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The book of turtles  by Sy Montgomery

The book of turtles

Sy Montgomery

"This tribute to one of the most diverse, fascinating, and beloved species on the planet (turtles) speaks to the diversity and wisdom of these long-lived reptiles"--

Mosasaurs  by Kate Moening


Kate Moening

"Engaging images accompany information about mosasaurs. The combination of high-interest subject matter and light text is intended for students in grades 2 through 7"--

Great white sharks  by Thomas K. Adamson

Great white sharks

Thomas K. Adamson

Great white sharks are fearsome ocean hunters! Their 300 sharp teeth and curved tails allow these predators to make quick, deadly attacks. The pages of this fact-filled title provide young readers with information about great whites' environment, physical...

Fighting with love  by Lesa Cline-Ransome

Fighting with love

Lesa Cline-Ransome

"In a beautiful prose telling, the story of a groundbreaking civil rights leader, John Lewis. John Lewis left a cotton farm in Alabama to join the fight for civil rights. He was only a teenager. He soon became a leader of a moment that changed a nation....

Tittle tattle Talia  by Salwah Isaacs-Johaadien

Tittle tattle Talia

Salwah Isaacs-Johaadien

"Talia cannot; she loves talking about other people and she loves to hear about them too. Her tittle-tattling makes her very popular and before she knows it, her tales start to get taller and taller. Talia’s family remind her that this is a bad habit to have,...

Tonga's shooting star = Koe fetu'ufuka 'o Tongá  by David Riley

Tonga's shooting star = Koe fetu'ufuka 'o Tongá

David Riley

"One day Punga, a scary cannibal, challenged an orphan boy named Muni to a spear throwing contest. If Muni lost, he would also lose his life ... and Punga would control Tonga forever!"--Back cover.

Strike hard!  by David Riley

Strike hard!

David Riley

"Strike Hard is the inspiring story of the Black Ferns Sevens' speedster and try-scoring machine, Michaela Blyde. Learn how Michaela grew up to become one of the best women's rugby players in the world .... and how hard work and determination can help you...

The odyssey  by Gillian Cross

The odyssey

Gillian Cross

"Homer's great story is retold with simplicity and style by award-winning children's writer Gillian Cross, and vividly brought to life in Neil Packer's stunning illustrations. It charts the ten year epic voyage of Odysseus as he returns from the Trojan War to...

Never fallen  by Molly Gavigan Dodds

Never fallen

Molly Gavigan Dodds

''Never Fallen is a celebration of West Auckland. It's told by children from Colwill School who have written with love about the streets they grew up in and live on. It's a book about the people, landmarks, and memories that make living here something to be...

The streets  by Aliki Fangupo

The streets

Aliki Fangupo

"Told by children from Bailey Road School who have written with love about the streets they grew up in and live on. It's a book about the people, landmarks, and memories that make living here something to be proud of"--Back cover.

LEGO Jurassic World

LEGO Jurassic World

"Get closer than ever to the awesome dinosaurs of LEGO Jurassic World, with this amazing compilation of notes and scientific research. Big and small, carnivores and herbivores, flying and swimming-- they're all here."--Publisher.

The sports book

The sports book

"A comprehensive reference explains the rules, tactics, techniques, and equipment of a variety of sports, and includes trivia, terminology, detailed diagrams, information on major competitions, and historical highlights."--Publisher.

How to avoid being eaten by sharks...  by John Larkin

How to avoid being eaten by sharks...

John Larkin

"A collection of hilarious, nonsensical, witty and mischievous subjects - the best (and worst) advice for growing up. There is one sure-fire method to avoid being eaten by sharks. Don't go in the ocean. What does it mean to 'skateboard' someone? Is there a...

Why the world isn't fair  by Yuval N. Harari

Why the world isn't fair

Yuval N. Harari

"Something really strange happened 10,000 years ago, and it changed everything. Why did millions of people agree to obey a few leaders? Where did kings and kingdoms come from? The answer to that is one of the strangest tales you'll ever hear. Have you ever...

A kids book about being inclusive  by Ashton Mota

A kids book about being inclusive

Ashton Mota

"What's Inside? Being inclusive is a choice we can make every day! Being inclusive means reaching out to and welcoming all people and everything that makes them who they are. When we learn to see the beauty in our differences, we can embrace the rich, diverse,...

A kids book about being nonbinary  by Hunter Chinn-Raicht

A kids book about being nonbinary

Hunter Chinn-Raicht

"A glance at what it means to be outside of the gender binary. An introduction to people who don't identify as their birth gender. What does being non-binary mean? For some people, the question and its answer may be new or a little confusing. It's okay to not...

Growing up autistic and happy  by Camilla Pang

Growing up autistic and happy

Camilla Pang

"Discover how scientific concepts can help navigate everyday human interactions, and help you grow up to be your Happiest you! As a child, Camilla loved patterns and putting things in order. She was obsessed with Stephen Hawking, and the only language she...

Max Verstappen  by Maurice Hamilton

Max Verstappen

Maurice Hamilton

"Find out how Max Verstappen went from go-karting to becoming one of the world's best RACING LEGENDS! Detailing his super-fast rise to fame this book shows just how much of a legend Max Verstappen is, as well as shedding light on the team that helped him...

Lewis Hamilton  by Maurice Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

Maurice Hamilton

"Find out how Lewis Hamilton went from playing with remote-controlled cars to becoming one of the world's greatest ever RACING LEGENDS! Covering speed records and epic rivalries, as well as Hamilton's heroes and charity work."--Publisher.

A kids book about climate change  by Zanagee Artis

A kids book about climate change

Zanagee Artis

"Gives children the facts about climate change, explains the stakes for the planet, and offers hope in fighting for the future."--Publisher.

All things friendship  by Sara Jin Li

All things friendship

Sara Jin Li

"Celebrate old friends, make new ones, and learn how to navigate sticky friendship situations with this fun and helpful guidebook. Good friends make you laugh until your stomach hurts, support you during tough times, and brighten even the gloomiest of days....

World Almanac guide to getting out alive

World Almanac guide to getting out alive

"This is not your parents' scouting survival manual! From extreme weather to just leaving the house every day, who doesn't have a lot to be worried about? This book prepares readers to face any obstacle head-on, with the best possible action. Whether you're...

Kid Olympians. Summer  by Robin Stevenson

Kid Olympians. Summer

Robin Stevenson

"Childhood biographies of sixteen athletes who have competed in the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games"--Provided by publisher.

Build your own sensational space projects  by Rob Ives

Build your own sensational space projects

Rob Ives

"Get ready to build... Spacecraft that can land on the Moon An amazing orrery Awesome rockets ready for liftoff Pipe Cleaner Aliens to spook up your room Use the QR codes to download templates and see videos of the finished models. It's the best hands-on way...

The fruits we eat  by Gail Gibbons

The fruits we eat

Gail Gibbons

"Provides facts about such fruits as apples, peaches, and grapes, including how they grow, how they are harvested, and how they are eaten."--Publisher.

The vegetables we eat  by Gail Gibbons

The vegetables we eat

Gail Gibbons

"Describes the different types of vegetables and explains where they come from and how they end up in the grocery store"--Publisher.

See it, dream it, do it  by Colleen Nelson

See it, dream it, do it

Colleen Nelson

"In this unique kids' guide to careers, be inspired by real people doing all sorts of jobs. You'll also find: Spotlights about real kids exploring cool career paths. Spin-off jobs you may not have thought of. Fun facts and pro tips for trying the things that...

Out there in the wild

Out there in the wild

"Packed with poems about everything that lives in the the sea and rivers, on land and in the sky. Meet eagles and skylarks, tigers and elephants, foxes, rabbits and bats, bees and butterflies and many other natural wonders in this collection of poems...

Transplant breakthroughs  by Heather E. Schwartz

Transplant breakthroughs

Heather E. Schwartz

"From the first immunosuppressant drugs to the first infant heart transplant, this exploration of scientific inquiry celebrates the greatest developments in transplants. Get to know the scientists responsible for these breakthroughs, and explore science in...

Monarchs of Aotearoa  by Erin Willson

Monarchs of Aotearoa

Erin Willson

"Have you ever wondered about the extraordinary Monarch butterflies of New Zealand? How did they get here? What do they need to survive? Why do they gather high up in the trees in winter? Read along to find out what we know and what we don't know about the...

Tenzing Norgay  by Ma Isabel (María Isabel) Sánchez Vegara

Tenzing Norgay

Ma Isabel (María Isabel) Sánchez Ve...

"When Tenzing was young, he spent much of his childhood tending to the family's yaks and gazing up at the Himalaya mountains, dreaming of the day he would reach the top. Once he grew up, he joined many other Sherpas who were offering to take Europeans up the...

World folk tales  by Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod

World folk tales

Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod

"Introduce children to myths, legends and fables from across the globe in this movingly illustrated collection. The varied stories use a range of storytelling techniques and perspectives with full-colour, two-page illustrated spreads. Use this captivating...

Kamelia Lino Zarka  by David Riley

Kamelia Lino Zarka

David Riley

Kamelia Lino Zarka tracks Kamelia's journey from the Kingdom of Tonga, to the skies of Hawaii. You'll read how she made history by becoming the first Tongan female to captain a commercial airline. And you'll be inspired to see how her daughters are following...

Where's Peppa at the zoo?  by Taria Hegedus

Where's Peppa at the zoo?

Taria Hegedus

Peppa is going to the zoo! What will she find on her visit? From brilliant bugs to mischievous monkeys, join Peppa in this search-and-find adventure. Perfect for keeping the biggest Peppa fans busy.

Green machines  by Michelle Meadows

Green machines

Michelle Meadows

"Join the Lorax-- Dr. Seuss's beloved icon of environmentalism-- as he introduces readers to nine real, incredible eco-inventions. Fom a googly-eyed garbage eating machine to Living Seawalls to edible water "bottles" these amazing inventions will inspire...

The Bible atlas  by Stephen Motyer

The Bible atlas

Stephen Motyer

"A beautifully illustrated guide to the geography, events and people of the Old and New Testaments for children. In an illustrated guide, follow the journeys of the patriarchs, view inside Solomon's Temple, witness Jesus' miracles, and see exactly where Paul...

A kids book about feminism  by Emma Mcilroy

A kids book about feminism

Emma Mcilroy

"Everyone is equal, no matter what their gender. Empower young minds to embrace feminism! This is an unapologetic take on feminism as a thing that everyone can embrace, no matter their gender. It tackles ideas around equality, bias, and discrimination because...

Elmo's search and find.

Elmo's search and find.

"Join Elmo and your other favourite Sesame Street friends in this search-and-find book! Take a dip in the swimming pool, celebrate Cookie Monster's birthday and travel around the globe with Grover and Elmo! But the fun isn't over yet. Once you finish each...

Swimming toward a dream  by Reem Faruqi

Swimming toward a dream

Reem Faruqi

"Growing up in Damascus, the pool was Yusra Mardini's happy place. She learned to swim before she could walk. And with swimming came a dream--to compete in the Olympic games. But when war came to Syria, Yusra's home--and her pool--were no longer safe. Yusra...



"From the latest research to recent numbers on populations, this book gives you all the information you need about animals on land, in water, and in the air. Filled with more than 700 photographs, habitat maps, and illustrations, this book helps children and...

The secret life of bugs  by Moira Butterfield

The secret life of bugs

Moira Butterfield

"Did you know a wētāpunga is the heaviest insect of all, or that fairy wasps aren't quite as cute as their name? Explore magical insect stories from around the world and learn about different types of bugs, from the weaver ant to the whirligig beetle. Discover...

What's the point of art?

What's the point of art?

"Discover why we create art and why it matters. From cave paintings to abstract sculptures, explore how artists were inspired by the world around them, how their techniques and styles evolved over time, and how their art changed the world. Why is art...

Make art with nature  by Pippa Pixley

Make art with nature

Pippa Pixley

"Learn how to pour paint onto a canvas, how to put pencil to paper and draw, how bits of old paper can make a beautiful collage, and how different mediums can come together to create incredible prints. Become inspired as Pippa takes you into the outdoors and...

Prehistoric worlds  by Ashley (Paleontologist) Hall

Prehistoric worlds

Ashley (Paleontologist) Hall

"Enter the prehistoric world for an incredible four billion year journey across shifting continents and dinosaur territories. Plants flourish, birds evolve, and dinosaurs charge across the pages of this lively and colourful book. Packed with dynamic historical...

My book of the elements  by Adrian Dingle

My book of the elements

Adrian Dingle

"An introduction to the periodic table. Covering all the elements, from the unreactive to the radioactive, as well as key science topics, such as states of matter."--Publisher.

Understanding business  by Lara Bryan

Understanding business

Lara Bryan

Dive into the world of business with this lively introduction, whether you want to be an entrepreneur or a smarter consumer. Find all the basics you need to start your own business - from tips for business ideas and how to beat the competition, to advice on...

The official Harry Potter how to draw  by Isa Gouache

The official Harry Potter how to draw

Isa Gouache

"Learn how to create art of your favourite characters, creatures, and more from the beloved Harry Potter films. Create your own drawings of characters like Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Draw creatures including Hippogriffs, owls, and Thestrals and objects form the...

Welcome to Wild Town  by A. F. Harrold

Welcome to Wild Town

A. F. Harrold

"Come on an exciting journey of wild encounters with two of the UK's most popular poets. Watch out for the tigers of Bengal Street in the Carnivore Quarter and maybe avoid the fish tank in number 3, Danger Close - it's stocked with piranhas and electric eels....

My first book of Arabic words  by Aya Khalil

My first book of Arabic words

Aya Khalil

"An A-to-Z collection of colorfully illustrated rhymes introduces young readers to the Arabic language alphabet and some simple vocabulary words, while also highlighting the culture of the Arabic-speaking world. Includes pronunciation guide."--Publisher.

Be thankful for water  by Harriet Ziefert

Be thankful for water

Harriet Ziefert

"Using lilting, rhyming couplets, this book explores the many way that water is essential to our lives and the existence of life on earth. But it doesn't stop there! Kids will also learn about the many uses of water - and the environmental danger to water...

Professor Calculus  by Albert Algoud

Professor Calculus

Albert Algoud

"A comprehensive, funny tribute to Professor Calculus, one of the most endearing scientific geniuses in children's literature. Learn all about the absent-minded professor who first appeared 80 years ago in Herge's 12th Tintin book, Red Rackham's Treasure in...

Dung for dinner  by Christine Virnig

Dung for dinner

Christine Virnig

"A deliciously disgusting introduction to some of the grossest things we humans put in our mouths-- often without even realizing it! From Roman charioteers scarfing wild boar dung to astronauts guzzling their own pee in space to today's kids spreading insect...

This book will make you an artist  by Ruth Millington

This book will make you an artist

Ruth Millington

"Paint a still-life like Vincent Van Gogh! Create a cubist collage like Pablo Picasso! Make a polka-dot pumpkin like Yayoi Kusama! This book will make you an artist as you explore 25 different art techniques - from cave painting to contemporary performance -...

Tiger  by Samantha Helle


Samantha Helle

"Discover why tigers have stripes, what makes them stick out their tongue, and how they can survive in habitats ranging from snowy Siberia to the tropical rainforest of Indonesia. You'll also discover what it takes to become a tiger zoologist - including...



"A visual guide to the world's most popular game - from the rules of the game to the top tournaments. Learn about historic ball games and the birth of football. Gen up on the laws of the game and the new technology that referees use to make vital decisions....

Clever crow  by Christine Butterworth

Clever crow

Christine Butterworth

"Whatever the changing seasons and evolving world presents to the crow, they use their adaptability, discerning memory and crafty problem-solving techniques to overcome every possible hurdle. Young readers will be bowled over by these unassuming creatures they...

Lenny Henry  by Ma Isabel (María Isabel) Sánchez Vegara

Lenny Henry

Ma Isabel (María Isabel) Sánchez Ve...

"Little Lenny Henry loved making his friends and family laugh. Yet he dreamt of entertaining big audiences with his jokes and impressions. Aged 16, he won a talent contest and went on to star in many hit shows. In 1985, Lenny and his friends started the...

The children's Bible in 365 stories  by Mary Batchelor

The children's Bible in 365 stories

Mary Batchelor

"An illustrated collection of stories retold from the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation."--Publisher.

The ultimate kid's guide to weather  by Jenny Marder

The ultimate kid's guide to weather

Jenny Marder

"Welcome to Earth's atmosphere, where all weather happens! With stunning photos of Earth's wildest weather, easy at-home experiments, and fun activities, this is the only guide kids need on their journey of learning about precipitation, lightning, thunder,...

Can't get enough cat stuff  by Mara Grunbaum

Can't get enough cat stuff

Mara Grunbaum

"For animal lovers who are absolutely obsessed with everything cats, this book has it all: mind-blowing facts; tons of breeds; superfun games; hands-on activities; hilarious cat jokes; and fascinating research, such as how cats manage to (almost) always land...

5-minute shark stories  by Alli Brydon

5-minute shark stories

Alli Brydon

"Whether silently slicing through the water or jumping through the air like acrobats, sharks are fierce and mysterious, powerful and bold. These 12 true stories are sure to make a splash as you read about baby sharks, surprising shark friendships, and daring...



"Uncovers surprising secrets and mind-boggling facts behind your favorite Disney movies, TV shows, park attractions, and more!"--Publisher.

Life underground  by Richard Orr

Life underground

Richard Orr

"An illustrated journey through nature's unseen habitats revealing the curious creatures that live under the earth Burrow down into the world's most amazing underground habitats, from warm Arctic warrens to sandy desert dens. Illustrated in incredible detail,...

Warriors  by Erin Hunter


Erin Hunter

"In this updated and expanded edition celebrating 20 years of Warriors, discover all-new interior art and never-before-seen bonus content. This full-color guide includes: profiles of more than 85 of the most important warrior cats, an insider look at each of...

Comet chaser  by Pamela S. Turner

Comet chaser

Pamela S. Turner

"Once upon a time there lived a girl who swept floors and washed dishes, and was little more than a servant to her family. Until, one day, an invitation arrived. It was an invitation to a new country and a new beginning -- a place where Caroline's dreams, her...

Let's learn to fish!  by Dan Armitage

Let's learn to fish!

Dan Armitage

"Led by author-fishing guide Dan Armitage of the Kids Fishing Fun Program, kids ages 6 and up go on a fishing adventure with every turn of the page. Step-by-step color photography shows everything kids need to catch the big one: the best beginner bait and...

Super sports stars who are changing the game  by Rick Broadbent

Super sports stars who are changing the game

Rick Broadbent

"Discover the stories of 20 sportspeople who are pushing the limits of their game and helping to make our world a better place."--Publisher.

The Iguanodon's horn  by Sean Rubin

The Iguanodon's horn

Sean Rubin

"Ever since mysterious bones were found in 1822, scientists and artists have tried to figure out what the creature they came from looked like. But it seems that every time they've made up their minds, someone makes a new discovery, and they have to start all...

The beginner's guide to manga and anime  by Shuichiro Takeda

The beginner's guide to manga and anime

Shuichiro Takeda

Become an anime and manga expert with this must-have beginner's guide! It's packed with compelling history and fascinating facts that both new and longtime fans won't want to miss! Manga and anime are a whole lot more than just comics and animation from Japan....

Kids' sewing workshop  by Karine Thiboult-Demessence

Kids' sewing workshop

Karine Thiboult-Demessence

"Features 26 awesome patterns for young people who enjoy sewing. Each creation can be made on a sewing machine by following the super simple instructions that are accompanied by illustrated steps and diagrams. The garments are sized for an average 10-year-old...

Come and join us!  by Liz Kleinrock

Come and join us!

Liz Kleinrock

"Meet kids who share how they celebrate holidays all year long--perfect for discussions about de-centering winter holidays!"--

Wildlife crossings  by Catherine Barr

Wildlife crossings

Catherine Barr

"Track the journeys of seven amazing animals. Discover why they are in trouble, follow their journeys and find out how scientists and campaigners across the world are creating 'wildlife corridors' to keep animals on the move."--Publisher.

A kids book about confidence  by Joy Cho

A kids book about confidence

Joy Cho

"Helps children understand confidence and how to find it. Perfect for building confidence from a young age. How confident do you feel today? Maybe a lot, maybe a little, or maybe you don't know what that word means! However you feel, this book is for...

Minecraft beginner's guide

Minecraft beginner's guide

Are you new to Minecraft or still not quite getting the hang of it? Then this book is for you! Dive into Minecraft headfirst with this all-new beginner's guide that will teach you everything you need to know for starting your Minecraft journey, whether that be...

My book of horses and ponies.

My book of horses and ponies.

Discover the many breeds of horses and ponies around the world, and the origins of these powerful animals. Find out about the personalities of different horses, how humans and horses have worked together throughout history, and how to care for one of your own....

The bee connection  by Ben Newman

The bee connection

Ben Newman

"Inventive illustrations paired with narrative and non-fiction elements introduces young readers to the world of bees. Mason B. Chandler is a detective and solitary bee on a mission, and she needs your help to solve a mystery in Bug Borough. As Mason follows...

Baking wonderland  by Jean (Baker) Parker

Baking wonderland

Jean (Baker) Parker

"This mix-and-match cookbook is for curious kids who love to laugh. It's the perfect first baking book for children to use their imaginations, learn new skills and take their baking adventures to out-of-this-world heights! Be our guest and explore this magical...

Waist-deep in dung  by Christine Virnig

Waist-deep in dung

Christine Virnig

"After wading into the grossest animal pee, poop, and vomit humans have consumed in Dung for Dinner, Christine dives back into the muck with an equally humorous and informative exploration of the most revolting jobs throughout history. From the ancient...

Oxford school dictionary

Oxford school dictionary

"This new edition of the bestselling Oxford School Dictionary has been fully updated to include contemporary, relevant and comprehensive vocabulary. New words about technology, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic have been added, for example eSports,...

How many mice make an elephant?  by Tracey Turner

How many mice make an elephant?

Tracey Turner

"Introduces children to a world of fascinating information by comparing sizes and distances in an easily relatable way. A wide range of subjects are covered, including animals, the human body, engineering, Earth, and space, and to explore the answers to...

We need mud!  by Addy Farmer

We need mud!

Addy Farmer

"This book is an icky, drippy celebration of the incredible work mud does all day long. Mud is a home, a defence, a climate protector, a work of art and lots and lots of fun, too!"--Publisher..

My first book of dinosaurs  by Annabel Griffin

My first book of dinosaurs

Annabel Griffin

"An introduction to the wonderful prehistoric world of dinosaurs for young readers. Featuring full-color amazing illustrations, bite-size text, and informative fact files."--Publisher.

Star Wars made easy  by Christian Blauvelt

Star Wars made easy

Christian Blauvelt

" gives you everything you need to get you around the galaxy. Star Wars is a global phenomenon and the Force has truly reawakened. So where to start if you have never actually gotten around to watching the movies? Or if you find yourself dating an avid Star...

What a rock can reveal  by Maya Wei-Haas

What a rock can reveal

Maya Wei-Haas

"Award-winning science writer and geologist Maya Wei-Haas introduces young readers to the fascinating world of rocks through the art of observation. Starting with a friendly question-and-answer format, she explores the diversity of rocks and minerals and how a...

Kylie Minogue  by Ma Isabel (María Isabel) Sánchez Vegara

Kylie Minogue

Ma Isabel (María Isabel) Sánchez Ve...

"Little Kylie grew up with her parents and her younger sister, Dannii, in Melbourne, Australia. She loved singing, dancing and spinning around in her room, but she felt shy in front of other people. Her confidence and courage grew as she watched her sister...

Something about the sky  by Rachel Carson

Something about the sky

Rachel Carson

"What do we know about clouds? There are three basic types: stratus, cumulus, and cirrus. Some are fleecy and fair-weathered while others portend storms. But clouds are more than pretty or ominous backdrops. They're the vehicle of water between sea and land,...

Sky high!  by Jacek Ambrożewski

Sky high!

Jacek Ambrożewski

"Introduces a whole ensemble of scientists, inventors and builders: those from the distant past, such as Leonardo da Vinci and the Montgolfier brothers; those closer to our time, such as the Wright brothers or Otto Lilienthal; as well as current innovators,...

What humming-fish wish  by Michelle Meadows

What humming-fish wish

Michelle Meadows

"The Dr. Seuss character the Lorax narrates this rhymed non-fiction book about nine different endangered sea creatures and the how people can help them survive"--

Hug a bug  by Bonnie Worth

Hug a bug

Bonnie Worth

"The Lorax explains to young readers how they can help protect a variety of common insects that are threatened with extinction."--Publisher.

Scientists are saving the world!  by Saskia Gwinn

Scientists are saving the world!

Saskia Gwinn

"If all scientists are saving the world-- who is working on time travel? Scientists who are zooming through space, protecting the planet, singing with whales. And even learning how things travel through time. Get ready to meet more than 20 inspiring, real-life...

The beehive  by Megan Daley

The beehive

Megan Daley

"An amazing look into the native stingless bee, the heroes of pollination. It's finally hive day! Willow has been waiting all year for groundskeeper Tom to split the school's native stingless beehive in two so she can take home her very own hive. Everything...

A kids book about adventure  by Ben Tertin

A kids book about adventure

Ben Tertin

"Any conversation about adventure inevitably means having a conversation about the difference between healthy concern and overblown worry. What is adventure? What causes fear? That's what this book explores how living a life of adventure means living a life...

The magnificent book of butterflies and moths  by Barbara Taylor

The magnificent book of butterflies and moths

Barbara Taylor

"Take a journey through flower-filled meadows, dusky woodlands, and steamy rainforests to find 36 magnificent butterflies and moths, from the delicate glasswing butterfly to the mighty Hercules moth."--Publisher.

The brilliant brain  by Roopa Farooki

The brilliant brain

Roopa Farooki

"Every second of every day, something is happening in every tiny bit of your body, from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. And if you think of your body as a machine, your brain would be the control room - with billions of buttons for all kinds of...

Green  by Nicola Davies


Nicola Davies

"This tree doesn't look like it's doing very much: it just stands there in the sunlight, big and green. But this tree is busy. Starting with the secret workings of a tree, this book transports readers billions of years into the past; back to the moment when...

How to build a home  by George Clarke

How to build a home

George Clarke

"Get designing and building with architect and TV presenter George Clarke. From marvellous materials to future tech - discover the stories behind our homes. Our experts are famous for their incredible know-how and passion for their subjects, and now they have...

Kid oceanographer

Kid oceanographer

"Introduction to the wonders of the sea and answers big questions about these incredible marine environments. How deep is the ocean? Did you know there are underwater volcanoes? How many species live in the sea? Why do tsunamis start? From the depths of the...

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