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Unlocking the secrets of prompt engineering  by Gilbert Mizrahi

Unlocking the secrets of prompt engineering

Gilbert Mizrahi

"Unlocking the Secrets of Prompt Engineering is your key to mastering the art of AI-driven writing. This book propels you into the world of large language models (LLMs), empowering you to create and apply prompts effectively for diverse applications, from...

Prompt design patterns  by Yi Zhou

Prompt design patterns

Yi Zhou

"Dive headfirst into the electrifying universe of AI with "Prompt Design Patterns" — the ultimate blueprint for sculpting unparalleled human-AI dialogues. Tailored with precision for pros, novices, and everyone with a spark of AI curiosity, this tome unlocks...

Simply AI

Simply AI

"Covering a broad range of fields within AI - from computing and mathematics to politics and philosophy - entries demystify what artificial intelligence is and how it works, how it has dramatically changed how we live, and how it might evolve in the future. ...

How AI ate the world  by Chris Stokel-Walker

How AI ate the world

Chris Stokel-Walker

"Artificial intelligence will shake up life in the 2020s as dramatically as the internet did in the 2000s. This accessible, up-to-date book charts AI's rise from its origins in Cold War America to its imminent and far-reaching impact on us today. Tech...

YouTube secrets  by Sean Cannell

YouTube secrets

Sean Cannell

"YouTube has changed our world--from how we view video to how we connect and market--opening a new entrepreneurial landscape to ambitious individuals. Millions of people generate six to seven figures annually from online video content. And, with the right...

Tubes  by Andrew Blum


Andrew Blum

"The Internet. Home to the most important and intimate aspects of our lives. Our careers, our relationships, our selves, all of them are out there - online. So ... where is that exactly? And who's in charge again? And what if it breaks? In Tubes Andrew Blum...

The sound of the future  by Tobias Dengel

The sound of the future

Tobias Dengel

"Voice is the next technology--remarkably similar in potential impact to the Internet and mobile computing--poised to change the way the world works. Tobias Dengel is in the vanguard of this breakthrough, understanding the deep, wide-ranging implications voice...

Python essentials  by John C. (John Carrol) Shovic

Python essentials

John C. (John Carrol) Shovic

"The no-nonsense way to get started coding in the Python programming language Python Essentials For Dummies is a quick reference to all the core concepts in Python, the multifaceted general-purpose language used for everything from building websites to...

HTML & CSS essentials  by Paul McFedries

HTML & CSS essentials

Paul McFedries

"The easy way to brush up on your HTML & CSS programming skills HTML & CSS Essentials For Dummies is your quick and handy reference to all the core concepts of HTML & CSS-the must-know markup and style languages that make the internet go. This no-nonsense book...

JavaScript essentials  by Paul McFedries

JavaScript essentials

Paul McFedries

"The concise and digestible get-started guide to JavaScript programming JavaScript Essentials For Dummies is your quick reference to all the core concepts about JavaScript-the dynamic scripting language that is often the final step in creating powerful...

SQL all-in-one  by Allen G. Taylor

SQL all-in-one

Allen G. Taylor

"The most thorough SQL reference, now updated for SQL:2023 SQL All-in-One For Dummies has everything you need to get started with the SQL programming language, and then to level up your skill with advanced applications. This relational database coding language...

Writing AI prompts  by Stephanie Diamond

Writing AI prompts

Stephanie Diamond

"Learn the art of writing effective AI prompts and break into an exciting new career field. Unlock the full power of generative AI with Writing AI Prompts For Dummies, a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to confidentially write effective AI prompts....

CCSP, 2nd edition, with online practice  by Arthur J. Deane

CCSP, 2nd edition, with online practice

Arthur J. Deane

"Get CCSP certified and elevate your career into the world of cloud security CCSP For Dummies is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to gain their Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification and advance their cloud security career. This book...

Moral AI  by Jana Schaich Borg

Moral AI

Jana Schaich Borg

"A balanced and thought-provoking guide to all the big questions about AI and ethics Can computers understand morality? Can they respect privacy? And what can we do to make AI safe and fair? The artificial intelligence revolution has begun. Today, there are...

iPad and iPad Pro  by Paul McFedries

iPad and iPad Pro

Paul McFedries

"Fully updated to cover the latest version of iPadOS and all the newest features, iPad & iPad Pro For Dummies is your fun, full-color guide to the most popular tablet on the market. There are a lot of things you can do with an iPad: browse the internet, take...

Data analytics & visualization all-in-one  by Jack A. Hyman

Data analytics & visualization all-in-one

Jack A. Hyman

"Data Analytics & Visualization All-in-One For Dummies collects the essential information on mining, organizing, and communicating data, all in one place. Clocking in at around 850 pages, this tome of a reference delivers eight books in one, so you can build a...

Coding with AI  by Chris Minnick

Coding with AI

Chris Minnick

"'Coding with AI For Dummies' introduces you to the many ways that artificial intelligence can make your life as a coder easier. Even if you're brand new to using AI, this book will show you around the new tools that can produce, examine, and fix code for you....

Python all-in-one  by John C. (John Carrol) Shovic

Python all-in-one

John C. (John Carrol) Shovic

"Python All-in-One For Dummies is your one-stop source for answers to all your Python questions. From creating apps to building complex web sites to sorting big data, Python provides a way to get the work done. This book is great as a starting point for those...

Become an app inventor  by Karen Lang

Become an app inventor

Karen Lang

"Have you ever wanted to build your own mobile apps? App Inventor, a free and revolutionary online program from MIT, lets you do just that. With the help of this companion guide chock-full of colorful graphics and easy-to-follow instructions, readers can learn...

Building DIY websites  by Jennifer DeRosa

Building DIY websites

Jennifer DeRosa

"There's more to building a website than just picking a theme and dropping in text and images. Creating a site that attracts visitors and turns those visitors into customers requires some professional insight and a few tips and tricks. Building DIY Websites...

iPhone for seniors  by Dwight Spivey

iPhone for seniors

Dwight Spivey

"IPhone For Seniors For Dummies is a no-nonsense manual for making the most of the latest iPhone models. You'll learn how to navigate your device's software and customize its settings for your needs. Plow through the basics like making calls, sending text...

Literary theory for robots  by Dennis Tenen

Literary theory for robots

Dennis Tenen

"Literary Theory for Robots reveals the hidden history of modern machine intelligence, taking readers on a spellbinding journey from medieval Arabic philosophy to visions of a universal language, past Hollywood fiction factories and missile defense systems...

Windows 11 for seniors  by Michael Price

Windows 11 for seniors

Michael Price

"Windows 11 for Seniors in easy steps is written with older citizens in mind. It'll guide you through Windows 11, a step at a time, and covers all the key features"--Publisher's description.

Future tense  by Martha Brockenbrough

Future tense

Martha Brockenbrough

"In this non-fiction book for teens, readers are guided through the development of this world-changing technology, exploring how AI has touched every corner of our world, including education, healthcare, work, politics, war, international relations, and even...

iPhone  by Guy Hart-Davis


Guy Hart-Davis

"Fully updated to cover the newest features of iOS and the latest iPhone models, iPhone For Dummies helps you keep in touch with family and friends, take pictures, play games, follow the news, stream music and video, get a little work done, and just about...

Photoshop Elements 2024  by Barbara Obermeier

Photoshop Elements 2024

Barbara Obermeier

"Photoshop Elements 2024 For Dummies covers the newest version of Adobe's beginner-friendly photo editing software. With the help of this Dummies guide, you'll discover the ins and outs of Photoshop Elements, so you can transform your images from ordinary to...

macOS Sonoma  by Guy Hart-Davis

macOS Sonoma

Guy Hart-Davis

"macOS Sonoma For Dummies is the go-to guide for finding your way around Apple's laptop and desktop operating system. For first-time Mac owners and longtime Apple aficionados alike, this book covers the essentials you need to navigate macOS Sonoma with ease....

WordPress all-in-one  by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

WordPress all-in-one

Lisa Sabin-Wilson

"Fully updated with the latest releases, this 8-books-in-1 guide covers every aspect of building a blog or website using WordPress, providing you with all the know-how for making this state-of-the-art go-to platform work for you"--Publisher's description.

Superintelligence  by Nick Bostrom


Nick Bostrom

"The human brain has some capabilities that the brains of other animals lack. It is to these distinctive capabilities that our species owes its dominant position. Other animals have stronger muscles or sharper claws, but we have cleverer brains. If machine...

The quick guide to prompt engineering  by Ian Khan

The quick guide to prompt engineering

Ian Khan

"The Quick Guide to Prompt Engineering is a simple guide and a starting explainer for the practical user. Anyone should be able to pick up the book, start designing prompts, and use them in their work. Khan discusses decoding generative AI, prompt engineering...

Crafting the landscape photograph with Lightroom Classic and Photoshop  by Ben Willmore

Crafting the landscape photograph with Lightroom Classic and Photoshop

Ben Willmore

"Realize the full potential of your photography and produce breathtaking landscape images using Lightroom Classic and Photoshop! You can follow all the tried-and-true rules of great landscape photography-shooting in great light, making sure to have a clear...

Kubernetes best practices  by Brendan Burns

Kubernetes best practices

Brendan Burns

""In this practical guide, four Kubernetes professionals with deep experience in distributed systems, enterprise application development, and open source will guide you through the process of building applications with this container orchestration system. They...

Algorithmic thinking  by Daniel Zingaro

Algorithmic thinking

Daniel Zingaro

"An introduction to solving problems with algorithms and data structures, using competitive programming examples. Topics covered include recursion, dynamic programming, graphs, greedy algorithms, heaps, hash tables, segment trees, and other data structures for...

How AI works  by Ronald T. Kneusel

How AI works

Ronald T. Kneusel

"AI isn't magic. How AI Works demystifies the explosion of artificial intelligence by explaining—without a single mathematical equation—what happened, when it happened, why it happened, how it happened, and what AI is actually doing "under the hood."...

Python for data science  by John Mueller

Python for data science

John Mueller

"Python for Data Science for dummies lets you get your hands dirty with data using one of the top programming languages. This beginner's guide takes you step by step through getting started, performing data analysis, understanding datasets and example code,...

Read write own  by Chris Dixon

Read write own

Chris Dixon

"The Internet of today is a far cry from its early promise of a decentralized, democratic network of creativity and innovation. In the past decade, the Internet has fallen under the control of a tiny group of massive companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook....

Marx and digital machines  by Mike (Independent researcher) Healy

Marx and digital machines

Mike (Independent researcher) Healy

"This book explores the fundamental contradiction at the heart of the digital environment: technology offers all manner of promises, yet habitually fails to deliver. This failure often arises from numerous problems: the proficiency of the technology or...

Clean SAPUI5  by Daniel Bertolozi

Clean SAPUI5

Daniel Bertolozi

"SAPUI5 code needs to be easy to read and easy to update. Clean up your code with this guide from the experts! Learn how to leverage JavaScript features to write better SAPUI5 code. Then walk through detailed code examples and explanations for using modules,...

JavaScript crash course  by Nick Morgan

JavaScript crash course

Nick Morgan

"An introduction to JavaScript for first-time programmers and newcomers to the language. Covers essential concepts like variables, arrays, objects, functions, conditionals, loops, and classes. Explores JavaScript's application in web development, enabling you...

The economy of algorithms  by Marek Kowalkiewicz

The economy of algorithms

Marek Kowalkiewicz

"Welcome to the economy of algorithms. It's here and it's growing. In the past few years, we have been flooded with examples of impressive technology. Algorithms have been around for hundreds of years, but they have only recently begun to 'escape' our...

Web coding & development all-in-one  by Paul McFedries

Web coding & development all-in-one

Paul McFedries

"Web Coding & Development All-in-One For Dummies is a one-stop resource for would-be developers who need guidance on the languages and steps used to build websites and applications. Learn the coding ropes and expand your existing skillset with this...

The history of the Internet  by Chris Stokel-Walker

The history of the Internet

Chris Stokel-Walker

"The internet is everywhere. But how did it start? How has it changed? And what will it look like in the future? No development in human history has changed the world as radically, or as quickly, as the advent of the internet. There’s almost no aspect of...

Learning and operating Presto  by Angelica Lo Duca

Learning and operating Presto

Angelica Lo Duca

"The Presto community has mushroomed since its origins at Facebook in 2012. But ramping up this open source distributed SQL query engine can be challenging even for the most experienced engineers. With this practical book, data engineers and architects,...

Learning Microsoft Azure  by Jonah Carrio Andersson

Learning Microsoft Azure

Jonah Carrio Andersson

"If your organization plans to modernize services and move to the cloud from legacy software or a private cloud on premises, this book is for you. Software developers, solution architects, cloud engineers, and anybody interested in cloud technologies will...

Delta Lake  by Bennie Haelen

Delta Lake

Bennie Haelen

"With the surge in big data and AI, organizations can rapidly create data products. However, the effectiveness of their analytics and machine learning models depends on the data's quality. Delta Lake's open source format offers a robust lakehouse framework...

Photoshop on the iPad  by Rob De Winter

Photoshop on the iPad

Rob De Winter

"Adobe Photoshop, the world's most popular image-editing program, is now available on the iPad. So wherever you are, you can use familiar Photoshop tools to retouch photos, create compositions, work with layers, add text, and a whole lot more. Photoshop on the...

The loop  by Jacob (Technology correspondent) Ward

The loop

Jacob (Technology correspondent) Wa...

"An eye-opening narrative journey into the rapidly changing world of artificial intelligence by a high profile NBC technology reporter, revealing the dangerous ways that AI is poised to exploit the unconscious habits of our minds. Artificial intelligence is...

Python playground  by Mahesh Venkitachalam

Python playground

Mahesh Venkitachalam

"Harness the power of Python as you turn code into tangible creations with Python Playground, a collection of 15 inventive projects that will expand your programming horizons, spark your curiosity, and elevate your coding skills. Go beyond the basics as you...

The official Raspberry Pi beginner's guide  by Gareth Halfacree

The official Raspberry Pi beginner's guide

Gareth Halfacree

"Raspberry Pi is a small, clever, British-built computer that's packed with potential. Made using a desktop-class, energy-efficient processor, Raspberry Pi is designed to help you learn coding, discover how computers work, and build your own amazing things....

Meganets  by David (David B.) Auerbach


David (David B.) Auerbach

"David Auerbach's exploration of the phenomenon he has identified as the meganet begins with a simple, startling revelation: There is no hand on the tiller of some of the largest global digital forces that influence our daily lives. From corporate sites such...

Your face belongs to us  by Kashmir Hill

Your face belongs to us

Kashmir Hill

"In this riveting feat of reporting, Kashmir Hill illuminates the improbable rise of Clearview AI and how Hoan Ton-That, a computer engineer and Richard Schwartz, a Giuliani associate, launched a terrifying facial recognition app with society-altering...

Unmasking AI  by Joy Buolamwini

Unmasking AI

Joy Buolamwini

"Dr. Joy Buolamwini is the self-described "Poet of Code" who has had a lifelong passion for computer science, engineering, and art-disciplines that, she felt, pushed the boundaries of reality. After tinkering with robotics as a high school student in...

Learn enough Python to be dangerous  by Michael Hartl

Learn enough Python to be dangerous

Michael Hartl

"Python is the dominant programming language for data science and an ideal first programming language for web development and many other uses. In Learn Enough Python to Be Dangerous, renowned instructor Michael Hartl teaches the specific concepts, skills, and...

Killer ChatGPT prompts  by Guy Hart-Davis

Killer ChatGPT prompts

Guy Hart-Davis

"By now, you've heard of ChatGPT and its incredible potential. You may even have tried to use it a few times just to see it in action for yourself. But have you ever wondered what ChatGPT is truly capable of? Killer ChatGPT Prompts: Harness the Power of AI for...

Wild west to Agile  by James A. Highsmith

Wild west to Agile

James A. Highsmith

"Jim Highsmith tackles the evolution and revolution of software development, embellishes them with personal experiences, from the Apollo moon mission to modern digital transformations, and introduces the adventurous pioneers--from structured era developer Ken...

The well-grounded Python developer  by Doug Farrell

The well-grounded Python developer

Doug Farrell

"When you're new to Python, it can be tough to understand where and how to use its many language features. There's a dizzying array of libraries, and it's challenging to fit everything together. The Well-Grounded Python Developer builds on Python skills you've...

Design for developers  by Stephanie Stimac

Design for developers

Stephanie Stimac

"Design for Developers introduces the essential design and UX techniques to help you create good user experiences, iterate smoothly on front-end features, and collaborate effectively with designer colleagues. Author Stephanie Stimac shares the unique insights...

Faking it  by Toby Walsh

Faking it

Toby Walsh

"The brave new world of faking it. Artificial intelligence is, as the name suggests, artificial and fundamentally different to human intelligence. Yet often the goal of AI is to fake human intelligence. This deceit has been there from the very beginning. We've...

Quantum computing  by William W. Hurley

Quantum computing

William W. Hurley

"Quantum computing has the promise to be the next huge thing in technology. How do we know that? Look at how much the big players in tech are investing in the technology. Quantum Computing For Dummies preps you for the amazing changes that are coming with the...

Articulating design decisions  by Tom Greever

Articulating design decisions

Tom Greever

"Talking to people about your designs might seem like a basic skill, but it can be difficult to do well. In many cases, how you communicate with stakeholders, clients, and other nondesigners may be more important than the designs themselves. Because if you...

The AI dilemma  by Juliette Powell

The AI dilemma

Juliette Powell

"The misuse of AI has led to wrongful arrests, crashed airplanes, even genocide-this book offers 7 powerful principles that businesses can use now to end the harm. Cambridge Analytica, the Boeing 737 Max crash, Facebook's role in the Rohingya genocide-AI is...

Windows 11 tips, tricks & shortcuts in easy steps  by Nick Vandome

Windows 11 tips, tricks & shortcuts in easy steps

Nick Vandome

"Using the full potential of Windows 11 can sometimes seem like a daunting task, even when you have mastered the basics of the operating system. However, with Windows 11 Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts in easy steps you can start to take your Windows 11 knowledge to...

Just enough research  by Erika Hall

Just enough research

Erika Hall

"Good research is about asking more and better questions, and thinking critically about the answers. Done well, it will save your team time and money by reducing unknowns and creating a solid foundation to build the right thing, in the most effective way....

Teach yourself visually HTML and CSS  by Guy Hart-Davis

Teach yourself visually HTML and CSS

Guy Hart-Davis

"Level-up your HTML and CSS web development skills with this dynamic, visual guide Teach Yourself VISUALLY HTML and CSS is the perfect resource for those of you who prefer to learn visually and would rather be shown how to do something – with crystal-clear...

I am code  by Brent Katz

I am code

Brent Katz

"At a wedding in early 2022, three friends were introduced to an early, raw version of the AI model behind ChatGPT by their fellow groomsman, an OpenAI scientist. While the world discovered ChatGPT--OpenAI's hugely popular chatbot--the friends continued to...

The alignment problem  by Brian Christian

The alignment problem

Brian Christian

"How do we prevent AI working against us? Artificial intelligence is rapidly dominating every aspect of our modern lives influencing the news we consume, whether we get a mortgage, and even which friends wish us happy birthday. But as algorithms make ever more...

SeniorITy  by Lucia Dore


Lucia Dore

"Do you feel frustrated and left behind as every aspect of daily life - from banking and shopping to health and communication - becomes increasingly dependent on technology, the internet, and artificial intelligence (AI)? SeniorITy empowers us as we age, and...

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript all-in-one  by Paul McFedries

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript all-in-one

Paul McFedries

"Looking to start an exciting new career in front-end web building and design? Or maybe you just want to develop a new skill and create websites for fun. Whatever your reasons, it's never been easier to start learning how to build websites from scratch than...

Dive into data science  by Bradford Tuckfield

Dive into data science

Bradford Tuckfield

"Learn how to apply the principles of data science to improve business strategies. Chapters cover concepts such as A/B testing, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, web scraping, and more. Each concept is illustrated using real-world business...

Basic metaverse  by David L. Shrier

Basic metaverse

David L. Shrier

"In Basic Metaverse, leading futurist David L. Shrier explains how the technology works, unpacks its potential uses - including its relationship to the development of Web3 - and its impact on everyday life and work. He explores some of the legal and moral...

Making a metaverse that matters  by Wagner James Au

Making a metaverse that matters

Wagner James Au

"In Making a Metaverse That Matters: From Snow Crash & Second Life to A Virtual World Worth Fighting For, the celebrated author of The Making of Second Life and Game Design Secrets, Wagner James Au, delivers an engrossing exploration of how nascent metaverse...

The rise of the Metaverse  by Jianing Yu

The rise of the Metaverse

Jianing Yu

"The Internet is now, but the future is the metaverse. The metaverse is a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and others. The prediction is that the next ten years will be the golden era of the metaverse, and...

The ChatGPT revolution  by Donna McGeorge

The ChatGPT revolution

Donna McGeorge

"From conducting research and generating reports to organizing your next vacation, ChatGPT is the sidekick you never knew you needed. With a humorous and practical approach, this book covers everything you need to know to easily and quickly incorporate ChatGPT...

ChatGPT  by Pamela Baker


Pamela Baker

"ChatGPT For Dummies demystifies the artificial intelligence tool that can answer questions, write essays, and generate just about any kind of text it's asked for. This powerful example of generative AI is widely predicted to upend education and business. In...

Web design in easy steps  by Sean McManus

Web design in easy steps

Sean McManus

"Web Design in easy steps, 7th edition reveals the key principles of good web design, which is the art and science of building effective and attractive websites. The book will introduce you to the key technologies of the web, and the design principles that...



"Blockchain and crypto aren't just for speculators anymore-they're the basis of the rising decentralized internet. Web3 has the potential to rewrite the past decade's rules: Monopolies may be shattered, fortunes will be made and lost, and new classes of...

Data visualization in Excel  by Jonathan A. Schwabish

Data visualization in Excel

Jonathan A. Schwabish

"Data Visualization in Excel closes the gap between what people think Excel can do and what they can achieve in the tool. Over the past few years, recognition of the importance of effectively visualizing data has led to an explosion of data analysis and...

Whose time is it?  by Stamatia Portanova

Whose time is it?

Stamatia Portanova

"Following the "emerging life adventures and experiences" of Sophia, a robot animated by blockchain and AI, to present a study in temporal automation. In what way do the two technologies of blockchain and artificial intelligence actualize and, crucially,...

Quantum supremacy  by Michio Kaku

Quantum supremacy

Michio Kaku

"An exhilarating tour of humanity's next great technological achievement-quantum computing-which may eventually unravel the deepest mysteries of science and solve some of humanity's biggest problems, like global warming, world hunger, and incurable disease, by...

JavaScript all-in-one  by Chris Minnick

JavaScript all-in-one

Chris Minnick

"A developer's resource to learning one of the most-used scripting languagesJavaScript All-in-One For Dummies saves you shelf space by offering a complete introduction to JavaScript and how it's used in the real world. This book serves up JavaScript coding...

iPad for seniors  by Dwight Spivey

iPad for seniors

Dwight Spivey

"IPads are some of the coolest and most versatile tablets on the market today. You can watch movies, listen to music, go online, talk to your family and friends, and pretty much anything else you can think of. But with updates coming all the time, it can be...

Autodesk 3ds Max 2021  by Pradeep Mamgain

Autodesk 3ds Max 2021

Pradeep Mamgain

"This book helps to get started with modeling in 3ds Max, and explains important concepts and techniques about 3D modeling which you can utilize to create hard-surfaced objects for your projects. Using a structured and pragmatic approach, this guide begins...

The age of spiritual machines  by Ray Kurzweil

The age of spiritual machines

Ray Kurzweil

"Ray Kurzweil is the inventor of the most innovative and compelling technology of our era, an international authority on artificial intelligence, and one of our greatest living visionaries. Now he offers a framework for envisioning the twenty-first century-an...

The dark cloud  by Guillaume Pitron

The dark cloud

Guillaume Pitron

"A gripping new investigation into the underbelly of digital technology, which addresses the pressing question of the carbon footprint it leaves behind. In a sort of news thriller, the author reveals not only how costly the virtual world is, but how damaging...

Teach yourself visually Photoshop Elements  by Lisa Bucki

Teach yourself visually Photoshop Elements

Lisa Bucki

"Open up Teach Yourself Visually Photoshop Elements and you'll find vibrant, step-by-step screenshots showing you how to master over 100 Photoshop Elements tasks. Each task-based spread covers one technique at a time, ensuring you get up and running fast....

The Rust programming language  by Steve Klabnik

The Rust programming language

Steve Klabnik

"The Rust Programming Language, 2nd Edition is the official guide to Rust 2021: an open source systems programming language that will help you write faster, more reliable software. Rust provides control of low-level details along with high-level ergonomics,...

Man-made  by Tracey Spicer


Tracey Spicer

"'Mum, I want a robot slave.' Broadcaster Tracey Spicer had an epiphany when her young son uttered these six words. Suddenly, her life's work fighting inequality seemed futile. What's the point in agitating to change the present, if bigotry is being embedded...

Chromebook  by Peter H. Gregory


Peter H. Gregory

"The return of the bestselling Chromebook guide on the market. Chromebook For Dummies, Third Edition, is your easy-to-follow guide to the low-cost alternative to a traditional laptop. This beginner's manual walks you through setting up your Chromebook,...

Mastodon  by Chris Minnick


Chris Minnick

"A fun and fresh social media option Mastodon, an exciting new platform in the social media universe, connects you to a whole world of fascinating personalities. This book opens the gate and invites you to participate in this new digital playground. Reconnect...

Software requirements essentials  by Karl Eugene Wiegers

Software requirements essentials

Karl Eugene Wiegers

"Software Requirements Essentials presents 20 core practices for successful project and requirements elicitation, analysis, specification, validation, and management. Leading requirements experts Kurt Wiegers and Candase Hokanson focus on the practices most...

Blogging all-in-one  by Amy Lupold Bair

Blogging all-in-one

Amy Lupold Bair

"If you're looking for a complete guide to creating and solidifying your place in the blogosphere, you've come to the right place! With 8 books in one, Blogging All-in-One For Dummies is the only resource you'll need to get started or to improve your existing...

I forced a bot to write this book  by Keaton Patti

I forced a bot to write this book

Keaton Patti

"Ever wonder what an AI bot might come up with if tasked with creative writing? From Olive Garden commercials to White House press briefings to Game of Thrones scripts, writer and comedian Keaton Patti's "bot" recognizes and heightens the tropes of whatever...

iPad for seniors in easy steps  by Nick Vandome

iPad for seniors in easy steps

Nick Vandome

"This bestselling guide, iPad for Seniors in easy steps,12th edition,is updated to cover iPadOS 16. Written in larger type, it'll help senior folks learn how to use and enjoy myriad iPad features with ease: Choose the right model for you, master Multitasking...

Metaversed  by Luis Bravo Martins


Luis Bravo Martins

"Understand the coming metaverse-and discover how to look past the hype and harness the future of technology. Metaversed is an insightful discussion and analysis of the next, rapidly approaching technological revolution. The authors deliver a compelling new...

What is cybersecurity for?  by Tim Stevens

What is cybersecurity for?

Tim Stevens

"How will protecting our digital infrastructure shape our future? Cybersecurity is one of the key practical and political challenges of our time. It is at the heart of how modern societies survive and thrive, yet public understanding is still rudimentary:...

Clean code

Clean code

"Noted software expert Robert C. Martin presents a revolutionary paradigm with Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship. Martin has teamed up with his colleagues from Object Mentor to distill their best agile practice of cleaning code "on the...

Apple Watch for seniors  by Dwight Spivey

Apple Watch for seniors

Dwight Spivey

"When is a watch more than just a watch? When it's an Apple Watch! This ultra-popular tech toy puts the power of your iPhone on your wrist and makes for a snazzy looking accessory for any occasion! In this book, you'll learn how to do everything from finding...

R all-in-one  by Joseph Schmuller

R all-in-one

Joseph Schmuller

"A deep dive into the programming language of choice for statistics and data...With R All-in-One For Dummies, you get five mini-books in one, offering a complete and thorough resource on the R programming language and a road map for making sense of the sea of...

Simply artificial intelligence

Simply artificial intelligence

"The clearest, simplest guide to artificial intelligence ever published. Understanding AI has never been easier. Combining bold graphics with easy-to-understand text, Simply Artificial Intelligence is the perfect introduction to the world of AI for those who...

Working in public  by Nadia Eghbal

Working in public

Nadia Eghbal

"Open source software has undergone significant shift over the past 20 years. Today, often unseen solo operators maintain code used by millions. In Working in Public, Nadia Eghbal takes an inside look at modern open software development and its evolution over...

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