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Mending life  by Sonya Montenegro

Mending life

Sonya Montenegro

"Mending Life is a beautifully illustrated, practical tool kit for repairing the clothes and belongings we love. It is also an exploration of how mending can be a gently healing practice in our daily lives and a small act of rebellion in a world where many...

Succulents for your home and garden  by Gideon Smith

Succulents for your home and garden

Gideon Smith

"Part gardening book and part craft book, this complete guide will not only show you basic growing techniques for nearly 200 succulent varieties, but it will also show you how to make high-quality succulent crafts too! Succulents for Your Home and Garden...

Harry Potter herbology magic  by Jim Charlier

Harry Potter herbology magic

Jim Charlier

"Bring Herbology into your garden with this magical book inspired by the Harry Potter films. Packed with gardening tips, wizarding-world inspired terrariums, and enchanting uses for a wide range of plants, Harry Potter: Herbology Magic is an indispensable...

Seed to table  by Luay Ghafari

Seed to table

Luay Ghafari

"Seed to Table focuses on how to feed your family with nutritious foods from your own outdoor, home and/or kitchen garden. Whether you live in a city or in the country, this book gives you tools on effective growing techniques, seed starting methods, and...

Why don't I have anything to wear?  by Andrea Cheong

Why don't I have anything to wear?

Andrea Cheong

"Why Don't I Have Anything to Wear? will help you unlearn the habits that fast fashion and social media have instilled in us to encourage quick and mindless consumptions, and support you to create a wardrobe that works best for you. Have you ever opened your...

My life in design  by Gauri Khan

My life in design

Gauri Khan

"Gauri Khan strikes the perfect balance between her sense of design and personality, and factors in the clients' brief while transforming a space into something that the user can truly call their own. She uses her quiet, elegant style and...

Lavender farming  by Nicholas Miller

Lavender farming

Nicholas Miller

"This book gives you all the information you need to know to successfully grow lavender, including how to avoid the number one mistake people make that kills their new plants! You will learn all about the different varieties of lavender and find out which ones...

Home beautiful Hamptons homes. Volume 1

Home beautiful Hamptons homes. Volume 1

"Australia's love affair with East Coast American architecture and interiors is one that inspires us to reinterpret the style in our own way, whether we live by the coast, near the city or in the country. In Home Beautiful's first book, Hamptons Homes, we take...

Where the hearth is  by Kate Humble

Where the hearth is

Kate Humble

"Kate Humble has a knack for sharing her own journey towards a more pleasing and purposeful life in a way that inspires readers, enables them to reassess their own lives and helps them achieve their personal goals. Having encouraged readers to reconnect with...

Why we need to be wild  by Jessica Carew Kraft

Why we need to be wild

Jessica Carew Kraft

"A writer and mom with decades of experience working in Silicon Valley, Jessica Carew Kraft grew fed up with her life filled with digital screens and deep anxieties about the future of humanity and nature. She quit her job and set out to learn about...

Uprooting  by Marchelle Farrell


Marchelle Farrell

"What is home? It's a question that has troubled Marchelle Farrell for her entire life. A longed-for career in psychiatry saw her leave behind the pristine beaches and emerald hills of Trinidad. Until, disillusioned, she uprooted again, this time for the...

Scandi style  by Claire Bingham

Scandi style

Claire Bingham

"From hygge to lagom, Scandi Style presents the typical Nordic balancing act between welcoming coziness and inspiring modern style, with the tone set by natural materials such as wood, and ceramics, along with clean lines. This book is filled with...

Colors  by Claire Bingham


Claire Bingham

"A compact size, yet a vast treasure trove of ideas-these two books continue the still relatively new Home Inspiration by teNeues series. Interior design fans will once again delight in fantastic interiors or be inspired to give their own homes a makeover....

The dish  by Andrew Friedman

The dish

Andrew Friedman

"Acclaimed "chef writer" Andrew Friedman introduces readers to all the people and processes that come together in a single restaurant dish, creating an entertaining, vivid snapshot of the contemporary restaurant community, modern farming industry, and...

Shrubs for gardens, agroforestry and permaculture  by Martin Crawford

Shrubs for gardens, agroforestry and permaculture

Martin Crawford

"A range of useful shrubs for different niches, sites, and functions--in gardens and on homesteads and farms. World-renowned expert Martin Crawford covers common fruit bushes like currants and gooseberries, and includes many other less-known shrubs with edible...

The seasoned gardener  by Liz Zorab

The seasoned gardener

Liz Zorab

"From Liz Zorab, Winner of the Garden Media Guild Award Vlog of the Year 2022. Dig deeper into the processes of growing your own organic food with Liz Zorab, self-sufficiency practitioner. In this personal gardening journey, she explores seasonal harvests and...

Extraordinary collections  by Marin Montagut

Extraordinary collections

Marin Montagut

"French artist, designer, and talented antique hunter Marin Montagut celebrates the joy of collecting everything from textiles to barware to architectural details, taking readers inside a dozen private homes, flea markets, and unusual ateliers to discover the...

Farrow & Ball®  by Joa Studholme

Farrow & Ball®

Joa Studholme

"Following in the footsteps of the bestselling How to Decorate, Joa Studholme and the Farrow & Ball creative team are back with How to Redecorate – for the way we live now in a world full of colour. Packed with stylish and easy-to-follow decorating advice, How...

Sew sustainable

Sew sustainable

"Waste is a global problem and barrier to ecological sustainability. You can be part of the solution by reducing or eliminating waste from your everyday life. Sew Sustainable has more than 22 practical projects to use and reuse! Make furoshiki wraps (reusable...

Mountain house  by Nina Freudenberger

Mountain house

Nina Freudenberger

"A stunning photographic collection of mountain houses around the world that incorporate the surrounding ranges and vistas into their designs, from the author of Surf Shack and Bibliostyle. From Morocco to Patagonia, and Brazil to New Hampshire, interior...

Houseplants for beginners  by Lisa Eldred Steinkopf

Houseplants for beginners

Lisa Eldred Steinkopf

"Houseplants for Beginners is a comprehensive guide to becoming a confident houseplant parent, from what plants to choose to how to make them thrive. Choose the right houseplants for your space and then help them thrive with Houseplants for Beginners at your...

The container victory garden  by Maggie Stuckey

The container victory garden

Maggie Stuckey

"Even if all you have is a balcony, patio, or front stoop, you can grow and cultivate a fresh bounty of vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers to enjoy in every season. Stuckey pairs the spirit of the Victory Gardens of the 1940s to today's container gardens....

The garden maker's book of wonder  by Allison Vallin Kostovick

The garden maker's book of wonder

Allison Vallin Kostovick

"The joy and wonder of a garden-inspired lifestyle is captured in this colorfully photographed, through-the-seasons sourcebook filled with recipes, gardening wisdom, craft and wellness projects, and nature-based activities. Each season in the garden brings new...

The therapy crouch  by Peter Crouch

The therapy crouch

Peter Crouch

"From the moment you swipe right or lock eyes across a crowded bar, you step onto a rollercoaster ride of dating, first kisses and romantic weekends away. Then before you know it, you're meeting the in-laws, moving in together and walking down the aisle. It's...

Old house handbook  by Roger Hunt

Old house handbook

Roger Hunt

"This fully revised and updated book is the authoritative guide on how to look after your old house – whether it is a timber-framed medieval cottage, an eighteenth-century town house or a Victorian or Edwardian terrace. Written in association with The Society...

Growing beans  by Susan Young

Growing beans

Susan Young

"Growing your own beans builds healthy soil in your garden and provides you with a nutrient rich diet. Beans can play a role in reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer; they are good sources of protein, fiber, folate, iron and...

The 30-minute gardener  by Greg Loades

The 30-minute gardener

Greg Loades

"There are lots of aspiring gardeners out there. But a large number of them-especially younger ones, with demanding jobs, growing families, and limited space-either don't have the time to garden traditionally, or are scared off from the very notion and have no...

Made to measure  by Elisalex Jewell

Made to measure

Elisalex Jewell

"You no longer need to feel confined by the boundaries of a sewing pattern in order to make clothes that fit beautifully and represent your style in a way that store-bought clothes never can. Designer and founder of popular pattern brand By Hand London...

Rose Uniacke at work  by Rose Uniacke

Rose Uniacke at work

Rose Uniacke

"An unprecedented level of craft is the key signature of Uniacke’s design ethos, on display in this much-anticipated monograph of notable homes she has created. In-demand London-based interiors and furniture designer Rose Uniacke beautifully showcases the...

A complete guide to straw bale building  by Rikki Nitzkin

A complete guide to straw bale building

Rikki Nitzkin

"A soup-to-nuts guide to straw bale construction, written by the founders of the Spanish Straw Bale Network Straw bale buildings are warm in winter and cool in summer. The natural materials used create beautiful healthy homes that also have a low environmental...

Livable luxe  by Brigette Romanek

Livable luxe

Brigette Romanek

"Brigette Romanek is one of the most sought-after interior designers working today, and her high-profile client and partner list is extensive, from celebrities like Demi Moore, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and Christian Bale, to brands like Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams,...

The deVOL kitchen  by Paul (Director of deVOL Kitchens) O'Leary

The deVOL kitchen

Paul (Director of deVOL Kitchens) O...

"A stunningly photographed guide to designing and styling the most used and important room in the home, The deVOL Kitchen showcases the fundamentals of the brand's iconic values, design principles, and now widely recognized kitchen styling, as seen in their TV...

Romantic Irish homes  by Robert O'Byrne

Romantic Irish homes

Robert O'Byrne

"Quixotic, often whimsical and definitely quirky, they provide a sanctuary from the Irish climate, which can be cold and damp. No wonder, therefore, that over the centuries Ireland's domestic architecture and interior design have developed a distinctive...

A home for every season  by Steffy Degreff

A home for every season

Steffy Degreff

"Celebrate each season with styling inspiration and simple DIY projects for a festive and cozy home every month of the year. Join Steffy Degreff as she invites you on a year-long tour of her thoughtfully designed living spaces-an A-frame cabin in the Catskill...

House cat  by Paul Barbera

House cat

Paul Barbera

"Cats can be divas or devoted friends. Cats can be homebodies or intrepid explorers. Cats can love or loathe their canine counterparts. But one thing they all share is a natural affinity for a comfortable home filled with sunshine, art and books. House Cat...

A year in the French style  by Jean Baptiste Martin

A year in the French style

Jean Baptiste Martin

"The founders of Antoinette Poisson take readers inside their historic townhouse on the Atlantic coast to discover a style and art of entertaining rooted in French tradition and elegance. Maison Lescop in Port-Louis, Brittany-the historic residence of an...

Thrift your life  by Heidi Ondrak

Thrift your life

Heidi Ondrak

"Full of hacks and hustles to navigate those sudden changes in fortune that none of us could have predicted. This is a no-nonsense guide on how to change your habits to weather the storm"--Publisher's description.

The glow up  by Paula Joye

The glow up

Paula Joye

"Six simple steps to the best skin of your life. Do pores really open and close? Is eye cream necessary? Should you be rubbing snail slime all over your face? Award-winning journalist Paula Joye is sharing her secrets, so that you too can achieve the inner and...

Slow seasons  by Rosie Steer

Slow seasons

Rosie Steer

"In her late-twenties, feeling utterly overwhelmed by the pace of modern city life, Rosie Steer found solace in the traditions she had been brought up with, influenced by her Scottish roots, that celebrated nature and observed the small steady shifts in the...

Style chapters  by Erica Davies

Style chapters

Erica Davies

"Erica Davies knows that clothes can make you feel your best, but what happens when life throws your style off course? In Style Chapters, Erica reveals how to dress the changing you - from creating wardrobe building blocks to dressing for a changing body, from...

Chefs' kitchens  by Stephen Crafti

Chefs' kitchens

Stephen Crafti

"Great food culture starts at home - especially when it's from the chef's home kitchen and garden! Be inspired by this unique and visually stunning book, which takes a behind-the-scenes look into the home kitchens (and gardens) of twenty-two of Australia's...

The new classic home  by Paloma Contreras

The new classic home

Paloma Contreras

"How do you design a space that successfully mixes traditional and modern elements? In New Classic Home, Designer Paloma Contreras demonstrates how to successfully pair seemingly disparate pieces to create harmonious, timeless, and balanced interiors....

Sew your own Scandi wardrobe  by Oda Stormoen

Sew your own Scandi wardrobe

Oda Stormoen

"The best garments in your closet are ones you want to wear over and over again. Clothing should make you feel comfortable and confident and reflects who you are as a person. Sew Your Own Scandi Wardrobewill show you how you can sew your own capsule closet...

Star style  by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Star style

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

"Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the designer to the stars, takes you inside celebrity homes in this new collection of sensational, eclectic interiors, with a foreword by Cher. Martyn Lawrence Bullard's broad-ranging, sophisticated yet eclectic style is sought the...

Old brand new  by 1983- author. Dabito

Old brand new

1983- author. Dabito

"A deeply personal and compassionate look at home ownership and rentership through more than 50 rooms designed by interior designer, photographer, and Instagram star Dabito. Designer, photographer, artist, blogger, and passionate vintage hunter Dabito is...

Synchronicity  by Kelly Wearstler


Kelly Wearstler

"Kelly Wearstler, one of the most irreverent and successful designers working today, continues to push boundaries with her inventive and opulent residential and commercial interiors. Celebrated for pioneering and provocative interiors that guide global trends,...

Complete trees and shrubs for the garden  by Duncan Coombs

Complete trees and shrubs for the garden

Duncan Coombs

"Featuring over 1,000 different trees and shrubs. A common problem that confronts today's gardener, garden designer or horticulturalist is a lack of growing space. But in recent years, plant breeders and nursery owners have recognised this and there is now an...

Growing an edible landscape  by Gary Pilarchik

Growing an edible landscape

Gary Pilarchik

"Convert your unproductive lawn and landscape areas into fruitful edible gardens with this practical guide overflowing with ideas, plans, designs, and know-how.Out with the lawn and in with the food! Thats the battle cry of millions of modern gardeners who are...

The cottage garden  by Claus Dalby

The cottage garden

Claus Dalby

"Through over 700 exquisite photographs and evocative text written by Danish gardening celebrity Claus Dalby, explore the history and development of the beloved cottage garden design style. In the pages of The Cottage Garden, you’ll first draw inspiration from...

House plant  by Fran Bailey

House plant

Fran Bailey

"Take your house plant collection to the next level with Houseplant. Discover the best varieties to suit your home from more than 330 profiles on every kind of houseplant you can imagine, from succulents and cacti to orchids, bromeliads, and even carnivorous...

The new naturals  by Jennifer (Interior stylist) Haslam

The new naturals

Jennifer (Interior stylist) Haslam

"The properties showcased include: renovated Victorian homes in leafy Highgate; Italian summer houses; New York retreats and Australian new builds. Their owners and designers are the likes of Louisa Grey (House of Grey), Jonathan Tuckey, Jack Harries and Alice...

The super bloom handbook  by Jac Semmler

The super bloom handbook

Jac Semmler

"Everyone needs flowers in their life. This is an easy guide to growing your own. Here are forty of the most beautiful and easiest flowers to grow for any space, for any budget, for tricky climates. From bearded irises and roses to pelargoniums and zinnias,...

Iconic home  by June Reese

Iconic home

June Reese

"In 2010, Black Interior Designers, Inc. (BID) began to unite, connect, and promote Black designers, bringing their projects into the spotlight. Author Ashley June Reese lends her thoughtful eye and powerful writing to the project, weaving together inspiring...

City country coast

City country coast

"Quintessential interiors, lifestyle and recipes from Soho House, the world's leading members club. Following the bestselling Eat, Drink, Nap and Morning, Noon, Night comes the eagerly-awaited third book from Soho House. City- Hong Kong, Paris, Downtown LA,...

Vegetable gardener's bible  by Melanie J. Davis

Vegetable gardener's bible

Melanie J. Davis

"The all-in-one gardening solution you've been waiting for - 5 books in 1 to grow fresh, organic veggies in any space and every season. Tired of wasting money on store-bought veggies that lack flavor and nutrients? Struggling to find the best gardening...

Artists at home by Susie Hodge

Artists at home

Susie Hodge

"Take a look inside the homes of some of your favourite artists and explore how each one reflected their spirit and creativity. From William Morris and Pablo Picasso to Georgia OKeeffe and Frida Kahlo, Artists at Home showcases the quiet retreats, creative...

Design mixology  by Chase Reynolds Ewald

Design mixology

Chase Reynolds Ewald

"Inspired by designers who break away from the pack, Tineke Triggs is known for creating soulful, artistic and imaginative interiors. By mastering both the art and science of design, her work gives rise to a distinct form of design mixology-each home as...

Good life growing  by Hannah Moloney

Good life growing

Hannah Moloney

"Good Life Growing provides the inspiration and know-how to grow your own fruit and veg in any Australian climate. This bountiful guide from Gardening Australia presenter Hannah Moloney is packed with practical solutions for all conditions and every gardener....

Old brand new  by 1983- author. Dabito

Old brand new

1983- author. Dabito

"A deeply personal and compassionate look at home ownership and rentership through more than 50 rooms designed by interior designer, photographer, and Instagram star Dabito. Designer, photographer, artist, blogger, and passionate vintage hunter Dabito is...

Timeless by design  by Nina Farmer

Timeless by design

Nina Farmer

"Designer Nina Farmer has made a name for herself with her classically beautiful interiors. From reimagining century-old homes to more modern dwellings, Farmer has a way of creating looks that celebrate the past and simultaneously live squarely-and...

Summers in France  by Caroline Clifton-Mogg

Summers in France

Caroline Clifton-Mogg

"Think of summers in France and what comes to mind? Hot sunlight on a stone-flagged terrace. Bees buzzing amidst a sea of lavender. Wandering through a local market and filling a basket with bread, cheese and ripe peaches. Sipping wine as dusk falls, then...

The Home Edit stay organized  by Clea Shearer

The Home Edit stay organized

Clea Shearer

"The much-anticipated new book from the stars of Netflix's hit series, The Home Edit, answer their most commonly asked question: how to stay organized after getting organized?[Bokinfo]"--Publisher's description.

The home edit  by Clea Shearer

The home edit

Clea Shearer

"It's one thing to get organized, but how do you make those systems stick? The Home Edit Stay Organized takes the intimidation and hesitation out of the maintenance involved to prevent you from abandoning your once-tidied systems or maybe help you to get...

Planting a paradise  by Arthur Parkinson

Planting a paradise

Arthur Parkinson

"An inspirational companion to The Flower Yard, a Sunday Times bestseller, arranged seasonally, with tips, hints and advice on growing flamboyant flowers sustainably in containers. Every garden, large or small, in a town or in the country, even one formed...

Secret gardens of Aotearoa  by Jane (Author of Secret gardens of Aotearoa) Mahoney

Secret gardens of Aotearoa

Jane (Author of Secret gardens of Aotearoa)...

"From a hidden suburban food forest to a flower farm to an organic vegetable patch to a large station garden, each is described in detail, along with their owners' challenges and delights. The gardens have been selected for their diversity in style and for the...

The biodiversity gardener  by Paul Sterry

The biodiversity gardener

Paul Sterry

"Over the past decade, wildlife author and photographer Paul Sterry has nurtured, both through action and by doing nothing, what has become a small island of flourishing biodiversity in the half-acre garden that surrounds his north Hampshire cottage. By giving...

London Living  by Simon Upton

London Living

Simon Upton

"A unique look into the homes of London-based interior designers, antique dealers, musicians, and influencers, revealed by leading interior design photographer Simon Upton Following the success of his first book, New York Interiors, Simon Upton turns to...

Sewing the curve  by Jenny Rushmore

Sewing the curve

Jenny Rushmore

"When you're curvy or plus size, it can be hard finding clothes that fit well and express your personality – but learning to sew can also be intimidating, especially if you're not in the size range of most beginner sewing patterns. In Sewing the Curve, Jenny...

Blue and white done right  by Hudson Moore

Blue and white done right

Hudson Moore

"The legendary Schumacher design house presents an inspiring interiors survey exploring the versatile and transformative use of blue and white. Divided by style (charming, modern, boho, traditional, etc.), Schumacher will take you on a tour of the best of blue...

The design of retreat  by Laura May Todd

The design of retreat

Laura May Todd

"The Design of Retreat explores different types of outdoor retreats designed by and owned by leading names in the interior design world. From contemporary cabins, modern cottages and minimal vacation homes to sumptuously decorated summer villas with a flair...

Sew for yourself  by Ingrid Bergtun

Sew for yourself

Ingrid Bergtun

"Sew for Yourself: 50 Great Garments from Recycled Fabric, Using 5 Basic Patterns. With this guide, anyone can sew their own clothes--and by using fabric recycled from your old clothes, you can feel good about your fashion statements! Dive into your closet of...

Small-scale homesteading  by Stephanie Thurow

Small-scale homesteading

Stephanie Thurow

"With over thirty-five years of combined experience, homesteaders Stephanie Thurow and Michelle Bruhn have taught thousands of people across the globe how to garden, preserve food, tend backyard chickens, cook from scratch, and care for their families with...

HBR guide to designing your retirement.

HBR guide to designing your retirement.

"When what you do is inextricably tied to who you are for so much of your life, it can be daunting to think of who you'll be if you slow down-or stop working entirely. You've charted your own career journey, made difficult choices, led teams through times of...

Wilderness shelters and how to build them  by Bradford Angier

Wilderness shelters and how to build them

Bradford Angier

"You don't have to be Paul Bunyan to build a wilderness home. In fact, you don't even need an ax, and nails are not an absolute necessity. What you'll need is Wilderness Shelters & How to Build Them, the definitive guide to building log cabins, camping...

On display  by Geraldine James

On display

Geraldine James

"Use your shelves to display your favourite finds and create evolving works of art with inspirational ideas from expert stylist and keen collector Geraldine James. Find out how you can use what you already have in a stylish and unexpected way to revitalise a...

Happy indoor garden  by Miranda Janatka

Happy indoor garden

Miranda Janatka

"Indoor plants have never been so important as we realize the power of their presence in making us feel calmer, more connected to nature, and nurturing. But dying plants around the house are negatives you could do without, and this unique guide from an indoor...

Designing rooms with joie de vivre  by Amanda Reynal

Designing rooms with joie de vivre

Amanda Reynal

"Beloved for her fresh designs, Amanda Reynal is as popular as she is unique. Her down-to-earth clients are passionate about making their homes stylish, but they also want interiors that favor comfort over formality and the furniture's provenance. Reynal's...

Wild isle style  by Banjo Beale

Wild isle style

Banjo Beale

"In Wild Isle Style, Banjo encourages people to give design a go and create their own signature style. No matter your look, from budget bougie to boho, nouveau or deco, this book will uncover universal ideas that you can easily implement into your home...

Fearless  by Trinny Woodall


Trinny Woodall

"This manual includes all the advice you might expect. Whether you need help with how to dress, defining your style, finding out the colours that suit you or understanding the right beauty routine for the skin you have now, FEARLESS contains it all. With...

Right at home  by Bobby Berk

Right at home

Bobby Berk

"Queer Eye's design expert presents an interior design guide that emphasizes self-care to help you find your own taste so you can optimize the function of every room and feel happier at home. The way your home makes you feel is one of the most important (and...

Jo McCarroll's vege patch from scratch  by Jo McCarroll

Jo McCarroll's vege patch from scratch

Jo McCarroll

"Enjoy a successful harvest with this stress-free approach to creating a vege patch from scratch. Whether you're new to gardening, wanting to save a bit of money or to grow some fresh healthy food, this book offers easy-to-follow steps for starting and...

House plant  by Fran Bailey

House plant

Fran Bailey

"Discover over 330 house plant varieties, and make the most of them with care advice, design inspiration, and step-by-step projects. Turn your living space into an indoor oasis with the RHS's definitive guide to more than 330 house plant varieties. Take your...



"This unique visual collection celebrates the very best contemporary Maximalist interior design as well as making the connection to a much longer historical tradition of excess. Maximalism is a style that has been with us, in one guise or another, for example...

Property with She's on the Money  by Victoria Devine

Property with She's on the Money

Victoria Devine

"Smash your property goals with Victoria Devine's informative guide whether you're getting your first foot on the ladder, hunting for your dream home or planning for an investment property Even with the challenges involved (interest rates and crazy-high house...

The story of your home  by Courtney Warren

The story of your home

Courtney Warren

"Your home is where you make memories, build relationships, and find sanctuary, so it should tell your story. Full of practical action items and bursting with unique and inspiring photos, The Story of Your Home is your guide to creating a space that reflects...

The Kew gardener's guide to growing perennials  by Richard Wilford

The Kew gardener's guide to growing perennials

Richard Wilford

"Perennials are amongst the most widely used garden staples. They are the largest group of garden plants and offer magnificent diversity for every location from sun to shade. This guide is a perfect mix of practical and giftable gardening reference for the...

Iconic kiwi pubs  by G. A. (George Anthony) Lockyer

Iconic kiwi pubs

G. A. (George Anthony) Lockyer

"If you really want to know what makes a town tick, look no further than the local pub.To create this tribute to that integral part of our culture - the Kiwi pub - George Lockyer has travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand visiting the country's public...

Organized living  by Shira Gill

Organized living

Shira Gill

"Get inspired to level up your home organization with tips, Q&As, and photos of the living spaces of twenty-five international home organizers, from the author of Minimalista. Whenever people learn that Shira Gill is a professional home organizer, they always...

An almost impossible thing  by Fiona Davison

An almost impossible thing

Fiona Davison

"While working at the Royal Horticultural Society, Fiona Davison came across a cache of letters from a young gardener who was denied a scholarship by the RHS, on the grounds that she was female. Appalled, and intrigued to find out what became of Olive, Fiona...

The poetry of spaces  by Sarah Andrews

The poetry of spaces

Sarah Andrews

"Beginning with the five foundational themes of: light, life, instrument, material and sense, Sarah explores the inspiration behind these lessons before sharing some impeccable examples of their use in homes across the world. The following 'Places' and 'Rooms'...

The Kew gardener's guide to growing shrubs  by Valerie Boujard

The Kew gardener's guide to growing shrubs

Valerie Boujard

"Shrubs are the perfect plant - they are low-maintenance, there is a variety for nearly every need and they are widely available. This guide is a perfect mix of practical and giftable gardening reference for the entry level enthusiast who wants to find out...

White & faded  by Janet Parrella-Van Den Berg

White & faded

Janet Parrella-Van Den Berg

"Parella-Van Den Berg shares creative design ideas while also taking us through her life story. From find the right perspective to survey your room while redecorating, to maintaining a balance between well-loved, shabby pieces and "perfect" pieces, she helps...

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