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One life by Barbara Winton

One life

Barbara Winton

"Sir Nicholas Winton rescued 669 Jewish children from Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia at the brink of World War II. Most never saw their parents again. This is his story. In 1938, 29-year-old 'Nicky' cancelled a ski holiday and instead spent 9 months...

Great-uncle Harry by Michael Palin

Great-uncle Harry

Michael Palin

In the 1970s, Michael Palin came across an old family photograph of a young man in military uniform. Learning that this was his grandfather's brother Harry, killed in the First World War, his curiosity was piqued. But his career was hitting new heights, and...

Knife by Salman Rushdie


Salman Rushdie

"On the morning of 12 August 2022, Salman Rushdie was standing onstage at the Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York, preparing to give a lecture on the importance of keeping writers safe from harm, when a man in black – black clothes, black mask – rushed...

Second chance by Diana Thurgood

Second chance

Diana Thurgood

"A life-affirming true story of kindness, courage and one horse's extraordinary journey from a derelict paddock to the esteemed stables of the Mounted Police. On a hot summer's day in Northern New South Wales, Mounted Police officer Tiffany Williams spotted an...

Going infinite by Michael (Michael M.) Lewis

Going infinite

Michael (Michael M.) Lewis

"When Michael Lewis first met him, Sam Bankman-Fried was the world's youngest billionaire and crypto's Gatsby. CEOs, celebrities, and leaders of small countries all vied for his time and cash after he catapulted, practically overnight, onto the Forbes...

Young Elizabeth by Nicola Tallis

Young Elizabeth

Nicola Tallis

"Before she was three years old Elizabeth had been both a princess and then a bastard following the brutal execution of her mother, Anne Boleyn. After losing several stepmothers and then her father, the teenage Elizabeth was confronted with the predatory...

The woman in me by Britney Spears

The woman in me

Britney Spears

"The Woman in Me is a brave and astonishingly moving story about freedom, fame, motherhood, survival, faith, and hope. In June 2021, the whole world was listening as Britney Spears spoke in open court. The impact of sharing her voice--her truth--was...

Excommunicated by Craig Hoyle


Craig Hoyle

"A heart-wrenching multigenerational family memoir by an excommunicated member of the Exclusive Brethren After coming out as gay, Craig Hoyle was excommunicated from the New Zealand Exclusive Brethren and forced to say goodbye to his family forever. The...

Mistress of life and death by Susan J. Eischeid

Mistress of life and death

Susan J. Eischeid

"By the time of her execution at thirty-six, Maria Mandl had achieved the highest rank possible for a woman in the Third Reich. As Head Overseer of the women's camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau, she was personally responsible for the murders of thousands, and for the...

George Harrison by Philip Norman

George Harrison

Philip Norman

"Despite being hailed as one of the best guitarists of his era, George Harrison, particularly in his early decades, battled feelings of inferiority. He was often the butt of jokes from his bandmates owing to his lower-class background and, typically, was...

A memoir of my former self by Hilary Mantel

A memoir of my former self

Hilary Mantel

"In addition to her celebrated career as a novelist, Hilary Mantel contributed for years to newspapers and journals, unspooling stories from her own life and illuminating the world as she found it. "Ink is a generative fluid," she explains. "If you don't mean...

How to say Babylon by Safiya Sinclair

How to say Babylon

Safiya Sinclair

"Throughout her childhood, Safiya Sinclair's father, a volatile reggae musician and militant adherent to a strict sect of Rastafari, became obsessed with her purity, in particular, with the threat of what Rastas call Babylon, the immoral and corrupting...

Worthy by Jada Pinkett Smith


Jada Pinkett Smith

"Jada Pinkett Smith was living what many would view as a fairy-tale. But appearances can be deceiving, and as she felt more and more separated from her sense of self, emotional turmoil took hold. A rollercoaster from the depths of suicidal depression to the...

Meet you at the Main Divide by Justine Ross

Meet you at the Main Divide

Justine Ross

"An inspirational memoir from the authors of Every Bastard Says No about the peaks and troughs of a life in the high country. In 2017 the Ross family left behind their inner-city lives in Auckland and their successful vodka business, 42 Below, to follow their...

Nellie by Robert Wainwright


Robert Wainwright

"Nellie Melba is remembered as a squarish, late middle-aged woman dressed in furs and large hats, an imperious Dame whose voice ruled the world for three decades and inspired a peach and raspberry dessert. But to succeed, she had to battle social expectations...

Wandering through life by Donna Leon

Wandering through life

Donna Leon

"The internationally bestselling author of the Guido Brunetti mysteries tells her own adventurous life story as she enters her eighties In a series of vignettes full of affection, irony, and good humor, Donna Leon narrates a remarkable life she feels has...

Lies my mirror told me by Wendy Harmer

Lies my mirror told me

Wendy Harmer

"Wendy Harmer has had an extraordinary life. From being born with a severe facial deformity, to performing as a stand-up comedian, a national television host and then the highest paid woman in the cut-throat world of Sydney FM radio ... Wendy's tale of...

Doppelganger by Naomi Klein


Naomi Klein

"What if you woke up one morning and found you'd acquired another self--a double who was almost you and yet not you at all? What if that double shared many of your preoccupations but, in a twisted, upside-down way, furthered the very causes you'd devoted your...

Went to London, took the dog by Nina Stibbe

Went to London, took the dog

Nina Stibbe

Twenty years after leaving London, Nina Stibbe is back in town with her dog, Peggy. Together they take up lodging in the house of writer Debby Moggach in Camden for a year-long sabbatical. It's a break from married life back in Cornwall, or even perhaps a...

A pocketful of happiness by Richard E. Grant

A pocketful of happiness

Richard E. Grant

"Born in Swaziland in 1957, Richard E. Grant moved to the UK to pursue his acting career, and has been a fixture on screens since his breakout role in 'Withnail and I' in 1987. When his beloved wife Joan died in 2021 after almost forty years together, she set...

Making it by Jay Blades

Making it

Jay Blades

"'Making It' is an inspirational memoir about beating the odds and turning things around even when it all seems hopeless. In this book, Jay shares the details of his life, from his childhood growing up sheltered and innocent on a council estate in Hackney, to...

My journey to the World Cup by Sam Kerr

My journey to the World Cup

Sam Kerr

"Sam Kerr is widely considered to be one of the best female footballers of all time. She is famous worldwide for her skills on the soccer pitch - but before she was the Matildas captain and the leading goal scorer for Chelsea, she was just an average Aussie...

Rambling man by Billy Connolly

Rambling man

Billy Connolly

When Billy Connolly set out from Glasgow as a young man, he never looked back. He played his banjo on boats and trains, under trees, and on top of famous monuments. He danced naked in snow, wind and fire. He slept in bus stations, under bridges and on...

Last shot by Jock Zonfrillo

Last shot

Jock Zonfrillo

"A coming-of-age memoir of addiction, ambition and redemption in the high-stakes world of Michelin star kitchens. From reckless drug addict to one of Australia's top chefs and television stars: MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo's powerful life story will shock...

Sisters in captivity by Colin Burgess

Sisters in captivity

Colin Burgess

"The incredible account of Sister Betty Jeffrey OAM and the Australian war nurses who survived the bombing of evacuation ship SS Vyner Brooke in February 1942, and subsequently spent three years in Japanese prison camps in Sumatra. During those perilous years...

A canoe before the wind by Vitale Lafaele

A canoe before the wind

Vitale Lafaele

"In 1962, a Sāmoan family journeyed to New Zealand - a country immigrants once called 'the land of milk and honey' - in search of a better life. Instead, their eldest son, Vitale, arrived in an era of dawn raids by police and immigration officials, and endless...

Bookshop dogs by Ruth (Bookseller) Shaw

Bookshop dogs

Ruth (Bookseller) Shaw

"Dogs of all shapes and sizes visit Ruth Shaw's three wee bookshops in Manapouri in the far south of Aotearoa New Zealand. Local dogs, holiday house dogs, travelling dogs: many have great stories, be they funny, sad, strange, bemusing, quirky or sweet. Woven...

Star crossed by Heather Dune Macadam

Star crossed

Heather Dune Macadam

"Paris, 1940. The City of Light has fallen under German Occupation. Among patriotic Parisians, the pursuit of art, culture, and jazz have become bold acts of defiance. So has forbidden romance for talented and spirited Jewish teenager Annette Zelman, a student...

Berserker! by Adrian Edmondson


Adrian Edmondson

"Berserk: out of control with anger or excitement; wild or frenzied. Berserkers: an elite Norse fighting corp who, apparently off their tits on hallucinogenic drugs, fought with a particular fury and senseless abandon still present in many Scandinavian heavy...

On the record by Steven Joyce

On the record

Steven Joyce

"Before Steven Joyce entered politics, he had a hugely successful 17-year career building and running the radio network RadioWorks. He learnt to cut deals, compete ferociously, and carefully manage the on-air talent. They were all skills he would put to great...

The joy thief by Penny Moodie

The joy thief

Penny Moodie

"When Penny Moodie hears people say that they're 'a bit OCD' about cleaning or tidying, she can't help but feel frustrated. It took her twenty-three years to be diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder - a debilitating mental health condition involving...

The quiet hero by Philip Matthews

The quiet hero

Philip Matthews

"Andrew Bagshaw was many things - a genius-level geneticist, keen cricketer and sailor, private pilot, much-loved son, brother and uncle, as well as a hugely brave and principled idealist who risked everything to travel from Christchurch to Ukraine to work as...

Tell no one by Brendan Watkins

Tell no one

Brendan Watkins

"A stunning memoir of one man's search for his birth parents, which uncovered an astonishing global scandal at the heart of the Catholic Church. Brendan Watkins was eight years old when his parents told him he was adopted. When he was in his late twenties, he...

Don't dream it's over by Jeff Apter

Don't dream it's over

Jeff Apter

"This is the first biography to focus exclusively on Neil Finn, the man who wrote the timeless hits of Split Enz and Crowded House. In early 1980, 21-year-old Neil Mullane Finn wrote 'I Got You', which became the signature song and biggest hit for the Kiwi...

Head on by Carl Hayman

Head on

Carl Hayman

"Carl Hayman, All Black 1000, once the most highly prized player in world rugby and a giant of the game in every sense - someone who was always respected, even feared. But at the end of seventeen years as a professional rugby player, the last eight played with...

There's a cure for this by Emma (Physician) Espiner

There's a cure for this

Emma (Physician) Espiner

"From award-winning writer Dr Emma Espiner comes this striking and profound debut memoir. Encompassing whanau, love, death, '90s action movies and scarfie drinking, There's a cure for this is Espiner's own story, from a childhood spent shuttling between a...

Things that matter by David Galler

Things that matter

David Galler

"Dr David Galler tells stories of life and death from his position as Intensive Care specialist at Middlemore Hospital. Written lyrically and warmly, these stories are based on real life events describing the everyday dilemmas and challenges that doctors and...

Dusty by Lucy O'Brien


Lucy O'Brien

"Dusty Springfield was one of our greatest pop singers. From 60s hits like 'I Only Want To Be With You', 'Son of a Preacher Man' and 'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me' to her 80s collaboration with the Pet Shop Boys and beyond, she was a musical pioneer and...

Funny farm by Laurie Zaleski

Funny farm

Laurie Zaleski

"Laurie Zaleski never aspired to run an animal rescue; that was her mother Annie's dream. But from girlhood, Laurie was determined to make the dream come true. Thirty years later as a successful businesswoman, she did it, buying a 15-acre farm deep in the...

Small by small by Ike Anya

Small by small

Ike Anya

"This is the compelling story of Nigerian physician Ike Anya's path to becoming a doctor, from his intensely demanding studies to his beginnings as a newly qualified doctor. Moving, often humourous and always revealing, his account lays bare the challenges and...

Confessions by Edward Stourton


Edward Stourton

"Brought face to face with the author of his obituary and his own inevitable mortality, Edward Stourton is prompted to reflect on the life he has led and the events that have shaped him. Ed was born into a life of privilege: the son of expat parents in...

The Chipilly Six by Lucas Jordan

The Chipilly Six

Lucas Jordan

"On 9 August 1918, at Chipilly Spur overlooking the Somme River, an entire British Army Corps is held up by German machine gunners. The battle has raged for 30 hours and more than 2000 men have fallen. Then, two Australian sergeants, Jack Hayes and Harold...

The house with all the lights on by Jessica Leigh Kirkness

The house with all the lights on

Jessica Leigh Kirkness

"Jessica Kirkness has traversed the boundary between deaf and hearing cultures all her life. Her memoir tells the story of her grandparents who grew up deaf in a hearing world--one where sign language was banned for much of the twentieth century--and weaves in...

Ultramarathon man by Dean Karnazes

Ultramarathon man

Dean Karnazes

"Dean Karnazes is an internationally recognised endurance athlete who has pushed his body and mind to inconceivable limits. In this remarkable memoir, he recounts the personal events that have led to him becoming an extraordinary athlete. The seeds of his...

Bite back by Genevieve Mora

Bite back

Genevieve Mora

"Gen's early teenage years were the hardest of her life. Struggling with anorexia and poor mental health, she spent time in and out of hospitals and clinics, which also had a huge impact on her family. But with treatment and support, Gen was able to turn her...

One of them by Shaneel Lal

One of them

Shaneel Lal

"What would you do if you were told by the people you loved the most that the way you were born was evil and wrong? For Shaneel Lal, this was their reality from the time they were five. Growing up in a tiny, traditional village in Fiji, Shaneel always knew...

Pages from my passport by Amelia Dalton

Pages from my passport

Amelia Dalton

"Amelia Dalton, fresh from touring the Scottish islands, takes on the world and sets up exclusive holidays in remote places for a new cruise ship. As she scopes out her itineraries, she explores inaccessible islands and survives a hotel fire, a bomb in a...

Learning to be French (and failing) by Anna Bibby

Learning to be French (and failing)

Anna Bibby

"Anna Bibby owned a successful art gallery in New Zealand until one day, on holiday in France, she bought a falling-down house in a picturesque medieval village. So began the process of renovating her beautiful old house which, of course, wasn't without its...

A wife on Gorge River by Catherine Stewart

A wife on Gorge River

Catherine Stewart

"In 2010, New Zealand met its remotest family, through the writing of Robert Long — aka Beansprout — and we were intrigued. Now Beansprout's wife, Catherine Stewart, tells her story, and answers many of our questions. Why did she decide to join him on the wild...

Waco by Jeff Guinn


Jeff Guinn

"The definitive account of the disastrous siege at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, featuring never-before-seen documents, photographs, and interviews, from former investigative reporter Jeff Guinn, bestselling author of Manson and The Road to...

Diary of a Tuscan bookshop by Alba Donati

Diary of a Tuscan bookshop

Alba Donati

"Alba Donati was used to her hectic life working as a book publicist in Italy, a life that made her happy and allowed her to meet prominent international authors, but she was ready to make a change. One day she decided to return to Lucignana, the small village...

Island girl to airplane pilot by Silva McLeod

Island girl to airplane pilot

Silva McLeod

"This is the life story of Silva McLeod, the first Tongan woman to become an airline pilot. She's still one of only a handful. Told by Silva with frankness and wit, it's quite a story. Silva takes us on a journey of cultural change from her beginnings as a...

Put your feet in the dirt, girl by Sonia Henry

Put your feet in the dirt, girl

Sonia Henry

"'Solo GP needed for medical clinic, mining town in Pilbara region, Western Australia. Car and accommodation provided. On call paid extra. Close proximity to absolutely nothing.' Going Under, Sonia Henry's autobiographical novel about the stresses and failures...

Inside the dyslexic mind by Laughton King

Inside the dyslexic mind

Laughton King

"Laughton King shares his understanding of the dyslexic mind from his own lived experience as a dyslexic child, an angry adolescent, a therapist and eventually an author. In Laughton King’s formulation, a dyslexic person is like a diesel vehicle. They run...

The drinking game by Guyon Espiner

The drinking game

Guyon Espiner

"An incisive analysis of how our drinking culture is influenced by the government, media and big business, by investigative journalist Guyon Espiner. Four years ago, investigative journalist Guyon Espiner gave up drinking alcohol. He had been a heavy yet...

Did I ever tell you this? by Sam Neill

Did I ever tell you this?

Sam Neill

For over forty years, Sam Neill's name has been a reassuring mark of quality. With starring roles in hit movies including DEAD CALM, THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, THE PIANO and JURASSIC PARK, Sam's work has taken him from arthouse to blockbuster, and from cult...

George VI and Elizabeth by Sally Bedell Smith

George VI and Elizabeth

Sally Bedell Smith

"A revelatory account of how the loving marriage of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth saved the monarchy during World War II, and how they raised their daughter to become Queen Elizabeth II, based on exclusive access to the Royal Archives--from the...

Lipstick and leather by Kim Hawes

Lipstick and leather

Kim Hawes

"What do Motörhead, Black Sabbath, Elvis Costello, Rush and Chumbawamba have in common? Kim Hawes, pioneering female tour manager. Through hard work, hard partying and hard times, Kim hurled a TV through the glass ceiling of the male-dominated music industry....

From there to here by Joe Bennett

From there to here

Joe Bennett

"From Willingdon to Lyttelton, a memoir about love, learning and the journey to thirty. Joe Bennett is the author of countless columns, over twenty books, and now, at long last, a memoir. From There to Here describes a childhood of fishing, cricket, friends, a...

Tales of a vet nurse by Jade Pengelly

Tales of a vet nurse

Jade Pengelly

"The highs and heartbreak of caring for the animals we love. You never know who or what is going to walk, crawl or slither through the doors of veterinary hospital ... Clumsy Luna the Greyhound and her fragile front legs; the tortoise in need of a prosthetic...

Second chances by Hayley Holt

Second chances

Hayley Holt

"A raw and honest story of alcoholism, recovery, and courage in the face of loss. Hayley Holt grew up in the public eye. On our screens for over twenty years, her highs and lows have been aired for everyone to see. Now it's time to share her side of the story....

A forager's life by Helen Lehndorf

A forager's life

Helen Lehndorf

"A memoir about belonging and motherhood, told through the author's lifelong passion for wild food. When Helen Lehndorf moves to the city after a childhood living off the land in rural Taranaki, she can't help but feel different from her peers and professors....

Aphrodite's breath by Susan Johnson

Aphrodite's breath

Susan Johnson

"What happens when you take your 85-year-old mother to live with you on a Greek island? In life, as in myth, women are the ones who are supposed to stay home like Penelope, weaving at their looms, rather than leaving home like Odysseus. Meet...

The all-rounder by Dan Christian

The all-rounder

Dan Christian

"Dan Christian is one of the world's most sought after cricketers, not only a star for the Sydney Sixers but having been part of teams in premier leagues from India and Pakistan to South Africa and the Caribbean. In The All-Rounder, he takes us on a...

The Sassoons by Joseph Sassoon

The Sassoons

Joseph Sassoon

"A spectacular story, the making of a dynasty, one of the great untold sagas of a gilded Jewish Bagdadi family-the merchant princes of the orient, that built a vast empire through finance and trade: opium, cotton, oil, shipping, banking, that reached across...

The girl in the green dress by Jeni Haynes

The girl in the green dress

Jeni Haynes

"'I didn't know that you're only supposed to have one personality. I didn't realise that having lots of voices in your head was abnormal. But you are protecting yourself. You are protecting your soul, and that's what I did.' An intelligent, poised woman, Jeni...

Confidence man by Maggie Haberman

Confidence man

Maggie Haberman

"From the Pulitzer-Prize-winning New York Times reporter who has defined Donald J. Trump's presidency like no other journalist: a magnificent and disturbing reckoning that moves beyond simplistic caricature, chronicling his rise in New York City to his...

You can't stop the sun from shining by Sonny Bill Williams

You can't stop the sun from shining

Sonny Bill Williams

"Sonny Bill Williams is a once in a generation athlete – a player with immense sporting talent in rugby league, rugby union and boxing. In his remarkable career, he has won World Cups with the All Blacks in 2011 and 2015 and helped the Kiwis reach the 2013...

The hidden horticulturists by Fiona Davison

The hidden horticulturists

Fiona Davison

"In 2012, whilst working at the Royal Horticultural Society's library, Fiona Davison unearthed a collection of handwritten letters that dated back to 1822. The letters, each carefully set out in neat copperplate writing, had been written by young gardeners in...

Can you hear me? by Jake Jones

Can you hear me?

Jake Jones

"A young man has stopped breathing in a supermarket toilet. A pedestrian with a nasty head injury won't let the crew near him on a busy road. A newborn baby is worryingly silent. An addict urinates on the ambulance floor when denied a fix. This is the life of...

Asperger's children by Edith Sheffer

Asperger's children

Edith Sheffer

"Hans Asperger, the pioneer of autism and Asperger syndrome in Nazi Vienna, has been celebrated for his compassionate defense of children with disabilities. But in this groundbreaking book, prize-winning historian Edith Sheffer exposes that Asperger was not...

Call the vet by Bruce Fogle

Call the vet

Bruce Fogle

"In 1970, newly qualified vet Bruce Fogle arrived in London from Canada assuming that because he spoke English he would understand the English. He also thought that because he'd graduated from the world's best veterinary school he would understand how to be a...

Come by the hills by Cameron McNeish

Come by the hills

Cameron McNeish

"'Come by the Hills' follows Cameron McNeish's popular 2018 memoir, 'There's Always the Hills', and celebrates his life on the Scottish hills, his many friendships with hill-goers, writers, broadcasters and active people of all kinds." -- Publisher.

Kika & me by Amit Patel

Kika & me

Amit Patel

"The moving true story of Dr Amit Patel, who lost his sight in just 36 hours, and Kika, the guide dog who changed his world." -- Publisher.

Dickens and Prince by Nick Hornby

Dickens and Prince

Nick Hornby

"Charles Dickens and Prince. Two wildly different artists who caught fire and lit up the world in ways no others could. Where did their magic come from? How did they work so hard and produce so much? How did they manage or give in to the restlessness and...

The Swedish art of aging exuberantly by Margareta (Artist) Magnusson

The Swedish art of aging exuberantly

Margareta (Artist) Magnusson

"The Swedish Art of Aging Exuberantly shows readers how to prepare for and understand the process of growing older and the joys and sorrows it can bring. Magnusson's ultimate message is that we should not live in fear of death but rather focus on appreciating...

Agatha Christie by Lucy Worsley

Agatha Christie

Lucy Worsley

Why did Agatha Christie spend her career pretending that she was 'just' an ordinary housewife, when clearly she wasn't? As Lucy Worsley says, 'She was thrillingly, scintillatingly modern'. Her life was 'modern' too: she went surfing in Hawaii, she loved fast...

Fatty fatty boom boom by Rabia Chaudry

Fatty fatty boom boom

Rabia Chaudry

"Chaudry was raised with a lot of love -- and a lot of that love looked like food. Delicious Pakistani dishes, and an abundance of American processed foods, caused her family to become alarmed about their chubby daughter's future. How would she ever get...

The extraordinary life of an ordinary man by Paul Newman

The extraordinary life of an ordinary man

Paul Newman

"The raw, candid, unvarnished memoir of an American icon. Several years before he died in 2008, Paul Newman commissioned his best friend to interview actors and directors he worked with, his friends, his children, his first wife, his psychiatrist, and Joanne...

Straight up by Ruby Tui

Straight up

Ruby Tui

"After a childhood filled with neglect Ruby yearned for another path. Determined not to let her upbringing limit her, she survived abuse, drugs and tragedy to become one of the most successful women's rugby players in the world. The explosion of women's rugby...

Saving Freud by Andrew Nagorski

Saving Freud

Andrew Nagorski

"March 1938: German soldiers are massing on the Austrian border. Many Jews make plans to flee to safety. But one of the most famous men in the world is not among them. His name is Sigmund Freud. 'Saving Freud' is the story of a great man's life, and of the...

Anyone who had a heart  by Burt Bacharach

Anyone who had a heart

Burt Bacharach

"Over the past six decades, Burt Bacharach's legendary songwriting has touched millions of devoted listeners all over the world. In Anyone Who Had a Heart, Bacharach steps out from behind the music to give an honest, engaging look at his life—from his...

Why we sing by Julia Hollander

Why we sing

Julia Hollander

"Singing has always been there for us, at the root of what it is to be a human being. Through personal anecdote and scientific fact-finding, this book celebrates the way song inspires and heals us, from the cradle to the grave, and in the process does for...

The queen's wife by Joanne Drayton

The queen's wife

Joanne Drayton

"A modern love story: whakapapa, archaeology, art and heartbreak. A memoir of a turbulent time — and a chess game that broke all the rules. In 1989, two married women met by chance. They instantly hit it off, but little did they know that their new...

Friends, lovers, and the big terrible thing by Matthew Perry

Friends, lovers, and the big terrible thing

Matthew Perry

"The beloved star of Friends takes us behind the scenes of the hit sitcom and his struggles with addiction in this candid, funny, and revelatory memoir that delivers a powerful message of hope and persistence. In an extraordinary story that only he could tell,...

Superyacht captain by Brendan O'Shannassy

Superyacht captain

Brendan O'Shannassy

"A professional at the zenith of the world's most lavish and exclusive industry gives a rare insight into a career that is entertaining, instructive and at times daunting in its scale. The tale of an ordinary boy whose career takes him on a most extraordinary...

Life in lashes by Kita Mean

Life in lashes

Kita Mean

"There is a man in your future who is going to love you like nobody's business ... and that man is you! Quirky, kitsch and delightfully camp, Kita Mean - Nick Nash by day - inspires fans around the world to live life as their authentic selves, inside and out....

Spare by Prince Harry


Prince Harry

"It was one of the most searing images of the twentieth century: two young boys, two princes, walking behind their mother's coffin as the world watched in sorrow--and horror. As Diana, Princess of Wales, was laid to rest, billions wondered what the princes...

The bookseller at the end of the world by Ruth (Bookseller) author. Shaw

The bookseller at the end of the world

Ruth (Bookseller) author. Shaw

In the far south of New Zealand, in the remote Fiordland village of Manapouri, Ruth Shaw runs two tiny bookshops. In this memoir, she weaves together stories of the characters who visit her shops, musings about favourite reads, and bittersweet stories from her...

Waxing on by Ralph Macchio

Waxing on

Ralph Macchio

"Since The Karate Kid first crane-kicked its way into the pop culture stratosphere in June of 1984, there hasn't been a week Ralph Macchio hasn't heard friendly shouts of "Wax on, wax off" or "Sweep the leg!" Now, with Macchio reprising his role as Daniel...

Old rage by Sheila Hancock

Old rage

Sheila Hancock

Sheila Hancock seemed to be managing old age. She had weathered widowhood, taking on acting roles that would have been demanding for a woman of half her years. She had energy, friends, a devoted family, a lovely home. She could still remember her lines. So...

Rugby head by Greg (Journalist) Bruce

Rugby head

Greg (Journalist) Bruce

"A man. A game. A life. A shambles ... Greg Bruce tells the story of his life growing up and becoming a man in a country and culture obsessed with rugby. From the triumphs and devastations of All Blacks performances during his 1980s and '90s childhood, his own...

The strength of hope by Abram Goldberg

The strength of hope

Abram Goldberg

"The day Abram and his mother arrived at Auschwitz death camp they both knew it would be her last. In their final moment together, Abram's mum urged her nineteen-year-old son to 'do everything humanly possible to survive, and tell people what happened here.'...

Becoming pākehā by John Bluck

Becoming pākehā

John Bluck

"A timely book about the story of the Pakeha's past, present, and what lies ahead. After more than 200 years of co-existence under the umbrella of a unique treaty, you might think things would be better than ever. In this brilliantly written book, John Bluck...

And there was light by Jon Meacham

And there was light

Jon Meacham

"A president who governed a divided country has much to teach us in a twenty-first-century moment of polarization and political crisis. Abraham Lincoln was president when implacable secessionists gave no quarter in a clash of visions inextricably bound up with...

Behind the seams by Esme Young

Behind the seams

Esme Young

"To any self-respecting sewing fan, Esme Young needs no introduction. The diminutive judge of 'The Great British Sewing Bee' has a sharp eye for a wonky seam, and an even sharper eye for a good necklace. Her life, in many ways, is the story of post-war...

Unforgettable by Steve Thompson


Steve Thompson

"In 2003, England won the Rugby World Cup. Steve Thompson was there, in England's front row, at the heart of the match, and at the heart of the scrum - one of sport's most destructive, repetitive impacts. But the triumphs came at a cost. When rugby union...

Putin by Philip Short


Philip Short

"The monumental biography of the most influential leader on the world stage in the last twenty years. Vladimir Putin is a pariah to the West. Alone among world leaders, he has the power to reduce the United States and Europe to ashes in a nuclear firestorm and...

A fish in the swim of the world by Benjamin Brown

A fish in the swim of the world

Benjamin Brown

"Gathered from the tobacco-green valleys of the Motueka River where he grew up during the 1960s and 1970s, Brown's memoir is rich with a sense of place, of family. The strands of his parents' lives reach from Outback Australia and the hardship years of the...

Landlines by Raynor Winn


Raynor Winn

Raynor Winn knows that her husband Moth's health is declining, getting worse by the day. She knows of only one cure. It worked once before. But will he - CAN he - set out with her on another healing walk? The Cape Wrath Trail is over two hundred miles of...

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