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Death's end  by Cixin Liu

Death's end

Cixin Liu

Half a century after the Doomsday Battle, the uneasy balance of Dark Forest Deterrence keeps the Trisolaran invaders at bay. Earth enjoys unprecedented prosperity due to the infusion of Trisolaran knowledge. With human science advancing and the Trisolarans...

Death stranding. 02  by Hitori Nojima

Death stranding. 02

Hitori Nojima

"Mysterious explosions have rocked the planet, setting off a series of supernatural phenomena known as the Death Stranding. Spectral creatures that devour the living have pushed humanity to the brink of extinction, causing countries to fall and survivors to...

Wild blue yonder  by Mark Morris

Wild blue yonder

Mark Morris

"A ship at the edge of space. A robot with a secret. A sinister presence... The Doctor and Donna are trapped on board a mysterious spacecraft. Fate of the crew - unknown. Fate of the universe if what's on board gets out - terminal."--Publisher.

The best of all possible worlds  by Karen Lord

The best of all possible worlds

Karen Lord

"A proud and reserved alien society finds its homeland destroyed in an unprovoked act of aggression, and the survivors have no choice but to reach out to the indigenous humanoids of their adopted world, to whom they are distantly related. They wish to preserve...

The other valley  by Scott Alexander Howard

The other valley

Scott Alexander Howard

"Set in an unnamed valley - surrounded by other valleys, each twenty years apart in time - a masterful, moving literary speculative novel in which the Conseil determines if a bereaved resident can cross the border to the past or the future on a 'mourning...

Exit black  by Joe Pitkin

Exit black

Joe Pitkin

"Imperium is the most expensive structure ever created. Once an orbiting laboratory, it is now a space hotel for the fantastically wealthy. But as the station preps for its first group of space tourists, Dr. Chloe Bonilla, Imperium's resident biophysicist,...

Where'd you park your spaceship?  by Rob Bell

Where'd you park your spaceship?

Rob Bell

""Heen Gru-Bares has been SERIES 5 for most of his adult life, traveling from planet to planet collecting data and filing reports for the CHAIRS who run the universe. And then he lands on the planet Firdus for his next assignment and he meets Borns and Lan...

United we stand

United we stand

"The world was brought to its knees by the zombie virus. But humanity has risen from the ashes and has begun to rebuild. Courageous men and women have kindled a fire of hope in the darkness. But mere survival is not enough. The real challenge is how to keep...

Noumenon  by Marina J. Lostetter


Marina J. Lostetter

"In 2088, humankind is at last ready to explore beyond Earth's solar system. But one uncertainty remains: Where do we go? Astrophysicist Reggie Straifer has an idea. He's discovered an anomalous star that appears to defy the laws of physics, and proposes the...

These fragile graces, this fugitive heart  by Izzy Wasserstein

These fragile graces, this fugitive heart

Izzy Wasserstein

"When her ex-girlfriend Kay is murdered and everyone in her old commune is a suspect, Dora, while investigating, discovers Kay's death is one of several terrible incidents and is drawn into a twisted conspiracy while trying to stop a potential war between two...

Ghazghkull Thraka  by Nate Crowley

Ghazghkull Thraka

Nate Crowley

"Ghazghkull Thraka, the Beast of Armageddon, is one of the greatest threats to the Imperium. For the first time, read his full story... as told to the Inquisition by his faithful banner bearer Makari. Of the billions of greenskins who swarm the galaxy, only...

Ladyhoppers  by Sarah Thérèse Pelletier


Sarah Thérèse Pelletier

"Sometimes to save the world, you've got to punch a few dragons... When the planet is being eaten by interdimensional parasites who literally tear holes in reality, what do you do? If you're Charlie Chase, you dive headfirst into an interdimensional adventure....

The giggle  by James Goss

The giggle

James Goss

" A sinister toyshop. The Earth erupting in violence. Shockwaves travelling through history. With old friends powerless to help, the Doctor is drawn into a deadly duel against an old nemesis who can bend reality to his will - and change the Doctor's future for...

The descent  by Paul E. Hardisty

The descent

Paul E. Hardisty

"Kweku Ashworth is a child of the cataclysm, born on a sailboat to parents fleeing the devastation in search for a refuge in the Southern Ocean. Growing up in a world forever changed, his only connection to the events that set the world on its course to...

Tomorrow's children  by Daniel Polansky

Tomorrow's children

Daniel Polansky

"Tomorrow, the funk descends on Manhattan, a noxious cloud which separates the island from the rest of the world and mutates the population. Some generations on, the surviving population exists amid the rubble of modernity, wearing our cast-off clothing,...

House of gold  by C. T. Rwizi

House of gold

C. T. Rwizi

"A corporate aristocracy descended from Africa rules a colony on a distant planet. Life here is easy - for the rarified and privileged few. The aristocrats enjoy a powerful cybernetic technology that extends their life spans and ensures their prosperity. Those...

Orphans of Canland  by Daniel Vitale

Orphans of Canland

Daniel Vitale

"It's 2088, and the dust has settled on America, decades after an environmental collapse. The eco-totalitarian organization, WORLD, has reconfigured society with the intention of restoring nature. Twelve-year-old eternal optimist Tristan Weekes lives in what...

Shores of a new horizon  by M. Darusha Wehm

Shores of a new horizon

M. Darusha Wehm

"On Mars, terraforming progression leaves citizens dreaming of a transformed planet. However, when a contaminated ice asteroid puts water supplies in peril, the dream quickly shatters. When Professor Zambrotta 'Zammi' Kaspar is tasked to investigate a fatal...

Black sails to sunward  by Sheila Jenné

Black sails to sunward

Sheila Jenné

"In a world of frock coats, solar sails, and rigid class boundaries, Lucy joins the Martian Imperial Navy as a midshipman. Mars and Earth are at war, and Lucy hopes for quick promotion. But when she arrives aboard ship, she finds her childhood ex-friend,...

Moon of the turning leaves  by Waubgeshig Rice

Moon of the turning leaves

Waubgeshig Rice

"For the past twelve years, a community of Anishinaabe people have made the Northern Ontario bush their home in the wake of the power failure that brought about societal collapse. Since then they have survived and thrived the way their ancestors once did, but...

Vangie's ghosts  by Paul Di Filippo

Vangie's ghosts

Paul Di Filippo

"Evangeline, or 'Vangie' for short, is under the cruel domination of uncaring step-parents. Suspected of being autistic, Vangie's lack of affect is actually a result of being able to see deep into the multiverse. She is bewildered by the sensory input from a...

An angel called Peterbilt

An angel called Peterbilt

"Michael and Melanie Anderle are hauling a tanker full of oil with their Peterbilt eighteen-wheeler when they're struck by a temporal irregularity that sends them, the truck, and their daughter back in time a thousand years. The bubble that transports them...

Plastic  by Scott Guild


Scott Guild

"Erin is a plastic girl living in a plastic world. Every day she eats a breakfast of boiled chicken, then coveys her articulated body to Tablet Town, where she sells other figurines Smartbodies: wearable tech that allows full, physical immersion in a virtual...

Simul  by Andrew Caldecott


Andrew Caldecott

"'Remember Simul' - the last words of a dying man, and the key to mankind's survival. Words which take Morag, Fogg and their friends on a wild ride through caverns and over mountains, into old paintings, to a university unlike any other and up the lethal Tower...

Star wars. Episode I  by Terry Brooks

Star wars. Episode I

Terry Brooks

"Two Jedi peace ambassadors, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn, are sent to investigate the Trade Federation blockade of Naboo and later meet Anakin Skywalker, a young slave living on Tatooine, whom they believe to be a good candidate for Jedi...

Fledgling  by Sharon Lee


Sharon Lee

"Theo Waitley has lived all her young life on Delgado, a Safe World that is home to one of the galaxy's premier institutions of higher learning. Both Theo's mother, Kamele, and Kamele's onagrata Jen Sar Kiladi, are professors at the university, and they all...

Awakened horror  by Quill Holland

Awakened horror

Quill Holland

"Actions have consequences. Could you live with yours? Although the Republic has rebuilt itself, Raith continues to struggle with the aftermath of the actions that thwarted the Empire - were his choices to defeat them justified? As he focuses on building a...

Rendezvous with Corsair  by Jack (Naval officer) Campbell

Rendezvous with Corsair

Jack (Naval officer) Campbell

"The Lost Fleet sci-fi adventure series has transported legions of fans out of this world and into the heat of battle. Now, readers will discover how it all began - not only for John 'Black Jack' Geary and his descendant Commander Michael Geary, but for those...

Sleeper straddle

Sleeper straddle

"An alien virus ravages the world, with effects as random as a hand of cards. Those infected either draw the black queen and die, draw an ace and receive superpowers, or draw the joker and are bizarrely mutated. Croyd Crenson is the Wild Card's greatest...

The necessary beggar  by Susan Palwick

The necessary beggar

Susan Palwick

"Lémabantunk, the Glorious City, is a place of peace and plenty. But it is also a land of swift and severe justice. Young Darroti has been accused of the murder of a highborn woman who had chosen the life of a Mendicant, a holy beggar whose blessing brings...

The renegade Akseli Cyborg  by Dianne Duvall

The renegade Akseli Cyborg

Dianne Duvall

"Too many years of hunting psychotic vampires night after night have left Rachel with a desperate need for change. So when the opportunity to travel across the galaxy aboard a Lasaran warship to a utopian planet arises, the powerful Immortal Guardian jumps at...

The Ross 248 Project

The Ross 248 Project

"Traveling to the stars will be difficult, but not, perhaps, the most difficult part. What about when we get to another star? What then? Will the planets be immediately habitable? Not likely. Will those who undertook the journey be able to easily turn around...

The imposition of unnecessary obstacles  by Malka Older

The imposition of unnecessary obstacles

Malka Older

"When 17 students and staff members disappear from Valdegeld University, Investigator Mossa once again needs Pleiti's insight, but Pleiti finds this new case threatening to further destabilize her dreams for humanity's future as well as her own."--

The blueprint  by Rae Giana Rashad

The blueprint

Rae Giana Rashad

"Solenne Bonet is DoS - a Descendant of Slave - and has always known that her destiny would be in the service of men. At school, it is what she has been trained for, waiting for an algorithm to assign her to a white man, one of the thousands who sign up to be...

Proxy  by Gary Gibson


Gary Gibson

"When the ex-wife of private detective Ray Thomas' sworn enemy hires him to find her daughter, he soon learns there's more to the illegal implant technology known as Proxy than body-swapping. Proxy dealer Elijah wants to know who's trying to kill him, and how...

The church on Ruby Road  by Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson

The church on Ruby Road

Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson

"Chance. Misfortune. Coincidence. These are the weapons of choice for the Doctor's latest enemies. And those enemies are very, very hungry... For Ruby Sunday, this Christmas Eve is a birthday she'll never forget. It's the day she joins the Doctor onboard a...

Blood music  by Greg Bear

Blood music

Greg Bear

"Experimenting with biochips, Vergil Ulam creates instead a microscopic intelligence that mutates. Vergil injects himself with the disease culture to smuggle it out of the country. That is how the end of the world begins."--Publisher.

House of suns  by Alastair Reynolds

House of suns

Alastair Reynolds

"Six million years ago, at the dawn of the star-faring era, Abigail Gentian fractured herself into a thousand male and female clones, which she called shatterlings. She sent them out into the galaxy to observe and document the rise and fall of countless human...

Behind the throne  by K. B. Wagers

Behind the throne

K. B. Wagers

"Quick, sarcastic, and lethal, Hail Bristol does not suffer fools gladly. She has made a name for herself in the galaxy for everything except what she was born to do: rule the Indranan Empire. That is, until two Trackers drag her back to her home planet to...



"The Titans and Knights of the Adeptus Titanicus are towering war engines, each an effigy of the Omnissiah bristling with weaponry enough to lay armies to waste. For ten thousand years these behemoths have stood and fought in service of the Emperor, unleashing...

The Lion  by Mike Brooks

The Lion

Mike Brooks

"After ten thousand years of dreaming, locked in stasis at the heart of his shattered home world, Lion El'Jonson wakes to the nightmare of Imperium Nihilus. In this midnight age, the dying embers of humanity are threatened on all sides by the hungry darkness....

Sunset, Water City  by Chris McKinney

Sunset, Water City

Chris McKinney

"Year 2160: It's been ten years since the cataclysmic events of Eventide, Water City, where 99.97 percent of the human population was possessed or obliterated by Akira Kimura, Water City's renowned scientist and Earth's former savior. Our nameless antihero, a...

Vurt  by Jeff Noon


Jeff Noon

"Scribble and his gang, the Stash Riders, haunt the streets of an alternate Manchester, chasing the immersive highs that come from Vurt Feathers. Place a feather in your mouth and it takes you to the Vurt- another place, a trip, a shared reality of all our...

A quantum love story  by Mike Chen

A quantum love story

Mike Chen

"Grieving her best friend's recent death, neuroscientist Mariana Pineda's ready to give up everything to start anew. Even her career - after one last week consulting at a top secret particle accelerator. Except the strangest thing happens: a man stops her, and...

Chapterhouse: Dune  by Frank Herbert

Chapterhouse: Dune

Frank Herbert

"Fifteen thousand years after Leto II's death, the remnants of the Bene Gesserit contend with the ruthless leaders of an alien culture to forge a new civilization and preserve the best of the Old Empire."--Publisher.

Three eight one  by Aliya Whiteley

Three eight one

Aliya Whiteley

"In January 2314, Rowena Savalas - a curator of the vast archive of the twenty-first century's primitive internet - stumbles upon a story posted in the summer of 2024. She's quickly drawn into the mystery of the text: Is it autobiography, fantasy or fraud?...

Warboss  by Mike Brooks


Mike Brooks

With only one bastion still standing on the once unconquerable fortress world of Aranua, Warboss Gazrot Goresnappa should be basking in the light of impending victory. Instead, he lies 'proppa dead' beneath a decapitated Gargant's head. The biggest and baddest...

The future  by Catherine Leroux

The future

Catherine Leroux

"A woman seeking justice in an imagined Detroit discovers resilience and resistance where she least expects they will be found. Looking for answers, and her missing granddaughters, Gloria moves into the house where her daughter was murdered. A stranger in a...

Stations of the tide  by Michael Swanwick

Stations of the tide

Michael Swanwick

"The 'Jubilee Tides' will drown the continents of the planet Miranda beneath the weight of her own oceans. But as the once-in-two-centuries cataclysm approaches, an even greater catastrophe threatens this dark and dangerous planet of tale-spinners, conjurers,...

Kinning  by Nisi Shawl


Nisi Shawl

"Traveling the world via aircanoe, siblings Tink and Bee-Lung spread spores of a mysterious empathy-generating fungus to build bonds between people, while Everfair's Princess Mwadi and Prince Ilunga are unwittingly manipulated by their mother who pits Europe's...

Exordia  by Seth Dickinson


Seth Dickinson

"Anna Sinjari - refugee, survivor of genocide, disaffected office worker - has a close encounter that reveals universe-threatening stakes. Enter Ssrin, a many-headed serpent alien who is on the run from her own past. Ssrin and Anna are inexorably, dangerously...

Womb city  by Tlotlo Tsamaase

Womb city

Tlotlo Tsamaase

"Nelah seems to have it all: fame, wealth, and a long-awaited daughter growing in a government lab. But, trapped in a loveless marriage to a policeman who uses a microchip to monitor her every move, Nelah's perfect life is precarious. After a drug-fueled...

Beautyland  by Marie-Helene Bertino


Marie-Helene Bertino

"At the moment when Voyager 1 is launched into space carrying its famous golden record, a baby of unusual perception is born to a single mother in Philadelphia. Adina Giorno is tiny and jaundiced, but reaches for warmth and light. As a child, she recognizes...

Ecko burning  by Danie Ware

Ecko burning

Danie Ware

Ruthless and ambitious, Lord Phylos has control of Fhaveon city, and is using her forces to bring the grasslands under his command. His last opponent is an elderly scribe who's lost his best freind and wants only to do the right thing. Seeking weapons, Ecko...

Pilgrims of fire  by Justin D. Hill

Pilgrims of fire

Justin D. Hill

"Of all the devout warriors in the Adepta Sororitas, none are as renowned or battle-hungry as those of the Order of Our Martyred Lady. Yet while others seek glory in their own martyrdom, Sister Helewise is determined to stay alive so that her death might serve...

The principle of moments  by Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson

The principle of moments

Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson

"6066: In Emperor Thracin's brave new galaxy, humans are not citizens but indentured labourers, working to repay the debt they unwittingly incurred when they settled on Gahraan - a desert planet already owned by the emperor himself. Asha Akindele knows she's...

The tusks of extinction  by Ray Nayler

The tusks of extinction

Ray Nayler

"When you bring back a long-extinct species, there's more to success than the DNA. Moscow has resurrected the mammoth. But someone must teach them how to be mammoths, or they are doomed to die out, again. The late Dr. Damira Khismatullina, the world's foremost...

House Harkonnen  by Brian Herbert

House Harkonnen

Brian Herbert

"Duke Leto Atreides is now the skilful and much-loved ruler of Caladan, served by loyal Duncan Idaho. To his court come Gurney Halleck, despised slave of the Harkonnens-- and Jessica, the exquisite, perfectly trained concubine chosen by the Reverend Mothers of...

The battle of Corrin  by Brian Herbert

The battle of Corrin

Brian Herbert

"It has been fifty-six hard years since the events of The Machine Crusade. Following the death of Serena Butler, the bloodiest decades of the Jihad take place. Synchronized Worlds and Unallied Planets are liberated one by one, and at long last, after years of...

House Corrino  by Brian Herbert

House Corrino

Brian Herbert

"The blood feud between Duke Leto of Caladon and Baron Vladimir Harkonnen reaches its climax, as the emperor Shaddam - leader of House Corrino - is finally forced to curb the powerful Harkonnens or risk losing his own throne. Menawhile, Duke Leto's beautiful...

There's something wrong with the cats  by C. J. Powell

There's something wrong with the cats

C. J. Powell

"Curiosity didn't kill the cat. It mutated it into a vigilante crime fighter. Dan's cats are acting weird. One has grown into a strength powerhouse, the other wants to communicate-- verbally. And now other kitties have begun to go missing from his quiet...

Dreamfall  by Joan D. Vinge


Joan D. Vinge

"Cat, the halfbreed telepath hero of 'Catspaw and Psion', joins a research team on Refuge, home-world of his mother's people, the Hydrans. Immediately, he finds trouble when he helps a Hydran woman escape human pursuers. The decimated Hydran population of...

Catspaw  by Joan D. Vinge


Joan D. Vinge

"Cat, a telepathic half-human, half-alien orphan and future punk, is kidnapped, taken to Earth, and forced to protect those he hates most, the taMings, until he discovers that he is not a bodyguard, he is the bait."--Publisher.

Psion  by Joan D. Vinge


Joan D. Vinge

"Cat is the ultimate future punk. He uses his psionic talent to evade the labor gangs and securtiy police. But now he is swept into the midst of an interstellar power struggle. Both sides want to use his mind as a weapon. Cat owes no loyalty to anyone--but...

Dark matter  by Blake Crouch

Dark matter

Blake Crouch

"Are you happy in your life? Those are the last words Jason Dessen hears before the masked abductor knocks him unconscious. Before he awakes to find himself strapped to a gurney, surrounded by strangers in hazmat suits. Before the man he's never met smiles...

The windup girl  by Paolo Bacigalupi

The windup girl

Paolo Bacigalupi

"Anderson Lake is a company man, AgriGen's calorie representative in Thailand. Under cover as a factory manager, he combs Bangkok's street markets in search of foodstuffs long thought to be extinct. There he meets the windup girl - the beautiful and enigmatic...

The parable of the talents  by Octavia E. Butler

The parable of the talents

Octavia E. Butler

"Celebrates the themes of alienation and transcendence, violence and spirituality, slavery and freedom, separation and community, to astonishing effect, in the shockingly familiar, broken world of 2032. This is the continuation of the travails of Lauren...

Mind of my mind  by Octavia E. Butler

Mind of my mind

Octavia E. Butler

"The Patternmaster is all powerful. His every thought can control, heal or destroy. The only threat to his command are the Clayarks, a society of people born out of terrible disease, who now live enslaved by the ruling Patternists or in the wild. Coransee, son...

Wild seed  by Octavia E. Butler

Wild seed

Octavia E. Butler

A Patternist Novel: a story of love and hate, in which two immortals chase each other across continents and centuries, binding their fates together - and changing the destiny of the human race. Doro knows no higher authority than himself. An ancient spirit...

Fledgling  by Octavia E. Butler


Octavia E. Butler

"Shori is a young amnesiac girl whose needs and abilities lead her to a shocking discovery: she is in fact a 53-year-old vampire, genetically modified to survive daylight. The sole survivor of a horrific slaughter, Shori must now struggle to rebuild her family...

Command decision  by Elizabeth Moon

Command decision

Elizabeth Moon

"Kylara had to leave a bright future as a military cadet, and was thrown into the brutal world of off-world trading. This subsequent career in the family business was tough: marked by war, mutiny and attempted assassination. But then her home was attacked and...

Past crimes  by Jason Pinter

Past crimes

Jason Pinter

"Welcome to Earth+. The year is 2037, and nearly all human interactions have migrated to the virtual world. Now, true crime fans don't just listen to podcasts or watch documentaries - they participate in hyper-realistic simulations and hunt for clues to solve...

Rebel moon. Part one, A child of fire  by V. Castro

Rebel moon. Part one, A child of fire

V. Castro

"When a peaceful settlement on a moon in the furthest reaches of the universe finds itself threatened by the armies of the tyrannical Regent Balisarius, a mysterious stranger named Kora becomes their best hope for survival."--Publisher.

Thirteen ways to kill Lulabelle Rock  by Maud Woolf

Thirteen ways to kill Lulabelle Rock

Maud Woolf

"Her purpose is to track down and eliminate her predecessors. Simple, right? In the glitz and glamour of Bubble City even a washed-up film star simply has too much to do, too many places to be. Thank heavens for clones. Lulabelle Rock has twelve, doing the...

Revenge  by Dani Hoots


Dani Hoots

"It has been three years since Elvira "Ellie" Ryder was betrayed by her ex-boyfriend Cor, which caused the destruction of her people by invaders from a different Zone. Now she will do anything to find him and make him pay. Ellie has found someone who knows...

Pines  by Blake Crouch


Blake Crouch

"Secret Service agent Ethan Burke arrives in Wayward Pines, Idaho, with a mission: locate two federal agents who went missing in the bucolic town one month earlier. But within minutes of his arrival, Ethan is involved in a violent accident. He comes to in a...

Artificial condition  by Martha Wells

Artificial condition

Martha Wells

"It has a dark past - one in which a number of humans were killed. A past that caused it to christen itself Murderbot. But it has only vague memories of the massacre that spawned that title, and it wants to know more. Teaming up with a research transport...

Down these mean streets

Down these mean streets

"Humans have always been fascinated by darkness. Especially the darkness of a city at night, when the black sky is made ever more inky by the pools of illumination dropped under streetlights. We harken to the sound of streetcars in the distance. We are drawn...

Reaching Angelica  by Peter Riva

Reaching Angelica

Peter Riva

"Life has changed for computer wrangler Simon Bank when he awakens from a hundred-year coma. To start, he's on board a massive spaceship on a mission to colonize Alpha Centauri B. The crew includes his former adversary Cramer, a computer entity named Ra (now...

The path  by Peter Riva

The path

Peter Riva

"Simon Bank lives in a future where just about everything in America is run by the System - the food supply, the weather, national security, and more. Everyone is free from want. Individuals can control where they live and where they go to school. They can...

The coral bones  by E. J. (Emma J.) Swift

The coral bones

E. J. (Emma J.) Swift

"Three women: divided by time, connected by the ocean. Marine biologist Hana Ishikawa is racing against time to save the coral of the Great Barrier Reef, but struggles to fight for a future in a world where so much has already been lost. Seventeen-year-old...

The last town  by Blake Crouch

The last town

Blake Crouch

"Welcome to Wayward Pines, the last town. Secret Service agent Ethan Burke arrived in Wayward Pines, Idaho, three weeks ago. In this town, people are told who to marry, where to live, where to work. No one is allowed to leave; even asking questions can get you...

Wayward  by Blake Crouch


Blake Crouch

"Nestled amid picture-perfect mountains, the idyllic town of Wayward Pines is a modern-day Eden - at least at first glance. Except that within its fences, the residents are told where to work, how to live, and who to marry. None of them know how they got here....

Speed of dark  by Elizabeth Moon

Speed of dark

Elizabeth Moon

"In the near future, disease will be a condition of the past. Most genetic defects will be removed at birth; the remaining during infancy. Lou Arrendale, a high-functioning autistic adult, is a member of the lost generation, born at the wrong time to reap the...

Patternmaster  by Octavia E. Butler


Octavia E. Butler

"The Patternmaster is all powerful. His every thought can control, heal or destroy. The only threat to his command are the Clayarks, a society of people born out of terrible disease, who now live enslaved by the ruling Patternists or in the wild. Coransee, son...

The Wolfe at the door  by Gene Wolfe

The Wolfe at the door

Gene Wolfe

"Welcome to Gene Wolfe's playground, a place where genres blend and a genius's imagination straps you in for the ride of your life. The Wolfe at the Door is a brand new collection from one of America's premiere literary giants, showcasing some material been...

Victory conditions  by Elizabeth Moon

Victory conditions

Elizabeth Moon

"A vast and hostile force is attacking prosperous trade centres, destroying their space fleets then moving on, leaving death and chaos in their wake. Admiral Ky Vatta's family was decimated by one such attack and Turek, the pirate force's leader, will not...

Telluria  by Vladimir Sorokin


Vladimir Sorokin

"Telluria is set in the future, when a devastating holy war between Europe and Islam has succeeded in returning the world to the torpor and disorganization of the Middle Ages. Europe, China, and Russia have all broken up. The people of the world now live in an...

The glass box  by J. Michael Straczynski

The glass box

J. Michael Straczynski

"Riley Diaz was born to fight back. When she's incarcerated under the authority of a shadowy new defense act, Riley is sent to one of a growing number of American Renewal Centers (ARCs) - institutions modeled after psychiatric facilities - for mandatory...

Scorpio  by Marko Kloos


Marko Kloos

"It's been eight years since an alien invasion drove a small surviving group of settlers to seek refuge in an underground shelter. Cut off from the rest of humanity, the ragtag band has maintained a narrowly functioning colony due to communal effort and...

The rift  by Seth C. Adams

The rift

Seth C. Adams

"Joe Jimenez, grieving father and estranged husband, on the eve of the anniversary of his son's death is on the brink of complete despair when he witnesses the arrival of a strange atmospheric anomaly. The rift - a curious tear in the very air of his backyard...

The long fall up  by William Ledbetter

The long fall up

William Ledbetter

"From bestselling Nebula-Award winning William Ledbetter comes a groundbreaking collection of science fiction short stories that will bend your heart like a black hole. From AI to robot medics to life on Mars, Ledbetter takes real tech, blends it with hard...

The reinvented detective

The reinvented detective

"The evolution of crime, punishment, and justice in the future. What happens when time and technology change the definition of crime and punishment? Science fiction often focuses on future technology without considering the society housing it. Social norms may...

The reinvented heart

The reinvented heart

"What happens when emotions like love and friendship span vast distances - in space, in time, and in the heart? Science fiction often focuses on future technology and science without considering the ways social structures will change as tech changes - or not....

The cybernetic tea shop  by Meredith Katz

The cybernetic tea shop

Meredith Katz

"Clara Gutierrez is a highly-skilled technician specializing in the popular 'Raise' AI companions. Her childhood in a migrant worker family has left her uncomfortable with lingering in any one place, so she sticks around just long enough to replenish her funds...

Leviathan  by Darius Hinks


Darius Hinks

"The fortress world of Regium has a proud history, For millennia, it has endured when others have fallen to ruin and damnation, standing defiant in defence of the Imperium of Man. But now it is shaken. Parasitic plagues run rampant, and Regium's citizens are...

Chaos terminal  by Mur Lafferty

Chaos terminal

Mur Lafferty

"Mallory Viridian would rather not be an amateur detective, thank you very much. But no matter what she does, people persist in dying around her-and only she seems to be able to solve the crime. After fleeing to an alien space station in hopes that the lack of...

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