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The crone of elders blaze  by Iris Beaglehole

The crone of elders blaze

Iris Beaglehole

"In the world of Myrtlewood, magic isn't just a myth—it's a birthright. It's Christmas eve and Delia's family is finally together again. All is quiet and still, and yet can't help but feel a sense of foreboding. After all, an ancient dragon has just awakened...

The crone of solstice flames  by Iris Beaglehole

The crone of solstice flames

Iris Beaglehole

"Delia's discovery of her magic and its link with the legendary Myrtlewood Crones has thrown her already tumultuous life into further disarray. After unlocking the first stage of their ancient powers, she and the other crones—Ingrid, Marjie, and Agatha—find...

The crone of midnight embers  by Iris Beaglehole

The crone of midnight embers

Iris Beaglehole

"Why don't more 60-something-year-olds get to have fun fantasy adventures? Delia Spark is caught in a maelstrom. Her former life as London theatre director is on the brink of implosion amid a scandalous divorce, a tarnished reputation, and, for reasons she...

Unspeakable magic  by Iris Beaglehole

Unspeakable magic

Iris Beaglehole

"As the winter solstice approaches in Myrtlewood, the Yuletide festivities are in underway, but the cheer is overshadowed by mysterious winter deaths. Athena and Rosemary must embark on a perilous journey to the Underworld. Along the way, they uncover clues...

Formidable magic  by Iris Beaglehole

Formidable magic

Iris Beaglehole

"As the leaves fall and the fog thickens, the town of Myrtlewood prepares for the annual Samhain festival. But this year, something is different. The chill in the air is not just from the frost, but from a deeper magic, an ancient magic that has lain dormant...

Bountiful magic  by Iris Beaglehole

Bountiful magic

Iris Beaglehole

"The autumn equinox is drawing near and the mystical town of Myrtlewood is plunged into a spellbinding adventure. Rosemary's chocolate shop is thriving with the help of Papa Jack, but it isn't long before town is under attack by mysterious swampy monsters, and...

Delectable magic  by Iris Beaglehole

Delectable magic

Iris Beaglehole

"In the lead-up to the Lughnasa festival, trouble is brewing in Bermuda... Rosemary has her hands full with the launch of her much anticipated magical chocolate shop. She's enjoying the peace and quiet of Myrtlewood and the last thing she wants to do is get...

The Mires  by Tina Makereti

The Mires

Tina Makereti

Three women give birth in different countries and different decades. In the near future, they become neighbours in a coastal town in Aotearoa New Zealand. Single parent Keri has her hands full with four-year-old tearaway Walty and teen Wairere, a strange and...

A wolf in the garden  by Allegra Hall

A wolf in the garden

Allegra Hall

"Ellie never expected to see him again. Two years after the Unravelling revealed monsters and their hidden realm to the world, garden designer Ellie Harding seems to have her life together, living out her cottagecore dreams on the picturesque island of...

One foot in the sky  by Danielle Davidson

One foot in the sky

Danielle Davidson

"Everyone wants to be Millie Harper. Jet setting all around the world with her four best friends, Millie lives the most enviable lifestyle as a flight attendant for Viper Airlines. But one thing is missing from Millie’s lavish a man to share it with. Millie’s...

All that we know  by Shilo Kino

All that we know

Shilo Kino

"Meet Mareikura Pohe: she's in love with her best friend Eru, who is leaving to go on a church mission, and she's an accidental activist - becoming an online sensation after her speech goes viral. But does she really want the spotlight? Navigating...

Corkscrew you  by Catherine Robertson

Corkscrew you

Catherine Robertson

Could the guy she loves to hate turn out to be her perfect pairing? If Shelby Armstrong wants to keep her late father's beloved Flora Valley Wines in business, she'll have to listen to Nathan Durant's advice. But given the fact that Shelby is all heart and...

Wild, wild women  by Janis Freegard

Wild, wild women

Janis Freegard

"Sometimes touching, sometimes troubling, these adventures introduce us to women who don’t stand still: scandalous women, runaway women, daring women. From a teenage fugitive seeking safety in an Auckland strip club to a biologist on her way to Moeraki to...

A hatchet for my dame  by Coo Harkens

A hatchet for my dame

Coo Harkens

"A new day has dawned, and Little Crick is out for revenge. Having discovered the sinister truth of his truelove’s demise, he is hell-bent on punishing those he holds responsible. Yet he is about to discover that the plot goes deeper and involves more players...

A sickle for my sweetheart  by Coo Harkens

A sickle for my sweetheart

Coo Harkens

"Poor Little Crick, he is a penniless orphan cast upon the cruel world of 19th Century Kirkshire, with the face - no less - of a pretty girl. Yet he is cunning, he has a fire in his belly, and he has the wiles to become anyone he pleases: a swooning lady in a...

Celestial magic  by Iris Beaglehole

Celestial magic

Iris Beaglehole

"As the Summer Solstice approaches, celestial magic is afoot in Myrtlewood… Rosemary and Athena’s lives are thrown as the big Summer Solstice festival brings a series of mysterious events. Rosemary’s chocolate shop plans are being waylaid by strange...

Echoes of the timelines  by Catia Batalha

Echoes of the timelines

Catia Batalha

"This novel depicts a journey of awakening and self-discovery. Emerging from a traumatic past, Sofia is unexpectedly chosen to embark on an epic one-year adventure from a mystery school, where she goes through life-changing realisations. Among many other...

Sweet Saboteur  by C. A. Phipps

Sweet Saboteur

C. A. Phipps

"'Scarlett's passion is the Cozy Café. But it has problems -- big problems! Thwarted by deadly gossip and the power hungry mayor, Scarlett's determined to turn things around and give her family a better life. But when a murder in Cozy Hollow points to the café...

The body at Back Beach  by K. J. (Kelly Jo) Sweeney

The body at Back Beach

K. J. (Kelly Jo) Sweeney

"Helena Statham never imagined herself as a sleuth. But when she stumbles upon the body of a young woman while on a walk, she can't resist the urge to discover who she was and how she got there. Even if it means upsetting the tight-knit community of the small...

Dot and Ben  by Pat Backley

Dot and Ben

Pat Backley

"Dot and Ben were born in the 1920's, lived and fought in WW2 and their story continues until 2014. What was their day to day life like? Did their love survive? "Once Hitler is defeated, my proper life will begin. I will travel the world, have adventures,...

Greene Lyon  by Alan Goodwin

Greene Lyon

Alan Goodwin

"Isaac Newton was a man driven by a passion to unlock the secrets of the universe. But those were God's secrets, and in the 1660s, England was a dangerous place for a young scholar who dared to challenge God's supremacy - a world that also believed in the...

Winning back his runaway wife  by Louisa George

Winning back his runaway wife

Louisa George

Winning back his runaway wife: Paramedic Lewis has never forgiven himself for how his marriage to ER doc Charlotte ended. Their fertility challenges drove such a wedge between them that Charlie left, taking a big piece of Lewis with her. But when she...

Nurse's secret royal fling  by J.C Harroway

Nurse's secret royal fling

J.C Harroway

Nurse's secret royal fling: Nurse Clara doesn't expect the 'emergency' she attends at the palace to involve Crown Prince Andreas himself. Or the midnight kiss that results from their instantaneous allure! Because fiercely independent Clara doesn't let herself...

The battle of Crete  by Christopher (Novelist) Worth

The battle of Crete

Christopher (Novelist) Worth

Because of mercy  by P.D Dawn

Because of mercy

P.D Dawn

"She thinks she can settle for less. He thinks he knows best... After a riding accident, Rose becomes re-acquainted with success-driven Henry, the boy she has grown up with and the man she secretly loves. But does he love her? Rose is prepared to settle for...

Insurmountable faith  by Lynette Bernard

Insurmountable faith

Lynette Bernard

"A gripping suspense filled love story where a lifetime of beliefs and values are tested. It is heartbreaking when a devoted spouse bravely seeks to help her husband after an accident. Ultimately, she's confronted with the reality that her husband had kept a...

Like trinkets for harlots  by Coo Harkens

Like trinkets for harlots

Coo Harkens

"It's May 1965, and wedding bells are set to chime in Broomfield. However, the small rural village is about to be overrun by 'treasure hunt fever'. Add to that the resurrection of a century-old serial killer, and the stage is set for an unforgettable showdown...

Guardians  by Alan Titchall


Alan Titchall

GUARDIANS contains all the loved and colourful characters from the first book as Robert/Bob journeys on his dangerous path of truths and non-truths, justice (tika), and murderous revenge connected to his family's past. A gripping good yarn with fast actions,...

Spinsters in jeopardy  by Ngaio Marsh

Spinsters in jeopardy

Ngaio Marsh

"Inspector Alleyn has decamped for the South of France for a vacation en famille. Well, the famille will be vay-caying while Alleyn does a little official poking around. Unfortunately, the object of his poking--the cultish denizens of a sinister and luxurious...

The sons of Echidna  by Athena M. Bliss

The sons of Echidna

Athena M. Bliss

"Welcome to the family. In a disheartened attempt to get her life back on track, Lucy takes up a live-in nanny position only to realize that the advert was misleading, sending her world spinning violently out of control. She was meant to look after kids and...

Remember me  by Derek Hansen

Remember me

Derek Hansen

When a twelve-year-old boy writes an essay and inadvertently uncovers a wartime secret, he unleashes a chain of events which rips a close community apart, turning neighbour against neighbour, friend against friend. It is Auckland, 1956. While the country has...

A queen this fierce and deadly  by Stacia Stark

A queen this fierce and deadly

Stacia Stark

"The price of love is loss. We all pay it eventually... some moments are too painful to be endured, and some moments will break you if you let them. And yet I can't afford to let anything break me. Because we have one chance to win this war. One chance to...

The ghost in the aspens  by G. C. (Gregory Charles) Billington

The ghost in the aspens

G. C. (Gregory Charles) Billington

"Betrayed by his best friend, violin bow maker Charles Willoughby leaves his comfortable life in the city to set up his workshop in a remote Northumberland village, finding solace renewing his childhood interest in the natural world. There he encounters...

Only a priest  by M. O. (Mark O'Rourke) Chamberlain

Only a priest

M. O. (Mark O'Rourke) Chamberlain

"A young parish priest calls for help in dealing with a problem beyond his experience and capability. A veteran priest comes out of unwanted retirement to answer the call. Father Gilbert, a former missionary, has served in one of the world's toughest missions,...

Kitty  by Deborah Challinor


Deborah Challinor

"When 18-year-old Kitty Carlisle's father dies in 1838, her suddenly impoverished mother hopes her beautiful daughter might at least find a good husband. But then Kitty is compromised by an unscrupulous adventurer, and she is banished in disgrace to the...

Vote Dimple Potts  by G. C. (Gregory Charles) Billington

Vote Dimple Potts

G. C. (Gregory Charles) Billington

"When the Mayor of the small New Zealand town of Brewster's Neck is killed by an Auckland bus, his deputy, Dimple Potts must 'step up to the plate.' But it is with great indignation that Dimple realises he has not inherited a sinecure. A challenger arises -...

Enemies at the Greek altar  by Jackie Ashenden

Enemies at the Greek altar

Jackie Ashenden

"Marry the woman who hates him...or lose his inheritance! Andromeda Lane will never forgive Poseidon Teras for destroying her family - except he's just asked for her hand! Knowing all the devastatingly handsome tycoon wants is to secure his inheritance,...

Performance  by David Coventry


David Coventry

"Performance is a self-portrait like no other. David Coventry takes us into his experience of ME, a debilitating systemic disease which took hold in March 2013 but has roots in his childhood. For Coventry, ME radically overturns the rules of time, thought and...

Smoke  by Nicola Winstanley


Nicola Winstanley

Smoke is award-winning children's author Nicola Winstanley's first work for adults and it showcases her ability to create the unforgettable characters she's known for. This deftly written linked short story collection moves between New Zealand and Canada...

The trials of Max Pipe  by G. C. (Gregory Charles) Billington

The trials of Max Pipe

G. C. (Gregory Charles) Billington

"The discovery of extraordinary new art excites the art world, but the identity of the artist is unknown. Max Pipe is a middle manager in Liverpool, but in his imagination, he is in Catania managing the construction of a revolutionary warship for the Italian...

Harpoon  by Hugh Hunter


Hugh Hunter

"People, place and plot leap to life in this riveting counterfactual thriller set in a war's end New Zealand East Coast c1945. Hugh Hunter exploits to the full the contrast between the sunbaked somnolent township of Harpoon and an unthinkable-until-it-happened...

The moon will pay  by G. C. (Gregory Charles) Billington

The moon will pay

G. C. (Gregory Charles) Billington

"The WHO has identified a serious outbreak of Alta Stultitia, or, Deep Stupidity that may become a Pandemic. Coincidentally, Dimple Potts wins the seat of the Peapod in Auckland, New Zealand. The PM hopes she can side-line him but alas, Pott's pronouncement...

Death's shadow  by Sally Rigby

Death's shadow

Sally Rigby

"Theories that thrill. Realities that kill. A ticking clock. When an esteemed criminology professor is found lifeless at an international conference, it's up to DCI Whitney Walker and forensic psychologist Dr Georgina Cavendish to unravel the mystery. The...

The amethyst kingdom  by A K. Mulford

The amethyst kingdom

A K. Mulford

"Can Carys have it all? Can she balance the competition of the trials, to win the Eastern Court crown, and the chance at love ... with her hated nemesis. Carys Hilgaard has grown tremendously through her years; no longer is she the vapid, prejudicial fae who...

A thousand paper cups  by Jodie. author. Shelley

A thousand paper cups

Jodie. author. Shelley

"You know we are simply serving to further embed unfair gay stereotypes, don't you?" "I know, but I'm gay, so I'm allowed," Benjamin said, pressing down the fake handlebar moustache firmly. He pulled on the trucker cap with the rainbow motif on the front and...

The Italian daughter  by Soraya Lane

The Italian daughter

Soraya Lane

When Lily is called to a lawyer's office in London, she has no idea that her life is about to change forever. There, she is told that her grandmother was born at Hope House, a home for unmarried mothers, and is given a box containing the only clues to her true...

Battle for the Bluff  by Bruce Cole

Battle for the Bluff

Bruce Cole

"The day the nukes dropped and resulting EMPs were set off across the world, was the day the world was reset to the pre-industrial era. Millions died from the blasts, billions died within years from the radiation. The few who survived in protected...

Wild embrace  by Nalini Singh

Wild embrace

Nalini Singh

ECHO OF SILENCE: In a deep-sea station, Tazia Nerif has found her life's work as an engineer, keeping things running smoothly. But she wants nothing more than to break down the barrier of silence between her and her telekinetic Psy station commander . . ....

Weeping Angels  by Riley Chance

Weeping Angels

Riley Chance

'No one will invest in a business focussed on family violence - it's the opposite of sexy. 'Lauren Brown, owner of Weeping Angels, smiled. 'Maybe to men. 'Business is booming for Weeping Angels - an agency that helps victims of family violence obtain...

Phin  by Don E. McGregor


Don E. McGregor

" An amusing, at times hilarious, novel. How to effortlessly succeed when you don't particularly want to. Phin, a practical, ugly redhead and technophobe (no TV, or even a phone!), bizarrely becomes an advertising manager in a hi-tech computer firm. He has...

Blood mountain  by Ken Brewer

Blood mountain

Ken Brewer

"Young Lieutenant Nicholas Reede VC is sent to New Zealand with no explanation. During a tumultuous previous visit Nick had befriended a Maori elder of the Te Atiawa tribe and fallen for the man’s Granddaughter Aroha. For the second time in his life he finds...

Silencia  by Vivien Rainn


Vivien Rainn

"It takes a kiss of darkness to awaken Sadie Starling Pasiona's appetite to a life left long unlived; a life now inextricably bound to the bloodied hands of a centuries-old demon named Silas. Her dreams soon turn to sinister nightmares as the shadows of his...

Solita  by Vivien Rainn


Vivien Rainn

"Faith or fear, pick your poison. Passing through the motions of a life soaked through with the stench of death, Sadie Starling Pasiona has never strayed from the safety of her home, her only solcace; the Hacienda Espinosa. But when she unearths a dark secret...

Bringing home Mr Bacon  by Nikki Perry

Bringing home Mr Bacon

Nikki Perry

"For years, Tessa's life revolved around her husband and her children. After her marriage ended she focused on starting her own business, one that involves her love of food. But lately things have been weighing her down. Her marketing skills are dire and she...

At the Grand Glacier Hotel  by Laurence Fearnley

At the Grand Glacier Hotel

Laurence Fearnley

"Following a disastrous family holiday, Libby and Curtis make a promise: If they ever visit the West Coast of the South Island again, it will be to stay at the majestic Grand Glacier Hotel. Twenty years later, Libby is recovering from cancer and the couple...

The story of a New Zealand river  by Jane Mander

The story of a New Zealand river

Jane Mander

"The Story of a New Zealand River was the first and most acclaimed novel by Jane Mander, one of New Zealand's most controversial writers. Republished here for a new audience, readers will delight in Mander's liberal views - written in a time when New Zealand...

The jibe  by Robyn Cotton

The jibe

Robyn Cotton

"Ella Hampton makes a mayday call from the Aurora on the Hauraki Gulf saying her husband has been lost overboard during a jibe manoeuvre. A body identified as Dean Hampton washes up with a gash to the head and other injuries. The coroner rules it an accident....

See you in September  by Charity Norman

See you in September

Charity Norman

Shortlisted for Best Crime Novel in the 2018 Ngaio Marsh Awards for Crime Fiction. 'A big, gripping and heartbreaking read . . . I couldn't put it down.' Daily Mail 'Norman does a fine job delving into the insidious psychology of cults . . . It's a creepy...

Max  by Avi Duckor-Jones


Avi Duckor-Jones

"I want to let her know that choosing something is the entire problem. How do you choose something without feeling the undeniable loss of everything you rejected? Max is about to finish high school. On the surface it appears he has everything, but underneath...

Apocrypha scripta  by Michael O'Leary

Apocrypha scripta

Michael O'Leary

"Note: This is a parallel fictional biography to the autobiography Die Bibel (Steel Roberts 2016)"--

The ghost shipment  by Geoffrey Robert

The ghost shipment

Geoffrey Robert

"When a young tourist dies in a surfing accident in Bali while high on cocaine, his billionaire father hires the Aristotle investigative team of Bec Corelli, Jay Duggan and Mike Bullard to track down the drug kingpin ultimately responsible. Ped Garland, a...

Finding Fabi  by Geoffrey Robert

Finding Fabi

Geoffrey Robert

"When brilliant but emotionally-tortured New York journalist Bec Corelli learns her father has died mysteriously on vacation in India, she walks out on her job and heads to Delhi. Pharmaceutical CEO Ernst Reiniger, facing ruin over a failed drug, has hatched...

The keeper  by A. X. Wilkinson

The keeper

A. X. Wilkinson

Could a schoolgirl crush last a lifetime? Martha embarks on a journey of self-discovery as she reflects on her past relationship with her art teacher. Despite the distance of time and their largely platonic connection, the longing for what could have been...

If that was lunch, we've had it  by D. J. Colbert

If that was lunch, we've had it

D. J. Colbert

"Listen up, people! Rodney here. This book is about me and my mate Will and our attempts to write a book. I hope you get the irony because this book is a test of your sense of humor. Not everyone can write a book (or have a sense of humor - just read the...

Numerical enigma  by Ankit Parashar

Numerical enigma

Ankit Parashar

"Life for Alex Gage, a 19-year-old collage football player, becomes a roller coaster ride as he stumbles upon a strange letter written by Albert Einstein in 1945"--Back cover. Laura, daughter of professor of physics Mr. John Gable seems like the only person...

The alo release  by Geoffrey Robert

The alo release

Geoffrey Robert

"Nine days before the global release of a genetically modified seed coating set to make starvation history, the IT advisor for an environmental group receives a cryptic email from an old friend working for the seed corporation. The email triggers a frantic...

Love, lemons and illicit sex  by Nod Ghosh

Love, lemons and illicit sex

Nod Ghosh

"32 short stories driven by lust or recklessness. Raunchy, ridiculous, raving mad, and occasionally a little bit sad. Includes two threads of linked flash fiction, and LGBT+ literature that could make you laugh or cry. "Their teeth skitter like tambourines. A...

The gallows bird  by Barbara Sumner

The gallows bird

Barbara Sumner

"London 1838: The cast-out child of an aristocratic mother, Hannah 'Birdie' Bird is a laundry maid with a hidden past and a suspicion that the wealthy family she serves is hers. Longing for beauty and liberation, Birdie risks everything to change her...

Forbidden nights with the paramedic  by Alison Roberts

Forbidden nights with the paramedic

Alison Roberts

Forbidden Nights with the Paramedic: After a family trauma, self-proclaimed playboy Edward is living life to the fullest. On his first day with Aberdeen based air rescue paramedics he's floored by the instant crackle of electricity he experiences with crew...

Combustible magic  by Iris Beaglehole

Combustible magic

Iris Beaglehole

"As the festival of Beltane draws near, mysterious fires are springing up around the magical village of Myrtlewood, and Rosemary Thorn can't help but try to solve the case. Rosemary already has too much on her plate with a hoard of foundling children to house...

Blue smoke  by Deborah Challinor

Blue smoke

Deborah Challinor

On 3 February 1931, Napier was devastated by a powerful earthquake and one of those seriously injured is Tamar Murdoch, beloved matriarch of Kenmore. As she struggles to overcome her injuries, Tamar is also beset by the ongoing effects of the Great Depression....

The captive wife  by Fiona Kidman

The captive wife

Fiona Kidman

"Based on real events, this ... is the compelling story of a marriage, of love and duty, and the quest for freedom in a pioneering age. When Betty Guard steps ashore in Sydney, in 1834, she meets with a heroine's welcome. Her survival during a four-month...

The quest for silk  by M. H. Green

The quest for silk

M. H. Green

"Fresh from her success in her first murder trial at the Old Bailey, Penelope Lloyd-Hargreaves is persuaded to represent a senior Queen's Council who is in grave danger of being disbarred. Having accepted the case, she must call upon every ounce of expertise...

The Berlin sisters  by Soraya Lane

The Berlin sisters

Soraya Lane

"Berlin, 1943: Ava Mueller is a proud supporter of the German war effort, working for Joseph Goebbels alongside her father, a high-ranking official in the Reich. With her sister Hanna, a nurse, braving bombing raids to save lives, they are a model Nazi family....

Some things wrong  by Thomas Pors Koed

Some things wrong

Thomas Pors Koed

""Presence on the road. Call it a road. Somewhere with the expectations of a road. The expectation to go on. For example. The expectation to overcome the impediments to going on. The expectation that going on is possible. The expectation that going on is even...

She sings  by G. C. (Gregory Charles) Billington

She sings

G. C. (Gregory Charles) Billington

"Julie Prentice has everything, but she feels increasingly insubstantial and of no consequence. Her uncertainty leads to depression. When a reckless liaison destroys her marriage she becomes a wanderer, until, in a remote village high in the Himalaya, she...

The silk thief  by Deborah Challinor

The silk thief

Deborah Challinor

"1830s Sydney Town - blackmail, friendship, bar brawls, romance, tattoos, gin and much more - is brought vividly to life as fiesty prostitute Friday, naive seamstress Harrie and cunning thief Sarah try to make their way as transported convict women. 1831:...

Nights in the gardens of Spain  by Witi Ihimaera

Nights in the gardens of Spain

Witi Ihimaera

David Munro has everything a man could want - a beautiful wife, two adoring daughters, a top academic position and a circle of devoted friends. But he also has another life, lived mainly at night and frequently in what he comes to know as 'The Gardens of...

Marriage reunion with the island doc  by Sue (Susan) author. MacKay

Marriage reunion with the island doc

Sue (Susan) author. MacKay

Marriage Reunion With The Island Doc - Sue MacKay. A second chance in paradise? At a destination wedding, nurse Alyssa is hoping for a stress-free break. But the best man is her ex-husband, island GP Leighton! Their whirlwind marriage collapsed as quickly as...

A fly under the radar  by William McCartney

A fly under the radar

William McCartney

"Lawyers, drugs, deaths, and sneakiness, in New Zealand. A Fly Under the Radar is a ripping yarn. It’s cantankerous and unexpected, with an eccentric cast that includes a millennial side-kick, a conniving landlord, a dangerous accountant, and starring a...

Band of gold  by Deborah Challinor

Band of gold

Deborah Challinor

On the goldfields of Ballarat vows are broken - can a wounded heart ever forgive? When the Yarrowee River bursts its banks, Rian Farrell, a dashing Irish sea captain and part-time gunrunner, disappears in the torrential flood. Believing herself a widow, the...

Finding Miriama  by Donna Goodacre

Finding Miriama

Donna Goodacre

"Finding Miriama is about identity, chasing dreams and self-determination: a compelling story set against the background of the the first Anglo-Afghan War and Māori-Pakeha relations in colonial New Zealand. It is 2003 in New Zealand, and Louisa Greenwood and...

Karla  by Robert Christensen


Robert Christensen

''In 1944, Germany controlled Denmark. Their troops were onthe ground throughout the kingdom. The ruling monarch, the government, and parliament bowed to pressure and allowed for a so called peaceful occupation of Denmark. Most of the Danish exports crossed...

Dark deeds down under. Volume 2

Dark deeds down under. Volume 2

This crime and thriller anthology, from Clan Destine Press, showcases the breadth and depth of modern Australian and New Zealand crime writing in a collection of brand-new short stories from some of our brightest storytelling talents: international...

Come to kill  by Wendy M. Wilson

Come to kill

Wendy M. Wilson

"He's all that's standing between his family and a hired assassin. And he's unarmed. After Sergeant Frank Hardy watches the invasion of a peaceful Maori village by the Armed Constabulary, with crops destroyed and innocent men imprisoned, he lays down his rifle...

Forgery  by Tate James


Tate James

"Dreams. Goals. Plans. You envision a dream, set a goal, and formulate a plan. I had diligently pursued all of these steps. I was on my way to obtaining my degree, engaging with breathtaking works of art, and unexpectedly falling into bed with my professor....

Archangel's lineage  by Nalini Singh

Archangel's lineage

Nalini Singh

"Raphael and Elena are experiencing their first ever year of true peace. No war. No horrors of archangelic power. No nightmares given flesh. Until...the earth beneath the Refuge begins to tremble, endangering not only angelkind's precious and fragile young,...

Return to blood  by Michael Bennett

Return to blood

Michael Bennett

"Hana Westerman has left Auckland and her career as a detective behind her. Settled in a quiet coastal town, all she wants is a fresh start. The discovery of a skeleton in the dunes near her house changes everything. The remains are those of a young Māori...

Despatches  by Lee Murray


Lee Murray

"Daily Star war correspondent Cassius Smythe is off to the Dardanelles to report on the Allied campaign. That is, if only the War Office will let him tell the truth. But after months in the trenches at Anzac Cove, Smythe learns that it isn't just the Ottoman...

Dream girl  by Joy Holley

Dream girl

Joy Holley

"Alice wants a heart-shaped bed. Mary, Genevieve and Angelica want to know the future. June says she wants Lena to rescue her from a rat, but really she wants Lena to make out with her. Eve wants to get Wallace alone at the strawberry farm. Olivia just wants...

Missing  by Ricky Masterman


Ricky Masterman

"Rick has been missing, presumed drowned, for four years. When he arrives back at his home in rural Hawkes Bay without any warning and carrying only a backpack, in the middle of a cold winter's night, his reception back home is tinged with doubt and suspicion....

The heart of the actuary  by K. T. Bowes

The heart of the actuary

K. T. Bowes

"His job is to neutralise risk. Hers is to turn a blind eye. But the stakes are too high this time. She needs to get to this risk first. And hide it. After a terrible few months and the collapse of her world, Emma Andreyev is trying. She's trying to reinvent...

Hana Du Rose  by K. T. Bowes

Hana Du Rose

K. T. Bowes

"New marriage at forty five isn't the bed of roses that beautiful widow Hana, imagined, especially not when a sinister man who hides in the shadows and preys on vulnerable women is intent on hurting her. Her adult children have secrets of their own and her son...

Liberation  by M. C. (Maya Cohen) Ronen


M. C. (Maya Cohen) Ronen

"Sunny, an escapee from a farm where she was kept as a dairy slave, is now an activist who fights to liberate other slaves from their hopeless, grim destiny. The dangerous and relentless battle for total liberation provides for many suspenseful encounters, as...

The length of a wish  by Hilary Boyd

The length of a wish

Hilary Boyd

"The story of a woman with cancer who creates an imaginary hero to help her through her journey. Enter Lyra: a sassy nine (-and-three-quarters-) year old who loves fairytales"--Introduction.

The burning land  by David Hair

The burning land

David Hair

"The Falcons are knights of the Vestal Order, pledged to use their powers to protect the Empire of Talmont from the cruel Vyr and the carnage they have unleashed upon the world. When the Falcons take a Vyr alive, they go against the protocols of the Vestal...

Sewing moonlight  by Kyle Mewburn

Sewing moonlight

Kyle Mewburn

"It's winter of 1928, and young German man Wilhelm Erdinger is left stranded in the remote New Zealand village of Falter's Mill. Wilhelm purchases a piece of land capable of providing the kind of sustainable, self-sufficient life he craves, and a shack he soon...

Fox spirit on a distant cloud  by Lee Murray

Fox spirit on a distant cloud

Lee Murray

"Wellington, 1923, and a sixty-year-old woman hangs herself in a scullery; ten years later another woman ‘falls’ from the second floor of a Taranaki tobacconist; soon afterwards a young mother in Taumarunui slices the throat of her newborn with a cleaver. All...

Black silk & sympathy  by Deborah Challinor

Black silk & sympathy

Deborah Challinor

A dazzling new series from bestselling historical fiction author Deborah Challinor, exploring the fascinating world of Victorian funeral customs and featuring Sydney's first female undertaker. 'Men have been undertakers for hundreds of years. Not women, men....

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