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Ngā Taitara hōu




"Throughout history, trees have always been important and beloved by humans; from practical to spiritual. Centres of biodiversity and essential in climate equilibrium, we simply couldn't survive without them. This Kew Pocketbook is a snapshot of the vast...

Festive flora

Festive flora

"A celebration of the myriad roles plants play in religious, cultural, and national festivities across the globe. Whether they're used as visual decoration in wreaths, garlands, and religious shrines, or deployed for their rich scents and flavors in festive...

Herbs and spices

Herbs and spices

"This stunning series of pocketbooks from Kew offers a snapshot into the diverse and beautiful world of plants and fungi. Each book lavishly showcases choice examples from different groups or collections. Hot, spicy, aromatic, zingy, floral, earthy and...



"Neither plants nor animals, and only showing themselves to us in nature through bodies that produce spores, fungi are weird and wonderful. These extraordinary life-forms are celebrated in this new Kew Pocketbook, with 40 paintings of mushrooms, toadstools,...

Hard by the cloud house  by Peter (Journalist) Walker

Hard by the cloud house

Peter (Journalist) Walker

"The legend of Te Hokioi, the extinct giant eagle of New Zealand, leads Peter Walker from a Canterbury sheep run to the Rare Books Room of the British Library and to 'sacred' Raiatea in Polynesia, as he uncovers the story of the predator which once ruled over...

The first alchemists  by Tobias Churton

The first alchemists

Tobias Churton

"Explores the origins and practices of early alchemy. Examines the oldest surviving alchemical texts, the original purpose of the "Royal Art," and the first alchemists, showing how women dominated early alchemy. Looks at the historical setting for the first...

Six-legged ghosts  by Lily Duval

Six-legged ghosts

Lily Duval

"Why isn't Aotearoa famous for its insects? We have weta that can survive being frozen, weevils with 'snouts' almost as long as their bodies, and the world's only alpine cicadas. There is mounting evidence that insect numbers are plummeting all over the world....

Hunt for the shadow wolf  by Derek Gow

Hunt for the shadow wolf

Derek Gow

"Renowned rewilder Derek Gow has a dream: that one day we will see the return of the wolf to Britain as it has already returned elsewhere. As Derek worked to reintroduce the beaver, he began to hear stories of the wolf, both real and mythical, and his...

A photographic guide to mushrooms and other fungi of New Zealand  by G. S. Ridley

A photographic guide to mushrooms and other fungi of New Zealand

G. S. Ridley

"A Photographic Guide to Mushrooms & Other Fungi of New Zealand introduces readers to New Zealand’s mushrooms and fungi, which number up to some 19,000 species and include extraordinarily diverse types, from the familiar ‘mushroom’ to brackets, coral and cup...

At every depth  by Tessa Hill

At every depth

Tessa Hill

"This book follows nine different places in the ocean, from close and accessible to remote and forbidding: tidepools, coral reefs, shellfish farms, kelp forests, a fishing area in the North Atlantic, remote islands of the Pacific, the North Pacific Garbage...

Waves in an impossible sea  by Matt Strassler

Waves in an impossible sea

Matt Strassler

"At this very moment, we are moving through space at 130 miles per second, and yet we don't notice at all. Nothing slips and falls off the kitchen table as the Earth spins, and our bodies aren't catapulted against random buildings and trees by the planet...

Accidental  by Tim (Chemistry teacher) James


Tim (Chemistry teacher) James

"A rip-roaring adventure through science gone wrong, accidentally changing humanity (mostly) for the better. We may imagine that science is a process of breakthroughs and light bulb moments. But in reality, science goes wrong 99% of the time. Almost every idea...

Shells of the world  by M. G. Harasewych

Shells of the world

M. G. Harasewych

"A marvelously illustrated natural history of the world’s mollusks. Mollusks are invertebrate animals with a remarkable natural history and a rich fossil record, and their shells are prized for their breathtaking variety and exquisite beauty. Shells of the...

The lives of butterflies  by David G. (David Geoffrey) James

The lives of butterflies

David G. (David Geoffrey) James

"There are more than fifteen thousand butterfly species in the world, fluttering through a wide variety of habitats. Bright and beautiful, butterflies also have fascinating life histories and play an important role in our planet's ecosystems. The Lives of...

Frogs of the world : a guide to every family  by Mark O'Shea

Frogs of the world : a guide to every family

Mark O'Shea

"With more than 7,600 known species, frogs exhibit an extraordinary range of forms and behaviors, from those that produce toxins so deadly that they could kill a human many times over to those that can survive being frozen in ice. Frogs of the World is an...

Wasps of the world  by Simon Van Noort

Wasps of the world

Simon Van Noort

"A richly illustrated guide to wasps around the world. Wasps have been around since before the dinosaurs and are one of the world’s largest insect groups. More than 150,000 species have been identified, and while the black-and-yellow insect with a cinched...

The dawn of modern cosmology

The dawn of modern cosmology

"In the late fifteenth century, it was believed that the earth stood motionless at the centre of a small, ordered cosmos. Just over two centuries later, everything had changed. Not only was the sun the centre of creation, but the entire practice of science had...

Of time and turtles  by Sy Montgomery

Of time and turtles

Sy Montgomery

"When acclaimed naturalist Sy Montgomery and wildlife artist Matt Patterson arrive at Turtle Rescue League, they are greeted by hundreds of turtles recovering from injury and illness. Endangered by cars and highways, pollution and poachers, these turtles--with...

The ancestor's tale  by Richard Dawkins

The ancestor's tale

Richard Dawkins

"A fully updated edition of one of the most original accounts of evolution ever written, featuring new fractal diagrams, six new 'tales' and the latest scientific developments.THE ANCESTOR'S TALE is a dazzling, four-billion-year pilgrimage to the origins of...

Plankton  by Tom Jackson


Tom Jackson

"Plankton are the unsung heroes of planet Earth. Passive drifters through the world's seas, oceans, and freshwater environments, most are invisible or very small, but some are longer than a whale. They are the global ocean's foundation food, supporting almost...

Chris Packham's birdwatching guide  by Chris Packham

Chris Packham's birdwatching guide

Chris Packham

"Chris is a lifelong birdwatcher and the perfect guide on a day out bird spotting. Through a series of chapters, he can build you from an absolute beginner exploring your own backyard, giving you tips and insights that he has gained from years of birdwatching....

Genetics  by René Fester Kratz


René Fester Kratz

"Evolve your knowledge of the fast-moving world of genetic research. Genetics For Dummies shines a light on the fascinating field of genetics, helping you gain a greater understanding of how genetics factors into everyday life. Perfect as a supplement to a...

To boldly go where no book has gone before  by Luke A. J. O'Neill

To boldly go where no book has gone before

Luke A. J. O'Neill

"Scientists have been participants in the best reality show of all time, with all the highs, lows, bust-ups, and strange personalities of any show on telly today. This hugely accessible history of science reveals the human stories behind the biggest...

Piping hot bees and boisterous buzz-runners  by Thomas D. Seeley

Piping hot bees and boisterous buzz-runners

Thomas D. Seeley

"Thomas Seeley has spent his career unraveling the mysteries of honey bee behavior. His goal has been to understand how the 30,000 or so bees in a colony work together as a unit to accomplish such things as finding and occupying a snug nest cavity, furnishing...

Metamorphosis  by Erica McAlister


Erica McAlister

"Insects are incredibly weird. Their morphology is about as alien to us as you can get without leaving this planet. They outnumber us 200 million to one. Before humans stamped their mark on this planet, insects had shaped it into the colourful and...

Deep water  by James Bradley

Deep water

James Bradley

"The ocean has shaped and sustained life on Earth from the beginning of time. Its vast waters are alive with meaning, and connect every living thing on Earth. Deep Water is a hymn to the beauty, mystery and wonder of the ocean. Weaving together science,...

Madagascar wildlife  by Nick (Zoologist) Garbutt

Madagascar wildlife

Nick (Zoologist) Garbutt

"This new, fifth edition of Bradt's Madagascar Wildlife, first published over 25 years ago, celebrates the unique fauna of this remarkable Indian Ocean island. Written by naturalist tour-leaders and Madagascar experts, and aimed at visitors and natural-history...

A year of garden bees and bugs  by Dominic Couzens

A year of garden bees and bugs

Dominic Couzens

"A fascinating journey into the secret life of insects, with QR codes linked to videos that bring every creature to life. Just as birds have yearly rhythms, so do bees, beetles, butterflies and other insects. Wildlife experts Dominic Couzens and Gail Ashton...

New Zealand fungi  by Rebecca Bowater

New Zealand fungi

Rebecca Bowater

"Fungi have no chlorophyll and obtain their nutrients from living plants and animals, or dead trees, plants and animals. The parts of fungi that we see are called fruiting bodies which grow in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, ranging from vibrant to...

Humpback highway  by Vanessa Pirotta

Humpback highway

Vanessa Pirotta

"Acclaimed wildlife scientist Vanessa Pirotta has been mugged by whales, touched by a baby whale and covered in whale snot. In Humpback Highway, Pirotta dives beneath the surface to reveal the mysterious world of humpback whales - from their life cycle and the...

Maths 100 ideas in 100 words  by Sam Hartburn

Maths 100 ideas in 100 words

Sam Hartburn

"Get to grips with the essential topics in maths today through 100 key ideas, each one explained clearly in 100 words. Maths: 100 Ideas in 100 Words offers the essential facts at your fingertips, satisfying your mathematical curiosity and helping you to...

A photographic guide to wildflowers of New Zealand  by Geoff Brunsden

A photographic guide to wildflowers of New Zealand

Geoff Brunsden

"Wildflower experts Geoff and Liz Brunsden introduced wildflower landscaping to New Zealand. They are known particularly for their work with wildflower planting alongside the contry's highways." --Back cover.

Diamonds everywhere  by Tom Kerss

Diamonds everywhere

Tom Kerss

"Answers to the mysteries of the cosmos for inquiring minds. Explore the entire cosmos in 101 fascinating topics – from mind-blowing numbers, astonishing sights, to strange-but-true discoveries and everything in between. Feed your cosmic curiosity with this...

Physics  by David Sang


David Sang

"Get to grips with the essential topics in physics today through 100 key ideas, each one explained clearly in 100 words"--Publisher's description.

A housefly buzzes in the key of F  by Simon Nicholls

A housefly buzzes in the key of F

Simon Nicholls

"Did You Know That... A housefly buzzes in the key of F? A cockroach can live for a week without its head, before dying of starvation? Slugs have four noses? So, if you thought that couldn't get slimier, now imagine them with a cold ... The fingerprints of a...

The curious world of seahorses  by Till Hein

The curious world of seahorses

Till Hein

"In this entertaining and informative book, science writer Till Hein shares the most tantalizing findings from the world of seahorses, opening up some of the secrets of these magical creatures of the sea. He reveals their intriguing biological features, such...

New scientist essential guide

New scientist essential guide

"Our planet is our home. It's the solid ground beneath our feet. We breathe in its air and swim in its oceans. It's so familiar to us, and has been studied for so long, that you may be astounded to discover how many mysteries remain about where it came from,...

New scientist essential guide

New scientist essential guide

"Our planet is our home. It's the solid ground beneath our feet. We breathe in its air and swim in its oceans. It's so familiar to us, and has been studied for so long, that you may be astounded to discover how many mysteries remain about where it came from,...

New scientist essential guide

New scientist essential guide

"Time is a fundamental facet of our existence. Our lives are often governed by the familiar ticking of the clock, but where does this ticking come from? Explore this fascinating subject in this 19th Essential Guide, with topics including: The origins of time...

The Einsteinian revolution  by Hanoch Gutfreund

The Einsteinian revolution

Hanoch Gutfreund

"The revolution that emerged from Albert Einstein's work in the early twentieth century transformed our understanding of space, time, motion, gravity, matter, and radiation. Beginning with Einstein's miracle year of 1905 and continuing through his development...

The evolution of power  by Geerat J. Vermeij

The evolution of power

Geerat J. Vermeij

"A sweeping new account of the role of power in the evolution of all life on Earth. Power has many dimensions, from individual attributes such as strength and speed to the collective advantages of groups. The Evolution of Power takes readers on a breathtaking...

The end of Eden  by Adam Welz

The end of Eden

Adam Welz

"The stories we tell ourselves about climate change tend to focus on the damage inflicted on human societies by big storms, severe droughts, and rising sea levels. Walz provides a revelatory exploration of climate change from the perspective of wild species...

Them and us  by Danny Vendramini

Them and us

Danny Vendramini

"This accessible, intelligent and page turning read sheds new light on how Neanderthals evolved and the origins of human behavior, uncovering what it means to be a modern human in the 21st century. Neanderthal Predation (NP) theory begins with a radical new...

A brief history of time  by Stephen Hawking

A brief history of time

Stephen Hawking

"In the ten years since its publication in 1988, Stephen Hawking's classic work has become a landmark volume in scientific writing, with more than nine million copies in forty languages sold worldwide. That edition was on the cutting edge of what was then...

Hitler's and Stalin's misuse of science  by S. D. (Steven) Tucker

Hitler's and Stalin's misuse of science

S. D. (Steven) Tucker

"In today's world, science itself, which we are constantly being told is a neutral vehicle for wholly objective ideas and theories, is increasingly being hijacked and abused by the toxic modern cult of identity politics, of both left and right. But should we...

Walking with trees  by Glennie Kindred

Walking with trees

Glennie Kindred

"Walking with trees takes us on an intimate journey with 13 native trees of Britain and Europe. Glennie leads us into their world, describes their unique characteristics, natural history, healing properties, mythologies and crafts, and opens us to their subtle...

Tree spirits grass spirits  by Hiromi Itō

Tree spirits grass spirits

Hiromi Itō

"A collected series of intertwined poetic essays written by acclaimed Japanese poet Hiromi Ito--part nature writing, part travelogue, part existential philosophy. Written between April 2012 and November 2013, Tree Spirits Grass Spirits adopts a non-linear...

Our moon  by Rebecca (Rebecca B.) Boyle

Our moon

Rebecca (Rebecca B.) Boyle

"As astronauts around the world prepare to return to the Moon - opening up new frontiers of discovery, profit and politics - Our Moon tells the dazzling story of how the Moon has shaped life as we know it, fuelled dramatic change across the globe and could be...

The ethnobotanical  by Sarah Edwards

The ethnobotanical

Sarah Edwards

"Since the beginning of humanity's existence, plants have provided us with everything we need for our survival - they sustain us with air to breathe, food to eat, materials to make clothes and shelter with, and medicine to treat and prevent disease. Their...

42 reasons to hate the universe  by Chris Ferrie

42 reasons to hate the universe

Chris Ferrie

"If you've always suspected the universe was out to get you, you were right! Yes, the universe we live in is cosmically beautiful and mysterious and all that crap. But it's also a bit of an asshole. After all, remember that you are just a group of atoms...

Stargazing around the world  by Valerie Stimac

Stargazing around the world

Valerie Stimac

"An introductory guide to astrotourism. Discover the best stargazing destinations around the world with Lonely Planet. This comprehensive companion includes an introduction to galaxies, the stars, and stargazing, guides to 45 dark-sky sites and national parks,...

The little book of aliens  by Adam Frank

The little book of aliens

Adam Frank

"Everyone is curious about life in the Universe, UFOs and whether ET is out there. Over the course of his thirty-year career as an astrophysicist, Adam Frank has consistently been asked about the possibility of intelligent life in the universe. Are aliens...

Squirrel nation  by Peter A. Coates

Squirrel nation

Peter A. Coates

"A wide-ranging meditation on belonging and citizenship through the story of two squirrel species in Britain. Squirrel Nation is a history of Britain's two species of squirrel over the past two hundred years: the much-loved, though rare, red squirrel and the...

What we sow  by Jennifer Jewell

What we sow

Jennifer Jewell

"In What We Sow, Jennifer Jewell brings readers on an insightful, year-long journey exploring the outsize impact one of nature's smallest manifestations--the simple seed. She examines our skewed notions where "organic" seeds are grown and sourced, reveals how...

Trees  by Carolyn (Science writer) Fry


Carolyn (Science writer) Fry

"Discover the wonders at the centre of our planet's ecosystem. In ten short and accessible essays, science and nature writer Carolyn Fry takes us on an awe-inspiring journey of the Earth's lungs. From what makes a plant a tree and the incredible impact of...

Magic eyes of Masoala  by Armin Dett

Magic eyes of Masoala

Armin Dett

"Madagascar is regarded as a jewel of nature, where due to its isolated location away from all continents, a unique flora and fauna could develop with numerous species that are found nowhere else in the world. This includes an amazing and unique variety of...

Particle physics  by F. E. Close

Particle physics

F. E. Close

"Frank Close takes us on a journey into the atom to examine known particles such as quarks, electrons, and the ghostly neutrino, and explains the key role and significance of the Higgs boson. Along the way he provides fascinating insights into how discoveries...

Bitch  by Lucy Cooke


Lucy Cooke

"What does it mean to be female? Mother, carer, the weaker sex? Think again. In the last few decades a revolution has been brewing in zoology and evolutionary biology. Lucy Cooke introduces us to a riotous cast of animals, and the scientists studying them,...

Darwin and the art of botany  by James T. Costa

Darwin and the art of botany

James T. Costa

"Charles Darwin is best known for his work on the evolution of animals, but a large part of his scientific study and writing was devoted to plants. This book gathers key excerpts from these lesser-known works for the first time. Each of the 45 short chapters...

Easy astrophotography  by David Skernick

Easy astrophotography

David Skernick

"Everything you need to know to photograph and postprocess images of the night sky with standard DSLR and mirrorless camera equipment Ever look up at the sky and say, "Wow!"? This is the best way to capture the universe in photographs"--Publisher's...

The beginner's guide to astrophotography  by Mike Shaw

The beginner's guide to astrophotography

Mike Shaw

"Now everyone can learn to take great pictures of the cosmos! The night sky is filled with immense beauty and mystery, and it's no wonder so many photographers want to learn how to take great photographs of all it contains: the moon, stars, planets, galaxies,...

The book of animal secrets  by David Agus

The book of animal secrets

David Agus

"From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The End of Illness comes an ingenious guide to what our fellow animals can teach us about living longer, healthier, happier lives. Mother nature has a lot to teach us, if only we open our eyes. Pigeons and...

Starborn  by Roberto Trotta


Roberto Trotta

"One of our species' most enduring and universal relationships has been with the night sky itself. Yet in the glow of today's artificial ligting, we have lost our intimacy with the cosmos. Across the ages, the stars have served as clocks, maps, compasses,...

Fungi  by Lynne Boddy


Lynne Boddy

"A stunning, authoritative book on the fungal kingdom, uncovering the hidden world of more than 300 global species. Discover the fascinating stories behind some 300 species of fungi and understand the world of mushrooms like never before! Did you know that...

The meaning of geese  by Nick Acheson

The meaning of geese

Nick Acheson

"Renowned naturalist and conservationist Nick Acheson spent countless hours observing and researching wild geese, transported through all weathers by his mother's forty-year-old trusty red bicycle. He meticulously details the geese's arrival, observing what...

Watching wildlife  by Jim Crumley

Watching wildlife

Jim Crumley

""If you have been still enough for long enough, your eyes will have attuned and begun to read the seasurge fluently, so you recognize the blunt curve and flourished tail of a diving otter. Home your eyes in on that portion of the sea, permit nothing else to...

How life works  by Philip Ball

How life works

Philip Ball

"A cutting-edge new vision of biology that will revise our concept of what life itself is, how to enhance it, and what possibilities it offers. Biology is undergoing a quiet but profound transformation. Several aspects of the standard picture of how life...

Interstellar tours  by Brian Clegg

Interstellar tours

Brian Clegg

"Take a voyage into space to explore the wonders of the galaxy and beyond. With award-winning science writer Brian Clegg as your deep space guide, step on board the starship Endurance and marvel at the fascinating sights of deepest, darkest space. Although our...

The knowledge  by Lewis Dartnell

The knowledge

Lewis Dartnell

"Maybe an asteroid hit Earth. Perhaps a nuclear war reduced our cities to radioactive rubble. Or avian flu killed most of the population. Whatever the cause, the world as we know it has ended and now the survivors must start again. But how do we set about...

Astronomy photographer of the year. 2023

Astronomy photographer of the year. 2023

"From the number one Astronomy publisher, this book showcases the most spectacular space photography, taken from locations across the globe. Marvel at the wonders of the universe captured by the most talented astrophotographers. Be captivated by 140 winning...

Butterfly safari  by Andrew Fusek Peters

Butterfly safari

Andrew Fusek Peters

"Andrew Fusek Peters has spent five years travelling round the UK to document and celebrate British butterflies. In Butterfly Safari, he shows butterflies in a new light, capturing close-ups of wing scales and the delicate structure of eggs, eyes and antennae....

The man who loved Siberia  by Roy Jacobsen

The man who loved Siberia

Roy Jacobsen

"Siberia, to me, is a fairy-tale land. Fritz Dorries set out on his first trip to Eastern Siberia in 1877, when there were still blank spaces on maps of the world. Travelling alone or with his brothers, he climbed mountains, traversed great rivers, explored...

Earth  by Chris Packham


Chris Packham

"A beautiful, full colour book to accompany the 5 part BBC TV series telling the most important story of all, the deep history of our own planet. With the trademark dramatic storytelling techniques of The Planets and The Universe, Andrew Cohen and Chris...

The master builder  by Alfonso Martinez Arias

The master builder

Alfonso Martinez Arias

"What defines who we are? For decades, the biological answer has been our genes. In The Master Builder, leading biologist Alfonso Martinez Arias breaks with decades of scientific and popular tradition to make a bold argument: what defines us is our cells....

Goshawk summer  by James (Tree climber) Aldred

Goshawk summer

James (Tree climber) Aldred

"In early 2020, wildlife film-maker James Aldred was commissioned to make a documentary following the lives of a family of Goshawks in the New Forest - the place of his childhood. He began to plan a treetop hide in a remote site that would allow him to film...

Avian architecture  by Peter Goodfellow

Avian architecture

Peter Goodfellow

"Birds are the most consistently inventive builders, and their nests set the bar for functional design in nature. Describing how birds design, engineer and build their nests, Avian Architecture deconstructs all types of nests found around the world using...

Dinosaur behavior  by Michael Benton

Dinosaur behavior

Michael Benton

"Paleobiology has advanced from a speculative subject to a cutting-edge science. Today, researchers are applying the latest forensic technologies to the fossil record, revealing startling new insights into the lives of dinosaurs. This illustrated guide...

The naked Neanderthal  by Ludovic Slimak

The naked Neanderthal

Ludovic Slimak

"A Neanderthal hunter takes us on a riveting journey of discovery. What if we have completely misunderstood who the Neanderthals truly were? For over a century we saw them as inferior to Homo Sapiens. Today, Neanderthals are seen as fully human, different from...

The tree almanac 2024  by Gabriel Hemery

The tree almanac 2024

Gabriel Hemery

"A wondrous seasonal journey through Britain and Ireland's trees. Uncover the majesty and minutiae of the arboreal world in forest scientist Dr Gabriel Hemery's illustrated month-by-month guide - including tree folklore and traditions, recipes and crafts, key...

The secret lives of molecules  by Kathryn Harkup

The secret lives of molecules

Kathryn Harkup

"What happens when you really get under the skin of the world around you? Everything that surrounds us, and we ourselves, are made of molecules, constructed from a limited set of elements that can combine to form an almost limitless kaleidoscope of...

Kings of their own ocean  by Karen Pinchin

Kings of their own ocean

Karen Pinchin

"In 2004, an enigmatic charter captain named Al Anderson caught and tagged one Atlantic bluefin tuna off New England's coast. Fourteen years later that same fish -- dubbed Amelia for her ocean-spanning journeys -- was caught again, this time in a Mediterranean...

Nature's wonders  by Jane V. Adams

Nature's wonders

Jane V. Adams

"Britain's nature year, from the first flower to the last leaf. With a mix of evocative writing, beautiful photographs and facts that are too good to keep to yourself, this book explores 50 magical moments that define our seasons. It's an inspiring guide to...

How to do ecology  by Richard Karban

How to do ecology

Richard Karban

"The essential insider's guide for ecologists at all career stages - now completely updated and expanded. Most books and courses in ecology focus on facts and concepts but do little to explain the process of research. How to Do Ecology provides nuts-and-bolts...

Cronin's key guide to Australian rainforest plants  by Leonard Cronin

Cronin's key guide to Australian rainforest plants

Leonard Cronin

"This comprehensive guide to the rainforest flora of Australia is packed with information on more than 300 commonly observed species from rainforests around the continent. Each plant is beautifully illustrated and described in detail in clear, concise language...

The science of spin  by Roland Ennos

The science of spin

Roland Ennos

"Overlooked, under-explored and misunderstood - this is the story of spin, the force which, quite literally, makes the world go round. In this comprehensive and wide-ranging book, Roland Ennos examines the seemingly infinite ways spin affects our lives, from...

Great rivers  by Geordie Torr

Great rivers

Geordie Torr

"From the majestic waters of the Nile to the mighty Yellow and Yangtze rivers to the grand Mississippi to the immense Amazon river, the great rivers of the world have captured the human imagination and shaped our history. In this fascinating guide, Geordie...

Deep listening to nature  by Andrew Skeoch

Deep listening to nature

Andrew Skeoch

"Deep Listening to Nature is an invitation to open our ears to the natural world. Beginning by tuning in to the sounds of creatures around us, Andrew discusses how to identify species by call, interpret their communications and find empathy for their...

The book of killer plants  by Kit (Botany professor) Carlson

The book of killer plants

Kit (Botany professor) Carlson

"This illustrated compendium puts a spotlight on 100 of Mother Nature's most lethal creations, from those that can harm wild animals to the those that can kill humans. Every entry in this beautiful but practical guide features important facts about the...

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