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Incognito  by David Eagleman


David Eagleman

"In this sparkling and provocative book, renowned neuroscientist David Eagleman navigates the depths of the subconscious brain. Taking in brain damage, plane spotting, dating, drugs, beauty, infidelity, synaesthesia, criminal law, artificial intelligence and...

Everyday Reiki  by Dawn McLaughlin

Everyday Reiki

Dawn McLaughlin

"For Reiki students or seasoned healers to help them connect with the universal healing energy for the self and others. Includes supplemental material for Reiki students who have completed Reiki 1 and guidance for the first post-forty-day milestone. Also for...

The new rules of menopause  by Stephanie S. Faubion

The new rules of menopause

Stephanie S. Faubion

"The ultimate guide, offering real talk about menopause, straight, honest info for managing symptoms and the keys to optimizing your health for the long run--from one of the top doctors in the field of women's health and other experts from Mayo...

The pandemic divide

The pandemic divide

"As COVID-19 made inroads in the United States in spring 2020, a common refrain rose above the din: "We're all in this together." However, the full picture was far more complicated-and far less equitable. Black and Latinx populations suffered illnesses,...

Stiff  by Mary Roach


Mary Roach

"For two thousand years, cadavers - some willingly, some unwittingly - have been involved in science's boldest strides and weirdest undertakings. They've tested France's first guillotines, ridden the NASA Space Shuttle, been crucified in a Parisian laboratory...

Nourished  by Deborah MacNamara


Deborah MacNamara

"What does it mean to be nourished? Nothing could be more basic than food. However, food is only one part of the concept of nourishment, but it has consumed our focus and eclipsed something far more critical for thriving--connection. We have lost sight of the...

Smarter recovery  by Pete McCall

Smarter recovery

Pete McCall

"Many fitness and wellness resources stress the importance of getting in a good workout. Often overlooked is recovery. Without proper recovery, you won't be fully prepared for your next session-or reap the full benefits of your training. Smarter Recovery...

The alkaline 5 diet  by Laura Wilson

The alkaline 5 diet

Laura Wilson

"Harness the power of alkaline foods and eat five meals a day to lose weight, get glowing skin, heal your health problems, and feel fantastic! This incredibly easy-to-follow diet allows you to eat five meals a day without restricting calories, and create the...

The home herbal  by Andrew Chevallier

The home herbal

Andrew Chevallier

"Boost your health and improve your self-care with over 100 herbal medicine recipes to make at home. A herbal medicine-making guide for modern life that starts with you. Learn how to make over 100 easy herbal remedies at home that will improve both your mental...

The gift of the night  by Philip Carr-Gomm

The gift of the night

Philip Carr-Gomm

"Restoring hope to the sleepless, psychotherapist Philip Carr-Gomm reveals how we each have the ability to unlock better sleep naturally. Combining his knowledge of sleep science and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with techniques drawn from spiritual...

The emotional roots of chronic illness  by Jerry M. Kantor

The emotional roots of chronic illness

Jerry M. Kantor

"Jerry M. Kantor presents diagnostic insight, specific homeopathic remedies, and successful case studies about the profound connections between emotions and their physical manifestations in illness. He further correlates the five classical miasms and their...

Happy healthy sober  by Janey Lee Grace

Happy healthy sober

Janey Lee Grace

"Janey Lee Grace, presenter and wellbeing expert explains the power of choosing to be free from alcohol. This book will resonate with people who aren't at rock bottom but want to be as healthy and happy as possible, they just don't realize they were 'grey area...

Taking care  by Sarah DiGregorio

Taking care

Sarah DiGregorio

"Nurses have always been vital to human existence. A nurse was likely there when you were born and a nurse might well be there when you die. Familiar in hospitals and doctors' offices, these dedicated health professionals can also be found in schools, prisons,...

Breaking through depression  by Philip W. Gold

Breaking through depression

Philip W. Gold

"Breaking through depression explores how the anatomy of the brain and the biochemistry of nerve impulses play a major role in how we view ourselves and the world. Drawing from his long-term research, Dr. Philip Gold makes the case for depression arising at...

The official John Wayne handy book of emergency preparedness  by Check Freedman

The official John Wayne handy book of emergency preparedness

Check Freedman

"John Wayne knew tough times called for even tougher people, and when danger's coming around the bend, you'd better be ready to tackle it at a moment's notice. This handy guide will help you face the unknown with confidence, composure and gumption, just like...

Discovering the brain  by Frank Amthor

Discovering the brain

Frank Amthor

"Delve into the enigmas of the human brain through captivating visuals. This hardcover guide explores cutting-edge techniques like fMRI scans, unveiling its intricate processes. Uncover its evolution, sensory information processing, and disruptions in...

The definitive guide to the perimenopause & menopause  by Louise Newson

The definitive guide to the perimenopause & menopause

Louise Newson

"It's time to talk about the menopause openly, to dispel the myths and inform every woman of their choices for this important stage of life. Dr Louise Newson is one of the UK's leading medical experts on the menopause; the doctor "who kick started the...

Overcoming chronic digestive conditions  by Nikki Kenward

Overcoming chronic digestive conditions

Nikki Kenward

"A holistic approach for healing trauma stored in the gut. Explains how and why emotions and trauma are stored in the gut, causing digestive issues and visceral tensions. Presents recent research that enriches our understanding of the gut as a center of...

Fevered planet  by John Vidal

Fevered planet

John Vidal

"Covid-19, mpox, bird flu, SARS, HIV, AIDS, Ebola; we are living in the Age of Pandemics - one that we have created. As the climate crisis reaches a fever pitch and ecological destruction continues unabated, we are just beginning to reckon with the effects of...

The hormone shift  by Tasneem Bhatia

The hormone shift

Tasneem Bhatia

"The Hormone Shift breaks down what is happening behind the scenes in a woman's body throughout her life, explains how to prepare for whatever is coming next, and offers plans to keep the body in balance and minimize unwanted symptoms. Dr. Taz uses the wisdom...

Yoga while you wait  by Judith Stoletzky

Yoga while you wait

Judith Stoletzky

"With Yoga While You Wait, you don't need a studio or a yoga mat or fancy yoga pants - just everyday life and a little bad timing. The busy modern world is back with a vengeance - so how do you fit in a casual apanasana or savasana? By maximising your waiting...

On this bright day  by Susan Peirce Thompson

On this bright day

Susan Peirce Thompson

"Change is hard. A bit of Bright advice every day can help you make it through to the other side. Day by day, week by week, Susan Peirce Thompson, author of the New York Times best-selling Bright Line Eating, will help you to make it through the year with...

This is what you're really hungry for  by Kim Shapira

This is what you're really hungry for

Kim Shapira

"Dietitian Kim Shapira has developed six simple rules that will change your relationship with food forever. In This Is What You're Really Hungry For, she breaks down the science to get your brain and your body on board; replaces fad diets that do not last with...

The fastest diet  by Krista Varady

The fastest diet

Krista Varady

"One of the world's leading researchers on intermittent fasting, Dr Krista Varady, teams up with the world's largest online fasting network, SuperFastDiet, to show you how to supercharge your weight loss and dramatically improve your health. There are myriad...

We're all neurodiverse  by Sonny Jane Wise

We're all neurodiverse

Sonny Jane Wise

"This affirming and thoughtful guide outlines how and why we need to fundamentally shift our thinking about neurodivergent people. We need to accept differences rather than framing them as a problem, abnormality or disorder. Welcome to the neurodiversity...

Treating arthritis exercise book  by Christine Horner

Treating arthritis exercise book

Christine Horner

"Hundreds of thousands of people with arthritis have been helped by the Margaret Hills Clinic and by Margaret's bestselling books, Treating Arthritis: The Drug Free Way and The Treating Arthritis Diet Book. This companion title, completely updated with new...

Recipes for a better menopause  by Federica Amati

Recipes for a better menopause

Federica Amati

"Misinformation around what to eat during the menopause is commonplace, despite being something that every woman will face at some point in their lives. So how can women tailor their diets to minimize symptoms and improve their health? There are plenty of...

My stroke of insight  by Jill Bolte Taylor

My stroke of insight

Jill Bolte Taylor

"On the morning of the 10th December 1996, Jill Bolte Taylor, a thirty-seven-year-old Harvard-trained brain scientist experienced a massive stroke when a blood vessel exploded in the left side of her brain. A neuroanatomist by profession, she observed her own...

The best country to give birth?  by Linda Bryder

The best country to give birth?

Linda Bryder

"'In 2012, following his investigation of the deaths of two babies in childbirth at Waikato Hospital, Hamilton coroner Gordon Matenga asked, 'Does New Zealand have the safe, world-leading system the Government says we do, or are we losing babies because the...

Death nesting  by Anne-Marie Keppel

Death nesting

Anne-Marie Keppel

"A practical and compassionate guide to physically, emotionally, and spiritually caring for the dying"--Publisher's description.

A brief history of the female body  by Deena Emera

A brief history of the female body

Deena Emera

"The female body is an enigma in all stages of life. For teenagers first experiencing their periods, the monthly arrival of mood swings and cramps can be agonizing and inconvenient. With pregnancy, perhaps the most miraculous of bodily events, comes countless...

Miss Ambler's household book of Georgian cures and remedies  by Marilyn Yurdan

Miss Ambler's household book of Georgian cures and remedies

Marilyn Yurdan

"Elizabeth Ambler started compiling her household book of cures in the early eighteenth century, including historic treatments passed down over the decades. These intriguing remedies include Sir Walter Raleigh’s Receipt against Plague, Viper Broth and Snail...

Great minds think unalike  by Peter Ampe

Great minds think unalike

Peter Ampe

"10% different, 100% special: how to turn your difference into your greatest strength. You can't sit still. You don't like unannounced visitors. You always triple-check if the lights are out. But you also see details that no-one else notices. You're always...

The back story on spine care  by Drew A. Bednar

The back story on spine care

Drew A. Bednar

"A practical and occasionally provocative look at the state of spinal surgical care. Just a few decades ago most spine surgery was literally a gamble: maybe you'd get better and maybe you wouldn't. Today we have the knowledge, understanding, and technology to...

How to leave a narcissist... for good  by Sarah Davies

How to leave a narcissist... for good

Sarah Davies

"A psychologist's practical guide to understanding and moving on from toxic relationships with narcissists. You cannot change a narcissist. But you can change how you deal with one. In How to Leave A Narcissist ... For Good, psychologist Dr Sarah Davies offers...

Supercharged self healing  by RJ Spina

Supercharged self healing

RJ Spina

"Leave behind everything you think you know and discover how to manifest true healing. Sharing secrets he discovered through overcoming chest-down paralysis and chronic illness, RJ Spina reveals how to use energy healing to transcend suffering, find inner...

Lovebug  by Daisy Lafarge


Daisy Lafarge

"'The pathogen arrives anyway and takes a seat at the table. Conditioned to welcome damage, I am curious about this uninvited guest. You must sit down, says Love, and taste my meat.' In Lovebug, Daisy Lafarge explores metaphors of love and disease as she seeks...

Does coffee cause cancer?  by Christopher Labos

Does coffee cause cancer?

Christopher Labos

""In this fascinating, refreshingly clarifying book about food, food myths, and how sloppy science perpetuates misconceptions about food, a medical doctor on his way to a conference gets drawn into conversations that answer the following questions: Does...

Science of yoga  by Ann (Yoga instructor) Swanson

Science of yoga

Ann (Yoga instructor) Swanson

"Did you know that yoga practice can help with age-related memory loss, or that the correct way to breathe throughout a sun salutation is influenced by what is happening to your organs as you move? Recent scientific research now backs up what were once...

Clusterf#ck  by Rosie Gee


Rosie Gee

"Are you tired of struggling with ADHD symptoms as a woman in your 40s and beyond? Look no further! Introducing a book about the realities of ADULT ADHD written by a specialist working in this field who was herself only diagnosed in her 40s. In this...

A gift of time  by Amy Kuebelbeck

A gift of time

Amy Kuebelbeck

"This book describes and affirms the wide range of experiences and emotions that can follow a life-limiting prenatal diagnosis. It offers encouragement and practical ideas for moving forward, including guidance for decision-making, strategies for coping with...

Forever strong  by Gabrielle (Osteopath) Lyon

Forever strong

Gabrielle (Osteopath) Lyon

"Learn how to reboot your metabolism, build strength, and extend your life with this accessible new guidebook that demonstrates the importance of muscle for health and longevity from the founder of the Institute for Muscle-Centric Medicineª. After years of...

The other brain  by R. Douglas Fields

The other brain

R. Douglas Fields

"Despite everything that has been written about the brain, a very important part of this vital organ has been overlooked in most books - until now. The Other Brain is the story of glia, which make up approximately 85 percent of the cells in the brain. Long...

Understanding mental disorders

Understanding mental disorders

"Understanding Mental Disorders: Your Guide to DSM-5-TR explains mental disorders, their diagnosis, and their treatment in basic terms for those seeking mental health care and for their loved ones. The book is a practical guide to the disorders described in...

Introduction to the human body  by Gerard J. Tortora

Introduction to the human body

Gerard J. Tortora

"A comprehensive approach to learning anatomy and physiology. This updated edition offers a balanced introduction to the complexities of the human body. Class-tested pedagogy and figures are seamlessly woven into the narrative to ensure that students gain a...

Concussed  by Sam Peters


Sam Peters

"The definitive account of sport's concussion crisis, how its 'dirty secret' was finally made public and what sport must now do to save itself. By recounting the untold story of the most influential sports campaign in British newspaper history, which turned...

Slavic kitchen alchemy  by Zuza Zak

Slavic kitchen alchemy

Zuza Zak

"Steeped in ancient wisdom, magic and folktales, this illustrated scrapbook of Slavic lore offers natural remedies, beauty and cleaning products, healing recipes and wellbeing rituals that will appeal to modern witches and natural healing fans. This book is...

The out-of-sync child  by Carol Stock Kranowitz

The out-of-sync child

Carol Stock Kranowitz

"The groundbreaking book that explains Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)--and presents a drug-free approach that offers hope for parents--now revised and updated. Does your child exhibit"--Publisher's description.

The fruit cure  by Jacqueline Alnes

The fruit cure

Jacqueline Alnes

"A university athlete, Jacqueline Alnes's season was cut short by a series of inexplicable neurological symptoms. What started with a cough escalated to a collapse on the track and months of episodes that stole her ability to walk and even speak. Two years...

Understanding ADHD in girls and women

Understanding ADHD in girls and women

"Written by experts, this book provides comprehensive information about available support for women and girls with ADHD and tips for clinicians and professionals who work with them. The symptoms of ADHD are no less impairing in females than males, but can be...

Simply nutrition

Simply nutrition

"Combining bold graphics with easy-to-understand text, Simply Nutrition is the perfect introduction for those who are short of time but hungry for knowledge. Covering a range of topics – from a healthy gut and the essential function of vitamins and minerals,...

The Black angels  by Maria Smilios

The Black angels

Maria Smilios

"Black Angels tells the true story of 300 black nurses who changed the course of history, beginning in 1929 when white nurses staged a walk out at Staten Island's 2000-bed TB sanatorium, threatening New York with a public health catastrophe. City health...

The bump plan  by Hollie Grant

The bump plan

Hollie Grant

"A practical, expert-led, straight-talking guide to exercising during pregnancy and post-birth. Staying active during pregnancy and the postpartum period has vast physical and mental health benefits, but it’s also a subject that’s fraught with fear, myths, and...

The Leaping Hare nature almanac

The Leaping Hare nature almanac

"Embrace the blooming benefits of nature, mindfulness and eco-therapy in this stunning month-by-month nature almanac that will lift your heart, mind, body and self. Strikingly designed, lovingly crafted and filled with nature affirmations, activities and...

How medicine works and when it doesn't  by F. Perry Wilson

How medicine works and when it doesn't

F. Perry Wilson

"We live in an age of medical miracles. Never in the history of humankind has so much talent and energy been harnessed to cure disease. So why does it feel like it's getting harder to live our healthiest lives? Why does it seem like "experts" can't agree on...

The locked-up country  by Tom Chodor

The locked-up country

Tom Chodor

"Donald Horne famously called Australia 'the lucky country'. So how did we become the locked-up country and how might the future look different? Australia has changed enormously since Horne's 1960s, but its response to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates the...

The great age reboot  by Michael F. Roizen

The great age reboot

Michael F. Roizen

"As the human lifespan expands and more people are living to 100 years and beyond, New York Times best-selling author Michael Roizen, M.D., explains how to prepare for a longer, healthier future"--Publisher's description.

Why fast?  by Christine Baumgarthuber

Why fast?

Christine Baumgarthuber

"Fasting from food is a controversial, dangerous, and yet utterly normal human practice. In Why Fast?, Christine Baumgarthuber engages our fascination with restrictive eating in cultural history. If fasting offers few health benefits, why do people fast? Why...

Science of stretch  by Leada Malek

Science of stretch

Leada Malek

"Fight back against sedentary living with stretch workouts to extend mobility, increase strength, and support fitness. Loosen up tight muscles and stiff joints with more than 100 stretches designed to keep you flexible, extend mobility, and support fitness. As...

Autism for adults  by Daniel (Daniel M.) Jones

Autism for adults

Daniel (Daniel M.) Jones

"I feel like everyone else got a handbook with all the answers, and I never got my copy. This is a common thought among autistic people, because society is built with neurotypical people in mind - but that handbook has finally arrived. Even better, it was...

The poison line  by Cara McGoogan

The poison line

Cara McGoogan

"The shocking true story of how a miracle cure became a deadly poison, and the lengths that big pharma and government went to cover it up. It has been called the worst treatment disaster in the NHS's history. But when it was first used Factor VIII was pitched...

How to make a killing  by Tom Mueller

How to make a killing

Tom Mueller

"Six decades ago, researchers achieved the impossible: developing a treatment that transformed kidney failure from a death sentence to a manageable condition. Yet, in the hands of a predatory medical industry, this triumph led to skyrocketing costs and...

Food, we need to talk  by Juna Gjata

Food, we need to talk

Juna Gjata

"Do you ever: Skip meals when you're hungry or overeat when you're full? Get excited about a new weight-loss supplement or 'miracle' program on social media? Buy clothes that don't fit you right now? Keep a mental check-and-balance list of calorie intake and...

You can't screw this up  by Adam Bornstein

You can't screw this up

Adam Bornstein

"What if the healthiest diet included the foods you love? You couldn't screw it up! Every year, diet experts suggest they have found the real reason you struggle to improve your health. But the problem isn't a single food, macronutrient, or toxin; it's the...

It's the menopause  by Kaz Cooke

It's the menopause

Kaz Cooke

"A reassuring, practical go-to book from trusted author Kaz Cooke in her laugh-out-loud style, informed by menopause doctors & other experts, and the voices of thousands of real women. Here's help for the mental & physical challenges of perimenopause,...

Living with inattentive ADHD  by Cynthia Hammer

Living with inattentive ADHD

Cynthia Hammer

"Presented in vivid detail, Living with Inattentive ADHD showcases how attention deficit hyperactivity disorder profoundly affects a person's daily life and emotional well-being. The essential primer on a lesser known diagnosis of ADHD, this book features both...

The autists  by Clara Törnvall

The autists

Clara Törnvall

"An incisive and deeply candid account that explores autistic women in culture, myth, and society through the prism of the author's own diagnosis. Until the 1980s, autism was regarded as a condition found mostly in boys. Even in our time, autistic girls and...

Dark matter  by James Kinross

Dark matter

James Kinross

"An urgent investigation into a brave new world in science - the microbiome - and how it could save our health. The microbiome is the missing link in modern medicine, a vast genetic universe of 'dark matter' - bacteria, yeasts, viruses and parasites - that...

Ageless body, timeless mind  by Deepak Chopra

Ageless body, timeless mind

Deepak Chopra

"If you change you perception, you change the experience of your body and your world. Deepak Chopra combines ancient theories of Ayurveda with groundbreaking research to show that there is nothing inevitable about growing old"--Publisher's description.

Grave secrets  by Meshel Laurie

Grave secrets

Meshel Laurie

"Meshel Laurie, host of the incredibly successful Australian True Crime podcast speaks to the forensic pathologists, homicide detectives, defence barristers and victims' families in this moving and gripping study of violent crime and largescale natural...

The complex PTSD workbook  by Arielle Schwartz

The complex PTSD workbook

Arielle Schwartz

"Those affected by complex PTSD commonly feel as though there is something fundamentally wrong with them, that somewhere inside there is a part of them that needs to be fixed. Though untrue, such beliefs can feel extremely real and frightening. Difficult as it...

Mayo Clinic on Crohn's disease & ulcerative colitis  by Francis A. Farraye

Mayo Clinic on Crohn's disease & ulcerative colitis

Francis A. Farraye

"Gut health shortcuts and long-term whole-body research shed light on inflammatory bowel disease through every type of IBD, life phase, and related disease, including cancer. Reduce your symptoms and improve your quality of life by taking two expert Mayo...

Sober vibes  by Courtney Andersen

Sober vibes

Courtney Andersen

"Tackle your first 90 days of sobriety with ease. This impactful book will answer all of your questions about what to expect when you first get sober, so you can find success on this journey and ease in its process. Courtney Andersen is a sober coach who has...

Why delusions matter  by Lisa Bortolotti

Why delusions matter

Lisa Bortolotti

"Delusions can be many things. They can be symptoms of mental health problems, such as schizophrenia, clinical delusions, or simply the beliefs that people cling to which are unsupported by evidence. We call the latter everyday delusions and they can include...

Holding the ACEs  by Glenn author. Colquhoun

Holding the ACEs

Glenn author. Colquhoun

"I live on a beach. It's wide and stretches. All sorts of things wash up there. Me especially. On a good day I can see Ruapehu, Taranaki, the Tararuas and Kapiti. The dead wander by, noisy and full of chat. They stop me being scared. The living are another...

The plant medicine protocol  by William Siff

The plant medicine protocol

William Siff

"The power of medicinal plants is life-changing. When integrated properly into our lives, they are uniquely capable of fine-tuning and strengthening our vital systems. They help to enhance digestion, balance the nervous system, increase energy, improve sleep,...

Heal your mind  by Mona Lisa Schulz

Heal your mind

Mona Lisa Schulz

"Many of us grapple with how to stay happy, calm, and depression-free in a world that seems to get more complex by the minute. How do we keep our wits about us and our memory intact, and remain spiritually tuned in, when our brains and bodies are bombarded...

The power of cold  by Niall (Wellness expert) Ó Murchú

The power of cold

Niall (Wellness expert) Ó Murchú

"The cold is for everyone; with this book, learn how to use it as a force of good in your life, to release tension, anxiety and stress. The Power of Cold explores how we can learn to use the cold to release tension and anxiety, to deal with all types of...

Stronger than infertility  by Heather R. Huhman

Stronger than infertility

Heather R. Huhman

"This indispensable, comprehensive, and accessible reference book to infertility provides people with the tools they need to be their own best advocates as they navigate fertility treatments and highs and lows of their infertility journey. Author Heather...

The 10-week intelligent fitness challenge  by Simon Waterson

The 10-week intelligent fitness challenge

Simon Waterson

"Name an A-list actor with incredible fitness and there's a very good chance that former marine commando Simon Waterson has trained them. And ten weeks is typically how long he has with his clients in pre-production to get them to peak fitness for a role. It...

Slow sex  by Nicole Daedone

Slow sex

Nicole Daedone

"The truth is that most women do not have satisfying sex lives. Slow Sex can change that. Better sex is about one thing: better orgasm. This life-altering guide teaches men and women how to use the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, or OM, to slow down, connect...

Easy facial cupping at home  by Shannon Gilmartin

Easy facial cupping at home

Shannon Gilmartin

"Treat yourself to the anti-aging benefits of facial cupping without the expense of a professional cosmetic procedure. Facial cupping is a safe, non-invasive and easy practice designed to highlight cheekbones, define the jawline, tighten skin and target those...

Healing the traumatized brain  by Sandeep Vaishnavi

Healing the traumatized brain

Sandeep Vaishnavi

"Recovering from a brain injury can be a challenging and prolonged process. Learn how to maximize your recovery from the effects of brain injuries with the guidance of Sandeep Vaishnavi, MD, PhD, and Vani Rao, MBBS, MD, two leading medical experts with...

The Korean herbal apothecary  by Grace (Herbalist) Yoon

The Korean herbal apothecary

Grace (Herbalist) Yoon

"How has the Korean culture, now being looked at as a new Blue Zone, created such incredible wellness and longevity? An examination of their healing traditions may provide some actionable answers. Grace Yoon, Founder of Qi Alchemy, delivers just this with The...

The anatomists' library  by Colin Salter

The anatomists' library

Colin Salter

"The Anatomist's Library is a fascinating chronological collection of the best anatomical books from six centuries, charting the evolution of both medical knowledge and illustrated publishing. There is a rich history of medical publishing across Europe with...

The long COVID survival guide

The long COVID survival guide

"The first patient-to-patient guide for people living with Long COVID, with answers and reassurance to guide readers through issues like getting diagnosed, dealing with symptoms, and caring for their mental health"--Publisher's description.

Little treatments, big effects  by Jessica L. Schleider

Little treatments, big effects

Jessica L. Schleider

"If you've ever wanted mental health support but haven't been able to get it, you are not alone. In fact, you're part of the more than 50% of adults and more than 75% of young people worldwide with unmet psychological needs. Maybe you've faced months-long...

The plague  by Jacqueline Rose

The plague

Jacqueline Rose

"What do you do with death and dying when they can no longer be pushed to the outer limits of your lived experience or dismissed from your conscious mind? How do you live with death or rather how do you 'live death' when death comes too close, seeming to enter...

Healing breath & mudras  by Christine (Yoga teacher) Burke

Healing breath & mudras

Christine (Yoga teacher) Burke

"Discover how to heal both body and mind using only your breath and your hands. In Healing Breath and Mudras, Christine Burke shows how you already have all you need to heal both physical and emotional conditions and improve your overall wellbeing. Breath...

Art for self-care  by Jessica Swift

Art for self-care

Jessica Swift

"Discover the healing power of making art-learn how you can process feelings of stress, change, uncertainty, grief, and fear as you create. In Art for Self-Care, artist, designer, and online instructor Jessica Swift outlines a path to healing through artmaking...

Changing children's lives with hypnosis  by Ran D. Anbar

Changing children's lives with hypnosis

Ran D. Anbar

"Hypnosis is an underused tool in pediatric medicine to address both physical and psychological symptoms. This technique helps manage anxiety, breathing issues, habits, pain, and countless other concerns. The book unfolds as a pediatrician recognizes the...

Somawise  by Luke Sniewski


Luke Sniewski

"How do I experience holistic health? How do I create authentic change? How can I have more peaceful relationships? These three questions and intentions sum up the 'why' that brings people into therapeutic spaces. Answering these questions requires a journey...

The woman who couldn't wake up  by Quinn Eastman

The woman who couldn't wake up

Quinn Eastman

"Sleep was taking over Anna's life. Despite powerful amphetamine stimulants and multiple alarm clocks, the 29-year-old Atlanta lawyer could sleep for 30 or even 50 hours at a stretch. Forced to stop working, she was losing weight because she didn't stay awake...

ADHD explained  by Edward M. Hallowell

ADHD explained

Edward M. Hallowell

"What is ADHD? Who has it? What does it tell us about our brains and how we think and act? Can it limit opportunities and connection? Does it offer cerebral superpowers? What does it mean for me? World-renowned ADHD expert, best-selling author, and TikTok...

The devil you knew  by Ian Hickie

The devil you knew

Ian Hickie

"We are living amid a mental health epidemic. Clinical depression has devastated the lives of countless people, sending families into crisis and weakening the ties that hold communities together. It's a disorder that doesn't discriminate. At the outset it can...

Smart sex  by Emily Morse

Smart sex

Emily Morse

"In this revolutionary book, Dr. Emily Morse argues powerfully that we need to start prioritising pleasure in our lives and that sex is integral to our self-care. Smart Sex introduces a ground-breaking framework that will change the way you think about sex and...

The plague  by Jacqueline Rose

The plague

Jacqueline Rose

"In early 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began to infiltrate public consciousness, sales of The Plague, the classic novel by French philosopher Albert Camus, skyrocketed. At the same time, the virus's toll surged exponentially. Amid the harrowing loss, many...

Ten trips  by Andy Mitchell

Ten trips

Andy Mitchell

"Once demonised and still largely illegal, psychedelic drugs are now officially a 'breakthrough therapy', used to treat depression, trauma and addiction and to enhance well-being. But as neuropsychologist Andy Mitchell shows in this deeply serious yet wildly...

A therapeutic journey  by Alain De Botton

A therapeutic journey

Alain De Botton

" The essential guide to mental health from the bestselling author of The School of Life. A Therapeutic Journey follows the arc from mental crisis and collapse to convalescence and recovery. Written with kindness, knowledge and sympathy, it is both a practical...

The year I met my brain  by Matilda Boseley

The year I met my brain

Matilda Boseley

"An essential and empowering guide for any adult living with ADHD - compassionate, funny and full of practical tips.Matilda Boseley's adult ADHD diagnosis was a massive, earth-shattering event. She was given a prescription but had no idea what ADHD meant for...

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