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The Financial Times essential guide to writing a business plan  by Vaughan Evans

The Financial Times essential guide to writing a business plan

Vaughan Evans

""This book will show you how to design, craft and shape a plan to the needs of your backer. It places great emphasis on the specific challenges faced by start-ups, has new chapters on pitching the plan and performing against plan and new appendices on...

Dark PR  by Grant Ennis

Dark PR

Grant Ennis

"'Think global, act local!' 'Be the change you want to see in the world!' 'Every little bit counts!' We can all get on board with such sentiments, right? That, of course, is exactly what corporate spin-masters across the world are banking on. By weaponizing...

The state of capitalism  by Costas Lapavitsas

The state of capitalism

Costas Lapavitsas

"Thinking beyond pandemic capitalism. The health emergency that broke out in 2020 is a landmark event in the development of capitalism, confirming the underlying change signalled by the Great Crisis of 2007-9. The pandemic has catapulted the state to the...

Simply put  by Ben Guttmann

Simply put

Ben Guttmann

"Stop complicating everything! Simple messages and ideas are more powerful, more memorable, and win people over. We often sabotage ourselves by using complicated words and ideas to make our message seem more important. Do you want your colleagues and customers...

A bold return to giving a damn  by Will Harris

A bold return to giving a damn

Will Harris

"From a pioneer of the regenerative agriculture movement, a memoir-meets-manifesto on betting the farm on a better future for our food, animals, land, local communities, and our climate. Featured in Food and Country, premiering at Sundance 2023. Raised as a...

The seaweed revolution  by Vincent Doumeizel

The seaweed revolution

Vincent Doumeizel

"The seaweed revolution is a fresh hope for tomorrow. Seaweed develops in water everywhere, from the eternal glaciers to lagoons heated by the sun, from seas saturated with salt to the fresh water of our rivers. Yet we only know how to cultivate a few dozen...

Shoemaker  by Joe Foster


Joe Foster

"The remarkable story of how Joe Foster developed Reebok into one of the world's most famous sports brands, having started from a small factory in Bolton. Since the late 19th century, the Foster family had been hand-making running shoes, supplying the likes of...

Future cultures  by Scott Smith

Future cultures

Scott Smith

"It's hard to know what specific opportunities, technologies or challenges the future will bring. If you want to overcome the uncertainties of tomorrow, it's essential that you build a future culture. The potential for success is limitless for businesses which...

MYOB  by Sonya Prosper


Sonya Prosper

"Unlock the power of MYOB with the ultimate handbook, MYOB for Dummies. Looking for a hands-on guide that will show you how MYOB can automate your everyday finance tasks? Want practical tips for using MYOB to keep your business (and payroll!) compliant?...

Coaching the team at work  by David Clutterbuck

Coaching the team at work

David Clutterbuck

"Coaching the Team at Work is the result of research over 20 years with practising team coaches and with major corporations around the world. It recognises that in a complex and constantly evolving business and social environment, teams can only keep up if...

The agent's edge  by Jordan Cohen

The agent's edge

Jordan Cohen

"For the first time ever, five-time number-one RE/MAX agent worldwide, Jordan Cohen, reveals his secret sales strategies that will elevate your real estate sales career to the highest levels. Jordan Cohen started out selling entry-level houses in Southern...

Radical candor  by Kim (Kim Malone) Scott

Radical candor

Kim (Kim Malone) Scott

"In Radical candor Kim Scott, former CEO coach at Dropbox and Twitter and executive at Google and Apple, draws on years of experience in Silicon Valley to provide clear and honest guidance on leadership to transform your relationship at work"--Publisher's...

Working to restore  by Esha Chhabra

Working to restore

Esha Chhabra

"Working to Restore examines revolutionary approaches in nine areas: agriculture, waste, supply chain, inclusivity for the collective good, women in the workforce, travel, health, energy, and finance. The companies profiled are solving global issues: promoting...

Happy @ work  by Robyn L. Garrett

Happy @ work

Robyn L. Garrett

"It's time to update your workplace culture! One of the most important reasons people today choose to stay--or leave--a job is the culture of the company. As people become more socially conscious; focus more on wellness, self-care, and work-life balance; and...

Closing the gap  by Leanne Mair

Closing the gap

Leanne Mair

"A clear and accessible framework to accelerate your organization's gender diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in relation to the career development of Black women. Why are gender equality initiatives not helping all women equally? Why does there continue...

The rise of the rest  by Steve Case

The rise of the rest

Steve Case

"In 2014, Steve Case launched Revolution's Rise of the Rest, an initiative to accelerate the growth of tech startups across the country. Rise of the Rest is based on a simple idea: cities can be renewed and rise again if they develop a vibrant startup culture....

Broken code  by Jeff (Journalist) Horwitz

Broken code

Jeff (Journalist) Horwitz

"Facebook knew it had a problem. The company had been humiliated by headlines, painted as complicit in the election of Trump and in an assault on the global social fabric. Their stated mission was to connect people, but they couldn't afford to destroy society...

Whatever you think think the opposite  by Paul Arden

Whatever you think think the opposite

Paul Arden

"There have been many books written on good business practice. All eminently sensible. All based on logic, common sense and good manners. Essential if you want to be a supermarket manager. But for those wishing to break new ground it is not enough. Logic and...

Onboarded for managers  by Brad Giles

Onboarded for managers

Brad Giles

"In this easy-to-read book for all managers, supervisors and entrepreneurs, Brad Giles outlines the simple step-by-step process that leaders worldwide use to significantly increase the effectiveness of both new hires and existing teams. Equal part business...

Beyond bias  by Andrea S. Kramer

Beyond bias

Andrea S. Kramer

"Despite extensive efforts to eliminate gender inequality, little progress has been made during the past 40 years. BEYOND BIAS reveals two reasons why. First, most men have been on the sidelines rather than the front line. Second, the gender diversity...

Something to give  by Brigham Dickinson

Something to give

Brigham Dickinson

"Congratulations! Your outstanding performance in the workplace has earned you the right to lead others because you have proven yourself in the trenches. And therein lies the paradox. Instead of continuing to prove yourself, you must now learn to give to...

The idea is the easy part  by Brian Dovey

The idea is the easy part

Brian Dovey

"For those seduced by the myths of fame and fortune, as well as for those who don't realize what they're missing out on-The Idea Is the Easy Part is a reliable guide to navigating the entrepreneurial waters, replacing today's misleading notions with objective...

You can't make money from a dead planet  by Mark Shayler

You can't make money from a dead planet

Mark Shayler

"Doing good is no longer a luxury or a 'nice to have', it's a necessity.While businesses, both big and small, have undoubtedly caused the majority of our environmental and sustainability problems, they are also the only thing that can solve these issues at...

Credible  by Amanda Goodall


Amanda Goodall

"Why expertise is essential to happiness and success. What makes a leader credible? Who would be an expert in a world where expertise is under siege? Hard-won know-how and experience seem to count for nothing in the eyes of everyone from high-profile business...

HBR's 10 must reads 2024

HBR's 10 must reads 2024

"We've combed through the ideas, insights, and best practices from the past year of Harvard Business Review to help you get up to speed fast on the relevant concepts driving business today. Discover new ideas and sample the latest thinking from our vast array...

Top biller  by Steve Guest

Top biller

Steve Guest

"Guest has operated within the recruitment industry for over 13 years, working for large global recognised recruitment PLC brands, and driving smaller businesses, new regions, and offices. Always pushing boundaries, Guest is an expert at inspiring change,...

Creative confidence  by Tom Kelley

Creative confidence

Tom Kelley

""A powerful and inspiring book from the founders of IDEO, the award-winning design firm, on unleashing the creativity that lies within each and every one of us. Too often, companies and individuals assume that creativity and innovation are the domain of the...

Team habits  by Charlie Gilkey

Team habits

Charlie Gilkey

"In this powerful guide to companywide success, the author of Start Finishing reveals how to improve any team’s habits in a way that leads to bottom line results while also boosting belonging, morale, and engagement. We typically work most directly with a...

The communist manifesto  by Karl Marx

The communist manifesto

Karl Marx

"'The Communist Manifesto' is one of the most influential pieces of political propaganda ever written. It is a summary of the whole Marxist vision of history and is the foundation document of the Marxist movement"--Publisher's description.

Web3  by Alex Tapscott


Alex Tapscott

"An essential introduction and guide to navigating the next Internet revolution-everything from the metaverse and NFTs to DAOs, decentralized finance, and self-sovereign identity-from the co-author of the international bestseller Blockchain Revolution. The...

Retire before mom & dad  by Rob Berger

Retire before mom & dad

Rob Berger

"It's time to claim your financial freedom. All you need is a roadmap to follow and you can create a life most people only dream about. A life free from financial stress. A life full of what matters most to you. In Retire Before Mom and Dad, you'll learn how...

Breaking Twitter  by Ben Mezrich

Breaking Twitter

Ben Mezrich

"In October 2022, Elon Musk marched through Twitter's front doors carrying a kitchen sink, tweeting a message to his millions of followers: 'let that sink in'. His takeover came with the promise of fundamental changes, but nothing could prepare the company for...

Blue blood  by Robert Pickering

Blue blood

Robert Pickering

"Blue Blood is a first-hand account by former Chief Executive Robert Pickering of how Cazenove evolved from a private partnership into a modern investment bank"--Publisher's description.

Language that leads  by Kasia Wezowski

Language that leads

Kasia Wezowski

"Inspire and motivate your team using powerful verbal and nonverbal communication strategies. Today's leaders need to use effective, empathetic communication to bring out the best in their team members and let each individual shine. Kasia Wezowski, a leading...

New Zealand's top franchise leaders secrets revealed  by Peter Burdon

New Zealand's top franchise leaders secrets revealed

Peter Burdon

"International author, branding expert and media trainer Pete Burdon is joined by New Zealand's top franchise leaders to provide you with the inside secrets to financial freedom in franchising."--Back cover.

Preludes & feuds  by A. K. (Adrienne Kay) Eady

Preludes & feuds

A. K. (Adrienne Kay) Eady

"Few family businesses survive for over one hundred and forty years with four generations of family ownership. The Lewis Eady story is the survival saga of a business involved in a very product-specific retail sector - the musical instrument industry. During...

Heart centered business  by Mark Silver

Heart centered business

Mark Silver

"In Heart-Centered Business, spiritual business teacher Mark Silver, M.Div. speaks to those who want an approach to business that is as nourishing as it is powerful. The effects of global business have brought devastation and injustice to the world. Yet we...

Pathfinders  by J. L. (Blogger) Collins


J. L. (Blogger) Collins

"From "The Godfather of FI", a follow-up to his international bestselling finance sensation The Simple Path to Wealth. Pathfinders brings together scores of amazing and insightful real-life stories from real people on a quest to find financial...

How to grow your small business  by Donald Miller

How to grow your small business

Donald Miller

"Running a small business is no easy feat. As a small business owner, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of hats you have to wear to be successful. You started the business so you could share the product you love with the world, but logistics are...

Te Haumanu Taiao

Te Haumanu Taiao

"The purpose of this guide is to empower anyone undertaking restoration in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland to achieve their ecological restoration goals and to further enable the biodiversity of our region to heal and flourish. This resource was created in...

The fall  by Michael Wolff

The fall

Michael Wolff

"For almost three decades, Fox News has not only made political careers (see: President Donald J. Trump) but also fundamentally altered the political landscape of the United States. It is a truism: as Fox goes, so goes the nation--into further divisiveness and...

Why listen to, work with and follow you?  by Larry Heugh Robertson

Why listen to, work with and follow you?

Larry Heugh Robertson

"Whether setting out on your career or already ensconced in the boardroom, you will not succeed on your own. You need others to choose to listen, buy into and come with you. Global leadership expert Larry Robertson highlights communication as the most critical...

Come up for air  by Nick Sonnenberg

Come up for air

Nick Sonnenberg

"The practical guide to go from "drowning in work" to freeing up an extra business day per week for everyone on your team. "There just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done!" Sound familiar Forget the old concepts of time management and the...



"At the beginning of the decade, America was at war. Patriotism was an integral part of everyday life, with the sentiment mirrored in advertising. As America emerged victorious out of the darkness of World War II in 1945, the economic boom of the era helped...

The five money personalities  by Taylor Kovar

The five money personalities

Taylor Kovar

"The hidden key to a healthy relationship is not just managing money but understanding how the other approaches money. Every couple argues about money. It doesn't matter if you've been married for 40 years or dating for 4 months, money touches every decision...

Spending fast and slow  by Max Phelps

Spending fast and slow

Max Phelps

"In today's fast-paced world, we all know the feeling of being swept away in a whirlwind of consumerism, instant gratification and debt only to think, 'Where did all my money go this month?'In Spending, Fast and Slow, award-winning money coach Max Phelps helps...

The ROI of LOL  by Steve Cody

The ROI of LOL

Steve Cody

"There are a host of neuroscientific explanations for why laughter makes us feel so great. Laughter triggers "feel good" chemicals in the brain which activate opiate receptors throughout your body and mind. Creating a workplace culture in which laughter is not...

The big raise by Michael (Financial professional) Miller

The big raise

Michael (Financial professional) Mi...

"The new entrepreneur's guide to financing your start-up. Every successful entrepreneur needs at least two things: a great idea and the funds to bring that idea to life. While headlines and stories of great founders' successes may have you believe raising...

The remote worker's handbook  by Jason Rich

The remote worker's handbook

Jason Rich

"As more traditional businesses rethink the evolving workspace, adapting is imperative for the successful remote worker. Whether a seasoned professional or fresh on the scene, The Remote Worker's Handbook gives you the tools to harness an entirely new skill...

Toolkit for turbulence  by Graham Winter

Toolkit for turbulence

Graham Winter

"Do you want to turn the adversity of disruption into an opportunity to grow and be a better leader? Toolkit for Turbulence unpacks the thinking, behaviours, and tools leaders need to thrive in turbulent times. It shares proven mindsets and frameworks for...

The leader's guide to wellbeing  by Audrey Tang

The leader's guide to wellbeing

Audrey Tang

"This book is a valuable and practical resource for anyone who is looking to embed or enhance the approach taken to wellbeing in their organisation. It tackles some of the most important challenges being faced in workplaces today such as inclusion, hybrid...

Capitalism  by Nancy Fraser


Nancy Fraser

"What is capitalism? How do we understand its relation to twenty-first century society? What does it mean to criticize capitalism? And what kinds of social conflict and struggle can we expect to find under capitalism? In this important new book, Nancy Fraser...

But first, save 10  by Sarah-Catherine Gutierrez

But first, save 10

Sarah-Catherine Gutierrez

"Learn the system that is helping women transform their lives as they come to understand why saving 10% for retirement is the single most important decision they will ever make. Break longstanding taboos surrounding money talk among women by starting...

The wolf of investing  by Jordan Belfort

The wolf of investing

Jordan Belfort

"When Belfort's brother-in-law, Fernando, lost nearly $100,000 in investments in under sixty days, Jordan sat him down for some tough love. Using the financial acumen and insider's knowledge he learned during his time working on Wall Street, Jordan taught...

Kids ain't cheap  by Ana Kresina

Kids ain't cheap

Ana Kresina

"There are so many delightful moments in parenthood. That toothy grin. The big wet kisses. Or even when they whisper 'I love you' in your ear for the first time. Those moments are pure magic.But kids are also exhausting. The poo explosions, the sleepless...

Lead from the heart  by Mark C. Crowley

Lead from the heart

Mark C. Crowley

"In this thoroughly revised and updated edition of his now classic book, Lead From The Heart, visionary Mark C. Crowley provides the roadmap workplace leaders the world over are seeking for how to successfully and sustainably inspire and manage other human...

Power to the middle  by Bill Schaninger

Power to the middle

Bill Schaninger

"'Middle manager' The term evokes a bygone industrial era in which managers functioned like cogs in a vast machine and bureaucracy ruled. In recent decades, midlevel managers became a favorite target for the chopping block-underappreciated, often considered a...

Multigenerational workplace.

Multigenerational workplace.

"Seize the benefits of the five-generation workforce. Generational distrust and ageism are seeping into organizations worldwide. Differences over communication style, technology preferences, identity, and politics are fueling harmful stereotypes and hurting...

The PARA method  by Tiago Forte

The PARA method

Tiago Forte

"Your inbox is at max capacity. So is your brain. Your document filing system just means making more folders. You've lost count of the number of browser tabs you have open. You're entirely dependent on the 'search' function on your phone... In other words,...

All in on AI  by Thomas H. Davenport

All in on AI

Thomas H. Davenport

"A fascinating look at the trailblazing companies using artificial intelligence to create new competitive advantage, from the author of the business classic, Competing on Analytics, and the head of Deloitte's US AI practice. Though most organizations are...

Storytelling in presentations  by Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts

Storytelling in presentations

Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts

"Storytelling in Presentations For Dummies shows you how to develop and deliver a presentation through storytelling, keeping audience interested, and most importantly, making them heroes that take action towards change. You'll learn how to cull stories from...

Giving good feedback  by Margaret Cheng

Giving good feedback

Margaret Cheng

"We are surrounded by feedback, whether we're being asked to like, rate or otherwise comment on products, services or even people. At work, the right kind of feedback delivered at the right time and in the right way can help us all to learn and improve. On the...

Bottled  by Sara G. Byala


Sara G. Byala

"Travel to virtually any African country and you are likely to find a Coca-Cola, often a cold one at that. Bottled asks how this carbonated drink became ubiquitous across the continent, and what this reveals about the realities of globalisation, development...

Let them eat crypto  by Peter Howson

Let them eat crypto

Peter Howson

"The subject of immense hope, hype, and confusion, crypto has amassed countless headlines in recent years. With cryptocurrencies, NFTs and metaverse markets crashing, the underlying blockchain technology is still promised to solve global development...

The phoenix economy  by Felix Salmon

The phoenix economy

Felix Salmon

"We are living in a strange world--Salmon calls it "the New Not Normal." The Phoenix Economy explores the ramifications of the pandemic years, many of which are surprisingly positive. In doing so, Salmon makes sense of one of the most disorienting and...

The entrepreneurial state  by Mariana Mazzucato

The entrepreneurial state

Mariana Mazzucato

"According to conventional wisdom, innovation is best left to entrepreneurs. Mariana Mazzucato demolishes this myth, revealing how, from Silicon Valley to medical breakthroughs, government investment has been the engine of wealth creation. Ignoring this...

Anarchist communism  by Petr Alekseevich Kropotkin

Anarchist communism

Petr Alekseevich Kropotkin

"Peter Kropotkin's anarchist texts had a fundamental impact on 19th and 20th century radicals of all kinds. These essays from The Conquest of Bread are bravura examples of his optimistic and angry vision of a world in which the just actions of the many can...

Emerging technologies for business professionals  by Nishani Vincent

Emerging technologies for business professionals

Nishani Vincent

"In Emerging Technologies for Business Professionals: A Nontechnical Guide to the Governance and Management of Disruptive Technologies, a team of accomplished accounting systems experts and educators delivers a straightforward and jargon-free management and...

The personal MBA  by Josh Kaufman

The personal MBA

Josh Kaufman

"An MBA at a top school is an enormous investment in time, effort and cold, hard cash. And if you don't want to work for a consulting firm or an investment bank, the chances are it simply isn't worth it. Josh Kaufman is the rogue professor of modern business...

Work less, make more  by Kim Northwood

Work less, make more

Kim Northwood

"Work Less, Make More- A Millennial's Guide to Financial Freedom is about the golden rule of personal finance- If you don't manage your money, someone else will. This book aims to inspire you to take control of your personal finances. We've been sold a lie...

The visual MBA  by Jason Barron

The visual MBA

Jason Barron

"You want to transform your business and working life forever but don't have spare 100,000 dollars and up to two years to invest in a MBA program? In The Visual MBA, Jason Barron offers a radical solution. When he started his Masters in Business...

HBR guide to unlocking creativity

HBR guide to unlocking creativity

"Creativity is the key driver of innovation, but too many teams and projects are organized in ways that stifle new ideas. It's your job as a manager to create the right conditions for creativity to thrive-and to be part of the process yourself. Fortunately,...

Economics  by Sean Masaki Flynn


Sean Masaki Flynn

"Learn the basics of economics and keep up to date on our ever-changing economy. Whether you're studying economics in high school or college, or you're just interested in taking a peek into the complexities of how money moves, Economics For Dummies is the...

Sneaker wars  by Barbara Smit

Sneaker wars

Barbara Smit

"Traces the fierce rivalry between brothers Adi and Rudi Dassler, who launched a successful shoe business from their mother's laundry room in Germany before a bitter feud prompted their separation and launch of competitors Adidas and Puma"--Publisher's...

Causal artificial intelligence  by Judith Hurwitz

Causal artificial intelligence

Judith Hurwitz

"Discover the next major revolution in data science and AI and how it applies to your organization. In Causal Artificial Intelligence: The Next Step in Effective, Efficient, and Practical AI, a team of dedicated tech executives delivers a business-focused...

Originals  by Adam M. Grant


Adam M. Grant

"How can we originate new ideas, policies and practices without risking it all? Adam Grant shows how to improve the world by championing novel ideas and values that go against the grain, battling conformity, and bucking outdated traditions. Using surprising...

The four pillars of investing  by William J. Bernstein

The four pillars of investing

William J. Bernstein

"The classic guide to constructing a solid portfolio without a financial advisor! With relatively little effort, you can design and assemble an investment portfolio that, because of its wide diversification and minimal expenses, will prove superior to the most...

The big fail  by Joseph Nocera

The big fail

Joseph Nocera

"In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic made it painfully clear that governments across the world could not adequately protect their citizens. Millions of people suffered and died in just two years, while administrations around the globe blundered; prize-winning...

Great change  by Adam Bennett

Great change

Adam Bennett

"Rethink what you know about THE WAY your business works: learn how to implement strategy and drive real, measurable change in your organisation. Are you tired of developing strategies that aren’t properly implemented? Do you want to overcome disruption and...

The Communist manifesto  by Karl Marx

The Communist manifesto

Karl Marx

"Marx and Engels's revolutionary summons to the working classes, The Communist Manifesto is one of the most important political theories ever formulated. After four years of collaboration, they produced an incisive account of their idea of Communism, in which...

On anarchism  by Noam Chomsky

On anarchism

Noam Chomsky

"On Anarchism is an essential introduction to the Noam Chomsky's political theory. On Anarchism sheds a much needed light on the foundations of Chomsky's thought, specifically his constant questioning of the legitimacy of entrenched power. The book gathers his...

Underground empire  by Henry Farrell

Underground empire

Henry Farrell

"A deeply researched investigation that reveals how the United States is like a spider at the heart of an international web of surveillance and control, which it weaves in the form of globe-spanning networks such as fiber optic cables and obscure payment...

The smartest guys in the room  by Bethany McLean

The smartest guys in the room

Bethany McLean

"The tenth-anniversary edition of the definitive account of the Enron scandal, updated with a new chapter The Enron scandal brought down one of the most admired companies of the 1990s. Countless books and articles were written about it, but only "The Smartest...

Geopolitical alpha  by Marko (Geopolitical strategist) Papic

Geopolitical alpha

Marko (Geopolitical strategist) Pap...

"The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking. noted John Kenneth Galbraith. Of Constraints and Preferences focuses on how the world has changed over the past decade, why investment and corporate professionals are not equipped to...

The fall  by Michael Wolff

The fall

Michael Wolff

"Meet the Murdochs and the disastrously dysfunctional family of Fox News. Until recently, they formed the most powerful media and political force in America. Now their empire is cracking up and crashing down. In his irresistible trilogy on the chaotic Trump...

Your next five moves  by Patrick Bet-David

Your next five moves

Patrick Bet-David

"Both successful entrepreneurs and chess grandmasters have the vision to look at the pieces in front of them and anticipate their next five moves. In this book, Patrick Bet-David "helps entrepreneurs understand exactly what they need to do next" (Brian Tracy,...

100 baggers  by Christopher W. Mayer

100 baggers

Christopher W. Mayer

"This book is about 100-baggers. These are stocks that return $100 for every $1 invested. That means a $10,000 investment turns into $1 million. Chris Mayer can help you find them. It sounds like an outrageous quest with a wildly improbable chance of success....

The happiness index  by Matthew Phelan

The happiness index

Matthew Phelan

"In The Happiness Index: Why Today's Emotions Equal Tomorrow's Business Success, cofounder and CEO of The Happiness Index Matthew Phelan delivers a fascinating dive into data from over 100 countries and 2 million human beings that helps us understand what...

She believed she could  by Allison Walsh

She believed she could

Allison Walsh

"It is difficult to shine brightly these days when we are facing negativity, imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, fear, and burnout. This book gives readers permission to evolve into the people they want to be, while also equipping them with practical tips...

Boundless  by Henry King


Henry King

"In Boundless, two leaders in transformation and customer success deliver an inspiring and exciting new approach to succeeding in an increasingly decentralized and digital-first world. In the book, you'll learn how to demolish organizational silos once and for...

Saying no to a farm-free future  by Chris Smaje

Saying no to a farm-free future

Chris Smaje

"Saying NO to a Farm-Free Future is a powerful and timely response to the ongoing search for our sustainable food future.In the face of ongoing food, energy and environmental crises, Chris Smaje, farmer and social scientist, has become one of the most...

Making the matrix work  by Kevan Hall

Making the matrix work

Kevan Hall

"How to work and manage others successfully in matrix organisations operating across regions and functions, with global teams, customers and supply chains. Traditional management training prioritizes clarity, predictability and control. In a matrix we need to...

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