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Muse of fire  by Michael Korda

Muse of fire

Michael Korda

"His epic narrative begins with Rupert Brooke, "the handsomest young man in England" and perhaps its most famous young poet in the halcyon days of the Edwardian Age, and ends five years later with Wilfred Owen, killed in action at twenty-five, only one week...

Double exposure  by Robert Sullivan

Double exposure

Robert Sullivan

"A personal exploration of the American West and the work of one of America's greatest photographers. Timothy O'Sullivan is America's most famous war photographer. You know his work even if you don't know his name: A Harvest of Death, taken at Gettysburg, is...

The road to Jonestown  by Jeff Guinn

The road to Jonestown

Jeff Guinn

"In the 1950s, a young Indianapolis minister named Jim Jones preached a curious blend of the gospel and Marxism. His congregation was racially mixed, and he was a leader in the early civil rights movement. Eventually, Jones moved his church, Peoples Temple, to...

Lucky  by Louise Thompson


Louise Thompson

"A powerful and inspiring life story of survival and endurance from hugely popular star of TV and Instagram. How do you learn to live again when you've danced with death? Louise's road to having a baby was far from easy, suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage...

The showman  by Simon Shuster

The showman

Simon Shuster

"Time correspondent Simon Shuster chronicles the life and leadership of Volodymyr Zelensky from the dressing rooms of his variety shows to the muddy trenches of Ukraine's war with Russia. Based on four years of reporting; extensive travels with President...

Traveling solo  by Diana E. Williams

Traveling solo

Diana E. Williams

"After years of battling a mysterious illness, Diana Williams chose to end her life. This extraordinary and intimate memoir, written in the months before her death, bravely explores the profound question: How much suffering is enough? For three decades,...

Breakthrough  by Ahmed Zakaria Hankir


Ahmed Zakaria Hankir

"This is a book about mental health but it's not another book about mental health. This one is different. It is from the dual perspectives of mental healthcare provider i.e., an NHS psychiatrist and a mental healthcare receiver i.e., psychiatric patient. The...

Nine lives and counting  by Duane (Duane Lee) Chapman

Nine lives and counting

Duane (Duane Lee) Chapman

"In his riveting follow up to two New York Times bestsellers, bounty hunter and reality television star Duane "Dog" Chapman reveals the story of how God redeemed his life and gave him renewed purpose and along the way recounts the adventures and exploits that...

The woodland year  by Ben Law

The woodland year

Ben Law

"Packed with stunning colour photographs, The Woodland Year is an intimate month-by-month journey through Ben Law's yearly cycle of work, his naturally attuned lifestyle and his deep understanding of the wood in which he lives. Each month includes guest...

Barry Cryer  by Bob Cryer

Barry Cryer

Bob Cryer

"'I don't know how long I've got left . I don't even buy green bananas anymore'. When the legendary comedian Barry Cryer died in January 2022, there was a vast outpouring of grief, appreciation and anecdotes - from the general public and fellow comics alike....

Suddenly single at sixty  by Jo Peck

Suddenly single at sixty

Jo Peck

"Dumped by her husband of twenty-five years, Jo Peck-smart, successful and sixty-is totally floored. There's the complete bombshell of the news, the cliche of a younger woman-a much younger woman-there's the disappointment of cancelled retirement travel plans,...

Faces of evil  by Dominic Utton

Faces of evil

Dominic Utton

"Uncover the chilling true stories behind some of history's most monstrous murderers. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley Ted Bundy, Harold Shipman – these notorious names represent the worst of humanity, men and women who are driven by an urge to kill, and kill again....

Justice at trial  by James J Brosnahan

Justice at trial

James J Brosnahan

"Follow a trial lawyers career through the demanding, often controversial, and suspenseful world of jury trials, tension-filled appeals and the different worlds of courtrooms, jail cells, corporate boardrooms, and law firms. Each of the cases in the nineteen...

The doctor was a woman  by Chris Enss

The doctor was a woman

Chris Enss

"The long-awaited follow up title to Chris Enss's bestselling Doctor Wore Petticoats, profiles 10 new female physicians of the Old West, published in time for Women's History Month. Given the media coverage during the 2020 pandemic, the celebration of the...

Turning the tide  by Michelle Ford

Turning the tide

Michelle Ford

"Against the backdrop of the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan, the 1980 Moscow Olympics was always going to be political. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser wanted Australia's Olympic athletes to boycott the Games, in line with the USA, but many of...

Whiskey tender  by Deborah Jackson Taffa

Whiskey tender

Deborah Jackson Taffa

"Whiskey Tender is a memoir of family and survival, coming-of-age on and off the reservation, and the frictions between being raised to strive towards the American dream while also coming into an understanding of how the narratives of the Quechan Nation and...

Weighted down  by Cam Cobb

Weighted down

Cam Cobb

"Skip Spence was a soldier, a rock star, a folkie, an innovator, an addict, a cult phenomenon and a ward of the state. The cast of characters in his story include some of the biggest stars in music: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young and many more. His...

Veiled threat  by Nadeine Asbali

Veiled threat

Nadeine Asbali

"Nadeine Asbali would be the first to say that a scarf on a woman's head doesn't define her, but in her case, that's a lie. Nadeine's life changed overnight. As a mixed-race teenager, she had unknowingly been passing as white her entire life: until she decided...

That Peckham boy  by Kenny Imafidon

That Peckham boy

Kenny Imafidon

"Two days after his eighteenth birthday, Kenny Imafidon was charged with the murder of a seventeen-year-old boy in south-east London. The middle child of a single mother with ambitions for her children, Kenny grew up near an estate in Peckham where deprivation...

Rod Stewart  by Sean Egan

Rod Stewart

Sean Egan

"For some, Rod Stewart embodies all of the conceit and narcissism that susceptible egos are prone to once they make it big in the music industry. Even if that were true, however, that wouldn't change the fact that he is responsible for some of the greatest...

One way back  by Christine Blasey Ford

One way back

Christine Blasey Ford

"The compelling true story behind the testimony that awed the nation On September 27, 2018, Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee which was considering the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court....

Namesake  by N. S. Nuseibeh


N. S. Nuseibeh

"A collection of essays exploring what it means to be a young secular Muslim woman today by N.S. Nuseibeh who reflects on her ancestor Nusayba, the only woman warrior to have fought alongside the Prophet. I may not be brave enough, but somewhere deep inside of...

Medgar & Myrlie  by Joy-Ann Reid

Medgar & Myrlie

Joy-Ann Reid

"Myrlie Louise Beasley met Medgar Evers on her first day of college. They fell in love at first sight, married just one year later, and Myrlie left school to focus on their growing family. Medgar became the field secretary for the Mississippi branch of the...

Lena Horne  by Donald Bogle

Lena Horne

Donald Bogle

"From Turner Classic Movies and Donald Bogle, the award-winning author and leading authority on Black cinema history, this is a comprehensive and lavish biography of Hollywood's first African American movie goddess"--Publisher's description.

Ghosted  by Nancy French


Nancy French

"A riveting look inside a life of poverty, success, and the inner circles of political influence--from the foothills of Appalachia all the way to the White House.New York Times bestselling ghostwriter Nancy French is coming out of the shadows to tell her own...

Disability intimacy

Disability intimacy

"The much-anticipated follow up to the groundbreaking anthology Disability Visibility: another revolutionary collection of first-person writing on the joys and challenges of the modern disability experience, and intimacy in all its myriad forms. What is...

Coming out as Dalit  by Yashica Dutt

Coming out as Dalit

Yashica Dutt

"Born into a "formerly untouchable manual-scavenging family in small-town India," Yashica Dutt was taught from a young age to not appear "Dalit looking." Although prejudice against Dalits, who compose 25% of the population, has been illegal since 1950,...

The Black period  by Hafizah Geter

The Black period

Hafizah Geter

"Hafizah Augustus Geter disrupts the myths of America's origins and contemporary America through her experiences as the queer Nigerian-born daughter of a Muslim Nigerian woman and a Black American man from a Southern Baptist family in Jim Crow Alabama. A...

I heard her call my name  by Lucy Sante

I heard her call my name

Lucy Sante

"For a long time, Lucy Sante felt unsure of her place. Born in Belgium, the only child of conservative working-class Catholic parents who transplanted their little family to the United States, she felt at home only when she moved to New York City in the early...

Life on delay  by John (Atlantic senior editor) Hendrickson

Life on delay

John (Atlantic senior editor) Hendr...

"In the fall of 2019, John Hendrickson wrote a groundbreaking story for The Atlantic about Joe Biden's decades-long journey with stuttering, as well as his own. The article went viral, reaching readers around the world and altering the course of Hendrickson's...

Touching the art  by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

Touching the art

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

"Taking the form of a self-directed research project, Sycamore recounts the legacy of her fraught relationship with her late grandmother, an abstract artist from Baltimore who encouraged Mattilda as a young artist, then disparaged Mattilda's work as "vulgar"...

Style  by Norman Parkinson


Norman Parkinson

"Meet the man who invented style. Through his beautiful photographs for British, American, French and Australian Vogue magazines, Norman Parkinson defined the way we saw fashion in 20th century, from the New Look of 1950s Paris to the Swinging Sixties in...

Women and the piano  by Susan Tomes

Women and the piano

Susan Tomes

"Women are an essential part of the history of the piano--but how many women pianists can you name? Throughout most of the piano's history, women pianists lacked access to formal training and were excluded from male-dominated performance spaces. Even the...

Ferocious ambition  by Robert Dance

Ferocious ambition

Robert Dance

"Robert Dance's new evaluation of Joan Crawford looks at her entire career and-while not ignoring her early years and tempestuous personal life-focuses squarely on her achievements as an actress, and as a woman who mastered the studio system with a rare...

Hidden histories  by Tim Rayborn

Hidden histories

Tim Rayborn

"Discover the little-known facts about some of the world's greatest historical figures. We all know what was written in the history books. There are some stories we've heard a hundred times--but often our understanding of these events and people is narrow....

An Amerikan family  by Santi Elijah Holley

An Amerikan family

Santi Elijah Holley

"For over fifty years, the Shakurs have inspired generations of activists, scholars, and music fans. Whether founding one of the most notorious Black Panther chapters in the country, spearheading community-based healthcare, or engaging in armed struggle with...

3D street art  by Erni Vales

3D street art

Erni Vales

"Showcasing art by some of the best-known 3D street artists from around the world, this groundbreaking book, curated by one of the innovators of the movement, Erni Vales, brings together stunning images from those who have defined it"--Publisher's description.

The argonauts  by Maggie Nelson

The argonauts

Maggie Nelson

"A genre-bending memoir, a work of 'autotheory' offering fresh, fierce, and timely thinking about desire, identity, and the limitations and possibilities of love and language. It binds an account of Nelson's relationship with her fluidly gendered partner and a...

The ballad of Speedball Baby  by Ali Smith

The ballad of Speedball Baby

Ali Smith

"The Ballad of Speedball Baby is the thrilling, darkly hilarious, and heart-wrenchingly vulnerable story of Ali Smith's coming-of-age in '90s New York as she commits to the messy, exhilarating life of a musician and must survive the slings and arrow society...

Here's to life and all that jazz  by Dave MacCalman

Here's to life and all that jazz

Dave MacCalman

"Dave MacCalman is a jazz lover, a gold medal winning Paralympian, and a marathon champion with domestic and world records. He has filled his 60-plus years with energy and adventure. In 1980, Dave's future was already looking bright, and he was on track to...

Gun barons  by John Bainbridge

Gun barons

John Bainbridge

"Love them or hate them, guns are woven deeply into the American soul. Names like Colt, Smith & Wesson, Winchester, and Remington are legendary. Yet few people are aware of the roles these men played at a crucial time in United States history, from westward...

First things  by Harry Ricketts

First things

Harry Ricketts

"In First Things, Harry Ricketts chronicles his early life through the lens of 'firsts': those moments that can hold their detail and potency across a lifetime. Set mostly in Hong Kong and Oxford, these bright fragments include the places, people, writers,...

Consolations of insignificance  by Terence O'Brien

Consolations of insignificance

Terence O'Brien

"Terence O'Brien was a born diplomat - urbane, clever, adaptable and hardworking, with a talent for strategy and negotiation. Although born in England, he was a loyal and dedicated New Zealander and spent most of his life working to improve the country's...

Ans Westra  by Paul Moon

Ans Westra

Paul Moon

"The photographer Ans Westra, who died in 2023, took hundreds of thousands of images over her long career. Together, those images constitute what is arguably a photo album of Aotearoa. Her dedication and determination sometimes came at a cost but she was...

Missing persons  by Clair Wills

Missing persons

Clair Wills

"When Clair Wills was in her twenties, she discovered she had a cousin she had never met. Born in a mother-and-baby home in 1950s Ireland, Mary grew up in an institution not far from the farm where Clair spent happy childhood summers. Yet Clair was never told...

The Warren Buffett way  by Robert G. Hagstrom

The Warren Buffett way

Robert G. Hagstrom

"Warren Buffett remains one of the most sought-after and watched figures in business today. He has become a billionaire and investment sage by buying chunks of companies and holding onto them, managing them as businesses, and eventually reaping huge profits...

Hana  by Hana Assafiri


Hana Assafiri

"Hana Assafiri is a much-loved and revered social activist and radical entrepreneur. Through the medium of food and dining in her renowned Moroccan Soup Bar, she has worked tirelessly to rectify the systemic and social barriers to women's empowerment. Hana's...

Touch the future  by John Lee Clark

Touch the future

John Lee Clark

"In a series of paradigm-shifting essays, Clark reports on seismic developments within the DeafBlind community and challenges the limitations of sighted and hearing norms. In "Against Access," he interrogates the prevailing advocacy for "accessibility" that...

Make your own rules  by Andrew (Musician) Huang

Make your own rules

Andrew (Musician) Huang

"How does a musician with acute hearing loss, a refusal to perform live, and no industry connections carve a path to millions of followers and lucrative royalty checks? In Make Your Own Rules, Andrew Huang shares stories from his two decades as a music...

The money kings  by Daniel Schulman

The money kings

Daniel Schulman

"The saga of the German-Jewish immigrants-with now familiar names like Goldman and Sachs, Kuhn and Loeb, Lehman and Seligman-who built the modern American finance system and shaped the world economy, from the New York Times bestselling author of Sons of...

Escapades in Fiji  by Graeme (Missionary) Smith

Escapades in Fiji

Graeme (Missionary) Smith

"Graeme and Pam were missionaries with World Vision International in Africa and Papua New Guinea for ten years before returning to Snells Beach, New Zealand with their four children in 1986. Four years later the children had all left home and God spoke to...

Songs on the Journey  by Robin (Lyricist) McKenzie

Songs on the Journey

Robin (Lyricist) McKenzie

"Travelling almost unpassable roads, living in remote mountain villages, learning an unwritten language, entering a culture utterly different from the one they had left behind, Robin and Delwyn McKenzie had no idea what adventures awaited when they set out...



"The Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher first visited Italy in the 1920s before settling in Rome, where he lived for 12 years, until 1935. This Roman period had a strong influence on all his later work, which saw him prolific in the production of lithographs and...

You never know  by Tom Selleck

You never know

Tom Selleck

"An American icon and famed actor brings us on his uncharted but serendipitous journey to the top in Hollywood, clearing up misconceptions; sharing dozens of never-before-told stories from both his personal and professional lives; and offering a truly fresh...

The Butcher of Poland  by Garry O'Connor

The Butcher of Poland

Garry O'Connor

"The definitive biography of one of the most sinister men of the twentieth century. The life of the Bavarian Hans Frank, one of the ten war criminals hanged at Nuremburg in 1946, who converted to Catholicism before he died, has not received the full attention...

The life and loves of a he devil  by Graham Norton

The life and loves of a he devil

Graham Norton

"Graham Norton has been entertaining audiences and having fun with some of the world's biggest stars for nearly twenty years. He is loved across the nation for his delight in the peculiar and for his ability to find humour and a common ground in all that life...

Letters to the midwife  by Jennifer Worth

Letters to the midwife

Jennifer Worth

"When the CALL THE MIDWIFE books became bestsellers, Jennifer Worth was inundated with correspondence. People felt moved to write to her because the books had touched them, and because they wanted to share memories of the world her books described, the East...

Unsung  by Kate Ceberano


Kate Ceberano

"A beautiful illustrated memoir from beloved Australian musician Kate Ceberano, featuring her inspirational song lyrics, stories, paintings and embroidery, and celebrating four decades of songwriting and recording on the release of her 30th album. Kate...

More than we expected  by James G. (Author) Robinson

More than we expected

James G. (Author) Robinson

""No matter how much I enjoyed parenthood, I found myself having to accept its fundamental truth: that nothing ever turns out quite as you'd expect." It was a journey that most parents would hope to avoid: a son born with a congenital heart defect, a fateful...

Living with a serial killer  by Delia Balmer

Living with a serial killer

Delia Balmer

"When Delia Balmer entered into a relationship with the attentive John Sweeney, she had no idea he was a serial killer. At first he was caring but over the course of their relationship he became violent and controlling. On more than one occasion he held Delia...

The other side  by Jennifer Higgie

The other side

Jennifer Higgie

"It's not so long ago that a woman's expressed interest in other realms would have ruined her reputation, or even killed her. And yet spiritualism, in various incarnations, has influenced numerous men - including lauded modernist artists such as Wassily...

I cannot control everything forever  by Emily C. Bloom

I cannot control everything forever

Emily C. Bloom

"An eloquent and intimate debut memoir about navigating the gap between expectation and reality in modern motherhood. I Cannot Control Everything Forever is Emily Bloom’s journey towards and through motherhood, a path that has become, for the average woman,...

The Blues Brothers  by Daniel De Visé

The Blues Brothers

Daniel De Visé

"The story of the epic friendship between John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, the golden era of improv, and the making of a comedic film classic that helped shape our popular culture. "They're not going to catch us," Dan Aykroyd, as Elwood Blues, tells his brother...

Rabbit heart  by Kristine S. Ervin

Rabbit heart

Kristine S. Ervin

"Kristine S. Ervin was just eight years old when her mother, Kathy Sue Engle, was abducted from an Oklahoma mall parking lot and violently murdered in an oil field. First, there was grief. Then the desire to know: what happened to her, what she felt in her...

Shirley  by Shirley Sherwood


Shirley Sherwood

"Shirley--the Life of a Botanical Adventurer is the story of Dr Shirley Sherwood, a remarkable woman who, after studying biology at Oxford, spent twelve years working as a research scientist and key member of the Nobel Prize-winning team which developed...

The atlas of true crime  by Nancy J. Hajeski

The atlas of true crime

Nancy J. Hajeski

"Offers a wide-ranging perspective of the criminal underworld from the 1850s to the present, providing illustrated histories of dozens of infamous individuals who have left their mark on society — in the darkest ways possible"--Publisher's description.

Nothing significant to report  by Dario Nustrini

Nothing significant to report

Dario Nustrini

"Laugh-out-loud yarns from a soldier in the New Zealand Army In 2011, a young Dario Nustrini pulled up at Waiouru Military Camp. Raring to go, he had visions of shooting guns, riding tanks and jumping out of planes. But the reality of his six years in the NZ...

When I was your age  by Kenan Thompson

When I was your age

Kenan Thompson

"When I Was Your Age is a hilarious, heartwarming and surprising ode to growing up, getting older and wiser, and luck, life, and learning from the school of hard knocks, from SNL's longest-serving actor, Kenan Thompson. Kenan Thompson is Saturday Night Live's...

Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko

"This illustrated catalog is published to accompany the retrospective exhibition devoted to American artist Mark Rothko, curated by Suzanne Pagé and the artist's son, Christopher Rothko. The show will feature over one hundred works. Born Markus Rothkowitz in...

Holly's hell  by Holly Deane-Johns

Holly's hell

Holly Deane-Johns

"At the age of 29, Holly Deane-Johns was found guilty of attempting to post 15 grams of heroin to Australia from Bangkok. She narrowly avoided the death penalty but received a 31-year prison sentence. She spent seven years in a notorious Thai women's prison,...

While you were out  by Meg Kissinger

While you were out

Meg Kissinger

"From award-winning journalist Meg Kissinger, a searing memoir of a family besieged by mental illness, as well as an incisive exploration of the systems that failed them and a testament to the love that sustained them. Growing up in the 1960s in the suburbs of...

The sister  by Sung-Yoon Lee

The sister

Sung-Yoon Lee

"Kim Yo Jong is the sister of North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and, as their murderous regime's chief propagandist, internal administrator, and foreign policymaker, she is the most powerful woman in North Korean history. The Sister, written by...

Differ we must  by Steve Inskeep

Differ we must

Steve Inskeep

"From journalist and historian Steve Inskeep, a compelling and nuanced exploration of the political acumen of Abraham Lincoln via sixteen encounters before and during his presidency, bringing to light not only the strategy of a great politician who inherited a...

Candy Darling  by Cynthia Carr

Candy Darling

Cynthia Carr

""From acclaimed biographer Cynthia Carr, the first full portrait of queer icon and Warhol superstar Candy Darling"--"--Publisher's description.

Drag Queen of Scots  by Lawrence Chaney

Drag Queen of Scots

Lawrence Chaney

"The hilarious memoir from everyone's favourite Scottish drag queen and winner of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, Lawrence Chaney. Lawrence Chaney has wowed audiences across the globe as the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race UK. From the tiny town of Helensburgh, near...

David Whippy of Nantucket  by Rondo B. B.  author. Me

David Whippy of Nantucket

Rondo B. B. author. Me

In 1825 the young David Whippy, a native of Nantucket, found himself stranded on Bau Island, the home of the most powerful chief in the Fiji Islands. Unlike many of his contemporaries who returned to their homes, David chose to stay and carve out a life for...

Underclass  by Jessica Taylor


Jessica Taylor

"Dr Jessica Taylor grew up on a council estate where brutality and coercion were normalised, and where substance abuse was a day-to-day occurrence. Now one of the UK's most spirited advocates for women's rights, and a leading chartered psychologist helping...

High on living : 01

High on living : 01

"HIGH ON LIVING - RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR DESIGN VOL. 01 presents living spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable. They incorporate various styles, materials, and technologies to create personalized spaces that reflect...

Hunting the falcon  by John Guy

Hunting the falcon

John Guy

"The story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn is one of the most remarkable in history: a long courtship followed by a shotgun wedding and then a coronation, ending just short of three years later when a husband's passion turned to such hatred that he simply wanted...

Family portraits

Family portraits

"The impressionist artists accorded great importance to family life; this book celebrates their portrayals of their mothers, wives, and children in intimate scenes together. The impressionist masters were known for their close relationships; peers, family, art...

Penny Wong  by Margaret Simons

Penny Wong

Margaret Simons

"Senator Penny Wong is an extraordinary Australian politician. Resolute, self-possessed and a penetrating thinker on subjects from climate change to foreign affairs, she is admired by members of parliament and the public from across the political divide. In...

Know your place  by Faiza Shaheen

Know your place

Faiza Shaheen

"At four years old, Dr Faiza Shaheen was told by her mum that one day she would study at the University of Oxford. As the daughter of a car mechanic attending state schools, the odds were low, but she worked hard and succeeded. Today, she's a leading...

I'm not a film star

I'm not a film star

"The first collection dedicated to David Bowie's acting career shows that his film characterisations and performance styles shift and reform as decoratively as his musical personas. Though he was described as the most influential pop artist of the 20th...

Jews in the garden  by Judy Rakowsky

Jews in the garden

Judy Rakowsky

"Investigative journalist Judy Rakowsky and her elderly cousin Sam, a Holocaust survivor, never knew what happened to their family during the Holocaust. All they knew was that their relatives were hidden away from the Nazis by neighbors, and then they were...

The making of a king  by Robert Hardman

The making of a king

Robert Hardman

"No British monarch has had a tougher act to follow. Now, after seventy years of waiting and preparation, King Charles III is not just the head of the most famous family in the world. He is the custodian of a thousand-year-old institution that must redefine...

If you can't take the heat  by Geraldine DeRuiter

If you can't take the heat

Geraldine DeRuiter

"From the James Beard Award-winning blogger behind The Everywhereist come hilarious, searing essays on how food and cooking stoke the flames of her feminism. When celebrity chef Mario Batali sent out an apology letter for the sexual harassment allegations made...

Diana  by Glenys Johnson


Glenys Johnson

"A style icon, a trendsetter, a princess: Lady Diana epitomised 80s and 90s style. With a well-earned place in the fashion hall of fame, Diana's style choices have influenced decades of style. From her ultimate 80s wedding dress to her off-duty sporty looks,...

Agent Zo  by Clare Mulley

Agent Zo

Clare Mulley

"This is the incredible story of Elzbieta Zawacka, the WW2 female resistance fighter known as Agent Zo. Agent Zo was the only woman to reach London from Warsaw during the Second World War as an emissary of the Polish Home Army command, and then in Britain she...

The Baroness  by Hannah Rothschild

The Baroness

Hannah Rothschild

"A Rothschild by birth and a Baroness by marriage, beautiful, spirited Pannonica - known as Nica - seemed to have it all: children, a handsome husband and a trust fund. But in the early 1950s she heard a piece by the jazz legend Thelonious Monk. The music...

Fenoga Tāoga Niue i Aotearoa = Niue heritage journey in Aotearoa

Fenoga Tāoga Niue i Aotearoa = Niue heritage journey in Aotearoa

Celebrating the 30 – year journey of Falepipi he Mafola Niuean Handcraft Group Inc, based in Ōtāhuhu since 1993. Featuring projects and treasures made by Falepipi he Mafola Niuean Handcraft Group Inc, this exhibition honours over 50 loved ones who have since...

My girl  by Michelle Hadaway

My girl

Michelle Hadaway

"The first and only insider's account of the Babes in the Wood, one of Britain's most shocking and disturbing murder cases. On Thursday 9th October 1986, Michelle Hadaway's worst fears came true. After watching her daughter Karen playing in the neighbour's...

What my bones know  by Stephanie Foo

What my bones know

Stephanie Foo

"By age thirty, Stephanie Foo was successful on paper: She had her dream job as an award-winning radio producer at This American Life and a loving boyfriend. But behind her office door, she was having panic attacks and sobbing at her desk every morning. After...

Charlie Hustle  by Keith O'Brien

Charlie Hustle

Keith O'Brien

"A page-turning work of narrative nonfiction chronicling the incredible story of one of America's most iconic, charismatic, and still polarizing figures, baseball immortal Pete Rose; and an exquisite cultural history of baseball and America in the second half...

April fool's day  by Bryce Courtenay

April fool's day

Bryce Courtenay

Bryce Courtenay's moving tribute to his son, Damon. Damon Courtenay died on the morning of April Fool's Day. In this tribute to his son, Bryce Courtenay lays bare the suffering behind this young man's life. Damon's story is one of life-long struggle, his love...

Artists who changed history  by George Bray

Artists who changed history

George Bray

"This stunning visual celebration of the world's most celebrated artists tells the fascinating stories of their lives and works. Lavishly illustrated with portraits of each artist, alongside photographs of their homes and studios, and personal artefacts,...

Because I'm not myself, you see  by Ariane Beeston

Because I'm not myself, you see

Ariane Beeston

"Ariane Beeston is a child protection worker and newly registered psychologist when she gives birth to her first child - and very quickly begins to experience scary breaks with reality. Out of fear and shame, she keeps her delusions and hallucinations secret,...

Show up  by Tammy Hembrow

Show up

Tammy Hembrow

"Have you ever wondered what you could achieve if you knew how to show up as your best, strongest self every day? Once you discover Tammy's tools and tips for happiness and success, you'll see it's possible to achieve your dreams - it's all about how you show...

The many lives of Mama Love  by Lara Love Hardin

The many lives of Mama Love

Lara Love Hardin

"Reading was her first addiction; but then came opiates. And so, despite the appearances of a perfect picket fence life, Lara steals credit cards and goes through people's mail, raiding identities to sustain her addiction until eventually she finds herself in...

Truths, half truths and little white lies  by Nick Frost

Truths, half truths and little white lies

Nick Frost

"'No life can really be all black, right? Even during the darkest times, what got me through that bleakness was laughter and time. With enough of both of these things I reckon you could get over just about anything.' Nick Frost burst onto our screens in a...

My thirty-minute bar mitzvah  by Denis Hirson

My thirty-minute bar mitzvah

Denis Hirson

"A moving, witty memoir about a Jewish childhood in apartheid-era South Africa. "There were three other people present, or five, depending on whom one chooses to include... The ceremony lasted precisely thirty minutes, as had been agreed on well in advance,...

The pirate king  by Sean Kingsley

The pirate king

Sean Kingsley

"Henry Avery of Devon pillaged a fortune from a Mughal ship off the coast of India and then vanished into thin air--and into legend. More ballads, plays, biographies and books were written about Avery's adventures than any other pirate. His contemporaries...

Fi  by Alexandra Fuller


Alexandra Fuller

"From the award-winning New York Times-bestselling author, Alexandra Fuller, comes a career defining memoir about grieving the sudden loss of her twenty-one-year-old child. "Fair to say, I was in a ribald state the summer before my fiftieth birthday." And so...

Healing wounds  by Diane Carlson Evans

Healing wounds

Diane Carlson Evans

"In 1983, when Evans came up with the vision for the first-ever memorial on the National Mall to honor women who'd worn a military uniform, she wouldn't be deterred. She remembered not only her sister veterans, but also the hundreds of young wounded men she...

The situation room  by George Stephanopoulos

The situation room

George Stephanopoulos

"George Stephanopoulos, former senior advisor to President Clinton and for more than 20 years host of This Week and Good Morning America, recounts never-before-told crises that decided the course of history, from the place 12 presidents made their...

Down with the system  by Serj Tankian

Down with the system

Serj Tankian

"An exhilarating, thoughtful, and beautifully written debut memoir by musician, songwriter, and lead singer-lyricist of Grammy award-winning metal band, System Of A Down, Serj Tankian Serj Tankian will be the first to admit that his band, System Of A Down, was...

Splinters  by Leslie Jamison


Leslie Jamison

"More than once Leslie Jamison's timely, searching body of work has been compared to that of Joan Didion and Susan Sontag. Jamison has never shied away from challenging material, scouring the depths of her psyche, eschewing platitudes, and mining the creative...

Taylor Swift  by Glenys Johnson

Taylor Swift

Glenys Johnson

"Global icon. Songwriting sensation. Fashion phenomenon. Welcome to the Taylor-verse. Through stunning photographs that explore key outfits from her style evolution alongside expert analysis, Icons of Style pays homage to the artist whose every outfit tells a...

Intervals  by Marianne Brooker


Marianne Brooker

"What makes a good death? A good daughter? In 2009, with her forties and a harsh wave of austerity on the horizon, Marianne Brooker's mother was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. She made a workshop of herself and her surroundings,...

Villa Cetinale  by Ned Lambton

Villa Cetinale

Ned Lambton

"After inheriting a seventeenth-century Tuscan villa, Ned Lambton and his wife, Marina, lovingly restored the estate as a retreat for family and friends. With newly commissioned photographs by Simon Upton, Lambton brings to life the rich history of the villa,...

Josef Koudelka  by Melissa Harris

Josef Koudelka

Melissa Harris

"Josef Koudelka: Next presents an intimate portrait of the life and work of one of photography's most renowned and celebrated artists. Based on hundreds of hours of interviews conducted over the course of six years with Koudelka-as well as ongoing...

Shimmering details. Volume 1  by Péter Nádas

Shimmering details. Volume 1

Péter Nádas

"The magnum opus of one of Europe's greatest living writers. "Instead of a chronicle, a person tends to manufacture legends when he relates the story of his life for others," Péter Nádas writes in his fiction masterpiece, Parallel Stories. Now, in his...

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