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An American dreamer  by David Finkel

An American dreamer

David Finkel

"Brent Cummings, an Iraq war veteran, has come home feeling he survived one war only to find himself in the midst of another one. The country he loves and defended for twenty-eight years seems to be unraveling in front of his eyes. Raised to believe in a...

On community  by Casey Plett

On community

Casey Plett

"We need community to live. But what does it look like? Why does it often feel like it's slipping away? We are all hinged to some definition of a community, be it as simple as where we live, complex as the beliefs we share, or as intentional as those we call...

Why flying is miserable  by Ganesh Sitaraman

Why flying is miserable

Ganesh Sitaraman

"The miseries of flying and the turbulence in the industry aren't inevitable-and they aren't simply the result of the pandemic. As varied as these problems are, they stem from a single source: policy choices"--Publisher's description.

Fodor's Los Angeles  by Paul (Travel writer) Feinstein

Fodor's Los Angeles

Paul (Travel writer) Feinstein

"Fodor's Los Angeles guidebook is packed with maps, carefully curated recommendations, and everything else you need to simplify your trip-planning process and make the most of your time. This new edition has an easy-to-read layout, fresh information, and...

The Doctor of Hiroshima  by Michihiko Hachiya

The Doctor of Hiroshima

Michihiko Hachiya

"The Doctor of Hiroshimais the extraordinary true story of Dr Michihiko Hachiya, whose hospital was less than a mile from the centre of the atomic bomb that hit on that warm August day. In immense shock and pain, he and his wife Yaeko dragged themselves to the...

Enzo Ferrari  by Luca Dal Monte

Enzo Ferrari

Luca Dal Monte

"Enzo uncovers a wealth of new facts about the origins, ambitions, and private life of Enzo Ferrari. Drawing on years of original research conducted in Italy and abroad, this book lays bare the hidden aspects of Ferrari's career. From his earliest failed...

Dead weight  by Emmeline Clein

Dead weight

Emmeline Clein

"Emmeline Clein's own history of disordered eating began when she was just twelve. In Dead Weight, alongside her own experience and through the stories of other women – famous figures from across time and popular culture, and girls she's known and loved – she...

12 questions for love  by Topaz Adizes

12 questions for love

Topaz Adizes

"Could one conversation improve your relationship forever? We all crave connection. But sometimes we need help getting there. By having a conversation with your partner, guided by these thought-provoking questions, you’ll discover the strength in having...

Money for millennials  by Sarah Young Fisher

Money for millennials

Sarah Young Fisher

"The all-inclusive guide to managing your money in your 20s and 30s! Money for Millennials provides you with the basic tools you need to manage your life and plan for your future financially. You will learn to manage every aspect of your personal finances, as...

Relic  by Ed (Writer) Simon


Ed (Writer) Simon

".Relic explores how a bit of bone, a scrap of rag, a chip of wood - the most prosaic of materials - have often been endowed by faith, tradition, and culture with a sense of the sacred"--Publisher's description.

Screenwriters advice  by Andrew Zinnes

Screenwriters advice

Andrew Zinnes

"This book looks at the most important part of the filmmaking process from the point of view of those who grind away at a keyboard or notepad trying to bring new ideas and perspectives to an increasingly diversified world. Using The Guerilla Film Makers...

Expanding mindscapes

Expanding mindscapes

"The first collection of its kind to explore the diverse and global history of psychedelics as they appealed to several generations of researchers and thinkers. Expanding Mindscapes offers a fascinatingly fluid and diverse history of psychedelics that...

Bernardine's Shanghai salon  by Susan Blumberg-Kason

Bernardine's Shanghai salon

Susan Blumberg-Kason

"Bernardine Szold Fritz arrived in Shanghai in 1929 to marry her fourth husband. Only thirty-three years old, she found herself in a time and place like no other. Political intrigue and scandal lurked on every street corner. Art Deco cinemas showed the latest...

Elton John  by Gillian G. Gaar

Elton John

Gillian G. Gaar

"A beautifully produced celebration of the iconic and beloved rock star, Elton John features live onstage and candid offstage photography, an entertaining history, and gatefold timeline. Few rock artists continue to gather more and more adulation with age than...

Icons of rock  by Jenny Boyd

Icons of rock

Jenny Boyd

"There have been innumerable 'rock star' biographies and music histories before, but there is no book that presents the deepest, innermost thoughts from some of the industry's most legendary musicians on not only how they create, but what drives their creative...

Knole  by Robert Sackville-West


Robert Sackville-West

"The Sackvilles have inhabited Knole, one of Britain's greatest houses, for more than four hundred years. Robert Sackville-West, the thirteenth generation of the family, takes the reader on a personal tour of this "calendar house," with its legendary 365...

Shockwave  by Stephen Walker


Stephen Walker

"It was a moment that stilled and forever changed the world. On a quiet Monday morning in August 1945, a five-ton bomb dubbed 'Little Boy' by its creators was dropped from an American plane onto the Japanese city of Hiroshima. On that day, a firestorm of...

Compound cinematics  by Shinobu Hashimoto

Compound cinematics

Shinobu Hashimoto

"Any list of Japan's greatest screenplay writers would feature Shinobu Hashimoto near or at the top. This memoir, focusing on his collaborations with Akira Kurosawa, a gifted scenarist in his own right, offers an indispensable insider account and invaluable...

The rambler's handbook  by Susan Kelly

The rambler's handbook

Susan Kelly

"The go-to guide for aspiring and seasoned walkers alike, with 40 favourite routes around the UK arranged by season"--Publisher's description.

Holy hot mess  by Mary Katherine Backstrom

Holy hot mess

Mary Katherine Backstrom

"Mary Katherine Backstrom shares heart-breaking and hilarious stories of how God uses each "mess" in our lives to bring us closer to Him. She shows readers that it's okay to celebrate exactly where they are right now--holy, hot mess and all. A lot of people...

What we leave behind  by Stanisław Łubieński

What we leave behind

Stanisław Łubieński

""Everything looked perfect. Sand - unique Baltic sand, the best in the world - and the calm sea. But wait. Something was amiss. Something was wrong" It starts with a day at the beach. A single white sock that somehow spoils everything. It's enough to send...

The accidental detectorist  by Nigel Richardson

The accidental detectorist

Nigel Richardson

"When a travel writer is stuck on home soil in the middle of a pandemic he meets Kris Rodgers, one of Britain's eminent metal detectorists. Dipping a toe in the hobby, Nigel quickly finds himself swept up in the world beneath the surface. Above the ground are...

Death in the blood  by Caroline Wheeler

Death in the blood

Caroline Wheeler

"In the 1970s and 1980s almost 5,000 people in the UK contracted HIV or hepatitis C after being infected by contaminated NHS blood products, including the notorious Factor VIII, yet no organisation or individual has ever been held to account. So far, more than...

Dancing on eggshells  by John Whaite

Dancing on eggshells

John Whaite

"Well-known as the winner of the third series of The Great British Bake Off and runner up of Strictly Come Dancing with his same-sex dance partner Johannes Radebe, John Whaite's personal story is a complicated narrative of contradictions, highs and lows, told...

Ruptures in the American psyche  by Michael J. Diamond

Ruptures in the American psyche

Michael J. Diamond

"This book describes Trumpism, the strong allegiance to former President Donald Trump that is in evidence among a sizable portion of the US population. How did Trump come to be elected in 2016, and who supported him during his presidential tenure - and why?...

The evacuation of Singapore to the prison camps of Sumatra  by Judy Balcombe

The evacuation of Singapore to the prison camps of Sumatra

Judy Balcombe

"The Evacuation of Singapore to the Prison Camps of Sumatra aims to describe the events prior to, during and after the Fall of Singapore and the ways in which former prisoners are remembered on Bangka Island today. It is the product of many years of detailed...

Birdie & Harlow  by Taylor Wolfe

Birdie & Harlow

Taylor Wolfe

"Birdie & Harlow is the story of a baby and a dog. But motherhood is never quite that simple. In Taylor Wolfe's case, it's a long, zigzagging and winding road. Meant to be a last-minute anniversary gift for her then boyfriend (and now husband), the...

The reckoning  by Robin Blackburn

The reckoning

Robin Blackburn

"The Age of Revolution (1776-1848) destroyed the main slave regimes of the Caribbean but a 'Second Slavery' surged in the US South, Cuba and Brazil, powered by demand for plantation produce and a system of financial credit that leveraged the value of the...

The everyday family air fryer cookbook  by Sarah (Writer on cookbooks) Flower

The everyday family air fryer cookbook

Sarah (Writer on cookbooks) Flower

"Family favourites cooked with no fuss in your air fryer! You will be amazed at the versatility of your air fryer as you choose from more than 100 recipes that will keep your family satisfied every day of the week. These delicious, simple recipes use UK...

The French invasion of Britain and Ireland, 1792-1815  by Paul L. Dawson

The French invasion of Britain and Ireland, 1792-1815

Paul L. Dawson

"Not since 1066 - at least in popular myth - has an enemy force set foot on British soil. The Declaration of War with Revolutionary France in 1793 changed all that. In Ireland, the desire for home rule led Irish republicans to seek support from France and...

The pig & I  by Kristoffer Hatteland Endresen

The pig & I

Kristoffer Hatteland Endresen

"In this lively and fascinating book, a guilt-ridden, bacon-loving journalist finds work at an industrial pig farm as he researches the long and torrid history of humans and swine. After convincing a skeptical pig farmer to take him on as a hired hand for six...

Directions to myself  by Heidi Julavits

Directions to myself

Heidi Julavits

"One day Heidi Julavits sees her son silhouetted by the sun and realizes he is at the threshold of what she calls "the end times of childhood." When did this happen, she asks herself. Who is my son becoming, and who am I as a mother? What comes next, Heidi...

Budget family food  by Rebecca Wilson

Budget family food

Rebecca Wilson

"From quick breakfast taquitos and curried potato pasties to satisfy the pickiest of palettes, to moreish mushroom lasagne and decadent chocolate gingerbread cake, choose from 80 recipes packed with exciting flavours that will appeal to everyone at the table...

Everyday Mediterranean  by Vanessa Perrone

Everyday Mediterranean

Vanessa Perrone

"The Mediterranean diet is largely considered one of the healthiest ways to eat. Everyday Mediterranean shows us that it's so much more than a diet--it's a lifestyle characterized by plant-forward meals made with delicious quality ingredients (spices, herbs,...

Everyday air fryer

Everyday air fryer

"The air fryer can be used ever day for every meal. You'll find the usual delicious crispy foods in this book, but we decided to get a little adventurous too. Fancy a burrito bowl or smoked alsmon hashbrown stack for brekky? How about massaman lamb cutlets,...

Some people want to shoot me  by Wayne Bergmann

Some people want to shoot me

Wayne Bergmann

"It's Broome, 2010. Nyikina man Wayne Bergmann has just received a death threat. His wife has watched a friend cross the road to avoid speaking with her. His children are subject to intense schoolyard bullying. Bergmann, a boilermaker by trade, and lawyer, is...

Medicine in the mountains  by David Hawker

Medicine in the mountains

David Hawker

"Against the background of broad brush strokes of Nepal's history and geography, David Hawker tells a dramatic story. After 20 years working in Nepal, Nurse Ellen Findlay saw an opportunity to go and attempt to meet the desperate needs of people living in the...

Roar  by Stacy T. Sims


Stacy T. Sims

"The groundbreaking book that revolutionized exercise nutrition and performance for female athletes, now freshly updated. Women are not small men. Stop eating and training like one. In ROAR, exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Stacy T. Sims, PhD,...

East winds  by Rachel K. Rueckert

East winds

Rachel K. Rueckert

"Rachel panicked as she lay awake on the first night of her year-long honeymoon-a backpacking trip around the world. Though young and in love, she wasn't sure she actually believed in marriage, let alone the lofty Mormon ideal of eternal marriage. This...

The low point of labor resistance is behind us  by Jack Barnes

The low point of labor resistance is behind us

Jack Barnes

"A decades-long retreat by the working class and unions has come to an end, as owners of capital and their parties shift the burden of their crisis onto working people's backs. More and more workers-- of all ages, skin colors, and both sexes-- are saying,...

The search  by Bruce Feiler

The search

Bruce Feiler

"A bold new road map for finding meaning and purpose at work, based on insights drawn from hundreds of life stories of Americans from all backgrounds and vocations"--Publisher's description.

Melting point  by Rachel Cockerell

Melting point

Rachel Cockerell

"On June 7th 1907, a ship packed with Russian Jews sets sail into the Atlantic. It is heading not to Jerusalem or New York, as many on board have dreamt, but to Texas. The man who persuades the passengers to go is David Jochelmann, Rachel Cockerell's...

Look again  by Tali Sharot

Look again

Tali Sharot

"A neuroscience professor and a Harvard law professor team up in this groundbreaking work, based on decades of research in the psychological and biological sciences, that shows how disrupting our routines can lead to seeing, feeling and noticing again--and...

Live more with less  by Kate Luckins

Live more with less

Kate Luckins

"Drop the eco-guilt and create the sustainable lifestyle you want! Sustainability leader Dr Kate Luckins knows how striving for eco-perfection sets us up for failure. She encourages everyone to act on climate change by living their own shade of green instead....

As gods among men  by Guido Alfani

As gods among men

Guido Alfani

"All human societies, from prehistory through to today, have been characterized by some degree of economic inequality. Arguably, complex societies would not have thrived if they had been unable to concentrate and redistribute resources effectively. We...

Unique  by Jodi Rodgers


Jodi Rodgers

"Beloved star of ABC TV's award-winning Love on the Spectrum and disability rights advocate Jodi Rodgers shares stories from her three-decade career working with the autistic community and calls for a more inclusive and accepting society where we are more...

The Holocaust industry  by Norman G. Finkelstein

The Holocaust industry

Norman G. Finkelstein

"Controversial indictment of those who exploit the tragedy of the Holocaust for their own gain. In an iconoclastic and controversial study, Norman G. Finkelstein moves from an interrogation of the place the Holocaust has come to occupy in American culture to a...

Let me save you 25 years  by Shawn D. Nelson

Let me save you 25 years

Shawn D. Nelson

"A raucous and raw tale awaits within the pages of Shawn D. Nelson's part-memoir/part-business book, Let Me Save You 25 Years. As the Founder and CEO of Lovesac, Nelson unveils a magnificent and unvarnished account of his entrepreneurial journey spanning a...

The shape of normal  by Catherine (Educator) Shields

The shape of normal

Catherine (Educator) Shields

"As a young suburban mother in the early 1980s, Cathy had a loving husband, a sweet toddler, and a vision of life laid out before her. Pregnant for the second time, with twins, she imagined creating the warm, affectionate home she'd craved as a child. Her...

Sort your life out

Sort your life out

"The first official book from the life-changing BBC One show, Sort Your Life Out will have you falling back in love with your home in three simple steps- 1. Strip - how to let go and clear out the clutter (when you don't have a warehouse to hand)! 2. Sort -...

Finding the magic in middle school  by Chris Balme

Finding the magic in middle school

Chris Balme

"How can parents stay close with their children through middle school? How do we help middle schoolers discover who they are, enjoy friendships, and manage their growing emotions? What kinds of learning experiences will keep them curious and motivated? These...

The Bible with and without Jesus  by Amy-Jill Levine

The Bible with and without Jesus

Amy-Jill Levine

"The editors of The Jewish Annotated New Testament show how and why Jews and Christians read many of the same Biblical texts - including passages from the Pentateuch, the Prophets, and the Psalms - differently. Exploring and explaining these diverse...

The evolution of power  by Geerat J. Vermeij

The evolution of power

Geerat J. Vermeij

"A sweeping new account of the role of power in the evolution of all life on Earth. Power has many dimensions, from individual attributes such as strength and speed to the collective advantages of groups. The Evolution of Power takes readers on a breathtaking...

Sixteen stormy days  by Tripurdaman Singh

Sixteen stormy days

Tripurdaman Singh

"On 26th January 1950 India became a republic, shedding its last links with its colonial past and inaugurating a new era of liberty and freedom. With fundamental rights and civil liberties guaranteed by the state, the new constitution was universally acclaimed...

Foster  by Robert Dimery


Robert Dimery

"Norman Foster has transcended historic conventions of architecture bu pushing the limits of technology and engineering. His high-tech modernist structures, often based on diagrids of steel and glass, are characterized by open-plan, adaptable spaces,...

The vegan Middle Eastern cookbook  by Noha Elbadry-Cloud

The vegan Middle Eastern cookbook

Noha Elbadry-Cloud

"Your Favorite Dishes from the Middle East Made Deliciously Vegan. Unlock a whole new realm of plant-based cooking as you celebrate the rich, vibrant flavors and traditional ingredients that make Middle Eastern fare so diverse and delicious. From Noha...

Mother, nature  by Jedidiah Jenkins

Mother, nature

Jedidiah Jenkins

"When his mother, Barbara, turns seventy, Jedidiah Jenkins is reminded of a sobering truth- Our parents won't live forever. For years, he and Barbara have talked about taking a trip together, just the two of them. They disagree about politics, about God, about...

The red widow  by Sarah Horowitz

The red widow

Sarah Horowitz

"A rollicking historical account of Marguerite Steinheil ('the Red Widow"), a real-life French femme fatale who used her influence to arrange governmental appointments, blackmailed her opponents, and may have even attempted to poison those who got in the way...

The sock project  by Summer Lee

The sock project

Summer Lee

"Oklahoma native and proud member of the Muscogee-Creek Nation, Summer Lee shares her knitting secrets for creating all shapes and sizes of socks with dots, zigzags, stripes, and a near-neon palette of happy colors Sock projects are universally loved by...

A short history of the Tudors  by Richard Rex

A short history of the Tudors

Richard Rex

"Combining an expertise on the Tudor dynasty with an authoritative understanding of its religious and political make-up, A Short History of the Tudors provides a fresh and accessible perspective of one of the most formative periods of British history. Rex...

Supercommunicators  by Charles Duhigg


Charles Duhigg

"We all know people who seem capable of connecting with almost anyone. They are the ones we turn to for advice, the ones who ask deep questions but also seem to hear what we are trying to say. What do they know about conversation that makes them so special?...

The Hebridean baker at home  by Coinneach MacLeod

The Hebridean baker at home

Coinneach MacLeod

"Fàilte! I'm Coinneach, and this is my Hebridean home...In my kitchen, flavors become stories, bakes become family favorites and recipes are shared with friends from across the islands. Join me where the rolling hills of the Hebrides meet the rolling pins of...

Think you'll be happy  by Nicole Avant

Think you'll be happy

Nicole Avant

"Nicole Avant--diplomat, philanthropist, filmmaker--grew up surrounded by some of the most extraordinary artists of our time: Bill Withers, Oprah Winfrey, Quincy Jones, Sidney Poitier. Her parents--entertainment mogul, Clarence Avant, and legendary...

The end of Eden  by Adam Welz

The end of Eden

Adam Welz

"The stories we tell ourselves about climate change tend to focus on the damage inflicted on human societies by big storms, severe droughts, and rising sea levels. Walz provides a revelatory exploration of climate change from the perspective of wild species...

I thought I heard you speak  by Audrey Golden

I thought I heard you speak

Audrey Golden

"Factory Records has become the stuff of legend. The histories of the label have been told from many perspectives, from visual catalogues and memoirs to exhibitions. Yet no in-depth history has ever been told from the perspectives of the women who were...

Teach your own  by John Caldwell Holt

Teach your own

John Caldwell Holt

"The classic guide to teaching children at home for a new generation of homeschooling parents. In 2019, there were more than two million children being homeschooled. That number doubled during the pandemic and is now likely to continue increasing as more...

We play on  by Andy Brassell

We play on

Andy Brassell

"'The most important (thing) is to play,' Srna said, 'to show the world that we are still alive, that we are fighting, that we are living, that we will have a good future.' In 2014, the conflict in the Donbas region of Ukraine began - and top football club...

Pasta every day  by Meryl Feinstein

Pasta every day

Meryl Feinstein

"In Pasta Every Day, Meryl Feinstein has created the world's easiest-to-follow guide to making pasta doughs, shapes, fillings, and sauces. A celebrated pasta instructor, professional pasta maker, and founder of Pasta Social Club, she has years of experience...

Come forth  by James. author. Martin

Come forth

James. author. Martin

"In this wise and compassionate book, New York Times bestselling author Father James Martin, SJ, explores the story of Jesus's greatest miracle-the raising of Lazarus from the dead-and what Jesus means when he calls each of us to "come forth." Meditatively and...

Loving our own bones  by Julia Watts Belser

Loving our own bones

Julia Watts Belser

"Open the Bible, and disability is everywhere. Moses stutters and thinks himself unable to answer God's call. Isaac's blindness lets his wife trick him into bestowing his blessing on his younger son. Jesus heals the sick the blind, the paralyzed, and the...

How does she do it?  by Paris Fury

How does she do it?

Paris Fury

"Alongside the number-one 2023 Netflix series At Home with the Furys, bestselling author of Love and Fury Paris Fury reveals the answers to the question she's always asked. How does she manage life as a hands-on mother to seven children, as well as supporting...

This dream is not for you  by Wade Joye

This dream is not for you

Wade Joye

"The dreams we have for our life are dangerous. Here, speaker and Bible teacher Wade Joye encourages us to let go of our dreams, surrender our lives to God, and truly live. "Follow your dreams" is the self-help message of our day. In our schools and...

Bad influence  by Oenone Forbat

Bad influence

Oenone Forbat

"Oenone didn't set out to become an influencer. The word barely existed when she started posting on Instagram at university to document her 'fitness journey' after a toxic relationship came to a messy end. In this humorous meditation on her digitized life,...

Woven  by Meredith (Pastor) Miller


Meredith (Pastor) Miller

"Create space for your children to get to know God in a way that focuses on trust instead of a list of rigid rules. Most Christian parenting books are ready with exact practices every family should follow in order to raise obedient children. In this...

Food matters

Food matters

"Food matters because food is essential to sustain life, and food matters are complex and wide-ranging, encompassing the symbolic as well as the practical. The rich discussions of the relationship between food and health, illness, sexuality, aggression,...

The death of you  by Luke Sutton

The death of you

Luke Sutton

"Arguably the greatest Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, with twenty-eight Olympic medals to his name, was asked if he would like his children to follow in his footsteps. His answer, 'Honestly, in a perfect world, I'd say no. Just because I don't want them...

Permission to come home  by Jenny T. Wang

Permission to come home

Jenny T. Wang

"The first of its kind, Permission to Come Home is a crucial resource for the rapidly growing community of Asian Americans, immigrants, and other minorities and marginalized people to practice mental and emotional self-care. This book helps readers work on...

Flourishing love  by Enrico Gnaulati

Flourishing love

Enrico Gnaulati

"Flourishing Love is a secular defence of marriage and long-term intimate partnership. It rejects a moral-religious code to govern love lives and instead puts its faith in the human potential for couples to be benevolent, loyal, and forgiving to preserve and...

KnitOvation stitch dictionary  by Andrea Rangel

KnitOvation stitch dictionary

Andrea Rangel

"A brand new stitch dictionary from the author of the wildly popular, AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary. KnitOvation includes more than 150 brand new colorwork motifs to expand knitters' creative possibilities and draw them further into the world of stranded...

Survive, reset, thrive  by Rebecca Homkes

Survive, reset, thrive

Rebecca Homkes

"Strategy is about making choices around where to play and where not to play, how to win, how to allocate resources among competing priorities and, critically, what to do. All these choices must be made when you never know everything you would like to know....

A story to tell  by Laurel Nannup

A story to tell

Laurel Nannup

"In A Story to Tell, artist Laurel Nannup brings to life her childhood in a large Aboriginal family. While her stories include a time spent at the Wandering Mission, their main focus is on memories of family life: picnics, roaming through the bush, sharing...

Is it ever just sex?  by Darian Leader

Is it ever just sex?

Darian Leader

"'It was just sex.' It's a familiar claim. But is it really possible? The old idea that sexuality is a smouldering, animalistic force within us, desperate for release yet restrained by social forces, has little to support it. Bodies aren't just sticks that...

Dracula daily  by Matthew Kirkland

Dracula daily

Matthew Kirkland

"The author of Dracula daily, an email newsletter that remixes the text of Bram Stoker's book into date order, presents the remixed text of the original book, along with humorous chapter headers and a curated selection of memes, commentary, and fan art...

100 bike rides of a lifetime  by Roff Smith

100 bike rides of a lifetime

Roff Smith

"This inspiring illustrated guide from National Geographic reveals the ultimate bucket list destinations for cyclists, from the vineyards of New Zealand to the peaks of Patagonia. Get your pedals turning with this ultimate guide to the 100 greatest bike routes...

Eyeliner  by Zahra Hankir


Zahra Hankir

"From the distant past to the present, with fingers and felt-tipped pens, metallic powders and gel pots, humans have been drawn to lining their eyes. The aesthetic trademark of figures ranging from Nefertiti to Amy Winehouse, eyeliner is one of our most...

A travel guide to the Middle Ages  by Anthony Bale

A travel guide to the Middle Ages

Anthony Bale

"From the medieval bazaars of Tabriz, to the mysterious island of Caldihe, where sheep were said to grow on trees, Anthony Bale brings history alive in A Travel Guide to the Middle Ages, inviting the reader to travel across a medieval world punctuated with...

Pandora's box  by Peter Biskind

Pandora's box

Peter Biskind

"The revolution has been televized. From The Sopranos to Stranger Things, the shows we watch - and the ways we watch them - have been transformed over the past fifty years. Out of the bland wasteland of 'play-it-safe' broadcasting came astonishing stories of...

Out of the darkness  by Frank Trentmann

Out of the darkness

Frank Trentmann

"A groundbreaking new history of the people at the centre of Europe, from the Second World War to today In 1945, Germany lay in ruins, morally and materially. The German people stood condemned by history, responsible for a horrifying genocide and a war of...

India Knight's beauty edit  by India Knight

India Knight's beauty edit

India Knight

"Why has my favourite eyeliner stopped looking flattering? What can I do about the skin on my neck? Am I too old for contour? What is contour? Every week, tens of thousands of women turn to India Knight's beauty column in the Sunday Times Style Magazine, to be...

Sea of troubles  by Ian Rutledge

Sea of troubles

Ian Rutledge

"In the second half of the eighteenth century, approximately three quarters of the Mediterranean coastline and its hinterlands were controlled by a vast Islamic power, the centuries-old Ottoman Empire. However, by the end of the First World War, this great...

The Anne Boleyn bible  by Mickey Mayhew

The Anne Boleyn bible

Mickey Mayhew

"The definitive bible on all things Anne Boleyn from her guilt and execution to her relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as depiction of Anne in popular culture from TV series to West End musicals. Anne Boleyn sells, but she sells in segments; a biography...

The essential tree selection guide  by Henrik Sjöman

The essential tree selection guide

Henrik Sjöman

"There has never been a better time to plant trees. As well as playing a vital role in the health of the natural world and of us humans, these essential life-giving plants also deliver a vast array of hidden benefits such as cooling shade, rainfall...

The Britannias  by Alice Albinia

The Britannias

Alice Albinia

"The story of Britain told through its islands - a personal journey through an ancient landscape. The Britannias tells the story of Britain's islands and how they are woven intoits collective cultural psyche. From Neolithic Orkney to modern-day Thanet, Alice...

How to know a person  by David Brooks

How to know a person

David Brooks

"If you are going to care for someone, you must first understand them. If you're going to hire, marry, or befriend someone, you have to be able to see them. If you are going to work closely with someone, you have to be able to make them feel recognized and...

The very best of Fesshole  by Rob Manuel

The very best of Fesshole

Rob Manuel

"In this eagerly anticipated second coming, Rob Manuel has once again compiled the most jaw-dropping, knee-slapping, and cringe-inducing confessions out there. Prepare to immerse yourself in the seedy underbelly of human nature, where no secret is too taboo,...

Clubland  by Pete Brown


Pete Brown

"Pete Brown is a convivial guide on this journey through the intoxicating history of the working men's clubs. From the movement's founding by teetotaller social reformer the Reverend Henry Solly to the booze-soaked mid-century heyday, when more than 7 million...

One last thing  by Wendy (Wendy P.) Mitchell

One last thing

Wendy (Wendy P.) Mitchell

"Wendy Mitchell doesn't fear anything anymore. After her diagnosis of young-onset dementia in 2014, all of Wendy's old fears, the dark, animals, melted away. What more was there to be afraid of when she faced her worst fear: losing her own mind? While living...

¡Verdura! Living a garden life  by Perla Sofía Curbelo-Santiago

¡Verdura! Living a garden life

Perla Sofía Curbelo-Santiago

"The 30 step-by-step, plant- and nature-based projects found in ÆVerdura! - Living a Garden Life are designed to lead you to better health and wellness through the practice of gardening"--Publisher's description.

The other pandemic  by James (Journalist) Ball

The other pandemic

James (Journalist) Ball

"Imagine a deadly pathogen that, once created, could infect any person in any part of the globe within seconds. No need to wait for travellers, trains, or air traffic to spread it, all you need is an internet connection. In this gripping investigation,...

Europe  by Jean-Baptiste Duroselle


Jean-Baptiste Duroselle

"The first one-volume, complete history of Europe, as told by Europeans themselves, from Homo Erectus to the Celts, to Greek wisdom and Roman grandeur, all of the way to the European phenomenon - the Industrial Revolution. This is the definitive way to...

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