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Ngā Taitara hōu

Home, garden and DIY

Charles Dowding's skills for growing  by Charles Dowding

Charles Dowding's skills for growing

Charles Dowding

"Includes cost-effective and productive-per-area methods to grow vegetables throughout the year and ways to plan, sow, multisow, transplant, space, water, harvest and improve growth"--Publisher's description.

Overcoming chronic disorganization  by Jo Cooke

Overcoming chronic disorganization

Jo Cooke

"Are you always late, do you miss appointments, lose your keys, forget your phone, miss deadlines at work on projects, have to pay penalties on late returns for paying tax? We can all be impacted by chronic disorganization - whether it be because of long term...

Interior style  by Kristen Bateman

Interior style

Kristen Bateman

"The extrovert of interior design and the definition of 'more is more', maximalism is an exuberant celebration of pattern, colour and texture that deliberately clash. Its roots lie in 1930s Hollywood Regency style, Rococo and Neoclassicism, as well as Greek,...

The garden against time  by Olivia Laing

The garden against time

Olivia Laing

"In 2020, Olivia Laing began to restore an eighteenth-century walled garden in Suffolk, an overgrown Eden of unusual plants. The work brought to light a crucial question for our age: Who gets to live in paradise, and how can we share it while there's still...

The practical Kiwi gardener  by Philip Thomsen

The practical Kiwi gardener

Philip Thomsen

"With step-by-step advice and helpful illustrations on landscaping, planting, maintenance and growth, horticultural expert Philip Thomsen has put together the perfect guidebook for all Kiwi gardeners, no matter their skill, time constraints or budget. Whether...

RHS greener gardening. Containers  by Ann Treneman

RHS greener gardening. Containers

Ann Treneman

"This complete primer on how to make an eco-friendly container garden is dedicated to showing that everyone can have a garden, no matter the size, that can benefit the planet. RHS Greener Gardening: Containers guides you through greener choices when it comes...

Interior style  by Jena Quinn

Interior style

Jena Quinn

"Expansive, sun-drenched spaces, unobstructed views to the outdoors and easy-going comfort, coastal design captures the spirit and escapism of seaside living. Illustrated with breathtaking interiors and inspirational showpiece homes, Interior Style: Coastal...

Growing herbs for health, wellness, cooking, and crafts  by Kim Roman

Growing herbs for health, wellness, cooking, and crafts

Kim Roman

"Learn how to start an herb garden with plant profiles, growing conditions, pests and disease prevention; then learn recipes and crafting projects where herbs are prominently featured"--Publisher's description.

Big dating energy  by Jeff Guenther

Big dating energy

Jeff Guenther

"Big Dating Energy is the must-have, straight talking guide to the opaque world of dating, from TikTok's favourite therapist, Jeff Guenther. If you are equipped with the tools and the mindset to do it right, dating is so much more than a joyless trudge from...

Breaking the grid  by Dan (Sustainability expert) Martin

Breaking the grid

Dan (Sustainability expert) Martin

"When a crisis hits, we all wish we could be a little more self-sufficient. With Breaking the Grid , you can learn to live completely off the grid or just be a little more environmentally conscious. In this comprehensive guide, you can find step-by-step...

Garden hacks  by Filip Johansson

Garden hacks

Filip Johansson

"Every gardener needs clever ideas to make the most of their green space, whether it's big or small. The tips and tricks in this book take you through each season of the gardening year in a friendly way, with clear step-by-step instructions. Hacks include...

The complete practical guide to rock & water gardening  by Peter Robinson

The complete practical guide to rock & water gardening

Peter Robinson

"Water is a welcome element in any garden, having the power to both soothe and excite. Combined with rock, it brings a whole new dimension to garden design. This book explains how to create beautiful rock pools, ponds, gravel gardens, wildlife pools and bog...

Raised bed revolution  by Tara Nolan

Raised bed revolution

Tara Nolan

"Raised bed gardening is the fastest-growing garden strategy today, and Raised Bed Revolution is the definitive guidebook to mastering this consistently proven and effective gardening method. Raised Bed Revolution provides you with information on size...

Throwbacks home interiors  by Bo Shepherd

Throwbacks home interiors

Bo Shepherd

"A stunningly photographed collection of homes featuring sustainable designs that celebrate the ingenuity of reclaimed materials and unexpected antiques, from the founders of Detroit-based furniture design brand Woodward Throwbacks. In an effort to celebrate...

The science of beauty  by Michelle Wong

The science of beauty

Michelle Wong

"Get the facts about the biggest beauty and skincare trends from Instagram's cosmetic science expert Dr Michelle Wong. Will eating dairy give me acne? Do I need to wear sunscreen every day? How often should I wash my hair? What's the best way to fade scars?...

The hostess handbook  by Maria Zizka

The hostess handbook

Maria Zizka

"What's the secret to every good party? Is it the tasty but not overly fussy food? The warmth of a good host who doesn't disappear into the kitchen halfway through the night? The beautiful tablespace or the eclectic mix of glassware? It's all of the above, and...

The green budget guide  by Nancy Birtwhistle

The green budget guide

Nancy Birtwhistle

"Saving money doesn't have to cost the earth. What do you do with your expired oils and spices? How can you make the best use of your microwave and keep meals healthy and tasty? How can you remove mould safely? Sunday Times bestselling author and Great British...

Internal moisture  by Ann Galloway

Internal moisture

Ann Galloway

"House built since 2000 are better insulated and have become more airtight and as older homes have been upgraded and had new components such as aluminium window frames and sheet lining materials installed, they have also become more airtight, creating higher...

Natural cosmetics  by Sara Duménil

Natural cosmetics

Sara Duménil

"Discover the joy of making your own customized, natural and organic cosmetics that won't harm the earth or your delicate skin. Unlock the secrets of radiant, healthy skin with The Handmade Spa: Natural Cosmetics. This comprehensive book, written by Sara...

Creative woodturning projects  by Richard Findley

Creative woodturning projects

Richard Findley

"In Creative Woodturning Projects Richard Findley researches and masters new and innovative techniques to create 16 inspiring woodturning projects. The techniques explored include , pyrography, multi-axis turning, carving, texturing, and...

Eco-friendly plumbing solutions  by Harper Wells

Eco-friendly plumbing solutions

Harper Wells

"Are you searching for innovative and sustainable solutions to transform your home into an eco-friendly haven? Look no further! Introducing the comprehensive guide for green homeowners: Eco-Friendly Plumbing Solutions: Sustainable Practices and Innovative...

Find your style with Annie Sloan  by Annie Sloan

Find your style with Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan

"Find the right interiors recipe to personalize your home with color expert and best-selling author Annie Sloan, the creator of Chalk Paint(TM). World renowned paint effects guru and color expert Annie Sloan considers what makes a successful interior. Style...

Defining chic  by Jesse Carrier

Defining chic

Jesse Carrier

"One of today's most celebrated and influential design firms creates eclectic, inspired, and quietly luxurious interiors across the style spectrum-from bohemian glamour to country charm, sophisticated modern, and historically informed-for clients as individual...

Beach life  by Lauren Liess

Beach life

Lauren Liess

""In Beach Life, bestselling author Lauren Liess picks up where Feels Like Home left off to explore the feelings associated with living that coastal life. Casual, soulful, thoughtful, nostalgic, inspiring, relaxing-Liess shows how you can bring these vibes...

Earth, sky & water  by Mette Lange

Earth, sky & water

Mette Lange

"Instantly calming houses in remote Scandinavian locations that will make you want to escape into nature. In a world of starchitects competing to design ever taller glass and steel megaliths, there are still some architects designing with natural materials at...

Kew answers for everyday gardeners  by Polly Stevens

Kew answers for everyday gardeners

Polly Stevens

"If you're new to gardening, or have questions that need short and simple answers, Kew Answers for Everyday Gardeners is a comprehensive introduction to horticulture, broken down into 100 bite-sized lessons. With lists of 'top ten' plants for different uses,...

How to build modern furniture  by Mario Dal Fabbro

How to build modern furniture

Mario Dal Fabbro

"How to Build Modern Furniture, first published in two volumes in 1951 and 1952, is a classic, practical guide to making simple yet elegant furniture in the home workshop. Profusely illustrated with detailed plans and drawings, the book brings together dozens...

Pallet style  by Nikkita Palmer

Pallet style

Nikkita Palmer

"Create your own stylish furniture and home accessories using pallets and reclaimed materials for a modern, Instagram-worthy look. Pallets are easy to source, cheap and versatile. With Nikkita and Billy's expert guidance, learn how to deconstruct pallets and...

Life in the garden  by Bunny Williams

Life in the garden

Bunny Williams

"Inviting us into her impressive grounds with charming personal anecdotes, expert advice, and creative ideas for how to bring natural elements into the home, this is a testament to Bunny Williams' love affair with the garden and woodlands surrounding her...

Shut the front door  by Chelsey (Interior decorator) Brown

Shut the front door

Chelsey (Interior decorator) Brown

"A friendly, approachable guide to solving the most common interior design issues, whether you rent or own. Nowadays, highly curated social media feeds can leave you feeling like you'll need give up your life savings or knock down walls to have a home you...

Soft minimal

Soft minimal

"Building spaces of equilibrium: Norm Architects' humane simplicity creates environments that feel as good as they look. Guided by ideas of wellbeing, the essence of Norm Architects' style is balance: richness focused by restraint, simplicity imbued with...

Making space, clutter free  by Tracy McCubbin

Making space, clutter free

Tracy McCubbin

"Many have repeatedly tried to break their clutter's mysterious hold, only to fail. McCubbin explains what she calls the "7 Emotional Clutter Blocks," unconscious obstacles that stand between you and financial freedom, healthy relationships, and positive...

Inside the Tudor home  by Bethan Catherine Watts

Inside the Tudor home

Bethan Catherine Watts

"Power. Politics. Prosperity. Plague. Tudor England; a country replete with sprawling landscapes, dense forests and twisting urban labyrinths. This is a place of stagnation and of progress; of glorious cultural revolution, where the wheel of fortune is forever...

My efficient electric home handbook  by Tim Forcey

My efficient electric home handbook

Tim Forcey

"Do you want to... Make your home healthier and more comfortable in all seasons? Shrink your home's total energy costs? Make your gas bill disappear completely? Reduce your climate and environmental impacts? Make the change to renewable energy by going 'all...

Behind the privet hedge  by Michael Gilson

Behind the privet hedge

Michael Gilson

"The surprising origin story of Britain's love affair with suburban gardening. It is said that Britain is a nation of gardeners and its suburban gardens with roses and privet hedges are widely admired and copied across the world. But how and why did millions...

Creating spaces to play outdoors  by Oliver Wotherspoon

Creating spaces to play outdoors

Oliver Wotherspoon

"This one-of-a-kind book contains everything you need to build exciting, sustainable outdoor play spaces that can be adapted for any setting, big or small. There are 36 projects ranging from smaller designs such as the Bird Box Bookshelf and the Table-Top Ramp...

Growing bulbs in the natural garden  by Jacqueline van der Kloet

Growing bulbs in the natural garden

Jacqueline van der Kloet

"Be inspired by nature's design! From the earliest snowdrops to alpine violet, tulips, and late autumn crocuses, bulbs add interest and color to the garden throughout the year. Renowned naturalistic garden designer Jacqueline van der Kloet has mastered a...

Surf style at home  by Raili Clasen

Surf style at home

Raili Clasen

"The first how-to design book for capturing the effortlessly cool and playful style of California surf culture from Raili Clasen, the designer of Kelly Slater's famous Surf Ranch. Featuring every design element from tile and color to textiles and plants, this...

Authentic interiors  by Philip Gorrivan

Authentic interiors

Philip Gorrivan

"Incorporating vivid hues, a palette of intriguing textures, and a scholarly understanding of exquisite objects, art, and furnishings, his work transcends period and milieu. His aesthetic spans the globe and the decades, from 18th-century English and European...

The artisan furnituremaker  by Darrell Peart

The artisan furnituremaker

Darrell Peart

"Learn how to couple inspired design with flawless execution to create your own striking, original furniture. In his latest book, The Artisan Furnituremaker, long-time furnituremaker Darrell Peart-author of Greene & Greene: Design Elements for the Workshop and...

Outside in  by Brian Paquette

Outside in

Brian Paquette

"Designer Brian Paquette shows how a connection to nature is key in creating a meaningful and supportive home environment. An honest, introspective essay introduces Paquette's second book, which represents the most recent steps in his evolution as an interior...

The complete guide to bathrooms

The complete guide to bathrooms

"BLACK+DECKER Complete Guide to Bathrooms brings you design advice, how-to instructions, and all the facts you need to achieve the bathroom of your dreams. This sixth edition of the perennial bestseller from the BLACK+DECKER Complete Guide series covers all...

Succulents  by Kit (Botany professor) Carlson


Kit (Botany professor) Carlson

"Succulents is a compact, beautifully illustrated field guide to 50 varieties of succulents. Inside this elegant paperback are full-page illustrations accompanied by profiles detailing each plant’s natural habitat, identifying characteristics, care and keeping...

Junkaholics anonymous  by Graham Clark

Junkaholics anonymous

Graham Clark

This book is about salvaging, recovering, reclaiming, restoring and re-purposeing old junk. Stuff that other people have discarded, and have, for reasons of their own, decided were only good for the landfill. It is full of "before and after" photos of things...

Blossom  by Adriana Picker


Adriana Picker

"In Blossom, botanical illustrator and lifelong flower lover Adriana Picker takes you through a year of flowers and the ways to live with and learn from them, with beautiful artwork as well as recipes and activities to encourage a slower life through the...

Fresh wood design book

Fresh wood design book

"Meet the next generation of woodworkers and designers. Sponsored by the Association of Woodworking & Furnishing Supplies (AWFS), the Fresh Wood competition showcases the talents of woodworking students from high-school and post-secondary programs across the...

Heirloom skills  by Anders Rydell

Heirloom skills

Anders Rydell

"100 ways to embrace the simple life, with step-by-step instructions for keeping chickens, growing vegetables, making beer and wine, arranging flowers, soap making, and more! This is a home-management book for the twenty-first century. Alva Herdevall and...

A year in a small garden  by Frances Tophill

A year in a small garden

Frances Tophill

"A Year in a Small Garden follows Frances Tophill as she creates her new garden in a terraced house in Devon. Working in a small space, the book documents her journey to bring life to her garden, including tips and tricks for you to achieve similar results in...

Well worn  by Skye Pennant

Well worn

Skye Pennant

"Well Worn is a fresh and engaging clothing repair guide for anyone looking to explore visible mending to revitalize their wardrobe. Whether you are a stitching pro or have never picked up a needle and thread, this book will guide you every step of the way....

Live natural  by Alison Davin

Live natural

Alison Davin

"A beautiful, inspiring guide to building, designing, and decorating a natural living space that is healthier for your family and for the planet"--Publisher's description.

How to grow flowers in small spaces  by Stephanie (Gardener) Walker

How to grow flowers in small spaces

Stephanie (Gardener) Walker

"Did you know that begonias can be dug up in the fall, stored indoors in the winter, and be ready to be planted and bloom again in the spring? That daylilies need to be divided every three to four years to produce more blooms? Or that marigolds can be both a...

Gertie's charmed sewing studio  by Gretchen Hirsch

Gertie's charmed sewing studio

Gretchen Hirsch

"Gretchen Hirsch, aka "Gertie," returns to her roots with a dive into beloved fashion classics-the mermaid gown, the 1950s Hostess Set (think Lucille Ball), the Lilli Ann princess coat-plus a little fashion history, to inspire modern day style mavens. Sewists,...

The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning  by Margareta (Artist) Magnusson

The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning

Margareta (Artist) Magnusson

"A charming approach to putting your life in order so your loved ones won't have to. There's a word for it in Swedish- Döstädning, literally, 'death cleaning'. Swedish-born Margareta Magnusson is, in her words, 'aged between 80 and 100'. When her husband died,...

Container gardener's handbook

Container gardener's handbook

"You can grow almost anything in a container--and do it almost anywhere! Whether you're tight for space, time, money, or other resources or just want to keep things satisfyingly simple, container gardening is the perfect way not only to explore your love of...

The minimalist mindset  by Danny Dover

The minimalist mindset

Danny Dover

"The Minimalist Mindset is not a book about tidying up (that book has already been written) and it is not a book about the philosophical exploration of minimalism (that book already exists too). Instead, The Minimalist Mindset is a book about a down and dirty...

What we keep  by Jean Lin

What we keep

Jean Lin

"Learn the refined art of display and get an insider's education in collecting from gallerist Jean Lin. Follow in her footsteps and tour the unique and beautiful homes of more than a dozen dedicated collectors. Whether you are starting a new collection or wish...

Parched  by Philip Clayton


Philip Clayton

"Through expert text and beautiful botanical illustrations from the archives of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Parched explores the captivating variety that exists in the world of dry plants. From poppies and palms to cypress and cyclamen, this stunning book...

Complete starter guide to woodturning on the lathe  by Luke Voytas

Complete starter guide to woodturning on the lathe

Luke Voytas

"A woodturning guide that shows how to use a lathe and build turning skills as you create eight functional projects"--Publisher's description.

The fragrant flower garden  by Stefani Bittner

The fragrant flower garden

Stefani Bittner

"Make your garden and home look and smell heavenly with this accessible gardening guide that explains how to grow fragrant flowers outdoors and bring natural scents indoors by creating floral arrangements, scented beauty products, and more"--Publisher's...

Interior design for beginners  by Vanessa Sims

Interior design for beginners

Vanessa Sims

"A book that will show you how to affordably decorate your home! We all enjoy living in picturesque locations where we may enjoy the gratification that comes with them. To achieve this goal of making our homes exude elegance at first glance, we all go to great...

Living by the water  by Sally Hayden

Living by the water

Sally Hayden

"There is something special about being close to wide expanses of sea and sky, living with open doors, broad horizons and soft colors—all these things instantly bring a sense of calm and escape. This book is packed with evocative images of beautiful places and...

The succulents design book  by Kentaro Kuroda

The succulents design book

Kentaro Kuroda

"Container succulents designed for your space and style that thrive and look great year-round! This book is your instant guide to creating the succulent container gardens you have always wanted! The Succulents Design Book shows you how to group plants with...

A history of women in the garden  by Twigs Way

A history of women in the garden

Twigs Way

"An entertaining history of the role of women in the garden, from Tudor queens to peasant herb wives. From the early misfortunes of Eve, condemning her descendants to a dubious reputation for fruit management, to the acclaimed successes of plant breeders such...

150 wine bars you need to visit before you die  by Jurgen Lijcops

150 wine bars you need to visit before you die

Jurgen Lijcops

"Jurgen Lijcops, author of the bestseller 150 Bars You Need to Visit Before You Die, selected the 150 wine bars you must visit, from Bordeaux to Cape Town, from Bangkok to Sydney. Some are unique because of their exquisite decor, others for their breathtaking...

Decluttered  by Jenny Albertini


Jenny Albertini

"Have you ever wondered why you can't summon the energy to declutter those piles of clothes on the floor? Do you wish you knew what policies your workplace could offer so everyone can think more clearly and feel better at work? Or maybe you've felt confused...

Houseplants  by Brie Langley


Brie Langley

"Since the introduction of heat into homes, making it possible to keep potted plants alive, people have been obsessively collecting and caring for house plants. These now common additions to any well-designed space add vibrancy and colour while simultaneously...

Houseplant hookups  by Agatha Isabel

Houseplant hookups

Agatha Isabel

"Taking its cues from the wonderful world of online dating, Houseplant Hookups explores the pros and cons of cohabitating with different houseplants. Humorous and helpful profiles of 35 of the most common houseplants, including the ZZ Plant, Golden Pothos, and...

The green gardening handbook  by Nancy Birtwhistle

The green gardening handbook

Nancy Birtwhistle

"Going green in the garden has been easier with Nancy's sustainable, eco-friendly tips that will help you make the most of your space, and what it can grow. Whether you have a sprawling garden, a modest patch of grass or just a spare windowsill, this handbook...

The hidden histories of flowers  by Maddie Bailey

The hidden histories of flowers

Maddie Bailey

"From the symbolism and meaning behind flowers and how these have evolved over time, to how humans interact with flowers based on cultural and geographical differences, and how flowers have been coveted for their medicinal aspects as well as for their visual...

The Maine house  by Maura McEvoy

The Maine house

Maura McEvoy

"Spend any amount of time in Maine - a weekend, a summer, a lifetime - and its impression lasts forever When The Maine House was initially published, the reception was astonishing. Over multiple printings and across the world, the book sounded a rallying cry,...

Beautifully casual home  by Judith Wilson

Beautifully casual home

Judith Wilson

"There's a universal appeal to a home where we can kick back and chill out, an interior where the emphasis is on cozy, casual comfort, yet with all the essentials at hand. In the first section of this book, Casual Style, interiors expert Judith Wilson maps out...

Organized living  by Shira Gill

Organized living

Shira Gill

"Get inspired to level up your home organization with tips, Q&As, and photos of the living spaces of twenty-five international home organizers, from the author of Minimalista. Whenever people learn that Shira Gill is a professional home organizer, they always...

Whole house budget-friendly DIY.

Whole house budget-friendly DIY.

"This illustrated guide contains step-by-step guidance from the page of Family Handyman magazine on how to affordably complete home upgrades contains over 320 tips to help update your kitchen, bathroom, garage, yard and more"--Publisher's description.

My favorite plant

My favorite plant

"The passion for gardening and the passion for words come together in this inspired anthology, a collection of essays and poems on topics as diverse as beans and roses, by writers who garden and gardeners who write"--Publisher's description.

Mini makes : sewing patterns to make for kids aged 0-12 years  by Tilly Walnes

Mini makes : sewing patterns to make for kids aged 0-12 years

Tilly Walnes

"The book includes six sewing patterns for kids aged 0 to 12 years, plus multiple variations totalling 24 projects. Cute, comfortable and practical, these are the kinds of clothes children will want to wear every day – and have crucially passed the playground...

Organize your life  by Kelsey Mulvey

Organize your life

Kelsey Mulvey

"Decluttering your home has never been easier with this step-by-step action plan. Plus, hundreds of genius tricks help you create a calm and tidy life. Often the hardest part of organizing is getting started. This attractive book from the experts at Good...

Insights to kitchen design  by James R. A. Herriot

Insights to kitchen design

James R. A. Herriot

"Drawing from his four decades of experience as a design-led kitchen specialist, James Herriot offers a unique insight to a fascinating profession. "Insights to Kitchen Design" is aimed not only at industry colleagues, but anyone embarking on the creation of...

Eco materials

Eco materials

"The newly launched interior design series "Home Inspiration by teNeues" will continue with two new titles this Fall/Winter. One of those is Eco Materials. It is no secret that a trip outdoors can work wonders for our well-being. We instantly feel more relaxed...

Veere Grenney  by Veere Grenney

Veere Grenney

Veere Grenney

"Revered English fabric and interior designer Veere Grenney welcomes us into his three spectacular homes. World-renowned interior visionary Veere Grenney takes us on an in-depth tour of his impressive residences in Tangier, Suffolk, England, and, for the first...

Organic vegetable gardening  by Xanthe White

Organic vegetable gardening

Xanthe White

"The bestselling, expert guide to growing your own vegetables organically. In this classic bestseller, expert landscape designer Xanthe White takes readers by the hand and walks them from backyard bombsite to productive vegetable garden in a single year....

Coastal charm  by Francesc Zamora Mola

Coastal charm

Francesc Zamora Mola

"Coastal Charm: Waterside Living is a stunning collection of architecture and interior design, showcasing some of the most beautiful coastal homes from around the world. This book captures the essence of waterside living, with inspiring examples of homes that...

The Great British Sewing Bee  by Caroline Akselson

The Great British Sewing Bee

Caroline Akselson

"The companion book to the tenth series of this flagship BBC1 show, The Great British Sewing Bee: Back to Basics, accompanies sewers at all levels on their creative journey. Back to Basics brings the magic of The Great British Sewing Bee to your home...

Essential cob construction  by Anthony Dente

Essential cob construction

Anthony Dente

"Essential Cob Construction presents both hands-on and rigorous technical information on how to build code compliant, low-embodied carbon, and fire- and earthquake-resistant buildings from cob--a mix of clay, sand and straw. The definitive cob guide for...

The romantic home  by Fifi O'Neill

The romantic home

Fifi O'Neill

"Today's romantic interiors come in many different forms, but all share a passion for beauty. Romantic rooms are filled with treasures that honour the past and defined by graceful furnishings, subtle hues, and evocative items. It's a style that easily mixes...

Dare to retire free  by Kristin Sutherland

Dare to retire free

Kristin Sutherland

"Dare to Retire Free is the ultimate guide to achieving a fulfilled retirement. This book is for you if you are struggling with the transition to retirement or retirement itself. It is the definitive guide to creating a plan for this major life change. The...

Ultimate gardening

Ultimate gardening

"The editors and staff at Gardening Know How-the leading online resource and community for gardening enthusiasts-and Nancy J. Hajeski bring you a comprehensive handbook that covers every key aspect of growing flowers, bulbs, vegetables and fruits, herbs,...

Dahlias  by Ulrika Grönlund


Ulrika Grönlund

"Discover everything you need to know to grow your own dahlias. Featuring a visual directory of 222 popular varieties, Dahlias showcases the many different forms of this beautiful bloom. Learn how to plant, grow, flower and store your tubers for the next year...

Woodworking  by Alan Bridgewater


Alan Bridgewater

"Hone your carpentry skills and embark on ambitious projects with this essential guide. Discover the best tools to work with, and master key techniques, from choosing and cutting joints to finishing and furniture restoration. With more than 25 projects for...

Garden roses  by Gracielinda Poulson

Garden roses

Gracielinda Poulson

"With over 30,000 heirloom rose bushes, Grace Rose Farm is the rose destination, whether you're a florist looking for that just-so hue of rose for a high-end wedding, a customer who wants to find a one-of-a-kind bouquet to ship to their mom, one of Poulson's...

Marvelous mopheads  by Joan (Writer on wild hydrangeas) Harrison

Marvelous mopheads

Joan (Writer on wild hydrangeas) Ha...

"MARVELOUS MOPHEADS provides a comprehensive list of mophead varieties and invaluable advice about the best mopheads, including the older tried-and-true mopheads and more-recent introductions"--Publisher's description.

How not to kill your houseplant  by Veronica Peerless

How not to kill your houseplant

Veronica Peerless

"How to keep alive 119 gorgeous indoor plants, then help them bloom and thrive. You've welcomed a plant into the home: Now what? Your first job is to keep it alive, then after that help it bloom and thrive. Learn all the tips and tricks you need to become a...

The backyard homestead guide to growing organic food  by Tanya Denckla Cobb

The backyard homestead guide to growing organic food

Tanya Denckla Cobb

"The Backyard Homestead Guide to Growing Organic Food is a one-stop reference for all the key information food gardeners need to grow a healthy, bountiful garden. The book features a comprehensive companion planting guide and an in-depth review of the most...

Upcycled beauty  by Anna Brightman

Upcycled beauty

Anna Brightman

"Transform leftover coffee grounds into a body scrub, use citrus scraps to make a body oil, home fragrance or all-purpose cleaner, use too-far-gone raspberries to make a subtle lip stain, dry rose petals from your wilted bouquet to make drawer fresheners, or...

Project mushroom  by Lorraine Caley

Project mushroom

Lorraine Caley

"Mushroom growing for the new generation: demystifying mushroom cultivation one project at a time. Project Mushroom is the practical and beautiful guide to growing, displaying, cooking and identifying edible mushrooms. Mushrooms are good for us and for the...

The one day box  by Flora Soames

The one day box

Flora Soames

"An intimate look at the ethos of one of today's most exciting designers, and the people and places that have shaped her maximalist English aesthetic. British interior designer Flora Soames founded her eponymous firm in 2009 and launched an acclaimed...

Hedgelands  by Christopher Hart


Christopher Hart

"In this joyous journey around the wild edges of Britain, Christopher Hart takes us through the life, ecology and history of the humble British hedge, showing us how this much-loved (but somewhat overlooked) feature is inextricably woven into our language,...

Midcentury modern style  by Karen Nepacena

Midcentury modern style

Karen Nepacena

"It may seem daunting to design a midcentury modern-inspired home, but up-and-coming interior designer Karen Nepacena shows that by using just a few design guideposts anyone can make any room feel like a set from Mad Men or The Queen's Gambit. Showcasing...

The resilient garden and allotment handbook  by Sally Morgan

The resilient garden and allotment handbook

Sally Morgan

"Create a thriving garden or allotment that works in harmony with nature and will flourish in the face of ever-changing environmental conditions. In The Resilient Garden and Allotment Handbook, expert organic gardener Sally Morgan shares a wide range of...

The perfect home office  by An Bogaerts

The perfect home office

An Bogaerts

"Where We Work highlights the many options that come into play when designing a home office. It brings together a wealth of inspiring visuals and design ideas from home offices around the world, along with practical guidance and the latest trends. The author...

Shabby chic interiors  by Rachel Ashwell

Shabby chic interiors

Rachel Ashwell

"Romantic florals reclining against pure white linen, ruffles of muslin skirting a bed base against bleached floorboards, the deep comfort of a simple nest of fluffy towels... This is Rachel Ashwell’s signature style that for the past 20 years has been a major...

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