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Ngā Taitara whakaoho mauri hōu

If heart-racing, high octane thrills and spills are your thing, look no further than the latest action reads in book, eBook, eAudiobook, large print or audio CD. This list updates when we add new titles to our collection.

Suicide six  by Bobby Akart

Suicide six

Bobby Akart

A post-apocalyptic EMP survival thriller. A hero rose to the challenge and a family found the strength within themselves to face the unthinkable. The forces of evil have descended upon Armstrong Ranch. The family had worked this ranch since the 1800s...

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Slade's Glacier by Robert F. Jones

Slade's Glacier

Robert F. Jones

"Slade's Glacier is a tale of discovery and destruction, betrayal and revenge, set in the rugged "Great Land" of Alaska. Jack Slade and Sam Healey, flying partners during World War II, establish a bush pilot business in Alaska after the war. When their...

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Tales of the New World by Sabina Murray

Tales of the New World

Sabina Murray

A latest collection of 10 high-seas and "dark continent" adventures by the PEN/Faulkner Award-winning author of The Caprices is inspired by the ambitions and controversies surrounding some of history's most intrepid pioneers, including Ferdinand Magellan...

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American legionnaire by John Robb

American legionnaire

John Robb

Amid the burning sands of the desert, the French Foreign Legion is constructing a new fort at Vateau - deep in the territory of El Dowla, ruthless leader of the Bormones, in constant struggle with France for control of the region. He aims to strike hard...

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Real tigers by Mick Herron

Real tigers

Mick Herron

London's Slough House is where disgraced MI5 operatives are reassigned to spend the rest of their careers pushing paper. But when one of these fallen spies is kidnapped by a former soldier bent on revenge, the agents must breach HQ's defences to steal...

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On a particular service by David Donachie

On a particular service

David Donachie

1796: Lieutenant John Pearce is going home aboard a hospital ship crammed with human cargo. But added to the difficulties of insufficient ballast to match the heavy swells of the Mediterranean in midwinter, Pearce must also avoid capture by an Algeri...

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Fatal fall  by Diane Capri

Fatal fall

Diane Capri

"Investigative Reporter Jess Kimball's impossible mission to protect crime victims thrills in this new novel... When Jess Kimball's investigator finds a boy that could be her missing son, Jess races to Seattle to claim him and crosses paths with a rich...

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Fatal game  by Diane Capri

Fatal game

Diane Capri

"Investigative Reporter Jess Kimball's impossible mission to protect crime victims continues... A heart surgeon is in jail. His wife kidnapped. Her driver murdered. The police files are thick. Video footage and telephone calls. Statements and witnesses....

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No tomorrow  by Luke Jennings

No tomorrow

Luke Jennings

"In a hotel room in Venice, where she's just completed a routine assassination, Villanelle receives a late-night call. Eve Polastri has discovered that a senior MI5 officer is in the pay of the Twelve, and is about to debrief him. As Eve interrogates...

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My hundred days of war  by Darrell Duthie

My hundred days of war

Darrell Duthie

"August 1918. Amiens, France. Allied armies have driven a massive hole in the German lines. But the enemy is regrouping. Major Malcolm MacPhail of the Canadian Corps is an intelligence officer, a veteran of countless battles and too outspoken for his...

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Yellowstone hellfire  by Bobby Akart

Yellowstone hellfire

Bobby Akart

"The eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano is overdue for an eruption. Events have been set into motion, lighting the fuse of the greatest disaster mankind has ever known."--Provided by publisher.

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Deep cover  by R. J. Patterson

Deep cover

R. J. Patterson

"The United States’ top assassin Brady Hawk returns to attack a covert operation that’s funding the terrorist group Al Hasib. Deep in the jungles of Sierra Leone, Sefadu Holdings is making a mint by funneling diamonds to Al Hasib in order to fund it...

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Scent of fear  by Tony Park

Scent of fear

Tony Park

Afghanistan veteran Sean Bourke's world explodes when an IED detonates in South Africa's Sabi Sand Game Reserve. On a routine anti-poaching patrol, Sean and his tracker dog Benny watch in horror as over-eager rookie Tumi Mabasa is almost killed, and her...

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Nature of the lion  by T. M. Clark

Nature of the lion

T. M. Clark

Hiding from the law, they never expected to be caught in the crosshairs of a hunter... After relocating to South Africa on the heels of scandal five years ago, Chole and her invalid father, Mike, once wealthy Zimbabwean landowners, now have little. Away...

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Blood's revolution  by Angus Donald

Blood's revolution

Angus Donald

"Newly returned from years of secret work in Paris, Lieutenant Holcroft Blood, a brilliant but unusual gunnery officer in His Majesty's Ordnance, must now face King James II's enemies on the gore-drenched battlefields of the British Isles. But after ...

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The truth itself  by James Rayburn

The truth itself

James Rayburn

"A school shooting in snowbound Vermont; an American journalist beheaded in war-torn Syria; a passenger jet exploding in the Thai jungle-everything connects to Kate Swift, CIA assassin-turned-whistleblower, on the run from a sinister intelligence unit....

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Aftershock  by Adam Hamdy


Adam Hamdy

"Having survived the lethal Pendulum conspiracy, photographer John Wallace atones for his past mistakes. DI Patrick Bailey clings to the hope that he can, at last, return to a normal life in London. FBI investigator, Christine Ash, alone and paranoid,...

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Rat bait  by Richard Ward

Rat bait

Richard Ward

"Set in New Zealand, Rat Bait is a tense thriller which follows the activities of Zack Garroway as he pursues a one-man crime spree after being released from prison. Being part of a small community has its drawbacks despite the lengths to which he goes...

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Tennessee night  by Stephen Leather

Tennessee night

Stephen Leather

"Children are killing themselves across the State of Tennessee. Is it a horrible coincidence, or are dark forces at work? When Jack Nightingale learns that there is a mysterious list of children who are at risk, he takes the case, spurred on by the fact...

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The final seven by Erica Spindler

The final seven

Erica Spindler

Detective Micki Dare is a seasoned, no-nonsense cop. She doesn't need a partner, especially one like Detective Zach Harris. But the decision's been made and there's nothing she can do about it. Zach is from an experimental FBI training program and he...

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Gitmo by Shawn Corridan


Shawn Corridan

Retired smuggler Dixon Sweeney exits Raiford after eight long years behind bars, vowing "From here on out, things are gonna be different." And boy is he right: his wife has left him, emptied his safe deposit box, moved their entire house to Key West,...

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The blood of Rome  by Simon Scarrow

The blood of Rome

Simon Scarrow

"AD 55. As trouble brews on the eastern fringes of the Roman Empire, Prefect Cato and Centurion Macro must prepare for war... The wily Parthian Empire has invaded Roman-ruled Armenia, ousting King Rhadamistus. The King is ambitious and ruthless, but he...

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The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas

Thrown in prison for a crime he has not committed, Edmond Dantes is confined to the grim fortress of If. There he learns of a great hoard of treasure hidden on the Isle of Monte Cristo and becomes determined not only to escape but to unearth the treasure...

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Deep silence by Jonathan Maberry

Deep silence

Jonathan Maberry

The twelfth Joe Ledger novel in Jonathan Maberry's New York Times bestselling series.Terrorists-for-hire have created a weapon that can induce earthquakes and cause dormant volcanoes to erupt. One terrifying side-effect of the weapon is that prior to...

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The three secret cities by Matthew Reilly

The three secret cities

Matthew Reilly

Hell hath no fury like four kingdoms scorned. The hunt for Jack West Jr has begun. A shadow world behind the real world. When Jack West Jr won the great games, he threw the four legendary kingdoms into turmoil. A world with its own history, rules and...

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Fatal demand  by Diane Capri

Fatal demand

Diane Capri

"When investigative reporter Jess Kimball's Taboo Magazine assignment reveals a modern Italian crime family operating inside the US, she joins forces with FBI Special Agent Henry Morris to stop the ruthless killers. Jess rushes against time from Dallas...

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Fatal bond  by Diane Capri

Fatal bond

Diane Capri

"An explosion ripped through a close-knit community in Iowa, leaving five dead, dozens hospitalized, and the country outraged. One of their own is charged with planting the bomb based on airtight evidence. Shattered and bewildered, his mother begs ...

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Fatal dawn  by Diane Capri

Fatal dawn

Diane Capri

"The phone call that changes Jess Kimball's life forever leads her on a breathless and dangerous chase through the Rocky Mountains.. When she catches up with the blackmailing bastard she’ll make him sorry. And then she’ll make him pay."--Publisher's....

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The black ring  by William Westbrook

The black ring

William Westbrook

"The dashing British privateer Nicholas Fallon is back again, helping himself to a fistful of mayhem in The Black Ring. The year is 1798. The African slave trade is in brutal flower, and the great powers are fighting for control of the Caribbean's im...

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The Moscow sleepers by Stella Rimington

The Moscow sleepers

Stella Rimington

A man lies dying in a hospital in upstate Vermont. The nurses know only that he is an academic at a nearby university, but they have been instructed to call the FBI should anyone visit their patient. News of this suspected Russian illegal soon reaches...

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Typhoon fury by Clive Cussler

Typhoon fury

Clive Cussler

Hired to search for a collection of paintings worth half a billion dollars, Juan Cabrillo soon finds himself in much deeper waters when he discovers the vicious leader of a Filipino insurgency is using the paintings they seek to finance his attacks. Far...

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Head wound by Judith Cutler

Head wound

Judith Cutler

While Jane waits for renovations to be completed on her new permanent home, she remains in temporary accommodation under the watchful eye of her landlord Brian Dawes, chair of the governors at Wrayford School. Her work life is dominated by preparations...

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Moving targets by Stephen Leather

Moving targets

Stephen Leather

Not all terrorists are driven by religion or politics. Dan "Spider" Shepherd and his SAS team are on the trail of a terrorist whose motives are much more personal. Sabit Kusen wants revenge and doesn't care how many innocents he kills along the way. ...

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When the man comes around  by Bradley Wright

When the man comes around

Bradley Wright

"Former FBI rising star Lawson Raines, isn't the man he used to be. He's become a monster. Losing your wife, your daughter, and spending ten years behind bars will do that to a man. Especially an innocent one. Now Lawson's life sentence has been pardoned,...

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Malcolm MacPhail's Great War  by Darrell Duthie

Malcolm MacPhail's Great War

Darrell Duthie

"Fall 1917. The Western Front is in stalemate. Captain Malcolm MacPhail of the Canadian Corps has been in the trenches for longer than he cares to remember. He's just landed a new job on the intelligence staff, but if he thinks staying alive is going...

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A sudden death in Cyprus  by Michael Grant

A sudden death in Cyprus

Michael Grant

"Fugitive crime writer David Mitre is caught up in a deadly conspiracy when he's witness to a brutal murder on the stunning island of Cyprus. Having melted easily into Cyprus's relaxed expat community, he is feeling relatively secure. His cash stashed...

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The tower of living and dying by Anna Smith Spark

The tower of living and dying

Anna Smith Spark

Marith Altrersyr - father-killer, dragonlord, leader of the blood-soaked Amrath Army - is keeping his promises. He is determined to become King of all Irlast and take back the seat of his ancestors.Only Thalia, once high priestess of the Lord of Living...

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The last brother  by Andrew Gross

The last brother

Andrew Gross

"United by blood in 1930s New York city, three brothers grow up poor on the Lower East Side, until the death of their father forces them to find work to support their family. Each brother takes a different path. Divided by ambition twelve-year-old Mo...

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Shadow of the tomb raider  by S. D. (Stephani Danelle) Perry

Shadow of the tomb raider

S. D. (Stephani Danelle) Perry

"In a brand-new adventure, Lara Croft must evade the agents of Trinity and discover an ancient secret. When a mysterious stranger offers to help Lara uncover a clue that could give her the upper hand, she embarks on an expedition to a system of caves...

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Wolves of Eden  by Kevin McCarthy

Wolves of Eden

Kevin McCarthy

"Irish immigrant brothers Michael and Thomas O'Driscoll have returned from the brutal front lines of the Civil War. Unable to adapt to life as farm laborers, they reenlist in the army and are thrown into ferocious combat with Red Cloud's coalition of...

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The drop  by Mick Herron

The drop

Mick Herron

"Old spooks carry the memory of tradecraft in their bones, and when Solomon Dortmund sees an envelope being passed from one pair of hands to another in a Marylebone cafe, he knows he's witnessed more than an innocent encounter. But in relaying his su...

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Black Camp 21  by Bill (Producer of documentary films) Jones

Black Camp 21

Bill (Producer of documentary films)...

Two months after the D-day landings, newly married SS officer Max Hartmann is taken prisoner by the Americans and shipped over to England to be questioned and interned for the rest of the war. Classified as `black' (i.e. most dangerous or likely to escape,...

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A master of fortune by C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne

A master of fortune

C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne

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Sea of greed  by Clive Cussler

Sea of greed

Clive Cussler

"After an explosion in the Gulf of Mexico destroys three oil rigs trying to revive a dying field, Kurt Austin and the NUMA Special Projects Team are tapped by the President of the United States to find out what's gone wrong. The trail leads them to a...

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Dark rule  by D. I. Telbat

Dark rule

D. I. Telbat

"The COIL Series Christian suspense continues in Dark Rule, Book Three by D.I. Telbat, taking the reader from the South Pacific to the Greek Isles, from the depths of the ocean to the cone of an unstable volcano. Nathan Isaacson--presumed dead by fel...

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Dark vessel  by D. I. Telbat

Dark vessel

D. I. Telbat

"COIL founder, ex-CIA Agent Corban Dowler, is forced underground after he is the target of a car bomb. His covert investigation begins on the streets of Manhattan when his Muhammad ibn Affal alias is compromised. But the knot of darkness he hopes to ...

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Cold blood  by Alex Shaw

Cold blood

Alex Shaw

"Aidan Snow thought he could escape his past. But now it's back, with a vengeance. Ten years ago, SAS Trooper Aidan Snow was left fighting for his life after a mission went wrong and ever since he has been haunted by the image of the man with green eyes....

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War of the wolf by Bernard Cornwell

War of the wolf

Bernard Cornwell

"Uhtred of Bebbanburg has won back his ancestral home but, threatened from all sides by enemies both old and new, he doesn't have long to enjoy the victory. In Mercia, rebellion is in the air as King Edward tries to seize control. In Wessex, rival pa...

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Pinkerton's gold by Thom Nicholson

Pinkerton's gold

Thom Nicholson

"Someone's stealing gold shipments in Colorado. John Whyte, ace Pinkerton detective, is tasked to find the culprits and bring them to justice. He is joined by his friends and associates: Khan Singh, his loyal Sikh manservant from his service for the Queen...

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Tom and Huck's howling adventure by Tim Champlin

Tom and Huck's howling adventure

Tim Champlin

"A modern 13-year old boy, Zane Rasmussen, falls into a coma and wakes up on Jackson's Island in the Mississippi River where he is found by Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and freed slave, Jim. It is June, 1849, and Zane gradually accepts that these are...

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Flintlock by William W. Johnstone


William W. Johnstone

"Life is hard on the American frontier. Justice is even harder. But when it comes to revenge, no man can escape the righteous wrath of a wronged bounter hunter. Especially when his name is Flintlock... Flintlock takes no pleasure in killing. But when...

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Safe houses by Dan Fesperman

Safe houses

Dan Fesperman

"West Berlin, 1979. Helen Abell oversees the CIA's network of safe houses, rare havens for field agents and case officers amidst the dangerous milieu of a city in the grips of the Cold War. But during her routine inspection of an agency property, she...

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Carver's truth  by Nick Rennison

Carver's truth

Nick Rennison

"Traveller, photographer, and sometime intelligencer, Adam Carver is asked by a friend from the Foreign Office to find Dolly Delaney, a West End dancing girl who has been involved with a diplomat and since disappeared. What seems a straightforward case...

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Dark winter  by A. J. (Anthony J.) Tata

Dark winter

A. J. (Anthony J.) Tata

"By the time anyone realizes what's happening, it is too late. A dark network of hackers has infiltrated the computers of the U.S. military, unleashing chaos across the globe. U.S. missiles strike the wrong targets. Defense systems fail. Power grids shut...

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A sea of gold  by Julian Stockwin

A sea of gold

Julian Stockwin

"1809. After his heroic actions during the retreat to Corunna, Captain Sir Thomas Kydd is the toast of London society. Here he falls in with the legendary frigate captain, Lord Thomas Cochrane. So begins a relationship, professional and personal, that...

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Fortunate son  by J. D. Rhoades

Fortunate son

J. D. Rhoades

"Years ago, the Jakes brothers were found alone, hungry, and freezing, in a trailer where they'd been left by their mother. One found a happy home. The older son never did, but he always dreamed of the day when they would be together again. Thirteen ...

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The golden keel  by Desmond Bagley

The golden keel

Desmond Bagley

"The first action thriller by the classic adventure writer, set in Italy. When the Allies invaded southern Italy in 1943, Mussolini's personal treasure was moved north to safety under heavily armed guard. It was never seen again. Now, an expedition plans...

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The secret soldier  by Alex Berenson

The secret soldier

Alex Berenson

"Entreated by the aging king of Saudi Arabia to infiltrate dark factions that are plotting against the monarchy, ex-CIA agent John Wells goes undercover only to learn of a massive conspiracy to trigger an ultimate confrontation between America and...

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Dark zeal  by D. I. Telbat

Dark zeal

D. I. Telbat

"Agent Corban Dowler infiltrates Gaza City for a routine medical op, but soon discovers an international plot by Hamas terrorists to destroy Israel, forcing him to respond as a soldier of Christ. Wounded and captured, Corban gathers his wits to attempt...

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The sea queen by Linnea Hartsuyker

The sea queen

Linnea Hartsuyker

"Six years after The Half-Drowned King, Ragnvald Eysteinsson is now king of Sogn, but fighting battles for King Harald keeps him away from home, as he confronts treachery and navigates a political landscape that grows more dangerous the higher he ris...

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Scourge of wolves by David (Fiction writer) Gilman

Scourge of wolves

David (Fiction writer) Gilman

Winter, 1361. -- If the English want their prize, they'll have to fight for it ... Thomas Blackstone will have to fight for it. As he battles to enforce Edward's claim, Thomas Blackstone will see his name blackened, his men slaughtered, his family hunted....

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Dark hearted  by D. I. Telbat

Dark hearted

D. I. Telbat

"The saga continues from Dark Liaison, and suspense heightens in DARK HEARTED as COIL strives to preserve God's people while searching for abducted operatives, only to uncover an evil plot in Europe. The Commission of International Laborers' mission ...

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The oracle year by Charles Soule

The oracle year

Charles Soule

Awakening from a dream with more than one hundred predictions about the future in his head, an unassuming Manhattan bassist becomes one of the world's most powerful men and hides his identity behind an online persona that is targeted by greedy corporations...

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The prow beast  by Robert Low

The prow beast

Robert Low

"The Oathsworn have become feared and respected throughout the Viking world. Their name goes before them and men cower in their presence. But fame comes at a price! While the Oathsworn revel in their new-found fame, Sterki, an old enemy with revenge in...

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Man on ice  by Humphrey Hawksley

Man on ice

Humphrey Hawksley

"When Rake Ozenna of the elite Eskimo Scouts brings his fiancee, trauma surgeon Carrie Walker, to his remote home island in the Bering Strait, they are faced immediately with a medical crisis. Then Russian helicopters swarm in. America is on the eve of...

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No good deed  by Victor Gischler

No good deed

Victor Gischler

"Francis was running late for work when he found the suitcase and the odd card with an email on it. He knew he shouldn't bother but he couldn't resist. Now Francis is dodging bullets and doing his best to stay alive, wishing he had never bothered with...

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Air bridge by Hammond Innes

Air bridge

Hammond Innes

The airlift was a lifeline to Berlin in 1948 but for Neil, Tubby and Bill it was even more, it was their way of getting back into the air. First though, they had to rebuild their machine. To do so Bill produced an idea so audacious that only a madman...

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The other woman by Daniel Silva

The other woman

Daniel Silva

"She was his best-kept secret ... In an isolated village in the mountains of Andalusia, a mysterious Frenchwoman begins work on a dangerous memoir. It is the story of a man she once loved in the Beirut of old, and a child taken from her in treason's name....

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The blood road  by Gordon Doherty

The blood road

Gordon Doherty

"381 AD: The Gothic War draws to a brutal climax, and the victor's name will be written in blood... The great struggle between the Eastern Roman Empire and the Gothic Horde rumbles into its fifth year. It seems that there can be no end to the conflict,...

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The Templar curse  by Ernest Dempsey

The Templar curse

Ernest Dempsey

"Throughout the course of human warfare, no weapon has been as feared, as deadly, as the Ark of the Covenant. Legend claims that this mysterious, supernatural force, first carried into battle by the ancient Israelites, was so powerful that the Ark could...

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Operation light switch  by John Wemlinger

Operation light switch

John Wemlinger

"Cleveland Spires, a respected and highly decorated soldier, lost his career, his family, and much of his pride when he was sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. Now he’s out, and after returning to his hometown, he stumbles onto a clue that ...

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Thirst of steel by Ronie Kendig

Thirst of steel

Ronie Kendig

"Cole 'Tox' Russell only wants to begin his life with Haven Cortes, but he and his team must first complete a final mission: retrieve the sword of Goliath and destroy the deadly Arrow & Flame Order"--

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The boy with a suitcase  by Hels Ryan

The boy with a suitcase

Hels Ryan

"High in Georgia's Caucasus Mountains, journalist Charlie Breen is searching for a group of refugees fleeing persecution. What starts out as a rescue mission turns into a battle for survival, as love and greed twist the hearts of those around her. Charlie...

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St Paul's labyrinth  by Jeroen Windmeijer

St Paul's labyrinth

Jeroen Windmeijer

"When university professor Peter de Haan attends a library event, he has no idea of the dangers that await him. As part of the library collapses, a hidden tunnel is revealed. Inside cowers a naked man, covered in blood. Then Peter receives a mysterious...

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The earl Strongbow  by Edward Ruadh Butler

The earl Strongbow

Edward Ruadh Butler

"Exiled from court, distrusted and indebted, Richard de Clare is a man whose past is greater than his prospects and whose once-great name overshadows his deeds. Having backed the loser in the civil war, he faces penury and disgrace due to the disfavour...

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A shadow falls  by Andreas Pflüger

A shadow falls

Andreas Pflüger

"Imagine inheriting two billion dollars. Then imagine the money is left to you by your mortal enemy... Blind Special Ops agent Jenny Aaron has just survived the worst thirty-six hours of her life. She has a standing offer to re-join the Department, the...

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Blood's revolution by Angus Donald

Blood's revolution

Angus Donald

Newly returned from years of secret work in Paris, Lieutenant Holcroft Blood must now face King James II's enemies on the gore-drenched battlefields of the British Isles. But after the victory at Sedgemoor - and its cruel aftermath, the Bloody Assizes,...

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Olivia Brophie and the Sky Island by Christopher Tozier

Olivia Brophie and the Sky Island

Christopher Tozier

In the sequel to Olivia Brophie and the Pearl of Tagelus, Olivia's life is in turmoil ever since she accidentally froze all of the earth's water and her aunt and uncle were kidnapped by the Wardenclyffe thugs. With the help of a black bear named Hoolie,...

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The little shop of found things by Paula Brackston

The little shop of found things

Paula Brackston

New York Times bestselling author of The Witch's Daughter Paula Brackston returns to her trademark blend of magic and romance guaranteed to enchant in The Little Shop of Found Things, the first book in a new continuing series. An antique shop haunted...

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Mutiny at Vesta by R. E. Stearns

Mutiny at Vesta

R. E. Stearns

Adda and Iridian have survived the murderous AI that tried to kill them in Barbary Station ...but now they'll need all of their ingenuity to escape the evil megacorporation that wants to own them, in this second space adventure in the Shieldrunner Pi...

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The road to Rus'  by Michael Hnatyshyn

The road to Rus'

Michael Hnatyshyn

"In the 9th Century, the Byzantine Empire was on the rise. The Vikings were also well on their way to influencing most of the known world with their spirit of adventure and quest for glory. Slavic tribes led by the Polians and their leader Vratymyr with...

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Dogs of war  by Jonathan Maberry

Dogs of war

Jonathan Maberry

"Robots are no longer science fiction. Autonomous, programmed to react like animals: fast, relentless, deadly. From microscopic nanobots to massive self-guided aircraft. This technology is here, it's assessable, and it's dangerous. What's even scarier...

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Long road to mercy  by David Baldacci

Long road to mercy

David Baldacci

"Her name is Atlee Pine. She has unstoppable tenacity, always a fighter who is unwilling to cede any ground. She has endured real nightmares and she has the emotional and physical scars to show for it. And she got that long before she became an adult....

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Pray for death  by James Hilton

Pray for death

James Hilton

"Celine Chavez is the closest thing to a daughter that Clay Gunn has. But now she has disappeared while vacationing in Mexico. Clay and his brother Danny must venture into the ultra-violent world of the Mexican criminal underworld to bring her home. From...

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Ultimatum by Frank Gardner


Frank Gardner

"The edgy and highly contemporary setting for Frank Gardner's action-packed new thriller is Iran. After helping to avert a deadly attack on London, Luke Carlton has been welcomed on board as a full-fledged member of SIS and is assigned the role of case...

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The Kingfisher secret

The Kingfisher secret

"Her codename is Kingfisher. Her mission: to seduce and marry a man of wealth and political influence. Now she must protect a terrifying secret. Who owns the most powerful man in the world? October 2016: In America, the election is a few weeks away.....

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Meg by Steve Alten


Steve Alten

"On a top-secret dive into the Pacific Ocean's deepest canyon, Jonas Taylor found himself face-to-face with the largest and most ferocious predator in the history of the animal kingdom. The sole survivor of the mission, Taylor is haunted by what he's...

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Every wicked man  by Steven James

Every wicked man

Steven James

"When a senator's son takes his own life and posts the video live online, Agent Bowers is drawn into a complex web of lies that begins to threaten the people he loves the most. As he races to unravel the mystery behind the suicide and a centuries-old...

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