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Double exposure  by Robert Sullivan

Double exposure

Robert Sullivan

"A personal exploration of the American West and the work of one of America's greatest photographers. Timothy O'Sullivan is America's most famous war photographer. You know his work even if you don't know his name: A Harvest of Death, taken at Gettysburg, is...

The landscape of home

The landscape of home

"In this book, Hollander explores the idea of home as the natural surroundings that people live in: a place of living, changing beauty, refuge, and above all, joy, where family and friends gather to create a lifetime of memories. The book presents homes in the...

Country life  by John (Historian) Goodall

Country life

John (Historian) Goodall

"For 125 years Country Life has presented its readers with the finest insider s tour of everything quintessentially British. Now in one volume, this spectacular collection of images offers the best of life in the British countryside, from charming Cotswolds...

Here today, gone tomorrow  by Jaimie D. (Jaimie Donald) Baird

Here today, gone tomorrow

Jaimie D. (Jaimie Donald) Baird

"Four decades, 1200+ images. Art or vandalism, protest or social commentary - how you see street art depends on where you stand. Jamie Baird's Here today gone tomorrow documents his 40-year fascination with these ephemera as "a testament to human imagination,...

Garfield fully caffeinated  by Jim Davis

Garfield fully caffeinated

Jim Davis

"Garfield was born to be wired! Coffee--and lots of it--is the only way to kick-start his day. Got chocolate? He'll binge on that, too. Garfield lovers will get a jolt of joy from this new collection of comics guaranteed to boost your spirits!"--Publisher's...

The John Bertrand New Zealand coin & banknote catalogue 2023  by Jared H. Thornton

The John Bertrand New Zealand coin & banknote catalogue 2023

Jared H. Thornton

"The 2023 catalogue features important information regarding all New Zealand coins issued from 1933 and includes updated values with retail prices given in five grades for the pre-decimal issues. A full listing of decimal issues is also included. New Zealand...

Neo retro illustrations

Neo retro illustrations

"Encounter new and stylish "retro" expressions from the 2020s in this anthology. Released in 2020, New Retro Illustrations, is a book that showcases 300 illustrations from 40 up-and-coming illustrators and that became a popular compilation for new illustration...

Polaris  by artist Meyoco


artist Meyoco

"Welcome to the dreamlike pastel-colored world created by Meyoco. Discover all with Polaris, her first commercial work collection. Meyoco is an illustrator based in Southeast Asia who has gained popularity mainly on social media. Natural elements such as...

California houses  by Michael Webb

California houses

Michael Webb

"California Houses brings together thirty-six houses completed over the past ten years that capture the spirit of California in distinctive ways and respond creatively to context and the environment. They engage forests and deserts, the ocean and city streets....

The new rural  by Daniela Santos Quartino

The new rural

Daniela Santos Quartino

"With the advent or possibility of remote work for many of us these past few years, more and more people are opting to relocate from urban enclaves with their families and pursue a new and more nourishing lifestyle in a rural setting. Thanks to technology and...

The Edith Farnsworth house  by Michelangelo Sabatino

The Edith Farnsworth house

Michelangelo Sabatino

"The comprehensive story of an icon of modern architecture: the Edith Farnsworth House, designed by Mies van der Rohe. One of the most famous residences in modern history, a glass and steel marvel that seems to float above its site, the Edith Farnsworth House...

Style  by Norman Parkinson


Norman Parkinson

"Meet the man who invented style. Through his beautiful photographs for British, American, French and Australian Vogue magazines, Norman Parkinson defined the way we saw fashion in 20th century, from the New Look of 1950s Paris to the Swinging Sixties in...

Painting into the light  by Jenny Aitken

Painting into the light

Jenny Aitken

"Learn how to successfully paint scenes that that capture magical effects of light from behind the subject. Good contre-jour - painting into the light - artworks cause the viewer to squint, with light seeming to glow from the canvas. They can look like a kind...



"Concrete Architecture: Beyond Grey is a stunning exploration of the possibilities of modular industrialized construction with concrete structures, offering an innovative and sustainable approach to modern architecture. This book showcases 30 completed...

About face

About face

"Though the Stonewall Riots might now be shorthand for the start of the gay rights movement, so much of art and culture has been 'queer' since the beginning of time. In About Face, art historian and curator Jonathan D. Katz explores this concept head-on,...

3D street art  by Erni Vales

3D street art

Erni Vales

"Showcasing art by some of the best-known 3D street artists from around the world, this groundbreaking book, curated by one of the innovators of the movement, Erni Vales, brings together stunning images from those who have defined it"--Publisher's description.

Drawing faces  by Lise Herzog

Drawing faces

Lise Herzog

"With more than 150 easy-to-follow illustrations, Drawing Faces is the perfect guide for aspiring artists looking to develop their portrait skills. Start off simple with directions to sketch basic facial features. By the end, you will have gained the knowledge...

Hazel Soan's painting people and portraits  by Hazel Soan

Hazel Soan's painting people and portraits

Hazel Soan

"The definite guide to painting people and portraits, with simple exercises and step-by-step demonstrations. Bestselling artist and author Hazel Soan explains how to create beautiful and engaging portraits of your loved ones, with handy hints and...

Ans Westra  by Paul Moon

Ans Westra

Paul Moon

"The photographer Ans Westra, who died in 2023, took hundreds of thousands of images over her long career. Together, those images constitute what is arguably a photo album of Aotearoa. Her dedication and determination sometimes came at a cost but she was...

Playful pottery  by Viviana Matsuda

Playful pottery

Viviana Matsuda

"The ultimate guide to making colorful, whimsical pottery creations! If you've ever dreamed of crafting your own handmade mugs, bowls, or plates but your vision is more bold and colorful than beige and simple, this is your book. Noted potter Viviana Matsuda,...



"The Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher first visited Italy in the 1920s before settling in Rome, where he lived for 12 years, until 1935. This Roman period had a strong influence on all his later work, which saw him prolific in the production of lithographs and...

Printing With natural dyes  by Nicola Cliffe

Printing With natural dyes

Nicola Cliffe

"This practical guide explains the techniques and provides ideas and inspiration to get you printing with natural dyes at home. It shows you how even with basic materials (such as the potato) you can make stunning patterns and get hooked on printmaking. It...

The other side  by Jennifer Higgie

The other side

Jennifer Higgie

"It's not so long ago that a woman's expressed interest in other realms would have ruined her reputation, or even killed her. And yet spiritualism, in various incarnations, has influenced numerous men - including lauded modernist artists such as Wassily...

The insect artist  by Zebith Stacy Thalden

The insect artist

Zebith Stacy Thalden

"The Insect Artist offers a complete course in illustration and lifelike artwork. The 15 projects are designed to build on one another, beginning with techniques that strengthen drawing and acrylic painting skills. More advanced projects focus on design...

Urban sketching  by Thomas Thorspecken

Urban sketching

Thomas Thorspecken

"While most sketching guides leave the artist with static bowls of fruit and boring vases of flowers to develop their skill, Urban Sketching takes its inspiration from the living, breathing world around us"--Publisher's description.

Abstract painting  by Amber Creswell Bell

Abstract painting

Amber Creswell Bell

"There is no single neat definition of abstract art. It makes no attempt to represent reality; instead it has its own visual language using shape, colour and form with no rules. An explosion of creative expression and gestural force, Australian Abstract...

Rebecca Morris  by Rebecca Morris

Rebecca Morris

Rebecca Morris

"Featuring a range of paintings produced since 2001 and showcasing the artist's progression of styles and rigorous commitment to experimentation and abstraction, the exhibition includes 27 paintings. It highlights several formal tendencies that Morris has...

Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko

"This illustrated catalog is published to accompany the retrospective exhibition devoted to American artist Mark Rothko, curated by Suzanne Pagé and the artist's son, Christopher Rothko. The show will feature over one hundred works. Born Markus Rothkowitz in...

Yalo-i-Viti  by issuing body Fiji Museum


issuing body Fiji Museum

The work of art  by Adam Moss

The work of art

Adam Moss

"From former editor-in-chief of New York magazine Adam Moss, a collection of illuminating conversations examining the very personal, rigorous, complex, and elusive work of making art. What is the work of art? In this guided tour inside the artist's head, Adam...



"Voyages: Stories of an Ocean People celebrates a rich maritime history and the ongoing connection of Fijians with the sea. The ocean is the heart of the earth and is what connects us to our larger Pacific family. It is where our roots begin and is what links...

High on living : 01

High on living : 01

"HIGH ON LIVING - RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR DESIGN VOL. 01 presents living spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable. They incorporate various styles, materials, and technologies to create personalized spaces that reflect...

Family portraits

Family portraits

"The impressionist artists accorded great importance to family life; this book celebrates their portrayals of their mothers, wives, and children in intimate scenes together. The impressionist masters were known for their close relationships; peers, family, art...

Easy steps to drawing flowers  by Bianca Giarola

Easy steps to drawing flowers

Bianca Giarola

"Easy Steps to Drawing Flowers is a step-by-step guide to drawing flowers from the most basic to the more intricate blooms. It features modern flowers perfect for every kind of illustrative project, such as home prints, journals, and stationery. This book...

Artists who changed history  by George Bray

Artists who changed history

George Bray

"This stunning visual celebration of the world's most celebrated artists tells the fascinating stories of their lives and works. Lavishly illustrated with portraits of each artist, alongside photographs of their homes and studios, and personal artefacts,...

The beginner's photography guide  by Chris Gatcum

The beginner's photography guide

Chris Gatcum

"All you need is a digital camera or a mobile phone and this best-selling book to unlock your full potential as a photographer. From choosing the right equipment and aperture exposure to adjusting focus and flash, The Beginner's Photography Guide explains key...

How not to exclude artist mothers (and other parents)  by Hettie Judah

How not to exclude artist mothers (and other parents)

Hettie Judah

"For too long, artists have been told that they can't have both motherhood and a successful career. In this polemical volume, critic and campaigner Hettie Judah argues that a paradigm shift is needed within the art world to take account of the needs of artist...

Sketching from the imagination

Sketching from the imagination

"In this inspiring addition to the popular Sketching from the Imagination series, we invite readers to explore the works of fifty artists from across the field of creature design. From magical and mythical beasts to aliens and mutant monsters, each page comes...

Nature imprinted  by Jane Spink

Nature imprinted

Jane Spink

"Jane Spink, founder of dynamic and successful Inky Dog Studio, shares her working process for creating her stunning prints inspired by the natural world. Be taken through the initial sketches and inspirational photos, explore different linocut ‘doodles’ to...

Villa Cetinale  by Ned Lambton

Villa Cetinale

Ned Lambton

"After inheriting a seventeenth-century Tuscan villa, Ned Lambton and his wife, Marina, lovingly restored the estate as a retreat for family and friends. With newly commissioned photographs by Simon Upton, Lambton brings to life the rich history of the villa,...

Josef Koudelka  by Melissa Harris

Josef Koudelka

Melissa Harris

"Josef Koudelka: Next presents an intimate portrait of the life and work of one of photography's most renowned and celebrated artists. Based on hundreds of hours of interviews conducted over the course of six years with Koudelka-as well as ongoing...

Secret gardens of Cornwall  by Tim Hubbard

Secret gardens of Cornwall

Tim Hubbard

"Secret Gardens of Cornwall is a private tour of twenty unique, lesser-known, but extraordinary Cornish gardens. With sumptuous photographs, intriguing histories and compelling stories Tim Hubbard celebrates the diversity of gardening in Cornwall -- secret...

Why we photograph animals  by Huw Lewis-Jones

Why we photograph animals

Huw Lewis-Jones

"A visual overview of the history and future of animal photography, Why We Photograph Animals encourages us to think and rethink the way we have looked at - and used - animals and to consider our future relationships with non-human species. Multi-stranded,...

Botanical block printing  by Rosanna Morris

Botanical block printing

Rosanna Morris

"Discover the world of botanical block printing through an approachable guide that unveils a plethora of practical techniques and processes. This guide invites you to create stunning prints inspired by the natural world, all crafted by your own hands. Recent...

From nothing  by Annika Nordenskiöld

From nothing

Annika Nordenskiöld

"'From Nothing' contains a large selection of images that have been created through promtography, a form of AI technique. The artist Annika Nordenskiöld has used artificial intelligence to embody her dreams and inner fantasies. The places, people or creatures...

Concrete architecture

Concrete architecture

"A singularly impressive volume featuring 300 examples of the most incredible and inspiring concrete architecture from the early twentieth century to the present day. Organised visually, with one building per page, Concrete Architecture celebrates the might,...

Pen and wash  by John Harrison

Pen and wash

John Harrison

"Pen and Wash is a practical guide to creating a picture that captures the discipline of pen, along with the subtlety of watercolour. With clear instruction and inspirational examples throughout, it explains the conventional approach of drawing and then adding...

Sketching from the imagination

Sketching from the imagination

"In this book, 50 talented traditional and digital artists have been chosen to share their sketchbook works. Ranging from Hollywood film concept designers to talented students, each artist is handpicked from a vibrant international online art community. From...

Sketching from the imagination

Sketching from the imagination

"This book explores how fifty artists use lines to create images from ideas. It contains both fully formed drawings and design sketches of a hugely diverse spectrum of art: from children's illustrations and comics to fantasy designs, surrealism and...

Draw 30 animals in easy steps  by Polly Pinder

Draw 30 animals in easy steps

Polly Pinder

"Draw 30 amazing animals in just 8 easy stages -- or fewer! A marvelous menagerie of birds and beasts, from waddling penguins and elegant flamingos to cuddly kittens and adorable dogs; from keen kangaroos to cantering chestnut ponies. Ideal for budding artist...

A moment in the sun  by Robert McCarter

A moment in the sun

Robert McCarter

"Robert Ernest was an architect of rare promise and remarkable early success, whose award-winning career was cut short by cancer at age 28 in 1962. Despite the brevity of Ernest's life, his education and practice were intertwined with some of the most...

Seth  by Julien Malland


Julien Malland

"For street artist Seth, walls around the world have been canvases for resilience, a space where imagination and real-life encounters become murals of expression, dialogue, and community. Children are often a part of his work, taking him--and us--through city...

Force  by Michael D. Mattesi


Michael D. Mattesi

"The newest book in Michael Mattesi's Force Drawing series takes movement to the next level. Force: Drawing Human Anatomy, explores the different facets of motion and the human body. As opposed to the memorization technique, Mattesi stresses the function of...

Force  by Michael D. Mattesi


Michael D. Mattesi

"Bring your artwork to life with the power of the FORCE! Watch, listen, and follow along as Mike Mattesi demonstrates the fundamental FORCE line and explains dynamic figure drawing techniques through 30 videos that are launched through the book's companion...

The Force companion  by Michael D. Mattesi

The Force companion

Michael D. Mattesi

"Swendly Benilia shares with us simple and tangible tips and tricks to understanding and drawing FORCE across hundreds of drawings full of dunamism and energy! This book is an expellant companion to the FORCE brand since it delivers hundreds of FORCE drawings...

Big little hotel  by Donna Kacmar

Big little hotel

Donna Kacmar

"This book showcases twenty different small hotels, all located in the US, designed by architects who use light and materials in interesting and intentional ways. The designs also deliberately connect to their local history, context, or land - in many cases...

Station  by Christopher Beanland


Christopher Beanland

"A glorious celebration of modern railway architecture in the 20th century and beyond, travelling all over the world. Many railway books are about nostalgia for the steam age, but this one is different: a global study of railway architecture from the 1950s...

Vitamin txt

Vitamin txt

"A ground-breaking global survey of today's most innovative artists working with text. The inclusion of text in works of art was a revolutionary creative advancement of the twentieth century, with artists subverting traditional conceptions of 'art' and...

Jimmy Nelson  by Jimmy (Photographer) Nelson

Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy (Photographer) Nelson

"Jimmy Nelson: Humanity is about the renowned photographer Jimmy Nelson's personal and artistic journey across the world, an expedient to take people across a deeper journey of reflection on their own identity as part of the universal family of humans. His...

Upgrade your house

Upgrade your house

"Discover the art of transforming old architecture into a haven of comfort and style. This is your guide to upgrading your home without breaking the bank, as it offers a carefully curated selection of projects that showcase the best renovations, rebuilds, and...

The Mediterranean home  by George Upton

The Mediterranean home

George Upton

"The Mediterranean home has an ongoing influence on residential architecture and interior design: from classical rural styles, to more grounded spaces that interweave form and function. Blending the inside and the outside, and bringing together traditional...

Rubens & women  by Ben van Beneden

Rubens & women

Ben van Beneden

"The art of Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) is synonymous with the female nude, with the term 'Rubenesque' first coined in the 19th century to describe a voluptuous female body. Yet remarkably, there has never been a focused study of Rubens' depictions of women,...

New Japan architecture  by Geeta K. Mehta

New Japan architecture

Geeta K. Mehta

"Featuring dozens of high-quality photographs, schematic designs and insightful commentary this Japanese architecture book is a must-have for architects or collectors. The past five years are widely considered to have been the most innovative period in...

John Singer Sargent's Gassed  by Rebecca Newell

John Singer Sargent's Gassed

Rebecca Newell

"John Singer Sargent's Gassed is one of IWM's most iconic and best-loved objects. Truly monumental in scale, it is also the largest painting in the museum's collection and has been on near-constant display since it was first exhibited in 1919. A favourite...

Backstage  by Simon Annand


Simon Annand

"Delivers an absorbing portrait of actor's final preparation during their last 30 minutes before going on stage. The Lady British photographer Simon Annand has been shooting candid photographs backstage at West End theatres in London for 35 years. In these...

Seeing it all  by Rhonda Rubinstein

Seeing it all

Rhonda Rubinstein

"Eleven visionary photographers--who happen to be women--focus upon moments of profound beauty and peril on our planet. As award recipients and jurors of the prestigious BigPicture international competition, these women are featured with more than 125 dramatic...

Still  by Mary Jo Hoffman


Mary Jo Hoffman

"Every day (every single day) for over a decade, Mary Jo Hoffman has made a photograph of found nature – no subject too small or too ordinary. For Hoffman, a former aeronautical engineer, this daily ritual cracked open profound revelations about the...

Techniques for beginners  by Suhita Shirodkar

Techniques for beginners

Suhita Shirodkar

"In The Urban Sketching Handbook: Techniques for Beginners, artist and Urban Sketcher correspondent Suhita Shirodkar shares essential skills for sketching architecture, people, and everyday objects on location. You'll learn the basics of value, colour mixing,...

Spotlight on nature  by Virginia Hein

Spotlight on nature

Virginia Hein

"The Urban Sketching Handbook: Spotlight on Nature demonstrates how to make the most of nature in on-location drawings and paintings"--Publisher's description.

Draw your day  by Samantha Dion Baker

Draw your day

Samantha Dion Baker

"The act of making art -even art that's not museum-worthy- can make your life more mindful and meaningful. Part instructional handbook and part encouraging manifesto, Draw Your Day is a colorful guide to creating a daily illustrated journaling...

The time traveller's guide to Hamilton Gardens  by Peter Sergel

The time traveller's guide to Hamilton Gardens

Peter Sergel

The city of Hamilton decided to establish a park on its old city rubbish dump but there was initially no budget for development or plans to make it different from any other traditional public park. However, through strong community support and sponsorship, a...

The art of creating houses  by John R. DaSilva

The art of creating houses

John R. DaSilva

"The work of Polhemus Savery DaSilva (PSD) synthesizes ideas from modernism, Shingle Style, and New England vernacular architecture into special homes that are carefully crafted for each different site and client. PSD's poetic architecture reflects on the joy...

New heights  by author Olson Kundig (Firm)

New heights

author Olson Kundig (Firm)

"Originally built for the 1962 World's Fair, the Space Needle quickly became an international icon of the Pacific Northwest and a symbol of Seattle. At the time of its construction, the tower pointed the way toward the future with a sense of optimism,...

Watercolor your way  by Sarah Cray

Watercolor your way

Sarah Cray

"Watercolor Your Way meets you right where you are with watercolor. Whether you're dipping your toe in, cannon-balling in, or honing your craft—this book is for you. Written and illustrated by artist Sarah Cray, co-founder of the art education platform Let's...

National Museum of Women in the Arts

National Museum of Women in the Arts

"The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.-the first museum in the world solely dedicated to championing women through the arts-has a collection spanning five centuries and featuring artists from six continents. This book shares recent...

Learn to draw Boyfriends  by author Refrainbow (Manga artist)

Learn to draw Boyfriends

author Refrainbow (Manga artist)

"Learn to draw your favorite characters from the popular Webcomic series from WEBTOON"--Publisher's description.

Force fabric  by Michael D. Mattesi

Force fabric

Michael D. Mattesi

"This sixth book in the "FORCE" series instructs artists on how to understand fabric with FORCE thus leading to improved drawings of clothed figures. Expertly organized and beautifully illustrated, the book instructs artists to see clothing in a new way,...

Residing with nature  by Grant Camden Kirkpatrick

Residing with nature

Grant Camden Kirkpatrick

"A highly anticipated monograph of recent houses by the star California architecture firm that celebrates sophisticated modern living and represents the pinnacle of the California Dream. Residing with Nature features one-of-a-kind homes, crafted in sensuous...

The collected letters of Jane Morris  by Jane Morris

The collected letters of Jane Morris

Jane Morris

"This title presents more than 500 newly discovered letters from Jane Morris to diverse correspondents, which radically revise the popular view of a silent, discontented invalid and instead portray her as an independent thinker following her own...

Drawing nature  by Catherine V. Holmes

Drawing nature

Catherine V. Holmes

"Best-selling author and artist Catherine Holmes goes beyond the backyard with Drawing Nature, a quick and easy guide to drawing animals, plants, and landscapes from across the globe. Step-by-step tutorials break down how to illustrate perennial favorites like...

Explorations with collage!  by Wen Redmond

Explorations with collage!

Wen Redmond

"A digital collage technique layers together virtual images into a new piece of art, ready for mixed-media and collage makers to use as an eye-opening element. Artist and teacher Wen Redmond shows how by sharing 42 of her main techniques (and many variations)...

Great Australian homes. Volume 2

Great Australian homes. Volume 2

"Following the success of House & Garden Great Australian Homes, the team from the much-loved magazine is delighted to present its second volume. This stunning selection of houses has been designed by Australia's leading creative luminaries, from architects...

The medium of Leonora Carrington  by Catriona McAra

The medium of Leonora Carrington

Catriona McAra

""Before her death, the artist and writer Leonora Carrington (1917-2011) had already garnered a cult following, with numerous creative people making the pilgrimage to meet her at her home in Mexico City. Since then, her fame has only increased. Thinking across...

The true America  by Ernest Cole

The true America

Ernest Cole

"In 1968 Cole traveled to Chicago, Cleveland, Memphis, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, as well as rural areas of the South, capturing the mood of different Black communities in the months leading up to and just after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. This...

Worm, root, wort... & bane  by Ann Shelton

Worm, root, wort... & bane

Ann Shelton

"Artist Ann Shelton’s latest book, worm, root, wort… & bane delves into the rich history of plant-centric belief systems and their suppression. Part artist scrapbook, part photo book, part quotography, and part exhibition catalogue, this publication explores...

Mien Ruys  by Julia Crawford

Mien Ruys

Julia Crawford

"Mien Ruys, who worked mostly in the Netherlands for almost 60 years, was one of the most influential landscape architects of the 20th Century. A leading proponent of modernist design, she introduced clean lines, geometric shapes and innovative materials. One...

Silversmith's secrets  by Brenton West

Silversmith's secrets

Brenton West

"Aimed at anyone who wants to learn the skills necessary to fix, repair or improve household items – whether for sentimental reasons or to turn a profit – the book covers more than a dozen common case studies for you to follow. Ranging from simple to more...

Painting with brusho  by Joanne Boon Thomas

Painting with brusho

Joanne Boon Thomas

"Brusho, a highly pigmented watercolour ink powder is a unique and exciting painting medium that is renowned for its versatility. Joanne Boon Thomas demonstrates how adding a spritz of water to Brusho results in a breathtaking and spontaneous fusion of colour...

Painting abstract nature on canvas  by Jane Betteridge

Painting abstract nature on canvas

Jane Betteridge

"This exciting new title from best-selling author and artist Jane Betteridge explores how to create stunning abstract watercolor and mixed media art on canvas. The book contains short practical projects along with a comprehensive techniques section, three...

Easy acrylic painting  by Jennifer Funnell

Easy acrylic painting

Jennifer Funnell

"Discover the joy of acrylic painting and create 15 captivating little works of art with this comprehensive beginner's guide! An all-inclusive guide to acrylic painting for the absolute beginner, complete with simple-to-trace preliminary drawings"--Publisher's...

Painting skies in pastel  by Sandra Orme

Painting skies in pastel

Sandra Orme

"A sky can make or break a landscape painting. In this invaluable guide, award-winning artist Sandra Orme teaches you how to create a broad range of skies in pastel, from sunsets and sunbeams, rain and storms, through to delicate dusks and...

Palette knife painting in acrylics  by Tim (Artist) Fisher

Palette knife painting in acrylics

Tim (Artist) Fisher

"Let Tim Fisher help you to unlock the techniques of how to handle a palette knife in this introduction to this popular technique for the amateur artist"--Publisher's description.

How to draw a graphic novel  by Balthazar Pagani

How to draw a graphic novel

Balthazar Pagani

How to draw a graphic novel is structured as a series of short art courses that combine technical advice with creative inspiration. The book includes lessons in how to construct a narrative, develop characters, design settings, as well as the basics of...

A different light

A different light

"In 1848, two decades after a French inventor mixed daylight with a cocktail of chemicals to fix the view outside his window onto a metal plate, photography arrived in Aotearoa. How did these 'portraits in a machine' reveal Maori and Pakeha to themselves and...

How to paint abstracts, expressionism and contemporary art  by S. M. (Sharen M.) Watson

How to paint abstracts, expressionism and contemporary art

S. M. (Sharen M.) Watson

"Traditional artists require a posed model, a seat in the landscape to capture the view, or a staged still life, with manipulated lighting. They're trained to look, and copy, what they see in front of them, following time honoured methods and rules. This book...

Le pastiche Tintin  by John C. (John Charles) Stringer

Le pastiche Tintin

John C. (John Charles) Stringer

"Examines the phenomenon of the mass Tintin pastiches and parodies since 1983 when Hergé died and the adventures ceased with the incomplete Tintin and Alph-Art"--Back cover.

George Washington Wilson  by Roger Taylor

George Washington Wilson

Roger Taylor

"George Washington Wilson was one of the leading landscape photographers of the 19th century. From early beginnings in Aberdeen in 1853, he created a thriving enterprise based on the growing public enthusiasm for stereoscopy. His beautifully crafted studies of...

Dear Colin, dear Ron  by Colin McCahon

Dear Colin, dear Ron

Colin McCahon

"Their 360 surviving letters, selected and annotated here by McCahon scholar Peter Simpson, track an intimate and extensive dialogue about McCahon's practice and the New Zealand art world"--Back cover.

Prospect Cottage  by Gilbert McCarragher

Prospect Cottage

Gilbert McCarragher

"Over a near-decade from 1986, the artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman and his partner Keith Collins created a home and sanctuary at Prospect Cottage. After Jarman's death in 1994, Collins hung net curtains to shield the home they had shared from the eyes of...

Kandinsky  by Alexandre Kojève


Alexandre Kojève

"A teacher to Jacques Lacan, André Breton, and Albert Camus, Kojève defined art as the act of extracting the beautiful from objective reality. His poetic text, "The Concrete Paintings of Kandinsky," endorses nonrepresentational art as uniquely manifesting...

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