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Murder at Lord's Station  by Jim Eldridge

Murder at Lord's Station

Jim Eldridge

"March, 1941. World War Two is well underway and the Blitz is taking its toll on Central London with bombs raining down almost every night. Inspector Coburg and his trusted Sergeant Lampson are just recovering from the devastating bomb attack on the Cafe de...

The Mangle Street murders  by M. R. C. (Martin R. C.) Kasasian

The Mangle Street murders

M. R. C. (Martin R. C.) Kasasian

"March Middleton has moved to Gower Street to live with her curmudgeonly guardian, Sidney Grice, London's most famous personal detective. She is intelligent, witty, and talkative. He thinks young women should be seen and not heard. But he grudgingly allows her...

Murder on stage  by F. L. (Mystery writer) Everett

Murder on stage

F. L. (Mystery writer) Everett

"England, 1941. Trainee reporter Edie York is doing her best to keep calm and carry on despite London's Blitz dominating the news. But, at the theatre one night, she is thrust into a shocking mystery when the lead actor drops dead on stage... The Victory Gang...

A sickle for my sweetheart  by Coo Harkens

A sickle for my sweetheart

Coo Harkens

"Poor Little Crick, he is a penniless orphan cast upon the cruel world of 19th Century Kirkshire, with the face - no less - of a pretty girl. Yet he is cunning, he has a fire in his belly, and he has the wiles to become anyone he pleases: a swooning lady in a...

The wolves of Nifelheim  by Paul Adam

The wolves of Nifelheim

Paul Adam

"The body of a young diplomat, Christoph Geissler, is found in the snow in a remote forest. Buried in his chest is a wooden spear with mistletoe wrapped around it. Decorated former army officer turned policeman, Major Reinhardt Neumann, is sent from Berlin to...

Dark hunter  by Fiona J. Watson

Dark hunter

Fiona J. Watson

The year is 1317, and young squire Benedict Russell has joined the English-held garrison of Berwick-upon-Tweed after the spectacular Scottish victory at Bannockburn three years earlier. Serious and self-doubting, he can't wait for his time there to come to an...

Death on the pier  by Jamie (Novelist) West

Death on the pier

Jamie (Novelist) West

"Renowned murder mystery playwright Bertie Carroll turns real life detective when his leading lady is shot and killed on stage, in full view of an unsuspecting audience."--Publisher.

A divine fury  by D. V. Bishop

A divine fury

D. V. Bishop

"Florence. Autumn, 1539. Cesare Aldo was once an officer for the city's most feared criminal court. Following a period of exile, he is back - but demoted to night patrol, when only the drunk and the dangerous roam the streets. Chasing a suspect in the rain,...

Murder on the French Riviera  by Helena Dixon

Murder on the French Riviera

Helena Dixon

"A grand old hotel, fresh coffee on the balcony, a perfect view of the sparkling ocean and... surely not another murder? Thank heavens Kitty Underhay is on the case! Late spring, 1936. As Kitty Underhay arrives in sun-drenched Nice, on orders from Whitehall to...

Murder in Punch Lane  by Jane Sullivan

Murder in Punch Lane

Jane Sullivan

"Melbourne, 1868. When dazzling theatre star Marie St Denis dies in the arms of her best friend, fellow actress Lola Sanchez, everyone believes it was suicide by laudanum overdose. Everyone except Lola. On the brink of stardom herself, she risks everything by...

The angsana tree mystery  by Ovidia Yu

The angsana tree mystery

Ovidia Yu

"When all the angsana trees on the island bloom at the same time it's a glorious fragrant display that lasts only one day... and the next morning Su Lin comes across an old friend laughing hysterically while holding her dead lover on the thick carpet of yellow...

Murder ballad  by Lucy Ribchester

Murder ballad

Lucy Ribchester

"Edinburgh, 1791. Isobel Duguid and her friend Clessidro are the stars of the Edinburgh Musical Society. Clessidro sings opera and Isobel sings famously dark Scottish ballads, despite being incapable of holding a tune. They roam the streets of Edinburgh,...

Spring offensive  by Edward Marston

Spring offensive

Edward Marston

"March, 1918. British newspapers carry the dreadful news that the German Spring Offensive has begun, with thousands of British lives lost. Detective Sargeant Joe Keedy is awaiting release from hospital in London and is anxious to resume the fight against crime...

A ruse of shadows  by Sherry (Sherry M.) Thomas

A ruse of shadows

Sherry (Sherry M.) Thomas

"Charlotte's success on the RMS Provence has afforded her a certain measure of time and assurance. Taking advantage of that, she has been busy, plotting to prise the man her sister loves from Moriarty's iron grip. Disruption, however, comes from an unexpected...

Murder at an English séance  by Jessica Ellicott

Murder at an English séance

Jessica Ellicott

"Hidden beneath her British reserve, Edwina has a secret: she's finished her novel and is bravely mailing the manuscript to a publisher. Beryl also has a secret: as thanks for solving a case, the American adventuress has been gifted an airplane. After swooping...

Death on board  by Pauline Rowson

Death on board

Pauline Rowson

"1951. Inspector Alun Ryga surveys the wreckage of the elegant Harley Street drawing room. It's the home of retired dermatologist Sir Bernard Crompton, who's currently sailing his new yacht down the British coast from Scotland - or so he was... Sir Bernard is...

A daughter of fair Verona  by Christina Dodd

A daughter of fair Verona

Christina Dodd

"Once upon a time a young couple met and fell in love. You probably know that story, and how it ended ( badly). Only here's the thing: That's not how it ended at all. Romeo and Juliet are alive and well and the parents of seven kids. I'm the oldest, with the...

Some murders in Berlin  by Karen Robards

Some murders in Berlin

Karen Robards

"September 1943: Berlin is the heart of darkness--and the last place Dr. Elin Lund wishes to be. An expert in psychological profiling, she's been summoned from Copenhagen to investigate the gruesome murders of eight young women. Even in the midst of...

Death on the Lusitania  by R. L. (Novelist) Graham

Death on the Lusitania

R. L. (Novelist) Graham

"New York, 1915. RMS Lusitania, one of the world's most luxurious ocean liners, departs for war-torn Europe. Among those on board is Patrick Gallagher, a civil servant in Her Majesty's government tasked with escorting a British diplomat back to England. When a...

Dance of death  by Edward Marston

Dance of death

Edward Marston

"Inspector Marmion and Sergeant Keedy investigate the murder of Simon Wilder, who was stabbed to death while walking in an alleyway as British fighters thwarted a Zeppelin attack overhead."--Provided by publisher.

A dangerous mourning  by Anne Perry

A dangerous mourning

Anne Perry

"William Monk is ordered to find the killer of the daughter of Sir Basil Moidore. With incredible restraints upon his investigation, Monk sets about finding the killer, step by dangerous step."--Provided by publisher.

The stranger's companion  by Mary Horlock

The stranger's companion

Mary Horlock

"October 1933. With a population of five hundred souls, isolated Sark has a reputation for being 'the island where nothing ever happens'. Until, one day, the neatly folded clothes of an unknown man and woman are discovered abandoned at a coastal beauty spot....

The assassin of Venice  by Alyssa Palombo

The assassin of Venice

Alyssa Palombo

"One of Venice's famous courtesans, Valentina, beautiful, cultured, deadly, seduces and kills men the Council of Ten orders her to, but when she's ordered to kill a fellow assassin--and the man she loves, she must uncover the Council of Ten's dark agenda, with...

Truth be told  by Patricia Raybon

Truth be told

Patricia Raybon

"On a lovely June night in 1924, amateur detective Annalee Spain is mingling bravely at a high-class political fundraiser in the lush backyard garden of famed political fixer Cooper Coates, one of the wealthiest men in Denver's Black neighborhood of Five...

Murder at the dinner party  by C. J. Archer

Murder at the dinner party

C. J. Archer

"Cleo is hired by the housekeeper at a Mayfair residence after the police rule the sudden death of the butler was the result of natural causes. Not convinced by the verdict, she wants Cleo to prove foul play was involved. Considering he was acting mysteriously...

D is for Death  by Harriet F. Townson

D is for Death

Harriet F. Townson

"1935. Dora's on the first train to London, having smuggled herself out of the house in the middle of the night to escape her impending marriage. But unluckily for her, Dora's fiance is more persistent than most and follows. As Dora alights at Paddington...

What cannot be said  by C. S. Harris

What cannot be said

C. S. Harris

"On a sunny day in July 1815, thirty-eight-year-old Philippa, Lady McKinsey, takes her sixteen-year-old daughter, Emma, and her young niece and nephew, fifteen-year-old Arabella and thirteen-year-old Percy, on an outing to Richmond Park. But when Arabella and...

The last note of warning  by Katharine Schellman

The last note of warning

Katharine Schellman

"Prohibition is a dangerous time to be a working-class woman in New York City, but Vivian Kelly has finally found some measure of stability and freedom. By day, she's a respectable shop assistant, delivering luxurious dresses to the city's wealthy and elite....

The strange case of the pharaoh's heart  by Timothy (Author) Miller

The strange case of the pharaoh's heart

Timothy (Author) Miller

"To crack the case this time around, Sherlock Holmes must return to the place he swore he'd never revisit and face his demons. . . literally . . . 1923: In his last years, Sherlock Holmes has abandoned his strict method of logic for the practice of...

Hall of mirrors  by John (Novelist) Copenhaver

Hall of mirrors

John (Novelist) Copenhaver

"Suspicious after his lover and writing partner's death in house fire is ruled a suicide in 1954 Washington, DC, Lionel joins forces with two friends and amateur sleuths to investigate and stop a serial killer."--Publisher.

A botanist's guide to society and secrets  by Kate Khavari

A botanist's guide to society and secrets

Kate Khavari

"London, 1923. Returning from Paris, botanical researcher Saffron Everleigh finds that her former love interest Alexander Ashton's brother, Adrian, is being investigated for murder. A Russian scientist working for the English government has been poisoned, and...

A mother's burden  by H. Y. Poon

A mother's burden

H. Y. Poon

"In Song dynasty China, a young servant of a magistrate searches for the killers of a mentally-disabled boy shunned by the community. A mentally-disabled boy is found dead in a small town. All signs point to his mother, a poor and ailing widow, as the one who...

Heartstone  by C. J. Sansom


C. J. Sansom

"Summer, 1545. England is at war. Henry VIII's invasion of France has gone badly wrong, and a massive French fleet is preparing to sail across the Channel. As the English fleet gathers at Portsmouth, the country raises the largest militia army it has ever...

The pantomime murders  by Fiona Veitch Smith

The pantomime murders

Fiona Veitch Smith

"1929, December: Snow is falling, and Miss Clara Vale is wrapped up against the cold as she braves the icy streets of Newcastle in her latest investigation. When a young actress from the touring pantomime of Cinderella arrives at her door, Clara isn't sure...

The picture house murders  by Fiona Veitch Smith

The picture house murders

Fiona Veitch Smith

"1929: Miss Clara Vale is a woman ahead of her time. Rather than attending Oxford to bag an eligible Duke (as her mother, Lady Vale, so desperately hoped), she threw herself into a degree in chemistry, with aspirations to become a scientist in her own right....

The Castleton affair  by Benedict Brown

The Castleton affair

Benedict Brown

""When mystery writer Marius Quin and his sleuthing partner Lady Bella Montague are hired by a secretive stranger to find a missing civil servant, they immediately set to work. Ernest Castleton was taken at gunpoint days earlier, but with the help of his...

The winter garden mystery  by Carola Dunn

The winter garden mystery

Carola Dunn

Daisy Dalrymple spots that someone's been digging among the first green shoots - and much to her horror unearths the corpse of missing parlor maid Grace Moss. So begins an adventure, as first the dead woman's shocking secret is revealed and then Daisy realizes...

No graves as yet  by Anne Perry

No graves as yet

Anne Perry

"In the last idyllic summer of 1914, the battle lines are already drawn. In Cambridge, the golden June days seem timeless. But for Joseph Reavley the summer is shattered by his parents' deaths in a car accident. Bringing the terrible news, his brother reveals...

The mummy of Mayfair  by Jeri Westerson

The mummy of Mayfair

Jeri Westerson

"London, 1895. Although their last high-profile case was a huge success, private detectives Tim Badger and Benjamin Watson know they can't afford to turn down any work, despite financial assistance from their mentor, Sherlock Holmes. So when the eminent Doctor...

A lurking Primrose  by Suzette A. Hill

A lurking Primrose

Suzette A. Hill

"Erasmus House, a prestigious prep school for boys in Lewes, is in uncharacteristic disarray over a looming visit from Her Majesty's inspectors. Convinced that inspectors dislike old-established schools, headmaster Mr. Winchbrooke devises a cunning plan to...

Mortal radiance  by Kathryn Lasky

Mortal radiance

Kathryn Lasky

"New Mexico, 1935. Painter Georgia O'Keeffe is at her friend Mabel Dodge Luhan's home, Los Gallos, a house inhabited by a colorful range of artists, authors and society figures, to attend the memorial service of the renowned writer D.H. Lawrence. Georgia has...

The clock struck murder  by Betty Webb

The clock struck murder

Betty Webb

"Expat Zoe Barlow has settled well into her artist's life among the Lost Generation in 1920s Paris. When a too-tipsy guest at her weekly poker game breaks Zoe's favorite clock, she's off to a Montparnasse flea market to bargain with the vendor Laurette for a...

The comfort of ghosts  by Jacqueline Winspear

The comfort of ghosts

Jacqueline Winspear

"London, 1945: Four adolescent orphans with a dark wartime history are squatting in a vacant Belgravia mansion--the owners having fled London under heavy Luftwaffe bombing. Soon after a demobilized British soldier, ill and reeling from his experiences...

The cryptic cold case  by Lynn (Novelist) Morrison

The cryptic cold case

Lynn (Novelist) Morrison

"Can Dora and Rex solve this cold case without ending up in hot water? London, 1923. In a Mayfair dining room, Theodora Laurent and Lord Rex Bankes-Fernsby make an incredible discovery. Rex's sister Caledonia is a naturally gifted codebreaker. Upon hearing...

Double cross dead  by Lynn (Novelist) Morrison

Double cross dead

Lynn (Novelist) Morrison

"An enemy lurks in the prince's inner circle. He'll do anything to escape justice... even commit murder. England, 1923. Love is in the air and all eyes are on Windsor Castle, where the royal family is celebrating a new royal engagement. When party invitations...

Death undercover  by Lynn (Novelist) Morrison

Death undercover

Lynn (Novelist) Morrison

"England, 1922 . After their adventures at Westminster, Dora and Rex depart for a quiet month in the Cotswolds. Or at least, that's what everyone thinks. In truth, they're working on a new assignment -- investigating rumours that a titled foreigner might be...

The missing agent  by Lynn (Novelist) Morrison

The missing agent

Lynn (Novelist) Morrison

"London, 1922. Theodora Laurent, femme fatale and undercover spy, has spent several months training Lord Rex to be her new partner. It's time for him to undertake his first assignment - finding out who passed along false intelligence to the Cabinet. Despite...

Murder in the mews  by Irina Shapiro

Murder in the mews

Irina Shapiro

"When the Earl of Granville is skewered with a pitchfork in his own stables, Inspector Haze and Lord Redmond must unearth decades-old family secrets in order to unravel the motive behind the murder. But just when they think they're making headway, disturbing...

Carnival of shadows  by Roger Jon Ellory

Carnival of shadows

Roger Jon Ellory

"1959. A travelling carnival appears overnight in the small town of Seneca Falls, intriguing the townsfolk with acts of inexplicable magic and illusion. But when a man's body is discovered beneath the carousel, with no clue as to his identity, FBI Special...

The Small Museum  by Jody Cooksley

The Small Museum

Jody Cooksley

"London, 1873. Madeleine Brewster's marriage to Dr Lucius Everley was meant to be the solution to her family's sullied name. After all, Lucius is a well-respected collector of natural curiosities -- his 'Small Museum' is his life's work, although firmly kept...

The murderer inside the mirror  by Sarah Rayne

The murderer inside the mirror

Sarah Rayne

"Another day, another grand scheme! The thieving Fitzglen family are back in this second instalment of the spellbinding Theatre of Thieves gothic mystery series set in Victorian England.London, 1908. The Fitzglens, one of London's leading theatre families and...

Man of bones  by Ben Creed

Man of bones

Ben Creed

"Winter 1953. Beneath a pitch-black Leningrad sky, two bodies lie near the towering statue of Lenin outside the Finland Station. 'Nothing sinister, here, just a simple hit and run,' an officer in the MGB secret police assures militia detective Revol Rossel....

His Majesty's Hope  by Susan Elia MacNeal

His Majesty's Hope

Susan Elia MacNeal

"World War II has finally come home to Britain, but it takes more than nightly air raids to rattle intrepid spy and expert code breaker Maggie Hope. After serving as a secret agent to protect Princess Elizabeth at Windsor Castle, Maggie is now an elite member...

Puzzles can be deadly  by David S. Pederson

Puzzles can be deadly

David S. Pederson

"A bizarre old woman who worships the memory of her lost son. A nun with hidden secrets. A spinster housekeeper with a secret of her own. An angry young man with a troubled past. A neighbor who claims to talk to dead people at séances. Skip Valentine and Henry...

No shred of evidence  by Charles Todd

No shred of evidence

Charles Todd

"On the north coast of Cornwall, an apparent act of mercy is repaid by an arrest for murder. Four young women have been accused of the crime. A shocked father calls in a favor at the Home Office. Scotland Yard is asked to review the case. However, Inspector...

The Highgate Cemetery murder  by Irina Shapiro

The Highgate Cemetery murder

Irina Shapiro

"His heart pounding, the man scribbles the words in his notebook as fast as he can: 'Woman dead in Highgate. Man in caped coat. Milky way and red streaks. I'm being followed.' Hours later, the man's cold body lies in the city mortuary, alongside the woman he...

Murder in the crypt  by Irina Shapiro

Murder in the crypt

Irina Shapiro

"Initially a suspect for the murder of a young man in the English village of Birch Hill, surgeon Jason Redmond joins forces with Parish Constable Daniel Haze to solve the crime."--Publisher.

The Gentleman Burglar  by Sam Siciliano

The Gentleman Burglar

Sam Siciliano

"A daring crossover of Sherlock Holmes and his criminal adversity: Arsene Lupin, the Gentleman Burglar. These superb sleuths will solve intricate riddles and journey across France and beyond to uncover the long-lost treasure of the House of Bourbon. Sherlock...

Mrs. Roosevelt's confidante  by Susan Elia MacNeal

Mrs. Roosevelt's confidante

Susan Elia MacNeal

"Maggie Hope, travels across the pond to America, where a looming scandal poses a grave threat to the White House and the Allied cause. December 1941. Soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Winston Churchill arrives in Washington, D.C., along with special...

The last hope  by Susan Elia MacNeal

The last hope

Susan Elia MacNeal

"British Intelligence has ordered Maggie to assassinate Werner Heisenberg, the physicist who may deliver a world-ending fission bomb for Germany: she's shaken by the assignment. An assassination is unlike anything she's ever done. How can the Allies even be...

The Roman riddle  by Lynn (Novelist) Morrison

The Roman riddle

Lynn (Novelist) Morrison

"In the Eternal City, Dora and Rex are in a race against time to uncover a murderer, with the future of a political alliance at stake. Rome, 1923. Rex and Dora's holiday comes to an abrupt end when they receive an urgent message from Rome. The Carabinieri have...

The essence of malice  by Ashley Weaver

The essence of malice

Ashley Weaver

"Amory Ames and her husband Milo travel to Paris, where they become embroiled in a mystery surrounding the death of a famous parfumier."--Provided by publisher.

Death wears a mask  by Ashley Weaver

Death wears a mask

Ashley Weaver

"Amory Ames is looking forward to a tranquil period of reconnecting with reformed playboy husband Milo after an unexpected reconciliation following the murderous events at the Brightwell Hotel. Amory hopes a quiet stay at their London flat will help mend their...

Murder at the Brightwell  by Ashley Weaver

Murder at the Brightwell

Ashley Weaver

"Amory Ames is a wealthy young woman who regrets her marriage to her notoriously charming playboy husband, Milo. Looking for a change, she accepts a request for help from her former fiance, Gil Trent, not knowing that she'll soon become embroiled in a murder...

Murder of a hangman  by Irina Shapiro

Murder of a hangman

Irina Shapiro

"When a severed head is left on the steps of Newgate Prison, Lord Redmond and Inspector Haze are left with few clues to solve the murder. Even after the victim is identified as the prison's hangman, narrowing down the number of suspects proves difficult when...

Murder among the dead  by Irina Shapiro

Murder among the dead

Irina Shapiro

"When Charlotte Haze's nurse, Rebecca Grainger, is discovered murdered at a disused burial ground and her young charge is nowhere to be found, Daniel and Jason must race against the clock to solve the crime in order to save the little girl. Will their personal...

Murder of a mermaid  by Irina Shapiro

Murder of a mermaid

Irina Shapiro

"The discovery of a young woman's body drifting down the Thames, her hair adorned with flowers and her legs wrapped in blue silk like a mermaid's tail, presents Lord Jason Redmond and Inspector Daniel Haze with a puzzling new mystery. who was she, why was she...

Murder in Highgate  by Irina Shapiro

Murder in Highgate

Irina Shapiro

"When a young man is found hanging inside the Ashford family tomb, Redmond and Haze assume the man had run afoul of the noble family and paid or it with his life. Once they identify the remains, they discover not only the victim's shocking secrets but that the...

Murder in Half Moon Street  by Irina Shapiro

Murder in Half Moon Street

Irina Shapiro

"When a gentlewoman is savagely murdered in her own bed, Lord Redmond and Inspector Haze must pick apart her seemingly blameless life to understand what drove her attacker to such frenzied rage- and how they managed to escape from a locked room in a house...

Murder on the Sea Witch  by Irina Shapiro

Murder on the Sea Witch

Irina Shapiro

"When the body of a renowned British archaeologist is found inside a sarcophagus he was bringing back from a dig in Egypt, Redmond and Haze must determine who aboard the Sea Witch had reason to want him dead. The method of murder suggests it was someone...

Murder at Ardith Hall  by Irina Shapiro

Murder at Ardith Hall

Irina Shapiro

"When a guest at a seance dies under suspicious circumstances, Inspector Haze and Lord Redmond quickly realize his death was a cleverly plotted execution. The main suspects are the other guests--including Daniel's wife Sarah. Delving into the life of the...

Murder in the grave  by Irina Shapiro

Murder in the grave

Irina Shapiro

"When the body of a newly appointed curate is found in a freshly dug grave, Inspector Haze and Lord Redmond are called to investigate. According to friends and family, the unfortunate man was a veritable saint who'd wanted nothing more than to dedicate his...

Murder in the caravan  by Irina Shapiro

Murder in the caravan

Irina Shapiro

"When the body of gentlewoman is found in a Romani caravan, and a second woman from the village of Birch Hill goes missing, Redmond and Haze must peel back the layers of lies, prejudice, and misdirection to discover who's truly behind the crimes. With little...

Murder at the mill  by Irina Shapiro

Murder at the mill

Irina Shapiro

"When a man's naked corpse is found strapped to a waterwheel, newly appointed Inspector Haze is called upon to investigate the crime. With the help of American surgeon Captain Redmond, he delves into the life of Frank Darrow, a man who inspired such hatred,...

Murder at the abbey  by Irina Shapiro

Murder at the abbey

Irina Shapiro

"When the body of a young woman is found near the ruins of a haunted abbey, everyone assumes she died of fright. A postmortem examination tells a different story. Not only was Elizabeth Barrett poisoned, but the lethal dose of cyanide must have been...

Treachery at Lancaster Gate  by Anne Perry

Treachery at Lancaster Gate

Anne Perry

"When an explosion in London kills two policemen and seriously injures three more, many believe that anarchists are the culprits. But Thomas Pitt, commander of Special Branch, knows the city's radical groups well enough to suspect that someone with decidedly...

Litany of lies  by Sarah Hawkswood

Litany of lies

Sarah Hawkswood

"Midsummer, 1145. The steward of Evesham Abbey is found dead at the bottom of a well pit, and it was clearly not an accident. The Abbot, whose relationship with the lord Sheriff of Worcestershire, is strained at best, dislikes needing external help with the...

Locked in pursuit  by Ashley Weaver

Locked in pursuit

Ashley Weaver

"Safecracker Ellie McDonnell hasn't seen Major Ramsey - her handsome but aloof handler in the British government - since their tumultuous mission together three months before, but when she hears about a suspicious robbery in London she feels compelled to...

Six motives for murder  by Frances Brody

Six motives for murder

Frances Brody

"Yorkshire, 1969. Nell Lewis is four months into her new role as governor of HMP Brackerley when the prison takes on a catering contract for Brackerley village's wedding of the year. Almost all the female inmates are delighted to be involved in the...

Birds of a feather  by Jacqueline Winspear

Birds of a feather

Jacqueline Winspear

"Maisie Dobbs is back and this time she has been hired to find a wealthy grocery magnate's daughter who has fled from home. What seems a simple case at first becomes complicated when Maisie learns of the recent violent deaths of three of the heiress's old...

The Hurtwood village murders  by Benedict Brown

The Hurtwood village murders

Benedict Brown

"A series of threatening letters, a forgotten figure from the past, and a killer out to settle scores... England 1928. Mystery writer Marius Quin receives alarming news from his sleuthing partner Lady Bella Montague that their childhood friends are in danger....

Murder at Everham Hall  by Benedict Brown

Murder at Everham Hall

Benedict Brown

"December 1927. Mystery writer Marius Quin has one previous bestseller, endless looming mortgage payments, and no idea how to write his next book. When his childhood friend Lady Isabella Montague invites him to an intimate New Year's Eve party hosted by a...

Lightning strikes the silence  by Iona Whishaw

Lightning strikes the silence

Iona Whishaw

"A warm June afternoon in King's Cove is interrupted by an explosion. Following the sound, Lane goes to investigate. Up a steep path she discovers a secluded cabin and, hiding nearby, a young Japanese girl injured and mute, but very much alive. At the Nelson...

Death in the crypt  by Fliss Chester

Death in the crypt

Fliss Chester

"The Honourable Cressida Fawcett is expecting the cathedral crypt to be full of dry old bones. But when she finds a body murdered just moments before, she'll need divine inspiration to solve her most mysterious case yet... Winchester, 1925. When amateur sleuth...

Art in the blood  by Bonnie MacBird

Art in the blood

Bonnie MacBird

"1888. After a disasterous Ripper investigation, Holmes sinks into a deep depression. Watson can do nothing to help his friend, but an encoded letter from the French singer, Emmeline La Victoire, rekindles the detective's interest. The singer's illegitimate...

A deadly endeavor  by Jenny (Mystery author) Adams

A deadly endeavor

Jenny (Mystery author) Adams

"In a historical mystery, a serial killer is on the loose in Jazz Age Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1921. When Edie Shippen returns home after spending years in California recovering from Influenza, she's shocked to discover her childhood sweetheart is engaged...

Nemesis  by Lindsey Davis


Lindsey Davis

"In the high summer of 77 AD, Roman informer Marcus Didius Falco is beset by personal problems. Newly bereaved and facing unexpected upheavals in his life, it is a relief for him to consider someone else's misfortunes. A middle-aged couple who supplied statues...

The witching hour  by Catriona McPherson

The witching hour

Catriona McPherson

"War is hovering on the horizon, and Dandy Gilver wants nothing more than to keep her friends and family close. But then a call in the night places her oldest friend Daisy at the centre of a murder investigation. With her friend's future on the line, Dandy and...

An assassination on the agenda  by T. E. (Tim E.) Kinsey

An assassination on the agenda

T. E. (Tim E.) Kinsey

"July 1912. Lady Hardcastle and her tenacious lady's maid, Florence Armstrong, are enjoying a convivial gathering at the home of their dear friends, the Farley-Strouds. The only fly in the idyllic ointment seems to be the lack of musical entertainment for the...

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