holly (Novelist)  author. Down

The other woman

Holly (Novelist) author. Down

"My heart thunders as I search the name of the woman I suspect my husband is having an affair with. Soon, a photo of someone with the most mesmerising dark eyes I've ever seen is staring back at me. She's beautiful. But I won't give up that easily, and this...

The blood we crave. Part 2 by Monty Jay

The blood we crave. Part 2

Monty Jay

Will obsession be enough? I'd always believed my love was enough to save him. To protect him. I was wrong. The Copycat killer gets closer every day, and I can't help but feel his every move is in my direction. With dead ends around every curve and bodies...

Dark trade by Helen H. Durrant

Dark trade

Helen H. Durrant

A teenager is found dead, stabbed through the heart by a professional killer. Detective Stephen Greco and his team must find out who the victim was, and work to piece together the backstory. Then, "The Knifeman" strikes again, leading DCI Greco into a depraved...

Birds of a feather by Rhianna King

Birds of a feather

Rhianna King

Beth doesn't feel like she belongs in her rambunctious, bohemian family. Apart from the special relationship she shares with her grandma, Elise. When Beth wins the lottery (on a ticket she bought to prove she could be spontaneous), she decides to spend it on...

Mother by Jack Stainton


Jack Stainton

Mother: The glue that holds the family together... Matt Walker had just witnessed the murder of Graham Meadows, his psychopathic brother-in-law; or so he thought. After all he had been through, what, or who, could he believe anyway? Eighteen months previous,...

Blackmail by Heather Burnside


Heather Burnside

A DEVASTATING ATTACK. Beth is walking her dog in a secluded wooded area around Manchester, when she's viciously attacked. After fighting the man off, she gets away with her life, but is left with a horrifying secret. A LOVER'S BETRAYAL. As Beth moves on from...

The Hurtwood Village murders by Benedict Brown

The Hurtwood Village murders

Benedict Brown

A series of threatening letters, a forgotten figure from the past, and a killer out to settle scores... England 1928. Mystery writer Marius Quin receives alarming news from his sleuthing partner Lady Bella Montague that their childhood friends are in danger....

The secret of the lady's maid by Darcie Wilde

The secret of the lady's maid

Darcie Wilde

The resourceful and intrepid Rosalind Thorne, a heroine after Jane Austen's heart, has a scandalous mystery to solve within Regency-era high society, in the latest novel in this nationally bestselling historical series. Ideal for fans of Andrea Penrose, Lauren...

A house on Liberty Street by Neil Turner

A house on Liberty Street

Neil Turner

A father. A son. A murder. Meet Tony Valenti. His high-flying corporate law career just cratered. His society marriage blew up in a bitter divorce. He's returned to the Chicago suburbs to lick his wounds and regroup in the haven of the Valenti family home. But...

Million dollar weekend by Noah Kagan

Million dollar weekend

Noah Kagan

Brought to you by Penguin.It's time to leapfrog the only hurdle between you and a million-dollar company.More people than ever want to be their own boss, but venturing forward with your own business can be hugely intimidating. Are you investing effort in ideas...

A spy in the jam factory by Chrissie Sains

A spy in the jam factory

Chrissie Sains

The fourth and final adventure in the hilarious series about Scooter and his alien sidekick Fizzbee. The jam factory is under surveillance by the Alien Intelligence Agency - will they succeed in finding a reason to evict Fizzbee from Earth? Scooter and Fizzbee...

The seeker by Shona MacLean

The seeker

Shona MacLean

London, 1654: Oliver Cromwell is at the height of his power and has declared himself Lord Protector. All that is known of Damian Seeker, agent of the Lord Protector, is that nothing can be hidden from him. John Winter, hero of Cromwell's army, is dead, and the...

The revenge club by Kathy Lette

The revenge club

Kathy Lette

WHEN THE ODDS ARE AGAINST YOU, IT'S TIME TO GET EVEN. Matilda, Jo, Penny and Cressy are all women at the top of their game; so imagine their surprise when they start to be personally overlooked and professionally pushed aside by less-qualified men. Only...

Shot with crimson by Nicola Upson

Shot with crimson

Nicola Upson

Violence finds its way to old Hollywood in the eleventh Josephine Tey mystery, perfect for fans of Rhys Bowen and Jacqueline Winspear. September 1939, and the worries of war follow Josephine Tey to Hollywood, where a different sort of battle is raging on the...

Para bellum by Simon Turney

Para bellum

Simon Turney

A powerful new audiobook set in the fourth-century Roman Empire by critically acciaimed historical novelist Simon Turney, Para Bellum will delight fans of Scarrow, Kane and Cornwell. AD 381. Five years have gone by since a Roman governor ordered the deaths of...

When the moon hatched by Sarah A. (Fantasy fiction writer) Parker

When the moon hatched

Sarah A. (Fantasy fiction writer) P...

I'm shattered ice ... I'll gladly burn beneath him until the world comes crumbling down. As an assassin for the rebellion, Raeve's job is to complete orders and never get caught. When a rival bounty hunter shatters her world, Raeve finds herself captured by...

Everyone who is gone is here by Jonathan Blitzer

Everyone who is gone is here

Jonathan Blitzer

'Urgent, extraordinary . . . a tribute to the astonishing indomitability of the human spirit.' - Patrick Radden Keefe, bestselling author Empire of Pain 'Moving, sweeping, and masterful' - Sally Hayden, author of My Fourth Time, We Drowned In this, his first...

Naked portrait by Rose Boyt

Naked portrait

Rose Boyt

Read by the author, Rose Boyt. I put the diary away without reading it; I had lost my father, my mother had died only three months earlier, and it was not the right time to think about anything. I was heartbroken. As I remembered it the diary was about sitting...

Bonded by thorns by Elizabeth Helen

Bonded by thorns

Elizabeth Helen

Rosalina O'Connell lives her life in Orca Cove as quietly as she can. Known as the daughter of Crazy George she tries to keep her head down. But George isn't crazy, he's searching for his wife who disappeared, and is convinced she was stolen by fae. When...

Any human power by Manda Scott

Any human power

Manda Scott

As Lan lies dying, she makes a promise that binds her long into the Beyond. Fifteen years later, her teenage granddaughter, Kaitlyn, triggers an international storm of outrage that unleashes the rage of a whole betrayed generation. For one shining fragment of...

Neighbours at war by Deborah Carr

Neighbours at war

Deborah Carr

When German forces invade the Channel Islands and the citizens of Jersey are cut off from the rest of the UK, the island's residents bond together to resist the enemy. East London native Helen Bowman was never meant to be here, but when she found herself alone...

Among the grey gums by Paula J. Beavan

Among the grey gums

Paula J. Beavan

1842, Hunter Valley. Lucy Stewart's life turns chaotic when she finds herself caught up in a murder investigation in order to save her brother-in-law, Joe, from the hangman's noose. Constable Sam Donovan believes the accusations levelled at Joe Stewart are...

Your time starts now by Julie Goodwin

Your time starts now

Julie Goodwin

Julie Goodwin was catapulted into our hearts as the first-ever winner of MasterChef Australia. In many ways her win was unlikely. As a child Goodwin adored music and art, but her career began in youth work, including in a juvenile detention centre housing...

Fallen skies by Philippa Gregory

Fallen skies

Philippa Gregory

"Lily Valance wants to forget the war. She's determined to enjoy the world of the 1920s, with its music, singing, laughter and pleasure. When she meets Captain Stephen Winters, a decorated hero back from the Front, she's drawn to his wealth and status. In Lily...

Eruption  by James Patterson


James Patterson

"A once-in-a-century volcanic eruption is about to destroy the big island of Hawaii. But a decades-old military secret could turn the volcano into something even more terrifying ... Now it's up to a handful of brave individuals to save the island - and the...

They thought I was dead by Peter James

They thought I was dead

Peter James

Some will know how it begins ... Her name is Sandy. You might know her as the loving wife of Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. But there's more to her than meets the eye. A woman with a dubious past, a complicated present and an uncertain future. Then she...

School of Monsters collection. 4 by Sally Rippin

School of Monsters collection. 4

Sally Rippin

"Dom's Special Things: Dom has lots of special things like rocks and stones with insect wings. Collecting fossils is Dom's favourite thing to do. But what happens when his friends break one? Our Friend Zap: Zap is an alien who doesn't speak the local language,...

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