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A presumption of death  by Jill Paton Walsh

A presumption of death

Jill Paton Walsh

"1940, and while the Second World War rages on, Harriet Vane - now Lady Peter Wimsey - has taken her children to safety in the country.But the war has followed them: glamorous RAF pilots and even more glamorous land-girls scandalise the villagers, and the...

The socialite's guide to death and dating  by S. K. Golden

The socialite's guide to death and dating

S. K. Golden

"New York, 1958. Even though Evelyn Murphy has made progress conquering her agoraphobia by leaving the Pinnacle, she still feels most comfortable in her father's hotel. With Malcolm Cooper, her new boyfriend and fellow employee at the hotel, Evelyn feels...

Murder in Dublin  by Christina Koning

Murder in Dublin

Christina Koning

"It is 1939 and the Second World War looms ever closer. Blind war veteran, Frederick Rowlands, travels to the neutral territory of Ireland at the behest of Celia Swift, whose husband, Edward Swift, Lord Castleford, has been receiving mysterious death threats....

Viviana Valentine and the ticking clock  by Emily J. Edwards

Viviana Valentine and the ticking clock

Emily J. Edwards

"New York City, 1950. Viviana Valentine and Tommy Fortuna have a lot of resolutions for the new year, whether it's continuing to build up their detective agency or planning their wedding, the two are looking forward to the future. On their way to Times Square...

Death in the dunes  by Pauline Rowson

Death in the dunes

Pauline Rowson

"1951, Dungeness, Kent. It's a bitterly cold day in March when Inspector Alun Ryga alights from the train on the Kent coast. Despite its name, Greatstone-on-Sea was far from great, no matter what any holiday poster advertized. But Ryga's not here for a...

The frozen river  by Ariel Lawhon

The frozen river

Ariel Lawhon

Maine, 1789: When a man is found entombed in the frozen Kennebec River, Martha Ballard is summoned to examine the body and determine cause of death. As the local midwife and healer, Martha is good at keeping secrets. Her diary is a record of every birth, death...

Murder in the mist  by Cora Harrison

Murder in the mist

Cora Harrison

"Wilkie Collins is looking forward to spending Christmas at Gads Hill, Charles Dickens' Kentish country home, but the festivities are cut short when a body is found on the snowy marshland. Timmy O'Connor was invited to the gathering with his four nephews after...

A Christmas vanishing  by Anne Perry

A Christmas vanishing

Anne Perry

"Mariah Ellison, Charlotte Pitt's grandmother, accepts her longtime friend Sadie's gracious invitation to spend Christmas with her and her husband, Barton, in their picturesque village. But upon arrival, Mariah discovers that Sadie has vanished without a...

The proof of the pudding  by Rhys Bowen

The proof of the pudding

Rhys Bowen

"Georgie, back home at her estate in Eynsleigh, impatiently awaits the birth of her baby. But she has plenty to occupy her: her new chef, Pierre, has arrived from Paris, and Sir Hubert, who owns Eynsleigh, is back from his latest expedition. It's time for...

The dead in their vaulted arches  by Alan Bradley

The dead in their vaulted arches

Alan Bradley

"Was their killer still at large? Could their killer be here at Buckshaw? Two deaths, ten years apart, give Flavia de Luce the distraction she needs at a time when her family are more remote and dysfunctional than usual. Especially when a bizarre series of...

A red herring without mustard  by Alan Bradley

A red herring without mustard

Alan Bradley

"For eleven year old Flavia de Luce, an audience with a gypsy fortune-teller at the Bishop Lacey village fete is just a bit of fun until the old woman claims to see a vision of Flavia's mother who died when Flavia was a baby. Flavia is determined to find out...

Revelation  by C. J. Sansom


C. J. Sansom

"Spring, 1543. King Henry VIII is wooing Lady Catherine Parr, whom he wants for his sixth wife. But this time the object of his affections is resisting. Archbishop Cranmer and the embattled Protestant faction at court are watching keenly, for Lady Catherine is...

Dark fire  by C. J. Sansom

Dark fire

C. J. Sansom

"It is 1540 and the hottest summer of the sixteenth century. Matthew Shardlake, believing himself out of favour with Thomas Cromwell, is busy trying to maintain his legal practice and keep a low profile. But his involvement with a murder case, defending a girl...

Tombland  by C. J. Sansom


C. J. Sansom

"Summer, 1549. Two years after the death of Henry VIII, England is sliding into chaos... the economy is in collapse, inflation rages and rebellion is stirring among the peasantry. Since the old King's death, Matthew Shardlake has been working as a lawyer in...

Death at Larch Bridge  by Gretta Mulrooney

Death at Larch Bridge

Gretta Mulrooney

"A mysterious letter. A brutal murder on a lonely country lane. A town full of suspects. Fernfield, Oxfordshire, 1946. Last year, the Dolphin Hotel was the scene of the most scandalous crime. Now, Daisy Moore - hotel manager and resourceful solver of the crime...

Death at the Dolphin  by Gretta Mulrooney

Death at the Dolphin

Gretta Mulrooney

"Even in peacetime, death is just around the corner. London, VE Day, 1945. Twenty-four-year-old Daisy Moore is at a crossroads. Racked with guilt over her mother's tragic death in a house fire, she needs a job and somewhere to live. She's offered a lifeline,...

Daggers at the country fair  by Catherine Coles

Daggers at the country fair

Catherine Coles

"Winteringham Village 1947. As a thank you for her previous brilliant crime solving, amateur sleuth, Martha Miller is guest of honour at the Winteringham Country Fair. However, this time she is looking forward to simply judging dog shows and eating cream teas...

The white worm  by Sam Siciliano

The white worm

Sam Siciliano

"A journey to Whitby heralds the start of a new case for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Henry Vernier. Their client is in love, but a mysterious letter has warned him of the dangers of the romance. The object of his affection is said to be under a thousand-year-old...

The Grimswell curse  by Sam Siciliano

The Grimswell curse

Sam Siciliano

"When Rose Grimswell breaks off her engagement to Lord Digby, the concerned fiance calls on Sherlock Holmes to visit the ancestral home to find out why. Holmes, his cousin Henry, and wife Michelle, explore the legend of the Grimswell Curse when a mysterious...

Deathly relics  by Sam Siciliano

Deathly relics

Sam Siciliano

"Sherlock Holmes and Henry Vernier are visiting Rome on a diplomatic mission when the Pope asks the world's greatest detective to help find a stolen relic: the forefinger of "doubting" Saint Thomas. But when the relic is quickly and mysteriously returned, and...

Jane and the final mystery  by Stephanie Barron

Jane and the final mystery

Stephanie Barron

"March 1817: As winter turns to spring, Jane Austen's health is in slow decline, and threatens to cease progress on her latest manuscript. But when her nephew Edward brings chilling news of a death at his former school, Winchester College, not even her...

Enchanted hill  by Emily Bain Murphy

Enchanted hill

Emily Bain Murphy

"The year is 1930 and Cora McCavanagh is posing as a maid at Hollywood magnate Truman Byrd's legendary estate. She's closing in on the damning evidence she needs for a high-profile client. An aspiring PI, Cora was trained by her father, a former prison guard...

The devil and the four  by Sam Siciliano

The devil and the four

Sam Siciliano

"Sherlock Holmes's latest case takes him to Paris in pursuit of Marguerite Hardy: a Frenchwoman who fled her London home in mysterious circumstances. Holmes discovers she left after receiving a mysterious letter, containing an obituary and the words "four for...

The Moonstone's curse  by Sam Siciliano

The Moonstone's curse

Sam Siciliano

"The aristocratic Charles Bromley arrives at 221B Baker Street to beg Sherlock Holmes for his help. Bromley believes that his wife is in danger, as she has refused an offer to sell the Moonstone, a fabulous diamond that has been in her family for generations...

Murder on Mistletoe Lane  by Clara McKenna

Murder on Mistletoe Lane

Clara McKenna

"Taking on the responsibilities that come with being Lady Lyndhurst, Stella is eager to embrace yuletide traditions in the Edwardian English countryside and use her strong social influence for good. Her world becomes so consumed with starting a horse farm...

Murder in the Blitz  by Flic Everett

Murder in the Blitz

Flic Everett

"England, December 1940: All Edie York has ever wanted is to be a real reporter, investigating daring hot-off-the-press pieces in her smartest pencil skirt. Instead, she's stuck answering the telephones on her local newspaper, battling her worn-out typewriter...

Murder by degrees  by Ritu Mukerji

Murder by degrees

Ritu Mukerji

"Philadelphia, 1875: It is the start of term at Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. Dr. Lydia Weston, professor and anatomist, is immersed in teaching her students in the lecture hall and hospital. When the body of a patient, Anna Ward, is dredged out of...

A gentleman of dubious reputation  by Grace Burrowes

A gentleman of dubious reputation

Grace Burrowes

"Lord Julian Caldicott is summoned to the family seat by his ducal brother, whose bachelorhood is imperiled by the very determined Lady Clarissa Valmond. As the only titled Eligible the hostesses avoid including on their guest lists, Julian has little sympathy...

Operation fortitude  by Hilary Green

Operation fortitude

Hilary Green

"France, 1944. Agent Kim Maxwell has a new mission. She's investigating the death of Bernard Leblanc, a local SOE leader. It looks like an accident, but Kim knows better. Her HQ is the Bistro Le Renard Rouge. The Red Fox. And the chef is none other than her...

Murder in Drury Lane  by Vanessa Riley

Murder in Drury Lane

Vanessa Riley

"Pressed into a union of convenience, Lady Abigail Worthing knew better than to expect love. Her marriage to an absent lord does at least provide some comforts, including a box at the Drury Lane theater, owned by the playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan....

The vanishing box  by Elly Griffiths

The vanishing box

Elly Griffiths

"What do a murdered Brighton flower seller, the death of Cleopatra and a nude tableau show have in common? Read the most dangerous case yet for Stephens and Mephisto to find out. Christmas 1953. Max Mephisto and his daughter Ruby are headlining Brighton...

The blood card  by Elly Griffiths

The blood card

Elly Griffiths

"Elizabeth II's coronation is looming, but the murder of their wartime commander, Colonel Cartwright, spoils the happy mood for DI Edgar Stephens and magician Max Mephisto. A playbill featuring another deceased comrade is found in Colonel Cartwright's...

Last night at the Hollywood Canteen  by Sarah James

Last night at the Hollywood Canteen

Sarah James

"Perhaps the best place in 1943 Hollywood to see the stars is the Hollywood Canteen, a club for servicemen staffed exclusively by those in show business. Murder mystery playwright Annie Laurence, new in town after a devastating breakup, definitely hopes to rub...

The further memoirs of Sherlock Holmes  by Caiden Cooper Myles

The further memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Caiden Cooper Myles

"Within this volume you will find a collection of previously unpublished accounts by John H. Watson, M.D. that take Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson from London into the home counties and the south coast in the pursuit of villains and justice. Why is a banker's...

Freedom's ghost  by Eliot Pattison

Freedom's ghost

Eliot Pattison

"As the drumbeat of the American Revolution grows ever closer, Scotsman-turned-American-patriot Duncan McCallum must navigate treacherous cultural and political waters if he's to secure a fighting chance for the fledgling nation. After narrowly avoiding death...

Opulence and ashes  by Kate Belli

Opulence and ashes

Kate Belli

"Spring, 1890. The long New York winter is over, the buds are blossoming, and romance is in the air. But not all's right in Gilded-Age Manhattan. Genevieve, a society journalist, and her fiance, Daniel, are working with photographer Dagmar Hansen on an...

A Christmas vanishing  by Anne Perry

A Christmas vanishing

Anne Perry

"Mariah Ellison, Charlotte Pitt's grandmother, accepts her longtime friend Sadie's gracious invitation to spend Christmas with her and her husband, Barton, in their picturesque village. But upon arrival, Mariah discovers that Sadie has vanished without a...

Under ground  by E. S. Thomson

Under ground

E. S. Thomson

"A plague is coming to London. Dreaded more than the Devil himself, cholera - the 'blue death' - spares no one. As fear grows across the city, Jem Flockhart and Will Quartermain are called to the bedside of a dead man, murdered, and with his throat torn out,...

Murder by invitation  by Verity Bright

Murder by invitation

Verity Bright

"Lady Swift has been cordially invited to a huge royal celebration in Little Buckford to toast the King's birthday... but wait, is that a body in the village hall? Lady Eleanor Swift and her loyal butler Clifford are busy lending a hand with preparations for...

Tell me, pretty maiden  by Rhys Bowen

Tell me, pretty maiden

Rhys Bowen

"It's wintertime in New York, and for the first time since Irish immigrant Molly Murphy started her early-twentieth-century detective agency, she is completely snowed in with work. While she's proving to be quite the entrepreneur and is very much in demand by...

The great deceiver  by Elly Griffiths

The great deceiver

Elly Griffiths

"Magician Max Mephisto, now divorced and living in London, is on his way to visit daughter Ruby and her new-born baby when he is hailed by a voice from the past, fellow performer Ted English, aka the Great Deceiver. Ted's assistant, Cherry, has been found dead...

A polluted font  by Mel Starr

A polluted font

Mel Starr

"When Hugh and Kate's new-born son is taken to the church to be baptized, they are astounded to find that the locked font is completely dry. The possibility of a leak is quickly ruled out, and just as Hugh is beginning to wonder if there may be a sinister...

Smoke and mirrors  by Elly Griffiths

Smoke and mirrors

Elly Griffiths

"Brighton, winter 1951. Max Mephisto's star pantomime turn in Aladdin has been overshadowed by the murder of two local children. With fairy tales in the air, it's not long before the press have found a nickname for the case: 'Hansel and Gretel'. DI Edgar...

Murder most treasonable  by P. C. Doherty

Murder most treasonable

P. C. Doherty

"London. March, 1382. Deep in the shadows, a clandestine organization known as the Secret Chancery operates under the sinister leadership of John of Gaunt's Master of Secrets. When two clerks from this covert group meet their demise in suspicious...

Pirate king  by Laurie R. King

Pirate king

Laurie R. King

Locked rooms  by Laurie R. King

Locked rooms

Laurie R. King

"In 1924, San Francisco is booming. The great fire and earthquake of 1906 cleared the ground for a modern city, but the closer she comes to the place she used to call home, the more troubling Mary Russell's dreams become. As Russell and her husband, the...

Vixen  by Sam Michaels


Sam Michaels

"There might be a war on, but that doesn't stop Georgina Garrett running her business with an iron fist. No one said running the Battersea gang was going to be easy, but her unflinchable nature makes Georgina unstoppable. With a role that requires a ruthless...

The dead hand  by Judith Cutler

The dead hand

Judith Cutler

"June 1861, Victorian England. A house full of academics should imply calm and quiet, but much to housekeeper Harriet Rowsley's dismay some of the guests seem to have problems with the estate's unconventional practices and aren't afraid of voicing their...

The murder of Andrew Johnson  by Burt Solomon

The murder of Andrew Johnson

Burt Solomon

"Andrew Johnson. Andrew Johnson was called The Great Commoner, appealing to the masses, loathing the establishment and anyone he deemed elitist. Once Johnson made an enemy, you became his enemy for life. He saw insults where none were intended and personal...

Justice Hall  by Laurie R. King

Justice Hall

Laurie R. King

"Only hours after Holmes and Russell return from solving one riddle on the moor, another knocks on their front door - literally. It's a mystery that begins during the Great War, when Gabriel Hughenfort died amidst scandalous rumors that have haunted the family...

O Jerusalem  by Laurie R. King

O Jerusalem

Laurie R. King

"In 1919, Sherlock Holmes and his future wife Mary Russell are smuggled into Palestine under cover of darkness. Disguised as Arabs they foil a Turkish plot to regain control of Jerusalem from the British."--Publisher.

Away in a manger  by Rhys Bowen

Away in a manger

Rhys Bowen

"It's Christmastime in 1905 New York City, and for once, Molly Murphy Sullivan is looking forward to the approaching holidays. She has a family of her own now: she and Daniel have a baby son and 12-year-old Bridie is living with them as their ward. As Molly...

The ring that Caesar wore  by Ashley Gardner

The ring that Caesar wore

Ashley Gardner

"Leonidas is coerced into a dice game at his local popina, with a stranger who turns out to not be such a stranger after all. His presence puts all around him in danger, and Leonidas struggles to keep the man's identity secret. Leonidas has no wish to be...

The bell in the fog  by Lev AC Rosen

The bell in the fog

Lev AC Rosen

"San Francisco, 1952. Detective Evander "Andy" Mills has started a new life for himself as a private detective--but his business hasn't exactly taken off. It turns out that word spreads fast when you have a bad reputation, and no one in the queer community...

Hercule Poirot's silent night  by Sophie Hannah

Hercule Poirot's silent night

Sophie Hannah

"It's 19 December 1931. Hercule Poirot and Inspector Edward Catchpool are called to investigate the murder of a man in the apparent safe haven of a Norfolk hospital ward. Catchpool's mother, the irrepressible Cynthia, insists that Poirot stays in a crumbling...

Death and the sisters  by Heather Redmond

Death and the sisters

Heather Redmond

"London, 1814: Mary Godwin and her stepsister Jane Clairmont, both sixteen, possess quick minds bolstered by an unconventional upbringing, and have little regard for the rules that other young ladies follow. Mary, whose mother famously advocated for women's...

The murder wheel  by Tom Mead

The murder wheel

Tom Mead

"1938, London. Young lawyer Edmund Ibbs has a new client: a woman accused of shooting her husband in the already infamous 'Ferris Wheel Murder' case. The case proves to be a web of conspiracy, and Ibbs himself is accused when a second suspicious death occurs,...

Death at Fournier Downs  by Cara Devlin

Death at Fournier Downs

Cara Devlin

"After a murder scandal nearly sent her husband to the gallows, Audrey, the Duchess of Fournier, has retreated to the countryside to distance herself from gossip--and from the Bow Street officer who proved as irritating as he was intriguing. But when Audrey's...

A cold highland wind  by Tasha Alexander

A cold highland wind

Tasha Alexander

"Lady Emily, husband Colin Hargreaves, and their three sons eagerly embark on a family vacation at Cairnfarn Castle, the Scottish estate of their dear friend Jeremy, Duke of Bainbridge. But a high-spirited celebration at the beginning of their stay comes to a...

A gentleman fallen on hard times  by Grace Burrowes

A gentleman fallen on hard times

Grace Burrowes

"Lord Julian Caldicott has come home from the war in ragged health and with a reputation in tatters. All he wants is to recuperate in private without bringing any further scandal on the family's name. His godmother inveigles him into serving as her escort to a...

Without a trace  by Lesley Pearse

Without a trace

Lesley Pearse

"Coronation Day, 1953. Molly Heywood has always been a pillar of strength for her local community, so when her friend Cassie fails to attend the Coronation Day party in her village, it is Molly who heads out in the rain to look for her. But nothing can prepare...

Murder on the Mirrored Lake  by Deb Marlowe

Murder on the Mirrored Lake

Deb Marlowe

"Old secrets dragged into the light can turn deadly. Someone wants Niall Kier's secrets exposed, even if they lead to scandal, unrest and murder. Miss Kara Levett has discovered a talent for unearthing secrets and truths, but she's vowed not to turn it on her...

Penance for the dead  by Cara Devlin

Penance for the dead

Cara Devlin

"Old scandals and destructive truths are exposed when a woman from Hugh Marsden's past is murdered in cold blood. Principal Bow Street Officer Hugh Marsden is used to living in the shadow of disgrace. First, as the illegitimate son of the late Viscount...

Murder in the bookshop  by Anita Davison

Murder in the bookshop

Anita Davison

"1915, London: Working in the dusty bookshop that her Aunt Violet mysteriously inherited, Hannah Merrill is accustomed to finding twists in every tale. But discovering her beloved best friend Lily-Anne - with a paperknife through her heart - in the middle of...

Silence of deceit  by Cara Devlin

Silence of deceit

Cara Devlin

"For years, the Duchess of Fournier has buried a shameful secret connected to her remarkable, if bizarre, ability. While Audrey's gift has helped her solve cases alongside the captivating Bow Street officer Hugh Marsden, she longs to forget her previous...

Murder at the Seven Dials  by Cara Devlin

Murder at the Seven Dials

Cara Devlin

"A murdered opera singer. A duke drenched in her blood. For Bow Street Officer Hugh Marsden, the brutal killing is a straightforward case. Ever since his exile from polite society, the chance to arrest a high and mighty peer of the realm has never presented...

Chaos at Carnegie Hall  by Kelly Oliver

Chaos at Carnegie Hall

Kelly Oliver

"1917. New York. Notorious spy, Fredrick Fredricks, has invited Fiona to Carnegie Hall to hear a famous soprano. It's an opportunity the War Office can't turn down. Fiona and Clifford are soon on their way, but not before Fiona is saddled with chaperon duties...

Mystery in the Highlands  by Lydia Travers

Mystery in the Highlands

Lydia Travers

"When members of a choir start dropping dead in the Highlands, Maud McIntyre and her lady's maid Daisy go undercover to discover the inharmonious culprit. But will they uncover the killer before another murder takes place? Edinburgh, 1911: When Maud and Daisy...

Murder in Manhattan  by Verity Bright

Murder in Manhattan

Verity Bright

"Glitzy parties, sightseeing at the Statue of Liberty and strolls through Central Park with Gladstone the bulldog... Lady Eleanor Swift is loving her first trip to the city that never sleeps, until she witnesses a murder! After crossing from England on the SS...

Death in the Highlands  by Fliss Chester

Death in the Highlands

Fliss Chester

"There's a dangerous killer lurking by this loch... and only canny Cressida can track them down. Scotland, June 1925. Socialite Cressida Fawcett has been invited to cast her interior design eye over the Stirling family's new seat, Ayrton Castle, up in the...

The body on Archangel Beach  by Clara Benson

The body on Archangel Beach

Clara Benson

"Not-quite-newlywed Angela Marchmont is having a belated honeymoon on the idyllic Greek island of Rhodes, but has barely even unpacked her bathing-suit before an unwelcome encounter with the dead body of a young archaeologist draws her into a tangled web of...

A fire at the exhibition  by T. E. (Tim E.) Kinsey

A fire at the exhibition

T. E. (Tim E.) Kinsey

"May 1912. After the previous year's deadly heatwave, it's been an uneventful spring in Littleton Cotterell. Though for Lady Hardcastle and her fiercely loyal lady's maid Flo, at least there are the provincial delights of the village's inaugural art...

Murder by invitation only  by Colleen Cambridge

Murder by invitation only

Colleen Cambridge

"'A murder will occur tonight at Beecham House...' Who could resist such a compelling invitation? Of course, the murder in question purports to be a party game, and Phyllida looks forward to using some of the deductive skills she has acquired thanks to her...

Long Spoon Lane  by Anne Perry

Long Spoon Lane

Anne Perry

"While flower sellers, costermongers, shopkeepers, and hansom drivers ply their trades, the London police watch over all. Or so people believe. ... Early one morning, Thomas Pitt, dauntless mainstay of the Special Branch, is summoned to Long Spoon Lane, where...

Harlem after midnight  by Louise Hare

Harlem after midnight

Louise Hare

"A body falls from a town house window in Harlem, and it looks just like the newest singer at the this evocative, twisting new novel from the author of Miss Aldridge Regrets. Harlem, 1936: Lena Aldridge grew up in a cramped corner of London,...

Death of Riley  by Rhys Bowen

Death of Riley

Rhys Bowen

"Molly Murphy has finally begun to forget the unpleasant murder of a would-be rapist back in Ireland, not to mention her investigation into the murder of a fellow recent Irish immigrant, and is finally free to begin her life in New York City. Given her...

Murder at the Merton Library  by Andrea Penrose

Murder at the Merton Library

Andrea Penrose

"Responding to an urgent plea from a troubled family friend, the Earl of Wrexford journeys to Oxford only to find the reclusive university librarian has been murdered and a rare manuscript has gone missing. The only clue is that someone overheard an argument...

Proud sorrows  by James R. Benn

Proud sorrows

James R. Benn

"Norfolk, England, November 1944: After a series of dangerous missions in the South of France, US Army Captain Billy Boyle is finally on leave, and is settling into a peaceful rest at the country estate of Sir Richard Seaton, the father of Billy's British...

Murdering the messenger  by Michael Jecks

Murdering the messenger

Michael Jecks

"March, 1557. Jack Blackjack is back in London and enjoying a sedentary life - after his treacherous voyage back to his beloved city the previous year, he desires nothing more than the simple pleasures - women, wine, beer and more women. But his new parish of...

The Spanish diplomat's secret  by Nev March

The Spanish diplomat's secret

Nev March

"Captain Jim Agnihotri and his wife Lady Diana Framji are embarking to England in the summer of 1894. Jim is hopeful the cruise will help Diana open up to him. Something is troubling her, and Jim is concerned. On their first evening, Jim meets an intriguing...

Turn on, old time  by Edmund Bohan

Turn on, old time

Edmund Bohan

"When a distinguished New Zealand businessman is murdered in London, Detective Inspector O’Rorke is once again called in by Scotland Yard to help find the killer. But O’Rorke is soon enmeshed in the secrets of the past involving the chaos of the Crimean War...

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