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Here after by Amy (Teacher) Lin

Here after

Amy (Teacher) Lin


Here After is a poetic, raw depiction of an unlikely love followed by a dizzying loss. A stunning, taut memoir from debut Canadian author Amy Lin that will resonate deeply with anyone who has been in grief's grasp. "When he dies, I fall out of time." Amy Lin...

The esther anointing by Michelle McClain-Walters

The esther anointing

Michelle McClain-Walters


Be inspired by Esther, an incredible woman of God. Esther was willing to risk her life for the welfare of her people and the furthering of God's plan. Strategically positioned by God in a place of influence, Esther is a powerful biblical example of how God can...

10x is easier than 2x by Dan Sullivan

10x is easier than 2x

Dan Sullivan


Expanding upon one of his high-level foundational teachings: Strategic Coach co-founder Dan Sullivan explains why achieving 10X growth is easier than going for 2X growth. Dan Sullivan, the world's leading coach for highly successful entrepreneurs, wants you to...

Says who? by Anne Curzan

Says who?

Anne Curzan


A kinder, funner usage guide to the ever-changing English language and a useful tool for both the grammar stickler and the more colloquial user of English, from linguist and veteran professor Anne Curzan "I was bowled over, page after page, by the author's...

Candy Darling by C. Carr

Candy Darling

C. Carr


This program is read by cabaret legend Justin Vivian Bond.From the acclaimed biographer Cynthia Carr, the first full portrait of the queer icon and Warhol superstar Candy Darling.Warhol superstar and transgender icon Candy Darling was glamour personified, but...

Unfinished woman by Robyn Davidson

Unfinished woman

Robyn Davidson


'The zigzagging life of an adventurer' GUARDIAN 'An astonishing, wonderful memoir of an extraordinary life' HENRY MARSH, author of Do No Harm 'Exciting and complex, full of insight and humour' SPECTATOR An unforgettable memoir from the author of the...

The darkest white by Eric Blehm

The darkest white

Eric Blehm


From Eric Blehm, the bestselling author of The Last Season and Fearless, comes an extraordinary new book in the vein of Into the Wild, the story of the legendary snowboarder Craig Kelly and his death in the 2003 Durrand Glacier Avalanche--a devastating and...

Habits of the household by Justin Whitmel Earley

Habits of the household

Justin Whitmel Earley


Discover simple habits and easy-to-implement daily rhythms that will help you find meaning beyond the chaos of family life as you create a home where kids and parents alike practice how to love God and each other. You long for tender moments with your...

God on mute by Pete Greig

God on mute

Pete Greig


What do you do when God is silent? Writing out of the pain of his wife's fight for life but also the wonder of watching the prayer movement they founded touch many lives, Pete Greig wrestles with the dark side of prayer and emerges with a hard-won message of...

A burning in my bones by Winn Collier

A burning in my bones

Winn Collier


This essential authorized biography of Eugene Peterson offers unique insights into the experiences and spiritual convictions of the iconic American pastor and beloved translator of The Message. "In the time of a generation-wide breakdown in trust with leaders...

Chasing beauty by Natalie Dykstra

Chasing beauty

Natalie Dykstra


The vivid and masterful story of Isabella Stewart Gardner--creator of one of America's most stunning museums--an American original whose own life was remade by art. Isabella Stewart Gardner's museum, with its plain exterior enfolding an astonishing four-story...

Afraid by Arash Javanbakht


Arash Javanbakht


About a third of the world population suffers from an anxiety disorder, and half of Americans have had at least one traumatic experience like rape, assault, shooting, or natural disasters. Fear and anxiety are with us everywhere we go. Fear is deeply woven...

50 ways to rewire your anxious brain by Catherine M. Pittman

50 ways to rewire your anxious brain

Catherine M. Pittman


Do you struggle with anxiety? Has it taken over your life or affected your relationships? Do you feel like chronic worry and rumination are holding you back from being your best, achieving your goals, or just enjoying your day-to-day life? Get a crash course...

The sex you want by Rena Martine

The sex you want

Rena Martine


When it comes to relationships, our society has plenty of expectations. We're supposed to know how to speak up for ourselves in bed, be caring partners, and, of course, love ourselves first. But no one tells us how to actually do all those things, and we are...

Literary theory for robots by Dennis Tenen

Literary theory for robots

Dennis Tenen


Literary Theory for Robots reveals the hidden history of modern machine intelligence, taking listeners on a spellbinding journey from medieval Arabic philosophy to visions of a universal language, past Hollywood fiction factories, and missile defense systems...

Sugarless by Nicole M. Avena


Nicole M. Avena


Many people blame sugar cravings on lack of willpower rather than accept that sugar is highly addictive-even more so than cocaine, nicotine, and alcohol. The problem isn't just dessert, but the fact that sugar is everywhere. Approximately 80% of products in...

The Gulistan of Saadi Shirazi by author Saʻdī

The Gulistan of Saadi Shirazi

author Saʻdī


The intuition toolkit by Joel Pearson

The intuition toolkit

Joel Pearson


Five easy rules for developing intuition, based on trailblazing research by a top Australian neuroscientist. Learn when it's safe to rely on intuition in decision-making and when it's not. Intuition has saved lives and averted disasters, and it also lies...

The complete audio Holy Bible.

The complete audio Holy Bible.

James Earl Jones (New Testament reading) and Jon Sherberg (Old Testament) combine their incredible vocal talents in one of the most critically acclaimed Holy Bible recordings ever. These two lush baritone vocals are the perfect complement to one another. Mr....

Georgia O'Keeffe by Roxana Robinson

Georgia O'Keeffe

Roxana Robinson


One of the greatest and most admired artists of the twentieth century, Georgia O'Keeffe led a life rich in intense relationships--with family, friends, and especially with fellow artist Alfred Stieglitz.Her extraordinary accomplishments, such as the often...

Little, crazy children by James Renner

Little, crazy children

James Renner


In September of 1990, in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights, sixteen-year-old Lisa Pruett was on her way to a midnight tryst with her boyfriend, when she was viciously stabbed to death only thirty feet from the boy's home. The murder cast a palpable gloom...

Atomic habits by James Clear

Atomic habits

James Clear


The "Atomic Habits" (Adathaye Atomi) is a practical and comprehensive guide to creating good habits as well as breaking bad ones. Tips to become one percent better every day. If you have trouble changing your habits, it's not really you, it's the system you're...

Think again by Adam Grant

Think again

Adam Grant


The best-selling author of Give and Take and Originals examines the critical art of rethinking: learning to question your opinions and open other people's minds, which can position you for excellence at work and wisdom in life.As an organizational...

A day in the life of Abed Salama by Nathan Thrall

A day in the life of Abed Salama

Nathan Thrall


Brought to you by Penguin.LONGLISTED FOR THE BAILLIE GIFFORD PRIZE FOR NON-FICTIONA gripping, intimate story of one heartbreaking day in Palestine that reveals lives, loves, enmities, and histories in violent collisionMilad is five years old and excited for...

Beautiful chaos by Jessica Urlichs

Beautiful chaos

Jessica Urlichs


Motherhood is messy and beautiful, and hard and humbling. We adore our children and sometimes we miss ourselves. Beautiful Chaos is a collection of raw, honest poems about motherhood - capturing everything from pregnancy to school age. Upon becoming a mother,...

The happiness advantage by Shawn Achor

The happiness advantage

Shawn Achor


Brought to you by Penguin.Most people want to be successful in life. And of course, everyone wants to be happy. When it comes to the pursuit of success and happiness, most people assume the same formula: if you work hard, you will become successful, and once...

The race of truth by Leigh Timmis

The race of truth

Leigh Timmis


Being the fastest cyclist in the world at the start line means nothing if your mind isn't strong enough to get you to the finish line In 2018, Leigh Timmis became the fastest person to cycle across Europe - in just 16 days, 10 hours and 45 minutes - breaking...

The Samoan crisis

The Samoan crisis


Samoa is a group of about 20 islands in the South Pacific Ocean, totaling slightly over 1,100 square miles, about a fifth the size of Hawai'i. The ancestors of the Samoans arrived there many centuries ago. Archaeological artifacts suggest Polynesians arrived...

The cancer finishing school by Peter Goldsworthy

The cancer finishing school

Peter Goldsworthy


'My first stray thought: cancer is a gift. I'm lucky to have it. What priceless material for a doctor-writer. 'What lessons might cancer teach him before it finishes him off? Peter Goldsworthy asks, obliquely. A GP of forty years' practice, as well as one of...

Wayfarer by Phoebe Smith


Phoebe Smith


A woman's tale of the transformative power of walking Britain's ancient pilgrim paths 'Raw, honest, powerful. I couldn't put it down.' Cerys Matthews On an assignment to walk the most famous pilgrimage in the world - the Camino de Santiago, in northern Spain -...

Turn the ship around! by L. David Marquet

Turn the ship around!

L. David Marquet


Brought to you by Penguin. 'David Marquet is the kind of leader who comes around only once in a generation ... his ideas and lessons are invaluable' Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why Captain David Marquet was used to giving orders. In the high-stress...

Make it stick by Peter C. Brown

Make it stick

Peter C. Brown


To most of us, learning something 'the hard way' implies wasted time and effort. Good teaching, we believe, should be creatively tailored to the different learning styles of students and should use strategies that make learning easier. Make It Stick turns...

The right kind of white by Garrett Bucks

The right kind of white

Garrett Bucks


A revelatory memoir that earnestly reckons with whiteness. As the product of progressive parents and a liberal upbringing, Garrett Bucks prided himself on the pursuit of being a "good white person." The kind of white person who treats their privilege as a...

101 ways to be less stressed by Caroline Leaf

101 ways to be less stressed

Caroline Leaf


"In this simple "how-to" guide, bestselling author and therapist offers you 101 practical daily mental health care tips, providing you with a straightforward, doable path toward a lifestyle of improved mental health"--

The great alone by Tim Voors

The great alone

Tim Voors


Time is precious. The world is waiting. Rediscover yourself. The Great Alone is the epic adventure of a relatable explorer. Why does a 44-year-old father leave his family for six months to walk 4,286km across America on the Pacific Crest Trail? What effect...

Somatic internal family systems therapy by Susan McConnell

Somatic internal family systems therapy

Susan McConnell

Applying somatic principles to the Internal Family Systems modelSomatic Internal Family Systems Therapy introduces a new therapeutic modality that blends principles of somatic therapy--like movement, touch, and breathwork--with the traditional tools of the...

The false exit by John Lamerton

The false exit

John Lamerton

DO NOT SELL YOUR BUSINESS... At least, not until you've listened to this audiobook. The False EXIT isn't an audiobook about selling your business. It's an audiobook about NOT selling your business. Want to know how to sell your business? The False EXIT shows...

Dirty linen by Martin Doyle

Dirty linen

Martin Doyle

Martin Doyle, Books Editor of The Irish Times, offers a personal, intimate history of the Troubles seen through the microcosm of a single rural parish, his own, part of both the Linen Triangle - heartland of the North's defining industry - and the Murder...

Rubies in my ears by Sanjiv T Lall

Rubies in my ears

Sanjiv T Lall

Inside this book you might want to pick up from my life "encounters". Destiny is indeed in your hands. If you feel demotivated and broke, know that I was once in your shoes. There is always a way, look and search for opportunities. People who grab the...

Finding Endurance by Darrel Bristow-Bovey

Finding Endurance

Darrel Bristow-Bovey

The discovery of Endurance briefly swept the anxiety and rancour of 2022 from the headlines of the world, and new generations thrilled again to one of the greatest tales of all time. Acclaimed South African writer Darrel Bristow-Bovey has a deeply personal...

4 weeks to better sleep by Michael Mosley

4 weeks to better sleep

Michael Mosley

Sleep is increasingly recognised as essential for a healthy brain and body, but 60% of Australians struggle to get enough. To accompany a new SBS series, and based on groundbreaking sleep science, in 4 Weeks to Better Sleep the bestselling author of The Fast...

No miracles needed by Mark Z. (Mark Zachary) Jacobson

No miracles needed

Mark Z. (Mark Zachary) Jacobson

The world needs to turn away from fossil fuels and use clean, renewable sources of energy as soon as we can. Failure to do so will cause catastrophic climate damage sooner than you might think, leading to loss of biodiversity and economic and political...

The princes in the tower by Philippa Langley

The princes in the tower

Philippa Langley

Philippa Langley took the world by storm when, against all the odds and a seven-year investigation, she discovered the grave of King Richard III (1452-1485) in a Leicester car park. A king finally laid to rest, the rediscovery and reburial of Richard III was...

Biocivilisations by Predrag Slijepčević


Predrag Slijepčević

Biocivilisations is an important, original rethinking of the mystery of life and its deep uncertainty, exploring the complex civilisations that existed on Earth long before humans. What is life? Many scientists believe life can be reduced to 'mechanistic'...

From mohair suits to Kinky Boots by Geoff Deane

From mohair suits to Kinky Boots

Geoff Deane

As the lead singer of Modern Romance he toured the world, as the screenwriter of Kinky Boots he conquered Hollywood, now comes Geoff Deane's latest act as a quite brilliant and witty ranconteur in his hilarious memoir From Mohair Suits to Kinky Boots.... Geoff...

Our livable world by Marc Schaus

Our livable world

Marc Schaus

There's finally reason to hope. Climate change is the existential threat of our time, but incredible new advancements in science and engineering can allow us to avoid the worst repercussions of global warming as we work to reverse it over time. In Our Livable...

Deep deception by Helen Steel

Deep deception

Helen Steel

Groomed. Gaslighted. Ghosted. They thought they'd found their soulmate. They had no idea he was spying on them. These five motivated, independent women each thought they'd met their perfect partner - someone who shared their values, ambitions and goals. But...

In this together by Marianne E. Krasny

In this together

Marianne E. Krasny

In This Together explores how we can harness our social networks to make a real impact fighting the climate crisis.Against notions of the lone environmental crusader, Marianne E. Krasny shows us the power of "network climate action"--the idea that our own...

There's still no such thing as 'naughty' by Kate Silverton

There's still no such thing as 'naughty'

Kate Silverton

'As a child therapist and a parent with two primary-aged children, I know how difficult, demanding and consuming the job can be. I've written this book to answer parents' questions about their children's behaviour, make their lives easier, and restore joy and...

All the lonely people by Sam Carr

All the lonely people

Sam Carr

In stories of love and loss, of trauma and hope, told from care homes, living rooms, classrooms and kitchens, Carr discovers that while each of their stories is utterly unique, they are all born out of the same desire for human connection. As Carr interweaves...

Hildasay to home by Christian Lewis

Hildasay to home

Christian Lewis

Since his time on Hildasay, Chris' adventure has only gotten wilder. No one was more surprised than Chris when, in November 2020, he had an unlikely (seemingly destined) encounter with fellow adventurer Kate. The two turned out to be kindred spirits and - even...

Space oddities by Harry Cliff

Space oddities

Harry Cliff

Newly discovered strangenesses could transform our understanding of the fundamentals of physics - and of the nature of reality. In this eye-opening account, CERN experimental physicist Harry Cliff takes the reader on a tour of a new universe . . . Something...

Now is not the time for flowers by Stacey Heale

Now is not the time for flowers

Stacey Heale

When Stacey Heale's husband, Greg, was diagnosed with incurable cancer on their daughter's first birthday, it felt like her life as she knew it was drawn to a halt. Confronted with the end of her relationship and her family as she knew it, Stacey started...

Crimes of the cross by Anne Manne

Crimes of the cross

Anne Manne

For many years, Newcastle was the centre of an extensive paedophile network run by members of the Anglican church - and protected by parishioners and community members who looked the other way. In this gripping audiobook, Anne Manne reveals how this network...

Black duck by Bruce Pascoe

Black duck

Bruce Pascoe

When Dark Emu was adopted by Australia like a new anthem, Bruce found himself at the centre of a national debate that often focussed on the wrong part of the story. But through all the noise came Black Duck Foods, a blueprint for traditional food growing and...

Crucial confrontations by Kerry Patterson

Crucial confrontations

Kerry Patterson

Discover skills to resolve touchy, controversial, and complex issues at work and at home now available in this follow-up to the internationally popular Crucial conversations. Behind the problems that routinely plague organizations and families, you'll find...

Thunder song by Sasha taqwšeblu LaPointe

Thunder song

Sasha taqwšeblu LaPointe

Drawing on a rich family archive as well as the anthropological work of her late great-grandmother, Sasha taq?š?blu LaPointe explores themes ranging from indigenous identity and stereotypes to cultural displacement and environmental degradation to understand...

The ballad of speedball baby by Ali Smith

The ballad of speedball baby

Ali Smith

The Ballad of Speedball Baby is the thrilling, darkly hilarious, and heart-wrenchingly vulnerable story of Ali Smith's coming-of-age in '90s New York as she commits to the messy, exhilarating life of a musician and must survive the slings and arrows society...

The mindbody prescription by John E. Sarno

The mindbody prescription

John E. Sarno

The New York Times bestselling guide to a healthy and pain-free life. Musculoskeletal pain disorders have reached epidemic proportions in the United States, with most doctors failing to recognize their underlying cause. In this acclaimed volume, Dr. Sarno...

A manual for manifesting your dream life by Eric John Campbell

A manual for manifesting your dream life

Eric John Campbell

You were born with a superpower: the ability to create using your focused attention.The dream life you desire for yourself is wanted because it's within your power to manifest it.The life you dream of now is your highest potential in this lifetime. By...

The 15 invaluable laws of growth by John C. Maxwell

The 15 invaluable laws of growth

John C. Maxwell

In this inspiring guide to successful leadership, New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell shares his tried and true principles for maximum personal growth. Are there actually tried and true principles that are always certain to help a person grow?...

They ask you answer by Marcus Sheridan

They ask you answer

Marcus Sheridan

They Ask You Answer is a straightforward guide to fixing your current marketing strategy. Regardless of your budget, you are almost certainly overspending on television, radio, and print ads, yet neglecting the number-one resource you have at your disposal:...

The case for nature by Siddarth Shrikanth

The case for nature

Siddarth Shrikanth

We are on the brink of environmental catastrophe. Cutting emissions is essential but won't be enough. We also need to harness the power of nature, recognising that the natural world is not only priceless, but has measurable economic value. Restoring...

Why mums don't jump by Helen Ledwick

Why mums don't jump

Helen Ledwick

A ground-breaking, stigma-shattering look at the pelvic floor issues encountered by one in three women. When Helen Ledwick discovered she had a prolapse after the birth of her second child, she was devastated, not just by the constant discomfort but also by...

Determined by Robert M. Sapolsky


Robert M. Sapolsky

Brought to you by Penguin. One of the world's greatest scientists of human behaviour, the bestselling author of Behave, shows that free will does not exist - and challenges us to rethink the notions of choice, identity, responsibility, justice, morality and...

Constellations by Sinéad Gleeson


Sinéad Gleeson

I have come to think of all the metal in my body as artificial stars, glistening beneath the skin, a constellation of old and new metal. A map, a tracing of connections and a guide to looking at things from different angles. How do you tell the story of a life...

A very private school by Charles Spencer Spencer

A very private school

Charles Spencer Spencer

In this poignant memoir, Charles Spencer recounts the trauma of being sent away from home at age eight to attend a boarding school. A Very Private School offers a clear-eyed, firsthand account of a culture of cruelty at the school Spencer attended in his youth...

How big things get done by Bent Flyvbjerg

How big things get done

Bent Flyvbjerg

Nothing is more inspiring than a big vision that becomes a triumphant, new reality. Think of how Apple's iPod went from a project with a single employee to an enormously successful product launch in eleven months. But they are the exception. Consider how...

How to be accountable by Joe Biel

How to be accountable

Joe Biel

Accountability is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for and to repair the harm caused by one's actions. It features prominently in our relationships, personal lives, and professional lives. Everything from stealing money from work to lying...

Cult trip by Anke Richter

Cult trip

Anke Richter

A leading journalist's intense, riveting and personal investigation into the worlds and minds of cults At a new age festival in Byron Bay, journalist Anke Richter is finding her spiritual awakening when she meets a woman - a survivor of the Auckland cult...

Going AWOL by Mary Somervell

Going AWOL

Mary Somervell

Are you interested in living a more authentic and adventurous life? Would you like to be inspired by incredible outdoor adventures around New Zealand? Instead of making excuses for missing out, are you ready for experiences that will enrich your life? If so,...

Unf#ck your business by Joe Biel

Unf#ck your business

Joe Biel

How do you start and run a successful business, despite the odds? This unique guide to entrepreneurship teaches you practical math and management skills alongside the emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and coping skills that you need in order to overcome...

Sparks by Ian Johnson


Ian Johnson

Brought to you by Penguin. In China today a nationwide movement emerges, defying crackdowns and censorship to challenge the Communist Party on its most hallowed ground: its control of history.In traditional China, dynasties rewrote history to justify their...

Natalie Haynes stands up for the classics. Series 5-8 by Natalie Haynes

Natalie Haynes stands up for the classics. Series 5-8

Natalie Haynes

Four more series of Natalie Haynes' BBC Radio 4 show taking a comic look at the ancient world. Author, broadcaster and 'rock star classicist' Natalie Haynes is a little bit obsessive about Ancient Greece and Rome. In these four series, she explores some of the...

Down the drain by Julia (Actress) Fox

Down the drain

Julia (Actress) Fox

The hotly anticipated book from 'one of the all-time pop-culture greats' (New York magazine) that chronicles her shocking life and unyielding determination to not only survive but achieve her dreams. Julia Fox is famous for many things: her captivating acting,...

The missing piece  by Julie Legg

The missing piece

Julie Legg

Everything you need to know about recognising and diagnosing ADHD in women, and how to live a full and fulfilling life after When Julie Legg was diagnosed with ADHD at age 52, suddenly her life made sense. Bringing together her own experience along with...

The house of hidden meanings by 1960- author. RuPaul

The house of hidden meanings

1960- author. RuPaul

From international drag superstar and pop culture icon RuPaul, comes his most revealing and personal work to date--a brutally honest, surprisingly poignant, and deeply intimate memoir of growing up Black, poor, and queer in a broken home to discovering the...

Purple hands by Barbara Walker

Purple hands

Barbara Walker

If you're freaking out, read this by Simone DeAngelis

If you're freaking out, read this

Simone DeAngelis

Is everything terrible? Is your life going to shit and your brain's convinced you that you're utterly screwed? Have you found yourself in a dark place with no way out? Are you having trouble holding onto reality and getting out of the dumps? All of the above?...

Code dependent by Madhumita Murgia

Code dependent

Madhumita Murgia

What does it mean to be human in a world that is rapidly changing thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, of automated decision-making that both draws on and influences our behaviour? Through the voices of ordinary people in places far removed...

At work in the ruins by Dougald Hine

At work in the ruins

Dougald Hine

'One of the most perceptive and thought-provoking books yet written about the multiple intersecting crises that are now upending our once-familiar world. . . Essential reading for these turbulent times.' Amitav Ghosh, author of The Great Derangement Dougald...

Unf*ck your anger by Faith G. Harper

Unf*ck your anger

Faith G. Harper

If you've ever been so pissed off that you did things that you regretted, or ruined your own day and some other people's too, this book is for you. Or if you feel angry every single day and it's affecting your health and sleep and love of life. Or if you have...

Unfuck your grief by Faith G. Harper

Unfuck your grief

Faith G. Harper

Bestselling author Dr. Faith G. Harper adds to her series of zines, writing this time about grief. It's hard to imagine anyone else being able to make understanding the grieving process ... well, funny, while also being genuine and compassionate. As always,...

Peas and queues by Sandi Toksvig

Peas and queues

Sandi Toksvig

How do you get rid of unwanted guests? What do you do if there's a racket in the quiet carriage? How should you eat peas, and behave in queues? How to behave, like how to punctuate, is an aspect of life that many are no longer taught. Thankfully, Sandi Toksvig...

The friendship formula by Caroline Millington

The friendship formula

Caroline Millington

Friendship is such an important part of our lives but how much to we really know about it? The Friendship Formula shows readers how to create and maintain longlasting, nurturing and functioning friendships. Friendship is a beautiful thing but there are lots of...

Paul McCartney by Philip Norman

Paul McCartney

Philip Norman

Since the age of twenty-one, Paul McCartney has lived one of the ultimate rock-n-roll lives played out on the most public of stages. Now, Paul's story is told by rock music's foremost biographer, with McCartney's consent and access to family members and close...

Suitcases from heaven by Cindy Seaton Henson

Suitcases from heaven

Cindy Seaton Henson

Suitcases from Heaven: A Mother's Journey through Her Daughter-in-law's Cancer is the heart- wrenching story of a daughter-in-law fighting a rare, terminal cancer with a mountain of miracle-moving faith, and a mother-in-law depleted of miracle-believing faith...

The great displacement by Jake Bittle

The great displacement

Jake Bittle

"The Great Displacement is closely observed, compassionate, and far-sighted." --Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Under a White Sky The untold story of climate migration in the United States--the personal stories of those experiencing...

How to raise a healthy gamer by Alok Kanojia

How to raise a healthy gamer

Alok Kanojia

How much should I let them play? How do I get them to be interested in anything else?! Video games and managing screen time are a modern parenting problem with no blueprint and a rapidly changing landscape. Harvard-trained psychiatrist and former gaming...

The natural history of crime by Patricia E. J. Wiltshire

The natural history of crime

Patricia E. J. Wiltshire

'I love puzzles, and finding answers is the only truly enjoyable part of what I do.' Professor Patricia Wiltshire is a forensic ecologist, her days spent at crime scenes collecting samples, standing over dead bodies in a mortuary, or looking down her...

The price of life by Jenny Kleeman

The price of life

Jenny Kleeman

* $2-3,000 to save the life of a child in Africa * £15,180 to hire a hitman * $368,901 to pay the average ransom demand We say that life is priceless. Yet the cost of saving a life, creating a life or compensating for a life taken is routinely calculated and...

InnSaei by Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir


Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir

What does it mean? How do you say it? Why does it relate to me? InnSaei (pronounced 'in-sy-eh') is the Icelandic word for intuition. It means: · the sea within (the flow of our unconscious mind) · to see within (how we introspect) · to see from the inside out...

A world on the wing by Scott Weidensaul

A world on the wing

Scott Weidensaul

Bird migration remains perhaps the most singularly compelling natural phenomenon in the world. Nothing else combines its global sweep with its inherent ability to engender wonder and excitement. The past two decades have seen an explosion in our understanding...

The loss prescription by Chloe Paidoussis-Mitchell

The loss prescription

Chloe Paidoussis-Mitchell

Nobody gets through life free from the pain of loss. However, despite its ubiquity, we aren't very good at holding space for and consciously processing what grief does to us. It is deeply rupturing and, If left unchecked, it can begin to seriously damage our...

The Manicurist's Daughter by Susan Lieu

The Manicurist's Daughter

Susan Lieu

This program is read by the author. An emotionally raw memoir about the crumbling of the American Dream and a daughter of refugees who searches for answers after her mother dies during plastic surgery. Susan Lieu has long been searching for answers. About her...

How to win an information war by Peter Pomerantsev

How to win an information war

Peter Pomerantsev

From one of our leading experts on disinformation, this inventive biography of the rogue WWII propagandist Thomas Sefton Delmer confronts hard questions about the nature of information war: what if you can't fight lies with truth? Can a propaganda war ever be...

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