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A mother's story  by Rosie Batty

A mother's story

Rosie Batty

"An updated edition of the profoundly moving and inspiring memoir from Australia's domestic violence crusader, Rosie Batty. Rosie Batty knows pain no woman should have to suffer. Her son was killed by his father in a violent incident in February 2014, a...

The long and winding road  by Lesley Pearse

The long and winding road

Lesley Pearse

"One of the world's favourite storytellers tells the extraordinary story of her life. Lesley Pearse didn't publish her first novel until she was 48. Now she has sold over ten million books around the world and is a constant presence on the bestseller chart. A...

Knife  by Salman Rushdie


Salman Rushdie

"On the morning of 12 August 2022, Salman Rushdie was standing onstage at the Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York, preparing to give a lecture on the importance of keeping writers safe from harm, when a man in black – black clothes, black mask – rushed...

Hits, flops, and other illusions  by Edward Zwick

Hits, flops, and other illusions

Edward Zwick

"This heartfelt and wry career memoir from the director of Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai, Legends of the Fall, About Last Night, and Glory, creator of the show Thirtysomething, and executive producer of My So-Called Life, gives a dishy, behind-the-scenes...

The girls who fought crime  by Mari K. Eder

The girls who fought crime

Mari K. Eder

"From corsets to crime fighting , Mae Foley challenged the patriarchal status quo by not only juggling family life, but also by forming the first female auxiliary police force in the City That Never Sleeps. After the 19th Amendment passed in 1920, Foley...

More fool me  by Stephen Fry

More fool me

Stephen Fry

"Stephen Fry invites readers to take a glimpse at his life story in the unputdownable More Fool Me. 'Oh dear I am an arse. I expect there'll be what I believe is called an "intervention" soon. I keep picturing it. All my friends bearing down on me and me...

Autobiography of a face  by Lucy Grealy

Autobiography of a face

Lucy Grealy

"A New York Times Notable Book. This powerful memoir is about the premium we put on beauty and on a woman's face in particular. It took Lucy Grealy twenty years of living with a distorted self-image and more than thirty reconstructive procedures before she...

The sniper  by Jim Lindsay

The sniper

Jim Lindsay

"Charles 'Chuck' Mawhinney is a United States Marine who holds the Corps' record for the most confirmed sniper kills (and the second most of any US service member in history), having recorded 103 confirmed kills in 16 months during the Vietnam War. He was also...

Supreme sirens  by Marcellas Reynolds

Supreme sirens

Marcellas Reynolds

"A stunning photography book that explores the power, rebellion, and resilience held within the voices of trailblazing Black female musicians From the author of Supreme Models and Supreme Actresses comes the third installment of the celebrated series, Supreme...

Amy Sillman  by Valérie Smith

Amy Sillman

Valérie Smith

"A prolifically creative artistic polymath, American artist Amy Sillman (b.1955) works in drawing, zines, iPhone videos, installation, collaboration, teaching and curating, but painting has always remained at the very heart of her practice. This comprehensive...

Miss Major speaks  by Toshio Meronek

Miss Major speaks

Toshio Meronek

"The future of Black, queer, and trans liberation explored by a legendary transgender elder and activist. Miss Major Griffin-Gracy is a veteran of the infamous Stonewall Riots, a former sex worker, and a transgender elder and activist who survived Bellevue...

Alpine panorama  by Andrew Hamilton Buchanan

Alpine panorama

Andrew Hamilton Buchanan

"For lovers of the great outdoors and those captivated by the silent allure of Canterbury's alpine horizon, Andy Buchanan's Alpine Panorama: A view to a climb is a celebration of nature's majesty and a tribute to the enduring connection between man and...

General Sir James Scarlett  by Martin Sheppard

General Sir James Scarlett

Martin Sheppard

"The morning of the Battle of Balaklava, on 25 October 1854, saw a desperate charge against a greatly superior Russian force. Epitomised by the reckless courage of the British cavalry in the face of heavy odds, the charge was a complete success, putting the...

Better broken than new  by Lisa St Aubin de Terán

Better broken than new

Lisa St Aubin de Terán

"Following a successful career as an award-winning, best-selling novelist, in 2004 Lisa St Aubin de Teran retreated to a remote village in northern Mozambique. There she found her own African roots, founded a charity, and confronted new challenges. Much has...

Sociopath  by Patric Gagne


Patric Gagne

"'Your friends would probably describe me as nice. But guess what? I can't stand your friends. I'm a liar. I'm a thief. I'm highly manipulative. I don't care what other people think. I'm capable of almost anything.' Sociopath: A Memoir is at once a mesmerizing...

The Explorers Club

The Explorers Club

"The discovery of the North and South Poles. The summiting of Everest. The moon landing. The (largely unknown) birth of climate change science. These are just some of the stories from The Explorers Club, the organization that, since its inception in 1904, has...

Rainmaker  by Hughes Norton


Hughes Norton

"A rollicking tell-all from golf's first super-agent, Hughes Norton, detailing everything from his life-changing work with Tiger Woods and Greg Norman to his thoughts on golf's current money-grab era. The ultimate read for fans of Alan Shipnuck, Bob Harig, and...

Madness  by Antonia Hylton


Antonia Hylton

"On a cold day in March of 1911, officials marched twelve Black men into the heart of a forest in Maryland. Under the supervision of a doctor, the men were forced to clear the land, pour cement, lay bricks, and harvest tobacco. When construction finished, they...

The survivors of the Clotilda  by Hannah Durkin

The survivors of the Clotilda

Hannah Durkin

"Joining the ranks of Rebecca Skloot's The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and Zora Neale Hurston's rediscovered classic Barracoon, an immersive and revelatory history of the Clotilda, the last slave ship to land on US soil, told through the stories of its...

The necessary aptitude  by Pam Ayres

The necessary aptitude

Pam Ayres

"Pam Ayres is one of Britain's best loved personalities. She appears regularly on TV and radio, and has her own Radio 4 programme Ayres on the Air. She performs her solo stage show annually to sell out audiences throughout Britain and around the world and her...

Flat  by Catherine Guthrie


Catherine Guthrie

"As a young, queer woman, Catherine Guthrie worked hard to feel at home in her body. However, after years writing about women's health and breast cancer, Guthrie is thrust into the role of the patient after a devastating diagnosis at age thirty-eight. At...

Sweet taste of liberty  by W. Caleb (William Caleb) McDaniel

Sweet taste of liberty

W. Caleb (William Caleb) McDaniel

"In Sweet Taste of Liberty, W. Caleb McDaniel focuses on the experience of a freed slave who was sold back into slavery, eventually freed again, and who then sued the man who had sold her back into bondage. Henrietta Wood was born into slavery, but in 1848,...

Your time starts now  by Julie Goodwin

Your time starts now

Julie Goodwin

"The extraordinary life story of Australia's beloved Julie Goodwin, first winner of MasterChef and bestselling cookbook author Julie Goodwin was catapulted into our hearts as the first-ever winner of MasterChef Australia. In many ways her win was unlikely. As...

Somewhere towards the end  by Diana Athill

Somewhere towards the end

Diana Athill

"An esteemed memoirist and one of the great editors in British publishing examines aging with the grace of Elegy for Iris and the wry irreverence of I Feel Bad About My Neck"--Publisher's description.

The plot  by Nadine Dorries

The plot

Nadine Dorries

"The explosive behind-the-scenes account of the plot to bring down Boris Johnson. YOU THINK YOU LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE THE ELECTED ARE CHOSEN BY THE PEOPLE. THINK AGAIN. When Boris Johnson came to power in 2019, he did so with the largest Conservative majority...

Memoirs  by Robert Lowell


Robert Lowell

"A complete collection of Robert Lowell's autobiographical prose, from unpublished writings about his youth to reflections on the triumphs and confusions of his adult life. Robert Lowell's Memoirs is an unprecedented literary discovery: the manuscript of...

Erotic vagrancy  by Roger Lewis

Erotic vagrancy

Roger Lewis

Thirteen years in the writing, Erotic Vagrancy doesn't only surpass every other biography of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton yet to appear, this rich, vital and passionately articulated book, which is as extravagant and wayward as its two subjects, is also...

Anymore for anymore  by Caroline (Television writer) Stafford

Anymore for anymore

Caroline (Television writer) Staffo...

"Ronnie Lanes story is that of a working-class kid who started his musical career busking a ukulele at the age of eight. As a young man he signed with legendary manager Don Arden, who paid him in paisley shirts. He then enjoyed a phenomenal 17 consecutive Top...

Brushed aside  by Noah Charney

Brushed aside

Noah Charney

"How many female artists can you name? Artemisia Gentileschi, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O'Keefe? Here's a 360-degree look at the role women have played in art history, including the influence and empowerment of women through art beyond those who have taken up a...

When the weight of the paper...  by Graham (Airline employee) author. Hyslop

When the weight of the paper...

Graham (Airline employee) author. H...

"This aviation/travel journal is an account of the author's experiences in 59 years of travelling the globe. His half-Scottish roots may have something to do with his yearning for a desire to visit a number of cold-weather countries that many of us might stay...

Floppy  by Alyssa Graybeal


Alyssa Graybeal

"Alyssa Graybeal is a queer writer and cartoonist whose work is a witty take on daily life with chronic illness, the connective tissue disorder Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Floppy: Tales of a Genetic Freak of Nature at the End of the World is her first book and won...

Cast mates  by Sam Twyford-Moore

Cast mates

Sam Twyford-Moore

"Australia has a long cinema history — starting with the world's first feature film, The Story of the Kelly Gang, made in Melbourne and released in 1906. Today, much of Australia's film talent goes to the United States, looking for bigger and more lucrative...

Life  by Pope Francis


Pope Francis

"Turning the pages of the precious book that is life, Pope Francis leads us along a path made of emotions, joys, and agonies: a window on the past that will allow us to better understand our present"--Publisher's description.

Searching for sunrises  by Nathan Trinham

Searching for sunrises

Nathan Trinham

"Searching for sunrises is a story that potentially has life lessons for everyone who reads it. This is the story of Nathan, an abused, lost boy and his fight to bring sunshine into his life, and free himself of the darkness that had enveloped him from birth....

Mickey  by Helen Brown


Helen Brown

"A witty and warm memoir about growing up with the help of a very special cat - from Helen Brown, internationally bestselling author of Cleo and other tales of the beloved cats in her life... Who was the first pet you ever loved? The youngest daughter of an...

Boy wanted on Savile Row  by Timothy Everest

Boy wanted on Savile Row

Timothy Everest

"The son of restaurateurs, young Timothy Everest wanted nothing more than to be a racing driver. This was not to be, but little did he know that a job he took at age 17 – as a sales assistant at Hepworths in Milford Haven – would set the trajectory for success...

Deceived no more  by Doreen Virtue

Deceived no more

Doreen Virtue

"In this brilliant, utterly captivating memoir, Doreen Virtue chronicles her journey in discovering everything she believed in was a lie. She poignantly shares the price she's paid for following Jesus. New Age teachings are based on concepts that sound almost...

Dame Suzy D.  by Susan Devoy

Dame Suzy D.

Susan Devoy

"A four-time world squash champion, Dame Susan Devoy has led a remarkably varied life. She's been Race Relations Commissioner, a television star, a newspaper columnist, raised four boys and met Bill Clinton and King Charles.? Fiercely driven and wildly...

Come my fanatics  by Dan Franklin

Come my fanatics

Dan Franklin

"In 1993, in the market town of Wimborne Minster in Dorset, England, the heaviest band in the world was born: Electric Wizard. Led by guitarist and singer Jus Oborn, the band inhaled the iniquity of their lives and vomited it out in colossal waves of doom...

Heavier than heaven  by Charles R. Cross

Heavier than heaven

Charles R. Cross

"Kurt Cobain's life and death fast became rock 'n' roll legend. The worldwide success of his band, Nirvana, defined the music scene in the early 1990s and their songs spoke to and for a generation. Music journalist Charles R. Cross, a veteran of the Seattle...

Power of balance  by Kerryn Phelps

Power of balance

Kerryn Phelps

"Power of Balance is the landmark memoir from Dr Kerryn Phelps AM that explores the events and ideas that have inspired her to create change throughout her lifetime. From medicine, media, politics, advocacy and activism, Kerryn has led a remarkable life of...

Take two  by Caroline Thonger

Take two

Caroline Thonger

"An innovative memoir of growing up in London from the 1950s to the 1980s, written in a variety of genres"--Publisher's description.

The jagged path  by Charlotte author. Osho

The jagged path

Charlotte author. Osho

"In this powerful tale of resilience, fortitude and faith, Charlotte Osho describes arriving in mid-sixties London faced with an onslaught of new experiences, unfamiliar foods, a very different climate and of course, the shock of racism. But though she quickly...

Nola Barron  by Nola Barron

Nola Barron

Nola Barron

"This book is a record of the artistic career of Nola Barron. It covers three different aspects of her life and works. After an initial interest in painting, she found that pottery was the craft she wished to follow. She enrolled at the Studio of Design, which...

Those who have the courage  by Matthew Wright

Those who have the courage

Matthew Wright

"'Those Who Have the Courage will be a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in the military and social history of New Zealand. It is a comprehensive history of the Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps, the Mounted Rifles and predecessor units ...' -...

Hildasay to home  by Christian Lewis

Hildasay to home

Christian Lewis

"Walking saved his life. Now it will help find him a family. In the follow-up to his Sunday Times bestselling Finding Hildasay, Christian Lewis takes his next steps – along the coastline of Britain, and on the road of life. Since his time on Hildasay, Chris'...

Audrey Hepburn in Paris  by Meghan Friedlander

Audrey Hepburn in Paris

Meghan Friedlander

"One of the world's most iconic actresses and one of the world's most iconic cities together in one extraordinary volume. There has always been a special connection between Audrey Hepburn and Paris. In Audrey Hepburn in Paris, Meghan Friedlander, curator of...

Woody Guthrie  by Joe Klein

Woody Guthrie

Joe Klein

"Few artists have captured the American experience of their time as wholly as folk legend Woody Guthrie. Singer, songwriter and political activist, Guthrie drew a lifetime of inspiration from his roots on the Oklahoma frontier in the years before the Great...

Cuckooland  by Tom Burgis


Tom Burgis

"Everywhere, the powerful are making a renewed claim to the greatest prize of all: to own the truth. The power to choose what you want reality to be and impose that reality on the world. For three years, Tom Burgis followed a lead that took him deeper and...

Home baked  by Alia Volz

Home baked

Alia Volz

"In the 1970s, when cannabis was as illicit as heroin, Alia Volz's mother ran Sticky Fingers Brownies, a pioneering underground bakery that delivered ten thousand marijuana edibles per month to a city in the throes of change--from the joyous upheavals of gay...

Troubled  by Rob Kim Henderson


Rob Kim Henderson

"Rob Henderson was born to a drug-addicted mother and a father he never met, ultimately shuttling between ten different foster homes in California. When he was adopted into a loving family, he hoped that life would finally be stable and safe. Divorce, tragedy,...

Women code breakers  by Elise Baker

Women code breakers

Elise Baker

"Embedded within military intelligence and communications, wartime cryptography was a man's world filled with engineers, mathematicians, statisticians, military tacticians, political scientists, and linguists. But women did much more during World War II than...

Princess, countess, socialite, spy  by Elise Baker

Princess, countess, socialite, spy

Elise Baker

"The Second World War changed the course of modern history. It is filled with incredible stories of daring risks and exceptional struggles, but in the popular imagination, these stories are more often than not the stories of men. There is, however, a hidden...

Nightingales, bluebirds & angels of mercy  by Elise Baker

Nightingales, bluebirds & angels of mercy

Elise Baker

"The World Wars of the 20th century caused massive upheavals all over the world. Millions of men from every corner of the globe enlisted in the armed forces to fight, while women took the places of men in the workforce at home. Eighty years later, we still see...

Picasso the foreigner  by Annie Cohen-Solal

Picasso the foreigner

Annie Cohen-Solal

"Picasso the Foreigner approaches the artist's career and art from an entirely new angle, making extensive use of fascinating and long-overlooked archival sources. In this groundbreaking narrative, Picasso emerges as an artist ahead of his time not only...

Work with what you got  by Zion Clark

Work with what you got

Zion Clark

"Zion Clark has always had big dreams for himself despite the many hardships he faced growing up as a Black disabled child in the foster care system of Ohio. His childhood years were marked by instability as he moved from home to home, experiencing abuse and...

Muzoon  by Muzoon Almellehan


Muzoon Almellehan

"Muzoon was fourteen years old when her family made the wrenching decision to leave their home in Syria. War had begun. Peaceful protests were met with shootings. Next, bombs were flying overhead. Even still, Muzoon wanted to stay. What would become of her in...

I have something to tell you  by Chasten Buttigieg

I have something to tell you

Chasten Buttigieg

"Growing up, Chasten Glezman Buttigieg didn't always fit in. He felt different from his father and brothers, who loved to hunt and go camping, and out of place in the rural, conservative small town where he lived. Back then, blending in was more important than...

Africa  by Morenikeji Asaaju


Morenikeji Asaaju

"Spanning more than 200,000 years, from the emergence of the first humans to the rise of megacities, Africa explores the history and cultures of the world's second-largest continent in vivid detail. It brings to life the stories that shaped Africa and the...

Shake some action  by Stuart Coupe

Shake some action

Stuart Coupe

"For over four decades, Stuart Coupe has been at the heart of the Australian music scene, experiencing the giddy highs, crushing lows and everything in between that comes along with a life lived in the creative fast lane. When he wasn't writing a weekly music...

Helena Rubinstein  by Angus Trumble

Helena Rubinstein

Angus Trumble

"Helena Rubinstein (1872-1965) is best known for creating the world's first global cosmetics empire. At its height, her name was synonymous with glamour, with salons in Paris, London and New York, and beauty products sold at cosmetics counters around the...

Frank Moorhouse  by Matthew Lamb

Frank Moorhouse

Matthew Lamb

"Frank Moorhouse was legendary in Australian literary and cultural life, the author of a huge and diverse body of work - essays, short stories, journalism, scripts, the iconic Edith Trilogy - an unapologetic activist, intellectual, libertarian and champion of...

Letters for the ages  by Winston Churchill

Letters for the ages

Winston Churchill

"Here are some of the best of Churchill's letters, many of a more personal and intimate nature, presented in chronological order, with a preface to each letter explaining the context. The recipients include a vast range of people, including his schoolmaster,...

The compassion of Captain Cook  by C. R. (Christopher Robin) Heathcote

The compassion of Captain Cook

C. R. (Christopher Robin) Heathcote

"New Zealand 1773. A week before Christmas. A rowboat carrying ten sailors disappears. Next day butchered bodies are found on a beach. All have been killed by Maori warriors. Captain Cook will not retaliate. Warning his crew against vengeance, Cook assures...

The Unit  by Adam Gamal

The Unit

Adam Gamal

""The first and only book to ever be written by a member of America's most secret military unit--an explosive and unlikely story of immigration, service, and sacrifice. Inside our military is a team of operators whose work is so secretive that the name of the...

Run for your life  by Sue Williams

Run for your life

Sue Williams

"What started out as a great adventure turned into a terrifying nightmare when Nick Stride and his family were forced to flee for their lives from one of the richest, most powerful men in the world. Nick moved to Russia in 1998 to help build the British...

Hope  by Rosie Batty


Rosie Batty

"After tragedy, how do we find hope? A memoir about what it takes to get through the very worst of times from Rosie Batty, a singular woman who has experienced tragedy, who had lost all hope, yet now is intent on finding it again. On a warm summer's evening in...

Sister Viv  by Grantlee Kieza

Sister Viv

Grantlee Kieza

"Bangka Island, 1942: Australian Army nurse Vivian Bullwinkel was just twenty-six when Japanese soldiers marched her and her fellow nurses into the shallow waters of a remote beach to be executed. Miraculously, Vivian would be the lone survivor, and she...

Madonna  by Mary Gabriel


Mary Gabriel

"With her arrival on the pop music scene in the early 1980s, Madonna generated nothing short of an explosion-as great as that of Elvis or the Beatles or Michael Jackson-taking the nation by storm with her liberated politics and breathtaking talent. Within two...

A short history of flowers  by Advolly Richmond

A short history of flowers

Advolly Richmond

"Garden and social historian Advolly Richmond (of Gardener's World) unravels the surprising histories of 60 flowers that shape our gardens. Have you ever wondered where your favorite garden flowers came from? Where their names derived? Or why some cultivars go...

Secret heroes of World War II  by Eric Chaline

Secret heroes of World War II

Eric Chaline

"World War II had many influential figures, whose incredible acts of bravery, skill and intelligence helped to turn the tide of the war. But few of them receive the recognition their actions deserve. In Secret Heroes of World War II, we meet the engineers,...

A good bad boy  by Margaret Wappler

A good bad boy

Margaret Wappler

"Luke Perry was fifty-two years old when he died of a stroke in 2019. There have been other deaths of '90s stars, but this one hit different. Gen X was reminded of their own inescapable mortality, and robbed of an exciting career resurgence for one of their...

Women rescuers of WWII  by Elise Baker

Women rescuers of WWII

Elise Baker

"What bright secrets transpired during the world's darkest hours? Light shone in an era marked by tyranny and mass destruction. Kindness resurfaced when the lines between friends and foes were blurred. Hope prevailed when staying hidden and quiet was a...

My own country  by Abraham Verghese

My own country

Abraham Verghese

The rising down  by Alexandra Harris

The rising down

Alexandra Harris

"A luminous feat of time travel chronicling lives in a Sussex landscape from the prize-winning author of Romantic Moderns and Weatherland. An ancient church sheltering a medieval anchorite who chose to be buried alive.The country estate parading a menagerie of...

Black Duck  by Bruce Pascoe

Black Duck

Bruce Pascoe

"When Dark Emu was adopted by Australia like a new anthem, Bruce found himself at the centre of a national debate that often focussed on the wrong part of the story. But through all the noise came Black Duck Foods, a blueprint for traditional food growing and...

Model minority gone rogue  by Qin Qin

Model minority gone rogue

Qin Qin

"We all grow up with rules. Do this, be this, don't be that. Qin Qin was all about the rules: do your homework, be good, don't rock the boat. She was the model daughter, model student and model minority.But doing everything right? It made her lost and...

The rebel's clinic  by Adam Shatz

The rebel's clinic

Adam Shatz

"Frantz Fanon was born in Martinique, a French colony, in 1925. As a young man, he volunteered to fight in de Gaulle's army for the liberation of France, and trained to become a doctor and psychiatrist. His experiences as a black man under French colonial rule...

Bristol Beaufighter  by Graham Pitchfork

Bristol Beaufighter

Graham Pitchfork

"The rugged Bristol Beaufighter can truly be described as a 'multi-role aircraft'. Operating as a heavily armed fighter, an anti-shipping strike aircraft, a torpedo bomber and a long-range intruder, it flew in every theatre of operations. It was the RAF's...

There is no blue  by Martha Baillie

There is no blue

Martha Baillie

"Martha Baillie's richly layered response to her mother's passing, her father's life, and her sister's suicide is an exploration of how the body, the rooms we inhabit, and our languages offer the psyche a home, if only for a time. Three essays, three deaths....

What's that lady doing?  by Lou Sanders

What's that lady doing?

Lou Sanders

"Exploring everything from sex to clothes, WHAT IS THAT LADY DOING? is a painfully funny look at what happens when we work through our issues and come out the other side, able to live, laugh and yes, actually, love"--Publisher's description.

Shakar  by Shakardokht Jafari


Shakardokht Jafari

"Born in rural Afghanistan, Shakardokht Jafari became a refugee aged just six, after a harrowing half-year trek to Iran. There, at twelve, she discovered she had been promised in marriage at birth to an older cousin. Resisting no fewer than three arranged...

NoseDive  by Sam Dennis


Sam Dennis

""Life is excruciatingly short. We are here for what seems like the click of a finger, and when we go, we're gone forever." Something that Sam Dennis has come to realise first-hand. Growing up in multiple countries and cultures, the world was Dennis' oyster....

Our fight  by Ronda Rousey

Our fight

Ronda Rousey

"An inspirational story of resilience and recovery from UFC and WWE legend, Ronda Rousey, an unfiltered and entertaining chronicle of her last decade, tackling not only UFC and WWE but also parenthood, overcoming adversity, and finding meaning in life's...

This is where you have to go  by Lynda Holden

This is where you have to go

Lynda Holden

"150,000 adoptions took place in Australia between 1950 and 1975. It is estimated that one in 15 was forced. Proud Dunghutti woman, lawyer, human rights advocate and former midwife Lynda Holden tells her own heartbreaking story and of her fight for justice. In...

The women of NOW  by Katherine Turk

The women of NOW

Katherine Turk

"The history of NOW-its organization, trials, and revolutionary mission-told through the work of three members. In the summer of 1966, crammed into a D.C. hotel suite, twenty-eight women devised a revolutionary plan. Betty Friedan, the well-known author of The...

Astor  by Anderson Cooper


Anderson Cooper

"The story of the Astors is an extraordinary but true tale of ambition, invention, destruction, and reinvention -- and of cunning, determination, hard work, hubris, infighting, and greed. One of the wealthiest men to have ever lived, John Jacob Astor first...

Portrait of a war artist  by John Gillies

Portrait of a war artist

John Gillies

"In this captivating and beautifully illustrated memoir, John Gillies vividly recalls his months as a member of the Otago University Medical Company on an active service tour of duty in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Still a medical student at the time,...

Knowing my place  by Peter J. Cullinane

Knowing my place

Peter J. Cullinane

The riddles of the sphinx  by Anna Shechtman

The riddles of the sphinx

Anna Shechtman

"Combining the soul-baring confessional of Brain on Fire and the addictive storytelling of The Queen's Gambit, a renowned puzzle creator's compulsively readable memoir and history of the crossword puzzle as an unexpected site of women's work and feminist...

The Beach Boys by the Beach Boys  by Brian Wilson

The Beach Boys by the Beach Boys

Brian Wilson

"Here, for the first time in print, is the history of The Beach Boys, by The Beach Boys. Their only official book, The Beach Boys by The Beach Boys is the ultimate chronicle of one of the world's greatest bands. Through their unique sound, complex harmonies,...

The Blues Brothers  by Daniel De Visé

The Blues Brothers

Daniel De Visé

"The Blues Brothers hit theatres on June 20, 1980. Their scripted mission was to save a local Chicago orphanage; but Aykroyd, who conceived and wrote much of the film, had a greater mission: to honour the then-seemingly forgotten tradition of rhythm and blues,...

Agent Cicero  by Mark (Writer on naval Simmons

Agent Cicero

Mark (Writer on naval Simmons

"This is the story of the most successful German spy of World War II, the Albanian Elyesa Bazna - an untrained opportunist. Bazna worked as a valet to the British ambassador to Turkey in Ankara. He photographed 'Top Secret' material, which he sold for vast...

The spiritual adventure of Henri Matisse  by Charles Miller

The spiritual adventure of Henri Matisse

Charles Miller

"Henri Matisse described the Chapel of the Rosary, the chief labour of his final years, as the 'gathering together' of his lifetime's work. Although widely known as 'Matisse's Chapel', the building's remarkable 'modern' design and decoration emerged from a...

The Carry On girls  by Gemma Ross

The Carry On girls

Gemma Ross

"Whether it is the seaside postcard bubbly blondes of Barbara Windsor, the hysterically historical leading ladies of Joan Sims, the coquettish authoritarians of Hattie Jacques, or the statuesque confidence of Valerie Leon, the Carry On girls are stoic, sexy...

Women mean business  by Edie Fraser

Women mean business

Edie Fraser

"Internationally known businesswoman and philanthropist Edie Fraser joins efforts with coauthors New York Times bestselling author and veteran media personality Robyn Freedman Spizman and corporate anthropologist and award-winning author Andi Simon, PhD, to...

Born to be a footballer  by Liam Brady

Born to be a footballer

Liam Brady

"After being expelled from school for playing football for his country, fifteen-year-old Liam Brady travelled to London to join Arsenal, and soon became an indispensable part of their glorious 1970s team. Rightly considered one of the Republic of Ireland's...

Called by the wild  by Conraad de Rosner

Called by the wild

Conraad de Rosner

"The thrilling story of a pioneering conservationist working with dogs to protect wildlife from poachers. Conraad de Rosner is a pioneering game ranger, working with dogs to protect wildlife against poachers – both 'bushmeat' poachers, who use cruel snares to...

Unspoken  by Liz Harvie


Liz Harvie

"“I was two when the woman I called Mummy told me, 'You came out of another mummy's tummy.' I grew up thinking that my birth mother didn't want me. I assumed there must've been something inherently wrong with me – why else would a mother give up her baby?” In...

Society of the snow  by Pablo Vierci

Society of the snow

Pablo Vierci

" It was 13 October 1972. Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, carrying a team of young rugby players, their families and friends, took off for the very last time. A deadly miscalculation saw F571 crash directly into the Andean mountains to devastating...

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