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Until the streetlights come on by Ginny Yurich

Until the streetlights come on

Ginny Yurich

It may shock you to learn that we spend an average of four to seven minutes outside each day-while we spend four to seven hours using devices with screens. Needless to say, our physical, mental, emotional, and relational health has suffered. But there is a...

Becoming Ella Fitzgerald by Judith Tick

Becoming Ella Fitzgerald

Judith Tick

Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996) possessed one of the twentieth century's most astonishing voices. Historian Judith Tick offers a sublime portrait of this ambitious risk-taker whose exceptional musical spontaneity made her a transformational artist. Becoming Ella...

All about love by bell hooks

All about love

bell hooks

A New York Times bestseller and enduring classic, All About Love is the acclaimed first volume in feminist icon bell hooks' "Love Song to the Nation" trilogy. All About Love reveals what causes a polarized society, and how to heal the divisions that cause...

The fabulist by Mark Chiusano

The fabulist

Mark Chiusano

From the dogged Long Island reporter who has been on his trail since 2019, the bizarre, page-turning, and frankly hysterical story of America's most outrageous grifter--US Representative George Santos. America has grown used to larger-than-life politicians:...

Goblin mode by McKayla Coyle

Goblin mode

McKayla Coyle

Embrace your inner goblin! Learn to decorate, dress, craft, forage, and live according to the goblin principles of community, diversity, proud weirdness, and joyful mess.Do you ever feel strange, gross, chaotic, underappreciated, or like you don't quite fit...

Freaks Gleeks and Dawson's Creek by Thea Glassman

Freaks Gleeks and Dawson's Creek

Thea Glassman

The untold stories of seven revolutionary teen shows (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, My So-Called Life, Dawson's Creek, Freaks and Geeks, The O.C., Friday Night Lights, and Glee) that shaped the course of modern television and our pop cultural landscape forever....

Against technoableism by Ashley Shew

Against technoableism

Ashley Shew

When Ashley Shew became a self-described "hard-of-hearing chemobrained amputee with Crohn's disease and tinnitus," there was no returning to "normal." Suddenly well-meaning people called her an "inspiration" while grocery shopping or viewed her as a needy...

Call you when I land by Nikki Vargas

Call you when I land

Nikki Vargas

At twenty-six years old, life looked a certain way for Nikki Vargas. She'd settled in New York City ready to join the ranks of the Carrie Bradshaws of the world, had landed in a promising advertising career, and was newly engaged to her college sweetheart. But...

The witching year by Diana Helmuth

The witching year

Diana Helmuth

A skeptic's year-long quest to find spiritual fulfillment through modern Witchcraft, perfect for fans of A.J. Jacobs and Mary Roach.Diana Helmuth, thirty-three, is skeptical of organized religion. She is also skeptical of disorganized religion. But, more than...

Charlie Chaplin vs. America by Scott Eyman

Charlie Chaplin vs. America

Scott Eyman

The remarkable, must-read story of Charlie Chaplin's years of exile from the United States during the postwar Red Scare, and how it ruined his film career, from bestselling biographer Scott Eyman.Bestselling Hollywood biographer and film historian Scott Eyman...

Legitimate kid by Aida Rodriguez

Legitimate kid

Aida Rodriguez

A poignant and moving memoir-in-essays from stand-up comedian Aida Rodriguez on the power of overcoming hardship and transforming pain into laughter.Aida Rodriguez has, to put it mildly, lived a whirlwind life. Her rags to-riches story is mind-blowing: She was...

The deadly rise of anti-science by Peter J. Hotez

The deadly rise of anti-science

Peter J. Hotez

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, one renowned scientist, in his famous bowtie, appeared daily on major news networks such as MSNBC, NPR, the BBC, and others. Dr. Peter J. Hotez often went without sleep, working around the clock to develop a...

I'll just be five more minutes by Emily Farris

I'll just be five more minutes

Emily Farris

A hilariously-honest, heartwarming essay collection about life, love, and discovering you have ADHD at age 35 Despite being a published writer with a family, a gaggle of internet fans, and (most shockingly) a mortgage, Emily Farris could never get her sh*t...

Zorro rides again by Johnston McCulley

Zorro rides again

Johnston McCulley

Zorro Rides Again is the third novella featuring Zorro, the Robin Hood of Old California. Reina de los Angeles is being terrorized by a masked swordsman who marks the faces of his victims with Zorro's trademark Z. But is this the real Zorro' The Governor of...

Why we read by Shannon Reed

Why we read

Shannon Reed

A hilarious and incisive exploration of the joys of reading from a teacher, bibliophile, and Thurber Prize SemifinalistWe read to escape, to learn, to find love, to feel seen. We read to encounter new worlds, to discover new recipes, to find connection across...

Outofshapeworthlessloser by Gracie Gold


Gracie Gold

In this explosive tell-all memoir, an Olympic figure skater reveals her battle to survive mental illness, eating disorders, and the self-destructive voice inside that she calls "outofshapeworthlessloser."When Gracie Gold stepped onto center stage (or ice,...

Four hundred souls

Four hundred souls

Brought to you by Penguin. Four Hundred Souls is an epoch-defining history of African America, the first to appear in a generation, told by ninety leading Black voices.The story begins with the arrival of twenty Ndongo people on the shores of the first British...

Women we buried, women we burned by Rachel Louise Snyder

Women we buried, women we burned

Rachel Louise Snyder

Following the acclaimed No Visible Bruises, a piercing account of the author's childhood in an Evangelic Christian community, her teenage escape, and her career as a reporter at the frontline of the global epidemic of violence against women. Award-winning...

Just friends by Gyan Yankovich

Just friends

Gyan Yankovich

Voice memos, care packages, hours-long phone conversations, treasured traditions that go back decades, glasses held aloft during wedding toasts, hands held at funerals, first cuddles with newborns, work lunches with work wives, taking it to the group chat -...

Great-Uncle Harry by Michael Palin

Great-Uncle Harry

Michael Palin

Brought to you by Penguin.Some years ago a stash of family records was handed down to Michael Palin, among which were photos of an enigmatic young man in army uniform, as well as photos of the same young man as a teenager looking uncomfortable at family...

Hits, flops, and other illusions by Edward Zwick

Hits, flops, and other illusions

Edward Zwick

This heartfelt and wry career memoir from the director of Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai, Legends of the Fall, About Last Night, and Glory, creator of the show thirtysomething, and executive producer of My So-Called Life, gives a dishy, behind-the-scenes look...

The other significant others by Rhaina Cohen

The other significant others

Rhaina Cohen

Why do we assume romantic relationships are more important than friendships? What do we lose when we expect a spouse to meet all our needs? And what can we learn about commitment, love, and family from people who put deep friendship at the center of their...

Messalina by Honor Cargill


Honor Cargill

"The story of Messalina, third wife of the emperor Claudius and one of the most notorious women to have inhabited the Roman world. The image of the empress Messalina as a ruthless, sexually insatiable schemer, derived from the work of Roman historians such as...

Don't give the enemy a seat at your table by Louie Giglio

Don't give the enemy a seat at your table

Louie Giglio

This audiobook edition features exclusive content including a recording of Louie's sermon that inspired this book; an interview with Jay and Katherine Wolf, the authors of Hope Heals and Suffer Strong; and off-script commentary from Louie that expands on his...

The pivot year by Brianna Wiest

The pivot year

Brianna Wiest

This is the year you change your life.There's a saying that when the moment comes, you don't need words on a page, you need new thoughts in your head. When the moment really comes when you have to find your courage, when you have to let go, when you don't know...

Coming out as dalit by Yashica Dutt

Coming out as dalit

Yashica Dutt

Born into a "formerly untouchable manual-scavenging family in small-town India," Yashica Dutt was taught from a young age to not appear "Dalit looking." Although prejudice against Dalits, who compose 25% of the population, has been illegal since 1950,...

The cure for burnout by Emily Ballesteros

The cure for burnout

Emily Ballesteros

Is dread the first thing you feel when you wake up in the morning? Are you working in the evenings and on weekends to catch up? Have you already beat burnout once, only to find it creeping back? If you answered yes to any of these, you're in need of a cure for...

Chokepoint capitalism by Rebecca Giblin

Chokepoint capitalism

Rebecca Giblin

"People are feeling squeezed because of chokepoint capitalism: exploitative businesses creating barriers to competition that let them take over markets and extract an unfair share of value. This book teaches how to spot those chokepoints, and what we can do to...

The things you can see only when you slow down by author Hyemin

The things you can see only when you slow down

author Hyemin

Penguin presents the unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim, read by Sean Pratt. 'Is it the world that's busy, or my mind?' The world moves fast, but that doesn't mean we have to. In this...

Black skin, white masks by Frantz Fanon

Black skin, white masks

Frantz Fanon


Brought to you by Penguin. Frantz Fanon's urgent, dynamic critique of the effects of racism on the psyche is a landmark study of the black experience in a white world. Drawing on his own life and his work as a psychoanalyst to explore how colonialism's...

Dialed in by Dana Sinclair

Dialed in

Dana Sinclair


For readers of Atomic Habits and Grit, a top performance psychologist, who has coached elite athletes, surgeons, and business leaders, shares her proven plan to getting the best results when the pressure is on.What do a major league baseball catcher struggling...

Keeping finance personal by Ellyce Fulmore

Keeping finance personal

Ellyce Fulmore


An intersectional approach to personal finance from queer, neurodivergent personal finance educator and TikToker, Ellyce Fulmore. There's no magic formula for being "good with money." The perfect budgeting spreadsheet or debt repayment plan will never address...

The emerald tablets of Thoth the Atlantean by M. Doreal

The emerald tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

M. Doreal


"The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean: Illustrated" is a captivating edition that unveils the ancient wisdom and esoteric teachings attributed to Thoth, an enigmatic figure often associated with ancient Egyptian mythology. This edition presents the...

The eagle and the lion by Adrian Keith Goldsworthy

The eagle and the lion

Adrian Keith Goldsworthy


The epic story of the imperial rivalry between two of the greatest empires of the ancient world - Parthian and Persian - and how they rose and eventually fell. The Roman empire shaped the culture of the western world against which all other great powers are...

The path of peace by Anthony Seldon

The path of peace

Anthony Seldon


Without a permanent home, a wife or a job, and with no clear sense of where his life was going, Anthony Seldon set out on a 35-day pilgrimage from the French-Swiss border to the English Channel. The route of his 1,000 kilometre journey was inspired by a young...

The padre by Jennifer O'Leary

The padre

Jennifer O'Leary


Today, Tipperary-born priest Patrick Ryan cuts a modest but strong figure, to the layperson. A man of God who has been entrusted with the confessions of hundreds of earnest parishioners. But in fact his story is dark, dramatic, and pivotal to Irish history, on...

Plastics by Alicia Chrysostomou


Alicia Chrysostomou


A decade to save the planet. That's the current call to arms. Targets are set, governments vow to do their bit and on a societal level we are encouraged to do ours by choosing to forego all things plastic. The question is whether this is the right decision or...

The allure of the multiverse by Paul Halpern

The allure of the multiverse

Paul Halpern


The long history of one of physics' most enticing ideas: that the universe we know isn't the only one Our books, our movies-our imaginations-are obsessed with extra dimensions, alternate timelines, and the sense that all we see might not be all there is. In...

Your blueprint for pleasure by author Jaiya

Your blueprint for pleasure

author Jaiya


"Sexologist Jaiya has identified five erotic types that empower people with the understanding that we are each erotically gifted and that our differences are our strengths. Jaiya's framework will help readers bridge the sexual incompatibility gap, become...

Benny the blue whale by Andy Stanton

Benny the blue whale

Andy Stanton


A bestselling author and AI team up to write a novel. Chaos ensues. AI is changing the world at frightening speed. A bestselling author decides to find out more... Is ChatGPT the end of creative industries as we know them? An ethical quagmire from which there...

Groomed by a gang by Ann (Ghostwriter) Cusack

Groomed by a gang

Ann (Ghostwriter) Cusack


Christina O'Connor is the main prosecution witness from the Huddersfield Grooming scandal. In 2017, 11 men were convicted of a staggering 43 offences against her, including 22 counts of rape. In this memoir, Christina will describe how, from being a happy...

The Gilligan tapes by Jason O'Toole

The Gilligan tapes

Jason O'Toole


John Gilligan is no altar boy, by his own admission. One of Ireland's most infamous criminals and drug lords, and widely believed in the court of public opinion to have ordered the cold-blooded murder of crime reporter Veronica Guerin, he remains a defiant...

Chip war by Chris (Research fellow) Miller

Chip war

Chris (Research fellow) Miller


An epic account of the decades-long battle to control the world's most critical resource--microchip technology Power in the modern world - military, economic, geopolitical - is built on a foundation of computer chips. America has maintained its lead as a...

Politics by Rafael Behr


Rafael Behr


On New Year's Eve 2019, Rafael Behr had what is clinically known as a massive bloody heart attack. In part, it was the result of his compulsive relationship with politics, working as a journalist in Westminster, on the front line of bitter information wars....

Poverty, by America by Matthew Desmond

Poverty, by America

Matthew Desmond


The United States is the richest country on earth, yet has more poverty than any other advanced democracy. One in seven Americans live below the poverty line, a line which hasn't shifted over the last fifty years, despite the efforts of successive governments...

Subculture vulture by Moshe Kasher

Subculture vulture

Moshe Kasher


A "hilarious" (Dax Shepard), "surprisingly emotional trip" (The Chainsmokers) through deep American subcultures ranging from Burning Man to Alcoholics Anonymous, by the writer and comedian Moshe Kasher "Moshe Kasher has the rare gift to simultaneously...

Dear sister by Michelle Horton

Dear sister

Michelle Horton


A breathtaking memoir about two sisters and a high-profile case: Nikki Addimando, incarcerated for killing her abuser; and the author, Michelle Horton, left in the devastating fall-out to raise Nikki's young children and to battle the criminal justice system....

Pronounce Maori with confidence by Hoani Niwa

Pronounce Maori with confidence

Hoani Niwa


This audiobook gives you the basics of how to pronounce Maori correctly, while teaching a little of the language used in everyday life. All you need to do is listen! No prior knowledge of Maori is required, and the basics taught here will set you up on your...

I'm not okay & that's okay by Steff Du Bois

I'm not okay & that's okay

Steff Du Bois


Everybody struggles. Whether you're breaking down in tears at the grocery store, on the verge of cussing out your toxic family member or coworker, screaming at cars in traffic, or feeling completely alone and friendless on a Saturday night-we've ALL been...

Heroes, rebels and radicals of convict Australia by Jim Haynes

Heroes, rebels and radicals of convict Australia

Jim Haynes

In Heroes, Rebels and Radicals of Convict Australia, our master storyteller Jim Haynes has collected a fascinating cast of characters who embody the resourcefulness, bravery, defiance, successes and tragedies of the convict era, men and women who forged the...

Stoic at work  by Annie Lawson

Stoic at work

Annie Lawson

Marcus Aurelius's timeless insights into human behaviour show that 2000 years on, not much has changed in the workplace and we could all do well if we focus on what we can control and worry less about things we can't. As head of the Roman empire, he...

The double best method  by Sophie Hannah

The double best method

Sophie Hannah

We create our decisions in our minds ... The decisions we make create our lives ... Learn how to make the very best decisions using the unique 'Double Best' Method, and say goodbye forever to regrets and second-guessing yourself. Most people have no idea how...

Irresistible  by Joshua Paul Dale


Joshua Paul Dale

Why are some things cute, and others not? What happens to our brains when we see something cute? And how did cuteness go global, from Hello Kitty to Disney characters? Cuteness is an area where culture and biology get tangled up. Seeing a cute animal triggers...

Your baby doesn't come with a book  by Daniel Golshevsky

Your baby doesn't come with a book

Daniel Golshevsky

There's no better parent for your baby than you. Dr Daniel Golshevsky (also known as Dr Golly) is a paediatrician and father of three who has spent years working with thousands of babies. Every newborn is different, but he knows that every parent can learn...

The complete Australian guide to pregnancy and birth by Sophie Walker

The complete Australian guide to pregnancy and birth

Sophie Walker

'I wish someone had told me!' It's a phrase uttered by countless women after they give birth for the first time. Here's the audiobook that shares the wisdom of women and their birth stories, so that you can make informed and empowered decisions that are best...

The Dalai Lama's cat and the claw of attraction by David Michie

The Dalai Lama's cat and the claw of attraction

David Michie

The Dalai Lama regarded their flushed, animated faces, his forehead wrinkling. 'The materialist approach', he nodded. 'Seeking to change what you believe to be entirely outside you. It has many problems. For example, why must you constantly postpone your...

Behind the seams  by Dolly Parton

Behind the seams

Dolly Parton

In Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones, global superstar Dolly Parton shares, for the first time, the full story behind her lifelong passion for fashion, including how she developed her own distinctly Dolly style, which has defied convention and endeared...

What by John Cooper Clarke


John Cooper Clarke

Read by the author, John Cooper Clarke. 'Nothing short of dazzling' - Alex Turner Dr John Cooper Clarke's dazzling, scabrous voice has reverberated through pop culture for decades, his influence on generations of performance poets and musicians plain for all...

Joel Selwood  by Joel Selwood

Joel Selwood

Joel Selwood

Joel Selwood's remarkable leadership is well-known across AFL football. Selwood will not only go down in history as an icon of the game - a record breaker - but also as a selfless leader who supported his team through one of the club's most successful periods...

From the heart  by Trent Cotchin

From the heart

Trent Cotchin

When Trent Cotchin was handed the reins of Richmond Football Club's team in 2013, he was a 22-year-old star, skilful and fearlessly hard at the ball. Coming off a Brownlow Medal-winning season, he embraced the captaincy and continued his quest to get the most...

Animal behaviour by John A. Byers

Animal behaviour

John A. Byers

Why do birds have regional accents? Can horses learn maths? What do animals without eyes see? Questions such as these have fascinated scientists and animal lovers alike long before ethology - the study of animal behaviour - became recognised as a science in...

Strengthening the soul of your leadership by R. Ruth Barton

Strengthening the soul of your leadership

R. Ruth Barton


Ruth Haley Barton invites us to an honest exploration of what happens when spiritual leaders lose track of their souls. Weaving together contemporary illustrations with perceptive insight from the life of Moses, Barton explores topics such as facing the...

I want a better catastrophe by Andrew Boyd

I want a better catastrophe

Andrew Boyd


An existential manual for tragic optimists, can-do pessimists, and compassionate doomers With global warming projected to rocket past the 1.5°C limit, lifelong activist Andrew Boyd is thrown into a crisis of hope, and off on a quest to learn how to live with...

The practice of groundedness by Brad Stulberg

The practice of groundedness

Brad Stulberg


Achievement often comes at a cost. Angst, restlessness, frayed relationships, exhaustion, and even substance abuse can be the unwanted side effects of an obsession with outward performance. While the high of occasional wins can keep you going for a while,...

All in by Mike Michalowicz

All in

Mike Michalowicz

The bestselling author of Profit First shows you how to build unstoppable teams where everyone wins.It's never been harder building successful teams. With challenges of work-from-anywhere, flex-schedule and generational divides, business leaders bend over...

12 questions for love by Topaz Adizes

12 questions for love

Topaz Adizes

Could one conversation improve your relationship forever? We all crave connection. But sometimes we need help getting there. By having a conversation with your partner, guided by these thought-provoking questions, you'll discover the strength in having...

The art of taking it easy by Brian (Comedian) King

The art of taking it easy

Brian (Comedian) King

From a psychologist and stand-up comedian comes a practical, yet laugh-out-loud guide to embracing humor to reduce stress and live a happier, fuller life. Dr. Brian King got a degree in psychology before becoming a world-touring comic and the host of humor...

Africa is not a country by Dipo Faloyin

Africa is not a country

Dipo Faloyin

Brought to you by Penguin. Africa Is Not A Country is a kaleidoscopic portrait of modern Africa, that pushes back against harmful stereotypes to tell a more comprehensive story. You already know these stereotypes. So often Africa is depicted simplistically as...

Pru and me by Timothy West

Pru and me

Timothy West

Brought to you by Penguin.The heartwarming, first-hand account of one of the most celebrated partnerships in the history of British entertainment, the 60-year marriage of TImothy West and Prunella Scales.This moving and memorable audiobook is read by Timothy...

The identity trap by Yascha Mounk

The identity trap

Yascha Mounk

Brought to you by Penguin.The origins, consequences and limitations of an ideology that has quickly become highly influential around the world.For much of their history, societies have violently oppressed ethnic, religious and sexual minorities. It is no...

Charles III by Robert Hardman

Charles III

Robert Hardman

Read by the author, Robert Hardman.'A superb, fascinating account of the new King, his court and the first year of his reign. Elegantly written by the most authoritative of royal historians writing today, it is deeply researched, impeccably sourced and filled...

Legacy by Uché Blackstock


Uché Blackstock

One of NPR's 11 Books to Look Forward to in 2024One of Good Morning America's 15 New Books to Read for the New Year"Legacy is both a compelling memoir and an edifying analysis of the inequities in the way we deliver healthcare in America. Uché Blackstock is a...

Going infinite by Michael (Michael M.) Lewis

Going infinite

Michael (Michael M.) Lewis

I asked him how much it would take for him to sell FTX and go do something other than make money. He thought the question over. "One hundred and fifty billion dollars," he finally said-though he added that he had use for "infinity dollars"...'Sam Bankman-Fried...

The hunger habit by Judson Brewer

The hunger habit

Judson Brewer

Eat this not that, count calories, exercise more, use your willpower ... how many of these guilt-laden dieting messages make you feel bad about why it's so hard to manage what and how you eat? Based on over 20 years of clinical research and Dr Brewer's work...

Dear Oliver by Susan R. Barry

Dear Oliver

Susan R. Barry

"Dear Dr. Sacks . . . You asked me if I could imagine what the world would look like when viewed with two eyes. I told you that I thought I could . . . But, I was wrong." When Susan Barry first wrote to Oliver Sacks, she never expected a response, let alone...

Body-confident by Emma Wright


Emma Wright

For too long parents have been given an impossible task: to keep their kids a healthy weight while making sure they love their bodies. In this practical and essential audiobook, body-confidence parenting coach Emma Wright uses current research to put an end to...

The girl who touched the stars by Bonnie Hancock

The girl who touched the stars

Bonnie Hancock

254 days, 12,700 kilometres, sea sickness, sharks, crocodiles and ocean. Bonnie Hancock broke numerous records on her fastest ever circumnavigation by paddle around Australia but that wasn't the achievement she is most proud of. Testing the limits of her...

Helping your anxious child by Ronald M. Rapee

Helping your anxious child

Ronald M. Rapee

At least ten percent of children have excessive fears and worries-phobias, separation anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive-disorder-that can hold them back and keep them from fully enjoying childhood. If your child suffers from any...

Sex with a brain injury by Annie Liontas

Sex with a brain injury

Annie Liontas

For readers of Meghan O'Rourke's The Invisible Kingdom, Esme Weijun Wang's The Collected Schizophrenias, and Melissa Febos's Girlhood, a powerful and deeply personal memoir in essays that sheds light on the silent epidemic of head trauma.Annie Liontas suffered...

The negativity fast by Anthony Iannarino

The negativity fast

Anthony Iannarino

Learn to transform your perspective and lead with positivity In The Negativity Fast: Proven Techniques to Increase Positivity, Reduce Fear, and Boost Success, sales leader and strategist Anthony Iannarino delivers an exciting and effective new take on creating...

Enough is enough by David E. Clarke

Enough is enough

David E. Clarke

You need to get to safety. Now. When the abuse starts, that's when you know enough is enough. It's time to find a haven somewhere else. There will be a chance down the road to assess where your marriage is headed in the long term. No one is saying divorce is...

Anxiously ever after by Clint Edwards

Anxiously ever after

Clint Edwards

In this poignant memoir that is both laugh-out-loud funny, and sniffle inducing, Clint Edwards explores his lifelong struggle with mental illness in the shadow of his father's battle with the opioid epidemic and his mother's undiagnosed mental illness. From...

Sleeping on Islands by Andrew Motion

Sleeping on Islands

Andrew Motion

Andrew Motion has been close to the centres of British poetry for over fifty years. Sleeping on Islands is his clear-sighted and open-hearted account of this remarkable career. It takes us from scenes of a teenage home-life coloured by tragedy and silence -...

Decode your fatigue by Alex (Author of Decode your fatigue) Howard

Decode your fatigue

Alex (Author of Decode your fatigue)...

Get to the root cause of your chronic fatigue diagnosis and discover a clinically proven 12-step plan to healing, recovery and transformation. Living with fatigue can feel hopeless and confusing, with traditional medical approaches focusing on managing...

Praying like monks, living like fools by Tyler Staton

Praying like monks, living like fools

Tyler Staton

Prayer doesn't begin with you; it begins with Jesus. Paul wrote, "Christ Jesus who died--more than that, who was raised to life--is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us" (Romans 8:34). Interceding. That's what Jesus is doing right now. He is...

Perfect by Rosalind (Rosalind Clair) Gill


Rosalind (Rosalind Clair) Gill

Social media is replete with images of 'perfection'. But many are unrealistic and contribute to a pervasive sense of never being good enough: not thin enough; not pretty enough; not cool enough. Try too hard and you risk being condemned for being...

One-armed Jack by Sarah Bax Horton

One-armed Jack

Sarah Bax Horton

This highly revelatory book, based on original research and completely new analysis, presents a compelling new suspect as the most notorious serial killer of all time. Using a different analytical approach, for the first time, Sarah Bax Horton identifies a...

What it takes by Sarina Wiegman

What it takes

Sarina Wiegman

Winning strategies of one of football's most successful coaches As FIFA's most decorated female football manager and a former player, Sarina Wiegman has led both the Netherlands and England women's national teams to historic victories. She stands out as a true...

I survived capitalism and all I got was this lousy t-shirt by Madeline Pendleton

I survived capitalism and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

Madeline Pendleton

Imagine a job where you work four days a week and earn as much as the CEO. You also get full benefits, a gym membership, free lunch, and unlimited time off, no questions asked. Hard-won profits don't just end up in the CEO's pocket--they're distributed equally...

The governor by Vanessa Frake

The governor

Vanessa Frake

THE SUNDAY TIMES TOP TEN BESTSELLER As seen on This Morning Back in the day, I was Governor of Security and Operations for HMP Wormwood Scrubs. If you're easily shocked or offended, you best look away now... Having worked for 16 years in a high-security...

Damn this war! by Julie Hankey

Damn this war!

Julie Hankey

The love story of Zippa and Tony is nothing without the context of the Second World War. The war introduced them - they met as blackout wardens in London. It gave them darkened streets to wander in, hand in hand, then, by sending Tony away to officer training...

Carl Frampton by Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton

Belfast's Carl 'The Jackal' Frampton MBE is no ordinary boxer. One of only three fighters from the British Isles to be named the Ring magazine Fighter of the Year, he has headlined sellout world championship bouts on both sides of the Atlantic, winning...

Ayres on the air. Series 1-6

Ayres on the air. Series 1-6

Writer, poet, and broadcaster Pam Ayres has been making her fans smile for more than 30 years, since her first television appearance on Opportunity Knocks. Now some of her best sketches, verses and songs are brought together in this complete collection of...

Dinner with Joseph Johnson by Daisy Hay

Dinner with Joseph Johnson

Daisy Hay

Brought to you by Penguin.A portrait of a radical age via the writers who gather around a publisher's dining table - from William Wordsworth to Mary WollstonecraftOnce a week, in late eighteenth-century London, writers of contrasting politics and personalities...

Gastric band hypnosis for weight loss

Gastric band hypnosis for weight loss

How to Lose Weight Fast, Without Undergoing Expensive Procedures and Diets...Are you overwhelmed by constant dieting that doesn't give you obvious results? Do you have the psychological and emotional issues that lead you to overeat? "Gastric Band Hypnosis for...

Girls just wanna have impact funds by Camilla Falkenberg

Girls just wanna have impact funds

Camilla Falkenberg

What if building your own personal wealth didn't have to come at the expense of the planet?Put your money where your mouth is when it comes to handling your finances and join the Female Invest trio on a mission to investigate sustainable stocks and funds,...

Filterworld by Kyle Chayka


Kyle Chayka

What happens when our cultural and artistic lives are dictated to us by an algorithm? What does it mean when shareability supersedes innovation? How can we make a choice when the options have been so carefully arranged for us? From coffee shops to city grids...

The counterfeit countess by Elizabeth White

The counterfeit countess

Elizabeth White

We are all too familiar with the stories of Jews who were tortured and killed in concentration camps throughout the Third Reich. But less is known about the persecution of Polish prisoners housed in Majdanek, a concentration and extermination camp on the...

The godfather of British crime by Freddie Foreman

The godfather of British crime

Freddie Foreman

To Britain's criminal underworld, Freddie Foreman is the Godfather. Held responsible for the gangland killings of Ginger Marks and Frank 'The Mad Axeman' Mitchell, he was the punisher to those who broke the underworld's strict code of conduct. Foreman's...

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