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Pimsleur digital German. Phase 1, units 21-25

Pimsleur digital German. Phase 1, units 21-25

Can learning another language be as easy as speaking your own? Yes with Pimsleur it's that easy. Learn on your own time, at your own pace, and wherever you choose. This course includes Lessons 21-25 from the German Level 1 program featuring 2.5 hours of...

AI needs you by Verity Harding

AI needs you

Verity Harding

"An electrifying vision of how we can safeguard AI's future for the public goodArtificial intelligence may be the most transformative technology of our time. As AI's power grows, so does the need to figure out what-and who-this technology is really for. AI...

The long COVID survival guide

The long COVID survival guide

The first patient-to-patient guide for people living with Long COVID-with expert advice and an afterword by the leading research scientist For people living with Long COVID, navigating the uncharted territory of this new chronic illness can be challenging....

Fighting for our friendships by Danielle Bayard Jackson

Fighting for our friendships

Danielle Bayard Jackson

Bumble BFF's resident friend expert identifies the 9 most common conflict types in women's platonic relationships, sharing practical strategies to resolve issues and strengthen ties.​ Using a combination of psychology, science, narrative, and a few of...

Pimsleur digital German. Phase 1, units 11-15

Pimsleur digital German. Phase 1, units 11-15

Pimsleur equals success. Just one 30-minute lesson a day gets you speaking and understanding like no other program. This course includes Lessons 11-15 from the German Level 1 program featuring 2.5 hours of language instruction. Each lesson provides 30 minutes...

Now and not yet by Ruth Chou Simons

Now and not yet

Ruth Chou Simons

Bestselling author Ruth Chou Simons guides readers who are restless in their current circumstances on a journey of growth, purpose, and pressing in.Too often, we feel disappointed with our "right now"--our life circumstances, our relationships, our progress,...

The opt-out family by Erin Loechner

The opt-out family

Erin Loechner

Discover a new and hopeful path forward as you consider your family's approach to social media, screen time, and technology.We've all heard the mind-boggling statistics about technology and social media use. The numbers don't lie; our obsession with...

Pimsleur digital German. Phase 1, units 16-20

Pimsleur digital German. Phase 1, units 16-20

The Pimsleur Method is scientifically proven to be your fastest route to near-native fluency. Speak and understand German in just 30 minutes a day. This course includes Lessons 16-20 from the German Level 1 program featuring 2.5 hours of language instruction....

Swimming against the current by Riley Gaines

Swimming against the current

Riley Gaines

America's most sought-after voice in the fight to save female sports shares her unbelievable story and inspires readers to embrace common sense and truth in discussions about women's rights. Riley Gaines has been called many things: Collegiate athlete....

We loved it all by Lydia Millet

We loved it all

Lydia Millet

Acclaimed novelist Lydia Millet's first work of nonfiction is a genre-defying tour de force that makes an impassioned argument for people to see their emotional and spiritual lives as infinitely dependent on the lives of nonhuman beings. Drawing on a...

The new saints by Rod Owens

The new saints

Rod Owens

A Buddhist Lama and intersectional thought leader shares a guide for those who would dream a more just, ethical world into being. Saints, spiritual warriors, bodhisattvas, tzaddikim--no matter how they are named in a given tradition, they all share a profound...

When the clock broke by John Ganz

When the clock broke

John Ganz

"John Ganz is the most important young political writer of his generation--just the one our dark moment needs." --Rick Perlstein"Lively and kaleidoscopic." --Andrew Marantz, The New Yorker"John Ganz belongs to a species of public intellectual that is almost...

The Picts by T. J. Clarkson

The Picts

T. J. Clarkson

A British historian explores the mysterious Scottish culture of the Iron Age and Early Middle Ages whose enigmatic symbols adorn standing stones. The Picts were an ancient nation who ruled most of northern and eastern Scotland during the Dark Ages. Despite...

The fantasy fiction formula by Deborah Chester

The fantasy fiction formula

Deborah Chester

There's more to writing a successful fantasy story than building a unique world or inventing a new type of magic. From the writing of strong, action-packed scenes to the creation of dynamic, multi-dimensional characters, fantasy author Deborah Chester guides...

The fragile species by Lewis Thomas

The fragile species

Lewis Thomas

Whether he is discussing our origins as archaebacteria or the politics of trench warfare, physician-scientist Lewis Thomas is always insightful and exuberantly engaged in his world. This collection of essays deals with everything from AIDS to ozone depletion,...

Underqualified advice by Drew Hayes

Underqualified advice

Drew Hayes

My name is Drew Hayes, and for the past six years I've made my living as a writer. In that time, I've published twenty books, written hundreds of thousands of words, and made countless mistakes-most of which I like to think I've learned from. Underqualified...

What's so funny about God? by Steve Wilkens

What's so funny about God?

Steve Wilkens

If you don't believe God has a sense of humor, just look in the mirror. Humor is a truly human phenomenon-crossing history, culture, and every stage of life. Jokes often touch on the biggest topics of our existence. And although it may seem simple on the...

The new CEO by Ty Wiggins

The new CEO

Ty Wiggins

Becoming a CEO is a high-stakes moment, whether it's your first, second, or third time in the seat. What you say and how you act in your early days as CEO sets the tone for how you'll be perceived for years to come. Yet, until now, few CEOs have shared their...

It's mine by Steven Boykey Sidley

It's mine

Steven Boykey Sidley

'Crypto', a loose term that means many things to different people, only entered the public consciousness within the last five years or so, now evident by the volume of public discussion, commentary and analysis spread across every conceivable media outlet....

The poop diaries by Abby Ross

The poop diaries

Abby Ross

They come into our homes. They see us in our most fragile moments. Plumbers are a fixture in our lives. When a toilet clogs, a faucet leaks, or a sewer line plugs, we call those unsung heroes, desperately seeking help. They scoop out our poop and pull...

The power of the Dao by Max Landsberg

The power of the Dao

Max Landsberg

Being in flow is when you are "in the zone," "on your game," or even "on fire." It is both a mental state and a physical one. You have a feeling of complete focus, full involvement, and deep enjoyment in whatever you are doing. You feel the activity takes no...

Dumbledore by Irvin Khaytman


Irvin Khaytman

A brilliant investigation into the motivations and methods behind the actions of Hogwarts's renowned Headmaster! Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, is one of the most recognizable and mysterious figures in the Harry Potter series....

Enduring friendship by Bryan C. Loritts

Enduring friendship

Bryan C. Loritts

Friendships are difficult.Sometimes it can seem as if friends are more work and pain than they're worth, with friendship challenges that we have to endure and struggle through. Life gets in the way of our well-intentioned efforts to connect. Conflicts and...

Enough as you are by Scott Stabile

Enough as you are

Scott Stabile

In this heart-expanding collection of poetry and short prose, Scott Stabile delivers liberating truths rooted in the premise that each of us is beautiful, whole, and enough-just as we are. With the same wise, humorous, and unembellished voice that has garnered...

A brief global history of the left by Shlomo Sand

A brief global history of the left

Shlomo Sand

The Left seems to be dying a slow death. While many commenters have predicted its demise, the Left has always defied these bleak prognoses and risen from the ashes in the most unexpected ways. Nevertheless, we are witnessing today a global decline in organized...

Through waters deep by Sarah Sundin

Through waters deep

Sarah Sundin

It is 1941 and America teeters on the brink of war. Outgoing naval officer Ensign Jim Avery escorts British convoys across the North Atlantic in a brand-new destroyer, the USS Atwood. Back on shore, Boston Navy Yard secretary Mary Stirling does her work...

The complex PTSD coping skills workbook by Tamara McClintock Greenberg

The complex PTSD coping skills workbook

Tamara McClintock Greenberg

If you've experienced long-term or repeated trauma-such as childhood abuse or neglect, domestic violence, betrayal, or prolonged emotional abuse-you may struggle with intense feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, shame, and distrust toward others. You should...

Simple secrets to becoming a saving whiz by Gina Zakaria

Simple secrets to becoming a saving whiz

Gina Zakaria

In Simple Secrets to Becoming a Saving Whiz, veteran financial educator Gina Zakaria delivers a compelling discussion of leveraging simplicity to approach personal finance. You'll learn to create momentum and foster financial empowerment as you reach...

Extra focus by Jesse J. Anderson

Extra focus

Jesse J. Anderson

If you're an adult with ADHD who's tired of trying to fit into a neurotypical mold, this book is your empowering guide to understanding and celebrating your one-of-a-kind brain. Extra Focus is not your average ADHD book. Written by Jesse J. Anderson, an adult...

How to think like Aquinas by Kevin Vost

How to think like Aquinas

Kevin Vost

In this book, you'll learn St. Thomas Aquinas's unique powers of intellect and will, and how he can train us to perfect them. The bestselling author of The One-Minute Aquinas offers here a fully guided tutorial of exercises to perfect your intellectual powers...

Victims no longer by Mike Lew

Victims no longer

Mike Lew

The first book written specifically for men, Victims No Longer examines the changing cultural attitudes toward male survivors of incest and other sexual trauma. Now, in this second edition, this invaluable resource continues to offer compassionate and...

An alternative history of Britain by Timothy Venning

An alternative history of Britain

Timothy Venning

With hindsight, the victory of Parliamentarian forces over the Royalists in the English Civil War may seem inevitable but this outcome was not a foregone conclusion. Timothy Venning explores many of the turning points and discusses how they might so easily...

To be loved by Frank G. Anderson

To be loved

Frank G. Anderson

Rarely does a trauma therapist disclose their own trauma history . . . yet it's the untold, brutally honest, incredibly heartbreaking story of Dr. Frank Anderson that made him the world-renowned trauma expert he is today. Known for his magnetic and radiant...

By two and two by Jim Schutze

By two and two

Jim Schutze

In "a solid account of what appears to be a shocking injustice" an award-winning journalist uncovers the bias that led to a woman's conviction for murder (The New York Times). When a prominent Alabama doctor is brutally killed, his wife and her twin sister are...

Off-earth by Erika Nesvold


Erika Nesvold

Can we do better in space than we've done here on Earth? We've pinpointed the destination, refined the technology, designed the habitat. Are we forgetting something? A timely reminder that it's not just rocket science, this book explores the all-too-human...

The great partition by Yasmin Khan

The great partition

Yasmin Khan

A reappraisal of the tumultuous Partition and how it ignited long-standing animosities between India and Pakistan This new edition of Yasmin Khan's reappraisal of the tumultuous India-Pakistan Partition features an introduction reflecting on the latest...

And we came outside and saw the stars again

And we came outside and saw the stars again

As our world is transformed by the coronavirus pandemic, writers offer a powerful antidote to the fearful confines of isolation: a window onto lives and corners of the world beyond our own. In Mauritius, a journalist contends with denialism and mourns the last...

The adult ADHD & anxiety workbook by J. Russell Ramsay

The adult ADHD & anxiety workbook

J. Russell Ramsay

If you have attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you may have trouble staying focused, struggle with interpersonal relationships and rejection sensitivity dysphoria (RSD), and you may have gone through your life feeling like something was "wrong"...

Merchant kings by Stephen R. Bown

Merchant kings

Stephen R. Bown

It was an era when monopoly trading companies were the unofficial agents of European expansion, controlling vast numbers of people and huge tracts of land, and taking on governmental and military functions. The leaders of these trading enterprises exercised...

Beyond the secret garden by Ann Thwaite

Beyond the secret garden

Ann Thwaite

Frances Hodgson Burnett's favorite theme in her fiction was the reversal of fortune, and she herself knew extremes of poverty and wealth. Born in Manchester in 1849, she emigrated with her family to Tennessee because of the financial problems caused by the...

The beauty and the sorrow by Peter Englund

The beauty and the sorrow

Peter Englund

An intimate narrative history of World War I told through the stories of twenty men and women from around the globe-a powerful, illuminating, heart-rending picture of what the war was really like. In this masterful book, renowned historian Peter Englund...

Toujours la France! by Janine Marsh

Toujours la France!

Janine Marsh

Following on from her hugely popular books, My Good Life in France and My Good Year in France, ex-pat Janine Marsh shares more heart-warming and entertaining stories of her new life in rural France. Since giving up their city jobs in London and moving to rural...

Medical downfall of the Tudors by Sylvia Barbara Soberton

Medical downfall of the Tudors

Sylvia Barbara Soberton

The Tudor dynasty died out because there was no heir of Elizabeth I's body to succeed her. Henry VIII, despite his six marriages, had produced no legitimate son who would live into old age. Three of the reigning Tudors (Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I) died...

Victory favors the fearless by Darrin Donnelly

Victory favors the fearless

Darrin Donnelly

A Life-Changing Book About the Power of FEARLESS Thinking You will never achieve any important goal until you first defeat the fears that stand between you and that goal-the fears that say it's too risky, you don't deserve it, or you're not good enough. In...

Relentless optimism by Darrin Donnelly

Relentless optimism

Darrin Donnelly

Studies prove that positive thinkers are happier, healthier, and more successful than everyone else. Discover the simple, proven techniques for becoming a more positive person . . . Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes. Study after study proves this....

Divide by two wheels by Michael J. Devitt

Divide by two wheels

Michael J. Devitt

Spanning 2700 miles from Banff, Alberta, to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route annually serves as the host for the Tour Divide Bikepacking race. With no awards or prize money for the winners and no entry fee, the Tour Divide is...

Completely mad by James R. Hansen

Completely mad

James R. Hansen

From the New York Times bestselling author of First Man comes a sweeping saga involving two extraordinary--and extraordinarily different--adventurers who have only one thing in common: the ambition to cross the Atlantic in a rowboat . . . alone.The two men...

Pregnant then screwed by Joeli Brearley

Pregnant then screwed

Joeli Brearley

AN EYE-OPENING EXPLORATION OF MODERN MOTHERHOOD PACKED WITH PRACTICAL ADVICE ON NAVIGATING DISCRIMINATION IN THE WORKPLACE. Imagine suddenly being sacked from your job. After spending years building your career, it's all taken away in just one moment. Why?...

Limitarianism by Ingrid Robeyns


Ingrid Robeyns

Brought to you by Penguin. We all notice when the poor get poorer: when there are more rough sleepers and food bank queues start to grow. But if the rich become richer, there is nothing much to see in public and, for most of us, daily life doesn't change. Or...

NATO by Sten Rynning


Sten Rynning

A wide-ranging new history of NATO, from its origins to the present day-published for the alliance's seventy-fifth anniversary For seven decades, NATO's stated aim has been the achievement of world peace-but playing great power politics always involves...

Laughter in ancient Rome by Mary Beard

Laughter in ancient Rome

Mary Beard

"What made the Romans laugh? Was ancient Rome a carnival, filled with practical jokes and hearty chuckles? Or was it a carefully regulated culture in which the uncontrollable excess of laughter was a force to fear- a world of wit, irony, and knowing smiles?...

Empire of God by Robert Spencer

Empire of God

Robert Spencer

Western civilization is generally regarded as the child of Athens, Jerusalem, and Rome. That is, in the West, our philosophical and political thought is derived from that of the ancient Greeks; our Christian religion comes from the Jewish religion, and both of...

After the flying saucers came by Greg Eghigian

After the flying saucers came

Greg Eghigian

Greg Eghigian tells the story of the world's fascination with UFOs and the prospect that they were the work of visitors from outer space. While accounts of great wonders in the sky date back to antiquity, reports of UFOs took place against the unique backdrop...

The fall of Rome by Nick Holmes

The fall of Rome

Nick Holmes

A skilled storyteller, Holmes presents a riveting account of the wars, intrigues and personalities that contributed to Rome's decline, with entire chapters devoted to single battles.' Kirkus Reviews Why did Rome Fall? In this gripping retelling of one of the...

The fall by Henry Reece

The fall

Henry Reece

Why did England's one experiment in republican rule fail? Oliver Cromwell's death in 1658 sparked a period of unrivaled turmoil and confusion in English history. In less than two years, there were close to ten changes of government; rival armies of Englishmen...

The first emperor of China by Jonathan Clements

The first emperor of China

Jonathan Clements

The First EmperorIn 1974, Chinese peasants made the discovery of the century . . . Thousands of terracotta soldiers guarding the tomb of a tyrant. Ying Zheng was born to rule the world, claiming descent from gods, crowned king while still a child. He was the...

Big fiction by Dan Sinykin

Big fiction

Dan Sinykin

In the late 1950s, Random House editor Jason Epstein would talk jazz with Ralph Ellison or chat with Andy Warhol while pouring drinks in his office. By the 1970s, editors were poring over profit-and-loss statements. The electronics company RCA bought Random...

BDS by Omar Barghouti


Omar Barghouti

"Barghouti is the future. He is intelligent, empowered, and non-violent. He is completely impressive. It would help Americans to see such a picture of Palestinian political engagement, when they have such a distorted image of who Palestinians are. Some day...

The Roman revolution by Nick Holmes

The Roman revolution

Nick Holmes

It was a time of revolution. The Roman Revolution describes the little known "crisis of the third century", and how it led to a revolutionary new Roman Empire. Long before the more famous collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century, in the years...

Saladin by John Man


John Man

In this authoritative biography, historian John Man brings Saladin and his world to life with vivid detail in "a rollicking good story" (Justin Marozzi).Saladin remains one of the most iconic figures of his age. As the man who united the Arabs and saved Islam...

The shortest history of sex by David Baker

The shortest history of sex

David Baker

From the first microbial exchanges of DNA to Tinder and sexbots, how did sex begin, and how did it evolve to be so varied and complex in humans? What influence do our genetic ancestors have on our current love lives? And what might sex look like in the future?...

Spycraft by Nadine Akkerman


Nadine Akkerman

A fascinating exploration of the devious tricks and ingenious tools used by early modern spies--from ciphers to counterfeiting, invisible inks to assassination Early modern Europe was a hotbed of espionage, where spies, spy-catchers, and conspirators pitted...

How we age by Coleen T. Murphy

How we age

Coleen T. Murphy

All of us would like to live longer, or to slow the debilitating effects of age. In How We Age, Coleen Murphy shows how recent research on longevity and aging may be bringing us closer to this goal. Murphy, a leading scholar of aging, explains that the study...

Be funny or die by Joel (Comedy writer) Morris

Be funny or die

Joel (Comedy writer) Morris

Comedy can soothe our pain, vent our anger, make us feel less alone, and provide the answer to life's most difficult questions, such as What do you call a man with a seagull on his head?* It's a social glue, but it can also be divisive, and the joke is on us...

The wildest hunt by Randy Nelson

The wildest hunt

Randy Nelson

A lively collection of wilder-than-fiction poaching stories from across Canada and the US, including insights from investigating officers involved in real poaching situations. Get ready to hear some of the wildest true crime imaginable. Showcasing fish and...

All the years combine by Ray Robertson

All the years combine

Ray Robertson

A Grateful Dead concert, Ray Robertson argues, is life. Like life, it can be alternately compelling and lackluster; familiar and foreign; occasionally sublime and sometimes insipid. Although the Grateful Dead stopped the day Jerry Garcia's heart did, what the...

Property by Rowan Moore


Rowan Moore

Property carries a great promise: that it will make you rich and set you free. But it is also a weapon, an agent of displacement and exploitation, the currency of kleptocrats and oligarchs.Property is a vivid, far-reaching analysis of our concept of property...

What Iranians want by Arash Azizi

What Iranians want

Arash Azizi

The first major book on the uprisings in Iran in 2022 and 2023On Tuesday 13 September 2022, all Mahsa Amini has planned is a day shopping in Tehran. Her birthday is next week. But she is arrested as she comes out of the subway - the Guidance Patrol deem her...

Surf like a woman by Pauline Menczer

Surf like a woman

Pauline Menczer

In the 80s and 90s, surf culture was toxic, especially towards women. But Pauline Menczer - a dirt-poor, chronically ill, freckle-faced teen from Bondi - defied insults and intimidation to ride the waves. The reason: she simply loved to surf.But when Pauline's...

For life by Ailsa Piper

For life

Ailsa Piper

For fans of Julia Baird's Phosphorescence, Heather Rose's Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here or Indira Naidoo's The Space Between the Stars comes an unforgettable and moving insight into loss, hope and starting again, aided by the incredible healing power of nature...

Strange little girl by Jessica Knight

Strange little girl

Jessica Knight

Maybe you don't need heaven, maybe you just need to find yourself. My father tells it because he made it up. A little bedtime story of my origin. They are not really my parents, the people who I call Mum and Dad. Those are not my siblings, the kids who I know...

God and the Devil by Peter Cowie

God and the Devil

Peter Cowie

Peter Cowie's book chronicles the life and the sixty-year film and stage career of Ingmar Bergman as he wrestles of themes of love, sex, and betrayal with the figure of Death hovering overhead. Blending biographical information with critical comment, Cowie...

Why knowledge matters by E. D. Hirsch

Why knowledge matters

E. D. Hirsch

E. D. Hirsch, author of The Knowledge Deficit, draws on recent findings in neuroscience and data from France to provide new evidence for the argument that a carefully planned, knowledge-based elementary curriculum is essential to providing the foundations for...

Wild mothering by Tami Lynn Kent

Wild mothering

Tami Lynn Kent

Whether you are pregnant, trying to conceive, recovering from childbirth, or raising children, this newly updated classic will help you tap into your feminine energy while exploring a creative holistic approach to women's health. Tami Lynn Kent, women's health...

The random factor by Mark Robert Rank

The random factor

Mark Robert Rank

UNCOVERS HOW TRULY RANDOM THE WORLD IS BY CHALLENGING NOTIONS OF PREDICTABILITY AND RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM. It's comforting to think that we can be successful because we work hard, climb ladders, and get what we deserve, but each of us has been profoundly...

Overcoming body hatred workbook by Kathryn C. Holt

Overcoming body hatred workbook

Kathryn C. Holt

Do you hate your body? Are you deeply dissatisfied with your appearance, shape, or weight-so much so that you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror, avoid certain social situations, or dread having your photo taken? If so, you are not alone. Body...

Intentional neuroplasticity by Lori L. Desautels

Intentional neuroplasticity

Lori L. Desautels

This book is an absolute must-listen for educators. Educator fatigue and burnout are at an all-time high. Students are carrying their mental and emotional exhaustion into the classroom. Intentional Neuroplasticity explores the plasticity of the brain and...

Adventurers by David Armine Howarth


David Armine Howarth

The unlikely beginnings of the East India Company-from Tudor origins and rivalry with the superior Dutch-to laying the groundwork for future British expansion The East India Company was the largest commercial enterprise in British history, yet its roots in...

Brass & unity by Kelsi Sheren

Brass & unity

Kelsi Sheren

This is the story of a woman who witnessed the worst in the War in Afghanistan, was confronted by demons of post-traumatic stress, and fought for her life to become stronger than ever. Fresh out of high school, Kelsi Sheren, a diminutive nineteen-year-old...

The therapist in the real world by Jeffrey A. Kottler

The therapist in the real world

Jeffrey A. Kottler

Graduate school and professional training for therapists often focus on academic preparation, but there's a lot more that a therapist needs to know to be successful after graduation. With warmth, wisdom, and expertise, Jeffrey A. Kottler covers crucial but...

Metazoa by Peter Godfrey-Smith


Peter Godfrey-Smith

The follow-up to the BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week Other Minds A Times and Sunday Times Book of the Year A Waterstones Best Book of 2020 The scuba-diving philosopher explores the origins of animal consciousness. Dip below the ocean's surface and you are soon...

We are the leaders we have been looking for by Eddie S. Glaude

We are the leaders we have been looking for

Eddie S. Glaude

In We Are the Leaders We Have Been Looking For, one of the nation's preeminent scholars and a New York Times bestselling author, Eddie S. Glaude Jr., makes the case that the hard work of becoming a better person should be a critical feature of Black politics....

The gut repair plan by Sarah Di Lorenzo

The gut repair plan

Sarah Di Lorenzo

Easy steps to transform your gut health!Better gut health, better you! Revitalising your gut health can help with bloating, weight-loss, sleep, sugar-cravings, energy, immunity, mental health and a range of treatable diseases. Clinical nutritionist and...

Terre des hommes d'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry by Evelyne Marotte

Terre des hommes d'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Evelyne Marotte

Décryptez Terre des hommes d'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry avec l'analyse du !Que faut-il retenir de Terre des hommes, le récit autobiographique axé sur l'aviation ? Retrouvez tout ce que vous devez savoir sur cette œuvre dans une analyse...

Praying the scriptures for your adult children by Jodie Berndt

Praying the scriptures for your adult children

Jodie Berndt

As parents of adult children, we often worry about whether our children will make good choices when they're on their own. Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children provides you with biblically based prayers and encouraging stories to guide you as you pray...

This book may save your life by Karan Rajan

This book may save your life

Karan Rajan

Brought to you by Penguin. The hilarious, myth-busting survival guide to the human body from TikTok's favourite General Surgeon.Though the odds are stacked against us, the human body has an extraordinary tendency to survive. Here, Dr Karan Rajan explains the...

Good energy by Casey Means

Good energy

Casey Means

Fix your metabolism to feel better today and prevent disease tomorrow. A bold new vision for optimizing our health now and for the future. What if depression, anxiety, infertility, insomnia, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's, dementia, cancer and...

The disquieting death of Emma Gill by Marcia Biederman

The disquieting death of Emma Gill

Marcia Biederman

"In 1898, a group of schoolboys in Bridgeport, Connecticut discovered gruesome packages under a bridge holding the dismembered remains of a young woman. Finding that the dead woman had just undergone an abortion, prosecutors raced to establish her identity...

Rules by Lorraine Daston


Lorraine Daston

"We are, all of us, everywhere, always, enmeshed in a web of rules and constraints. Rules fix the beginning and end of the working day and the school year, direct the ebb and flow of traffic on the roads, dictate who can be married to whom and how, place the...

Terra Nova by Harrison Christian

Terra Nova

Harrison Christian

For a long time it seemed Antarctica would remain the sole holdout in a nearly fully explored world. The approaches were too difficult and dangerous, and the material benefits to the exploring nations were too few ... Far from being a land of plenty, the...

The worst-case scenario survival handbook. Apocalypse by Joshua Piven

The worst-case scenario survival handbook. Apocalypse

Joshua Piven

It's the apocalypse--now what? Prepare for the end of civilization with the help of the world's bestselling survival guide series and learn how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.The doomsday clock is seconds from midnight....

Following Caesar by John Keahey

Following Caesar

John Keahey

In 66 BC, young, ambitious Julius Caesar, seeking recognition and authority, became the curator of the Via Appia. He borrowed significant sums to restore the ancient highway. It was a way to curry favor from Roman citizens in villages along the route, built...

This book is cheaper than therapy by Liz (Psychotherapist) Kelly

This book is cheaper than therapy

Liz (Psychotherapist) Kelly

Tired of feeling like shit but can't afford therapy? Finding a good therapist is hard. Finding a good therapist you vibe with-and who won't break the bank-is even harder. In This Book Is Cheaper Than Therapy, seasoned therapist Liz Kelly brings the therapy...

In my time of dying by Sebastian Junger

In my time of dying

Sebastian Junger

'Mind blowingly brilliant' PHILIPPA PERRY 'Few other writers have such passion for granular detail, intellectual heft and boundless curiosity' THE TIMES 'As suspenseful and pacy as an episode of peak-era ER' GUARDIAN A near-fatal health emergency leads to this...

Worrying is optional by Ben Eckstein

Worrying is optional

Ben Eckstein

We live in an increasingly uncertain world, and if you struggle with worry, you aren't alone. You should also know that there's nothing wrong with worry. Worry happens to all of us-and it can even be helpful at times. But excessive worrying-the kind that keeps...

Simple ways to unwind without alcohol by Rebecca E. (Rebecca Edith) Williams

Simple ways to unwind without alcohol

Rebecca E. (Rebecca Edith) Williams

Soothe stress, unwind, and feel more joyful-without a cocktail, beer, or glass of wine. Are you tired of hangovers? Do you wish you could think more clearly during the day or feel less anxious at night? Are you curious about that #soberlife? Many of us want to...

Hell on the border by Sidney Thompson

Hell on the border

Sidney Thompson

2022 Oklahoma Book Awards Finalist for fiction from the Oklahoma Center for the Book 2021 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist for western fiction 2021 American Book Fest Award Finalist for historical fiction Set in 1884, Hell on the Border tells the...

Your best year ever by Michael Hyatt

Your best year ever

Michael Hyatt

We all want to live a life that matters. We all want to reach our full potential. But too often we find ourselves overwhelmed by the day-to-day. Our big goals get pushed to the back burner--and then, more often than not, they get forgotten.?New York Times? how...

These heavy black bones by Rebecca Achieng Ajulu-Bushell

These heavy black bones

Rebecca Achieng Ajulu-Bushell

*Listed as one of TIME's 18 Black leaders working to end the racial wealth gap* In Kenya the pool was green and surrounded by concrete so hot it burnt the soles of her small feet. She didn't know any different. A decade later she would be double British...

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