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Forsyth's guide to trusts and estate practice  by Cordelia Mary Thomas

Forsyth's guide to trusts and estate practice

Cordelia Mary Thomas

"This practical handbook provides a clear and concise outline of the law relating to trusts, wills, executors and administrators. It is a valuable resource for students, junior legal staff and the general public.The ninth edition is fully updated to...

Manuali'i  by Rex Letoa Paget


Rex Letoa Paget

"Manuali'i - Bird of the Gods - is an anchor to ancestors and to self. These poems are reminders of who you come from and who you are; compasses to constant new becomings. Questions for timekeepers and connections to universal powers. Being guided by...

Preventing workplace bullying and harrassment  by Hadyn Olsen

Preventing workplace bullying and harrassment

Hadyn Olsen

"Managers and supervisors are key people in organisations when it comes to the prevention of bullying and harassment. This handbook has been written to give them practical guidance and to answer some of the most common questions they ask: How do I identify...

Tax avoidance law in New Zealand  by James Coleman

Tax avoidance law in New Zealand

James Coleman

"Tax Avoidance Law in New Zealand deals with the interrelationship between the general anti-avoidance provision and specific anti-avoidance provisions in the Income Tax Act 2007. The 3rd edition of this authoritative text by James Coleman enables practitioners...

Junkaholics anonymous  by Graham Clark

Junkaholics anonymous

Graham Clark

This book is about salvaging, recovering, reclaiming, restoring and re-purposeing old junk. Stuff that other people have discarded, and have, for reasons of their own, decided were only good for the landfill. It is full of "before and after" photos of things...

Plant to plate

Plant to plate

"Welcome to a wellness adventure in your kitchen. In these pages, you will find recipes that connect you to nature, nourishment, and nutrition. Together we’ll make meals meaningful by elevating your relationship to life through all your senses. As we...

Plant to plate

Plant to plate

"Welcome to a wellness adventure in your kitchen. In these pages, you will find recipes that connect you to nature, nourishment, and nutrition. Together we’ll make meals meaningful by elevating your relationship to life through all your senses. As we...

...And then came the bridge

...And then came the bridge

"This book tells the story of the diverse nature of the people who lived in the area -from the early Maori to the later pioneers who arrived in the 1860's. The colourful narrative then moves with later generations on the hundred year journey to 1959 when the...

Not fine  by Donna Davis

Not fine

Donna Davis

" When asked if everything is ok? How many times have your replied with the response: I'm fine. When you are anything but fine? Not fine is a book that aims to help open this crucial conversation. It is the raw and brave story of Donna Davis. A New Zealand...

The author's companion  by author Barbara Unković

The author's companion

author Barbara Unković

"A mini guide to improving and editing your own work prior to engaging an experienced editor. Raise the standard of your work by learning about key writing elements such as: sense of time and place, characters, dramatic moments, dialogue, and speech tags,...

The economic possibilities of decolonisation  by Matthew Scobie

The economic possibilities of decolonisation

Matthew Scobie

"What do the economics of decolonisation mean for the future of Aotearoa? This question drives the work of Matthew Scobie and Anna Sturman as they explore the complex relationship between tangata whenua and capitalism. By weaving together historical insights...

Pressing on  by Ian F. (Ian Fraser) Grant

Pressing on

Ian F. (Ian Fraser) Grant

"In 1920, when Lasting Impressions, the first volume in this history of New Zealand newspapers ended, the large number of newspapers in the country were the profitable, well-respected vehicles of nearly all the news from around the world and around the corner...

Tales from the lucky generation  by Bob Calkin

Tales from the lucky generation

Bob Calkin

"Bob Calkin was born in 1935 and grew up as Aotearoa New Zealand was entering a period of unprecedented stability and boom times. Tales from the Lucky Generation follows Bob's rise from humble roots in working-class Whanganui to the world of law and business...

Aotearoa New Zealand, land of the Long White Cloud  by Graeme Matthews

Aotearoa New Zealand, land of the Long White Cloud

Graeme Matthews

"Landscape and seascape photographs of New Zealand, from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island."--

Dish gluten-free  by Sarah Tuck

Dish gluten-free

Sarah Tuck

"Being gluten-intolerant or coeliac is a burden millions of people experience worldwide. Rather than eschew the range of delicious dishes others can enjoy, in this book we have compiled a selection of our favourite gluten-free recipes."--

A solid handshake  by Alistair McIntyre

A solid handshake

Alistair McIntyre

"Growing up on civil construction sites, Alistair McIntyre was taught to look people in the eye and give a solid handshake. It was the first of many lessons that have held him in good stead through a life of significant ups and downs. School was a challenge...

Michael Lett documents

Michael Lett documents

"Documents is a series of texts that accompanies the exhibition programme at Michael Lett, a contemporary art gallery in Tāmaki Makarau Auckland. The impetus behind the texts, commissioned by the gallery, was to create broader discourse around artworks and...

The gnosis of Simon Magus  by Keith Hill

The gnosis of Simon Magus

Keith Hill

"Simon Magus is an enigma. Long derided as a heretic magician, the truth is much more complex. And fascinating. Keith Hill's dramatic retelling of Simon's story draws on documentary and legendary materials that show him to be a misunderstood pioneer of Western...

Lame stories from the vet from Inglewood  by Sandra Chesterton

Lame stories from the vet from Inglewood

Sandra Chesterton

"Lame duck, lame horse, lame vet, lame cows. Sandra Chesterton has been listening to "lame stories" for half a century. Now she has written ... "Lame Stories" from the mouth of Neil Chesterton, who introduces himself as "The Vet from Inglewood," tells how...

World in union  by James (Sportswriter) Dixon

World in union

James (Sportswriter) Dixon

The story of the Rugby World Cup told via its fifteen most important and dramatic matches. From the inauspicious beginnings of the 1987 tournament, which nearly didn't happen due to back-room politics, and the amateur era's aversion to commercialism, the Rugby...

A life less punishing  by Matt Heath

A life less punishing

Matt Heath

"Why is it that no matter how good things get, we still feel dissatisfied? A few years ago Matt Heath decided to find a way to live a life less punishing. He did a deep dive into why we feel the way we do and how to change it; interviewing leading thinkers in...

The extraordinary travels of Harry Head  by Steve Lowndes

The extraordinary travels of Harry Head

Steve Lowndes

"Harry Head was in turn a gold miner, explorer and mathematician, a pioneer of early flight, a painter, musician and raconteur. He followed his inclinations and disdained the trappings of an encumbered life in the fashion of a prototypical hippy.The...

The undertow  by Helen Pearse-Otene

The undertow

Helen Pearse-Otene

"180 years of history. 100% the Treaty in action. The Undertow is a quartet of plays by renowned New Zealand Playwright Helen Pearse-Otene, that explores our bi-cultural history and significant events in collective story through the eyes of six generations of...

McGee Parliamentary practice in New Zealand  by David G. McGee

McGee Parliamentary practice in New Zealand

David G. McGee

"Parliamentary Practice in New Zealand is the definitive guide to practice and procedure in the New Zealand House of Representatives. The fifth edition contains 60 chapters, incorporates developments since 2017, and provides an authoritative snapshot of...

Myths & legends of the ancient Pākehā  by Glenn Colquhoun

Myths & legends of the ancient Pākehā

Glenn Colquhoun

"In this collection of poems Glenn Colquhoun explores a range of Pākehā oral poetic forms; sea shanties, hymns, ballads, nursery rhymes and clapping songs. It is a companion volume to Three women, his collection of poetry in Te Reo Māori, and is richly...

The pohutukawa tree  by Bruce Mason

The pohutukawa tree

Bruce Mason

"First published in 1960, and reprinted many times, The Pohutukawa Tree is an acclaimed classic of New Zealand theatre, and has been performed, read and studied for over 60 years. Bruce Mason is the most significant playwright in New Zealand's theatrical...

I only know happy people  by Sarah (Psychologist) author. Beck

I only know happy people

Sarah (Psychologist) author. Beck

"This is a story about love, loneliness and despair. Returning to New Zealand after many years abroad, the author, Sarah Beck - a psychologist- writes about overcoming this despair both in herself and in her clients. She introduces the counselling world to her...

Alternative small press publishing in New Zealand  by Michael O'Leary

Alternative small press publishing in New Zealand

Michael O'Leary

"The history of small, private presses in this country is also (largely) the history of our literature." (Michael Gifkins' 1990 'Bookmarks', New Zealand Listener). This quote graphically states the case for the important place small press publishing has in the...

Meantime  by Majella Cullinane


Majella Cullinane

"Cullinane in Aotearoa New Zealand and her mother in Ireland, a distance unbridgeable even by phone as Cullinane's mother's language was lost to dementia. Meantime calls and keens across this terrible distance. With attentiveness, tenderness and extraordinary...

Oversize : volume 1  by Kevin Freeman

Oversize : volume 1

Kevin Freeman

"In this book, my fifth, I will look at heavy haulage in the South Island. Covering a period from the sixties through to the early nineties. It will focus on most of the large haulage specialists, who relied solely on outside work to operate through to...

Residual gleam  by Roger Hickin

Residual gleam

Roger Hickin

"The poems of Residual Gleam speak of obsolete roosters and eccentric philosophers, of moth-eaten overcoats, of alcoholic raconteurs in long-gone public bars, of lost needles and Orkney kirkyards and out-of-tune pianos"--

The glass guitar  by Peter Olds

The glass guitar

Peter Olds

"The Glass Guitar comprises thirty-three previously uncollected and mostly unpublished poems in which Peter Olds reflects frankly on some of his characteristic preoccupations: the imperfections of life and art; his travels in space and time; his sometimes...

Ring plane  by Denis Harold

Ring plane

Denis Harold

"This is a poem sequence about the development of an imagination within several landscapes, initially Taranaki"--Publisher information.

A game of swans  by Janet Wainscott

A game of swans

Janet Wainscott

"From the finger bone of an ancestor to a Leonardo da Vinci portrait, a rural pub to the real life of folk-tales, A Game of Swans weaves myth and modernity seamlessly through each other, asking what it means to be restrained, and what it takes to be...

Food for faith  by John O'Connor

Food for faith

John O'Connor

Are you seeking to live more abundantly? If yes, the reflections in this book are for you. For more than a decade John O'Connor has offered regular written and audio reflections through the website to encourage people who are seeking...

Town  by Madeleine Marie Slavick


Madeleine Marie Slavick

"Welcome to 'Town', fifty stories and fifty images by writer and photographer Madeleine Slavick, who lived in Hong Kong for almost twenty-five years before moving to a Wairarapa country road that runs from state highway to bush."--Back cover.

Here today, gone tomorrow  by Jaimie D. (Jaimie Donald) Baird

Here today, gone tomorrow

Jaimie D. (Jaimie Donald) Baird

"Four decades, 1200+ images. Art or vandalism, protest or social commentary - how you see street art depends on where you stand. Jamie Baird's Here today gone tomorrow documents his 40-year fascination with these ephemera as "a testament to human imagination,...

The John Bertrand New Zealand coin & banknote catalogue 2023  by Jared H. Thornton

The John Bertrand New Zealand coin & banknote catalogue 2023

Jared H. Thornton

"The 2023 catalogue features important information regarding all New Zealand coins issued from 1933 and includes updated values with retail prices given in five grades for the pre-decimal issues. A full listing of decimal issues is also included. New Zealand...

The everything guide  by Niki Bezzant

The everything guide

Niki Bezzant

"In The Everything Guide, Niki brings together her decades of research and writing about food, exercise and personal health with the very latest, evidence-based expert advice in an informative, practical, easy-to-read (and always honest!) must-have manual for...

Stone men  by Jeni Curtis

Stone men

Jeni Curtis

"In stone men, the myths of Medusa become a lens to examine attitudes to women and womanhood - from ancient to modern, from virgin to whore, from mother to child. Political, and deeply personal, stone men is about power and the lack of it, those who speak out...

Here's to life and all that jazz  by Dave MacCalman

Here's to life and all that jazz

Dave MacCalman

"Dave MacCalman is a jazz lover, a gold medal winning Paralympian, and a marathon champion with domestic and world records. He has filled his 60-plus years with energy and adventure. In 1980, Dave's future was already looking bright, and he was on track to...

A pictorial history of Warkworth  by Bryan Jackson

A pictorial history of Warkworth

Bryan Jackson

"It is a photographic record of Warkworth from the early days of settlement to today. There are over 300 black and white and colour photos. The photos include many of Warkworth's early settlers, early buildings, original flour mill. primary school, Kapanui...

First things  by Harry Ricketts

First things

Harry Ricketts

"In First Things, Harry Ricketts chronicles his early life through the lens of 'firsts': those moments that can hold their detail and potency across a lifetime. Set mostly in Hong Kong and Oxford, these bright fragments include the places, people, writers,...

Consolations of insignificance  by Terence O'Brien

Consolations of insignificance

Terence O'Brien

"Terence O'Brien was a born diplomat - urbane, clever, adaptable and hardworking, with a talent for strategy and negotiation. Although born in England, he was a loyal and dedicated New Zealander and spent most of his life working to improve the country's...

The practice of mindfulness and balance  by Rita Riccola

The practice of mindfulness and balance

Rita Riccola

"Life can be challenging and when we feel over-stimulated and disconnected it is costly to our wellbeing. Dreaming of what-ifs and maybes in the future,while regretting and being trapped by our past means we are distracted from living life in the moment....



"In Aotearoa the number of people who will never have children is growing - and they're pushing back against the narrative that if they don't, their lives will be somehow 'less than'. Otherhood's essays are by writers who've felt on the outside looking in,...

Ans Westra  by Paul Moon

Ans Westra

Paul Moon

"The photographer Ans Westra, who died in 2023, took hundreds of thousands of images over her long career. Together, those images constitute what is arguably a photo album of Aotearoa. Her dedication and determination sometimes came at a cost but she was...

A long road trip home  by John Allison

A long road trip home

John Allison

"A Long Road Trip Home goes to the heart of the matter. Invention is one thing, knowing is another. John Allison knows that the wisdom of experience leads to poems of discovery and revelation. These are poems whose governance is the reality of the imagination...

Magic wands & golden skulls  by Chelsea Nichols

Magic wands & golden skulls

Chelsea Nichols

"A delightful reading experience thoughtfully authored by our remarkable Senior Curator, Dr Chelsea Nichols. It is a unique perspective on the inimitable artwork collection created and cared for by The Dowse Art Museum over the last half century."--

Songs on the Journey  by Robin (Lyricist) McKenzie

Songs on the Journey

Robin (Lyricist) McKenzie

"Travelling almost unpassable roads, living in remote mountain villages, learning an unwritten language, entering a culture utterly different from the one they had left behind, Robin and Delwyn McKenzie had no idea what adventures awaited when they set out...

Organic vegetable gardening  by Xanthe White

Organic vegetable gardening

Xanthe White

"The bestselling, expert guide to growing your own vegetables organically. In this classic bestseller, expert landscape designer Xanthe White takes readers by the hand and walks them from backyard bombsite to productive vegetable garden in a single year....

Nothing significant to report  by Dario Nustrini

Nothing significant to report

Dario Nustrini

"Laugh-out-loud yarns from a soldier in the New Zealand Army In 2011, a young Dario Nustrini pulled up at Waiouru Military Camp. Raring to go, he had visions of shooting guns, riding tanks and jumping out of planes. But the reality of his six years in the NZ...

The Antipodean Express  by Gregory (Musician) Hill

The Antipodean Express

Gregory (Musician) Hill

"An epic journey from New Zealand to Spain, celebrating the enduring romance of travel by train. The journey of The Antipodean Express takes in 89 days of travel, on 33 trains, through 19 countries. It begins in New Zealand's North Island, weaves past the...



"Voyages: Stories of an Ocean People celebrates a rich maritime history and the ongoing connection of Fijians with the sea. The ocean is the heart of the earth and is what connects us to our larger Pacific family. It is where our roots begin and is what links...

The custodians of the gift  by Guido Carlo Pigliasco

The custodians of the gift

Guido Carlo Pigliasco

Emerging from more than two decades of research in the field and in the archives, the essays collected here explore the multifaceted topic of the Fijian firewalking ceremony, the vilavilairevo. The collection examines the intersection of the intertwined topics...

Dare to retire free  by Kristin Sutherland

Dare to retire free

Kristin Sutherland

"Dare to Retire Free is the ultimate guide to achieving a fulfilled retirement. This book is for you if you are struggling with the transition to retirement or retirement itself. It is the definitive guide to creating a plan for this major life change. The...

Toyotas  by Steve Holmes


Steve Holmes

"Toyota vehicles are interwoven into New Zealand lives, and virtually every person living in this country has either owned or driven a Toyota. But these aren't just vehicles renowned for their reliability and dependability, they also have a strong cult...

Fenoga Tāoga Niue i Aotearoa = Niue heritage journey in Aotearoa

Fenoga Tāoga Niue i Aotearoa = Niue heritage journey in Aotearoa

Celebrating the 30 – year journey of Falepipi he Mafola Niuean Handcraft Group Inc, based in Ōtāhuhu since 1993. Featuring projects and treasures made by Falepipi he Mafola Niuean Handcraft Group Inc, this exhibition honours over 50 loved ones who have since...



"Kaetaeta Watson and Louisa Humphry, MNZM, wear their tibuta proudly because it strongly identifies who they are as I-Kiribati in Aotearoa. Their research in 2021 revealed a lack of resources into tibuta by I-Kiribati, for I-Kiribati. There was also very...

Letters from Kiribati

Letters from Kiribati

"The letters in this book were written by Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart order, who were pioneer Roman Catholic missionaries in Kiribati (the former Gilbert Islands). They sent their first news to the home convent in France in 1895, with the final...

Australia's lost heroes  by Damien Wright

Australia's lost heroes

Damien Wright

"Australia’s Lost Heroes tells the astonishing little-known story of the Australian soldiers who fought the Red Army in Russia in 1919 and the personal odyssey, 100 years later, to locate and identify the lost grave of Victoria Cross hero Sergeant Samuel...

Box of birds  by Stephen Stowers

Box of birds

Stephen Stowers

In this fascinating memoir, cardiologist Stephen Stowers eloquently captures the various changes that he has lived through over a lifetime spent as a caring and ethical medical professional. With sadness, he watched as a profession he loved became more and...

Bulimia  by Selina Elison


Selina Elison

"Supporting your child through recovery will be the hardest thing you ever do. But with compassion, for yourself as well as your loved one, you can enhance their chances for successful healing, and build a stronger bond than ever. Selina Elison and her...

Sailing Marmax  by Debbie Aldred

Sailing Marmax

Debbie Aldred

"Have You Ever Dreamed of Sailing the World? Have you ever dreamed of sailing the world? Perhaps the thought scares the hell out of you! Sail on a breathtaking ocean adventure without leaving your seat! Enjoy a story of an epic ocean voyage and get inspired to...

Jumper  by Iris Matthews


Iris Matthews

"Iris Matthews was born in the UK a week prior to the start of WW2. She has lived in Japan, Australia but mainly in New Zealand. She has by turns been a schoolteacher, a 'pro' actor and a painter/potter. Iris began life as a 'he' and in November 1991, properly...

The little book of remedies  by Leila Lees

The little book of remedies

Leila Lees

''The Little Book of Remedies is an Illustrated handbook to accompany the Lasavia vibrational remedy range. This book covers the fundamentals of how to use vibrational remedies and the ideas behind them. It includes a commentary on each of Lasavia's...

The fight for life  by John Dixon

The fight for life

John Dixon

"This work looks at the development of the medical services immediately prior to the Great War and its involvement in the failed Gallipoli Campaign of 1915. The medical services were crucial to the whole operation but the planning for their involvement was...

Hidden traps of the internet  by Judy L. Mohr

Hidden traps of the internet

Judy L. Mohr

"Building an online platform is an overwhelming and daunting task, with many pitfalls and horror stories surrounding the internet. It's not surprising that many writers shy away from online activities, putting that online presence into the do-it-later...

Anzac girls  by Peter Rees

Anzac girls

Peter Rees

By the end of the Great War, forty-five Australian and New Zealand nurses had died on overseas service and over two hundred had been decorated. These were the women who left for war looking for adventure and romance but were soon confronted with challenges for...

Getting to grips with not-for-profit governance  by Pierre Woolridge

Getting to grips with not-for-profit governance

Pierre Woolridge

"A guide for Kiwi board members: the first NZ specific book in a long time; discover the do's & don'ts of governance; gain practical wisdom and insights; develop leadership skills to help run the organisation effectively; be a successful director from the word...

Splashdown  by Smith Russell


Smith Russell

"This book tells of a young couple who struggled against the odds to introduce a seaplane service to New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds, and to members of the travelling public between the South and North Islands. Locals looked askance at what was a totally new...

A gemini with a Gypsy soul  by Tanya Maree

A gemini with a Gypsy soul

Tanya Maree

This touching debut transfixes the reader allowing her to resonate deeply with them. The emotions in her work are evocative and ultimately hopeful. The autobiographic approach allows the reader to see her complete life story commencing from her childhood and...

A duck-shaped octopus  by Roanne Barnes Hautapu

A duck-shaped octopus

Roanne Barnes Hautapu

"In 2013 Quinn Hautapu presented to hospital with the seemingly minor symptom of a limp arm, within a short time she was on a Life Flight to Wellington to work out the cause of a massive bleed on the brain. She was seven years old. A month later, after brain...

Foraging New Zealand  by Peter Langlands

Foraging New Zealand

Peter Langlands

"An essential guide to foraging in New Zealand. New Zealand is full of incredible, edible wild foods - fruit, fungi and seaweed; berries, herbs and more - you only need to know where to look and how to do it safely. Foraging New Zealand is the ultimate guide...

Deeper engagement  by Janet A. (Janet Anne) Whiteside

Deeper engagement

Janet A. (Janet Anne) Whiteside

"Palliative care involves having honest, meaningful conversations about death in advance. Talking with patients and family/whānau reduces stress, as well as the risk of a complicated grieving process. In this authoritative book, Janet A. Whiteside, a 27-year...

Tupaia  by Joan author. Druett


Joan author. Druett

Tupaia sailed with Captain Cook from Tahiti, piloted the Endeavour about the South Pacific, and was the ship's translator. Lauded by Europeans as an extraordinary genius, Tupaia was a star navigator, a brilliant orator, and a most devious politician. Being...

Science-Christianity and church activities in the Samoan Islands  by Fuimaono Fini Aitaoto

Science-Christianity and church activities in the Samoan Islands

Fuimaono Fini Aitaoto

Following up on his first two books on Church events and the history of the Assembly of God Church in American Samoa, author Fuimaono Fini Aitaoto delves deeper into new science discoveries as they relate to Christianity. If you're interested in Church-related...

Environmental defenders  by Raewyn Peart

Environmental defenders

Raewyn Peart

"For over 50 years the Environmental Defence Society (EDS) has been at the forefront of protecting Aotearoa New Zealand's natural environments. From the Think Big power projects of the 1970s, to coastal developments on pristine northland beaches and the...

The time traveller's guide to Hamilton Gardens  by Peter Sergel

The time traveller's guide to Hamilton Gardens

Peter Sergel

The city of Hamilton decided to establish a park on its old city rubbish dump but there was initially no budget for development or plans to make it different from any other traditional public park. However, through strong community support and sponsorship, a...

The trials of Nurse Kerr  by Scott Bainbridge

The trials of Nurse Kerr

Scott Bainbridge

"Did New Zealand have a secret poisoner? In 1992, builders demolishing a Devonport home stumbled across a skeleton, triggering an investigation that sent shockwaves across the community. The remains belonged to a woman who had died in the 1930s, and whispers...

The wide wide sea  by Hampton Sides

The wide wide sea

Hampton Sides

"From New York Times bestselling author Hampton Sides, an epic account of the most momentous voyage of the Age of Exploration, which culminated in Captain James Cook's death in Hawaii, and left a complex and controversial legacy still debated to this day. On...

Six dogs and a volkswagen  by Neal Wallace

Six dogs and a volkswagen

Neal Wallace

"As a young man all John Davies wanted was to be a farmer. Sixty years on and the Queenstown businessman has accumulated a portfolio of companies that includes some of New Zealand's premier tourist attractions. This is his story. An account of how he used...

Urban hymns  by Miria George

Urban hymns

Miria George

"Running out of options and with a recession looming in the background, Joseph and his best friend Tobias concoct a plan that will change them both forever. All the while, mysterious graffiti keeps appearing around their town, and there's a strange and...

Birds  by Dianna Fuemana


Dianna Fuemana

"Tommy likes hip-hop dancing, has a mad crush on the lead kapa haka girl at school and believes he can kung fu the biggest bully terrorising the local Riversdale Park. But his mum, has different plans for Tommy. She wants him to wake up on time for school, go...

The gangster's paradise  by Leki Jackson-Bourke

The gangster's paradise

Leki Jackson-Bourke

"Wannabe gangster, Jayden, is on the verge of being expelled from St. Coolio's High until Brother G offers him a way out... by taking the lead role in the school musical. Leki Jackson-Bourke turns musical tropes on their head in this hilarious South Auckland...

Night shifts  by Pat White

Night shifts

Pat White

NIGHT SHIFTS reaffirms Pat White's preoccupation with landscape, love, history, and nature in poems that have been described by Jack Ross as "beautiful, unassuming and perfectly paced, all at the same time"

The windwhistle gate  by Brydie Walker Bain

The windwhistle gate

Brydie Walker Bain

‘The Windwhistle Gate’ is the debut book from poet Brydie Walker Bain. Full of breathtaking poems to uplift and inspire, this pocket poetry book would make a gorgeous gift for the creative in your life, or for anyone searching for solace in these challenging...

100 ways to be that girl  by Fiona Ferris

100 ways to be that girl

Fiona Ferris

"Learn how to stand out from the crowd and become that girl. When you harness the power of how ‘she’ would be, you instantly: Become unforgettable Feel happier and more confident Stop worrying about what others think of you Power ahead in your own life Feel...

A brief history of rugby  by Alastair Cook

A brief history of rugby

Alastair Cook

Volume 1. "1820s-1960s. Early football were mainly ‘mob’ style games, with enormous numbers of players attempting to advance the ball into a goal area, often by any means necessary. Rules were simple with violence and injury common. The games remained largely...

The last secret agent  by Pippa Latour

The last secret agent

Pippa Latour

"This is the astounding true story of one of the last female special operations agents in France to get out alive after its liberation in WWII. Born in 1921, Pippa Latour became a covert special operations agent who parachuted into a field in Nazi-occupied...

Tour Aotearoa official guide : North Island  by Jonathan Kennett

Tour Aotearoa official guide : North Island

Jonathan Kennett

"Tour Aotearoa is a 3,000 km bike odyssey spanning the length of New Zealand. This two-volume set provides riders with step-by-step instructions, route maps, and insider tips on how to cycle from Cape Reinga down to Bluff"--Back cover.

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