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All through the night  by Dani Robertson

All through the night

Dani Robertson

"Why darkness is so important – to plants, to animals, and to ourselves – and why we must protect it all costs. Darkness is the first thing we know in our human existence. Safe and warm inside the bubble of the womb, we are comfortable in that embracing dark....

Physics  by Robert Snedden


Robert Snedden

"Written in plain English with concise explanations, this is a wonderful introduction to physics for the general reader"--Publisher's description.

Animal magic

Animal magic

"This edition of Griffith Review illuminates the magic and mystery of animals - those we're lucky enough to still share the planet with, and those, like dodos and dinosaurs, who are no longer here... The stories in this collection explore in life and in death,...

In search of the old ones  by Anthony D. Fredericks

In search of the old ones

Anthony D. Fredericks

"An extraordinary journey to visit the oldest trees in the United States that beautifully reveals the connection between humans and natural history"--Publisher's description.

Call of the kingfisher  by Nick Penny

Call of the kingfisher

Nick Penny

"Composer and wildlife recordist Nick Penny has walked beside the River Nene at Oundle in Northamptonshire for four decades. But a chance encounter with a kingfisher on New Year's Day leads to a deeper relationship with the waterway and woods nearby. The more...

The signal and the noise  by Nate Silver

The signal and the noise

Nate Silver

"From the financial crisis to ecological disasters, we routinely fail to foresee hugely significant events, often at great cost to society. The rise of 'big data' has the potential to help us predict the future, yet much of it is misleading and useless. Nate...

The big year  by Mark Obmascik

The big year

Mark Obmascik

"Every January 1, a quirky crowd storms out across North America for a spectacularly competitive event called a Big Year--a grand, expensive, and occasionally vicious 365-day marathon of birdwatching. For three men in particular, 1998 would become a grueling...

Walking the bones of Britain  by Christopher Somerville

Walking the bones of Britain

Christopher Somerville

"Travelling a thousand miles and across three billion years, Christopher Somerville (walking correspondent of The Times and author of Coast, The January Man and Ships of Heaven) sets out to interrogate the land beneath our feet, and how it has affected every...

A year in numbers  by Kyle D. Evans

A year in numbers

Kyle D. Evans

"Did you know: Only around 100 people have ever lived beyond a million hours (that's about 114 years); Around 7% of everyone who has ever lived is currently alive; The '12 days of Christmas' song, when sung in full, results in 364 gifts being given - one for...

The monster's bones  by David K. Randall

The monster's bones

David K. Randall

"In the dust of the Gilded Age Bone Wars, two vastly different men emerge with a mission to fill the empty halls of New York's struggling American Museum of Natural History: Henry Fairfield Osborn, a privileged socialite whose reputation rests on the museum's...

The devil's teeth  by Susan Casey

The devil's teeth

Susan Casey

"Great white sharks are enigmas. They ruled the oceans long before dinosaurs inhabited the earth, yet we know surprisingly little about them. Scientists speculate they can live for 60 years and grow to a massive 20 feet long. They heal miraculously from severe...

Cronin's key guide to Australian trees  by Leonard Cronin

Cronin's key guide to Australian trees

Leonard Cronin

"An authoritative and indispensable guide to Australia's fascinating trees, fully updated and revised. It features more than 325 species from all parts of the continent"--Publisher's description.

Tasmanian tiger  by David Owen

Tasmanian tiger

David Owen

"The tragic story of how ignorance, fear and lack of care led to the disappearance of the famous Tasmanian tiger. This updated edition includes the latest research on whether it could ever be cloned and returned to the wild. Is it still out there? People claim...

Maths  by Sam Hartburn


Sam Hartburn

"Your expert guide to mastering the numbers behind the mysteries of modern mathematics. What with the mysteries of infinity and imaginary numbers, the power of mathematical modelling, and the logic and structures hiding behind real-life situations and digital...

Statistical thinking  by Russell A. Poldrack

Statistical thinking

Russell A. Poldrack

"An essential introduction to statistics for students of psychology and the social sciences. Statistical thinking is increasingly essential to understanding our complex world and making informed decisions based on uncertain data. This incisive undergraduate...

Planet Earth III  by Matt Brandon

Planet Earth III

Matt Brandon

"The iconic series that started it all returns: accompanying an 8-part program narrated by David Attenborough,Planet Earth IIItakes you closer than ever to the world's most fascinating animals and landscapes - and humanity's irrevocable impact upon them. There...



"This big, glorious big book mines Te Papa's collections to explore and expand upon the way we think about our botanical world and its cultural imprint. A true treasure, it features over 400 selections by an expert, cross-disciplinary museum curatorial team...

Native insects of Aotearoa  by Julia Kasper

Native insects of Aotearoa

Julia Kasper

"Part of the Te Papa Te Taiao Nature Series, this accessible introduction to a range of the native insects encountered in New Zealand is written by two expert entomologists from our national museum, Te Papa. It features fifty species, from moths and...

Native shells of Aotearoa  by Bruce Marshall

Native shells of Aotearoa

Bruce Marshall

"Part of the Te Papa Te Taiao Nature Series, this accessible introduction to a range of the aquatic and terrestrial shell-bearing molluscs encountered in New Zealand is written by two experts from our national museum, Te Papa. It features over 160 species,...

The art of doing science and engineering  by R. W. (Richard Wesley) Hamming

The art of doing science and engineering

R. W. (Richard Wesley) Hamming

"Highly effective thinking is an art that engineers and scientists can be taught to develop. By presenting actual experiences and analyzing them as they are described, the author conveys the developmental thought processes employed and shows a style of...

Ten tantalising truths  by John Gribbin

Ten tantalising truths

John Gribbin

"John Gribbin is known for giving us simple explanations of big concepts in science. But there is another way to probe the mysteries of the Universe and our place in it. Faced with persistent enquiries from his grandchildren, Gribbin realised that simple...

Mountains of fire  by Clive Oppenheimer

Mountains of fire

Clive Oppenheimer

"Volcanoes mean so much more than threat and calamity. Like our parents, they've led whole lives before we get to know them. We are made of the same stuff as the breath and cinders of volcanoes. They have long shaped the path of humanity, provoked pioneering...

The return of wolves  by Eli Francovich

The return of wolves

Eli Francovich

"The gray wolf has made an astonishing comeback in Washington. After near complete eradication in the 1990s, conservationists and environmentalists have cheered this native species' robust return to the state over the last two decades. Washington ranchers are...

The life of birds  by David Attenborough

The life of birds

David Attenborough

"Over 9,000 species, the most widespread of all animals: on icebergs, in the Sahara or under the sea, at home in our gardens or flying for over a year at a time. Earthbound, we can only look and listen, enjoying their lightness, freedom and richness of plumage...

One thousand shades of green  by Mike Dilger

One thousand shades of green

Mike Dilger

"For most of 2020, Mikes Dilger's day-job of travelling to the four corners of the British Isles all but disappeared. Having been confined to one place by the Covid pandemic, and with daily dog walks his sole permitted outdoor pursuit, the simple pleasure of...

White holes  by Carlo Rovelli

White holes

Carlo Rovelli

"Let us journey, with beloved physicist Carlo Rovelli, into the heart of a black hole. Let us slip beyond its boundary, the horizon, and tumble - on and on - down this crack in the universe. As we plunge, we'll see geometry fold, we'll feel the equations draw...

The rise and reign of the mammals  by Stephen Brusatte

The rise and reign of the mammals

Stephen Brusatte

"The passing of the age of the dinosaurs allowed mammals to become ascendant. But mammals have a much deeper history. They - or, more precisely, we - originated around the same time as the dinosaurs, over 200 million years ago; mammal roots lie even further...

Tongariro National Park  by Desmond Bagley

Tongariro National Park

Desmond Bagley

"When Desmond Bovey returned to his native New Zealand after thirty years in France, he felt a need to reconnect with the landscapes of his youth. He chose Tongariro National Park, inspired by a chance encounter with a karearea, the New Zealand falcon. He...

Ocean life in the time of dinosaurs  by Nathalie Bardet

Ocean life in the time of dinosaurs

Nathalie Bardet

"A richly illustrated, trade-science book about marine reptiles from the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras and their modern descendants. A translation from the French publisher, Belin (World English rights)"--Publisher's description.

Botanic gardens of the world  by Deborah Trentham

Botanic gardens of the world

Deborah Trentham

"Discover the lavish beauty and fascinating history of the 40 most important and inspiring botanic gardens from across the globe. From the Renaissance gardens of Italy to the futuristic botanic gardens of Singapore, this gorgeous book tells the story of these...

Deep blue  by Stephen Backshall

Deep blue

Stephen Backshall

"Steve Backshall was nine years old the first time he saw a shark, while on holiday with his family in Malaysia. It was the beginning of a life-long fascination with these 'lords of the sea', and the oceanic life around them. His career as one of the world's...

The best Australian science writing 2023

The best Australian science writing 2023

"Should we alter animals' DNA to save them from extinction? What secrets will old ice reveal to us about the Earth's deep past? How is the world's most expensive – and explosive – substance made? Great science writing offers fascinating insights into our...

Entangled life  by Merlin Sheldrake

Entangled life

Merlin Sheldrake

"The smash-hit Sunday Times bestseller now illustrated with over 100 spectacular full-colour images, showcasing this wondrous and wildly various lifeform as never before. The more we learn about fungi, the less makes sense without them. They can change our...

What if?  by Randall Munroe

What if?

Randall Munroe

"In pursuit of answers, Munroe runs computer simulations, pores over stacks of declassified military research memos, solves differential equations, and consults with nuclear reactor operators. His responses are masterpieces of clarity and hilarity, studded...

Pi  by Alfred S. Posamentier


Alfred S. Posamentier

"We all learned that the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is called pi and that the value of this algebraic symbol is roughly 3.14. What we weren't told, though, is that behind this seemingly mundane fact is a world of mystery, which has...

Getting to know the birds in your neighbourhood  by Darryl Jones

Getting to know the birds in your neighbourhood

Darryl Jones

"It’s also easy to understand, friendly, and packed full of information about these urban birds; and offers tips and suggestions on how to enjoy, protect and encourage more birds into your area. And one of the best features is that it works just as well in...

The globe  by James Hannam

The globe

James Hannam

"Introduction: 'The Blue Marble' - Babylon: 'The four quarters of the Earth' -- Egypt: 'The black loam and the red sand' -- Persia: 'Order and deceit' -- Archaic Greece: 'The Shield of Achilles' -- The origins of Greek thought: 'Equally distant from all...

The bald eagle  by Jack E. Davis

The bald eagle

Jack E. Davis

"The bald eagle is regal but fearless, a bird you're not inclined to argue with. For centuries, Americans have celebrated it as 'majestic' and 'noble,' yet savaged the living bird behind their national symbol as a malicious predator of livestock and, falsely,...

Habitats  by Derek Harvey


Derek Harvey

"Come with us on an epic journey through Earth's incredible biomes, ecosystems, and habitats, home to an estimated 8.7 million species. You'll meet everything from frogs that can survive in sub-zero conditions to the weird and wonderful life-forms that thrive...

Notes on complexity  by Neil Theise

Notes on complexity

Neil Theise

"An electrifying introduction to complexity theory, the science of how complex systems behave--from cells to human beings, ecosystems, the known universe, and beyond--that profoundly reframes our understanding and illuminates our interconnectedness. Nothing in...

Beautiful geometry  by Eli Maor

Beautiful geometry

Eli Maor

"If you've ever thought that mathematics and art don't mix, this stunning visual history of geometry will change your mind. As much a work of art as a book about mathematics, Beautiful Geometry presents more than sixty exquisite color plates illustrating a...

Europe  by Tim F. (Tim Fridtjof) Flannery


Tim F. (Tim Fridtjof) Flannery

"It is hard to overstate just how unusual Europe was towards the end of the age of the dinosaurs. It was a dynamic island arc whose individual landmasses were made up of diverse geological types, including ancient continental fragments, raised segments of...

The psilocybin mushroom bible  by Virginia Haze

The psilocybin mushroom bible

Virginia Haze

"Readers will learn how to produce their own magic mushrooms quickly, safely, and effectively. The book features over 40 step-by-step photographic instruction guides to each step of the process, including: sterilising the equipment to produce mushrooms; how to...

Your psilocybin mushroom companion  by Michelle Janikian

Your psilocybin mushroom companion

Michelle Janikian

"With so much misinformation surrounding magic mushrooms out there, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. This is where Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion comes in to help. In this book, you'll find a comprehensive yet friendly guide to everything...

Unearthing the underworld  by Ken McNamara

Unearthing the underworld

Ken McNamara

"A geological saga that digs deep, revealing how even the most ordinary rocks can be stepping stones to the hidden history of our planet"--Publisher's description.

2024 guide to the night sky  by Storm Dunlop

2024 guide to the night sky

Storm Dunlop

"A comprehensive handbook to the planets, stars and constellations visible from the southern hemisphere. 6 pages for each month covering January-December 2024. Diagrams drawn for the latitude of southern Australia, but including events visible from New Zealand...

Origin Africa  by Jonathan Kingdon

Origin Africa

Jonathan Kingdon

"Africa has properties that ensure that most of human evolution could have occurred nowhere else. A greater diversity of mammal, bird and many other forms of life has forced more and more species to squeeze into narrower and narrower niches. Human complexity...

Flaws of nature  by Andrew P. Dobson

Flaws of nature

Andrew P. Dobson

"Consider that an elephant will not grow a seventh set of teeth, even though wearing down the sixth will condemn it to starvation; that hosts of the European cuckoo seem unable to tell that the overgrown monster in their nest is not their own chick; and that...

The secret lives of numbers  by Kate Kitagawa

The secret lives of numbers

Kate Kitagawa

"Mathematics shapes almost everything we do. But despite its reputation as the study of fundamental truths, the stories we have been told about it are wrong. In The Secret Lives of Numbers, historian Kate Kitagawa and journalist Timothy Revell introduce...

The forgotten forest  by Robert author. Vennell

The forgotten forest

Robert author. Vennell

"Deep in the forest, in places you would never think to look, are some of the most remarkable creatures. Overlooked and unsung, this is the forgotten forest: a world of glow-in-the-dark mushrooms and giant mosses, where slime moulds travel the forest in search...

The origin of species and The voyage of the Beagle  by Charles Darwin

The origin of species and The voyage of the Beagle

Charles Darwin

"This title is presented with an introduction by Darwin's great-great-granddaughter, Ruth Padel. When the eminent naturalist Charles Darwin returned from South America on board the H.M.S Beagle in 1836, he brought with him the notes and evidence which would...

The 50 best birdwatching sites in New Zealand  by Liz Light

The 50 best birdwatching sites in New Zealand

Liz Light

"New Zealand has a diverse range of bird species and is especially important for pelagics. Thirteen of the world's 18 penguin species have been recorded in the New Zealand region (including the Ross Dependency). Nine of these species breed here. Of petrels, 37...

Life on our planet  by Tom Fletcher

Life on our planet

Tom Fletcher

"Today there are 20 million species on our planet. Yet what we see is just a snapshot in time. 99% of Earth's inhabitants are lost to our deep past. The story of what happened to these lineages, their rise and their fall, is truly remarkable. Accompanying the...

A short history of the world in 50 animals  by Jacob Field

A short history of the world in 50 animals

Jacob Field

"Although humans have done much to shape our planet, examining the impact of other animals provides a deeper and more complete understanding of its long and complex story. A Short History of the World in 50 Animals sets out a new perspective, looking back...

Footprints in the woods  by John Lister-Kaye

Footprints in the woods

John Lister-Kaye

"Footprints in the Woods is John Lister-Kaye's account of a year spent observing the comings and goings of otters, beavers, badgers, weasels and pine martens. This family - Mustelidae - all live in the wild at Aigas, the conservation and field study centre...

The philosophy and practice of science  by David B. Teplow

The philosophy and practice of science

David B. Teplow

"This book is a novel synthesis of the philosophy and practice of science, covering its diverse theoretical, metaphysical, logical, philosophical, and practical elements. The process of science is generally taught in its empirical form: what science is, how it...

The reign of Wolf 21  by Rick McIntyre

The reign of Wolf 21

Rick McIntyre

"The Druid Peak Pack was the most famous wolf pack in Yellowstone National Park, and maybe even in the world. This is the dramatic true story of its remarkable leader, Wolf 21--whose compassion and loyalty challenges commonly held beliefs about alpha males. In...

Black lion  by Sicelo Mbatha

Black lion

Sicelo Mbatha

"Wilderness guide Sicelo Mbatha shares lessons learnt from a lifetime's intimate association with Africa's wildest nature. Black Lion begins in rural South Africa where a deeply traumatic childhood experience, a cousin being dragged away by a crocodile, should...

Help your kids with maths  by Carol Vorderman

Help your kids with maths

Carol Vorderman

"This is a simple, visual guide to helping children understand maths with Carol Vorderman. Reduce the stress of studying maths and help your child with their homework, following Help Your Kids with Maths a unique visual guide which will demystify the subject...

The improbability principle  by D. J. (David J.) Hand

The improbability principle

D. J. (David J.) Hand

"An eye-opening and engrossing look at rare moments, why they occur, and how they shape our world In The Improbability Principle, the renowned statistician David J. Hand unveils his groundbreaking argument that extraordinarily rare events are in fact...

Tyranny of the gene  by James Tabery

Tyranny of the gene

James Tabery

"The United States is embarking on a medical revolution. Supporters of personalized, or precision, medicine--the tailoring of health care to our genomes--have promised to usher in a new era of miracle cures. Advocates of this gene-guided health-care practice...

The underworld  by Susan Casey

The underworld

Susan Casey

"From New York Times bestselling author Susan Casey, an awe-inspiring portrait of the mysterious world beneath the waves, and the men and women who seek to uncover its secrets For all of human history, the deep ocean has been a source of wonder and terror, an...

From one cell  by Ben Stanger

From one cell

Ben Stanger

"Each of us began life as a single cell. From this humble origin, we embarked on a risky journey fraught with opportunities for disaster. Yet, amazingly, we reached our destination intact, emerging as dazzlingly complex, exquisitely engineered assemblages of...

Mystical mushrooms  by Aurora Kane

Mystical mushrooms

Aurora Kane

"Mushrooms have been the stuff of dreams, fairy tales, and even hallucinations. Kane explores the history, folklore, and future of common and not-so-common fungi. She catalogs iconic fungi species and details their lore and mystical properties. She also...

On alchemy  by Brian Cotnoir

On alchemy

Brian Cotnoir

"Alchemy is the art of transmuting base metal into gold, a laboratory process that also functions as a metaphor for spiritual transformation and creativity. This book contains all the information and skills you need to start practising alchemy, to unite your...

A photographic guide to trees of New Zealand  by L. J. (Lawrence James) Metcalf

A photographic guide to trees of New Zealand

L. J. (Lawrence James) Metcalf

"A reprint ... this handy reference guide is a compact yet comprehensive guide to identifying and learning about New Zealand's trees. Each species in the guide is illustrated with one or more photographs, and where possible juvenile forms have also been...

Fishes of Aotearoa  by Paul Caiger

Fishes of Aotearoa

Paul Caiger

"With a long and complex coastline scattered with countless islands, and freshwater waterways weaving all through our rugged landscape, Aotearoa really is an aquatic nation. As such, it is home to a bounty of colourful and characterful fishes. 'Fishes of...

A naturalist's guide to the birds of New Zealand  by Oscar Thomas

A naturalist's guide to the birds of New Zealand

Oscar Thomas

A Naturalist's Guide to the Birds of New Zealand is an introductory photographic identification guide to 250 bird species, including the most commonly seen, unique and endemic species. High-quality photographs from one of New Zealand's youngest nature...

New Zealand's biggest year  by Harry Boorman

New Zealand's biggest year

Harry Boorman

"New Zealand's Biggest Year is an epic birding tale of how two friends become rivals and set out to break the all-time record for the most Aotearoa New Zealand bird species seen in one calendar year. Their rivalry results in more birds being spotted in a...

The hedgehog diaries  by Sarah Sands

The hedgehog diaries

Sarah Sands

"It is the Winter Solstice and Sarah Sands is sitting by her father's bedside, bracing herself for loss. What her father needs to do, she thinks, is conserve his energy - to hibernate like a hedgehog. When the hedgehog curls up in its bed of leaves, its heart...

The observant walker  by John Wright

The observant walker

John Wright

"When we go for a walk, whether in the countryside or city, we pass through landscapes full of natural beauty and curiosities both visible and invisible - but though we might admire the view, or wonder idly about the name of a flower, we rarely have the...

A photographic guide to birds of New Zealand  by Geoff Moon

A photographic guide to birds of New Zealand

Geoff Moon

"In this fully revised edition with attractive new cover, species accounts have been updated according to the 4th edition of the Ornithological Society's official Checklist of the Birds of New Zealand . The many changes include updates to classification,...

A photographic guide to rocks & minerals of New Zealand  by N. (Nick) Mortimer

A photographic guide to rocks & minerals of New Zealand

N. (Nick) Mortimer

"Almost every kind of rock found on Earth can be seen in New Zealand, and most of the common minerals too. This handy reference guide will help you recognise and make sense of common (and some rare) rocks and minerals found on beaches and hillsides, in streams...

Looking up  by Matthew Cappucci

Looking up

Matthew Cappucci

"Get in we're going storm-chasing! Imagine a very cool weather nerd has just pulled up to you and yelled this out the window of his custom-built armored storm-chasing truck. The wind is whipping around, he's munching on Wawa, it's all very chaotic yet as you...

Deep water  by Riley Black

Deep water

Riley Black

"What lies beneath the surface of the ocean has mystified humankind for millennia. We have explored more of the surface of the Moon than we have of the deep sea. From vampire squid to giant spider crabs, and from hydrothermal vents to bioluminescence, its...

The universe in a box  by Andrew Pontzen

The universe in a box

Andrew Pontzen

"How do scientists study the entire universe? How can we make sense of its vast, intricate workings? We are part of an incredible chain of events stretching 13.8 billion years into the past and even further into the future. But what does that future hold? And...

Eve  by Cat Bohannon


Cat Bohannon

"In Eve, Cat Bohannon answers questions scientists should have been addressing for decades. With boundless curiosity and sharp wit, Bohannon covers the past 200 million years to explain the specific science behind the development of the female sex. Eve is not...

Edible  by Kevin Hobbs


Kevin Hobbs

"An illustrated celebration of sustainable and often little-known edible plants from around the world that are revolutionizing how we grow, eat, and appreciate food"--Publisher's description.

Late light  by Michael Malay

Late light

Michael Malay

"Late Light is the story of Michael Malay's own journey, an Indonesian-Australian-American making a home for himself in England and finding strange parallels between his life and the lives of the animals he examines. Mixing natural history with memoir, this...

Silk & venom  by James O'Hanlon

Silk & venom

James O'Hanlon

""There are more than 50 000 species of spiders. They surround us in our daily lives and, contrary to popular belief, the vast majority are completely harmless to humans. In Silk & Venom, James O’Hanlon takes us from his backyard to all corners of the globe...

Expedition Deep Ocean  by Josh (Joshua D.) Young

Expedition Deep Ocean

Josh (Joshua D.) Young

"Expedition Deep Ocean tells the inside story of this exploration of one of the most unforgiving and mysterious places on our planet, including the site of the Titanic wreck and the little-understood Hadal Zone. The expedition pushed technology to the limits,...

Must love trees  by Tobin Mitnick

Must love trees

Tobin Mitnick

"Must Love Trees is an unconventional guide into the world of trees-- it is a blend of witty humor, engaging tree-related stories, and beautiful illustrations, featuring a hundred types of North American trees. Tobin Mitnick, JewsLoveTrees creator and...

Wind  by Louise M. Pryke


Louise M. Pryke

"By turns creative and destructive, wind spreads weeds, fills sails and disperses the energy of the Sun. Worshipped since antiquity, wind has moulded planets, decided the outcome of innumerable battles and shaped the evolution of humans and animals - yet it...

Simulating the cosmos  by Romeel Davé

Simulating the cosmos

Romeel Davé

"A behind-the-scenes look into computer simulations of cosmology and galaxy formation. Simulating the Cosmos is a behind-the-scenes look into one of the hottest and fastest-moving areas of astrophysics today: simulations of cosmology and galaxy formation,...

The voices of nature  by Nicolas Mathevon

The voices of nature

Nicolas Mathevon

"What messages do animals send to each other using sound? How can we decipher them? What lessons might these messages offer for understanding the origins and workings of our own communication? Scientists who study bioacoustics try and answer these questions,...

2024 Australasian sky guide  by Nick Lomb

2024 Australasian sky guide

Nick Lomb

"All you need to know about the night sky. This popular guide by astronomer and author Dr Nick Lomb provides stargazers with everything they need to know about the southern night sky. It contains the latest information on the solar system, historical features,...

The Sun  by Ryan French

The Sun

Ryan French

"The Sun is incredibly dynamic and shrouded in mystery, despite its apparent unchanging appearance in the daytime sky. In this guide, Dr. Ryan French explores history, science and modern observations to uncover the mysteries of the Sun. From ancient...

Explaining life through evolution  by Prosanta Chakrabarty

Explaining life through evolution

Prosanta Chakrabarty

"A friendly, non-threatening, and accessible introduction to evolution, emphasizing both the evidence for evolution and the importance of understanding it in contemporary social context"--Publisher's description.

History of climate change  by A. (Antonello) Provenzale

History of climate change

A. (Antonello) Provenzale

"In this comprehensive history of the climate and climate change, Antonello Provenzale explains how the planetary climate system works and how the climate has evolved over millions of years that marked the early history of the Earth, including seas of magma,...

Wild air  by James Macdonald Lockhart

Wild air

James Macdonald Lockhart

"A book about birds, birdsong and the countryside they inhabit, from the critically acclaimed author of Raptor. In Wild Air, James Macdonald Lockhart sets out to write about a series of birds as though he has his granny's role of listening to birds' songs and...

Twelve words for moss  by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

Twelve words for moss

Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

"A moving tale of recovery and reconnection and an immersive journey through British wetlands. Glowflake, Rocket, Small Skies, Kind Spears, Marilyn... Moss is known as the living carpet but if you look really closely, it contains an irrepressible light. In...

New Zealand bird calls  by Lynnette Moon

New Zealand bird calls

Lynnette Moon

"New Zealand is known for its birds, and the melodic quality of their song. Here is a selection of 60 of the most popular, important or interesting birds. In New Zealand Bird Calls, each bird entry includes information about habitat, distribution, appearance...

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