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The untamed thread  by Fleur Woods

The untamed thread

Fleur Woods

"The Untamed Thread takes you inside Fleur Woods' contemporary fibre art studio in rural Aotearoa New Zealand, where her practice is as untamed as the natural landscape that inspires her -- free of rules, guided by intuition and joy in the process. Embracing...

Polynesian tattoos  by Roberto Gemori

Polynesian tattoos

Roberto Gemori

"The beauty and depth of Polynesian art is particularly notable in the tradition of Polynesian tattooing, which has existed more than two thousand years. While tattoos can indicate one's status in society and one's genealogy, Polynesian tattooing is also...

Nowhere far from the sea

Nowhere far from the sea

"A compilation of quotes about New Zealand by the intelligent and the well-known. Sourced from a mix of well-known New Zealanders and famous foreigners, with some people being generous in their kindness while others are biting in their savagery about the...



"From the South Auckland Poets Collective to regional writers festivals, at poetry slams and open mic nights, in theatre works like Show Ponies and Wild Dogs Under My Skirt, performance poetry has taken off in Aotearoa. In this anthology, ninety performance...



"This big, glorious big book mines Te Papa's collections to explore and expand upon the way we think about our botanical world and its cultural imprint. A true treasure, it features over 400 selections by an expert, cross-disciplinary museum curatorial team...

The best country to give birth?  by Linda Bryder

The best country to give birth?

Linda Bryder

"'In 2012, following his investigation of the deaths of two babies in childbirth at Waikato Hospital, Hamilton coroner Gordon Matenga asked, 'Does New Zealand have the safe, world-leading system the Government says we do, or are we losing babies because the...

Eden vegan  by Tess Eden

Eden vegan

Tess Eden

"A friendly entry point to plant-based cooking, with veganised Kiwi classics, budget-friendly recipes and meals to whip up in a minute from what's in the pantry. Every dish in this book is 100 per cent vegan, made with whole-food ingredients that can all be...

Artists in Antarctica

Artists in Antarctica

"What transformation happens when writers, musicians and artists stand in the vast, cold spaces of Antarctica? This book brings together paintings, photographs, texts and musical scores by Aotearoa New Zealand artists who have been to the ice. It explores the...

Native insects of Aotearoa  by Julia Kasper

Native insects of Aotearoa

Julia Kasper

"Part of the Te Papa Te Taiao Nature Series, this accessible introduction to a range of the native insects encountered in New Zealand is written by two expert entomologists from our national museum, Te Papa. It features fifty species, from moths and...

Native shells of Aotearoa  by Bruce Marshall

Native shells of Aotearoa

Bruce Marshall

"Part of the Te Papa Te Taiao Nature Series, this accessible introduction to a range of the aquatic and terrestrial shell-bearing molluscs encountered in New Zealand is written by two experts from our national museum, Te Papa. It features over 160 species,...

Knowledge is a blessing on your mind  by Anne Salmond

Knowledge is a blessing on your mind

Anne Salmond

"For fifty years, Dame Anne Salmond has navigated 'te ao hurihuri' - travelling to hui in her little blue VW Beetle with Eruera and Amiria Stirling in the 1970s, working for a university marae alongside Merimeri Penfold, Patu Hohepa and Wharetoroa Kerr in the...

State of threat

State of threat

"Increasing US-China tensions, Russia's invasion of the Ukraine, disruptions to supply chains and maritime trade, right-wing extremism and evolving digital currencies . . . the international and domestic security environment is dynamic and fraught. In State of...

The Crewe murders  by Kirsty (Journalist) author. Johnson

The Crewe murders

Kirsty (Journalist) author. Johnson

"The murder of Harvey and Jeannette Crewe in their Pukekawa farmhouse in 1970 remains New Zealand's most infamous cold case. It spawned two trials, two appeals, several books, a film, and eventually a royal commission finding of police corruption. It also...

Mad on meth  by Benedict Collins

Mad on meth

Benedict Collins

"Only 50 years ago, pure methamphetamine was legally prescribed in New Zealand to anyone looking for a boost. But it wasn't long before P was rebranded as the most dangerous and destructive drug in the world - and New Zealanders cemented as among its biggest...

Salt  by Terry Fitzgibbon


Terry Fitzgibbon

"Accompanied by lucid and lively poems by Terry Fitzgibbon, Salt revels in the wonder of our coastline. As an island nation, the coastline is our moat, our pantry, and always our playground. The combination of poetry and photography superbly captures the...

Keeping kids safe  by Gloria Masters

Keeping kids safe

Gloria Masters

"Keeping Kids Safe: A Roadmap for Parents, Teachers & Others Did you know that children are at risk of sexual abuse, now more than ever? While your children are 'playing on their laptops' online grooming could be occuring? Would some tips on how to protect...

Wimps in waders  by Tony Walsh

Wimps in waders

Tony Walsh

"These angling stories will whet your appetite to be out on the river again. From one end of New Zealand to the other, these short chapters introduce the reader to some of our country's fabulous wild waters and the cunning brown and rainbow trout lurking in...

New Zealand's top franchise leaders secrets revealed  by Peter Burdon

New Zealand's top franchise leaders secrets revealed

Peter Burdon

"International author, branding expert and media trainer Pete Burdon is joined by New Zealand's top franchise leaders to provide you with the inside secrets to financial freedom in franchising."--Back cover.

Duty of care  by Deborah Wylie

Duty of care

Deborah Wylie

"This is the story of a New Zealander living in Australia, who died in 2004, and whose body was left in the Glebe Morgue in Sydney for eight months unclaimed before being buried in a mass grave for five years. His next of kin was not informed of his death....

In a South Island churchyard  by Tessa Ward

In a South Island churchyard

Tessa Ward

"Following on from "In A Country Churchyard" and "In A Southern Churchyard" is the new limited edition "In a South Island Churchyard" This collection of 54 South Island churches is explored through the pen and ink drawings of Rodney Wells and through the...

New Zealand driver theory driving test ezy

New Zealand driver theory driving test ezy

"Provides all the relevant New Zealand theory test questions and answers to help prepare you to pass the driver theory test for licence classes 1 to 6. All the information you need in one book covering road rules and safe driving practices. Study the knowledge...

Introducing the women's suffrage petition

Introducing the women's suffrage petition

Biographical information of suffragists followed by a contextual essay.

Introducing Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Introducing Te Tiriti o Waitangi

"In 1840, over 500 Māori leaders put their names to a significant new document: Te Tiriti o Waitangi or the Treaty of Waitangi. Through their signatures, moko or marks they were making an agreement with the British Crown. At stake was the sovereignty of the...

Continuous ferment  by Gregory Ryan

Continuous ferment

Gregory Ryan

"Since the first brew by Captain James Cook and the crew of the Resolution at Dusky Sound in April 1773, the story of beer has been deeply intertwined with the history of Aotearoa - from the early settlers' prodigious consumption of golden ale to the six...

Gretchen Albrecht  by Luke Smythe

Gretchen Albrecht

Luke Smythe

"Gretchen Albrecht CNZM is one of New Zealand's most influential painters. Over the course of her long career, her work has continued to surprise and delight, and her paintings feature in many important collections both in New Zealand and overseas. This...

Preludes & feuds  by A. K. (Adrienne Kay) Eady

Preludes & feuds

A. K. (Adrienne Kay) Eady

"Few family businesses survive for over one hundred and forty years with four generations of family ownership. The Lewis Eady story is the survival saga of a business involved in a very product-specific retail sector - the musical instrument industry. During...

Healthy eating with Pacific plants!  by Vittoria Pasca

Healthy eating with Pacific plants!

Vittoria Pasca

This is the second Cookbook by award-winning nutritionist Vittoria Pasca. It's a guide to healthier, more nutritious daily menus. Following an explanation on balance meal planning, you'll find 50 colourful and delicious recipes that will help you put all the...

Excommunicated  by Craig Hoyle


Craig Hoyle

"A heart-wrenching multigenerational family memoir by an excommunicated member of the Exclusive Brethren. After coming out as gay as a teenager, Craig Hoyle was excommunicated from the New Zealand Exclusive Brethren. The conservative sect was everything he'd...

Te Haumanu Taiao

Te Haumanu Taiao

"The purpose of this guide is to empower anyone undertaking restoration in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland to achieve their ecological restoration goals and to further enable the biodiversity of our region to heal and flourish. This resource was created in...

Rain God  by Ian James Frazer

Rain God

Ian James Frazer

"Clement Wragge is sometimes remembered as the colourful and combative Australasian meteorologist whose use of people's names to nickname cyclones and storms in the 1890s caught on around the world. A century after his death, runners in an annual race up the...

Dance with me in the heart  by Pennie Brownlee

Dance with me in the heart

Pennie Brownlee

"Dance with me in the Heart" is written for parents and caregivers as a guide to the most important dance in every baby's life, the Partnership Dance. Each baby's future rests upon how well this dance is accomplished. Babies are born ready to dance the...

Tales of the Domain

Tales of the Domain

"This collection of works showcase Auckland-based working in short fiction, poetry, and flash fiction. The theme of this first collection is The Auckland Domain (Pukekawa), a unique place with many sites and stories to inspire creativity."--

Leading to the north-east  by Russell Bishop

Leading to the north-east

Russell Bishop

"Demonstrates how North-East leaders ensure teachers are able to implement and sustain the North-East relationship-based pedagogy with fidelity by: setting goals for equity, excellence, and cultural sustainability; implementing a pedagogic approach that...

Every effing inch  by Tim Pankhurst

Every effing inch

Tim Pankhurst

"When an elderly trio decided to tackle Aotearoa New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail from Cape Reinga to Bluff, they were asked if they were going to do EFI. What’s that?, they asked. Every F…ing Inch, was the response. Many Te Araroa walkers skip road sections or...

Enjoy  by Kelly Gibney


Kelly Gibney

"Enjoy champions the simple everyday meals we share with those closest to us. It is full of inspiring ideas for vibrant easy dinners, fresh and colourful salads, comforting soups and desserts that will utterly delight; all delivered in Kelly's warm and chatty...

Clusterf#ck  by Rosie Gee


Rosie Gee

"Are you tired of struggling with ADHD symptoms as a woman in your 40s and beyond? Look no further! Introducing a book about the realities of ADULT ADHD written by a specialist working in this field who was herself only diagnosed in her 40s. In this...

"I must live!"  by Andrew Huu Le Nguyen

"I must live!"

Andrew Huu Le Nguyen

"On April 30th 1975, South Vietnam fell into the hands of the Communists from the North. Countless Southerners from various backgrounds were being herded into concentration camps. The author was one of them. "I MUST LIVE!" was the loudest scream I had ever...

40 New Zealand scenes for youth

40 New Zealand scenes for youth

" 40 scenes selected from New Zealand plays that are suitable for performance by young people aged 13 to 25. Themes include: historical, feminist, war, music, environmental, sci-Fi, LGBTQIA+, Coming of age genres include: drama, comedy, verbatim, satire,...

Boots and bombs  by Craig (Craig John) author. Stephen

Boots and bombs

Craig (Craig John) author. Stephen

"In Boots and Bombs: How New Zealand football grew up in the 1960s and 70s, Craig Stephen discovers tales of stoicism in the face of adversity as bombs fell and Kiwi troops were involved in the fight against the Viet Cong. The part-time players watched sorties...

Jacinda Ardern  by Michelle (Journalist) author. Duff

Jacinda Ardern

Michelle (Journalist) author. Duff

"Michelle Duff gives a comprehensive overview of Ardern's life before politics, her swift rise to power - and the extraordinary events she led Aotearoa New Zealand through during her time as Prime Minsiter. Now with chapters covering the Whakaari/White Island...

Clanlands in New Zealand  by Sam Heughan

Clanlands in New Zealand

Sam Heughan

"Buckle up, grab a dram, and get ready for another unforgettable wild ride. They're back! Stars of Outlander, Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish are no strangers to the rugged beauty of Scotland. But this time they're setting their sights on a new New Zealand....

Be the dad  by Ferg Turnbull

Be the dad

Ferg Turnbull

"I have written 'Be the Dad' for all the Dads (and Mums) who would like helpful and empowering tips to have great relationships with their spouse and children, and to enjoy living their lives"--Introduction.

Tongariro National Park  by Desmond Bagley

Tongariro National Park

Desmond Bagley

"When Desmond Bovey returned to his native New Zealand after thirty years in France, he felt a need to reconnect with the landscapes of his youth. He chose Tongariro National Park, inspired by a chance encounter with a karearea, the New Zealand falcon. He...

Of love and war  by Angela Wanhalla

Of love and war

Angela Wanhalla

"Between 1942 and 1945 more than two million servicemen occupied the southern Pacific theater, the majority of whom were Americans in service with the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. During the occupation, American servicemen married approximately...

An indigenous ocean  by Damon Ieremia Salesa

An indigenous ocean

Damon Ieremia Salesa

"Histories of our Pacific world are richly rendered in these essays by Damon Salesa. From the first Indigenous civilisations that flourished in Oceania to the colonial encounters of the nineteenth century, and on to the complex contemporary relationships...

Tales from Dominion Road

Tales from Dominion Road

"A collection showcasing Auckland-based creators of poetry, short fiction, art and flash fiction all reflecting Dominion Road's resilience, culture and vibrancy with a variety of genres, views and experiences. These authentic perspectives mirror the diversity...

The Penguin history of New Zealand  by Michael King

The Penguin history of New Zealand

Michael King

"New Zealand was the last country in the world to be discovered and settled by humankind. It was also the first to introduce full democracy. Between those events, and in the century that followed the franchise, the movements and conflicts of human history have...

The Aotearoa New Zealand legal system  by Jacinta Ruru

The Aotearoa New Zealand legal system

Jacinta Ruru

"The Aotearoa New Zealand Legal System: Structures and Processes is an introductory text for first-year law students at Aotearoa New Zealand's universities. Written in a clear, straightforward manner that is accessible and easy to follow, The Aotearoa New...

Tales of Polynesia

Tales of Polynesia

"A woman falls in love with the king of the sharks. Two powerful sorcerers compete in a battle of magical wits. The king of Maui's fastest messenger races to bring a young woman back from the dead. Explore the enchanting folklore of the Polynesian islands. In...

Reconnecting Aotearoa

Reconnecting Aotearoa

"By combining first-person narratives, journalism and research, Reconnecting Aotearoa explores the profound impact of strong connections and the consequences of loneliness and disconnection. Through poignant personal accounts and compelling evidence, this work...

Best road trips New Zealand (Aotearoa)  by Brett Atkinson

Best road trips New Zealand (Aotearoa)

Brett Atkinson

Discover the freedom of the open road with New Zealand's Best Trips. We've selected 25 amazing road trips through Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Marlborough, Nelson, Canterbury and Queenstown, from two-day escapes to eight-day adventures, and packed them full...

The Wilson sisters' horse and pony guide  by Kelly Wilson

The Wilson sisters' horse and pony guide

Kelly Wilson

"The Wilson Sisters' Horse and Pony Guide is a detailed, informative and accessible handbook in which two of New Zealand's most prominent equestrians share the knowledge and tried-and-true methods that they have accumulated from a lifetime with horses,...

Best bike rides New Zealand

Best bike rides New Zealand

"Lonely Planet's Best Bike Rides New Zealand is your passport to 38 day trips on two wheels. Use pedal power to see a destination through a new lens by picking a ride that works for you, from just a couple of hours to a full day, from easy to hard.From rail...

Vikings of the sunrise  by Peter Henry Buck

Vikings of the sunrise

Peter Henry Buck

Vikings of the Sunrise ranks as a masterpiece of Pacific studies. From the pen of one of the greatest Maori thinkers and writers of his generation, the settlement of the Pacific Ocean comes to life. The book ranges across the Pacific Ocean and the people who...

Spoiled fruit

Spoiled fruit

"Spoiled Fruit is the debut title from micro press Aporo Press. This collection gathers 20 queer poets from across Aotearoa, compiles work largely first published on bad apple and asks these poets to reflect upon their work to create new pieces. Emerging from...

Haunted Auckland  by Mark Wallbank

Haunted Auckland

Mark Wallbank

"Unveil the mysterious past and paranormal present of Auckland city. Join us on an exploration of the eeriest haunted locations and spine-chilling urban legends throughout New Zealand's largest city. Delve into stories and accounts from each region,...

Plated  by Tina Duncan


Tina Duncan

"Renowned New Zealand cook, caterer and cooking school tutor Tina Duncan has always held a deep love for cooking for others - be it around the kitchen table, at dinner parties, or catering for thousands of weddings and corporate events. A lifetime love affair...

Living between land & sea  by Jane (Local history researcher) author. Robertson

Living between land & sea

Jane (Local history researcher) author....

This superbly illustrated history of the people who settled in the many bays of Whakaraupo Lyttelton Harbour is full of finely observed insights into the challenges of living in small, remote communities. Acknowledging the rich history of Te Hapu o Ngāti Wheke...

Power from within  by Juliet Batten

Power from within

Juliet Batten

An easy to use guide on the basics of creating rituals. Drawing on her own extensive experience both teaching and ritual-making, Juliet Batten takes the reader through seven basic steps. The book is lavishly illustrated with drawings and photos as well as...

Bookshop dogs  by Ruth (Bookseller) Shaw

Bookshop dogs

Ruth (Bookseller) Shaw

"Dogs of all shapes and sizes visit Ruth Shaw's three wee bookshops in Manapouri in the far south of Aotearoa New Zealand. Local dogs, holiday house dogs, travelling dogs: many have great stories, be they funny, sad, strange, bemusing, quirky or sweet. Woven...

Secret gardens of Aotearoa  by Jane (Author of Secret gardens of Aotearoa) Mahoney

Secret gardens of Aotearoa

Jane (Author of Secret gardens of Aotearoa)...

"From a hidden suburban food forest to a flower farm to an organic vegetable patch to a large station garden, each is described in detail, along with their owners' challenges and delights. The gardens have been selected for their diversity in style and for the...

Smithy  by Wayne Smith


Wayne Smith

"Wayne Smith is arguably the finest rugby brain in the world - a man the players he coached dubbed 'The Professor'. In Smithy: Endless Winters & The Spring of '22, we'll hear from not only Wayne, but also the women and men who took the Ferns to a World title....

Thomas Gilchrist and Sons Limited of the Māniatoto  by Paula Wagemaker

Thomas Gilchrist and Sons Limited of the Māniatoto

Paula Wagemaker

"Tucked away in the Māniototo region of Central Otago, Gilchrist and Sons General Store is a survivor. Operating under the same name and serving the same communities it did when business-savvy Thomas Gilchrist established it in 1902, the store is a living...

Holding the ACEs  by Glenn author. Colquhoun

Holding the ACEs

Glenn author. Colquhoun

"I live on a beach. It's wide and stretches. All sorts of things wash up there. Me especially. On a good day I can see Ruapehu, Taranaki, the Tararuas and Kapiti. The dead wander by, noisy and full of chat. They stop me being scared. The living are another...

The forgotten forest  by Robert author. Vennell

The forgotten forest

Robert author. Vennell

"Deep in the forest, in places you would never think to look, are some of the most remarkable creatures. Overlooked and unsung, this is the forgotten forest: a world of glow-in-the-dark mushrooms and giant mosses, where slime moulds travel the forest in search...

Meet you at the Main Divide  by Justine Ross

Meet you at the Main Divide

Justine Ross

"In 2017 the Ross family left behind their inner-city lives in Auckland and their successful vodka business, 42 Below, to follow their dreams of a life on the land. Risk-takers and innovators, when they bought the run-down 6500-hectare high-country sheep...

Gangster's paradise  by Jared Savage

Gangster's paradise

Jared Savage

"The much anticipated follow-up to the bestseller that exposed the escalation of organised crime in New Zealand. Gangster's Paradise is about drugs, guns, gangs and money. Lots of money.A gang which took over a small rural town. A police officer shot and...

How to stop graffiti guide  by Fay Freeman

How to stop graffiti guide

Fay Freeman

"The development of the Graffiti Guide was managed by Iris Donoghue from Tag Out Trust. The Guide was written by Fay Freeman from Freeman Associated Limited with the illustration and graphic design provided by Yvette Harris from Elusive...

Remember me

Remember me

"In haka and waiata, sea shanties and ballads, in the words of Sam Hunt and Selina Tusitala Marsh, Hone Tuwhare and Hera Lindsay Bird, the rhythms of poetry have carried our sounds and stories, our loves and losses for generations. Now Anne Kennedy brings...

The 50 best birdwatching sites in New Zealand  by Liz Light

The 50 best birdwatching sites in New Zealand

Liz Light

"New Zealand has a diverse range of bird species and is especially important for pelagics. Thirteen of the world's 18 penguin species have been recorded in the New Zealand region (including the Ross Dependency). Nine of these species breed here. Of petrels, 37...

Don Binney  by Gregory O'Brien

Don Binney

Gregory O'Brien

"Painter, printmaker, teacher, writer and ornithologist, Don Binney (1940-2012) was a mercurial presence on the New Zealand cultural scene from the time of his meteoric rise to fame in the early 1960s. His unmistakable, stylised depictions of birds have come...

Everything I know about books

Everything I know about books

"A vibrant anthology that gives a behind-the-scenes peek into the book trade in Aotearoa. From creating a festival of dreams to nurturing a space for Māori storytelling, from establishing an anarchist press to crafting an Ockham-shortlisted novel on a wild...

Pacific arts Aotearoa

Pacific arts Aotearoa

"The powerful and dynamic legacy of Pacific arts in Aotearoa, as told by the artists themselves. Pacific Arts Aotearoa tells the dynamic and powerful story of Pacific arts in Aotearoa New Zealand. This comprehensive account spans six decades of...

Motorcycle road trips across New Zealand  by Kim Johnston

Motorcycle road trips across New Zealand

Kim Johnston

"New Zealand is a spectacular country when seen from onboard a motorbike. Author Kim Johnston has profiled twenty incredible routes, showcasing the best rides on offer, covering a mix of one day rides and longer trips. With an intended bias towards the glory...

In the temple  by Jane Sayle

In the temple

Jane Sayle

"Hot on the heels of their acclaimed 2021 collaboration On We Go, artist Catherine Bagnall and poet Jane Sayle return with another collection of watercolours and poems inspired by their contemplation of nature within the context of the feminine sublime. In the...

Urgent moments

Urgent moments

"After first occupying vacant spaces in post-stock-market-crash Auckland in the mid-1990s, public art curators Letting Space re-emerged in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis. Confronted by the thin net of social welfare, the waste of the capitalist...

Jo McCarroll's vege patch from scratch  by Jo McCarroll

Jo McCarroll's vege patch from scratch

Jo McCarroll

"Enjoy a successful harvest with this stress-free approach to creating a vege patch from scratch. Whether you're new to gardening, wanting to save a bit of money or to grow some fresh healthy food, this book offers easy-to-follow steps for starting and...

High hopes and big dreams  by Peter (Peter Leon) Janssen

High hopes and big dreams

Peter (Peter Leon) Janssen

"For High Hopes and Big Dreams, Peter Janssen and Elizabeth Anderson set out to profile 165 small historic towns, that had once flourished and have now faded. But it turned out to be much more than a story of growth and decline because the history of our small...

End times  by Rebecca Priestley

End times

Rebecca Priestley

50 years, 50 stories  by Tessa Anderson

50 years, 50 stories

Tessa Anderson

Who would have thought at the beginning of 1973 that the planting of a few grape vines in Marlborough would turn the wine world upside down? Who could have foreseen the international success that would follow on from a decision that even many New Zealand...

Robert Lord  by Robert Lord

Robert Lord

Robert Lord

"Sometimes I wonder why I have been forced to spend my creative life grappling with words & the logic & rationality they demand ... I wish I could find a way of reaching directly into another's heart. Words are my only tool. Sometimes I think perhaps I have...

Great railway journeys in New Zealand and Australia  by David Bowden

Great railway journeys in New Zealand and Australia

David Bowden

"An absorbing description of 35 trips that highlight some of the most interesting, scenic and rewarding railway journeys in New Zealand and Australia. They include the renowned long-distance journeys, such as The Northern Explorer in New Zealand's North Island...

Light & reflections  by Helen Beaglehole

Light & reflections

Helen Beaglehole

"Light and Reflections is a story of a home filled with contemporary New Zealand art and the family who collected it over two generations and nearly 90 years. Author Helen Beaglehole and photographer Matthew O'Reilly open the red front door of the Beaglehole...

Waikato, Bay of Plenty & Central Plateau  by Ceana Priest

Waikato, Bay of Plenty & Central Plateau

Ceana Priest

"Over 250 activities suitable for children, from Port Waikato and Miranda to Rotorua, Taupō and Mount Ruapehu. Outdoor walks, activities, tips and tricks for anyone wanting to get kids into the fresh air. Natural hot pools, waterfalls, nature trails,...

Finding Frank  by Louise Maich

Finding Frank

Louise Maich

"By 1965 at the age of thirty, Frank Erceg had established an impressive reputation as a marksman, mountaineer and photographer, with his work widely published in newspapers and magazines of the day. That same year, Frank and his mate Johnny Cumming were...

Blue Duck Station  by Nicola McCloy

Blue Duck Station

Nicola McCloy

"Journey into the heart of wild New Zealand with Blue Duck Station, a captivating portrait of one of the country's most environmentally significant stations. Nestled alongside the idyllic Whanganui National Park, where the Whanganui and Retaruke Rivers...

Living big in a tiny house  by Bryce Langston

Living big in a tiny house

Bryce Langston

"This is a book about the big world of tiny houses. With housing affordability creating significant issues for many people, the tiny house movement is rapidly growing as people downsize their homes in search of a simpler, bigger life. Over the past 10 years,...

Iconic kiwi pubs  by G. A. (George Anthony) Lockyer

Iconic kiwi pubs

G. A. (George Anthony) Lockyer

"If you really want to know what makes a town tick, look no further than the local pub.To create this tribute to that integral part of our culture - the Kiwi pub - George Lockyer has travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand visiting the country's public...

The natural garden  by Xanthe White

The natural garden

Xanthe White

"With a new foreword by acclaimed garden designer and author Dr. Noel Kingsbury, this revised edition of The Natural Garden builds on Xanthe White's signature landscape design with contemporary updates. Xanthe shares her design philosophy of nurturing a...

Untouchable girls  by Jools Topp

Untouchable girls

Jools Topp

"The incredible story of how a couple of country kids from Huntly became much-loved Kiwi icons and TV stars, with their own unique brand of original country music and comedy that has captivated audiences in New Zealand and overseas for over 40 years. Jools and...

Bluebells Cakery classics  by Karla Goodwin

Bluebells Cakery classics

Karla Goodwin

"Fantastic cakes, slices, cookies and more from Karla Goodwin of Bluebells Cakery. Classic recipes with modern twists plus instructions on how to create stunning icing effects to wow your friends and family. Karla Goodwin has grown her business from a Saturday...

Rugby league in New Zealand  by Ryan author. Bodman

Rugby league in New Zealand

Ryan author. Bodman

"This is the history of a sport told through its communities. Rugby League in New Zealand: A People's History tells the story of a game and its supporters thriving against the odds. Beginning with the game's introduction to the country in 1907, Ryan Bodman...

Encounters across time  by Judith Binney

Encounters across time

Judith Binney

"A timely collection of writings on history, from one of Aotearoa New Zealand's most distinguished scholars. These essays bring forth important questions for New Zealand history about autonomy, restoration and power that continue to reverberate today. They...

Somawise  by Luke Sniewski


Luke Sniewski

"How do I experience holistic health? How do I create authentic change? How can I have more peaceful relationships? These three questions and intentions sum up the 'why' that brings people into therapeutic spaces. Answering these questions requires a journey...

Motherhood unplugged  by Heather Lake

Motherhood unplugged

Heather Lake

"If you remember a time before laptop computers and social media, you're in the right place. Motherhood Unplugged explores changes in the world during our lifetimes and how these differences impact us and our families. Being a mother in the digital age is...

New Zealand  by Jessica Wynne Lockhart

New Zealand

Jessica Wynne Lockhart

"Frommer's EasyGuides contain punchy, concise prose by our expert local journalists, which gives readers all they need to know to plan the perfect vacation. This includes reviews for travel venues in all price ranges, as well as information on culture and...

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