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Reclaim your nervous system  by Mastin Kipp

Reclaim your nervous system

Mastin Kipp

"The concepts in this book bring the worlds of coaching and trauma healing together. We can acknowledge the past, honor all our parts, and grow our capacity to perform better and optimize our lives. In this book, Mastin Kipp, the pioneering force in the field...

Making menopause matter  by Diane Danzebrink

Making menopause matter

Diane Danzebrink

"Do we really know why menopause matters? Menopause will directly affect approximately half the world's population, and will indirectly affect the other half, too. There is a huge diversity of experiences that can potentially impact both short- and long-term...

The natural remedies guide

The natural remedies guide

"From tried and tested traditional herbal preparations and soothing and uplifting aroma blends, to ancient crystals and modern superfoods, this book contains a plethora of ideas for intriguing remedies you could use for aiding basic body and mind...

Anatomy trains  by Thomas W. Myers

Anatomy trains

Thomas W. Myers

"This hugely successful, one-of-a-kind book continues to center on the application of anatomy trains across a variety of clinical assessment and treatment approaches - demonstrating how painful problems in one area of the body can be linked to a "silent area"...

Rethinking diabetes  by Gary Taubes

Rethinking diabetes

Gary Taubes

"An eye-opening, comprehensive history of diabetes research and treatment, by the best-selling author of Why We Get Fat and award-winning journalist. Before the discovery of insulin, diabetes was treated almost exclusively through diet, from subsistence on...

Generation anxiety  by Lauren (Psychologist) Cook

Generation anxiety

Lauren (Psychologist) Cook

"Millennials and Gen Z-ers are considered two of the most anxious generations in history, and with the many intense generation-specific stressors they've had to face in recent years-including climate change, political polarization, systemic racism, gun...

Why can't I eat this?  by Julie-Ann Wrightson

Why can't I eat this?

Julie-Ann Wrightson

"The expression "you are what you eat" has a longstanding history. It revolves around the notion that an individual's nutritional choices significantly impact their health and overall well-being, either positively or negatively. The quality of food consumed is...

Good energy  by Casey Means

Good energy

Casey Means

"What if depression, anxiety, infertility, insomnia, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's, dementia, cancer and many other health conditions that torture and shorten our lives actually have the same root cause? Our ability to...

The four ways to wellbeing  by Nicola Elliott

The four ways to wellbeing

Nicola Elliott

"These are the four pillars of wellbeing and there is no one better placed to show you how to do exactly that than Nicola Elliott, founder of NEOM. She's been there, done that and got the weighted blanket and in this beautiful book she reveals what works, what...

Homecoming  by Thema Bryant-Davis


Thema Bryant-Davis

"A road map for dismantling the fear and shame that keep you from living a free and authentic life. In the aftermath of stress, disappointment, and trauma, people often fall into survival mode, even while a part of them longs for more. Juggling multiple...

It's not about food, drugs or alcohol  by Mary Giuliani

It's not about food, drugs or alcohol

Mary Giuliani

"Your struggle with food, weight, drugs or alcohol is not your fault, it's a normal response to surviving an abnormal childhood. Even though Mary was in long-term recovery with food, severe obesity, drugs, and alcohol and had what most people would consider a...

Shrinks  by Jeffrey A. Lieberman


Jeffrey A. Lieberman

"Psychiatry has come a long way since the days of chaining "lunatics" in cold cells and parading them as freakish marvels before a gaping public. But, as Jeffrey Lieberman, MD, reveals, the path to legitimacy for "the black sheep of medicine" has been anything...

Ayurveda  by G. G. Gangadharan


G. G. Gangadharan

"This book is not a defence of Ayurveda. A sound, scientific framework of healthcare that has saved countless lives over 5000 years does not need defenders. It needs champions, and to be given wings. In a world that needs Ayurveda more than ever, Dr G.G....

Small talk  by Richard (Writer on attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) Pink

Small talk

Richard (Writer on attention-deficit...

"An uplifting guide to unlearning negative ADHD self-beliefs from bestselling viral duo @ADHD_Love. Are you your biggest fear-leader, constantly lamenting your wasted potential? You're not alone. Join the Sunday Times bestselling authors of DIRTY LAUNDRY to...

The LDN book. 3., The latest research on: viral infections, long COVID, mold toxicity, longevity, cancer, depression and more

The LDN book. 3., The latest research on: viral infections, long COVID, mold toxicity, longevity, cancer, depression and more

"The LDN Book 3 (Low Dose Naltrexone) Is an invaluable science-based resource for patients and clinicians. Treating patients suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions such as Long COVID, Mould, CIRS, latent viral infections, cancer, refractive depression...

Trippy  by Ernesto Londoño


Ernesto Londoño

"When he signed up for a psychedelic retreat deep in the Brazilian rainforest, veteran New York Times journalist Ernesto Londono was so depressed that he had come close to attempting suicide just weeks earlier. To his astonishment, the nine-day ayahuasca...

The indoctrinated brain  by Michael Nehls

The indoctrinated brain

Michael Nehls

"Global War on the Human Brain. Throughout the world, mental capacity is declining, especially among young people, while depression rates are rising dramatically. Meanwhile, one in forty men and women suffers from Alzheimer's, and the age of onset is falling...

Bulimia  by Selina Elison


Selina Elison

"Supporting your child through recovery will be the hardest thing you ever do. But with compassion, for yourself as well as your loved one, you can enhance their chances for successful healing, and build a stronger bond than ever. Selina Elison and her...

The little book of remedies  by Leila Lees

The little book of remedies

Leila Lees

''The Little Book of Remedies is an Illustrated handbook to accompany the Lasavia vibrational remedy range. This book covers the fundamentals of how to use vibrational remedies and the ideas behind them. It includes a commentary on each of Lasavia's...

You're not the problem  by Helen Villiers

You're not the problem

Helen Villiers

"This book will show you what a narcissist looks like and how their emotional abuse impacts the lives and relationships of their families. Many emotionally abusive behaviours from parent to child have become socially acceptable; because they're so prolific,...

The mind-gut connection  by Emeran A. Mayer

The mind-gut connection

Emeran A. Mayer

"Combining cutting-edge neuroscience with the latest discoveries on the human microbiome, a practical guide in the tradition of Wheat Belly and Grain Brain that conclusively demonstrates the inextricable, biological link between mind and body. We have all...

The herbal apothecary  by Christine (Apothecary) Iverson

The herbal apothecary

Christine (Apothecary) Iverson

"From the best-selling author of The Hedgerow Apothecary, The Garden Apothecary and The Hedgerow Apothecary Forager's Handbook. Learn the sustainable and ethical art of the apothecarist with this beautiful photographic guide to working with herbs and spices to...

Rewild your mind  by Nick Goldsmith

Rewild your mind

Nick Goldsmith

"ReWild Your Mind shows you how to connect with nature to be happier, healthier and more at peace with the world around you. Packed with wilderness skills and traditional crafts - from fixing a hammock in the woods and foraging for hedgerow medicine to finding...

The art of longevity  by Rodrigo Perez

The art of longevity

Rodrigo Perez

"There is often a disconnect between the raw spirit of our younger selves - when energy and enthusiasm were inexhaustible and our bodies rarely let us down - and the limitations and demands we increasingly face over time. Our vitality can fade as we stress...

Restore your life from chronic pain  by Mark B. Weisberg

Restore your life from chronic pain

Mark B. Weisberg

"A doctor's guide to tools and techniques for taming all kinds of pain. You can understand and manage your intractable pain using the ABC method in this transformative chronic pain book. Chronic pain is common. Millions suffer from chronic back pain,...

The calm skin guide  by Jae Rance

The calm skin guide

Jae Rance

"Eczema affects 1 in 5 children, causing itchy, sensitive, easily-damaged skin that flares-up painfully. The Calm Skin Guide offers an overview of all the treatment approaches on offer, giving you everything you need to formulate your own management plan for...

How to find a four-leaf clover  by Jodi Rodgers

How to find a four-leaf clover

Jodi Rodgers

"Jodi Rodgers, on-screen autism specialist from Netflix's Love On the Spectrum, draws on three decades of experience as a teacher and counsellor to help neurodivergent and neurotypical people find ways to communicate, connect, and thrive. Blending the latest...

Sugarless  by Nicole M. Avena


Nicole M. Avena

"Many people blame sugar cravings on lack of willpower rather than accept that sugar is highly addictive-even more so than cocaine, nicotine, and alcohol. The problem isn't just dessert, but the fact that sugar is everywhere. Approximately 80% of products in...

How to eat (and still lose weight)  by Andrew (Physician) Jenkinson

How to eat (and still lose weight)

Andrew (Physician) Jenkinson

"Most diets fail because they rely on willpower alone. In this book surgeon and expert on metabolism Dr Andrew Jenkinson shows you how to unlock the secret to lasting weight loss through a better understanding of your brain, body and environment, allowing you...

Heal your anxious attachment  by Jennifer Nurick

Heal your anxious attachment

Jennifer Nurick

"People who experience neglect or abuse as children often develop an anxious attachment style--resulting in feelings of abandonment and distrust, troubled relationships, and an unhealthy self-image. In this holistic guide, therapist Jennifer Nurick guides...

The autistic survival guide to therapy  by Steph Jones

The autistic survival guide to therapy

Steph Jones

""This is the book that would've saved me nine different therapists, decades of self-analysis, thousands of pounds, twelve different doctors and untold amounts of pain, frustration and trauma - in spending a lifetime looking for the right answers in the wrong...

Salvation canyon  by Ed Rosenthal

Salvation canyon

Ed Rosenthal

"A Los Angeles poet's hiking vacation turns deadly in soaring Mojave heat; his true survival story leaves you with chills. Ed Rosenthal, "The Poet-Broker", advocates for historic properties in downtown Los Angeles and negotiates to save them. In 2010, after...

Magic pill  by Johann Hari

Magic pill

Johann Hari

"In January 2023, Johann Hari started to inject himself once a week with Ozempic, one of the new drugs that produces significant weight loss. He wasn't alone, some predictions suggest that in a few years, one in four of the British population will be taking...

The modern apothecary  by Brendan Murdock

The modern apothecary

Brendan Murdock

"Traditionally, apothecaries held space for healing within the community. Practitioners considered health from a holistic point of view, and patients received personalized practices to support both body and mind. In The Modern Apothecary, Brendan Murdock and...

This is why you dream  by Rahul Jandial

This is why you dream

Rahul Jandial

"Uncover the truth of your dreaming brain with Sunday Times bestselling neurosurgeon Dr Rahul Jandial Harness the neuroscience of dreams to improve your health, boost performance and stimulate creativity. Dreams are a source of mystery. They have changed the...

Unprocessed  by Kimberley Wilson


Kimberley Wilson

"We all know that as a nation our mental health is in crisis. But what most don't know is that a critical ingredient in this debate, and a crucial part of the solution - what we eat - is being ignored. Nutrition has more influence on what we feel, who we...

Lost  by Michelle Pittman


Michelle Pittman

"A taste for adventure over a long weekend leads Michelle Pittman and her 9-year-old son, Dylan, to head out for a series of hikes through several of Australia's beautiful national parks. Four fabulous days and a chance to explore somewhere new and experience...

Sleep reset  by Natalie Pennicotte-Collier

Sleep reset

Natalie Pennicotte-Collier

"Discover the tools you need to become your own best sleep coach. How are you sleeping? Restless nights, bleary-eyed mornings or full-blown insomnia? The good news is that, even in tough times, your ability to sleep is never truly broken. Packed with...

How to sleep better  by Deepa Kannan

How to sleep better

Deepa Kannan

"Did you know that 10-30 per cent of adults struggle with chronic insomnia? In How to Sleep Better, Allied Functional Medicine and Ayurvedic health counsellor Deepa Kannan explores the root causes of poor sleep and provides expert tips and advice that will...

Acupressure self-care handbook  by Roger Dalet

Acupressure self-care handbook

Roger Dalet

"With the simple touch of your fingertips you can quickly and easily bring comfort and relief from pain and illness. In this illustrated guide to acupressure for self-care and care of your loved ones, Roger Dalet, M.D., shares step-by-step treatment protocols...

Cancer sucks, but you'll get through it  by Michelle Rapkin

Cancer sucks, but you'll get through it

Michelle Rapkin

"Infused with hope, laughter, and advice, this book curates personal experience with priceless learning from interviews with cancer survivors around the country. Cancer Sucks will equip you with the non-medical tools and tips needed to make it through cancer...

Pox romana  by Colin P. Elliott

Pox romana

Colin P. Elliott

"A wide-ranging and dramatic account of the Antonine plague, the mysterious disease that struck the Roman Empire at its pinnacle. In the middle of the second century AD, Rome was at its prosperous and powerful apex. The emperor Marcus Aurelius reigned over a...

Finding me in menopause  by Nitu Bajekal

Finding me in menopause

Nitu Bajekal

"In Finding Me in Menopause, Dr Nitu Bajekal, OBGYN, and one of the UK's first Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physicians, shares how lifestyle interventions, and the food we eat, can dramatically transform menopausal health. following the principle of six...

No period, now what?  by Nicola J. Rinaldi

No period, now what?

Nicola J. Rinaldi

"Has your period gone missing? You’re not alone. People tend to think that loss of menstrual cycles only happens to Olympic-level athletes or people with eating disorders. But it turns out you can have seemingly healthy eating and exercise habits and still be...

The athlete's guide to recovery  by Sage Rountree

The athlete's guide to recovery

Sage Rountree

"Recovery-physical and mental-is a red-hot topic, and the worlds of sports, technology, and commerce have all taken note. This second edition of The Athlete's Guide to Recovery helps readers sort through the hype to focus on the practices and devices that...

High blood pressure  by Richard W. Snyder

High blood pressure

Richard W. Snyder

"Maintain healthy blood pressure with timeless wisdom and new breakthroughs in prevention and treatment. High Blood Pressure For Dummies explains all you need to know about blood pressure--and what to do when it gets too high. High blood pressure can lead to...

Portal  by Yolande Norris-Clark


Yolande Norris-Clark

"Imagine a birth experience that is peaceful, ecstatic, and truly pain-free. What if birth didn't have to involve resistance, struggle, agony, or "labor" of any kind; and was simply spontaneous, centered, sensual and rapturous? What if you had access to a way...

Complex PTSD  by Pete Walker

Complex PTSD

Pete Walker

"The causes of complex post-traumatic stress disorder range from severe neglect to monstrous abuse. Many survivors grow up in houses that are not homes--in families that are as loveless as orphanages and sometimes as dangerous. If you felt unwanted, unliked,...

Light on yoga  by B. K. S. Iyengar

Light on yoga

B. K. S. Iyengar

"The definitive work by B.K.S. Iyengar, the world's most respected yoga teacher. B.K.S. Iyengar has devoted his life to the practice and study of yoga. It was B.K.S. Iyengar's unique teaching style, bringing precision and clarity to the practice, as well as a...

Here I am, I am me by Cara Bean

Here I am, I am me

Cara Bean

"Join author-illustrator Cara Bean as she takes readers on an illustrated journey to the center of the brain. Each chapter explores a different aspect of mental health, from the brain and the mind, to feelings and emotions. By portraying complex neuroscience...

Thank you, Elisabeth  by Sue Marsden

Thank you, Elisabeth

Sue Marsden

"When beginning her career in Palliative Medicine, the author first met Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. This meeting introduced her to the importance of being aware of one's own emotional issues when working with people who are suffering. As Elisabeth said, You need...

Left to our own devices  by Margaret E. Morris

Left to our own devices

Margaret E. Morris

"Unexpected ways that individuals adapt technology to reclaim what matters to them, from working through conflict with smart lights to celebrating gender transition with selfies. We have been warned about the psychological perils of technology: distraction,...

Your inner pharmacy  by Robert Blaich

Your inner pharmacy

Robert Blaich

"Your Inner Pharmacy deconstructs the assumption that health and well-being are the responsibility of the government, the medical system, or an insurance company. Teaching facets of health and health care that most people never learned in school or from their...

Holistic medicine and the extracellular matrix  by Matthew Wood

Holistic medicine and the extracellular matrix

Matthew Wood

"Reveals how the extracellular matrix offers scientific proof for holism. Examines the function of the extracellular matrix, the inner ocean that unifies all our cells and controls them in a coordinated and integrated fashion. Explores how the extracellular...

ADHD for smart ass women  by Tracy Otsuka

ADHD for smart ass women

Tracy Otsuka

"An unprecedented guide for any woman with ADHD looking to celebrate her unique brilliance and to embark on a journey of self-discovery. ADHD is one of the most common neurological disor­ders in the United States - yet a staggering 75 percent of girls and...

The back fix  by Antony Bush

The back fix

Antony Bush

"Why is back pain the world's greatest disability? Why aren't the fixes we buy working? What are the 10 things researchers want us to know about our backs? The Secret to fixing our back pain lies not within medication, repeat 'treatments' or surgery. It lies...

Break the cycle  by Mariel Buqué

Break the cycle

Mariel Buqué

"When a physical wound is left unhealed, it continues to cause pain and can infect the whole body. When emotions are left unhealed, they similarly cause harm that spreads to other parts of our lives, hurting our family, friends and colleagues. Eventually, this...

How to say goodbye  by Wendy MacNaughton

How to say goodbye

Wendy MacNaughton

"As artist-in-residence at the Zen Hospice Project Guest House, Wendy MacNaughton experienced firsthand how difficult it is to know what to do when we're sharing final moments with a loved one. In this tenderly illustrated guide to saying goodbye, with a...

The conception plan  by Larisa Corda

The conception plan

Larisa Corda

"Whether you're struggling to conceive, are considering assisted conception, want to preserve your fertility for later in life or prepare your body for a baby in the future, The Conception Plan has fully customizable options for you. It is written by leading...

How to prevent dementia  by Richard Restak

How to prevent dementia

Richard Restak

"How to Prevent Dementia begins with the principle that the more we know about dementia, the easier it is to prevent or delay it. A better foundation of knowledge also helps people to understand and interact thoughtfully with family members and other loved...

Postdiabetic  by Eric Edmeades


Eric Edmeades

"The hardship caused by type 2 diabetes is fueled by profit-seeking food manufacturers. And while it is easy to place blame on the food industry, it is also important to understand our own roles in creating these circumstances. You might wonder why, if type 2...

The comfort crisis  by Michael (Health and fitness writer) Easter

The comfort crisis

Michael (Health and fitness writer)...

"In many ways, we're more comfortable than ever before. But could our sheltered, temperature-controlled, overfed, underchallenged lives actually be the leading cause of many our most urgent physical and mental health issues? [Author and] journalist Michael...

Notes for neuro navigators  by Jolene Stockman

Notes for neuro navigators

Jolene Stockman

"Being autistic is full-on, but being in the life of someone who is autistic? This can be epic, world-changing love. In a world built for neurotypicals, how can you help autistic loved ones navigate their way to happiness? Packed with strategies and honest,...

"She'll be right... yeah, nah"  by Katie McQuaid

"She'll be right... yeah, nah"

Katie McQuaid

"Katie McQuaid grew up on the Kāpiti Coast, a small seaside town called Paraparaumu located near the bottom of the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand. Her life changed throughout her teenage years without her knowing it and upon reflection later on in life,...

Period  by Ruth Redford


Ruth Redford

"Periods. Every person who menstruates has a different relationship with their "Aunt Flow": some good, and some...not-so-good. This 4-color graphic novel guide embraces all the icky, all the sticky, and all the confusing of our monthly cycle, acknowledging...

ADHD  by Jeff Strong


Jeff Strong

"Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most globally prevalent neurodevelopmental disorders. ADHD For Dummies explores living a healthy and fulfilling life with ADHD, from seeking diagnosis to choosing the right treatment path for you...

Gut health  by Kristina Campbell

Gut health

Kristina Campbell

"Combat digestive symptoms and get trustworthy information to keep yourself healthy from the inside out. Gut Health For Dummies can help you restore and optimize your gut and its microbes, for better health day to day. Clear away the confusion and debunk the...

Neurodiversity  by John Marble


John Marble

"A quick and easy way to understand neurodiversity as written by neurodivergent people and our families. Neurodiversity For Dummies is your essential guide in understanding neurodivergent conditions like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and more. This quick and easy...

It's totally normal!  by Monica Gupta Mehta

It's totally normal!

Monica Gupta Mehta

Mother and teen duo Monica and Asha Mehta work together to answer your most pressing questions. Forget the penis-in-vagina basics - this is a queer friendly guide that'll have you rethinking the very definition of sex. Combining expert advice with the personal...

It starts today  by Jono Castano

It starts today

Jono Castano

"In It Starts Today, Jono draws upon his own powerful experiences as a non English-speaking new migrant, professional sportsman and celebrity trainer to cut through the noise and share the key skills which will help make your own fitness transformation both...

Heart  by Paddy Barrett


Paddy Barrett

"Become body literate with Heart: An Owner's Guide, the next book in The Body Literacy Library, a helpful series that will break down heart health for a new generation of readers. Heart: An Owner's Guide is an informative, practical, and engaging introduction...

Sound healing  by Farzana Ali

Sound healing

Farzana Ali

"Discover how sound can help you overcome stress and anxiety. Taking a science-based approach which explores the impact of sound on your body and mind, popular sound healer Farzana Ali presents this accessible guide to using sound for self-care. We already use...

The immune mind  by Monty Lyman

The immune mind

Monty Lyman

"Delving into the recent discovery of the brain's immune system, Dr Monty Lyman reveals the extraordinary implications for our physical and mental health. Until a decade ago, we misunderstood a fundamental aspect of human health. Although the brain and the...

Stretching for a pain-free life  by John Cybulski

Stretching for a pain-free life

John Cybulski

"Daily Movement Routines to Eliminate Chronic Tension. Your body is designed to move without pain. But a sedentary lifestyle can cause tightness, loss of motion and a lack of mobility. Here to reverse this trend so you can get back to operating in the agile,...

Intentional health  by Chiti Parikh

Intentional health

Chiti Parikh

"A nurturing guide to whole-body health that completely integrates traditional Eastern and modern Western healing practices. By combining a 5,000-year history rooted in time-tested, ancient traditions with cutting-edge science, Dr. Chiti Parikh, executive...

The evolution of medicine  by James Maskell

The evolution of medicine

James Maskell

"For all too many dedicated physicians, stuck in a cycle of seven-minute patient visits and production line healing, medicine has become a frustrating vocation. Furthermore, the current epidemic of chronic illness demands a new care standard that can break...

Why am I like this?  by Jen Martin

Why am I like this?

Jen Martin

"Why can't I stop taking photos? Why do I always feel like I'm missing out? Why can't I remember why I walked into this room? In Why Am I Like This? Jen Martin delves into the science behind our strangest thoughts and habits, from why smells make us homesick...

Decolonizing therapy  by Jennifer Mullan

Decolonizing therapy

Jennifer Mullan

"To better understand the mental health oppression and institutional violence that exists today, we must become familiar with the root of disembodiment from our histories, homelands, and healing practices. Decolonizing Therapy is a love letter and a call to...

The power foods diet  by Neal D. Barnard

The power foods diet

Neal D. Barnard

"Eat These Foods, Lose the Weight. Weight loss is one of our top health concerns, so much so that we keep looking for good ways to lose weight, preferably a way that is easy, effective, and permanent. It turns out that, when properly chosen, certain foods...

Applied polyvagal theory in yoga  by Arielle Schwartz

Applied polyvagal theory in yoga

Arielle Schwartz

"This book focuses on the intersection of polyvagal theory, yoga, and psychotherapy by weaving together the wisdom tradition of yoga with neuroscience, attachment theory, somatic psychology, and traumatology. The application of polyvagal theory allows...

The mind and the moon  by Daniel Bergner

The mind and the moon

Daniel Bergner

"In the early 1960s, JFK declared that science would take us to the moon. He also declared that science would make the "remote reaches of the mind accessible" and cure psychiatric illness with breakthrough medications. We were walking on the moon within the...

How to fall in love with yoga  by Sarvesh Shashi

How to fall in love with yoga

Sarvesh Shashi

"A complete workout for the mind, body, and soul with classic, authentic yoga from the country of its origin. Authentic, restorative, and holistic, How to Fall in Love with Yoga is a stroll through the world of yoga, where Sarvesh Shashi, the author,...

Reclaiming you  by Abby Rawlinson

Reclaiming you

Abby Rawlinson

"Would you like to transform how you react to stress? Break your people-pleasing pattern? Tackle your anxiety and imposter syndrome? Learn how to silence your inner critic? From popular integrative therapist Abby Rawlinson comes Reclaiming You a real-world...

Perimenopause  by Rebecca Levy-Gantt


Rebecca Levy-Gantt

"Women approaching menopause start experiencing natural shifts in their bodies as early as the 30s. Perimenopause For Dummies explains what's going on, giving you all the information you need to reduce symptoms and navigate this life transition. You'll learn...

Herbal  by Mimi Prunella Hernandez


Mimi Prunella Hernandez

"Mint tea for a tummy ache, echinacea for a cold: Today, millions turn to natural remedies to treat everyday ailments. While plants hold remarkable curative powers, the workings of medicinal herbs are complex. Now, in this guide, National Geographic teams up...

Living vegan  by Cadry Nelson

Living vegan

Cadry Nelson

"This valuable resource for anyone who practices or is considering veganism offers easy recipes, money-saving tips, advice for talking to people about veganism and ideas for dealing with the skeptics, along with simple action plans for transitioning to the...

Self-defense  by Damian Ross


Damian Ross

"Forget everything you thought you knew about self-defense. Those graceful martial arts moves that are so effective in the movies are likely to get you killed on the street. In fight-or-flight mode, you won't have the calm thinking and fine motor skills to...

Calisthenics  by Mark Lauren


Mark Lauren

"You can do bodyweight workouts any time, anywhere--no equipment needed. Calisthenics For Dummies teaches you the principles of lifelong fitness and offers easy-to-follow workouts to keep you in shape. Discover the muscle groups, joint functions, and athletic...

Postdiabetic  by Eric Edmeades


Eric Edmeades

"Follow a trusted step-by-step plan that will support you with 'lifestyle' diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and even many autoimmune diseases. The process is simple and straightforward, and it will guide you through some manageable...

Get well, stay well  by Gemma Newman

Get well, stay well

Gemma Newman

"Determined to help her patients, Dr Gemma Newman has studied nutrition, psychotherapy and a wide range of holistic approaches alongside her medical practice. This book brings together everything she has learned, in twenty years of clinical experience. Six...

Sleep smarter  by Shawn Stevenson

Sleep smarter

Shawn Stevenson

"Is high-quality sleep the missing component to help you shed fat for good, stave off diseases, and keep you productive? In Sleep Smarter, Shawn Stevenson, host of the popular podcast, The Model Health Show, answers these and many other sleep-related...

All in her head  by Elizabeth Comen

All in her head

Elizabeth Comen

"For as long as medicine has been a practice, women's bodies have been treated like objects to be practiced on: examined and ignored, idealized and sexualized, shamed, subjugated, mutilated, and dismissed. The history of women's healthcare is a story in which...

The menopause brain  by Lisa Mosconi

The menopause brain

Lisa Mosconi

"Menopause and perimenopause are still a black box to most doctors, leaving patients exasperated as they grapple with symptoms ranging from hot flashes to insomnia and brain fog. As a leading neuroscientist and women's brain health specialist, Dr. Lisa Mosconi...

Autistic masking  by Amy (Developmental psychologist) Pearson

Autistic masking

Amy (Developmental psychologist) Pe...

Autistic world domination  by Jolene Stockman

Autistic world domination

Jolene Stockman

"The neurotypical world doesn't always work for autistic people who often feel they're on the same planet but live in a different world. Autistic World Domination is here to rewrite normal. By helping readers write their own blueprint for life, this book...

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