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The chalice of the gods by Rick Riordan

The chalice of the gods

Rick Riordan

"Percy Jackson has saved the world multiple times - battling monsters, Titans, even giants - but these days the modern-day son of Poseidon is hoping for a regular final year at school. Too bad the Greek gods have other plans, and three new quests for Percy to...

Iyanu, child of wonder. Volume 2 by Roye Okupe

Iyanu, child of wonder. Volume 2

Roye Okupe

The orphan Iyanu is thrust into the wildlands beyond the safety of the walls of her home!She must quickly learn to work with an exile and the people of the Riverlands Settlement if she hopes to save her mentor. Meanwhile, Chancellor Nuro finalizes a diabolical...

Iyanu, child of wonder. Volume 1 by Roye Okupe

Iyanu, child of wonder. Volume 1

Roye Okupe

"A teenage orphan with no recollection of her past, suddenly discovers that she has abilities that rival the ancient deities told in the folklore of her people."--

Once a queen by Sarah Arthur

Once a queen

Sarah Arthur

A mysterious manor house hides the keys to shocking family secrets--and rapidly fading portals to other worlds--in the richly woven opener to bestselling author Sarah Arthur's young adult fantasy series."A fresh, delightful new tale for our wonder-hungry...

The Princess Protection Program by Alex London

The Princess Protection Program

Alex London

Fleeing her prince, Rosamund discovers the Princess Protection Program, an academy where fairy tale princesses evade unwanted fates and unwanted kisses, and as she adapts to real-world life and forms close friendships, she begins to question the academy's...

Iyanu, child of wonder. Volume 3 by Roye Okupe

Iyanu, child of wonder. Volume 3

Roye Okupe

Soon to be a Cartoon Network/Max/Lion Forge Animation animated series!Iyanu makes her way to the Source to save all of Yorubaland from an ancient curse.This time, however, she has help from her new friends: Biyi, a carefree adventurer; Toye, the bookworm; and...

Saving Charli by Di Walker

Saving Charli

Di Walker

"Who are you when your other half is gone? Twelve-year-old Charli knows no other way of being than as a twin. But when her twin sister, Freya, succumbs to a lifelong battle with illness, Charli, consumed by grief, retreats into a tent in her backyard. Closed...

Dead girls don't say sorry by Alex Ritany

Dead girls don't say sorry

Alex Ritany

Navigating toxic friendships, grief, and the complexities of growing up, Nora's life takes a tragic turn when her best friend Julia dies, leaving her to unravel the secrets and lies hidden in their friendship.

A scary Sunday by Zanni Louise

A scary Sunday

Zanni Louise

Meet Orla, Pearl, Mig, Boo and Oops - they are the Monsties! The Monsties are five best friend monsters... who are a bit hopeless at being scary. They live in Scaryland, surrounded by scary monsters and scary places (the ScaryMart, the Howlpital, the Shriek...

Daniel, deconstructed by James. author. Ramos

Daniel, deconstructed

James. author. Ramos

A nerdy high schooler learns to embrace his main-character energy in this witty and heart-healing ode to movie tropes, meet-cutes, and LGBTQ+ love. Photographer and film buff Daniel Sanchez learned a long time ago that the only way to get by in an allistic...

Emma Memma's alphabet day by Emma Watkins

Emma Memma's alphabet day

Emma Watkins

The sun is rising, the birds are tweeting and Emma Memma is ready to start her day . . . Sign the alphabet with Emma Memma and friends as they twirl through the day and prepare for a special surprise.

Busy Betty & the circus surprise by Reese Witherspoon

Busy Betty & the circus surprise

Reese Witherspoon

Busy Betty has always been busy. Every day she wakes up with a million questions and a billion ideas! And today she has an amazing idea: she's throwing her mum a birthday party. Shhh . . . It's a surprise! Then Betty and her best friend, Mae, have the best...

Alice-Miranda and the Christmas mystery by Jacqueline Harvey

Alice-Miranda and the Christmas mystery

Jacqueline Harvey

A cosy Christmas mystery for Alice-Miranda! Join Jacqueline Harvey's MILLION-COPY BESTSELLING character in a delightful Christmas adventure. Christmas is almost here, and Alice-Miranda and her closest friends are celebratingearly at Highton Hall. But it's not...

No brainer by Jeff Kinney

No brainer

Jeff Kinney

"Up until now, middle school hasn't exactly been a joyride for Greg Heffley. So when the town threatens to close the crumbling building, he's not too broken up about it. But when Greg realizes this means he's going to be sent to a different school than his...

What they told me by Hayley Lawrence

What they told me

Hayley Lawrence

We are the luckiest, Elliot's dad told her. And Elliot, of course, believed him. Elliott and her family have lived in the house of a thousand storms by Crooked River all her life, with her best friend, Drake, just a kayak ride downstream. But one ordinary...

Maymoona's moon by Razeena Omar Gutta

Maymoona's moon

Razeena Omar Gutta

"Eid-al-Fitr is a joyous time of year for Muslims. It marks the end to Ramadan, a holy month of fasting, praying and deep spirituality – so the build-up to Eid is exciting and exuberant. Families come together to celebrate with delicious feasts and gifts, but...

Lady Gaga by Michael Joosten

Lady Gaga

Michael Joosten

"Biography about pop music icon, actress, and philanthropist Lady Gaga"--Publisher's website

The peak by Jack Heath

The peak

Jack Heath

After thwarting a robbery, Nolan Hawker is invited to the world's most dangerous school. At The Peak, he learns to crack codes, fly planes and deceive enemies so he can someday infiltrate the deadly anarchist group known as Swarm. But someone at the Peak...

Loki by Louie Stowell


Louie Stowell

Odin has given Loki another chance to prove himself worthy of Asgard. But earning everyone's trust is tricky, and when Thor's hammer goes missing, everyone blames Loki! Outrageous! To clear his name he must: 1) Find Thor's beloved hammer 2) Uncover the real...

The love report. Volume 2 by author Béka

The love report. Volume 2

author Béka

In this second book in the addictive graphic novel series for tweens, Grace and Lola uncover more truths about romance and friendship at home, at school, and on an island holiday. BFFs Grace and Lola are back in volume two of The Love Report . Grace tries to...

Lady of disguise by Melanie Dickerson

Lady of disguise

Melanie Dickerson

Set in medieval England, eighteen-year-old Louisa teams up with the chivalrous knight, Sir Charles, to find hidden treasure and save her younger sister Margaret before their uncle marries her off.

Grace's Chinese New Year by Jackie (Paper artist) Huang

Grace's Chinese New Year

Jackie (Paper artist) Huang

"Grace and her family get ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year"--

The farts of gratitude by Angie Lake

The farts of gratitude

Angie Lake

"How do you hide a super-secret spy operation? Use your boring family holiday as a cover! (OBVIOUSLY.) Metal Face has a super-cool new band called G.A.G and Danny and Percy are determined to copy their idol and make some noise. They are not alone: the whole...

Lunar New Year by Mary Man-Kong

Lunar New Year

Mary Man-Kong

In this celebration of the Lunar New Year, preschoolers can learn about the delicious food, the exciting parades and all the fun traditions that are part of this joyous celebration.

Black achievements in music by Elliott Smith

Black achievements in music

Elliott Smith

"Black musicians have been innovative and created new sounds in many genres. Learn about Black people who have had tremendous impact on the music industry, including Nina Simone, Whitney Houston, and Kendrick Lamar"--

Happy Chinese New Year! by Jannie Ho

Happy Chinese New Year!

Jannie Ho

"Happy Chinese New Year! The zodiac animals are ready to celebrate Chinese New Year with traditions and a big feast! Little ones can count to twelve as each animal prepares for the holiday- Rat cleaned away the bad luck in one big sweep! Ox shopped for two new...

The Lunar New Year surprise by Jade. author. Wang

The Lunar New Year surprise

Jade. author. Wang

Children will learn what makes the Lunar New Year special, from the preparation responsibilities, to the celebratory new moon signifying the first day of the holiday, and the festivities that continue in the following weeks. Whether rice balls for family...

The hunt for the hollower by Callie C. Miller

The hunt for the hollower

Callie C. Miller

Everyone in his family assumes Percy is the Septimum Genus their ancestor Merlyn prophesized, but when he attempts a forbidden spell with his twin Merlynda and vanishes through a portal, it is Merlynda who sets off to rescue her brother and discovers her true...

Squeak! rumble! whomp! whomp! whomp! by Wynton Marsalis

Squeak! rumble! whomp! whomp! whomp!

Wynton Marsalis

The creators of Jazz ABZ are back for an encore! With infectious rhythm and rhyme, musical master Wynton Marsalis opens kids' ears to the sounds around us. What's that sound? The back door squeeeaks open, sounding like a noisy mouse nearbý⁰₄eeek, eeeek,...

Between two brothers by Crystal Allen

Between two brothers

Crystal Allen

Isaiah "Ice" Abernathy has always worshiped his older brother, Seth. For years they've been not just brothers but best friends--and as Seth starts his senior year, Ice is eager to spend as much time with his brother as he can, making memories before Seth goes...

Lost kites and other treasures by Cathy (Cathleen E.) Carr

Lost kites and other treasures

Cathy (Cathleen E.) Carr

When twelve-year-old Franny's estranged uncle comes home to help out after Nana's accident, some long-guarded family secrets come to light, forcing Franny to confront the discoveries she makes about her troubled absent mother, and herself.

Once upon a K-prom by Kat Cho

Once upon a K-prom

Kat Cho

What would you do if the world's biggest K-pop star asked you to prom? Perfect for fans of Jenny Han and Sandhya Menon, this hilarious and heartfelt novel brings the glamour and drama of the K-pop world straight to high school. Elena Soo has always felt...

Here lies Olive by Kate Anderson

Here lies Olive

Kate Anderson

When sixteen-year-old Olive summons a ghost to find out what happens after people die, she unleashes an otherworldly danger that threatens everyone she loves.

Monsters take Manhattan by Darren Aronofsky

Monsters take Manhattan

Darren Aronofsky

It's an all-new thrilling adventure about growing up and facing your fears in Monsters Take Manhattan, the second novel in the Monster Club series from the creative minds of Darren Aronofsky, Ari Handel, and Lance Rubin.Ever since Eric "Doodles" King and his...

The spells we cast by author Jason June

The spells we cast

author Jason June

Sparks fly when eighteen-year-old Nigel meets Ori during the Culling, a competition that determines whether a magician is stripped of their powers or joins the magical society known as the Guild, but they soon realize the connection growing between them...

Stompin' at the Savoy by Moira Rose. Donohue

Stompin' at the Savoy

Moira Rose. Donohue

Though a disability stunted his growth, William Henry ""Chick"" Webb did not let that get in the way of his musical pursuits. This picture-book biography details the life of black American jazz drummer Chick Webb, who in the 1930s led one of the big bands of...

First day, worst day by Andy Nonamus

First day, worst day

Andy Nonamus

A very unlucky kid navigates the many challenges of the first day of school in the first book in The Very Worst Ever chapter book series!

Prince of song & sea by Linsey Miller

Prince of song & sea

Linsey Miller

"Before Prince Eric's mother, the Queen of Vellona, went missing two years ago, she reminded him about the details of the deadly curse that has plagued his entire life. The curse? If he were to kiss someone other than his true love, he would die...Eric is...

Ellie Mae dreams big! by Kristina McMorris

Ellie Mae dreams big!

Kristina McMorris

Ellie Mae's mind swirls with ideas when her teacher asks, What do you want to be when you grow up?

The treacherous tower by Stacy Hinojosa

The treacherous tower

Stacy Hinojosa

From the author of the New York Times bestselling Wild Rescuers series comes Rescue Tails by YouTuber StacyPlays, a thrilling new adventure series about Stacy and her special wolves, with illustrations on every page!Stacy and her intelligent pack of wolves...

The bewitching hour by Ashley Poston

The bewitching hour

Ashley Poston

"Tara Maclay isn't thrilled to be starting her senior year of high school in a new town. She misses her mom, her garden, her magic—and the way her dad treated her before her mom passed. But if Tara can just keep her head down, then maybe she can make it...

Prince of thorns & nightmares by Linsey Miller

Prince of thorns & nightmares

Linsey Miller

When he discovers he's part of a prophecy set to defeat Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil, Prince Phillip finally feels in control of his destiny but is plagued by a girl named Briar Rose who appears in his dreams every night.

Get up, stand up by Cedella Marley

Get up, stand up

Cedella Marley

Children are encouraged to resist bullying and stand up for their rights.

Prince by Eric Braun


Eric Braun

Wild and free by Carrie Gallasch

Wild and free

Carrie Gallasch

Get up! Come on! Join the crew! We're off to play, like wild ones do! Join the children in "Wild and Free" as they discover the joys of the great outdoors. From climbing trees and crossing creeks to rolling down hills and watching bugs, readers will almost...

Wheels and springs and moving things! by Sally Rippin

Wheels and springs and moving things!

Sally Rippin

Frank's dad is a farmer, Jess's brother drives a garage truck, and Jack's mum is a firefighter. In this exciting deep-dive into the world of monsters and beyond, discover the different jobs monsters do all day and the incredible vehicles they drive. Every...

José feeds the world by David Unger

José feeds the world

David Unger

The true story of José Andrés, an award-winning chef, food activist, and founder of World Central Kitchen, a disaster-relief organization that uses the power of food to nourish communities after catastrophe strikes.When a terrible earthquake hit Haiti in 2010,...

The adventures of invisible boy by Doogie Horner

The adventures of invisible boy

Doogie Horner

Think your wildest wish can't come true? Just wait! It's his first day at a new school, and Stanley wishes he could disappear. He can hardly believe it when, after a big spill at the science fair, POOF! Stanley is invisible! It's awesome! He can do anything he...

Andromache between worlds by Gabriel Bergmoser

Andromache between worlds

Gabriel Bergmoser

A page-turning, action-packed adventure that is perfect for fans of the Jane Doe series. All fourteen-year-old Andromache Peters wants is a normal life. But normal is pretty near impossible when your parents were famous adventurers who saved the world and...

Waverider by Kazu Kibuishi


Kazu Kibuishi

The highly anticipated, thrilling conclusion to Kazu Kibuishi's #1 New York Times bestselling series!After her confrontation with Ikol, Emily finally understands the stone's power and what she must do to defend Alledia from the shadows. As she travels to...

If Only I Had Told Her by Laura Nowlin

If Only I Had Told Her

Laura Nowlin

-- USA TodayIf only I'd told her that I loved her years ago, then I wouldn't be here now.If Only I Had Told Her is a love story brimming with truth, tragedy, and the unexpected bonds that heal us.

ASAP by Axie Oh


Axie Oh

New York Times bestselling author Axie Oh's ASAP is the much anticipated companion novel to beloved romance XOXO, following fan favorites Sori, the wealthy daughter of a K-pop company owner, and Nathaniel, her K-pop star ex-boyfriend, in a swoon-worthy second...

Cranky by Phuc Tran


Phuc Tran

From the #1 New York Times bestselling illustrator of the Food Group series, Pete Oswald, and debut picture book author Phuc Tran, this is a hilarious picture book about big trucks, big feelings, and even bigger friendships!It's the last day at the...

Sunny makes her case by Jennifer L. Holm

Sunny makes her case

Jennifer L. Holm

The New York Times bestselling SUNNY series continues as Sunny finds herself in the spotlight in a competition unlike any other...Sunny is starting to understand the ins and outs of middle school... but she still feels more out than in. It's about classes or...

The ghost drum by Susan Price

The ghost drum

Susan Price

In a country where winter is one long night, Czar Guidon kept his court in terror and his son Safa imprisoned in the dome room at the top of a tower, while his sister Margaretta bided her time and plotted to succeed him. As a child, Safa had a friend in his...

Shadow over Aetheria by author Cube Kid (Author of fan fiction)

Shadow over Aetheria

author Cube Kid (Author of fan fict...

Book 7 of the international best-selling 8-Bit Warrior series that takes readers inside the journal of Runt, a young Minecraft villager who dares to dream of becoming a Minecraft warrior! Everyone's favorite villager-turned-warrior, Runt and his friends have...

Feather by M. G. (Maya Gabrielle) Leonard


M. G. (Maya Gabrielle) Leonard

The Twitchers have one last mystery to solve - and this time it's a heist! The final unputdownable adventure in the bestselling birdwatching detective series from the internationally acclaimed author of Beetle Boy and Adventures on Trains, wildlife queen M.G....

How to Avoid Being Eaten By Sharks ... and other advice by John Larkin

How to Avoid Being Eaten By Sharks ... and other advice

John Larkin

A collection of hilarious, nonsensical, witty and mischievous subjects - the best (and worst) advice for growing up. There is one sure-fire method to avoid being eaten by sharks. Don't go in the ocean. How can you avoid being eaten by sharks? What does it mean...

Beach song by Ros Moriarty

Beach song

Ros Moriarty

Birdy by Sharon Kernot


Sharon Kernot

Maddy is mute. Since the Incident she has barely spoken. And now she and her mother and brother are staying in a farmhouse on an old apricot orchard not far from town. It's a chance to rest and recuperate - or a way to hide further away from the world. Alice...

Day of the Living Liv by Liv Livingston

Day of the Living Liv

Liv Livingston

The only living girl in a ghost town struggles to find her place in the first book in the Spirited graphic novel chapter book series. Olivia "Liv" Livingston thinks life on the right side of Narrow Bridge is, well, just right! What's not to love about the...

Wren Martin Ruins It All by Amanda DeWitt

Wren Martin Ruins It All

Amanda DeWitt

Wren Martin, the asexual student council president, plans to eliminate the school's annual Valentine's Day Dance, until his rival Leo sabotages Wren's plan by securing a sponsorship from a dating app, which leads to unexpected feelings and realizations about...

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle. Volume 9 by Kagiji Kumanomata

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle. Volume 9

Kagiji Kumanomata

Princess Syalis has a new admirer, and the other demons are jealous--one in particular. How far will he go to dissuade her weaselly suitor? Then summer arrives! Syalis tries to cool off by telling ghost stories to make herself shiver but instead strikes fear...

That's not my name by Megan Lally

That's not my name

Megan Lally

Told in two voices, a seventeen-year-old battered and bruised girl struggles to remember who she or the man claiming to be her father is while seventeen-year-old Drew stops at nothing to find his missing girlfriend.

Soren's seventh song by Dave Eggers

Soren's seventh song

Dave Eggers

Convinced whale songs are boring, young humpback whale Soren decides to write his own, catchier tunes, and even when his music is met with less than encouraging feedback, he finds a way to keep composing.

The girl from the other side. Vol. 7 Siúil, a Rún. by author Nagabe

The girl from the other side. Vol. 7 Siúil, a Rún.

author Nagabe

"Hounded by two transformed soldiers desperate for salvation and with Teacher reeling from revelations about his own forgotten former life, the past finally catches up to Teacher and Shiva. With danger closing in around them at terrifying speed, is there...

Ao haru ride. 6 by Io Sakisaka

Ao haru ride. 6

Io Sakisaka

Futaba Yoshioka has encountered her first love again in high school, but he seems different from the boy she once knew. Futaba feels that the distance between her and Kou has grown since he and Yui have started keeping in touch. Then something unexpected...

My dear Henry : a Jekyll & Hyde remix by Kalynn Bayron

My dear Henry : a Jekyll & Hyde remix

Kalynn Bayron

A teen boy tries to discover the reason behind his best friend's disappearance--and the arrival of a mysterious and magnetic stranger--in misty Victorian London, in Kalynn Bayron's My Dear Henry, a gothic YA remix of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, sixth in the Remixed...

Ao haru ride. Volume 5 by Io Sakisaka

Ao haru ride. Volume 5

Io Sakisaka

Futaba Yoshioka has encountered her first love again in high school, but he seems different from the boy she once knew ... Kou asks Futaba to go on a date with him to the summer festival. But as the two grow closer, fellow student Toma Kikuchi sets his sights...

Rattlesnake vs. Secretary bird by Jerry Pallotta

Rattlesnake vs. Secretary bird

Jerry Pallotta

Check out how these amazing real life creatures match up. Who's the strongest, fastest, biggest and baddest? In a fight to the finish, who would win?

Bless the blood by Walela Nehanda

Bless the blood

Walela Nehanda

"When Walela is diagnosed at twenty-three with advanced stage blood cancer, they're suddenly thrust into the unsympathetic world of tubes and pills, doctors who don't use their correct pronouns, and hordes of "well-meaning" but patronizing people offering...

In the wild light by Jeff Zentner

In the wild light

Jeff Zentner

"Cash's life in his small Tennessee town is hard. He lost his mother to an opioid addiction and his grandfather's illness is getting worse. His smart but troubled best friend, Delaney, is his only salvation. But Delaney is meant for greater things, and she...

Sleepy princess in the demon castle. 7 by Kagiji Kumanomata

Sleepy princess in the demon castle. 7

Kagiji Kumanomata

Princess Syalis manages to mess up Christmas and Valentine's Day ... again. Then, when Syalis and her demon captors pay a visit to her kingdom of Goodereste, a demon stands in for the princess ... and winds up needing to be kidnapped herself! A common enemy...

Biggie by Ellen Miles


Ellen Miles

"After getting home from school, Lizzie is surprised to hear that her parents are fostering another yorkie puppy. After all, their last yorkie foster, Princess, was a little spoiled. But Biggie is Princess's total opposite: He's energetic and tenacious! Can...

Sleepy princess in the Demon Castle. 8 by Kagiji Kumanomata

Sleepy princess in the Demon Castle. 8

Kagiji Kumanomata

Princess Syalis's luxurious lifestyle is wreaking havoc on the Demon Castle's budget. When the Demon King cuts back on expenses so that she is no longer supported in the style to which she is accustomed, the princess must find other strategies to satisfy her...

Spy x family by Aya Yajima

Spy x family

Aya Yajima

Join the beloved cast of the best-selling Spy x Family as they embark on five exciting adventures! In this book of Spy x Family original prose stories, Anya attempts to make friends with her target Damian during an Eden Academy camping trip, Yuri spends his...

Unholy terrors by Lyndall Clipstone

Unholy terrors

Lyndall Clipstone

Time travelling with a tortoise by Ross Welford

Time travelling with a tortoise

Ross Welford

Exciting, funny, heartwarming, and mind-bendingly clever, Time Travelling with a Tortoise is the extraordinary, adventure-packed sequel to Ross Welford's beloved, bestselling debut, Time Travelling with a Hamster. Al Chaudhury travelled back in time to save...

A royal conundrum by Lisa Yee

A royal conundrum

Lisa Yee

An elite group of underdogs trained to fight crime must save their unique school from shutting down.

Haunted holiday by Kiersten White

Haunted holiday

Kiersten White

Giant battle robots! Cotton candy betrayal! Blasts from the past! And the ultimate challenge to stay true to themselves and each other await Theo and Alexander in the final book in the tragic series about the Sinister-Winterbottom twins, who must solve one...

The getaway list by Emma Lord

The getaway list

Emma Lord

The day of her high school graduation, Riley realises that she has spent the last four years trying so hard to be a Good Kid for her mom that she has no idea who she really is anymore. The solution? Pack her bags and move to New York for the summer to stay...

Most ardently by Gabe Cole Novoa

Most ardently

Gabe Cole Novoa

Oliver Bennet, trapped by societal expectations to live as female, discovers the possibility of love and freedom when he forms a connection with Darcy, but is faced with the choice of living a secure but inauthentic life or risking everything for true...

Donner dinner party by Nathan Hale

Donner dinner party

Nathan Hale

Another fan-favorite Hazardous Tale gets BIG! This special edition of Donner Dinner Party features a larger trim size, a deluxe package, and 16 pages of bonus material, including research photos, sketches, and mini-comics from the author. The Donner Party...

Spotlight striker by B. A. Hoena

Spotlight striker

B. A. Hoena

Carlos Ramirez has always been the Strikers' best scorer. But the state's best team is coming to town, and Carlos hears that he'll have a very special fan in the stands. His uncle, a professional soccer player, will be watching his nephew's every move during...

Hermes, the fastest god by A. I. Newton

Hermes, the fastest god

A. I. Newton

While on a field trip to an actual Greek city, the Little Olympians overhear a plot for a surprise attack so Hermes must be brave and run through great dangers all the way to Athens and back to get help.

Lest we forget by Kerry Brown

Lest we forget

Kerry Brown

Timed for the centenary of the Gallipoli landing, this powerful story about a boy and his grandfather will help even the very young understand the significance of ANZAC Day.

Nana. Vol. 1 by Ai Yazawa

Nana. Vol. 1

Ai Yazawa

Publishers Weekly: Nana, Japan's most popular shojo (girl's) manga, is appearing in English for the first time. Nana Komatsu is a flaky young woman who's just emerged from an emotionally devastating affair with an older, married man. She dreams of a perfect...

Lionboy by Zizou Corder


Zizou Corder

After saving the lions from evil Maccomo, Charlie, a boy with the ability to speak the language of cats, goes to Venice to search for his parents and solve the mystery of their kidnapping with help from Bulgarian King Boris.

A song of silver and gold by Melissa Karibian

A song of silver and gold

Melissa Karibian

A sapphic Little Mermaid retelling perfect for fans of To Kill a Kingdom and The Shadows Between Us.Out in the open sea, it's kill or be killed. No one knows that better than Kaelyn. For the past year, Princess Kaelyn of Avalon has disguised herself as a man,...

Our planet! by Stacy McAnulty

Our planet!

Stacy McAnulty

From writer Stacy McAnulty and illustrator David Litchfield, Our Planet! There's No Place Like Earth is a nonfiction picture book about the Earth, told from the perspective of Earth herself.Meet Earth. Planet Awesome! And your awesome home! Actually, Earth is...

Hockey girl loves drama boy by Faith Erin Hicks

Hockey girl loves drama boy

Faith Erin Hicks

It should have been a night of triumph for Alix's hockey team. But her mean teammate Lindsay decided to start up with her usual rude comments and today Alix, who usually tries to control her anger, let it finally run free. Alix lashes out and before she knows...

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