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Home, garden and DIY

Houseplant hookups  by Agatha Isabel

Houseplant hookups

Agatha Isabel

"Taking its cues from the wonderful world of online dating, Houseplant Hookups explores the pros and cons of cohabitating with different houseplants. Humorous and helpful profiles of 35 of the most common houseplants, including the ZZ Plant, Golden Pothos, and...

The green gardening handbook  by Nancy Birtwhistle

The green gardening handbook

Nancy Birtwhistle

"Going green in the garden has been easier with Nancy's sustainable, eco-friendly tips that will help you make the most of your space, and what it can grow. Whether you have a sprawling garden, a modest patch of grass or just a spare windowsill, this handbook...

The hidden histories of flowers  by Maddie Bailey

The hidden histories of flowers

Maddie Bailey

"From the symbolism and meaning behind flowers and how these have evolved over time, to how humans interact with flowers based on cultural and geographical differences, and how flowers have been coveted for their medicinal aspects as well as for their visual...

The Maine house  by Maura McEvoy

The Maine house

Maura McEvoy

"Spend any amount of time in Maine - a weekend, a summer, a lifetime - and its impression lasts forever When The Maine House was initially published, the reception was astonishing. Over multiple printings and across the world, the book sounded a rallying cry,...

Beautifully casual home  by Judith Wilson

Beautifully casual home

Judith Wilson

"There's a universal appeal to a home where we can kick back and chill out, an interior where the emphasis is on cozy, casual comfort, yet with all the essentials at hand. In the first section of this book, Casual Style, interiors expert Judith Wilson maps out...

Organized living  by Shira Gill

Organized living

Shira Gill

"Get inspired to level up your home organization with tips, Q&As, and photos of the living spaces of twenty-five international home organizers, from the author of Minimalista. Whenever people learn that Shira Gill is a professional home organizer, they always...

Whole house budget-friendly DIY.

Whole house budget-friendly DIY.

"This illustrated guide contains step-by-step guidance from the page of Family Handyman magazine on how to affordably complete home upgrades contains over 320 tips to help update your kitchen, bathroom, garage, yard and more"--Publisher's description.

My favorite plant

My favorite plant

"The passion for gardening and the passion for words come together in this inspired anthology, a collection of essays and poems on topics as diverse as beans and roses, by writers who garden and gardeners who write"--Publisher's description.

Mini makes : sewing patterns to make for kids aged 0-12 years  by Tilly Walnes

Mini makes : sewing patterns to make for kids aged 0-12 years

Tilly Walnes

"The book includes six sewing patterns for kids aged 0 to 12 years, plus multiple variations totalling 24 projects. Cute, comfortable and practical, these are the kinds of clothes children will want to wear every day – and have crucially passed the playground...

Organize your life  by Kelsey Mulvey

Organize your life

Kelsey Mulvey

"Decluttering your home has never been easier with this step-by-step action plan. Plus, hundreds of genius tricks help you create a calm and tidy life. Often the hardest part of organizing is getting started. This attractive book from the experts at Good...

Insights to kitchen design  by James R. A. Herriot

Insights to kitchen design

James R. A. Herriot

"Drawing from his four decades of experience as a design-led kitchen specialist, James Herriot offers a unique insight to a fascinating profession. "Insights to Kitchen Design" is aimed not only at industry colleagues, but anyone embarking on the creation of...

Eco materials

Eco materials

"The newly launched interior design series "Home Inspiration by teNeues" will continue with two new titles this Fall/Winter. One of those is Eco Materials. It is no secret that a trip outdoors can work wonders for our well-being. We instantly feel more relaxed...

Veere Grenney  by Veere Grenney

Veere Grenney

Veere Grenney

"Revered English fabric and interior designer Veere Grenney welcomes us into his three spectacular homes. World-renowned interior visionary Veere Grenney takes us on an in-depth tour of his impressive residences in Tangier, Suffolk, England, and, for the first...

Organic vegetable gardening  by Xanthe White

Organic vegetable gardening

Xanthe White

"The bestselling, expert guide to growing your own vegetables organically. In this classic bestseller, expert landscape designer Xanthe White takes readers by the hand and walks them from backyard bombsite to productive vegetable garden in a single year....

Coastal charm  by Francesc Zamora Mola

Coastal charm

Francesc Zamora Mola

"Coastal Charm: Waterside Living is a stunning collection of architecture and interior design, showcasing some of the most beautiful coastal homes from around the world. This book captures the essence of waterside living, with inspiring examples of homes that...

The Great British Sewing Bee  by Caroline Akselson

The Great British Sewing Bee

Caroline Akselson

"The companion book to the tenth series of this flagship BBC1 show, The Great British Sewing Bee: Back to Basics, accompanies sewers at all levels on their creative journey. Back to Basics brings the magic of The Great British Sewing Bee to your home...

Essential cob construction  by Anthony Dente

Essential cob construction

Anthony Dente

"Essential Cob Construction presents both hands-on and rigorous technical information on how to build code compliant, low-embodied carbon, and fire- and earthquake-resistant buildings from cob--a mix of clay, sand and straw. The definitive cob guide for...

The romantic home  by Fifi O'Neill

The romantic home

Fifi O'Neill

"Today's romantic interiors come in many different forms, but all share a passion for beauty. Romantic rooms are filled with treasures that honour the past and defined by graceful furnishings, subtle hues, and evocative items. It's a style that easily mixes...

Dare to retire free  by Kristin Sutherland

Dare to retire free

Kristin Sutherland

"Dare to Retire Free is the ultimate guide to achieving a fulfilled retirement. This book is for you if you are struggling with the transition to retirement or retirement itself. It is the definitive guide to creating a plan for this major life change. The...

Ultimate gardening

Ultimate gardening

"The editors and staff at Gardening Know How-the leading online resource and community for gardening enthusiasts-and Nancy J. Hajeski bring you a comprehensive handbook that covers every key aspect of growing flowers, bulbs, vegetables and fruits, herbs,...

Dahlias  by Ulrika Grönlund


Ulrika Grönlund

"Discover everything you need to know to grow your own dahlias. Featuring a visual directory of 222 popular varieties, Dahlias showcases the many different forms of this beautiful bloom. Learn how to plant, grow, flower and store your tubers for the next year...

Woodworking  by Alan Bridgewater


Alan Bridgewater

"Hone your carpentry skills and embark on ambitious projects with this essential guide. Discover the best tools to work with, and master key techniques, from choosing and cutting joints to finishing and furniture restoration. With more than 25 projects for...

Garden roses  by Gracielinda Poulson

Garden roses

Gracielinda Poulson

"With over 30,000 heirloom rose bushes, Grace Rose Farm is the rose destination, whether you're a florist looking for that just-so hue of rose for a high-end wedding, a customer who wants to find a one-of-a-kind bouquet to ship to their mom, one of Poulson's...

Marvelous mopheads  by Joan (Writer on wild hydrangeas) Harrison

Marvelous mopheads

Joan (Writer on wild hydrangeas) Ha...

"MARVELOUS MOPHEADS provides a comprehensive list of mophead varieties and invaluable advice about the best mopheads, including the older tried-and-true mopheads and more-recent introductions"--Publisher's description.

How not to kill your houseplant  by Veronica Peerless

How not to kill your houseplant

Veronica Peerless

"How to keep alive 119 gorgeous indoor plants, then help them bloom and thrive. You've welcomed a plant into the home: Now what? Your first job is to keep it alive, then after that help it bloom and thrive. Learn all the tips and tricks you need to become a...

The backyard homestead guide to growing organic food  by Tanya Denckla Cobb

The backyard homestead guide to growing organic food

Tanya Denckla Cobb

"The Backyard Homestead Guide to Growing Organic Food is a one-stop reference for all the key information food gardeners need to grow a healthy, bountiful garden. The book features a comprehensive companion planting guide and an in-depth review of the most...

Upcycled beauty  by Anna Brightman

Upcycled beauty

Anna Brightman

"Transform leftover coffee grounds into a body scrub, use citrus scraps to make a body oil, home fragrance or all-purpose cleaner, use too-far-gone raspberries to make a subtle lip stain, dry rose petals from your wilted bouquet to make drawer fresheners, or...

Project mushroom  by Lorraine Caley

Project mushroom

Lorraine Caley

"Mushroom growing for the new generation: demystifying mushroom cultivation one project at a time. Project Mushroom is the practical and beautiful guide to growing, displaying, cooking and identifying edible mushrooms. Mushrooms are good for us and for the...

The one day box  by Flora Soames

The one day box

Flora Soames

"An intimate look at the ethos of one of today's most exciting designers, and the people and places that have shaped her maximalist English aesthetic. British interior designer Flora Soames founded her eponymous firm in 2009 and launched an acclaimed...

Hedgelands  by Christopher Hart


Christopher Hart

"In this joyous journey around the wild edges of Britain, Christopher Hart takes us through the life, ecology and history of the humble British hedge, showing us how this much-loved (but somewhat overlooked) feature is inextricably woven into our language,...

Midcentury modern style  by Karen Nepacena

Midcentury modern style

Karen Nepacena

"It may seem daunting to design a midcentury modern-inspired home, but up-and-coming interior designer Karen Nepacena shows that by using just a few design guideposts anyone can make any room feel like a set from Mad Men or The Queen's Gambit. Showcasing...

The resilient garden and allotment handbook  by Sally Morgan

The resilient garden and allotment handbook

Sally Morgan

"Create a thriving garden or allotment that works in harmony with nature and will flourish in the face of ever-changing environmental conditions. In The Resilient Garden and Allotment Handbook, expert organic gardener Sally Morgan shares a wide range of...

The perfect home office  by An Bogaerts

The perfect home office

An Bogaerts

"Where We Work highlights the many options that come into play when designing a home office. It brings together a wealth of inspiring visuals and design ideas from home offices around the world, along with practical guidance and the latest trends. The author...

Shabby chic interiors  by Rachel Ashwell

Shabby chic interiors

Rachel Ashwell

"Romantic florals reclining against pure white linen, ruffles of muslin skirting a bed base against bleached floorboards, the deep comfort of a simple nest of fluffy towels... This is Rachel Ashwell’s signature style that for the past 20 years has been a major...

Imperfect environmentalist  by Sheila Morovati

Imperfect environmentalist

Sheila Morovati

"Imperfect Environmentalist chronicles how Sheila Morovati founded two nonprofits for reducing environmental waste and offers advice for readers on how they can have a positive impact on the environment in their own lives through small changes that add...

Houseplants & succulents  by Steven A. Frowine

Houseplants & succulents

Steven A. Frowine

"Become the best plant parent you can be...Houseplant hysteria is here to stay. For new and seasoned plant owners alike, Houseplants & Succulents For Dummies is the ideal resource on plant care, growing cycles, unique plant varieties, and all the essentials...

Sew lingerie  by Maddie Kulig

Sew lingerie

Maddie Kulig

"In Sew Lingerie, learn the foundations of DIY lingerie, swimwear, and activewear--from the history of lingerie, types of styles, and different fabrics and elastics, to determining your size and making your own garments. Transform your top drawer with...

The propagation handbook  by Hilton Carter

The propagation handbook

Hilton Carter

"Not only a plant lover, Hilton is passionate about propagation, the process of growing a brand new healthy and happy plant from part of an existing one. In this, his fifth book, Hilton talks us through the process of propagation and explains all the necessary...

DIY thrift flip  by April Yang

DIY thrift flip

April Yang

"DIY Thrift Flip teaches how to shop and sew sustainably by providing how-tos for finding, upcycling, and customizing secondhand clothing with basic sewing instructions"--Publisher's description.

The natural facelift  by Sophie Perry

The natural facelift

Sophie Perry

"Give yourself the gift of an all-natural facelift from the comfort of your own home. Using a combination of facial exercise, yoga and massage, you can achieve a brighter complexion, improve your skin tone, define your features, plump your cheeks, depuff your...

Planting wildflowers  by Jane Moore

Planting wildflowers

Jane Moore

"By gardening sustainably, you can make a considerable difference to local wildlife. Discover how to chose species and varieties that suit your growing conditions, no matter the size of your space. Planting Wildflowers is aimed at the keen amateur gardener and...

Hello tiny world  by Ben Newell

Hello tiny world

Ben Newell

"Make, grow, and care for your own terrariums Venture into the tiny worlds of terrariums and discover how to create a universe of your own. Like an artist, you'll learn how to use planting and hardscaping to make stunning terrarium compositions. Plus, master...

Retro revival  by Andrew Weaving

Retro revival

Andrew Weaving

"Now that the vibrant colours and bold shapes of mid-century design are more popular than ever, Retro Revival offers a privileged glimpse into fabulous retro-inspired homes around the world. Our passion for retro style shows no signs of fading. From the...

Sol  by Nic Holden


Nic Holden

"The sun-drenched Mediterranean paradise is having a design moment with a new wave of design talent fostering a nostalgic respect for tradition. The stunning houses and lush gardens traverse the rustic and the contemporary, the vibrant and neutral, the beach...

The 7 habits of highly effective families  by Stephen R. Covey

The 7 habits of highly effective families

Stephen R. Covey

"The bestselling book that offers precious lessons in creating and sustaining a strong family culture in a turbulent world. No family is free from challenges from its own members or from the outside world. Now, with the same profound insight, simplicity and...

Dopamine decor  by Sofia Meri

Dopamine decor

Sofia Meri

"Do you want to surround yourself with uplifting decor that sparks inspiration, nostalgia, and joy? You will get complimentary access to my online visuals guide with amazing design Moodboards and Interior design examples for each room of your...

New coastal  by Ingrid Weir

New coastal

Ingrid Weir

"This beautiful, photo-filled hardback serves as an inspiration and compass for life lived by the sea. Written and photographed by interior designer Ingrid Weir, the pages transport you to coastal towns both near and far, from Big Sur in California and the...

365 ways to save the planet  by Nergiz De Baere

365 ways to save the planet

Nergiz De Baere

"Are you ready to change the world? 365 WAYS TO SAVE THE PLANET is a full year's worth of daily wisdom, carefully selected to inspire you to take the urgent action our very existence desperately needs. You'll find actions and challenges, surprising facts about...

Your not forever home  by Katherine Ormerod

Your not forever home

Katherine Ormerod

"In Your Not Forever Home, Katherine Ormerod has curated a range of projects for every room in a rented house or flat, guiding you through techniques and invaluable insights that will help create spaces tailored to your taste. Katherine addresses why many of...

Seasonal living with herbs  by Jess Buttermore

Seasonal living with herbs

Jess Buttermore

"Join author, gardener, and photographer Jess Buttermore on a journey to discover the secrets of herbal abundance. This book walks you through growing and preserving your favorite herbs and offers a seasonal guide to using what you've grown throughout your...

Key West cottages and gardens  by Leslie Linsley

Key West cottages and gardens

Leslie Linsley

"Key West is home to a year-round population of about 35,000 with over one million travellers visiting throughout the year. Leslie's intimate interviews of residents allows readers a peak into what Key West cottage living is really like, even some of the...

All about roses  by Diana Sargeant

All about roses

Diana Sargeant

"Roses have been grown in gardens around the world for thousands of years and are still the most popular flower in the world. When you follow Diana Sargeant's advice in All About Roses, you will grow the most gorgeous roses, easily and naturally. Your rose...

Garden to save the world  by Joe Clark

Garden to save the world

Joe Clark

"No matter your space, this planet-friendly introduction to gardening will get you growing your own fruit, veg and flowers in no time! Gardening expert and social media sensation Joe Clark of @joesgarden shares everything he has learned about the power of...

Gardening through the year  by Ian Spence

Gardening through the year

Ian Spence

"A new edition of this inspirational best-selling guide to gardening month-by-month. Create a luscious garden that will flourish all year round with this new edition of a best-selling guide to gardening month by month. Gardening can seem like a mystery when...

Beyond the meadows  by Susann Probst

Beyond the meadows

Susann Probst

"This beautiful and inspirational portrait of a country garden shows how its owners created deep connections to the natural world with techniques and advice any gardener can use. In 2018, photographers Susann Probst and Yannic Schon left Berlin for the German...

The art of hutting  by Peter MacQueen

The art of hutting

Peter MacQueen

"Author and BBC Alba presenter Peter MacQueen guides readers on how to build their own cosy hut and shows them how he lives off grid in rural Scotland. In The Art of Hutting, author Peter MacQueen takes his readers on an adventure learning how to live off-grid...

Country house living  by Nora Murphy

Country house living

Nora Murphy

"For Nora Murphy, a country house isn't so much a place as it is a state of mind. A country house is warm, welcoming-at once down to earth, yet elegant. A country house has genuine character, tells a story, and is truly, wonderfully lived in. Here Murphy...

Sean Scherer's Vignettes. by Sean Scherer

Sean Scherer's Vignettes.

Sean Scherer

"Designer, collector, and proprietor of the contemporary curiosity shop Kabinett & Kammer, Sean Scherer shares his secrets for composing vignettes of favorite objects, showing creative ways to incorporate both cherished possessions and flea-market finds How do...

The self-sufficiency garden  by Huw Richards

The self-sufficiency garden

Huw Richards

"Year-round growing plan to yield six portions of veg per person per day plus batching and preserving recipes. Eat homegrown food all year round and save money on your weekly shop by following a simple plan for self-sufficiency. Huw Richards and Sam Cooper...

Timeboxing  by Marc Zao-Sanders


Marc Zao-Sanders

"The gloriously simple practice of choosing one thing to do, when to do it, and getting it done. Every day, a billion knowledge workers wake up, gravitate towards a pixelated screen and process information for eight hours or more, facing an endless and...



"This book offers a snapshot into the prickly world of cacti, from desert giants to flowering splendour. 40 botanical paintings of this popular group of plants are reproduced from Kew's Library, Art and Archives, one of the most extensive botanical libraries...

Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants

""Carnivorous plants are deadly beauties that trap, kill and consume everything from insects, spiders and crustaceans to lizards and mice, luring their prey in with specialised hairs, sweet nectar, bright colours, or the convenience of a toilet. 40 stunning...

Orchids  by Michael F. Fay


Michael F. Fay

"Orchids are one of the largest plant families, with an estimated 28,000 species worldwide, they occur on all major landmasses except Antarctica. Full of a variety of colour and form, this new Kew Pocketbook offers a snapshot into the diverse world of orchids,...

Stitches and seams  by Valeria Carrandi Macías

Stitches and seams

Valeria Carrandi Macías

"Learn the essential skills you need to create garments and textile crafts from scratch! Welcome to the wide and wonderful world of sewing! You have your sewing machine at the ready-now what? For those DIYers who are ready to dive into garment and textile...

The organic vegetable grower  by Phil Sumption

The organic vegetable grower

Phil Sumption

"The Organic Vegetable Grower is a practical guide for those growing, or wishing to grow, market and sell organic vegetables for a living. The book is rooted in organic principles and covers: Getting on the land - gaining the skills and setting up. How to...

Happy houseplants  by Isabelle Palmer

Happy houseplants

Isabelle Palmer

"Create your very own urban jungle and help your houseplants thrive with this handy pocket guide to plant care. Houseplants bring life and energy into our homes, improving air quality and even boosting our productivity. But even the most committed plant...

Garden wonderland  by Leslie Bennett

Garden wonderland

Leslie Bennett

"Featuring practical how-to information alongside examples from nineteen gardens, Bennett shows how to incorporate personal and edible elements into the landscape to honor a variety of cultures, while including families of all shapes and sizes, to create space...

The home office reimagined  by Oscar Riera Ojeda

The home office reimagined

Oscar Riera Ojeda

"Pavilions, sheds, studios, extensions--call them what you will, architects around the globe are experimenting with attached or detached workplaces and creating imaginative ateliers that strain the limits of "miniature"; one is just 100 square feet. It is a...

The house romantic  by Haskell Harris

The house romantic

Haskell Harris

"Haskell Harris, founding style director at Garden & Gun, explores what makes a personal and meaningful home, revealing how designers and creatives authentically style their spaces, drawing inspiration from the important moments and people in their lives....

Decorate like a decorator  by Dara Caponigro

Decorate like a decorator

Dara Caponigro

"Decorate Like a Decorator highlights the decorating tricks that only experienced designers know how to pull off - until now! Culled from FREDERIC magazine's educational columns, this book shares with readers more than one hundred decorator pro moves: like how...

Living your best life after 50

Living your best life after 50

"Get inspired--and prepared--for your best life at 50+. Living Your Best Life after 50 All-in-One For Dummies is your guide as you explore new opportunities and make the most of your fifties and the decades that follow. Find a new job, travel for weeks or...

Small space revolution  by Tayshan Hayden-Smith

Small space revolution

Tayshan Hayden-Smith

"Transform small spaces to make a big difference. Join activist Tayshan Hayden-Smith on his mission to turn grey, concrete jungles into green sanctuaries – planting seeds not only in the ground but also in minds to bring joy to people, places, and planet....

Hotel Kitsch  by Margaret Bienert

Hotel Kitsch

Margaret Bienert

"In 1963, the owners of the Cove Haven Resort in the Poconos unveiled their heart-shaped tub. It launched a postwar phenomenon that defined a new era of pop pleasure: the honeymoon hotel. Destinations across the country were soon racing to catch up, installing...

Drawn to the garden  by Caroline Quentin

Drawn to the garden

Caroline Quentin

"Through the pages of this gift book, Caroline shows how much joy she gets from spending time in her garden, whether it be grappling with the best way to grow plants and vegetables, or raising seeds in her potting shed. Though she now has a large following on...

Organizing with Tetris  by Kathi Burns

Organizing with Tetris

Kathi Burns

"Powered by the principles of one of the world's most popular puzzle games, Organizing with Tetris tackles the organization for every room in your home and even unexpected corners of your life. Board-certified professional organizer Kathi Burns and Tetris...

The layered edible garden  by Christina (Horticulturist) Chung

The layered edible garden

Christina (Horticulturist) Chung

"In The Layered Edible Garden, gardeners learn how to take their cues from nature and create an edible garden space filled with layers of food-producing plants, from trees and shrubs to perennials and ground covers"--Publisher's description.

Interior designers at home  by Stephen Crafti

Interior designers at home

Stephen Crafti

"This book takes you on a guided tour of 20 leading interior designers' homes with tips and insights for creating spaces that work and look great. Learn how interior designing is as much about problem-solving as it is about inspiration, aesthetic, and function...

Hidden homes of Tuscany & Umbria  by Caroline Clifton-Mogg

Hidden homes of Tuscany & Umbria

Caroline Clifton-Mogg

"Steeped in history, Tuscany has always exerted an irresistible hold on the romantic imagination. Its rich cultural legacy is reflected in the local interior style, which confidently borrows from other eras and places, resulting in a look that is chic,...

Homes for modernists  by Thijs Demeulemeester

Homes for modernists

Thijs Demeulemeester

"Take an inside look at modernist gems. Is it possible to live in a listed heritage building without turning your home into a time capsule? How do you add present-day home comforts to an art deco villa or a brutalist masterpiece without spoiling its soul? In...

Grow to eat  by Rob Smith

Grow to eat

Rob Smith

"Grow to Eat gives you the guidance to successfully grow veg that are bursting with flavour. We know fresh vegetables are good for us and there's no better feeling than harvesting your own homegrown produce, but Rob Smith wants to upgrade your gardening...

A short history of flowers  by Advolly Richmond

A short history of flowers

Advolly Richmond

"Garden and social historian Advolly Richmond (of Gardener's World) unravels the surprising histories of 60 flowers that shape our gardens. Have you ever wondered where your favorite garden flowers came from? Where their names derived? Or why some cultivars go...

A year full of pots  by Sarah Raven

A year full of pots

Sarah Raven

"Pots are everywhere in Sarah Raven’s garden at Perch Hill. Every corner comes to life with their colour and vibrancy. A Year Full of Pots overbrims with year-round inspiration, planting ideas and expert advice from Sarah Raven, the Sunday Times bestselling...

Find love  by Paul Carrick Brunson

Find love

Paul Carrick Brunson

"From red to green flags, apps, speed-dating, attachment styles, trauma, dealbreakers, compromises and making it past the first date... finding love can feel like a minefield. In Find Love, world renowned relationship expert and Head of Global Research for...

Bonsai master class  by Kunio Kobayashi

Bonsai master class

Kunio Kobayashi

"Kunio Kobayashi is one the world's most recognized bonsai artists. In this comprehensive book, he presents all the essential techniques needed to plant and maintain the most popular types of bonsai--from pines, cypress and cedar to flowering trees and other...

Creating effective spaces  by Natasha Swingler

Creating effective spaces

Natasha Swingler

"A practical guide to creating a serene home from Instagram's queen of folding, decluttering, and organising. An effective space is one that works for you, liberating you to live the life you want. Natasha takes you around the home and shares her hacks from...

The very last resort  by Sandra Waters

The very last resort

Sandra Waters

"A remarkable, revealing, and riotous insight into the management of guest accommodation and transitional housing in a New Zealand motel. This true story follows the experiences of a couple whose introduction to accommodation management begins in a run-down...

The new plant collector  by Darryl Cheng

The new plant collector

Darryl Cheng

"The world of indoor gardening is exploding with desirable new and unusual plants. Thanks to the resources of the internet and social media, finding amazing varieties has never been easier-but knowing how to get maximum enjoyment from this enticing world is...

Perriand  by Dominic Lutyens


Dominic Lutyens

"A design monograph series on the most remarkable architects, designers, brands and design movements of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, each book contains a historical-critical essay discussing the life and work of the subject, followed by an...

The 7 habits of highly effective families  by Stephen R. Covey

The 7 habits of highly effective families

Stephen R. Covey

"A new edition of Stephen R. Covey's New York Times bestselling classic to help you create and sustain a strong family culture in a turbulent world The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families is a practical guide to navigating the challenges of family life. This...

Never too small. Vol. 2  by Joel Beath

Never too small. Vol. 2

Joel Beath

"Small footprint design that proves living better doesn't have to mean living larger. Following the success of their first book, the second volume of Never Too Small showcases 30 new and outstanding homes from around the world that explore small space living....

The plant parent guide  by Beth Chapman

The plant parent guide

Beth Chapman

"Did you know we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors? With the air-purifying, mind-calming, stress-relieving and productivity-boosting power of houseplants well established, it is time to transform your home with plants. Created by leading houseplant...

The complete book of self-sufficiency  by John Seymour

The complete book of self-sufficiency

John Seymour

"For over 40 years, John Seymour has inspired thousands to make more eco-friendly choices with his advice on living sustainably. The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency offers step-by-step instructions on everything from chopping trees to harnessing solar...

The tulip garden  by Polly Nicholson

The tulip garden

Polly Nicholson

"Tulips are one of the world’s most popular flowers, with over 2,500 varieties produced in the Netherlands each year. This spectacular book showcases a unique collection of rare and covetable tulips at Blacklands, the beautiful English country garden of tulip...

Ibiza interiors  by Gala Mora

Ibiza interiors

Gala Mora

"With this beautiful book you will literally bring the summery hippy-chic 'Ibiza' atmosphere into your home. With the most beautiful interiors and stunning photography – where you can imagine yourself in the azure bays – Architectural Digest Journalist Gala...

Into the weeds  by Tama Matsuoka Wong

Into the weeds

Tama Matsuoka Wong

"Into the Weeds empowers budding and experienced gardeners alike to embrace a gentler, less rigid and more sustainable approach to tending the land. Tama Matsuoka Wong, master forager and gardener, invites you break free from meticulously ordered beds and...

100 herbs to grow  by Jekka McVicar

100 herbs to grow

Jekka McVicar

"100 Herbs to Grow includes the most productive herbs, ones that are easy to grow, taste delicious and have medicinal properties. This is a comprehensive gardening guide, so Jekka details how to grow in the garden, in containers and from seed as well as...

Boho style

Boho style

"The newly launched interior design series "Home Inspiration by teNeues" will continue with two new titles this Fall/Winter. One of them is Boho Style. Bohemian chic is considered the epitome of an unconventional and free-spirited lifestyle: a colorful,...

Living colours  by Silvia Botti

Living colours

Silvia Botti

"The great mystery of colour finally revealed in a book that involves every field of knowledge, from history to science, from art to psychology. Why does the colour catch our attention and fascinate us until seducing us? The answer is easy: because it is...

The space that keeps you  by Jeremiah Brent

The space that keeps you

Jeremiah Brent

"What makes a home the space that keeps you? Interior designer and television host Jeremiah Brent takes readers on a deeply personal jouney to answer that question because a home isn't just where we live; it reflects who we are. Through candid conversations...

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