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Once upon a broken heart  by Stephanie Garber

Once upon a broken heart

Stephanie Garber

"For as long as she can remember, Evangeline Fox has believed in happily ever after. Until she learns that the love of her life is about to marry another, and her dreams are shattered. Desperate to stop the wedding, and heal her wounded heart, Evangeline...

The lightstruck  by Sunya Mara

The lightstruck

Sunya Mara

"Vesper Vale sacrificed everything to save her city from the cursed storm. After becoming a vessel of The Great Queen, Vesper awakes from a slumber three years after her life altering choice. What she finds isn't a home freed from the terror of the storm, but...

Fate of the Argosi  by Sebastien De Castell

Fate of the Argosi

Sebastien De Castell

"While liberating a notorious thief from prison, Ferius Parfax encounters an inmate named Chedran, one of the last living members of her people, the Mahdek. Chedran is leading a group of young Mahdek who are determined to make a future for their people and...

All the fighting parts  by Hannah V. Sawyerr

All the fighting parts

Hannah V. Sawyerr

"Sixteen-year-old Amina Conteh has always believed in using her words as her weapon--even when it gets her into trouble. After cursing at a classmate, her father forces her to volunteer at their church with Pastor Johnson. But Pastor Johnson isn't the holy man...

Curious tides  by Pascale Lacelle

Curious tides

Pascale Lacelle

"Welcome to the prestigious Aldryn College for Lunar Magic... After a treacherous night at the Dovermere sea caves leaves her with a strange, dark magic, Emory is desperate to uncover the truth behind the drownings that led death of her best friend Romie and...

Sleepless in Dubai  by Sajni Patel

Sleepless in Dubai

Sajni Patel

"In this hate-to-love teen rom-com, Nikki, an aspiring photographer, accompanies her family on a trip to Dubai to celebrate the five days of Diwali in style. It would be the trip of a lifetime, if Yash, the boy next door--with whom Nikki has a rocky...

All in  by Jennifer (Jennifer Lynn) Barnes

All in

Jennifer (Jennifer Lynn) Barnes

"Three casinos. Three bodies. Three days. After a string of brutal murders in Las Vegas, Cassie Hobbes and the Naturals are called in to investigate. But even with the team's unique profiling talents, these murders seem baffling: unlike many serial killers,...

How to be found  by Emily Pohl-Weary

How to be found

Emily Pohl-Weary

"A young adult novel about inner-city teens who live on a razor's edge and understand that chosen family is just as important as blood. Michie and her best friend Trissa grew up like sisters in a ramshackle duplex owned by their single moms. But now that...

A hundred vicious turns  by Lee Paige O'Brien

A hundred vicious turns

Lee Paige O'Brien

"Rat Evans, heir to one of the oldest magical bloodlines in New York, doesn't cast spells anymore. For as long as Rat can remember, they've been surrounded by doorways no one else sees and corridors that aren't on any map. Then one day, they opened a passage...

Revelations  by Bella Higgin


Bella Higgin

"Ever since Renie Mayfield survived the merciless attack on Belle Morte that killed donors and vampires alike, she is forever changed. Now a vampire, the agonising transformation of her body and mind is rivaled only by uncovering the horrific truth about her...

It's not like it's a secret  by Misa Sugiura

It's not like it's a secret

Misa Sugiura

"Sixteen-year-old Sana Kiyohara has too many secrets. Some are small, like how it bothers her when her friends don't invite her to parties. Some are big, like that fact that her father may be having an affair. And then there's the one that she can barely even...

To carve a fae heart  by Tessonja Odette

To carve a fae heart

Tessonja Odette

"Every young woman dreams of marrying a king. Everyone except for me. Because the king I am to wed has razor sharp fangs and a thirst for blood. All my life I knew I’d come of age during the Hundred Year Reaping. According to the ridiculous treaty, two human...

The Naturals  by Jennifer (Jennifer Lynn) Barnes

The Naturals

Jennifer (Jennifer Lynn) Barnes

"Seventeen-year-old Cassie is a natural at reading people. Piecing together the tiniest details, she can tell you who you are and what you want. But, it's not a skill that she's ever taken seriously. That is, until the FBI come knocking: they've begun a...

Found  by Harlan Coben


Harlan Coben

"It's been eight months since Mickey Bolitar witnessed the death of his father. Eight months of lies, dark secrets, and unanswered questions. Mickey's sophomore year brings on its own set of troubles: Ema surprises with news that she has an online boyfriend,...

Love & gelato  by Jenna Evans Welch

Love & gelato

Jenna Evans Welch

"Lina is spending the summer in Tuscany, but she isn't in the mood for Italy's famous sunshine and fairy-tale landscape. She's only there because it was her mother's dying wish that she get to know her father. But what kind of father isn't around for sixteen...

Betting on you  by Lynn Painter

Betting on you

Lynn Painter

"The first time Bailey meets Charlie, he is the worst. While moving to Omaha after her parents' sudden divorce, Bailey finds herself trapped for ten hours with a cynical and obnoxiously opinionated stranger, the polar opposite of her careful, well-behaved,...

What happened on Hicks Road  by Hannah Jayne

What happened on Hicks Road

Hannah Jayne

"Lennox Oliver is loving her new life in California. For the first time, she feels normal. She has friends, and a maybe boyfriend and best of all no one knows the truth about her past and what happened to her mom. But everything changes the night after a party...

Wulf's war  by Joseph Delaney

Wulf's war

Joseph Delaney

"Wulf must face his greatest enemy yet - and this time, he's all alone. Wulf is at war - war against the Dark. As Pan's soldier and champion, it's his responsibility to fight for what is right. An early Winter has come to the County, threatening its people...

Powerless  by Lauren Roberts


Lauren Roberts

"Only the extraordinary belong in the kingdom of Ilya... The exceptional. The Elites. The Elites have possessed powers for decades, gifted to them by the Plague, while those born Ordinary are just that, banished from the kingdom and shunned from society. No...

Ryan and Avery  by David Levithan

Ryan and Avery

David Levithan

"When a blue-haired boy (Ryan) meets a pink-haired boy (Avery) at a dance--a queer prom--both feel an inexplicable but powerful connection. Follow them through their first ten dates as they bridge their initial shyness and fall in love--through snowstorms,...

Secret sparrow  by Jackie French

Secret sparrow

Jackie French

"In 1917 sixteen-year-old Jean McLain is working as a post-office assistant in England. But when she wins a national Morse code competition, the British army makes a request Jean cannot refuse - to take a secret position as a signaller in France. If Jean can...

Outer banks  by Jay Coles

Outer banks

Jay Coles

"It's summer in the OBX, and a big surfing competition is bringing pro-surfers from around the world to Kildare Island, along with plenty of tourons (tourist + morons). Meanwhile a storm has delivered massive waves, making for perfect-yet challenging-surfing...

Lovely war  by Julie Berry

Lovely war

Julie Berry

"In the perilous days of World Wars I and II, the gods hold the fates-- and the hearts-- of four mortals in their hands. They are Hazel, James, Aubrey, and Colette. A classical pianist from London, a British would-be architect-turned-soldier, a Harlem-born...

Like the wind  by J. L. (Janine L.) Williams

Like the wind

J. L. (Janine L.) Williams

The giver  by Lois Lowry

The giver

Lois Lowry

"It is the future. There is no war, no hunger, no pain. No one in the community wants for anything. Everything needed is provided. And at twelve years old, each member of the community has their profession carefully chosen for them by the Committee of Elders....

Suddenly a murder  by Lauren Muñoz

Suddenly a murder

Lauren Muñoz

"Eighteen-year-old Izzy Morales and her six friends celebrate the end of high school with a 1920s themed getaway, but when one teen ends up murdered everyone becomes a suspect"--Publisher's description.

I feed her to the beast and the beast is me  by Jamison Shea

I feed her to the beast and the beast is me

Jamison Shea

"Laure Mesny is a perfectionist with an axe to grind. Despite being constantly overlooked in the elite and cutthroat world of the Parisian ballet, she will do anything to prove that a Black girl can take center stage. To level the playing field, Laure ventures...

I've been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level. 12  by Kisetsu Morita

I've been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level. 12

Kisetsu Morita

Since I see a ghost on a daily basis, I've never thought of it as anything special. But my daughters,on the other hand, have been making such a big fuss about my abilities that I'm starting to wonder if it really is a big deal... Anyways, lately I've been...

I'd rather burn than bloom  by Shannon C. F. Rogers

I'd rather burn than bloom

Shannon C. F. Rogers

"Some girls call their mother their best friend. Marisol Martin? She could never relate. She and her mom were forever locked in an argument with no beginning and no end. Clothes, church, boys -- no matter the topic, Marisol always felt like there was an...

How (not) to date a pop star  by Jada Trainor

How (not) to date a pop star

Jada Trainor

"Aaliyah Preston and Tyler Moore were best friends growing up. Tyler played and wrote music, and Aaliyah brought that music to life through dance. They were convinced their lives would change forever after entering a TV talent show, but when Aliyah's mom ended...

Gloria Buenrostro is not my girlfriend  by Brandon Hoàng

Gloria Buenrostro is not my girlfriend

Brandon Hoàng

"Gary Võ is one of the few Vietnamese kids in his school. He's also shy, so being ignored and excluded by his classmates comes with the territory. Then the most popular guy in his grade offers Gary the opportunity to break into his inner circle: all he needs...

Wish of the wicked  by Danielle (Novelist) Paige

Wish of the wicked

Danielle (Novelist) Paige

"Everyone knows that a fairy godmother helped Cinderella get to the ball where she met the prince. No one knows that the fairy godmother's motives for helping Cinderella might not have been as charming as they seem. Until now ... For centuries, the enchanted...

The exiled  by Sarah (Sarah M.) Daniels

The exiled

Sarah (Sarah M.) Daniels

"Esther Crossland is a wanted criminal. Four months ago, she destroyed the cruise ship Arcadia in a desperate bid for freedom. Now its inhabitants are in exile on the edge of what used to be the United States - living in sprawling make-shift shelters. Esther...

Nightbane  by Alex Aster


Alex Aster

"Isla Crown has secured the love of two powerful rulers and broken the curses that plagued the six realms for centuries, but few know the true origins of her powers. Now, in the wake of a crushing betrayal, Isla finds herself hungry for distraction, preferring...

Thief's magic  by Trudi Canavan

Thief's magic

Trudi Canavan

In a world where an industrial revolution is powered by magic, Tyen, a student of archaeology, unearths a sentient book called Vella. Once a young sorcerer-bookbinder, Vella was transformed into a useful tool by one of the greatest sorcerers of history. Since...

The chase  by Bradley Caffee

The chase

Bradley Caffee

"The chaos and anarchy following the Great Collapse nearly brought the world to its knees until the unchanging Law brought order and peace. Generations later, the twelve alliances of the World Coalition come together once a year to allow their best and...

Wraithwood  by Alyssa Roat


Alyssa Roat

"An estranged uncle, a mysterious mansion, and Arthurian legend-together they lead to a world of magic and bloodthirsty wizards who want teenage Brinnie dead. Brynna "Brinnie" Lane has always lived a quiet life under the watchful eye of her hovering...

Eleanor & Park  by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park

Rainbow Rowell

"This is a sweet, moving novel about two misfits finding love in the most unexpected of places. Meet Eleanor. She's just moved to a new town, is struggling to make friends and is finding it even harder living under the same roof as her dysfunctional family....

Almost, Maine  by John Cariani

Almost, Maine

John Cariani

"Welcome to Almost, Maine, a town that's so far north, it's almost not in the United States--it's almost in Canada. And it almost doesn't exist, because its residents never got around to getting organized. So it's just ... Almost. One cold, clear Friday night...

The Immortal Games  by Annaliese Avery

The Immortal Games

Annaliese Avery

"Every Lunar Eclipse signifies the beginning of the Immortal Games: An epic set of games played by the Gods of Olympus, with randomly-selected humans as their Tokens. The stakes are high for the Gods who covet entertainment and glory above all else. For the...

Friendship never ends  by Alexandra Sheppard

Friendship never ends

Alexandra Sheppard

"When you're figuring it all out, there are some friendships that mean the most. Sunita, Dawn, May and Gifty have been best friends since primary school. They've spent every summer together since then, but now, in the summer before Year 10, they are about to...

In the ring  by Sierra Isley

In the ring

Sierra Isley

""Atlanta has a fight club. And I'm standing in the middle of it." When Rose's therapist recommends she join a boxing gym to cope with her anxiety, she finds herself sucked into an underground fight club and the charms of its ringleader. Will the fight world...

Out of the blue  by author Jason June

Out of the blue

author Jason June

"Crest if not excited to be on their Journey: the month-long sojourn on land all teen merfolk must undergo. The rules are simple: Help a human within one moon cycle and return to Pacifica to become an Elder, or fail and remain stuck on land forever. Crest is...

无可救药  by 西方经济学



慕晚:十八线咸鱼女艺人,长相明艳,身材出众,演技在线,却只想当个配角,赚点儿小钱。她拥有自己的小房子,享受自己独立的小日子。柳谦修:汤尔医院明星外科医生,隐藏身份柳氏集团家主,隐藏爱好读经修道。因家族关系复杂,与父兄形同水火,所以从未体会过家庭温暖的他,一直孤身生活。 命运,不,是猫让两个人相遇了。当慕晚遇见了柳谦修,她说:“我能不能去你家看看小猫……” 于是一场名义看猫,实则蹭饭,并惦记上了猫主人的“女明星逐爱记”开始上演……

摆渡人前传  by Claire McFall


Claire McFall

"初始,荒原是宁静的、安全的。它只属于摆渡人和他们的灵魂。在这里,你可以走得快一些,也可以走得慢一些;可以连夜赶路,也可以只在白天行走;可以开心畅谈,也可以沉默不语……在这片荒原里,灵魂不会有任何危险。直到一个怪物的出现。几乎没有人知道这个怪物从何而来,仿佛从天而降般搅得荒原不得安宁。灵魂被抓走,摆渡人被重伤,原本宁静安全的荒原生出了动荡和恐惧。神色怪异的审判官似乎知道些什么,但他们什么都没有说,只是在荒原的边界处设置了一道屏障,只允许灵魂穿过。以防万一,他们消除了摆渡人有关这部分的记忆,让他们以为荒原本就如此。一切进展得很顺利,除了摆渡人迪伦。迪伦的记忆格外顽强,无法消除。 于是,他们决定把迪伦送往人间…… 黑暗将至,灵魂能否逃脱被侵蚀的命运? 使命所在,摆渡人能否顺利把他们送达彼岸?"--Publisher's description.

The carver & the queen  by Emma C. Fox

The carver & the queen

Emma C. Fox

"In the age of Imperial Russia, deep in the Ural Mountains, two teenagers plot their escape from serfdom and dream of a destiny beyond their birth. Petr, a castoff orphan, longs to make a name for himself as a sculptor of malachite, the Ural's most treasured...

The bewitching hour  by Ashley Poston

The bewitching hour

Ashley Poston

"Tara Maclay isn't thrilled to be starting her senior year of high school in a new town. She misses her mom, her garden, her magic—and the way her dad treated her before her mom passed. But if Tara can just keep her head down, then maybe she can make it...

A curse for true love  by Stephanie Garber

A curse for true love

Stephanie Garber

"Blood will be shed, hearts will be stolen, and true love will be put to the test in A CURSE FOR TRUE LOVE, the breathtaking conclusion to Stephanie Garber's #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Once Upon A Broken Heart trilogy Two villains, one girl, and a deadly...

The fat man  by Maurice Gee

The fat man

Maurice Gee

In 1933, Herbert Muskie returns to his rundown hometown of Loomis, New Zealand, and uses a combination of cunning and psychological threats to take control of the lives of twelve-year-old Colin Potter and his family as part of a plan to get even for the...

Dark heir  by C. S. Pacat

Dark heir

C. S. Pacat

"The Dark King has risen. The Hall of the Stewards is in ruins. Only a handful of heroes remain to fight. Pursued by dark forces, Will and his allies must travel to the heart of the ancient world, forging new and dangerous ties, and revealing the shocking...

Foxglove  by Adalyn Grace


Adalyn Grace

"A duke has been murdered. The lord of Thorn Grove has been framed. And Fate, the elusive brother of Death, has taken up residence in a sumptuous estate nearby. He's hellbent on revenge after Death took the life of the woman he loved many years ago...and now...

相遇之时, 盛开之花  by 青海野灰

相遇之时, 盛开之花


"今天又做梦了。只有在那个梦里,我才能切实感受到,自己真的活在这个世界上。接受心脏移植手术的我,总是会梦见自己变成了一个女孩。我想这一定是捐赠者的记忆。那是一个活泼又开朗的女孩,我一瞬间就喜欢上了她。但这又注定是一场绝对无法成就的恋爱。 三年前到底发生了什么?为什么她会离开这个世界?我……想救她。"--Publisher's description.

A hunger of thorns  by Lili Wilkinson

A hunger of thorns

Lili Wilkinson

Maude is the daughter of witches. She spent her childhood running wild with her best friend, Odette, weaving stories of girls who slayed dragons and saved princes. Then Maude grew up and lost her magic - and her best friend. Storytelling is her only gift that...

Play  by Luke Palmer


Luke Palmer

"Four boys grow up together at school, itching to get out of their small town. They play games, scoring points from each other, anything to pass the time until they're free. Matthew slips into his imagination, Luc pushes his body to the limit, and Johnny ......

The Gray Wolf throne  by Cinda Williams Chima

The Gray Wolf throne

Cinda Williams Chima

"Thief-turned-wizard Han Alister joins forces with Raisa ana'Marianna, heir to the Queendom of the Fells, to defend her right to the Gray Wolf Throne"--Publisher's description.

Getting away with murder  by Kathryn Foxfield

Getting away with murder

Kathryn Foxfield

"When Saffron is forced to do work experience at a tech company, she gets into an argument with her supervisor over which high school stereotype would survive the longest in a horror film: the sports star? The queen bee? The swot? The drama girl? The class...

In your orbit  by Lise Villadsen

In your orbit

Lise Villadsen

"Growing up, Astrid's big sister Cecilie was her whole world. But when Cecilie's anxiety threatens to swallow her whole, their dynamic shifts. Now Astrid must be the big sister and put her own life on hold to be by Cecilie's side. With Astrid's days becoming...

Gorgeous gruesome faces  by Linda Cheng

Gorgeous gruesome faces

Linda Cheng

"A sapphic supernatural thriller set in the glittering, cut-throat world of K-pop rivalry when a disgraced idol comes face-to-face with the demons of her past when the competition she enters turns out to be a deadly trap. After a shocking career-ending...

Midnight at the Houdini  by Delilah S. Dawson

Midnight at the Houdini

Delilah S. Dawson

"Life has gone according to plan for Anna--she stays in the background, letting her sister, Emily, shine in the spotlight. But on Emily's wedding night, Anna learns that her sister is moving away, abandoning her--and all their shared dreams. Devastated, Anna...

House of ash and bone  by Joel A. Sutherland

House of ash and bone

Joel A. Sutherland

"YA Horror story about a family that inherits a house in Vermont full of shadows, whispers and the unshakable feeling of being watched. Seventeen-year-old Josephine Jagger discovers that the house is haunted by a shadowy woman with long hair, pale skin, an...

The den  by Keith Gray

The den

Keith Gray

"Marshall feels the need to escape because things are so tough at home. Rory is just happy it's the first day of the summer holidays.While out on their bikes they stumble across a long-forgotten underground bunker at the edge of the woods. This is the den, and...

In the ends  by Alex Wheatle

In the ends

Alex Wheatle

"Things have been quiet in South Crongton. It's been an age since anyone last spotted Manjaro, South Crong's most notorious warlord. But there have been murmurs that something is coming. Jonah is the fastest sprinter in South Crong, and has his sights set on...

Finding Audrey  by Sophie Kinsella

Finding Audrey

Sophie Kinsella

"Fourteen-year-old Audrey is making slow but steady progress dealing with her anxiety disorder when Linus comes into the picture and her recovery gains momentum. Meet Audrey: an ordinary teenage girl with not-so-ordinary problems. Aside from her completely...

Sweet skies  by Robin Scott-Elliott

Sweet skies

Robin Scott-Elliott

"Berlin, 1948. A city besieged. A boy reaches for the sky. Otto Hartmann would do anything to be a pilot. With Berlin blockaded by the Soviets, the Americans fly to the rescue and Otto's captivated by the matinee-idol pilots dropping chocolate for the city's...

After life  by Melissa De la Cruz

After life

Melissa De la Cruz

"After defeating Lucifer and sacrificing the love of her life, Jack, Schuyler wakes up back in New York safe and sound. Only it's not quite the New York she knows, and she's not in her regular body. She looks different and feels different and so does everyone...

After death  by Melissa De la Cruz

After death

Melissa De la Cruz

"After defeating Lucifer and saving the world, Schuyler Van Allen woke up in an entirely different reality and learned she had to do it all over again. Find the villain, take him down, save the world. But after losing her only allies, Jack Force--who ran off...

Every word a lie  by Sue Wallman

Every word a lie

Sue Wallman

"Two friends, Amy and Stan, plan revenge on their prankster friend Hollie by catfishing her as her crush. They only mean to do it for a day or two - but then Hollie ends up dead. As the catfish continues to strike others, Amy needs to find out: who is really...

An echo in the city  by K. X. Song

An echo in the city

K. X. Song

"Summer, 2019. Phoenix attends a protest rally with her older brother, and it ignites a fire in her she didn't know she had. The island city she loves is disappearing and she's determined to capture the moment on camera. That night she accidentally swaps...

Wise creatures  by Deirdre Sullivan

Wise creatures

Deirdre Sullivan

"I always thought that hauntings began with houses. They don't, of course. It's people, isn't it? They begin with people. If anyone knows what it is to be haunted, it's Daisy. The ghosts of her troubled past are ever present. Daisy has always done her best to...

There's no way I'd die first  by Lisa (Young adult author) Springer

There's no way I'd die first

Lisa (Young adult author) Springer

"Seventeen-year-old Noelle Layne knows horror. Every trope, every warning sign, every survival tactic. She even leads a successful movie club dedicated to the genre. Who better to throw the ultimate, most exclusive Halloween party on all of Long Island? With...

The spirit bares its teeth  by Andrew Joseph White

The spirit bares its teeth

Andrew Joseph White

"Set in an alternate Victorian England where mediums control the dead, sixteen-year-old autistic transgender boy Silas must expose a power-hungry secret society while confined to a cruel finishing school designed to turn him into the perfect wife"--Publisher's...

The grimoire of grave fates  by Preeti Chhibber

The grimoire of grave fates

Preeti Chhibber

"Told from more than a dozen alternating viewpoints, this spellbinding collection of stories follows eighteen students at the Galileo Academy for the Extraordinary as they each try to solve the murder of a professor, discovering that magic doesn't always play...

How to die famous  by Benjamin (Children's author) Dean

How to die famous

Benjamin (Children's author) Dean

"London-born Abel has landed the role of a lifetime for an upcoming blockbuster. On the face of it he’s Hollywood’s latest teen star, but below the surface he’s an undercover journalist on a mission to expose the ‘squeaky clean’ entertainment industry and the...

Catch a falling star  by Eileen (Haematologist) Merriman

Catch a falling star

Eileen (Haematologist) Merriman

"Prequel to Catch Me When You Fall...Francesca - known to everyone as Frankie - has scored the part of Princess Fiona in the forthcoming musical production. Even though Jamie Orange has missed out on the part of Shrek, he's happy: The day I found out I was a...

Flying and falling  by Lynda Tomalin

Flying and falling

Lynda Tomalin

"Hollie is learning to live with depression. She's working hard to put the darkest days behind her. She's got a job she loves, friends she cares about, and she's coping. In fact, she's doing pretty well. Then a mysterious - and gorgeous - new boy shows up at...

The crimson crown  by Cinda Williams Chima

The crimson crown

Cinda Williams Chima

"A thousand years ago, two young lovers were betrayed - Alger Waterlow to his death, and Hanalea, Queen of the Fells, to a life without love. Now, once again, the Queendom of the Fells seems likely to shatter apart. For young queen Raisa ana'Marianna,...

Sabotage  by Sherrilyn Kenyon


Sherrilyn Kenyon

"The world of the Dark-Hunters is unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's dark. It's gritty. It's dangerous... And it's a whole lot of unexpected action and snarky comebacks. My name is Cyprian Malachai and I should have never been born. I know it. My...

Realm of wonders  by Alexandra Monir

Realm of wonders

Alexandra Monir

"Jasmine thought that she had earned her happily ever after when she and Aladdin defeated Jafar. Then her beloved father dies and, overnight, all her plans for the future change. Instead of her wedding, she's now planning a funeral and a coronation--her...

Fortune Falls  by Lou Vane

Fortune Falls

Lou Vane

"A deadly virus. A group of students trapped in the mountains. Their survival depends on each other. Seventeen-year-old Jess Maddox leaves home excited and hopeful, certain the leadership camp she's about to join will change her life forever. And she's right....

Prince of thorns & nightmares  by Linsey Miller

Prince of thorns & nightmares

Linsey Miller

"Prince Phillip's known from a young age that his destiny has already been decided for him by his father, King Hubert. His job is to smile and wave for the crowd and ride off into the sunset with his predetermined fiancé, Princess Aurora, after her curse is...

Silence and shadow  by Erin Beaty

Silence and shadow

Erin Beaty

"After confronting a killer and fleeing to be with each other, Cat and Simon arrive in the sprawling city of Londunium. Cat is looking forward to honing her healing magick at the local Selanae university, but instead finds a council of ruthless leaders...

Zhara  by S. Jae-Jones


S. Jae-Jones

"Magic is forbidden throughout the Morning Realms. Magicians are called abomination, and blamed for the plague of monsters that razed the land twenty years before. Jin Zhara already had enough to worry about--appease her stepmother's cruel whims, looking after...

Children of the sun  by Harry Allen

Children of the sun

Harry Allen

"Ra Eun Seo and her two friends, Min and Nari, live in a destitute North Korean town. During a foraging expedition for food, they stumble upon a radio broadcasting music and news from South Korea, leaving them in awe. But possession of any material from the...

The library of broken worlds  by Alaya Dawn Johnson

The library of broken worlds

Alaya Dawn Johnson

"In the winding underground tunnels of the Library, the great celestial peacekeeper of the three systems, a terrible secret lies buried. The daughter of a Library god, Freida has spent her whole life exploring the Library's ever-changing tunnels and communing...

The woman who rides like a man  by Tamora Pierce

The woman who rides like a man

Tamora Pierce

"On her first tour as a knight errant, Alanna assumes a position of influence with a fierce desert tribe, makes some changes in the role of women in the society, and continues her own emotional development"--Publisher's description.

The soul survivor  by Chris Bradford

The soul survivor

Chris Bradford

"Genna has lost everything. Her home, her parents, and now her only safe sanctuary. Forced to flee Haven, she faces a difficult decision: hide and survive, or stand and fight? Determined not to let Tanas win, Genna embarks on a desperate quest across...

Fury of the seventh son  by Joseph Delaney

Fury of the seventh son

Joseph Delaney

""Thomas Ward faces his ultimate test as he and his master prepare to deal with the Fiend once and for all"--"--Publisher's description.

Chasing the stars  by Siobhan Curham

Chasing the stars

Siobhan Curham

"The Moonlight Dreamers have all gone their separate ways for their half term, each returning with a new dream for their future. Jazz has fallen for the handsome singer that's working with her music producer dad; glamorous Allegra has returned from Spain...

The Rosewood hunt  by Mackenzie Reed

The Rosewood hunt

Mackenzie Reed

"Lily Rosewood dreams of taking over her family's company one day. Her grandmother, Rosewood Inc.'s current chair, has always encouraged her, and Lily can't wait for Gram to teach her everything she needs to know to run the business. But then Gram dies...

The boy you always wanted  by Michelle Quach

The boy you always wanted

Michelle Quach

"The girl: Francine. Model teenager, dutiful granddaughter, absolutely no chill. The grandfather: Francine's beloved a gūng. He has one final wish, a male heir to carry on the family traditions. It's an outdated idea, but Francine loves him, and she has a plan...

Stuck up & stupid  by Angourie Rice

Stuck up & stupid

Angourie Rice

"When a party of young Hollywood stars and influencers arrive at Pippi Beach for the summer, Lily - unlike her overly enthused mum Lydia - is unimpressed. As Lily suspects, the Hollywood types are superficial and arrogant, especially Dorian Khan, the most...

The space between here & now  by Sarah Suk

The space between here & now

Sarah Suk

"Seventeen-year-old Aimee Roh has Sensory Time Warp Syndrome, a rare condition that causes her to time travel back to a moment in her life when she smells something linked to that memory. Her dad is convinced she'll simply grow out of it if she tries hard...

Vengeance of the pirate queen  by Tricia Levenseller

Vengeance of the pirate queen

Tricia Levenseller

"Eighteen-year-old Sorinda is a deadly assassin with a reputation to match. But her latest assignment is like no other. The pirate queen, Alosa, has tasked her with captaining a handpicked crew on a dangerous rescue mission, and her sailing master is none...

Emmett  by Lev AC Rosen


Lev AC Rosen

"Emmett Woodhouse, handsome, clever and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence and had lived nearly eighteen years in the world with very little to distress or vex him. Emmett knows he's...

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