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Ngā Taitara hōu

Large print westerns

Mountain woman by Gregory Lalire

Mountain woman

Gregory Lalire

"The early 19th-century trappers who traipse through the Rockies in search of beaver pelts are called mountain men-all but one, whose unique tale is told here by her daughter, Bathsheba Hex, in 1901. In 1819, Kentucky-born Bet Hex ventures up the Missouri...

When the devil comes a-calling by Ethan J. Wolfe

When the devil comes a-calling

Ethan J. Wolfe

"When Judge Parker of Fort Smith, Arkansas, sends two US marshals on a routine prisoner pickup and they never make it to their destination, he sends Marshals Emmet and Jack Youngblood to find them. Emmet and Jack, considered two of the best marshals in the...

Blood west by Thomas D. Clagett

Blood west

Thomas D. Clagett

"Summer, 1885. Something inexplicable has come to the railroad town of Las Vegas in the Territory of New Mexico. Asked to investigate, the Pinkerton Detective Agency sends their best detective. Her name is Hattie Lawton. But no one can know her true identity...

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