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Take this woman  by Josephine Cox

Take this woman

Josephine Cox

"Blackburn, 1947. In the tiny front parlour fourteen-year-old Laura Blake watches her beloved father die. But not before he tells her she will make something of her life. Laura never forgets his words. Yet her path to success proves to be a rocky one. Forced...

Luckpenny land  by Freda Lightfoot

Luckpenny land

Freda Lightfoot

"Life is hard for Meg Turner. She lives on a lonely farm in the bleak but beautiful mountains of the Lake District with a bully of a father and a brother who resents her. They want to keep her stuck at home, but Meg knows there's more to life than the kitchen...

The girls of Bomber Command  by Vicki Beeby

The girls of Bomber Command

Vicki Beeby

"With an enemy in their midst, can they still protect their fighters in the skies? Pearl has given up on her dreams of being a journalist after being denied a promotion because of her gender. Joining the WAAF as a radio telephone operator for Bomber Command,...

A presumption of death  by Jill Paton Walsh

A presumption of death

Jill Paton Walsh

"1940, and while the Second World War rages on, Harriet Vane - now Lady Peter Wimsey - has taken her children to safety in the country.But the war has followed them: glamorous RAF pilots and even more glamorous land-girls scandalise the villagers, and the...

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store  by James McBride

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store

James McBride

"In 1972, when workers in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, were digging the foundations for a new development, the last thing they expected to find was a skeleton at the bottom of a well. Who the skeleton was and how it got there were two of the long-held secrets kept...

A winter by the sea  by Julie Klassen

A winter by the sea

Julie Klassen

"When the Duke and Duchess of Kent and their daughter-- the future Queen Victoria-- rent neighboring Woolbrook Cottage for the winter, the Summers sisters are called upon to host three of the royal family's male staff in their seaside house. But they soon...

Only a promise  by Mary Balogh

Only a promise

Mary Balogh

"Ralph Stockwood prides himself on being a leader, but when he convinced his friends to fight in the Napoleonic Wars, he never envisioned being the sole survivor. Racked with guilt over their deaths, Ralph must move on and find a wife so as to secure an heir...

The socialite's guide to death and dating  by S. K. Golden

The socialite's guide to death and dating

S. K. Golden

"New York, 1958. Even though Evelyn Murphy has made progress conquering her agoraphobia by leaving the Pinnacle, she still feels most comfortable in her father's hotel. With Malcolm Cooper, her new boyfriend and fellow employee at the hotel, Evelyn feels...

Frederica  by Georgette Heyer


Georgette Heyer

"Bringing her family to London in the hopes of finding her younger sister a suitable husband, Frederica is saddened when her prime prospect, the Marquis of Alverstroke, seems totally uninterested, but when her younger brother ends up in a terrible accident,...

The girls of Mersey Square  by Pam Howes

The girls of Mersey Square

Pam Howes

"Mersey Square, Stockport, 1959. Jane Wilson's parents met during the war in the north of England, but Jane is more interested in listening to the new rock music than hearing stories about the Blitz. When she meets handsome drummer Eddie Mellor, with his...

Bellagrand  by Paullina Simons


Paullina Simons

"Gina and Harry gave up everything to be together. But they both want different things from their marriage, from life, from each other and from the shifting world around them. Gina, independent, compassionate, and strong, desperately wants a family. Harry,...

Under the eagle  by Simon Scarrow

Under the eagle

Simon Scarrow

"It is 42 AD, and Quintus Licinius Cato has just arrived in Germany as a new recruit to the Second Legion, the toughest in the Roman army. If adjusting to the rigours of military life isn't difficult enough for the bookish young man, he also has to contend...

The Tuscan orphan  by Siobhan Daiko

The Tuscan orphan

Siobhan Daiko

"1944 - When an air raid strikes the hospital she's been working in, Carrie's life irrevocably changes. But as a nurse in the middle of wartime, she has no time to grieve, as she has too many people relying on her. For resistance fighter, Vito, nothing is more...

Child of the ruins  by Kate Furnivall

Child of the ruins

Kate Furnivall

"Berlin, 1948. World War II has ended and there is supposed to be peace, but Russian troops have closed all access to the city. Roads, railway lines and waterways are blocked and two million people are trapped, relying on airlifts of food, water and medicine...

When the eagle hunts  by Simon Scarrow

When the eagle hunts

Simon Scarrow

"Britain 43 AD: after a series of bloody battles, Camulodunum (modern-day Colchester) has fallen to the invading Roman army. The Emperor has returned to Rome, leaving the fearless Centurion Macro and his young Optio, Cato, to rest and regroup, along with the...

Cry of the curlew  by Peter Watt

Cry of the curlew

Peter Watt

"It is the tale of two families, the Macintoshes and the Duffys, who are locked in a deadly battle from the moment squatter Donald Macintosh commits an act of barbarity on his Queensland property. Their paths cross in love, death and revenge as both families...

Wairata  by Jonathan Peet


Jonathan Peet

"New Zealand, April 1890. On a cold grey autumn day, eleven-year-old David Campbell finds himself shipwrecked, traumatised, and orphaned on the wild and wet west coast of the North Island. He is taken under the wing of a kindly widow on her rugged, remote farm...

Simon the Coldheart  by Georgette Heyer

Simon the Coldheart

Georgette Heyer

"When we meet Simon of Beauvallet he is a 14 year old boy, the year is 1400, and the 100 year war is raging. Simon is the bastard son of Geoffrey of Malvallet and as such must make his own way in the world without the status and advantage his father's station...

Army girls  by Fenella J. Miller

Army girls

Fenella J. Miller

"When duty calls, East End girl Minnie Wolton isn't afraid to do her bit. She's excited to be joining the ATS girls and although she knows life at the barracks will be tough, she's not one to quit! She just hopes the other girls are all good sorts. With her...

Louis the well-beloved  by Jean Plaidy

Louis the well-beloved

Jean Plaidy

"The first of Jean Plaidy's flamboyant French Revolution series France eagerly awaits the day the young King, Louis XV, comes of age and breaks free from the rule of his ministers. The country hopes Louis will bring back glory and prosperity to France....

The shadow King  by Harry Sidebottom

The shadow King

Harry Sidebottom

"Alexander of Macedon was just twenty years old in 334BC when he set out with a small army to challenge Persia, the largest and most powerful empire in the world. The Macedonians marched East into the unknown, won battles against overwhelming odds, stormed...

Run to the western shore  by Tim Pears

Run to the western shore

Tim Pears

"Britain, AD 75. Quintus, long exiled from his people, has travelled great odysseys in the retinue of a powerful Roman. Though a citizen of nowhere, is a man of reason, fluent in many languages. Olwen, imperious tribal royalty, is rooted in her native land - a...

A Quality Street christmas  by Penny Thorpe

A Quality Street christmas

Penny Thorpe

"The Quality Street girls are gearing up for Christmas, but with the factory now making gas masks, as well as the nation's favourite chocolate sweets, it's anything but normal. They're having to make other adjustments too. Reenie is in the doldrums after being...

The Winthrop agreement  by Alice Simpson

The Winthrop agreement

Alice Simpson

"When Rivkah Milmanovitch arrives at Ellis Island, her husband is not waiting for her as promised. Alone and pregnant, she makes her way to the Lower East Side tenement of an old friend. Lottie Aarons, whose husband went out for a newspaper and never returned,...

Afterlives  by Abdulrazak Gurnah


Abdulrazak Gurnah

"Erudite, ambitious Ilyas was stolen from his parents by the schutztruppe askari, the Germans' colonial troops; after years at war, he returns to his village to find his parents gone, and his sister Afiya given away. Hamza was not stolen, but was sold; he has...

The black crescent  by Jane Johnson

The black crescent

Jane Johnson

"Hamou Badi is born in a mountain village with the magical signs of the zouhry on his hands. In Morocco, the zouhry is a figure of legend, a child of both humans and djinns, capable of finding all manner of treasure: lost objects, hidden water. But instead,...

Murder in Dublin  by Christina Koning

Murder in Dublin

Christina Koning

"It is 1939 and the Second World War looms ever closer. Blind war veteran, Frederick Rowlands, travels to the neutral territory of Ireland at the behest of Celia Swift, whose husband, Edward Swift, Lord Castleford, has been receiving mysterious death threats....

Miss Devoted  by Grace Burrowes

Miss Devoted

Grace Burrowes

"Psyche Fremont has known two constants in life: Her passion for her art, and society's determination to ignore her talent. She isn't looking for anything other than a handsome model when she crosses paths with Michael Delancey, and he's only interested in...

To ruin a gentleman  by Shana Galen

To ruin a gentleman

Shana Galen

""Angelette, the recently widowed Comtesse d'Avignon, only invited Viscount Daventry to her country house party as a favor to her sister. When the handsome British lord arrives - two days late - he's full of unnerving tales of unrest and violence in Paris....

Her side of the story  by Alba De Céspedes

Her side of the story

Alba De Céspedes

"Set against the backdrop of fascist Rome, Her Side of the Story is a richly told novel about a woman driven to murder the man she loves."--

Circling the sun  by Paula McLain

Circling the sun

Paula McLain

"Circling the Sun brings to life a fearless and captivating woman - Beryl Markham, a record-setting aviator caught up in a passionate love triangle with safari hunter Denys Finch Hatton and Karen Blixen, author of the classic memoir Out of Africa. Brought to...

The accidental bride  by Jane (Romance novelist) Walsh

The accidental bride

Jane (Romance novelist) Walsh

"Miss Grace Linfield has resigned herself to life as a lady's companion as the only path to respectable security. At least it allows her to visit the beautiful seaside town of Inverley with her charge, Lady Edith. Passions flare when botanist Miss Thea Martin...

The inconvenient heiress  by Jane (Romance novelist) Walsh

The inconvenient heiress

Jane (Romance novelist) Walsh

"In the quiet seaside town of Inverley, nothing exciting ever happens to gently bred spinsters like Miss Arabella Seton. Content with her watercolor paintings and her cats, she is confident that no one suspects her forbidden and unrequited passion for her best...

Duty to the crown  by Aimie K. Runyan

Duty to the crown

Aimie K. Runyan

"In 1677, an invisible wall separates settlers in New France from their Huron neighbors. Yet whether in the fledgling city of Quebec or within one of the native tribes, every woman's fate depends on the man she chooses - or is obligated - to marry. Although...

The book of night women  by Marlon James

The book of night women

Marlon James

"The extraordinary tale of Lilith, born into bondage on a Jamaican sugar plantation at the end of the eighteenth century. From her very birth the slave women recognise within her a dark power, one that they will come to revere and fear. The Night Women, as...

Kings of war  by M. J. Porter

Kings of war

M. J. Porter

"Can the King of the Scots and the Dublin Norse triumph against a united England? AD934: King Athelstan of the English has been successful in uniting the many kingdoms of Britain against one enemy, the Viking raiders. But men who are kings don't wish to be...

King of kings  by M. J. Porter

King of kings

M. J. Porter

"In the battle for power, there can be only one ruler. AD925: Athelstan is the king of the English, uniting the petty kingdoms of Wessex, Mercia, the Danish-held Five Boroughs and York following the sudden death of his father, King Edward. His vision is to...

An unsuitable heiress  by Jane Dunn

An unsuitable heiress

Jane Dunn

"'Do you realise, Corinna, just how hard it is for a young woman of irregular birth, without family, fortune or friends in the world? Marriage is the only way to get any chance of a life.' Following the death of her mother, Corinna Ormesby has lived a quiet...

The marriage season  by Jane Dunn

The marriage season

Jane Dunn

"In Regency England, marriage is everything. For young widow Sybella Lovatt, the time has come to find a suitable husband for her sister Lucie, so the sisters head to London ready for the Season to begin. But the job of finding a husband is fraught with rules...

The heiress swap  by Maddison Michaels

The heiress swap

Maddison Michaels

"Evie Jenkins didn't know what she was thinking by agreeing to switch places with her American heiress cousin. After all, she's naught but a poor - and usually quite sensible - companion. All she has to do is spend six weeks among London society, pretending to...

Some like it Scot  by Suzanne Enoch

Some like it Scot

Suzanne Enoch

"When a mad lass in trousers shoots at him, Munro Bear MacLawry isn't sure what impresses him more - the girl's sure aim or her irresistibly tempting curves. Catriona MacColl has fled to the Highlands with her half-sister to escape an unwanted wedding, and...

The bachelor bargain  by Maddison Michaels

The bachelor bargain

Maddison Michaels

"Bachelors, beware. For those who keep secrets and prey on the innocent, you will be exposed, with all your dirty little secrets laid bare to one and all. You have been warned - Lady Olivia Haliford has had enough. Tired of seeing women lose their reputations,...

Fool for love  by Eloisa James

Fool for love

Eloisa James

"Lady Henrietta Maclellan longs for the romantic swirl of a London season. But as a rusticating country maiden, she has always kept her sensuous nature firmly under wraps -- until she meets Simon Darby. Simon makes her want to whisper promises late at night,...

My sister's betrayal  by Roberta Kagan

My sister's betrayal

Roberta Kagan

"The Nazi oppression whips up a storm of terror, ripping apart the blood sisters Anna, Bernie, Elica, and Dagna. Desperate to be reunited with her husband, Daniel, Elica walks into the dreaded den of the ruthless Gestapo. She's ready to sacrifice anything for...

Viviana Valentine and the ticking clock  by Emily J. Edwards

Viviana Valentine and the ticking clock

Emily J. Edwards

"New York City, 1950. Viviana Valentine and Tommy Fortuna have a lot of resolutions for the new year, whether it's continuing to build up their detective agency or planning their wedding, the two are looking forward to the future. On their way to Times Square...

The girl from Portofino  by Siobhan Daiko

The girl from Portofino

Siobhan Daiko

"When Gina Bianchi returns to the beautiful Italian resort of Portofino to attend her father's funeral, she is beset by vivid memories of World War 2, when she joined the Resistance, alongside her identical twin sister, Adele. In her childhood bedroom, Gina...

Trouble for the boat girl  by Lizzie Lane

Trouble for the boat girl

Lizzie Lane

"1925 - The Midland Canals. Born on the canals, feisty Beth Dawson, knows danger lurks in the shadows. When she falls victim to a vicious attack and knowing she might be pregnant, she quickly marries a fellow boatman. Her mundane existence is interrupted by...

The duke's accidental bride  by Eva Devon

The duke's accidental bride

Eva Devon

"Lady Jaqueline Peabody is extremely vexed. Her nemesis, the Duke of Stone, has just ruined her life by matching her sister with a perfect gentleman. Except the gentleman in question has little in the way of income. With the family fortune in tatters, it means...

Death on board  by Anita Davison

Death on board

Anita Davison

"Flora Maguire, a young governess, is on her way home on the SS Minneapolis after the wedding of her employer's daughter. She meets the charming Bunny Harrington on deck on the first night and is conscious of her status among the first-class passengers. Flora...

A killing at Smugglers Cove  by Michelle Salter

A killing at Smugglers Cove

Michelle Salter

"Wartime secrets, smugglers' caves, skeletal remains. And the holiday's only just begun. July 1923. Iris Woodmore travels to Devon with her friends Percy Baverstock and Millicent Nightingale for her father's wedding to Katherine Keats. But when Millicent...

Death in the dunes  by Pauline Rowson

Death in the dunes

Pauline Rowson

"1951, Dungeness, Kent. It's a bitterly cold day in March when Inspector Alun Ryga alights from the train on the Kent coast. Despite its name, Greatstone-on-Sea was far from great, no matter what any holiday poster advertized. But Ryga's not here for a...

Sharpe's command  by Bernard Cornwell

Sharpe's command

Bernard Cornwell

"If any man can do the impossible it's Richard Sharpe. And the impossible is exactly what the formidable Major Sharpe is asked to do when he's dispatched on an undercover mission behind enemy lines, deep in the Spanish countryside. For a remote village is...

Just once  by Karen Kingsbury

Just once

Karen Kingsbury

"1941, Bloomington, Indiana. Irvel Ellis is too focused on her secret to take much notice in the war raging overseas. She's dating Sam but in love with his brother, Hank. When Pearl Harbor is attacked, their lives are turned upside down overnight, Sam is...

The summer garden  by Paullina Simons

The summer garden

Paullina Simons

"Through years of war and devastation, Tatiana and Alexander suffered the worst the twentieth century had to offer. Reunited in America, they now have a son and a strong love. Though they are still young, the ordeals they endured have changed them--and after...

The Queen's apprenticeship  by Tracy Ryan

The Queen's apprenticeship

Tracy Ryan

Two women from different worlds in Renaissance France cross paths in a way that changes both their lives. One is Marguerite de Navarre, a King's sister. Powerful, privileged and widely admired, Marguerite must nonetheless marry where she is told to, regardless...

The talented Mrs Greenway  by Tea Cooper

The talented Mrs Greenway

Tea Cooper

"1814 Sydney. When Mary Greenway, freshly arrived from the old country, steps into the maelstrom of Sydney Town with three children at her skirts, she has high hopes of a new beginning, despite having little money and a husband in irons. After all, the sudden...

Forging kingdoms  by Robert Fabbri

Forging kingdoms

Robert Fabbri

"Forging Kingdoms is the fifth book in a huge, brutal and bloodthirsty series about the fight to regain Alexander the Great's empire after his untimely death. From the shattered empire, five kingdoms are emerging. Seleukos, triumphant in the capture of...

The frozen river  by Ariel Lawhon

The frozen river

Ariel Lawhon

Maine, 1789: When a man is found entombed in the frozen Kennebec River, Martha Ballard is summoned to examine the body and determine cause of death. As the local midwife and healer, Martha is good at keeping secrets. Her diary is a record of every birth, death...

A woman of courage  by Tania Blanchard

A woman of courage

Tania Blanchard

1890, Northern England. Hannah Todd dreams of a future where women have the right to vote. Fresh from her teaching studies in Durham, the university city, she joins her parents in a rural village, brimming with newly found passion and the groundswell towards...

The wonder of it all  by Barbara Taylor Bradford

The wonder of it all

Barbara Taylor Bradford

James Falconer-- a tycoon and a self-made man-- seems to have the world in the palm of his hand. But the Great War looms, and James decides to fight for king and country. The fighting is bloody and brutal, and James returns a changed man, with wounds both...

The eagle of the Twelfth  by Manda Scott

The eagle of the Twelfth

Manda Scott

"They are known as the Legion of the Damned. Throughout the Roman Army, the XIIth Legion is notorious for its ill fortune. It faces the harshest of postings, the toughest of campaigns, the most vicious of opponents. For one young man, Demalion of Macedon,...

Azincourt  by Bernard Cornwell


Bernard Cornwell

"The legendary battle of Agincourt, fought on October 25th 1415, on St Crispin's Day, is one of the best known battles in English history, in part through the brilliant depiction of it in Shakespeare's Henry V, in part because it was a brilliant and unexpected...

A summer to remember  by Mary Balogh

A summer to remember

Mary Balogh

"Kit Butler, cool and dangerous, is one of London's most infamous bachelors and marriage is the last thing on his mind. Desperate to thwart his father's matchmaking, Kit needs a bride-- fast. Enter Miss Lauren Edgeworth. A year after being abandoned at the...

Murder in the mist  by Cora Harrison

Murder in the mist

Cora Harrison

"Wilkie Collins is looking forward to spending Christmas at Gads Hill, Charles Dickens' Kentish country home, but the festivities are cut short when a body is found on the snowy marshland. Timmy O'Connor was invited to the gathering with his four nephews after...

Sword song  by Bernard Cornwell

Sword song

Bernard Cornwell

"In the fourth novel about Alfred the Great, Alfred wants to defend the kingdom of Wessex, and London, from Viking raiders. He looks to Uhtred, a fierce warrior, to hold steady in his loyaty to Alfred and help defeat the Vikings."--Publisher.

The peasant king  by Tessa Afshar

The peasant king

Tessa Afshar

"Jemmah has always thought of herself as perfectly ordinary, until she faces extraordinary circumstances. When her mother, the Persian king's famous senior scribe, is kidnapped, Jemmah and her sister must sneak undetected into enemy territory to rescue her....

The Paris affair  by Anton Du Beke

The Paris affair

Anton Du Beke

"In the darkest days of war, a stranger will change everything. Paris, 1926. A young dancer Ray Cohen arrives from London to compete at the Exhibition Paris. He is led astray by Hugo, a charismatic dancer born of the streets, who introduces him to the city's...

Red smoking mirror  by Nick Hunt

Red smoking mirror

Nick Hunt

"The year is 1521 in the Mexica city of Tenochtitlan. Twenty-nine years earlier, Islamic Spain never fell to the Christians, and Andalus launched a voyage of discovery to the New Maghreb. For two decades the Jewish merchant Eli Ben Abram, who led the first...

The Warsaw sisters  by Amanda Barratt

The Warsaw sisters

Amanda Barratt

"On a golden August morning in 1939, sisters Antonina and Helena Dabrowska send their father off to defend Poland against the looming threat of German invasion. The next day, the first bombs fall on Warsaw, decimating their beloved city and shattering the...

The silk merchant's daughter  by Dinah Jefferies

The silk merchant's daughter

Dinah Jefferies

"1952, French Indochina. Since her mother's death, eighteen-year-old half-French, half-Vietnamese Nicole has been living in the shadow of her beautiful older sister, Sylvie. When Sylvie is handed control of the family silk business, Nicole is given an...

Catherine's mercy  by Nicole Evelina

Catherine's mercy

Nicole Evelina

"In 1824, Catherine, a Catholic spinster of 44, unexpectantly inherits millions. However, she doesn't use it to climb the social ladder or snare a husband ; she uses it to fulfill a lifelong dream of building a refuge for the poor and sick of Dublin, Ireland....

The madstone  by Elizabeth Crook

The madstone

Elizabeth Crook

"Texas hill country, 1868. As nineteen-year-old Benjamin Shreve tends to business in his workshop, he witnesses a stagecoach strand a passenger. When the man, a treasure hunter, persuades Benjamin to help track down the vanished coach - and a mysterious...

Good taste  by Caroline Scott

Good taste

Caroline Scott

"With delectable prose, a sharp heroine ahead of her time, and an adventure across the English countryside in search of great food, Good Taste is the perfect historical novel for fans of Dear Mrs. Bird and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. You...

Above the salt  by Katherine Vaz

Above the salt

Katherine Vaz

"John Alves, son of a famous Presbyterian martyr on the Portuguese island of Madeira, spends his childhood in jail and in poverty. When he meets Mary Freitas - though the adopted daughter of a master botanist, her true lineage is the subject of dangerous rumor...

To spark a match  by Jen Turano

To spark a match

Jen Turano

"Miss Adelaide Duveen - society misfit and confirmed spinster - is in danger of being banished from society. Former intelligence agent Gideon Abbott feels responsible for her plight and helps her relaunch into society. But when danger surrounds them and she...

Never wager with a wallflower  by Virginia Heath

Never wager with a wallflower

Virginia Heath

"Miss Venus Merriwell has been waiting for her prince to come since the tender age of fourteen. She wants a man who is a selfless academic like her, and free from all the wretched vices her gambler father enjoyed far too much before he left the Merriwell...

A Christmas vanishing  by Anne Perry

A Christmas vanishing

Anne Perry

"Mariah Ellison, Charlotte Pitt's grandmother, accepts her longtime friend Sadie's gracious invitation to spend Christmas with her and her husband, Barton, in their picturesque village. But upon arrival, Mariah discovers that Sadie has vanished without a...

The proof of the pudding  by Rhys Bowen

The proof of the pudding

Rhys Bowen

"Georgie, back home at her estate in Eynsleigh, impatiently awaits the birth of her baby. But she has plenty to occupy her: her new chef, Pierre, has arrived from Paris, and Sir Hubert, who owns Eynsleigh, is back from his latest expedition. It's time for...

Our Eva  by Anna Jacobs

Our Eva

Anna Jacobs

"Eva Kershaw thought she would never marry, and is happy living a quiet life with her dear friend Alice. But Alice is ill, and her nephew has thrust himself into their household. Alice's dearest wish is that Eva should not make the same mistakes she did, and...

The Grimswell curse  by Sam Siciliano

The Grimswell curse

Sam Siciliano

"When Rose Grimswell breaks off her engagement to Lord Digby, the concerned fiance calls on Sherlock Holmes to visit the ancestral home to find out why. Holmes, his cousin Henry, and wife Michelle, explore the legend of the Grimswell Curse when a mysterious...

Bear woman rising  by Dorothy Staley

Bear woman rising

Dorothy Staley

"In 1976 Yukon Territory, two very different women join forces. Jesse-a lone female scientist at an arctic outpost, single and pregnant-now on the run. Kara- an earth mother song writer-heading to the remote northern wilderness for the Alaskan winter, her...

The letter tree  by Rachel Fordham

The letter tree

Rachel Fordham

"Romeo and Juliet meets You've Got Mail in 1920s New York when hidden letters change everything for two lost souls and the community around them"--

Ted Watts' diary  by Steve Matthews

Ted Watts' diary

Steve Matthews

"An orphaned seven-year-old English boy arrives in Sydney to be adopted by his ne'er-do-well Aunt during the early 1900s. The story finishes 60+ years later, after we have followed Ted's tumultuous journey into manhood. Ted Watts' Diary has everything a...

Trouble  by Lex Croucher


Lex Croucher

"Emily Laurence is a liar. She is not polite, she's not polished, and she has never taught a child in her life. This position was meant to be her sister's - brilliant, kind Amy, who isn't perpetually angry, dangerously reckless, and who does (inexplicably)...

Women & children  by Tony Birch

Women & children

Tony Birch

A powerful, personal novel about women, children and justice, from one of this country's most-loved and clear-eyed storytellers. It's 1965 and Joe Cluny is living in a working-class suburb with his mum, Marion, and sister, Ruby, spending his days trying to...

The heathen horde  by Steven A. McKay

The heathen horde

Steven A. McKay

Heavy is the head that wears the crown.Northumbria, AD 864. Viking warlord Ragnar Lothbrok is captured and killed in brutal fashion, an event that will shape the future of the nation for decades to come.Mercia, AD 868. Alfred, son of Wessex and heir to the...

The little liar  by Mitch Albom

The little liar

Mitch Albom

"When the Nazis invade Salonika, Greece, eleven-year-old Nico Crispi is offered a chance to save his family. He is instructed to convince his fellow Jewish residents to board trains heading towards the east, where they are promised jobs and safety. He...

Marshaling her heart  by Mary Connealy

Marshaling her heart

Mary Connealy

"When Becky Pruitt's ranch foreman, Nate Paxton, confesses he's a former US Marshal investigating the notorious Deadeye Gang, she agrees to let the marshals use the ranch as a hideout. But the outlaws won't go quietly, and as danger draws ever nearer, Becky is...

Good town  by Mary Louise Wells

Good town

Mary Louise Wells

"Josef Haupt, once a staunch opponent of Hitler, now finds himself as a local Reich official, enabling the horror he once fought against. As the Jewish community is sent to their deaths and his sons are drafted to fight in the war, the evil of his choices...

Jane and the final mystery  by Stephanie Barron

Jane and the final mystery

Stephanie Barron

"March 1817: As winter turns to spring, Jane Austen's health is in slow decline, and threatens to cease progress on her latest manuscript. But when her nephew Edward brings chilling news of a death at his former school, Winchester College, not even her...

Enchanted hill  by Emily Bain Murphy

Enchanted hill

Emily Bain Murphy

"The year is 1930 and Cora McCavanagh is posing as a maid at Hollywood magnate Truman Byrd's legendary estate. She's closing in on the damning evidence she needs for a high-profile client. An aspiring PI, Cora was trained by her father, a former prison guard...

The porcelain maker  by Sarah Freethy

The porcelain maker

Sarah Freethy

"Germany, 1929. At a festive gathering of young bohemians in Weimar, two young artists, Max, a skilled Jewish architect, and Bettina, a celebrated avant-garde painter, are drawn to each other and begin a whirlwind romance. Their respective talents transport...

The cutthroat countess  by Minerva Spencer

The cutthroat countess

Minerva Spencer

"After saving the life of handsome Honorable Elliot Wingate, circus owner Josephine 'Blade' Brown, who's as deadly with a knife as her nickname suggests, tries to keep a safe distance from this man who has the power to stir up her deeply buried, extremely...

Only enchanting  by Mary Balogh

Only enchanting

Mary Balogh

Flavian, Viscount Ponsonby, was devastated by his fiancée's desertion after his return home. Now the woman who broke his heart is back--and everyone is eager to revive their engagement. Except Flavian, who, in a panic, runs straight into the arms of a most...

The proposal  by Mary Balogh

The proposal

Mary Balogh

"Lady Gwendoline Muir has experienced her fair share of tragedies in her short life: she lost her husband to a freak accident, and developed a limp after falling from horseback. Still young, Gwen is sure that she's done with love, and that she will never be...

A secret affair  by Mary Balogh

A secret affair

Mary Balogh

"Born a commoner, Hannah Reid is now thirty, beautiful and an immensely wealthy widow who intends to take a lover. Her choice is Constantine Huxtable, a man surrounded by rumours of loose living and one who always chooses recent widows for his short-lived...

Simply magic  by Mary Balogh

Simply magic

Mary Balogh

"When Susannah is introduced to the charming, handsome Peter Edgeworth, he instantly unsettles her with his seductive gaze and brash pursuit. Yet the more Peter advances, the more Susanna withdraws. Suspecting that Susanna is haunted by a tragic history, Peter...

Simply love  by Mary Balogh

Simply love

Mary Balogh

Anne Jewell is a teacher at Miss Martin's School for Girls, a genteel academy in Regency England. Now she must confront the disturbing tragedy that gave her a beautiful son but locked her heart away for many years ago. While on a summer holiday in Wales, Anne...

Bad boy Jack  by Josephine Cox

Bad boy Jack

Josephine Cox

"Unable to cope with raising his children alone, Robert Sullivan abandons them to others, until he has a change of heart and decides to go back for them. But on the way there, he is involved in a horrific accident. Jack and Nancy are placed in the brutal...

Landings  by Jenny Pattrick


Jenny Pattrick

The Whanganui River at the turn of the twentieth century is a busy thoroughfare, taking sightseers through the spectacular landscape by paddle steamer and acting as highway for the sparse scatterings of settlements along its twisting length. The people who...

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