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The story of the British Isles in 100 places  by Neil Oliver

The story of the British Isles in 100 places

Neil Oliver

"The British Isles, this archipelago of islands, is to Neil Oliver the best place in the world. From north to south, east to west, it cradles astonishing beauty. The human story here is a million years old and counting. But the tolerant, easygoing peace...

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What will be worn by Melissa Fagan

What will be worn

Melissa Fagan

Sometimes it seems the most invaluable stories can be found in the unlikeliest of corners. For all who know Brisbane, McWhirters, a once celebrated department store in Fortitude Valley, is an icon. For Melissa Fagan it is also the starting point for ...

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The extent of the atonement by David Lewis Allen

The extent of the atonement

David Lewis Allen

"In The Extent of the Atonement : A Historical and Critical Review, David L. Allen makes a biblical, historical, theological, and practical case for a universal atonement. Through a comprehensive historical survey, Allen contends that universal atonement...

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The Jamestown Brides by Jennifer Potter

The Jamestown Brides

Jennifer Potter

In 1621, fifty-six English women crossed the Atlantic in response to the Virginia Company of London's call for maids 'young and uncorrupt' to make wives for the planters of its new colony in Virginia. The English had settled there just fourteen years...

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The sisters of Battle Road by Jim Maloney

The sisters of Battle Road

Jim Maloney

In 1939, Annie Jarman and her six young daughters were evacuated from their south London home and sent to the Sussex countryside to wait out the war. Refusing to be parted, they faced the unknown together, never imagining just how much their lives wo...

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When women ruled the world by Kara Cooney

When women ruled the world

Kara Cooney

Explores the lives of six remarkable female pharaohs, from Hatshepsut to Cleopatra--women who ruled with real power. What was so special about ancient Egypt that provided women this kind of access to the highest political office? What was it about these...

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When Coal Turned Gold by Partha Sarathi. Bhattacharyaa

When Coal Turned Gold

Partha Sarathi. Bhattacharyaa

Coal India Ltd (CIL) contributes to about 82 per cent of India's coal production. In When Coal Turned Gold, former chairman and managing director of CIL, Partha Sarathi Bhattacharyya, tells the story, warts and all, of how he dealt with the Dhanbad coal...

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The Land of Dreams by David Kemp

The Land of Dreams

David Kemp

The Land of Dreams: How Australians Won Their Freedom, 1788-1860 tells the story of how Australians became a free people, gaining the liberties they desired to take control of their own lives, the right to govern themselves and the capacity to address...

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The Corvette Hunter by Tyler Greenblatt

The Corvette Hunter

Tyler Greenblatt

It's hard to imagine that a car with the racing pedigree of the Rebel Corvette could be neglected to the point of it being lost. Winning the GT class at the 1972 12 Hours of Sebring wasn't enough to keep this car from becoming just another old wreck out...

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Hell ship by Michael Veitch

Hell ship

Michael Veitch

For more than a century and a half, a grim tale has passed down through Michael Veitch's family: the story of the Ticonderoga, a clipper ship that sailed from Liverpool in August 1852, crammed with poor but hopeful emigrants - mostly Scottish victims...

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Full disclosure by Stormy Daniels

Full disclosure

Stormy Daniels

She was already well-known in some circles before March 6, 2018, but that's probably the first time you heard the name Stormy Daniels. That's the day she filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump over a nondisclosure agreement negotiated before ...

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Tahuhu Korero by Merata Kawharu

Tahuhu Korero

Merata Kawharu

"A collection of proverbs and sayings from the Taitokerau region - stretching from Auckland to Cape Rēinga. Pepeha and the longer whakataukī are proverbs and sayings passed down by Māori to capture key moments in history, important places and celebra...

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This is what hell looks like  by Stuart Allan Streinberg

This is what hell looks like

Stuart Allan Streinberg

"From 1967-1971, Stuart Steinberg served in the U.S. Army as an explosive ordnance disposal specialist. In January 1968, he was sent to Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, where chemical and biological weaponry was stockpiled, staying there until July 19...

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A history of Southern Africa  by A. S. Mlambo

A history of Southern Africa

A. S. Mlambo

"From early human civilisation to today, this book illuminates the history of southern Africa. Interweaving social, cultural and political history, archaeology, anthropology and environmentalism, Neil Parsons and Alois Mlambo provide an engaging account...

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The savage frontier  by Matthew Carr

The savage frontier

Matthew Carr

"[This book] traces the roots over the mountains taken by monks, soldiers, poets, pilgrims and refugees, examining the lives and events that have shaped the Pyrenees across the centuries. Its cast of characters includes Napoleon, Hannibal and Charlemagne;...

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The Anglo-Boer War in 100 objects

The Anglo-Boer War in 100 objects

"The Anglo-Boer War in 100 Objects brings the victories and the tragedies – and the full extent of the human drama behind this war – to life through 100 iconic artifacts. While a Mafeking siege note helps to illustrate the acute shortages caused by the...

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A political history of the world  by Jonathan Holslag

A political history of the world

Jonathan Holslag

"A three-thousand year history of the world that examines the causes of war and the search for peace In three thousand years of history, China has spent at least eleven centuries at war. The Roman Empire was in conflict during at least 50 per cent of...

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The Eastern Front 1941-1943  by James Holland

The Eastern Front 1941-1943

James Holland

The Eastern Front 1941-1944, is a clear, simple and entertaining introduction to the brutal confrontation between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union along a 1,200 mile front. Historian, author and broadcaster James Holland draws on the latest research...

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The soldiers' peace  by Michael Senior

The soldiers' peace

Michael Senior

"A vivid, wide-ranging account of how Britain coped with the demobilization of the British army after the First World War, describes how over three million soldiers were returned to peacetime life."

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Last man standing  by Gabrielle McDonald

Last man standing

Gabrielle McDonald

"Tall young pilot Geoffrey Rothwell flew Wellingtons and Short Stirlings in WWII; and anyone who knows anything about that task will understand the significance of the fact that he completed more than 60 bombing missions. But the story doesn't end there:...

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Fight to the finish  by Allan Mallinson

Fight to the finish

Allan Mallinson

"From the opening shots in August 1914 to the signing of the armstice on 11 November 1918, the First World War lasted almost 52 months. It was fought on, or in the waters of, six of the seven continents, and in all of the seven seas. And, for thje first...

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Hitler's executioner  by Helmut Ortner

Hitler's executioner

Helmut Ortner

"Though little known, the name of the judge Roland Freisler is inextricably linked to the judiciary in Nazi Germany. As well as serving as the State Secretary of the Reich Ministry of Justice, he was the notorious president of the People s Court , a ...

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Henry I by Edmund King

Henry I

Edmund King

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20th century classical music by Fiona (Music critic) Maddocks

20th century classical music

Fiona (Music critic) Maddocks

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Sex Pistols by Peter Smith

Sex Pistols

Peter Smith

The Sex Pistols simply, and seemingly effortlessly, blew away all that had come before them, setting an entirely new bar for rock acts that followed in their wake. Peter Smith explores the impact the band had on the launching of the punk movement as well...

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Atlas of world religions by Tim Dowley

Atlas of world religions

Tim Dowley

"This atlas aims to survey the origins, historical development, and current strength, distribution, and nature of the major world religions and their offshoots, and to look at some of the religions of the ancient world"--page 11.

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Imprudent king by Geoffrey Parker

Imprudent king

Geoffrey Parker

Drawing upon extensive research and a recent archival discovery, Geoffrey Parker examines the life of Philip II.

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Singapore  by Michael D. Barr


Michael D. Barr

"Singapore gained independence in 1965, a city-state in a world of nation-states. Yet its long and complex history reaches much farther back. Blending modernity and tradition, ideologies and ethnicities, a peculiar set of factors make Singapore what it...

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Don't panic by Neil Gaiman

Don't panic

Neil Gaiman

Told in the same fanciful, irreverent style as the Hitchhiker trilogy, with scraps of scripts, letters and comments from Adams, Don't Panic is the perfect companion to one of the most successful series in publishing history.

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Shifting the boundaries by Carolyn Rasmussen

Shifting the boundaries

Carolyn Rasmussen

The University of Melbourne was already over 110 years old when this history begins. The second oldest university in Australia, it has been graced with a number of histories written by eminent historians. Each of these histories has documented the Un...

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Captain Herd and the New Zealand Company settlers on the barque Rosanna 1825-1827  by Hilda McDonnell

Captain Herd and the New Zealand Company settlers on the barque Rosanna 1825-1827

Hilda McDonnell

"The Rosanna, Captain Herd, sailed from London in 1825 with 30 settlers sent by a commercial company to establish themselves in New Zealand, chiefly for the cultivation of flax and the collecting of timber.They were accompanied by the storeship Lambton....

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The long Honduran night  by Dana Frank

The long Honduran night

Dana Frank

A story of resistance, repression, and US policy in Honduras in the aftermath of a violent military coup.

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101 things you didn't know about World War I  by Erik Sass

101 things you didn't know about World War I

Erik Sass

"In this informative, accessible look at World War I, you'll find a complete overview of this critical historical event, its long-standing impact, and little-known facts. Identify the important figures, discover what everyday life was like during wartime,...

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The souls of yellow folk  by Wesley Yang

The souls of yellow folk

Wesley Yang

Presents a collection of essays, including "The Face of Sueng-Hui Cho," in which the author explores the logic of the Virginia Tech shooter.

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The case against impeaching Trump  by Alan M. Dershowitz

The case against impeaching Trump

Alan M. Dershowitz

"Alan Dershowitz has been called 'one of the most prominent and consistent defenders of civil liberties in America' by Politico and 'the nation's most peripatetic civil liberties lawyer and one of its most distinguished defenders of individual rights'...

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How to behave badly in Elizabethan England  by Ruth Goodman

How to behave badly in Elizabethan England

Ruth Goodman

Offensive language, insolent behavior, slights, brawls, and scandals-- Elizabethan England was particularly rank with troublemakers. Goodman draws on advice manuals, court cases, and sermons to offer this colorfully crude portrait of offenses most fo...

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The art of steampunk by Art (Arthur W.) Donovan

The art of steampunk

Art (Arthur W.) Donovan

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One law or two monarchs?  by John Robinson

One law or two monarchs?

John Robinson

For over 500 years, Polynesians had New Zealand to themselves. However, towards the end of the 1700s, Europeans started arriving to exploit the resources of the country. A technologically advanced culture began interacting with a Stone Age society, and...

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A companion to the Punic wars

A companion to the Punic wars

A Companion to the Punic Wars offers a comprehensive new survey of the three wars fought between Rome and Carthage between 264 and 146 BC.

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A companion to late antiquity

A companion to late antiquity

An accessible and authoritative overview capturing the vitality and diversity of scholarship that exists on the transformative time period known as late antiquity.

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A companion to ancient Egypt

A companion to ancient Egypt

This companion provides the very latest accounts of the major and current aspects of Egyptology by leading scholars. It is delivered in a highly readable style and extensively illustrated; published in two volumes, it offers unprecedented breadth and...

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Chaucer's people  by Liza Picard

Chaucer's people

Liza Picard

"The Middle Ages were turbulent times. In the fourteenth century alone, England was ravaged by war, plague, revolt and the overthrow of a king. Among the surviving records, the poetry of Geoffrey Chaucer is the most vivid. But what does it tell us about...

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The edge of memory by Patrick D. Nunn

The edge of memory

Patrick D. Nunn

In today's society it is generally the written word that holds the authority. We are more likely to trust the words found in a history textbook over the version of history retold by a friend - after all, human memory is unreliable, and how can you be...

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Swansea City by Chris Carra

Swansea City

Chris Carra

Sixteen Swansea City legends tell the stories behind their favourite games for the club - allowing Swans fans of all ages to relive these magical moments through the eyes and emotions of the men who were there, playing for the white shirt. From Alan ...

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The persecution of the Templars by Alain Demurger

The persecution of the Templars

Alain Demurger

The trial of the Knights Templar is one of the most infamous in history. Accused of heresy by the king of France, the Templars were arrested and imprisoned, had their goods seized and their monasteries ransacked. Under brutal interrogation and torture,...

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Barnsley FC by David Kuzio

Barnsley FC

David Kuzio

Fifteen Barnsley footballing legends tell the stories behind their favourite ever games for the club - enabling fans of all ages to relive these magic moments through the eyes and emotions of the men who were there, pulling on the famous red shirt. Local...

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Laika's window by Kurt Caswell

Laika's window

Kurt Caswell

The unforgettable story of Laikathe Soviet space dog, the Cold War, and the Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union.

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What we have lost by James Hamilton-Paterson

What we have lost

James Hamilton-Paterson

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Beyond Combat by Tristan Moss

Beyond Combat

Tristan Moss

'Even a military that is solely dedicated to preparing for war creates, simply by existing, a suite of responsibilities that has very little to do with combat.' -- Tristan Moss and Tom RichardsonThere is a lot more to military life than war. From an ...

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The Age of Aryamer

The Age of Aryamer

The reign of the last Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (1941-79), marked the high point of Iran's global interconnectedness. Never before had Iranians felt the impact of global political, social, economic, and cultural forces so intimately in their...

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The French revolution and what went wrong by Stephen Clarke

The French revolution and what went wrong

Stephen Clarke

*** An entertaining and eye-opening look at the French Revolution and what went wrong, by Stephen Clarke, author of 1000 Years of Annoying the French and A Year in the Merde ***Legend has it that, in a few busy weeks in July 1789, a despotic king, hi...

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Legion versus phalanx by Myke Cole

Legion versus phalanx

Myke Cole

From the time of Ancient Sumeria, the heavy infantry phalanx dominated the battlefield. Armed with spears or pikes, standing shoulder to shoulder with shields interlocking, the men of the phalanx presented an impenetrable wall of wood and metal to the...

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The last good year by Damien Cox

The last good year

Damien Cox

We may never see a playoff series like it again.Before Gary Bettman, and the lockouts. Before all the NHL's old barns were torn down to make way for bigger, glitzier rinks. Before expansion and parity across the league, just about anything could happen...

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Boudica by Caitlin C. Gillespie


Caitlin C. Gillespie

Boudica: Warrior Woman of Roman Britain introduces listeners to the life and literary importance of Boudica through juxtaposing her different literary characterizations with those of other women and rebel leaders.

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Jesus revolution by Greg Laurie

Jesus revolution

Greg Laurie

God has always been interested in turning unlikely people into his most fervent followers. Prostitutes and pagans, tax collectors and tricksters. The more unlikely, the more it seemed to please God and to demonstrate his power, might, and mercy. America...

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Noncompliant by Carmen Segarra


Carmen Segarra

A first-hand account of corruption and cover-up at Goldman Sachs from the Federal Reserve examiner who refused to be silenced. In 2011, Carmen Segarra took a job as a regulator at Goldman Sachs on behalf of the NY Fed. It was an opportunity, she believed,...

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A short history of nuclear folly by Rudolph Herzog

A short history of nuclear folly

Rudolph Herzog

AIn the spirit of Dr. Strangelove Rudolph Herzog, the acclaimed author of Dead Funny In an unprecedented people's history, Herzog digs deep into archives, interviews nuclear scientists, and collects dozens of rare photos. He explores the "accidental "drop...

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Setting the world on fire by Shelley Emling

Setting the world on fire

Shelley Emling

"One of only two patron saints of Italy, the other being St. Francis of Assisi, St. Catherine was ahead of her time. As a political powerhouse in late 14th century Europe, a time of war, social unrest and one of the worst natural disasters of all tim...

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Criminal women by John J. Eddleston

Criminal women

John J. Eddleston

Women have sometimes been seen as less criminally inclined than men. But, as John Eddleston shows in this revealing anthology of female crimes in London, this image is hard to mesh with reality, for the city's history is crowded with cases of women who...

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Appetite for definition by Ian (Music writer) King

Appetite for definition

Ian (Music writer) King

The author presents alphabetized entries discussing more than 200 genres of rock music.

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A revolution unfinished by Colby Ristow

A revolution unfinished

Colby Ristow

"A Revolution Unfinished examines the mobilization and subsequent repression of the Chegomista Rebellion of 1911"--

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Inevitably toxic

Inevitably toxic

"Not a day goes by that humans aren't exposed to toxins in our environment--be it at home, in the car, or workplace. But what about those toxic places and items that aren't marked? Why are we warned about some toxic spaces' substances and not others?...

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Spitfire by John Nichol


John Nichol

"In late spring 1940, Nazi Germany's domination of Europe looked unstoppable. With the British Isles in easy reach since the fall of France, Adolf Hitler was convinced that Great Britian would be defeated in the skies over the southern coast, confident...

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Under a darkening sky  by Robert Lyman

Under a darkening sky

Robert Lyman

A social history of the American experience in Europe between 1939 and 1941 focuses on a group of individuals, from Josephine Baker to young Americans who volunteered to join the RAF, who were caught up in the events of the war before Pearl Harbor.

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The war before the war  by Andrew Delbanco

The war before the war

Andrew Delbanco

The devastating story of how fugitive slaves drove the nation to Civil War For decades after its founding, America was really two nations--one slave, one free. There were many reasons why this composite nation ultimately broke apart, but the fact that...

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Skalski against all odds  by Franciszek Grabowski

Skalski against all odds

Franciszek Grabowski

"Provides a gripping and detailed account on the career of General Stanislaw Skalski, the leading Polish fighter ace. Skalski gallantly served from the first day of the Second World War, becoming the first ace of the conflict, and continued his service...

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AmaBhulu  by Harry Booyens


Harry Booyens

AmaBhulu is a view of South Africa through eyes different from those employed in fifty years of media reporting, social science, and politics. The author walks the reader from the 1652 landing of the Dutch to the present by following his own family b...

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In praise of blood  by Judi Rever

In praise of blood

Judi Rever

"A stunning work of investigative reporting by a Canadian journalist who has risked her own life to bring us a deeply disturbing history of the Rwandan genocide that takes the true measure of Rwandan head of state Paul Kagame. Through unparalleled in...

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Spaniards in Mauthausen  by Sara J. Brenneis

Spaniards in Mauthausen

Sara J. Brenneis

"Spaniards in Mauthausen is the first study of the cultural legacy of Spaniards imprisoned and killed during the Second World War in the Nazi concentration camp Mauthausen. By examining narratives about Spanish Mauthausen victims over the past seventy...

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Amarna sunrise  by Aidan Dodson

Amarna sunrise

Aidan Dodson

"The latter part of the fifteenth century BC saw Egypt's political power reach its zenith, with an empire that stretched from beyond the Euphrates in the north to much of what is now Sudan in the south. The wealth that flowed into Egypt allowed its kings...

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Japan story  by Christopher Harding

Japan story

Christopher Harding

"Japan Story is a fascinating, surprising account of Japan's culture, from the 'opening up' of the country in the mid 19th century to the present, through the eyes of people who always had their doubts about modernity - who greeted it not with the co...

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The American trajectory  by David Ray Griffin

The American trajectory

David Ray Griffin

"Traces the trajectory of the American Empire from its founding through to the end of the 20th century. This book demonstrates the falsity of the claim for American exceptionalism, a secular version of the old idea that America has been divinely founded...

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New Jerusalem  by Paul Ham

New Jerusalem

Paul Ham

"In February 1534 a radical religious sect whose disciples were being persecuted throughout Europe seized the city of Munster, in the German-speaking land of Westphalia.They were convinced that they were God's Elect, specially chosen by the Almighty to...

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Saving Mona Lisa  by Gerri Chanel

Saving Mona Lisa

Gerri Chanel

"in August 1939, curators at the Louvre nestled the world's most famous painting into a special red velvet-lined case and spirited her away to the Loire Valley. Thus began the biggest evacuation of art and antiquities in history. As the Germans neared...

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"In this important and timely publication, top international scholars present current research and developments about the art, archaeology, and history of the ancient city of Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage site located in Syria. Palmyra became trag...

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Fighters over Malta  by Brian Cull

Fighters over Malta

Brian Cull

"Brian Cull's definitive `Fighters over Malta: Gladiators and Hurricanes 1940-1942' is a highly detailed account of the gallant band of RAF and Commonwealth pilots who flew Gladiators and Hurricanes in defence of Malta between June 1940 and April 1942,...

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