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F.I.R.E.  by Jackie Cummings Koski


Jackie Cummings Koski

"Take control of creating your own financial independence and the option to retire early on your terms The Financial Independence, Retire Early (F.I.R.E.) movement has inspired many to optimize their finances and retire sooner than they ever imagined. This...

The Edwin Fox  by Boyd Cothran

The Edwin Fox

Boyd Cothran

""It began as a small, slow, and unadorned sailing vessel-in a word, ordinary. Later, it was a weary workhorse in the age of steam. But the story of the Edwin Fox reveals how an everyday merchant ship drew together a changing world and its people in an...

Accelerate  by Scott Jarred


Scott Jarred

"Your Financial Future Deserves the Fast Lane. Speed matters. When we stagnate or stall, we feel frustrated and anxious—especially when it comes to wealth. Pre-packaged, cookie-cutter plans are designed to move slowly, delaying your dreams. Life is too short,...

When everyone leads  by Ed O'Malley

When everyone leads

Ed O'Malley

"Leadership is not about position, or authority. It's not about big speeches or grand visions. Leadership is engaging others to solve daunting challenges. Those challenges appear in our professional lives, in our communities, our families--and they seem...

Grow your business  by Eric Butow

Grow your business

Eric Butow

"Grow Your Business will provide you with all the tools and blueprints you need to take your business from startup to scale-up. You've sown the seeds, it's time for the fruits of your labor to start producing! With Grow Your Business, Eric Butow and the...

Women money power  by Josie (Journalist) Cox

Women money power

Josie (Journalist) Cox

"For centuries, women were denied equal access to money and the freedom and power that came with it. They were restricted from owning property or transacting in real estate. Even well into the 20th century, women could not take out their own loans or own bank...

Lean marketing  by Allan Dib

Lean marketing

Allan Dib

"The lean movement has transformed manufacturing and is now revolutionizing marketing. Small, medium, and large businesses are getting bigger and better results with less marketing. Stop trying to outshout the other guy. Stop blunt-force conventional marketing...

Diversity done right  by Tyronne Stoudemire

Diversity done right

Tyronne Stoudemire

"Polarization and conflict across and within groups is often rooted in misunderstandings, miscommunication, bias, and the collision of different world views. These cognitive and social drivers lead to mistrust and behaviors that would shock and surprise many....

Work your magic  by Sharon Darmody

Work your magic

Sharon Darmody

"The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted corporate life as we know it - and become a tipping point for a change that's long overdue. But how do we make that change happen? It's easy to become overwhelmed by what to do next and end up taking a scattershot approach,...

The Warren Buffett way  by Robert G. Hagstrom

The Warren Buffett way

Robert G. Hagstrom

"Warren Buffett remains one of the most sought-after and watched figures in business today. He has become a billionaire and investment sage by buying chunks of companies and holding onto them, managing them as businesses, and eventually reaping huge profits...

The hidden history of code-breaking  by Sinclair McKay

The hidden history of code-breaking

Sinclair McKay

"A fascinating exploration of the uncrackable codes and secret cyphers that helped win wars, spark revolutions and change the faces of nations. There have been secret codes since before the Old Testament, and there were secret codes in the Old Testament, too....

Just listen  by Mark Goulston

Just listen

Mark Goulston

"Do you ever feel like you're talking to a brick wall? The first step in persuading anyone to do anything is getting them to hear you out. But whether the person is a cynical colleague, furious customer, or overwhelmed spouse, their emotional barriers may be...

Getting out of debt  by Steve Bucci

Getting out of debt

Steve Bucci

"Get out and stay out of debt the smart and easy way. This is a clear and simple guide to getting out from under credit card debt, student loan debt, and all other forms of owing people money. With simple changes and smart decisions, you can start today and...

Money diaries with She's on the Money  by Victoria Devine

Money diaries with She's on the Money

Victoria Devine

"Feel inspired, motivated and empowered to create the financial life you want. With page-turning stories from real people about their relationships with money, plus fun activities and quick tips to help transform your own money story, Money Diaries with She's...

Flip your life  by Tarek El Moussa

Flip your life

Tarek El Moussa

"Tarek El Moussa is everywhere, with 1.3M engaged social media followers and stars on HGTV's hit show Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa as well as the new HGTV docu-series The Flipping El Moussas, where he combines his passions for real estate and family in...

The price of money  by Rob Dix

The price of money

Rob Dix

"We all depend on money every day. But almost none of us understand it. Have you ever wondered why your shopping bill keeps getting more expensive? Or how the government can produce billions out of thin air while your savings are shrinking? Or where you should...

Making it in America  by Rachel Slade

Making it in America

Rachel Slade

"From the best-selling author of Into the Raging Sea comes a moving and eye-opening look at the story of manufacturing in America, whether it can ever successfully return to our shores, and why doing so is vital to our well-being as a nation, told through the...

The champion leader  by Christopher D. Connors

The champion leader

Christopher D. Connors

"In The Champion Leader: Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence to Build High-Performing Teams, bestselling author Christopher D. Connors delivers an invaluable, inspiring discussion of how to adapt to the rapidly changing rules of engagement in the...

Always unconventional

Always unconventional

"Official Smart book to celebrate the brand's 25th anniversary. Special section with individually designed works of art by the renowned Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister Portraits of relevant people from Smart history including CEO Dirk Adelmann, Dieter...

The friction project  by Robert I. Sutton

The friction project

Robert I. Sutton

"Every organization is plagued by destructive friction-the forces that make it harder, more complicated, or downright impossible to get anything done. Yet some forms of friction are incredibly useful, and leaders who attempt to improve workplace efficiency...

Microskills  by Adaira Landry


Adaira Landry

"The promise of this book is simple: if you buy this book on Friday, you will be better at your job on Monday. Do you ever find yourself: Prioritizing the demands of work over your personal needs? Struggling to build positive and collaborative energy with your...

The world of work to 2030  by Russell (Writer on business planning) Beck

The world of work to 2030

Russell (Writer on business planning)...

"An in-depth review of the megatrends playing out in the world today, and their impact on businesses, careers and our wider societies. By only the third decade of the 21st century, the world already has faced a series of unprecedented events that have left...

Get over yourself  by Dave Kerpen

Get over yourself

Dave Kerpen

"Drawing on his own experience launching and scaling multiple companies, Dave Kerpen shares the secrets of how you can shift your mindset (and your workload) to focus on the things that are most important for your business, your employees, and...

Relentless caring  by William H. McGill

Relentless caring

William H. McGill

"Relentless Caring is a practical playbook for "managing from the heart"-tirelessly delivering goodness and kindness to your team members and to customers to build strong loyalties that can buoy your organization even in the most challenging economic...

The universal rules of life  by Nabil Fanous

The universal rules of life

Nabil Fanous

"Developed by Dr Nabil Fanous - a surgeon, university professor and sought-after speaker-The Universal Rules of Life offers valuable insights into effective time management, personal fulfillment, and the path to professional success. Discover the easy and...

Small business  by Joshua Keegan

Small business

Joshua Keegan

"If you are an entrepreneur working all hours to build your business but are unsatisfied with the money you make, then this book is for you. Small Business, Big Profit provides simple and effective strategies that enable you to master your profit margins and...

The ultimate guide to developing leaders  by John C. Maxwell

The ultimate guide to developing leaders

John C. Maxwell

"What is the secret to organizational success? Whether the goal is developing a new product, establishing a new location, launching a new initiative, starting a new team, or improving your existing one, what will determine its success? The leaders! For any...

How work works  by Michelle P. King

How work works

Michelle P. King

"A unique and revelatory guide to understanding and navigating the unwritten rules of the workplace—the key to achieving success, finding meaning, and staying true to your authentic self in today’s business world—from the organizational expert and celebrated...

Reunion  by Jerry Colonna


Jerry Colonna

"We all want to belong. For executives and managers, to be better leaders-and people-we must create welcoming environments in which ourselves and others feel recognized and have a place. But to do so, we must first face our own need for belonging and how that...

Lean marketing  by Allan Dib

Lean marketing

Allan Dib

"The lean movement has transformed manufacturing and is now revolutionizing marketing. Small, medium, and large businesses are getting bigger and better results with less marketing. Stop trying to outshout the other guy. Stop blunt-force conventional marketing...

Leaning out  by Kristine Ziwica

Leaning out

Kristine Ziwica

"For ten years Australian women have been sold a dazzling promise: through sheer 'will' and individual self-empowerment they could overcome decades of gender inequality in the workplace. The hard, structural work didn't need to be done; all the solutions could...

How to build a billion dollar business  by Radek Sali

How to build a billion dollar business

Radek Sali

"Many small-business owners and entrepreneurs are driven by their passion for their product, services, and community. It's not just about profit: it's about purpose. Business owners and consumers alike desire to have a positive impact on society and the...

Leadership team alignment  by Frédéric Godart

Leadership team alignment

Frédéric Godart

"Leadership Team Alignment provides evidence-based strategy and solutions from two authors who bring a wealth of practical experience buttressed by an in-depth knowledge of the most recent leadership team research. This work is based on over eight hundred...

Hidden traps of the internet  by Judy L. Mohr

Hidden traps of the internet

Judy L. Mohr

"Building an online platform is an overwhelming and daunting task, with many pitfalls and horror stories surrounding the internet. It's not surprising that many writers shy away from online activities, putting that online presence into the do-it-later...

The case for nature  by Siddarth Shrikanth

The case for nature

Siddarth Shrikanth

"The climate movement has gathered some pace but what about the other, inextricably linked crisis in biodiversity? A radically hopeful manifesto,The Case for Naturesets out with clarity how we can use groundbreaking natural capital frameworks - ways of valuing...

Investing psychology secrets  by Louise Bedford

Investing psychology secrets

Louise Bedford

"Traders and investors who do well in the markets have a unique combination of endurance and resilience that doesn't come naturally to most people. Louise Bedford, a leading expert in behavioural finance, shares evidence-based strategies for developing your...

The future built by women  by Brooke Markevicius

The future built by women

Brooke Markevicius

"In The Future Built by Women, Startup Product Leader of Riveter and inspiring keynote speaker, Brooke Markevicius, delivers a compelling guide to entrepreneurship for women. With a particular focus on the technology sector, the author shares her fascinating...

Spiderweb capitalism  by Kimberly Kay Hoang

Spiderweb capitalism

Kimberly Kay Hoang

"In 2015, an anonymous source leaked the so-called Panama Papers, 11.5 million documents detailing financial and attorney-client information and connecting over 140 ultra-wealthy individuals across 50 countries to offshore companies in 21 tax havens....

The road to freedom  by Joseph E. Stiglitz

The road to freedom

Joseph E. Stiglitz

"We are a nation born from the conviction that people must be free. But since the middle of the last century, that idea has been co-opted. Forces on the political Right have justified exploitation by cloaking it in the rhetoric of freedom, leading to...

The problem with change  by Ashley Goodall

The problem with change

Ashley Goodall

"Why is constant change bad for business? Because it's bad for human performance." For decades, "disruption" and "change" have been seen as essential to business growth and success. In this provocative and incisive book, leadership expert Ashley Goodall argues...

The everything token  by Steve Kaczynski

The everything token

Steve Kaczynski

"An essential guide to NFTs and how widely they affect how we connect, create and sell online in an ever-evolving society. 'The Everything Token cuts through the clutter and lays out a blueprint of what you can learn from that top 1% of companies that are...

The growth paradox  by Jacky Fischer

The growth paradox

Jacky Fischer

"Combined with lessons she learned from growing a small family business into an organization with annual revenue topping $40 million, Fischer offers practical tools for taking stock of where you are and charting an actionable plan for getting where you want to...

Economics  by Elaine Schwartz


Elaine Schwartz

"Economics expert Elaine Schwartz's "A Degree in a Book: Economics" offers a comprehensive overview of the subject in an accessible and entertaining format. The book covers a wide range of topics, including market equilibrium, economic policy, and comparative...

The war below  by Ernest Scheyder

The war below

Ernest Scheyder

"Tough choices loom if the world wants to go green. The United States and other countries must decide where and how to procure the materials that make our renewable energy economy possible. To build electric vehicles, solar panels, cell phones, and millions of...

Barons  by Austin Frerick


Austin Frerick

"Barons tells the stories of seven companies that have amassed tremendous power over America's food industry, to the detriment of workers, eaters, the environment, and communities alike. Readers will learn about the hog barons, who built an empire in Iowa...

Disciplined entrepreneurship  by Bill Aulet

Disciplined entrepreneurship

Bill Aulet

"For the past decade, Disciplined Entrepreneurship has changed the way people think about starting a company. Many believed that entrepreneurship could not be taught, but great entrepreneurs are not born with something special--they simply make great products....

Entrepreneur revolution  by Daniel Priestley

Entrepreneur revolution

Daniel Priestley

"In the newly revised third edition of Entrepreneur Revolution: How to develop your entrepreneurial mindset and start a business that works, serial entrepreneur Daniel Priestley delivers an inspiring and practical book that shows you how to break free from the...

Wild quests  by Satyajit Das

Wild quests

Satyajit Das

"Thirty years ago, two trips to iconic destinations, Africa and the Antarctic, profoundly changed Satyajit Das's life. Ecotourism - watching wildlife in nature - became his gravitational centre. Wild Quests is a literal and metaphorical record of these...

You always hurt the one you love  by Bernard Connolly

You always hurt the one you love

Bernard Connolly

"The book demolishes standard macroeconomic theory and shows how central banks' blinkered obeisance to that theory has, by making bubbles, crises, recessions and, latterly, inflation inevitable, undermined the pillars of a capitalist society. It has become a...

Brave new work  by Aaron Dignan

Brave new work

Aaron Dignan

"The way we work is broken. It takes forever to get anything done. Meetings and emails are incessant. Bureaucracy stifles talent and creativity. After decades of management theory and multiple waves of technological and societal change, is this really the best...

The everything blueprint  by James (Journalist) Ashton

The everything blueprint

James (Journalist) Ashton

"One tiny device lies at the heart of the world's relentless technological advance: the microchip. Today, these slivers of silicon are essential to running just about any machine, from household devices and factory production lines to smartphones and...

The point  by Steve Woodruff

The point

Steve Woodruff

"Is it possible to grab an audience's attention in this noisy, confusing world? According to Steven Woodruff, the solution can be summed up in a word: clarity. Clarity-fueled communications is the practice of using the fewest words to make the biggest impact....

Getting to grips with not-for-profit governance  by Pierre Woolridge

Getting to grips with not-for-profit governance

Pierre Woolridge

"A guide for Kiwi board members: the first NZ specific book in a long time; discover the do's & don'ts of governance; gain practical wisdom and insights; develop leadership skills to help run the organisation effectively; be a successful director from the word...

Working girls  by Trixie Mattel

Working girls

Trixie Mattel

"Discerning fans went wild for T&K's Guide to Modern Womanhood, (5,152 ratings on Amazon with 93% 5 x stars), and the authors are bringing the same distinctive style and humour to this essential companion volume. Working Girls is clearly set out in a...

How to listen when markets speak  by Lawrence G. McDonald

How to listen when markets speak

Lawrence G. McDonald

"A New York Times bestselling author and leading expert on market risk argues that seismic shifts in the global economy will trigger a multi-trillion-dollar migration of wealth, tracing the fateful decisions that created this crisis-and outlines new rules of...

Capitalism and slavery  by Eric Williams

Capitalism and slavery

Eric Williams

"Arguing that the slave trade was at the heart of Britain's economic progress, Eric Williams's landmark 1944 study revealed the connections between capitalism and racism, and has influenced generations of historians ever since. Williams traces the rise and...

Environmental defenders  by Raewyn Peart

Environmental defenders

Raewyn Peart

"For over 50 years the Environmental Defence Society (EDS) has been at the forefront of protecting Aotearoa New Zealand's natural environments. From the Think Big power projects of the 1970s, to coastal developments on pristine northland beaches and the...

Kill bad meetings  by Kevan Hall

Kill bad meetings

Kevan Hall

"Are you ready to save a day a week? Make meetings matter again. This book could be the best investment in your productivity and engagement that you ever make. Meetings are probably the largest unmanaged cost area in large organizations. Today meetings consume...

Trillion-dollar coach  by Eric Schmidt

Trillion-dollar coach

Eric Schmidt

"Bill Campbell played an instrumental role in the growth of several prominent companies, such as Google, Apple, and Intuit, fostering deep relationships with Silicon Valley visionaries, including Steve Jobs, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt. In addition, this...

Generative AI.

Generative AI.

"The world is transfixed by the marvel (and possible menace) of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools. It's clear Gen AI will transform the business landscape, but when and how much remain to be seen. Meanwhile, your smartest competitors are already navigating...

How to buy 10 properties fast  by Eddie Dilleen

How to buy 10 properties fast

Eddie Dilleen

"Blockbuster investor Eddie Dilleen, with his own multi-million-dollar portfolio of over 80 properties, shows readers exactly how it's still possible to achieve the dream of financial freedom through property. Eddie reveals a strategy for purchasing up to 10...

The yellow pad  by Robert Edward Rubin

The yellow pad

Robert Edward Rubin

"In The Yellow Pad, former United States Secretary of the Treasury and co-chairman of Goldman Sachs Robert Rubin sets out a number of methods and processes that have guided him through moments of crisis. He offers both qualitative and quantitative ways of...

The 10 essentials of Forex trading  by Jared F. Martinez

The 10 essentials of Forex trading

Jared F. Martinez

"A renowned trading educator reveals his proven forecasting methods for the Forex market. The largest market in the world, Forex is the new wave of investing for individual and active traders. In The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading, trading innovator Jared...

Pastoral song  by James Rebanks

Pastoral song

James Rebanks

"The story of an inheritance: one that affects us all. It tells of how rural landscapes around the world were brought close to collapse, and the age-old rhythms of work, weather, community and wild things were lost. And yet this elegy from the northern fells...

Excessively obsessed  by Natasha Oakley

Excessively obsessed

Natasha Oakley

"Modern and practical business lessons from Natasha Oakley, co-founder of Monday Swimwear and The Pilates Class. Do you have an idea for a business, but no clue where to start? Is there a product or service you're sure you could sell, if only you knew how to...

Top stocks  by Erica Hall

Top stocks

Erica Hall

"When it comes to share investing, how you choose to invest your money can create real global impact. Your investments can make a difference for urgent issues like climate change and human rights. But how do you know which companies are living up to their...



"Palestine: A Socialist Introduction systematically tackles a number of important aspects of the Palestinian struggle for liberation, contextualizing it in an increasingly polarized world and offering a socialist perspective on how full liberation can be won....

The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership  by John C. Maxwell

The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership

John C. Maxwell

"HarperCollins and John C. Maxwell are celebrating the milestone anniversary of Maxwell's New York Times bestselling book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership with the publication of a new revised and updated 25th Anniversary Edition. Maxwell has gone through...

Not knowing  by Steven D'Souza

Not knowing

Steven D'Souza

"In order to thrive in these worrying times, this fascinating book proposes we head, uncomfortably, towards the unknown, rather than away from it. By developing a unique relationship with Not Knowing we discover a new way of living, working and succeeding in...

How to influence anyone, anywhere, every time  by Colin James

How to influence anyone, anywhere, every time

Colin James

"Learn how to think quickly, adapt to any audience, and use the techniques you need to get the results you wantEmails abound. WhatsApp pings. Instagram awaits. Millions and millions and millions of words are said, spread, and shared across time and space every...

Work less, make more, and have fun in your business  by George Horrigan

Work less, make more, and have fun in your business

George Horrigan

"Work less, make more, an have fun in your business provides a systematic approach to eliminate the guesswork, trial and error, and uncertainty associated with growing a business, scaling its operations, and increasing its profitability. George Horrigan shows...

The collaboration book  by Mikael Krogerus

The collaboration book

Mikael Krogerus

"The best teamwork advice brought together by the bestselling team behind The Decision Book. The truth about work is: no one can do it alone. Even lone warriors need a team. Even in professions that revolve around individual superstars, collaboration is...

Smart choices  by John S. Hammond

Smart choices

John S. Hammond

Where should I live? Is it time to get a new job? Which job candidate should I hire? What business strategy should I pursue? We spend the majority of our lives making decisions, both big and small. Yet, even though our success is largely determined by the...

The hard road will take you home  by Anthony Stazicker

The hard road will take you home

Anthony Stazicker

"This is not a straightforward memoir. Instead it is a book that distils the processes and tactics Anthony 'Staz' Stazicker gathered throughout his career in the Special Forces, gunfights, doorkicking operations, and against-the-odds escapes and how these hard...

Gravitas  by Louise Mahler


Louise Mahler

"What does the word 'gravitas' mean today? In the world of ancient Rome, it was the manner of trust and respect cultivated by capable, strong leadership. In Gravitas: Timeless Skills to Communicate with Confidence and Build Trust, communications expert Louise...

The algebra of wealth  by Scott Galloway

The algebra of wealth

Scott Galloway

"Today's workers have more opportunities and mobility than any generation before. They also face unprecedented challenges, including inflation, labor and housing shortages, and climate volatility. Even the notion of "retirement" is undergoing a profound...

Snakes in suits  by Paul Babiak

Snakes in suits

Paul Babiak

"Revised and updated with the latest scientific research and updated case studies, the business classic that offers a revealing look at psychopaths in the workplace, how to spot their destructive behavior and stop them from creating chaos in the modern...

The 15 commitments of conscious leadership  by Jim Dethmer

The 15 commitments of conscious leadership

Jim Dethmer

"The authors distill decades of work with CEOs and other leaders into fifteen commitments that have been game changers for then and for their clients. Fear drives most leaders to make choices that are at odds with healthy relationships, vitality and balance....

Women will rise!

Women will rise!

"In the late 1970s, as the women's movement was fracturing, trade union women put forward a new agenda to bring feminists and women workers together. The one-page, 16-clause Working Women's Charter covered the right to work, equal pay, an end to discrimination...

The new rules for job hunting  by Tom O'Neil

The new rules for job hunting

Tom O'Neil

"The rules have changed! With economic uncertainty after COVID 19, as well as redundancies and unemployment on the rise, it has never been more important in New Zealand to secure strong and long-lasting employment. You may already have (or maybe think you...

Suck it up, princess  by Natalie Sisson

Suck it up, princess

Natalie Sisson

"Suck It Up, Princess is for women the world over who want to get over your excuses and get on with living a rich, fulfilling and rewarding life, on your own damn terms. Refreshingly direct and inspiring, this book will show how to finally develop the right...

Can American capitalism survive?  by Steven Pearlstein

Can American capitalism survive?

Steven Pearlstein

"Thirty years ago, “greed is good” and “maximizing shareholder value” became the new mantras woven into the fabric of our business culture, economy, and politics. Although, around the world, free market capitalism has lifted more than a billion people from...

An anthropology of money  by Tim DiMuzio

An anthropology of money

Tim DiMuzio

"An Anthropology of Money: A Critical Introduction shows how our present monetary system was imposed by elites and how they benefit from it. The book poses the question: how, by looking at different forms of money, can we appreciate that they have different...

Red flags  by George Magnus

Red flags

George Magnus

"A trusted economic commentator provides a penetrating account of the threats to China's continued economic rise under President Xi Jinping, China has become a large and confident power both at home and abroad, but the country also faces serious challenges. In...

The bitcoin guidebook  by Ian DeMartino

The bitcoin guidebook

Ian DeMartino

"Includes updated info on the 2017-2018 rise in value, new competing alternatives, and the future of blockchain technology"--Publisher's description.

Change  by John P. Kotter


John P. Kotter

"The ability of organizations to deal with threats and take advantage of opportunities in the face of ever greater complexity and uncertainty is being severely challenged. Over the last century, increasing sophistication of management tools and change...

Thrive  by Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington


Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington

"Drawing on the latest groundbreaking research and scientific findings in the fields of psychology, sports, sleep and physiology that show the profound and transformative effects of meditation, mindfulness, unplugging and giving, Arianna shows us the way to a...

Growth  by Daniel Susskind


Daniel Susskind

"Daniel Susskind traces the rich, surprisingly brief history of economic growth and responds to its ills. We cannot focus only on growth's upsides, but nor is degrowth a viable policy: the benefits of prosperity are too great to discard. Instead we must face...

Uptime  by Laura Mae Martin


Laura Mae Martin

"Google's Executive Productivity Advisor offers insights on how to make the "new way of work" work for you, providing actionable steps to optimize your productivity, accomplish more, prevent burnout, and cultivate a harmonious work-life balance. Every day,...

Misbehaving  by Richard H. Thaler


Richard H. Thaler

"Traditional economics assumes that rational forces shape everything. Behavioural economics knows better. Richard Thaler has spent his career studying the notion that humans are central to the economy - and that we're error-prone individuals, not Spock-like...

Poor Charlie's almanack  by Charles T. Munger

Poor Charlie's almanack

Charles T. Munger

""Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you woke up," Charles T. Munger advises in Poor Charlie's Almanack. Originally published in 2005, this compendium of eleven talks delivered by the legendary Berkshire Hathaway vice-chairman...

Bridging the gap  by Catherine Hua Xiang

Bridging the gap

Catherine Hua Xiang

"The book aims to provide a practical understanding of the key concepts and issues involved in communicating in today’s multi-cultural world. The author takes China as the prime example of the cultural barriers presented to non-Chinese businesspeople. By...

The little book of valuation  by Aswath Damodaran

The little book of valuation

Aswath Damodaran

"Aswath Damodaran is "the Dean of Valuation". He has been regarded as a definitive source on the best valuation techniques that investors can deploy to value companies and stocks precisely and wisely. Valuation is at the heart of any investment decision,...

Solving problems in 2 hours  by Teresa Cain

Solving problems in 2 hours

Teresa Cain

"Do you want to learn how to solve problems in two hours? Do you want to save thousands of dollars and get ahead of competitors by releasing value driven features faster? Solving Problems in 2 Hours: How to Brainstorm and Create Solutions with Two Hour...

Super deciders  by Claudio Feser

Super deciders

Claudio Feser

"Should we optimize our branch network or launch a digital attacker? Should we optimize the internal combustion engine or switch to electric engines? Should we optimize our organization or change it? These are all versions of the exploration-exploitation...

Fashionopolis  by Dana Thomas


Dana Thomas

"A look at fast fashion and its impact on the environment and social justice, perfect for middle grade classrooms, now available in paperback Did you ever think about where your jeans come from? How about the people who made your T-shirt, or what happens to...

AI investing for dummies  by Paul Mladjenovic

AI investing for dummies

Paul Mladjenovic

"AI is one of the hottest investment trends on Wall Street. AI Investing For Dummies gives you all the must-know details on how artificial intelligence can benefit investors. You'll learn how powerful AI can be in helping you make better decisions, identify...

The clear leader  by James N. Donald

The clear leader

James N. Donald

"A cutting-edge guide to achieving authentic modern leadership, from experts in business psychology and mindfulness. Today's hyper-connected world poses many challenges to leaders: how can you cut through the noise of tech distraction, navigate the rise of AI,...

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