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A photographic guide to mushrooms and other fungi of New Zealand  by G. S. Ridley

A photographic guide to mushrooms and other fungi of New Zealand

G. S. Ridley

"A Photographic Guide to Mushrooms & Other Fungi of New Zealand introduces readers to New Zealand’s mushrooms and fungi, which number up to some 19,000 species and include extraordinarily diverse types, from the familiar ‘mushroom’ to brackets, coral and cup...

Nature's future our future  by Des Casey

Nature's future our future

Des Casey

"Nature faces a crossroads. What will we, ourselves a part of nature, do? Time is running fast but opportunities still exist to activate the human qualities of creativity, generosity, courage and wisdom - our greatest assets in times of difficulty. Hope...

"She'll be right... yeah, nah"  by Katie McQuaid

"She'll be right... yeah, nah"

Katie McQuaid

"Katie McQuaid grew up on the Kāpiti Coast, a small seaside town called Paraparaumu located near the bottom of the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand. Her life changed throughout her teenage years without her knowing it and upon reflection later on in life,...

How we all got here  by Keston Ruxton

How we all got here

Keston Ruxton

"Europeans settled vast tracts of land across the globe during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Gold had not previously been extracted from many of these locations and strikes occurred one after another in different parts of the world. As gold fever...

Te wai pounamu  by Helen M. Staniland

Te wai pounamu

Helen M. Staniland

''Awesome! Amazing! Beautiful! Stunning! Spectacular! These are some of the words the author uses to describe many of the sights seen on this "trip-of-a-life-time" to the south of the South Island, undertaken when the closure of Aotearoa/New Zealand's borders,...

New Zealand  by Rachel Mills

New Zealand

Rachel Mills

This New Zealand guidebook is ideal for travellers seeking inspirational guides and planning a more extended trip. It provides interesting facts about New Zealand's people, history and culture and detailed coverage of the best places to see. This New Zealand...

1943  by Tristan Freitas Hegglun


Tristan Freitas Hegglun

"This is the third of four volumes of the letters, diaries and photographs of a New Zealaand soldier after he signed up for active service towards the end of 1940... The complete letters and diaries of a New Zealand soldier during the year 1943 as the...

Searching for sunrises  by Nathan Trinham

Searching for sunrises

Nathan Trinham

"Searching for sunrises is a story that potentially has life lessons for everyone who reads it. This is the story of Nathan, an abused, lost boy and his fight to bring sunshine into his life, and free himself of the darkness that had enveloped him from birth....

Mickey  by Helen Brown


Helen Brown

"A witty and warm memoir about growing up with the help of a very special cat - from Helen Brown, internationally bestselling author of Cleo and other tales of the beloved cats in her life... Who was the first pet you ever loved? The youngest daughter of an...

Precious cargo  by Paul Joseph

Precious cargo

Paul Joseph

"At the end of the 19th century, Mark Twain, wife, Livy, and Clara, one of his daughters, traveled around the world for a year. Twain was on a lecture tour, and his experiences were later captured in Following the Equator. One hundred years later, Paul Joseph...

#WorkSchoolHours  by Ellen Joan Ford


Ellen Joan Ford

"Every working parent knows how hard the juggle is. Now we know the cause. It's time to get work to work better for people. Right now, we are expected to work as though we don't have kids and parent as though we don't have jobs. It is not sustainable. It's...

Dame Suzy D.  by Susan Devoy

Dame Suzy D.

Susan Devoy

"A four-time world squash champion, Dame Susan Devoy has led a remarkably varied life. She's been Race Relations Commissioner, a television star, a newspaper columnist, raised four boys and met Bill Clinton and King Charles.? Fiercely driven and wildly...

Nola Barron  by Nola Barron

Nola Barron

Nola Barron

"This book is a record of the artistic career of Nola Barron. It covers three different aspects of her life and works. After an initial interest in painting, she found that pottery was the craft she wished to follow. She enrolled at the Studio of Design, which...

100 ways to enjoy self-care for gentle wellbeing and a healthy body image  by Fiona Ferris

100 ways to enjoy self-care for gentle wellbeing and a healthy body image

Fiona Ferris

"Discover easy, fun, and free ways to practise self-care in your daily life, with no extra time needed. Find out how to pamper and care for yourself as well as you care for others, without guilt. In this book you will find 100 ways to enjoy self-care and...

Those who have the courage  by Matthew Wright

Those who have the courage

Matthew Wright

"'Those Who Have the Courage will be a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in the military and social history of New Zealand. It is a comprehensive history of the Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps, the Mounted Rifles and predecessor units ...' -...

The compassion of Captain Cook  by C. R. (Christopher Robin) Heathcote

The compassion of Captain Cook

C. R. (Christopher Robin) Heathcote

"New Zealand 1773. A week before Christmas. A rowboat carrying ten sailors disappears. Next day butchered bodies are found on a beach. All have been killed by Maori warriors. Captain Cook will not retaliate. Warning his crew against vengeance, Cook assures...

Talanoa Fogafala

Talanoa Fogafala

"This poetry collection is the culmination of a collaboration between the National University of Samoa and the University of Auckland. Staff and students shared their thoughts and feelings, hopes and frustrations with each other in the form of poetry, art, and...

Fangufangu Mana  by Graeme McNae

Fangufangu Mana

Graeme McNae

Like the sound of the fangufangu mana nose flute heard in the morning air, awakening sleepers and banishing lies, the gospel makes its invitation. Graeme and Colleen McNae heeded the call and set off for Tonga with their young family to spread the news. What...

Unleash your awesome  by Daria Williamson

Unleash your awesome

Daria Williamson

"Are you ready to unleash your awesome? Drawing on strengths research and real-world experience, Daria Williamson has created this practical, easy-to-implement handbook to help you to get clarity on what you love, what you're great at, and how you can achieve...

Portrait of a war artist  by John Gillies

Portrait of a war artist

John Gillies

"In this captivating and beautifully illustrated memoir, John Gillies vividly recalls his months as a member of the Otago University Medical Company on an active service tour of duty in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Still a medical student at the time,...

Knowing my place  by Peter J. Cullinane

Knowing my place

Peter J. Cullinane

In the footstraps of giants  by Bruce Trotter

In the footstraps of giants

Bruce Trotter

Set sail on a nostalgic journey into the exhilarating world of New Zealand windsurfing. In the Footstraps of Giants, written by former grandmaster windsurfing world champion Bruce Trotter, is more than a celebration of the sport - it's a heartfelt tribute to...

Stoked  by Al Brown


Al Brown

"Fishermen and good home cooks alike devoured Go Fish and its winning combination of excellent recipes, great yarns, gorgeous photography, devotion to the stunning NZ coastline and way of life, all with a touch of nostalgia. Now Al Brown applies this same...

The very last resort  by Sandra Waters

The very last resort

Sandra Waters

"A remarkable, revealing, and riotous insight into the management of guest accommodation and transitional housing in a New Zealand motel. This true story follows the experiences of a couple whose introduction to accommodation management begins in a run-down...

Queer Asian identities in contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand  by Sidney Gig-Jan Wong

Queer Asian identities in contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand

Sidney Gig-Jan Wong

"A Cantonese-Tauiwi queer man reflects on his lived experiences as a means to explore the intersection of Asian-ness and queerness in Aotearoa New Zealand.Queer Asian communities in Aotearoa New Zealand can suffer erasure caused by the dominance of whiteness...

Courage to face long loss  by Nicki Weld

Courage to face long loss

Nicki Weld

"Being with a loved one through a degenerative illness or disease takes us on a journey that requires courage. Rather than an immediate singular loss, we experience 'long loss' which includes multiple losses and changes over time. Long loss requires us to...

Conspiracy theorizing  by Gerald A. Arbuckle

Conspiracy theorizing

Gerald A. Arbuckle

"Conspiracy Theorizing explore how should individuals with the Christian faith should react to conspiracy theories, their untruths, and their dangers. This book outlines the way that conspiracy theories are the fundamental basis for this stigmatization and...

New Zealand fungi  by Rebecca Bowater

New Zealand fungi

Rebecca Bowater

"Fungi have no chlorophyll and obtain their nutrients from living plants and animals, or dead trees, plants and animals. The parts of fungi that we see are called fruiting bodies which grow in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, ranging from vibrant to...

More late life adventures in London and beyond  by Annemarie Rawson

More late life adventures in London and beyond

Annemarie Rawson

"Join Annemarie and her husband Steve in their inspiring travelogue as they explore London's hidden germs, the UK, and a host of enticing European destinations. Experience the beauty of the fascinating places they visit, immerse yourself in local history and...

Refugee turned patriot  by Karen M. (Journalist) Brown

Refugee turned patriot

Karen M. (Journalist) Brown

"This is the story of a man, his family, and his determination to survive the Holocaust by fleeing Nazi-controlled Austria and Czechoslovakia. It's all the more compelling for having been told without malice by a man who was both a grateful refugee and an...

Guide to New Zealand gin. vol.3  by George Grbich

Guide to New Zealand gin. vol.3

George Grbich

"Featuring 234 Gins from more than 80 Brands across New Zealand! Each Gin has been carefully paired with a corresponding Fever-Tree Mixer alongside an independently written tasting note by our panel of experts."--

Inner critic to inner coach  by Bex Bell

Inner critic to inner coach

Bex Bell

"We all have one: an inner critic that sometimes feels like our worst enemy... A loudspeaker in our mind that yells, "You're an impostor! You don't know what you're doing! Everyone else is doing life better than you!". We overwork, over-prepare and...

The unsettled  by Richard Shaw

The unsettled

Richard Shaw

"After Richard Shaw published his acclaimed memoir The Forgotten Coast in 2021, he made contact with Pākehā with long settler histories who were coming to grips with the truth of their respective families 'pioneer stories'. They were questioning the foundation...

Under the stars camping. Australia and New Zealand  by Sarah Reid

Under the stars camping. Australia and New Zealand

Sarah Reid

"Sleep under the stars in Australia and New Zealand's most spectacular spaces. Discover more than 200 out-of-this-world camping hotspots in this epic guide that features breathtaking wild camping pitches, picturesque glamping sites, scenic campgrounds, cabins,...

Hold my hand, Rosie. Don't let go  by Madeleine Redding

Hold my hand, Rosie. Don't let go

Madeleine Redding

"Rosie is a shy young teenager when she starts experimenting with alcohol. When Rosie's parents finally realise that their beloved daughter is having problems with her drinking, Rosie is firmly in the grip of alcoholism. What follows is the true story of a...

Te Ata o Tu  by Matiu Baker

Te Ata o Tu

Matiu Baker

"The New Zealand Wars of 1845-72 were a series of bitter and bloody conflicts between Maori and Pakeha that extended from Wairau to the Bay of Islands, and from Taranaki to the East Cape. They are as important to New Zealand as the civil wars were to England...

Love food  by Jo Farrimond

Love food

Jo Farrimond

"Food is love made visible, valuing family and home, encouraging our tamariki to cook and join in, and, showcasing Aotearoa New Zealand's beauty and it's seasonal cuisine. Love Food summer edition cookbook is a tribute to the love of whanau and kai....



"The 1970s saw unprecedented numbers of people take to the streets to campaign for civil liberties, environmental issues, gay rights, housing, Maori land and language, peace, women's rights, worker's wages and conditions - and to end apartheid, racism and war....

Bob Crowder  by Matt Morris

Bob Crowder

Matt Morris

"Tells the story of Bob Crowder's life and his role in the birth of the organics movement in Aotearoa New Zealand.Growing up in wartime Britain, the peaceful pursuit of gardening was young Bob's refuge.He later became an innovative horticulturalist and early...

Budget like a legend  by Cameron Wislang

Budget like a legend

Cameron Wislang

"This whole budgeting, sorting out your money thing - it's not impossible. It's not something only super-clever or lucky people can do. It's something that every single person can accomplish. This book is a Kiwi's no-nonsense guide to changing your mindset,...

On call  by Ineke Meredith

On call

Ineke Meredith

"The world of surgery is strange, messy and intense. From a man presenting with fishhooks in his stomach to being punched in the face by a patient, it's all in a mad day's work for a female general surgeon. Even with emergency operations in the wee hours and...

A photographic guide to wildflowers of New Zealand  by Geoff Brunsden

A photographic guide to wildflowers of New Zealand

Geoff Brunsden

"Wildflower experts Geoff and Liz Brunsden introduced wildflower landscaping to New Zealand. They are known particularly for their work with wildflower planting alongside the contry's highways." --Back cover.

The three quicks  by Trevor Auger

The three quicks

Trevor Auger

"In 2021 the New Zealand cricket team won the inaugural ICC World Test Championship. Thirteen years before, a 19-year-old Tim Southee had played his first Test match for his country, and before long he would be joined by Trent Boult and Neil Wagner. One...

Food from Jassy’s gardens  by Annie Porter

Food from Jassy’s gardens

Annie Porter

"Written by local resident, Annie Porter, this beautifully designed cookbook features new and delicious recipes and nine stunning Waiheke gardens. "--

Food from Jassy’s gardens  by Annie Porter

Food from Jassy’s gardens

Annie Porter

"Written by local resident, Annie Porter, this beautifully designed cookbook features new and delicious recipes and nine stunning Waiheke gardens. "--

How to save a forest  by Peter Thomas

How to save a forest

Peter Thomas

"This was the allegation, repeated in a newspaper in 1946, made by the State Forest Service against NRW Thomas for his unauthorised visit to Waipoua Forest. Who saved the Waipoua Kauri Forest of Northland, New Zealand? Why has nothing of any substance been...

Beyond hope  by Bariz Shah

Beyond hope

Bariz Shah

"At age 18, Bariz Shah ended up in an Auckland prison. As an Afghan migrant who was deeply affected by 9/11, Bariz spiralled from schoolyard fights into crime and drugs - until prison made him rethink the story of his life. Years later, in Christchurch, Bariz...

The dahlia kids

The dahlia kids

"Kickstarted by a $100 entrepreneurial homeschool project, this compelling story follows the lives of three young Dahlia Kids and details their journey into growing dahlias from seed on their rural bush property, ten minutes south of Kaikohe, New Zealand....

Fleur Adcock  by Fleur Adcock

Fleur Adcock

Fleur Adcock

"This expanded edition of Fleur Adcock's Collected Poems, first published in hardback in 2019, includes her latest collection The Mermaid's Purse, and twenty new poems. It is published simultaneously with Bloodaxe Books (UK) on the occasion of Fleur Adcock's...

Inside looking out  by William Renwick

Inside looking out

William Renwick

"Early years in poverty in rural Northland during the great Depression shaped Bill's conviction that every child should have access to the best its country could provide: "Justice and equality were the compelling forces in his professional life," says Vincent...

Beautiful chaos  by Jessica Urlichs

Beautiful chaos

Jessica Urlichs

"Selected poems from bestselling author and Instagram poet, Jessica Urlichs. Motherhood is messy and beautiful, and hard and humbling. We adore our children and sometimes we miss ourselves. Beautiful Chaos is a collection of raw, honest poems about motherhood...

Dinner, done better

Dinner, done better

"Simple, healthy and always delicious! My Food Bag and Nadia Lim share 80 tasty and convenient recipes. Make weeknights easy with this collection of My Food Bag's most popular recipes from the past ten years.

Kiwis in conflict  by Christopher Pugsley

Kiwis in conflict

Christopher Pugsley

"Kiwis in Conflict is the story of New Zealand and New Zealanders at war from the mid-19th century to the present day. Originally published as Scars of the Heart, this new revised and updated edition examines the impact of war through the eyes of those...

BBQ economics by Liam Dann

BBQ economics

Liam Dann

"From interest rates to the price of cheese and everything in between, this is an essential guide to the New Zealand economy, how it works and why it matters. Should I fix or float? Is now a good time to buy - or sell? What do self-made billionaires know that...

A thousand cycles of the moon = He mano hurihuri o te marama : a memoir  by Pamela Glading

A thousand cycles of the moon = He mano hurihuri o te marama : a memoir

Pamela Glading

"Memoirs of a Kiwi who spent her 1940s and 50s childhood in semi-rural New Zealand, raised two sons, taught yoga & worked as UNICEF New Zealand National Director for 14 years before heading overseas for a year. The following years were to bring unexpected and...

Forgotten heroes  by Don Wilkie

Forgotten heroes

Don Wilkie

"This comprehensive book covers the full history of No 489 (NZ) Squadron from its establishment in 1941 through to its disbandment in 1946. The Squadron was unique in that it was one of seven RAF units manned predominantly by New Zealand aircrew. Forgotten...

For the love of hospitality  by Heather McCall

For the love of hospitality

Heather McCall

"Heather McCall, author of For the Love of Christmas, presents a beautiful new book exploring the gift of hospitality. Showing hospitality is God's plan for us... to welcome friends and strangers alike into our homes, and to serve one another in love. Full of...

Christchurch  by Bryan Jackson


Bryan Jackson

"Charles Hackett (first Canterbury bigamist), International conmen Arthur Worthington and Edwin Osbaldeston, escapes from jail, Sunnyside hospital, Burnham Industrial school. Edward Terry, Reginald Matthews, Horatio Parkes, accidents in trams, trains cars,...

Be kind to your mind  by Julia Grace

Be kind to your mind

Julia Grace

"More than a self-help book, it's an honest, interactive and well-researched resource. Combining her lived experience of depression and anxiety, with the mental health solutions she teaches worldwide, this book is for everyone, regardless of where they sit on...

Body-confident  by Emma Wright


Emma Wright

"How do we encourage our kids towards healthy habits without promoting body obsession? For too long, parents have been given an impossible task: keep your kid from getting too fat, while making sure they love their body. In this practical and essential book,...

Our journey through Alzheimer's  by Jill Armstrong-Wood

Our journey through Alzheimer's

Jill Armstrong-Wood

A woman's journey through her husband's Alzheimer's disease.

Ethnic flames of the burning bush  by Tokerau Joseph

Ethnic flames of the burning bush

Tokerau Joseph

''For some people, cross-cultural experiences can be meaningful and enriching; for others they can be distressing and painful. People can either continue to work through ethnically and culturally diverse relations or they can retreat into ones that reflect...

Hiking the Hexa  by Claire McCall

Hiking the Hexa

Claire McCall

"At 55, Claire McCall and her partner set off on an epic hiking adventure to tackle the HexaTrek - a 3034km thru hike in the high mountains of France.“--Provided by publisher.

101 ways to find calm  by Rebekah Ballagh

101 ways to find calm

Rebekah Ballagh

"Scientifically backed methods, with influences from somatic therapy practices, polyvagal exercises, mindfulness, breath work, meditation and yin yoga. Learn how to safely feel and process your emotions, how to rewire your brain and nervous system, and how to...

Feijoa  by Kate Evans


Kate Evans

"Inspired by a personal obsession with this singular exotic fruit, Feijoa is a sweeping, global tale about the dance between people and plants - how we need each other, how we change each other, and the surprising ways certain species make their way into our...

Killer rack  by Sylvan Spring

Killer rack

Sylvan Spring

"In their generous and often euphoric first book, Sylvan Spring is constantly and irresistibly in motion. These are poems for the sad bitches, the silly billys, the divine transsexuals, the girls who were first to get piercings not in their ears, the ones who...

Grief has no handles  by Clarity Henderson

Grief has no handles

Clarity Henderson

"This collection of poems has arisen from over a decade of grief and life changes. Having helped both parents transition from this life, crossing the rainbow bridge into the next realm and grieving the additional cost to a marriage that crumbled under the...

Do you still have time for chaos?  by Lynn Davidson

Do you still have time for chaos?

Lynn Davidson

"Did I disturb ye good people? I hopes I disturb ye, I hopes I disturb ye enough to want to see this, your house, in ruins all around ye! Have you had enough yet? Or do you still have time for chaos? -Words spoken in court by Temperance Lloyd when she was...

Saturday night heroes  by Allan Batt

Saturday night heroes

Allan Batt

"It was Golden Era in Speedway racing, and every Saturday night in the summer, Bruce Kent was at Western Springs capturing the action and drama as it unfolded. The big names were all there - multi time World Speed Champions Barry Briggs, Ivan Mauger, Ove...

Collectively homegrown  by Nadia Key

Collectively homegrown

Nadia Key

"More than just a cookbook... Collectively Homegrown is a community of recipes representing the incredibly diverse kitchen of Aotearoa, shared by chefs and home cooks alike. Inside you will find a treasure trove of recipes, from nostalgic treats like Nana's...

C'mon Shore!  by Jim Eagles

C'mon Shore!

Jim Eagles

"C’mon Shore is dedicated to the small band of enthusiasts who gathered at the Flagstaff hotel ( the Esplanade now ) on April 30th 1873 and resolved to establish the North Shore Rugby Football Cub. A richly researched and illustrated hard back edition with...

The world's easiest recipes. Volume 4. Healthy options  by Linda (Accountant) Duncan

The world's easiest recipes. Volume 4. Healthy options

Linda (Accountant) Duncan

"In a world where fast-paced lifestyles and convenience often dictate our dietary choices, the importance of nourishing our bodies with wholesome, nutrient-rich foods cannot be emphasised enough. This cookbook is designed to empower you with the knowledge,...

Still standing  by Anna Crighton

Still standing

Anna Crighton

"For decades, whenever a heritage building in Christchurch has been under threat, especially in the aftermath of the 2010-11 earthquakes, one woman has consistently defended this city's architecture and history against shortsightedness and the threat of...

Dare to travel solo  by Katherine Leamy

Dare to travel solo

Katherine Leamy

"A white pebbly beach in Croatia. A rustic fishing village in Italy. A perfectly clipped garden overlooking the Amalfi Coast. What would it take, Katherine wonders, to get there? Approaching the big five-oh, juggling teenagers and family commitments, plus the...

My life journey  by Kyung Sook Wilson

My life journey

Kyung Sook Wilson

Richard Barton  by Hazel Holmes

Richard Barton

Hazel Holmes

"As a young man on the Isle of Wight, Richard Barton was respected as a progressive, innovative farmer with a reputation as an ingenious and eminent agriculturalist. A new venture brought him to the Duke of Sutherland's estate in Scotland. His partner,...

Voiceprints. 4

Voiceprints. 4

"An anthology of poetry"--Publisher information.

Will I have to brush my teeth in heaven?  by Emma-Jane McNicol

Will I have to brush my teeth in heaven?

Emma-Jane McNicol

"How do you navigate life when you, or those you love, are faced with the loss of what you just can't live without? Your child. Will I Have To Brush My Teeth in Heaven reveals the true story of a family beautifully blessed but tested almost to breaking point....

Not fit for purpose  by Ruby (Author of Not fit for purpose) King

Not fit for purpose

Ruby (Author of Not fit for purpose)...

"This memoir takes us through her heartbreaking journey as a mother trying, yet failing, to access the right support for her child with high and complex needs as a result of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). The story addresses the flawed adoption...

An addict in the family  by Stephanie H. (Stephanie Helen) Hammond

An addict in the family

Stephanie H. (Stephanie Helen) Hamm...

"“Turn your back and run,” they told her. But how does a mother turn her back on her son? The advice was always the same, “Don’t do it!” She did it anyway. October 2019, Stephanie Hammond received the call she’d dreaded for years. Her son, Charlie, had been...

Livestream  by Lisa Samuels


Lisa Samuels

"Livestream is digital capture thrown elsewhere, body fluids that charge being, and planetary liquid flows. Livestream’s poetry entangles with those phenomena. The poems erupt, stagger, hold, and reflect as they evoke events and responses distributed through...

Kai and kindness  by Jane Rangiwahia

Kai and kindness

Jane Rangiwahia

"Kai and Kindness is for people who are passionate about food and wellbeing and want to eat and live well. Paul Rangiwahia, a health advocate and artist, and Jane Rangiwahia, a cook, have combined their skills to produce this book that nourishes the body and...

Women triumphant  by Cathy Casey

Women triumphant

Cathy Casey

"It is 130 years since women gained the right to vote in Aotearoa New Zealand. Women Triumphant is the story of the Auckland Suffrage Memorial which pays homage to some of the local women who helped bring about that momentous change. The book was launched in...

The data storyteller's handbook  by Kat Greenbrook

The data storyteller's handbook

Kat Greenbrook

"This book is a practical, illustrated guide to becoming a skilled Data Storyteller. Based on a workshop structure and designed for busy professionals, this book provides ways to quickly enhance your data communication skills."--Publisher's description.

Life is for living  by Karen Andersen Yates

Life is for living

Karen Andersen Yates

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