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Ngā Taitara hōu

Historical fiction

Roots  by Alex Haley


Alex Haley

"Tracing his ancestry through six generations - slaves and freedmen, farmers and blacksmiths, lawyers and architects - back to Africa, Alex Haley discovered a sixteen-year-old youth, Kunta Kinte. It was this young man, who had been torn from his homeland and...

The girl with a secret  by Kate Hewitt

The girl with a secret

Kate Hewitt

"Germany, 1939: When Rosa Herzelfeld boards the SS St Louis, she doesn't believe its promise of freedom. Surely there can be no escape from the Nazis, not even on the other side of the world. Besides, she knows that no matter how far she travels, there is no...

The serpent's tooth  by Alex (Joint pseudonym) Rutherford

The serpent's tooth

Alex (Joint pseudonym) Rutherford

"The Moghul emperors are still bloodthirsty and entirely ruthless; they control a quarter of the world's population and have wealth beyond imagining. But this is the final flowering of a doomed empire and, while Shah Jahan mourns his dead wife and obssesses...

The tainted throne  by Alex (Joint pseudonym) Rutherford

The tainted throne

Alex (Joint pseudonym) Rutherford

"Agra, India, 1606. Jahangir, the triumphant Moghul Emperor and ruler of most of the Indian subcontinent, is doomed. No amount of wealth and ruthlessness can protect him from his sons' desire for power. The glorious Moghul throne is worth any amount of...

Ruler of the world  by Alex (Joint pseudonym) Rutherford

Ruler of the world

Alex (Joint pseudonym) Rutherford

"Keep your enemies close, and your sons closer ... The story of the third great Moghul Emperor, Akbar, leader of a triumphant dynasty which contained the seeds of its own destruction. Akbar, ruler of a sixth of the world's people, colossally rich and utterly...

Lands beyond the sea  by Tamara McKinley

Lands beyond the sea

Tamara McKinley

"Discovery. It is 1768. For thousands of years Australia has been inhabited only by the Aborigines who understand its land so well. But giant boats filled with white ghost-men are arriving, and their shores are now under a terrifying invasion. Adventure....

Hard times for the East End library girls  by Patricia (Novelist) McBride

Hard times for the East End library girls

Patricia (Novelist) McBride

"1940 - For librarian Delia, the threat of war is finally invading the life she's been building. Her new beau Robert gets called up to service and she returns home to find her lovely London flat destroyed. Still, she has the Silver Town library and all its...

Saltblood  by Francesca (Novelist) De Tores


Francesca (Novelist) De Tores

"In a rented room outside Plymouth in 1685, a daughter is born as her half-brother is dying. Her mother makes a decision: Mary will become Mark, and Ma will continue to collect his inheritance money. Mary's dual existence will take her to a grand house where...

Daughters of Shandong  by Eve J. Chung

Daughters of Shandong

Eve J. Chung

"Daughters are the Ang family's curse. In 1948, civil war ravages the Chinese countryside, but in rural Shandong, the wealthy, landowning Angs are more concerned with their lack of an heir. Hai is the eldest of four girls and spends her days looking after her...

Blue smoke  by Deborah Challinor

Blue smoke

Deborah Challinor

On 3 February 1931, Napier was devastated by a powerful earthquake and one of those seriously injured is Tamar Murdoch, beloved matriarch of Kenmore. As she struggles to overcome her injuries, Tamar is also beset by the ongoing effects of the Great Depression....

The captive wife  by Fiona Kidman

The captive wife

Fiona Kidman

"Based on real events, this ... is the compelling story of a marriage, of love and duty, and the quest for freedom in a pioneering age. When Betty Guard steps ashore in Sydney, in 1834, she meets with a heroine's welcome. Her survival during a four-month...

The quest for silk  by M. H. Green

The quest for silk

M. H. Green

"Fresh from her success in her first murder trial at the Old Bailey, Penelope Lloyd-Hargreaves is persuaded to represent a senior Queen's Council who is in grave danger of being disbarred. Having accepted the case, she must call upon every ounce of expertise...

The tournament  by Matthew Reilly

The tournament

Matthew Reilly

"In the year 1546, Suleiman the Magnificent, the feared Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, invites every king in Europe to send a champion to compete in a grand chess tournament. The English delegation, led by esteemed scholar Roger Ascham and accompanied by his...

Velocity of a secret  by Violet Marsh

Velocity of a secret

Violet Marsh

"It's spring 1919, and the Great War has ended. New life flourishes on the red cliffs of the Northern Isles of Scotland - sea pinks and primrose, puffins and guillemots. But this windswept corner of the world harbors a dark secret. Rose Van Etten has always...

Nature of the crime  by Cara Devlin

Nature of the crime

Cara Devlin

"When a fellow passenger is found dead on Audrey's packet ship from France, a mysterious note on the body points to her as the killer. Detained in Dover for an inquest that is being led by a prejudiced magistrate, she is joined by trusted friends and family -...

The dollmaker  by Morgan Shamy

The dollmaker

Morgan Shamy

"Dawn Hildegard's dream is to become a doctor, but for a woman in the 1920s, this is no easy task. When her best friend Rose is kidnapped by 'The Dollmaker,' a crazed serial killer who creates 'art' from his victim's bodies, she drops everything to find her....

The glass château  by Stephen P. Kiernan

The glass château

Stephen P. Kiernan

"One month after the end of World War II, amid the jubilation in the streets of France, there are throngs of people stunned by the recovery work ahead. Every bridge, road, and rail line, every church and school and hospital, has been destroyed. Disparate...

You should be so lucky  by Cat Sebastian

You should be so lucky

Cat Sebastian

"The 1960 baseball season is shaping up to be the worst year of Eddie O'Leary's life. He can't manage to hit the ball, his new teammates hate him, he's living out of a suitcase, and he's homesick. When the team's owner orders him to give a bunch of interviews...

The Berlin sisters  by Soraya Lane

The Berlin sisters

Soraya Lane

"Berlin, 1943: Ava Mueller is a proud supporter of the German war effort, working for Joseph Goebbels alongside her father, a high-ranking official in the Reich. With her sister Hanna, a nurse, braving bombing raids to save lives, they are a model Nazi family....

The stolen child  by Ann Hood

The stolen child

Ann Hood

"For decades, Nick Burns has been haunted by a decision he made as a young soldier in World War I, when a French artist he'd befriended thrust both her paintings and her baby into his hands-and disappeared. In 1974, with only months left to live, Nick enlists...

The Persephone Code  by Julia Golding

The Persephone Code

Julia Golding

"Deep below the hills of the Buckinghamshire countryside, the infamous Hellfire Caves house a pleasure palace for the idle rich - a secret society steeped in satanism, opium and debauchery of the highest order. When the club's warden, Antony Pennington, is...

The Earl's Cinderella countess

The Earl's Cinderella countess

The Earl's Cinderella countess: "The one match she doesn't want to make... The Earl of Fleetwood was Eleanor St. Aubin's first love, but being a mere vicar's daughter held her back from admitting her feelings. Now a successful matchmaker, the prospect of...

Nine rules to break when romancing a rake  by Sarah MacLean

Nine rules to break when romancing a rake

Sarah MacLean

"Lady Calpurnia Hartwell has always followed the rules, rules that have left her unmarried - and more than a little unsatisfied. And so she's vowed to break the rules and live the life of pleasure she's been missing."--Publisher.

The uncrowned queen  by Posie Graeme-Evans

The uncrowned queen

Posie Graeme-Evans

"A final installment of the Anne trilogy finds Anne de Bohun, the former mistress of Edward Plantagenet, living on a small farm where she grows medicinal herbs and supports her young son, but when England is threatened by civil war, Anne is summoned to help...

The exiled  by Posie Graeme-Evans

The exiled

Posie Graeme-Evans

"Enjoying her success as a merchant, exiled fifteenth-century single mother Anne incites the wrath of chauvinist local merchants, a situation that threatens to reveal her son's identity as the illegitimate son of the king."--Publisher.

The secrets of Crestwell Hall  by Alexandra (Novelist) Walsh

The secrets of Crestwell Hall

Alexandra (Novelist) Walsh

"1605. Bess Throckmorton is well used to cunning plots and intrigues. With her husband Sir Walter Raleigh imprisoned in the Tower of London, and she and her family in a constant battle to outwit Robert Cecil, the most powerful man in the country who is...

Enemies of Mercia  by M. J. author. Porter

Enemies of Mercia

M. J. author. Porter

"A King's command. A warrior's quest for the truth... Tamworth AD835. Following Icel's epic rescue of Lord Coenwulf's children from their almost certain death, King Wiglaf is forced to call upon Icel's loyal services once more. Furious that the conspirators...

Love's winding road  by Susan F. Craft

Love's winding road

Susan F. Craft

"When Rose Jackson and her Irish immigrant family join a wagon train headed for a new life in South Carolina, the last thing she expects is to fall for the half-Cherokee wagon scout along the way. But their journey takes a life-changing turn when Rose is...

The Paris affair  by Victoria Cornwall

The Paris affair

Victoria Cornwall

"Born to a French mother and an English father, Charlotte Bray has always felt like an outsider in her Cornish fishing village. She spends her days on her father's fishing boat, helping to feed a nation at war. But the war brings devastation, and her world is...

The secret sister  by Jan Baynham

The secret sister

Jan Baynham

"Wales, 1943. Sara Lewis should be heartbroken when her husband doesn't return from war. But he was never the kind husband she hoped for. And now she's stuck with her cruel mother-in-law on the family farm. Sara must do what is best for her young son. So she...

A death in Venice  by Verity Bright

A death in Venice

Verity Bright

"Stunning views across the Grand Canal and a hotel suite fit for royalty... Lady Eleanor Swift is having a jolly good time on her Italian vacation, until a gondola ride is cut murderously short! 1924. Lady Eleanor Swift has been on a grand tour around Italy...

The missing maid  by Holly Hepburn

The missing maid

Holly Hepburn

"London, 1932. When Harriet White rebuffs the advances of her boss at the Baker Street Building Society, she finds herself demoted to a new position... a very unusual position. Deep in the postal department beneath the bank, she is tasked with working her way...

A dilemma for the pilot's girl  by Fenella-Jane Miller

A dilemma for the pilot's girl

Fenella-Jane Miller

"March 1941: Recently married, Barbara should now be enjoying her life as a newlywed, but she is plagued by a secret that she must keep hidden if she wants to keep the family she loves. But no one can keep a secret forever. Barbara knows that if her new...

A second chance for the pilot's girl  by Fenella-Jane Miller

A second chance for the pilot's girl

Fenella-Jane Miller

"January 1944. Heavily pregnant, Barbara is looking forward to welcoming her new baby. But with her husband Alex still away flying and fighting the Germans, she fears he will miss the arrival of his longed-for child. But after the birth, Barbara is gripped...

The lost love songs of Boysie Singh  by Ingrid Persaud

The lost love songs of Boysie Singh

Ingrid Persaud

"This is the tale of four women. Popo: brilliant, vulnerable and stuck. She's determined to free herself from the traps of her past. Mana Lala: a devoted mother - her only connection to her man is their little boy, and she will do anything to keep them close....

The lost lover  by Karen (Writer) Swan

The lost lover

Karen (Writer) Swan

"Flora MacQueen has always dreamt of more than life on the small Scottish island of St Kilda. So, when she catches the eye of visiting adventurer and wealthy businessman James Callaghan, her future seems brighter. Winter seas separate the lovers, but the...

Murder on a midsummer night  by Kerry Greenwood

Murder on a midsummer night

Kerry Greenwood

"The Hon. Phryne Fisher, languid and slightly bored at the start of 1929, is engaged to find out if the antique-shop-owning son of a Pre-Raphaelite model has died by homicide or suicide. At the same time she is asked to discover the fate of the lost...

The silk thief  by Deborah Challinor

The silk thief

Deborah Challinor

"1830s Sydney Town - blackmail, friendship, bar brawls, romance, tattoos, gin and much more - is brought vividly to life as fiesty prostitute Friday, naive seamstress Harrie and cunning thief Sarah try to make their way as transported convict women. 1831:...

James  by Percival Everett


Percival Everett

"An enthralling and ferociously funny reimagining of Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, told from the perspective of the enslaved Jim... The Mississippi River, 1861. When the enslaved Jim overhears that he is about to be sold to a new owner in...

Nemesis  by Lindsey Davis


Lindsey Davis

"When a pair of his father's associates disappear under suspicious circumstances, informer Marcus Didius Falco of A.D. 77 Rome investigates allegations of a feud involving a group of notorious freedmen, who are receiving high-level protection from corrupt...

Perfume  by Patrick Süskind


Patrick Süskind

"Set in 18th century France. Survivor, genius, perfumer, killer: this is Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. He is abandoned on the filthy streets as a child, but grows up to discover he has an extraordinary gift: a sense of smell more powerful than any other human's....

A body at the dance hall  by Marty Wingate

A body at the dance hall

Marty Wingate

"1922. Amateur sleuth Mabel Canning is surrounded by the bright lights of London as she chaperones a young American woman to a dance. But when someone is murdered, a deadly tango begins. Meet plucky woman-about-town Mabel Canning, leader of the London Ladies'...

Deadly election  by Lindsey Davis

Deadly election

Lindsey Davis

"In the first century A.D., during Domitian's reign, Flavia Albia is ready for a short break from her family. So despite the oppressive July heat, she returns to Rome, leaving them at their place on the coast. Albia, daughter of Marcus Didius Falco, the famed...

Death of kings  by Bernard Cornwell

Death of kings

Bernard Cornwell

The story of Saxon claimants to the throne during the forming of England at the end of the ninth century continues as Alfred the Great lays dying and the fate of the Angles, Saxons, and Vikings hangs in the balance.

The girl from the Hidden Forest  by Hannah Linder

The girl from the Hidden Forest

Hannah Linder

"Eliza Ellis has stayed hidden in Balfour Forest for as long as she can remember, safe from the cruel world outside. That is, until a handsome stranger named Felton Northwood invades her quiet forest and steals her away. Why does he tell such lies? Why does he...

A class forsaken  by Susie (Writer of historical fiction) Murphy

A class forsaken

Susie (Writer of historical fiction)...

"Having escaped capture in London, Bridget and Cormac flee to Ireland with their daughter, Emily. Their homecoming is bittersweet as they embark upon the daunting task of searching for Cormac's family who have been missing for over seven years. Their journey...

Speculations in sin  by Jennifer Ashley

Speculations in sin

Jennifer Ashley

"To save an innocent man's life, amateur sleuth and cook Kat Holloway must expose a financial scam that could ruin the most powerful aristocrats in Victorian-era London. Kat Holloway is distressed to learn that Samuel Millburn, husband of the woman who looks...

Band of gold  by Deborah Challinor

Band of gold

Deborah Challinor

On the goldfields of Ballarat vows are broken - can a wounded heart ever forgive? When the Yarrowee River bursts its banks, Rian Farrell, a dashing Irish sea captain and part-time gunrunner, disappears in the torrential flood. Believing herself a widow, the...

The signature of all things  by Elizabeth Gilbert

The signature of all things

Elizabeth Gilbert

"Everything about life intrigues Alma Whittaker. Her passion for botany leads her far from home, from London to Peru to Tahiti, in pursuit of that rare specimen: knowledge. But as her careful studies draw her deeper into the mysteries of evolution, she meets...

Finding Miriama  by Donna Goodacre

Finding Miriama

Donna Goodacre

"Finding Miriama is about identity, chasing dreams and self-determination: a compelling story set against the background of the the first Anglo-Afghan War and Māori-Pakeha relations in colonial New Zealand. It is 2003 in New Zealand, and Louisa Greenwood and...

Perma Red  by Debra Magpie Earling

Perma Red

Debra Magpie Earling

"In 1940s western Montana on the Flathead Indian Reservation, Louise White Elk is determined to forge her own path despite the plans of three persistent men"--

Moriarty  by Anthony Horowitz


Anthony Horowitz

"Sherlock Holmes is dead. Days after Holmes and his arch-enemy Moriarty fall to their doom at the Reichenbach Falls, Pinkerton agent Frederick Chase arrives from New York. The death of Moriarty has created a poisonous vacuum which has been swiftly filled by a...

Malice at the palace  by Rhys Bowen

Malice at the palace

Rhys Bowen

"Lady Georgiana Rannoch won't deny that being thirty-fifth in line for the British throne has its advantages. Unfortunately, money isn't one of them. And sometimes making ends meet requires her to investigate a little royal wrongdoing... While my beau Darcy is...

Where the heart lies  by Ellie Dean

Where the heart lies

Ellie Dean

"February 1941. Julie Harris is working in London's East End as a midwife when a bombing raid destroys her family and the house she grew up in. All she has left is her motherless baby nephew William. Determined to uphold her promise to her sister to keep...

The secret chord  by Geraldine Brooks

The secret chord

Geraldine Brooks

"1000 BC. The Second Iron Age. The time of King David. Anointed as the chosen one when just a young shepherd boy, David will rise to be king, grasping the throne and establishing his empire. But his journey is a tumultuous one and the consequences of his...

The prince's bride  by Charis Michaels

The prince's bride

Charis Michaels

"Lady Marianne 'Ryan' Daventry was betrothed to an obscure French prince when she was just a baby. Years later, the young prince entered exile and was never heard from again. Lady Ryan considers the betrothal off; she can hardly marry a dead man. Now another...

The Montford Maniac  by M. R. C. (Martin R. C.) Kasasian

The Montford Maniac

M. R. C. (Martin R. C.) Kasasian

"Lady Violet Thorn's awful Aunt Igitha arrives uninvited to stay, wreaking havoc in the household. When Violet plucks up courage to ask her to leave, Igitha's chilling threats are soon realised with deadly effect. In a devastating series of events, a woman is...

Black shield maiden  by 2000- author. Willow

Black shield maiden

2000- author. Willow

"Lore, legend, and history tell us of the Vikings: warrior kings on epic journeys of conquest and plunder. But the stories we know are not the only stories to tell. There is another story, one that has been lost to the mists of time: the saga of the dark...

The lost girl from far away  by Elizabeth Gill

The lost girl from far away

Elizabeth Gill

"Having recently arrived in England, abandoned by her father and brother, Isabella is left to look after her dying mother in an abandoned house. When the worst happens, she suddenly finds herself alone in a strange country, forced to seek out help from...

The heist  by Jack B. Du Brul

The heist

Jack B. Du Brul

"Washington D.C., 1914: President Woodrow Wilson is celebrating aboard his yacht, Mayflower, with the branch leaders of the newly created Federal Reserve. For Van Dorn agent, Detective Isaac Bell, few events could be duller. Until he notices the aeroplane...

A well-earned death  by L. C. Tyler

A well-earned death

L. C. Tyler

"In 1671 there are fortunes to be made in Barbados, owning slaves and planting sugar cane. But drought, floods, locusts and his own incompetence have brought Hubert Umfraville down and caused him to flee the island in the most humiliating fashion. Now back in...

Masking her secrets  by Carole Mortimer

Masking her secrets

Carole Mortimer

The duke's Cinderella bride: "Brooding Hawk St. Claire, Duke of Stourbridge, believes Jane Smith to be a mere servant girl - albeit a remarkably attractive one! So when genteel Miss Jane is wrongly turned out of her home for inappropriate behavior following...

To sing of war  by Catherine McKinnon

To sing of war

Catherine McKinnon

"December 1944: In New Guinea, a young Australian nurse, Lotte Wyld, chances upon her first love, Virgil Nicholson, a soldier in the Allies' hard-fought jungle campaign. At Los Alamos in the United States, idealistic physicists Miriam Carver and Fred Johnson...

The silence factory  by Bridget Collins

The silence factory

Bridget Collins

"Henry dreams of silence. A world without the clattering of carriages through cobbled streets, the distant cries of drunken brawls, the relentless ticking of the clock. Then he meets a fascinating, mysterious gentleman who sells just that. Precious silk that...

Queen Macbeth  by Val McDermid

Queen Macbeth

Val McDermid

"Shakespeare fed us the myth of the Macbeths as murderous conspirators. But now Val McDermid drags the truth out of the shadows, exposing the patriarchal prejudices of history. Expect the unexpected... A thousand years ago in an ancient Scottish landscape, a...

The radio hour  by Victoria Purman

The radio hour

Victoria Purman

"Martha Berry is fifty-years old, a spinster, and one of an army of polite and invisible women in 1956 Sydney who go to work each day and get things done without fuss, fanfare or reward. Working at the country's national broadcaster, she's seen highly praised...

Mary I  by Alison Weir

Mary I

Alison Weir

"Adored only child of Henry VIII and his Queen, Katherine of Aragon, Princess Mary is raised in the golden splendour of her father's court. But the King wants a son and heir. With her parents' marriage, and England, in crisis, Mary's perfect world begins to...

At the going down of the sun  by Mary-Anne O'Connor

At the going down of the sun

Mary-Anne O'Connor

"1914: Brothers Thom and Archie Hogan are the best of friends who love nothing more than tinkering with their father's old biplane. They dream of one day flying over the wheatfields of their farm, but when Molly James arrives in town, matters of the heart come...

The invention of wings  by Sue Monk Kidd

The invention of wings

Sue Monk Kidd

"Sarah Grimké is the middle daughter. Her mother says she's difficult and her father says she's remarkable. On Sarah's eleventh birthday, Hetty 'Handful' Grimké is taken from the slave quarters she shares with her mother, wrapped in lavender ribbons, and...

The studio girls  by Lisa Ireland

The studio girls

Lisa Ireland

"It's 1955, and four talented young women become best friends while living at the Hollywood Studio Club, the famous boarding house for movie hopefuls. Julia Newman is a rising star. As Goldstar Studios' 'new Grace Kelly', she has been sent to the club to keep...

The two loves of Sophie Strom  by Sam Taylor

The two loves of Sophie Strom

Sam Taylor

"A house fire, Vienna, 1933: thirteen-year-old Max saves his parents and escapes unharmed, to face life as a Jew in 1930s Austria. In one unforgettable night, Max Spiegelman's life splits in two. As war looms and Nazism continues to rise, Max is forced into...

Free  by Meg Keneally


Meg Keneally

"Born into poverty in eighteenth-century England, her future was predetermined. But throughout her life Molly Thistle refused to follow the path laid out before her. Her headstrong nature, disdain for convention and desire for freedom were always destined to...

The maiden of Florence  by Katie Hutton

The maiden of Florence

Katie Hutton

"Florence, 1584. Rumours are spreading about the virility of a prince marrying into the powerful Medici family. Orphan Giulia is chosen to put an end to the gossip. In return she will keep her life - and start a new one with a dowry and her own husband....

The blue maiden  by Anna Noyes

The blue maiden

Anna Noyes

"It's 1825, four generations after Berggrund Island's women stood accused of witchcraft under the eye of their priest, now long dead. In his place is Pastor Silas, a widower with two wild young daughters, Beata and Ulrika. The sisters are outcasts:...

The little Penguin bookshop  by Joanna Toye

The little Penguin bookshop

Joanna Toye

"When World War II breaks out, Carrie Anderson sets up a bookstall at her local train station in the hope of providing a sense of escapism for travellers, troops and evacuees. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and armed with a colourful array of Penguin...

The Hazelbourne ladies motorcycle and flying club  by Helen Simonson

The Hazelbourne ladies motorcycle and flying club

Helen Simonson

"Constance Haverhill is without prospects. Her mother has just passed away, her brother is newly married, and now that the Great War is over, she has been asked to give up managing the estate she helped to run when the men all joined the army. It is suggested...

Disturbing the dead  by Kelley Armstrong

Disturbing the dead

Kelley Armstrong

"Victorian Scotland is becoming less strange to modern-day homicide detective Mallory Atkinson. Though inhabiting someone else's body will always be unsettling, even if her employers know that she's not actually housemaid Catriona Mitchell, ever since the...

The secret keepers  by Tilly Bagshawe

The secret keepers

Tilly Bagshawe

"Year after idyllic year, the Challant family retreat to their summer house on the glittering French Riviera. Until one stormy night in 1928 when a local boy suffers a fatal accident in the grounds. Overnight, it becomes a place of ghosts. As time unspools,...

Thor's revenge  by Donovan Cook

Thor's revenge

Donovan Cook

"A kingdom without a crown. A boy forsaken by his God. A warrior bent on revenge. After the bloody Battle of Jelling, Denmark's throne lies empty and chaos reigns as Jarl's jostle for power. Sven survives the bloodshed only to return home to find Ribe sacked...

Odin's betrayal  by Donovan Cook

Odin's betrayal

Donovan Cook

"Two kingdoms destined for war, one boy caught in the eye of the storm... Francia AD853. After a failed Viking raid on the Frankish coast over 20-years-ago, Jarl Sven the Boar is forced to leave his only son, Torkel, as a hostage and warned never to raid...

The elusive truth of Lily Temple  by Joanna Davidson Politano

The elusive truth of Lily Temple

Joanna Davidson Politano

"Lively and charming silent movie actress Lily Temple is everything private investigator Peter Driscoll is not. It makes sense, then, that combining forces would mean more cases solved and secrets revealed. Except for Lily's own - why a legendary missing...

Rough trade  by Katrina Carrasco

Rough trade

Katrina Carrasco

"Washington Territory, 1888. With contacts on the docks and in the railroad, and with a buyers' market funneling product their way, Alma Rosales and her opium-smuggling crew are making a fortune. They spend their days moving product and their nights at the...

Sword of the War God  by Tim Hodkinson

Sword of the War God

Tim Hodkinson

"436 AD. The Burgundars are confident of destroying Rome's legions. Their forces are strong and they have beaten the Romans in battle before. But they are annihilated, their king killed, his people scattered. Their fabled treasure is lost. For Rome has new...

The sea cemetary  by Aslak Nore

The sea cemetary

Aslak Nore

"There is no love lost between the Oslo and Bergen branches of the powerful Falck family. So when its steely matriarch dies with no will to be found, the seeds of an inheritance dispute are sown. Yet her legacy could be more damaging still. A manuscript...

The songbird of Hope Hill  by Kim Vogel Sawyer

The songbird of Hope Hill

Kim Vogel Sawyer

"Birdie Clarkson only recently started working at Lida's Palace, a house of ill repute at the edge of Tulsey, Texas. Abandoned and penniless, she turned to someone she thought was a friend, but instead it turned out to be a nightmare. She wants to leave, but...

To seize a queen  by Fiona Buckley

To seize a queen

Fiona Buckley

"1594. Ursula Stannard is attending on her half-sister, Queen Elizabeth, when she receives an urgent summons from Sir Robert Cecil. Cornishman Master Roskilly was fished out of the sea by Sir Francis Godolphin, and has a shocking tale of being snatched by...

The flower sisters  by Michelle Collins Anderson

The flower sisters

Michelle Collins Anderson

"At birth, Violet and Rose Flowers were identical, save for a tiny bluish-purple mark gracing Violet's slender neck. By nineteen, their temperaments distinguish them, as different as the flowers their mother named them for - Violet, wild and outgoing, and...

The girl from the Grand Hotel  by Camille Aubray

The girl from the Grand Hotel

Camille Aubray

"Set in summer 1939 at the Côte d'Azur's Grand Hotel and inspired by true events, Annabel Faucon is drawn into the events and intrigue surrounding a fledgling film festival, visiting movie stars, and efforts to disrupt a Nazi communications...

The outlaw Noble Salt  by Amy Harmon

The outlaw Noble Salt

Amy Harmon

"When infamous outlaw Butch Cassidy decides to go straight, he discovers that too many of the powerful men he crossed won't let bygones be bygones. To have a chance at a new life, he'll have to become someone else entirely. A brief, fateful encounter with the...

Lady's Rock  by Sue Lawrence

Lady's Rock

Sue Lawrence

"Highland Scotland was no place for a woman in the early 1500s. Life was turbulent and short, battles were waged, and sisters and daughters were traded as pawns in marriage. Catherine Campbell was one such young bride, betrothed to Lachlan Maclean and sent...

The Skeleton Army  by Alis Hawkins

The Skeleton Army

Alis Hawkins

"Why should the devil have all the best tunes?The Salvation Army has come prancing and singing from the slums of London to the poorest quarters of Oxford, but along with its red hot gospel preaching and music hall songs it brings a prohibition message which...

Only the brave  by Danielle Steel

Only the brave

Danielle Steel

"Sophia Alexander, the beautiful daughter of a famous surgeon in Berlin, has had to grow up faster than most young women. When her mother falls ill, Sophia must take charge of her younger sister, Theresa, and look after her father and the household, while also...

How not to propose to a duke  by Louise Allen

How not to propose to a duke

Louise Allen

"Miss Danby's daring proposition for the duke : First, wealthy ironmaster's daughter Jessica Danby needs a titled husband. So, upon learning that Alexander, the Duke of Malvern, needs a rich wife, she makes a convenient proposal... Next, her impetuous marriage...

The household  by Stacey Halls

The household

Stacey Halls

"London, 1847. In a quiet house in the countryside outside London, the finishing touches are being made to welcome a group of young women. The house and its location are top secret, its residents unknown to one another, but the girls have one thing in common:...

Love will find a way  by Ellie Dean

Love will find a way

Ellie Dean

"Cliffehaven, December 1946. From a hill above the town of Cliffehaven, a young woman makes a heart-breaking choice that will change the course of her life forever. Hours later, a baby is found in the Nativity crib of the local church. Who could have left him...

The garden  by Clare Beams

The garden

Clare Beams

"In 1948, Irene Willard, who's had five previous miscarriages in a quest to give her beloved husband the child he desperately desires and is now pregnant again, comes to an isolated house-cum-hospital in the Berkshires, run by a husband-and-wife team of...

Murder in Rose Hill  by Victoria (Victoria E.) Thompson

Murder in Rose Hill

Victoria (Victoria E.) Thompson

"Midwife Sarah Malloy and her private investigator husband, Frank, must shine a light on the truth and catch the fiend who killed a young reporter in this new entry in the USA Today bestselling Gaslight Mystery series. Louisa Rodgers is working as a magazine...

A murder most French  by Colleen Cambridge

A murder most French

Colleen Cambridge

"Tabitha Knight investigates the sudden death of a chef at a cooking school who poured himself a glass of wine from a rare vintage bottle. Set in midcentury Paris and starring Julia Child's fictional best friend, this magnifique reimagining of the iconic...

Death and glory  by Will Thomas

Death and glory

Will Thomas

"In 1894, Cyrus Barker, London's premier enquiry agent, is entangled in a conspiracy to revive the American Civil War by prominent figures, long believed deceased. Private Enquiry agent Cyrus Barker, along with his partner Thomas Llewelyn, has a long,...

The vaster wilds  by Lauren Groff

The vaster wilds

Lauren Groff

"1600s. A servant girl escapes from a settlement. She carries nothing with her but her wits, a few possessions, and the spark of god that burns hot within her. What she finds is beyond the limits of her imagination and will bend her belief of everything that...

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