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Sister Viv by Grantlee Kieza

Sister Viv

Grantlee Kieza

"Bangka Island, 1942: Australian Army nurse Vivian Bullwinkel was just twenty-six when Japanese soldiers marched her and her fellow nurses into the shallow waters of a remote beach to be executed. Miraculously, Vivian would be the lone survivor, and she...

How to have an epic retirement by Bec Wilson

How to have an epic retirement

Bec Wilson

"More than 500,000 Australians plan to retire in the next five years and are in their pre-retirement or 'part-time' retirement years, preparing for the massive life change that signals their move from working every day to living as they choose. In the years...

Dame Suzy D by Susan Devoy

Dame Suzy D

Susan Devoy

"A four-time world squash champion, Dame Susan Devoy has led a remarkably varied life. She's been Race Relations Commissioner, a television star, a newspaper columnist, raised four boys and met Bill Clinton and King Charles. Fiercely driven and wildly...

Hine Toa by Ngahuia Te Awekotuku

Hine Toa

Ngahuia Te Awekotuku

"In the 1950s, a young Ngāhuia is fostered by a family who believe in hard work and community. Although close to her kuia, she craves more: she wants higher education and refined living. But whānau dismiss her dreams. To them, she is just a show-off, always...

Evolving by Judy Bailey


Judy Bailey

"When beloved broadcaster Judy Bailey signed off her final news bulletin in 2005, she had no idea that the next years would be some of the most fulfilling of her life. In Evolving Judy shares new science and personal stories that have shaped her own path into...

BBQ economics by Liam Dann

BBQ economics

Liam Dann

"From interest rates to the price of cheese and everything in between, this is an essential guide to the New Zealand economy, how it works and why it matters. Should I fix or float? Is everyone moving to Australia? What's with the price of cheese? Who controls...

The swans of Harlem by Karen Valby

The swans of Harlem

Karen Valby

"The forgotten story of a pioneering group of five Black ballerinas, the first principals in the Dance Theatre of Harlem, who traveled the world as highly celebrated stars in their field and whose legacy was erased from history until now. At the height of the...

Get the picture by Bianca Bosker

Get the picture

Bianca Bosker

"Journalist Bianca Bosker's existence was upended when she wandered into the art world--and couldn't look away. Intrigued by artists who hyperventilate around their favorite colors and art fiends who max out credit cards to show hunks of metal they think can...

Right thing, right now by Ryan Holiday

Right thing, right now

Ryan Holiday

"In his New York Times bestselling book, Discipline Is Destiny, Ryan Holiday made the Stoic case for a life of self-discipline. In this much-anticipated third installment in the Stoic Virtues series, he argues for the necessity of doing what's right - even...

This is not America by Tom Owolade

This is not America

Tom Owolade

In the rush to address inequality and prejudice, and to understand concerns around identity, immigration and colonial history, Britain has followed the lead of the world's dominant power: America. We judge ourselves by America's standards, absorb its arguments...

The path of peace by Anthony Seldon

The path of peace

Anthony Seldon

Without a permanent home, a wife or a job, and with no clear sense of where his life was going, Anthony Seldon set out on a 35-day pilgrimage from the French-Swiss border to the English Channel. The route of his 1,000 kilometre journey was inspired by a young...

All before me by Esther Rutter

All before me

Esther Rutter

In her early twenties, Esther Rutter suffered an acute mental breakdown while teaching English in Japan. Sectioned and held in a Japanese psychiatric institution until she could be flown home under escort, her recovery only began when she came to live and...

You never know by Tom Selleck

You never know

Tom Selleck

"In his own voice and uniquely unpretentious style, Tom Selleck brings readers on his uncharted but serendipitous journey to the top in Hollywood, his temptations and distractions, his misfires and mistakes and, over time, his well-earned success. Along the...

The outback court reporter by Jamelle Wells

The outback court reporter

Jamelle Wells

"The Outback Court Reporter is a sometimes funny, sometimes tragic look at the comings and goings on inside the country courtrooms dotted across Australia. From the case of the stolen cat flap, to missing lollipops and exploding chocolate milk in a country...

Mine is the kingdom by David Hardaker

Mine is the kingdom

David Hardaker

"In 2023 the curtain finally came down on Brian Houston. The rock star of Pentecostalism, former Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, was acquitted of concealing his father's sexual abuse of a minor, but it was too late. His glittering megachurch had...

The demon of unrest by Erik Larson

The demon of unrest

Erik Larson

"On November 6, 1860, Abraham Lincoln became the fluky victor in a tight race for president. The country was bitterly at odds; Southern extremists were moving ever closer to destroying the Union, with one state after another seceding and Lincoln powerless to...

Speak the blessing by Joel Osteen

Speak the blessing

Joel Osteen

"Your words have power. Get your words going in the right direction and see how your life moves in the right direction. Your words are like seeds. Every time you say them, they're taking root and growing. Are you planting good seeds? Are you seeing the...

A brilliant life by Rachelle Unreich

A brilliant life

Rachelle Unreich

"Over seventy years had passed since Mira Unreich was freed from a concentration camp in Germany. On that spring day in 1945, she found herself alive, against all odds. In the decades that followed, she never explained the mystery underpinning her survival....

The very hungry coeliac by Melanie Persson

The very hungry coeliac

Melanie Persson

"Coeliac disease or a gluten intolerance used to mean that favourite foods like delicate pastries, springy noodles and fluffy cakes were off the menu. Now Melanie Persson, Instagram foodie and the first coeliac contestant on MasterChef Australia, is bringing...

On call by Ineke Meredith

On call

Ineke Meredith

"It's all in a mad day's work: the good, the bad and the crazy. From a man who swallowed fishhooks to patients playing pranks, emergency operations in the wee hours, constantly being mistaken for a nurse, and holding hands through silent goodbyes, this is a...

The missing piece by Julie Legg

The missing piece

Julie Legg

"When Julie Legg was diagnosed with ADHD at age 52, suddenly her life made sense. Bringing together her own experience along with research studies and personal stories from other Kiwi women with ADHD, this book is a go-to reference no matter where you are in...

Beyond hope by Bariz Shah

Beyond hope

Bariz Shah

"At age 18, Bariz Shah ended up in an Auckland prison. As an Afghan migrant who was deeply affected by 9/11, Bariz spiralled from schoolyard fights into crime and drugs - until prison made him rethink the story of his life. Years later, in Christchurch, Bariz...

One life by Barbara Winton

One life

Barbara Winton

"Sir Nicholas Winton rescued 669 Jewish children from Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia at the brink of World War II. Most never saw their parents again. This is his story. In 1938, 29-year-old 'Nicky' cancelled a ski holiday and instead spent 9 months...

The hard road will take you home by Anthony Stazicker

The hard road will take you home

Anthony Stazicker

"Anthony 'Staz' Stazicker served an impressive 13 years of distinguished and decorated military service, ten within the Special Forces, before founding the multi-million pound technical clothing company ThruDark. Throughout his career in the Special Forces -...

Bibliotherapy by Bijal Shah


Bijal Shah

"In 'Bibliotherapy', bibliotherapist and counsellor Bijal Shah draws on her personal experience, work with clients and research to explore the healing power of reading. From the history of how therapeutic reading evolved - and the important role played by...

Great-uncle Harry by Michael Palin

Great-uncle Harry

Michael Palin

In the 1970s, Michael Palin came across an old family photograph of a young man in military uniform. Learning that this was his grandfather's brother Harry, killed in the First World War, his curiosity was piqued. But his career was hitting new heights, and...

The menopause brain by Lisa Mosconi

The menopause brain

Lisa Mosconi

"Menopause and perimenopause are still a black box to most doctors, leaving patients exasperated as they grapple with symptoms ranging from hot flashes to insomnia to brain fog. As a leading neuroscientist and women's brain health specialist, Dr. Mosconi...

Knife by Salman Rushdie


Salman Rushdie

"On the morning of 12 August 2022, Salman Rushdie was standing onstage at the Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York, preparing to give a lecture on the importance of keeping writers safe from harm, when a man in black – black clothes, black mask – rushed...

Second chance by Diana Thurgood

Second chance

Diana Thurgood

"A life-affirming true story of kindness, courage and one horse's extraordinary journey from a derelict paddock to the esteemed stables of the Mounted Police. On a hot summer's day in Northern New South Wales, Mounted Police officer Tiffany Williams spotted an...

Going infinite by Michael (Michael M.) Lewis

Going infinite

Michael (Michael M.) Lewis

"When Michael Lewis first met him, Sam Bankman-Fried was the world's youngest billionaire and crypto's Gatsby. CEOs, celebrities, and leaders of small countries all vied for his time and cash after he catapulted, practically overnight, onto the Forbes...

F1 racing confidential by Giles Richards

F1 racing confidential

Giles Richards

"Guardian journalist Giles Richards speaks to the men and women inside Formula One to reveal the inner workings of the world's most glamorous motorsport. Featuring exclusive interviews with experts at every level - from drivers and team principals to engineers...

Young Elizabeth by Nicola Tallis

Young Elizabeth

Nicola Tallis

"Before she was three years old Elizabeth had been both a princess and then a bastard following the brutal execution of her mother, Anne Boleyn. After losing several stepmothers and then her father, the teenage Elizabeth was confronted with the predatory...

Searching for Juliet by Sophie Duncan

Searching for Juliet

Sophie Duncan

"Juliet Capulet is the heartbeat of the world's most famous love story. She is an enduring romantic icon. And she is a captivating, brilliant, passionate teenage girl who is read and interpreted afresh by each new generation. 'Searching for Juliet' takes us...

Unruly by David 1974- author. Mitchell


David 1974- author. Mitchell

David Mitchell explores how England's monarchs, while acting as rulers firmly guiding their subjects' destinies, were in reality a bunch of lucky sods who were mostly as silly in real life as they appear today in their portraits. Taking us back to King Arthur...

The woman in me by Britney Spears

The woman in me

Britney Spears

"The Woman in Me is a brave and astonishingly moving story about freedom, fame, motherhood, survival, faith, and hope. In June 2021, the whole world was listening as Britney Spears spoke in open court. The impact of sharing her voice--her truth--was...

The habit revolution by Gina Cleo

The habit revolution

Gina Cleo

"Packed with practical insights, inspiring stories and surprisingly simple activities to try today, The Habit Revolution is your guide to a life magnificently remastered through the incredible power of habits."--Back cover.

Mad on meth by Benedict Collins

Mad on meth

Benedict Collins

"Only 50 years ago, pure methamphetamine was legally prescribed in New Zealand to anyone looking for a boost. But it wasn't long before P was rebranded as the most dangerous and destructive drug in the world - and New Zealanders cemented as among its biggest...

Excommunicated by Craig Hoyle


Craig Hoyle

"A heart-wrenching multigenerational family memoir by an excommunicated member of the Exclusive Brethren After coming out as gay, Craig Hoyle was excommunicated from the New Zealand Exclusive Brethren and forced to say goodbye to his family forever. The...

Toxic by Sarah Ditum


Sarah Ditum

"Told through the careers and life stories of some of the most high profile women of the decade - including Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Janet Jackson and Paris Hilton - this title will explore how the media, empowered through the tools of the early...

Loosely based on a made-up story by James Blunt

Loosely based on a made-up story

James Blunt

"While James Blunt's crimes against music are well-documented, he also has some stories that are not. In' Loosely Based On A Made-Up Story', James reveals his most riotous anecdotes to date for your amusement - and his parents' horror - in this non-memoir....

Mistress of life and death by Susan J. Eischeid

Mistress of life and death

Susan J. Eischeid

"By the time of her execution at thirty-six, Maria Mandl had achieved the highest rank possible for a woman in the Third Reich. As Head Overseer of the women's camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau, she was personally responsible for the murders of thousands, and for the...

George Harrison by Philip Norman

George Harrison

Philip Norman

"Despite being hailed as one of the best guitarists of his era, George Harrison, particularly in his early decades, battled feelings of inferiority. He was often the butt of jokes from his bandmates owing to his lower-class background and, typically, was...

A memoir of my former self by Hilary Mantel

A memoir of my former self

Hilary Mantel

"In addition to her celebrated career as a novelist, Hilary Mantel contributed for years to newspapers and journals, unspooling stories from her own life and illuminating the world as she found it. "Ink is a generative fluid," she explains. "If you don't mean...

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