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From the ashes by Deborah Challinor

From the ashes

Deborah Challinor

"Auckland,1956. Allie Manaia works at Smith and Caughey's department store. It's been two years since the Dunbar and Jones fire, where some of her friends perished, but she still has nightmares. Allie and her husband, Sonny, are desperate for a baby,...

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The little unicorn gift shop  by Kellie Hailes

The little unicorn gift shop

Kellie Hailes

"Poppy and Ben have been best friends for ever and now they're embarking on a new adventure together - opening a joint unicorn gift shop and cafe. Ben has one rule; no unicorn paraphernalia is to cross into his tea shop. But Poppy has other ideas... ...

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Rat bait  by Richard Ward

Rat bait

Richard Ward

"Set in New Zealand, Rat Bait is a tense thriller which follows the activities of Zack Garroway as he pursues a one-man crime spree after being released from prison. Being part of a small community has its drawbacks despite the lengths to which he goes...

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The sky over Brigadier Station  by Sarah Williams

The sky over Brigadier Station

Sarah Williams

"Noah McGuire stayed away from Brigadier Station for a reason. He's spent almost a decade in New Zealand's South Island, trying to forget his past. But the memories still haunt him and the last thing he wants to do is see his estranged family and attend...

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Winged helmet, white horse  by Karyn Hay

Winged helmet, white horse

Karyn Hay

"Set in contemporary London, Winged Helmet, White Horse is a darkly comic psychological drama. Tim has mastered the art of subordination; to his job, his wife, and even his daughter. Having written one critically acclaimed book of poetry he is struggling...

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Francis Plug  by Paul Ewen

Francis Plug

Paul Ewen

"Francis Plug is back! Adjusting to life as a newly published author - interviews and publicity are coming his way, not to mention considerable acclaim. But Francis can't understand why people think he was writing fiction... He also has other problems...

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Shaken, shocked and shafted  by Bob Nimmo

Shaken, shocked and shafted

Bob Nimmo

"The event that shook Christchurch in February 2011 was one of the worst disasters to strike this beautiful metropolis. Yet, the aftermath proved more challenging for many Cantabrians than the disaster itself. Based on eye-witness accounts, interview...

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Grandzilla  by Lisa Williams


Lisa Williams

"Tillie and Tessa: the real estate mogul and the burgeoning activist; the embittered widow and the girl grieving her grandpa; one apparently friendless, the other falling in love. The one thing they do agree on? They really, really don't like each other....

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Teeth of the wolf  by Dan Rabarts

Teeth of the wolf

Dan Rabarts

"Scientific consultant Penny Yee has barely drawn breath before Detective Inspector Tanner assigns her another suspicious death, with Matiu tagging along for the ride. That's fine as long as he stays outside the crime scene tape, but when one of Matiu's...

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A change of key  by Adrienne Jansen

A change of key

Adrienne Jansen

"Marko has come to the ends of the earth to escape a once illustrious past in Bulgaria. So why does a Polish bookstore owner call him a traitor? And who covertly photographed him for the newspaper? Someone knows who he is. They are trying to expose him...

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Turn of the tide = Te Huringa o te tai : more stories of the Hokianga  by Susy Pointon

Turn of the tide = Te Huringa o te tai : more stories of the Hokianga

Susy Pointon

"In these stories, a millennial couple on a Tinder date turn up in search of Local Colour and get more than they bargained for, a broken cowboy is persuaded to enter one last race, a good mate tries to support his friend as he freefalls after a lapse...

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Broken play  by Nicholas Sheppard

Broken play

Nicholas Sheppard

"Alec Haudepin has spent the winters of his youth on the rugby field, and now, at twenty-three, his dream of playing for the All Blacks is almost within reach. But his rise to prominence uncovers quiet sadness about the part of his identity he has al...

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Malakim  by Gregory French


Gregory French

"Mason is not happy with his life selling insurance, but it all changes when he discovers that he has paranormal powers and is visited by Gabriel, a sentient being. Mason is told that he and others like him with telekinetic powers are required to help...

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My lady thief  by Emily Larkin

My lady thief

Emily Larkin

"Arabella Knightley is an earl's granddaughter, but it's common knowledge that she spent her early years in London's gutters. What the ton doesn't know is that while Arabella acts the perfect young lady by day, at night she plays Robin Hood, stealing...

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Silvana  by Belinda Mellor


Belinda Mellor

"The seasons turn; Turning and Greening and one more Turning and Lesandor will reach manhood. Though I would keep him at home forever, I must not. He has hardly any friends his own age; he is forever in the woods. Lesandor of Deepvale, human son of a...

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Easy whistle solo  by 1981- Meros

Easy whistle solo

1981- Meros

"If the exact trajectory of the author of this book is extended via the present, linear direction then in 2029 the author will be the protagonist of this book. If the exponential trajectory of the author's first love is also mapped then this book will...

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Into the sounds  by Lee Murray

Into the sounds

Lee Murray

"On leave, and out of his head with boredom, NZDF Sergeant Taine McKenna joins biologist Jules Asher, on a Conservation Department deer culling expedition to New Zealand’s southernmost national park, where soaring peaks give way to valleys gouged from...

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Archangel's prophecy  by Nalini Singh

Archangel's prophecy

Nalini Singh

"Midnight and dawn, Elena’s wings are unique among angelkind… and now they’re failing. The first mortal to be turned into an immortal in angelic memory, she’s regressing. Becoming more and more human. Easier to hurt. Easier to kill. Elena and Raphael...

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The boy with a suitcase  by Hels Ryan

The boy with a suitcase

Hels Ryan

"High in Georgia's Caucasus Mountains, journalist Charlie Breen is searching for a group of refugees fleeing persecution. What starts out as a rescue mission turns into a battle for survival, as love and greed twist the hearts of those around her. Charlie...

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The ice shelf  by Anne Kennedy

The ice shelf

Anne Kennedy

"On the eve of flying to Antarctica to take up an arts fellowship, thirty-something Janice, recently separated, has a long night of remembrance, regret and realisation as she goes about the city looking for a friend to take care of her fridge while she’s...

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From the ashes  by Deborah Challinor

From the ashes

Deborah Challinor

"Auckland,1956. Allie Manaia works at Smith and Caughey's department store. It's been two years since the Dunbar and Jones fire, where some of her friends perished, but she still has nightmares. Allie and her husband, Sonny, are desperate for a baby,...

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Primrose and the dreadful duke  by Emily Larkin

Primrose and the dreadful duke

Emily Larkin

"Oliver Dasenby is the most infuriating man Primrose Garland has ever known. He may be her brother’s best friend, but he has an atrocious sense of humor. Eight years in the cavalry hasn’t taught him solemnity, nor has the unexpected inheritance of a ...

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Women in the field, one and two  by Thomasin Sleigh

Women in the field, one and two

Thomasin Sleigh

"Women’s creativity and freedom is explored in Thomasin Sleigh’s new novel, Women in the Field, One and Two Set in London and Wellington of the early 1950s, Thomasin Sleigh’s fascinating new novel, Women in the Field, One and Two, follows Ruth Bishops...

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Pay up  by Anthony David

Pay up

Anthony David

"As Minister of Communications, it is Daryn Garvin's job to choose which company will get the contract for laying an underwater cable connecting New Zealand to the wider world. He is expected to go with the favourites, but after receiving an anonymous...

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Between the immensities  by Doreen Davy

Between the immensities

Doreen Davy

"The story begins with psychologist Dr Katherine Moore's last day at her Auckland therapy clinic. Succumbing to family pressure, she agrees to return to England to care for her elderly mother who is terminally ill. Arriving in Liverpool, Katherine is...

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Province of danger  by Ray Grover

Province of danger

Ray Grover

"The war to end wars ended in 1918. It is, however, still early in the twentieth century and Nelle, the World War I nurse who patched up the remnants of men who 'survived', fears for her fighter-pilot son disastrously, Frank, the intellectual, has fallen...

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Ocean's kiss  by Lani Wendt Young

Ocean's kiss

Lani Wendt Young

"Long ago, Tangaloa cast a fiery net upon the waters and drew forth ocean’s might. The crashing wave. The surging tide that speaks to Masina the moon. And all the living things that swim and creep in the midnight blue depths. All this Tangaloa fashioned...

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Make or break by Catherine Bennetto

Make or break

Catherine Bennetto

Jess, a 29-year-old Londoner with a Kate Beckett fringe and a tendency for dramatics, gets taken on a surprise trip by her long-term boyfriend, Pete, to attend her best friend's last-minute wedding in South Africa. Jess imagines sun, sand, wine and s...

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The snow tiger by Desmond Bagley

The snow tiger

Desmond Bagley

Action thriller by the classic adventure writer set in New Zealand. Fifty-four people died in the avalanche that ripped apart a small New Zealand mining town. But the enquiry which follows unleashes more destructive power than the snowfall. As the su...

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Out of time  by D E. McLean

Out of time

D E. McLean

"Kev is an average person living an uneventful life--just how he likes it--until the day he finds himself kidnapped by time-traveling slavers and thrusted into an unfamiliar world of airships, clockwork, and steam. Rescued by Millicent Darlington and...

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Nothing lasting  by Laura Solomon

Nothing lasting

Laura Solomon

"Nothing Lasting is the tale of a nice normal middle class pyromaniac. Egged on by his bossy mother he is under pressure from her ghost to make the family name by lighting fires up and down an unspecified country, where all the place names are taken from...

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The sound of breaking glass  by Kirsten Warner

The sound of breaking glass

Kirsten Warner

"Christel is at shattering point. She's got two small children, her job in reality television is super high stress, she's an activist with Women Against Surplus Plastic and now she's being stalked. To top it off her protest milk bottle sculpture appears...

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Into the mist  by Lee Murray

Into the mist

Lee Murray

"When NZDF Sergeant Taine McKenna and his squad are tasked with escorting a bunch of civilian contractors into Te Urewera National Park, it seems a strange job for the army. Militant Tuhoe separatists are active in the area, and with its cloying mist...

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No one can hear you  by Nikki Crutchley

No one can hear you

Nikki Crutchley

"Troubled teen Faith Marsden was one of several girls abducted from Crawton, a country town known for its picturesque lake and fertile farmland. Unlike the others, she escaped, though sixteen years on she still bears the emotional and physical scars....

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22  by Rina Patel


Rina Patel

"22 is an exploration into the mind of an Aotearoa Gujarati second-generation New Zealand born woman. Carefully selected and crafted 22 takes you into the mind and world of growing up as the others in Aotearoa. Self-referential and never one to necessarily...

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Go Gayle go  by Bruce Melrose

Go Gayle go

Bruce Melrose

"Young Gayle McKee's running ability isn't in question. But in the highly competitive environment of premier track racing, talent - and even hard work - aren't always enough. As the championship track circuit asks her some searching questions, Gayle...

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Imaginary lives of James Pōneke  by Tina Makereti

Imaginary lives of James Pōneke

Tina Makereti

"'The hour is late. The candle is low. Tomorrow I will see whether it is my friends or a ship homewards I meet. But I must finish my story for you first. My future, my descendant, my mokopuna. Listen.' So begins the tale of James Pōneke: orphaned son...

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Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones

Mister Pip

Lloyd Jones

It is Bougainville in 1991, a small village on a tropical island. Weeks have passed since the last day of school as, quietly, war is encroaching from the other end of the island. When the villagers' safe, predictable lives come to a halt, Bougainvill...

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Smack-dab, in the middle of nowhere  by Duncan P. Pacey

Smack-dab, in the middle of nowhere

Duncan P. Pacey

"Bert is the takes-no-crap bar owner of Smack-dab, a struggling tavern halfway from nowhere to nowhere else. All around her is barren, post-apocalyptic Waste, a terrifying place plagued by villainous bandits, ravenous monsters, and things that go bump...

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On a bodgie bike  by David author. McGill

On a bodgie bike

David author. McGill

"Matt Delaney and his mate Ante Vukovich steal a precious religious vessel and in the course of the burglary a man is killed, setting in motion personal and political mayhem. It is 1955 and they just want to be milk-bar cowboys against the squares and...

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Breakwater  by Kate author. Duignan


Kate author. Duignan

"A moving and highly readable story follows the intertwined lives of three main characters: a young woman dealing with an unplanned new baby, an older woman who helps her cope, and a young man facing up to the aftershocks of a horrific road accident."...

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The Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera

The Whale Rider

Witi Ihimaera

Eight-year-old Kahu craves her great-grandfather's love and attention. But he is focused on his duties as chief of a Maori tribe in Whangara, on the East Coast of New Zealand - a tribe that claims descent from the legendary 'whale rider'. In every ge...

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The color of tea  by Hannah Tunnicliffe

The color of tea

Hannah Tunnicliffe

"After moving with her husband to the tiny, bustling island of Macau, Grace Miller finds herself a stranger in a foreign land—a lone redhead towering above the crowd on the busy Chinese streets. As she is forced to confront the devastating news of he...

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Unmasking Miss Appleby  by Emily Larkin

Unmasking Miss Appleby

Emily Larkin

"On her 25th birthday, Charlotte Appleby receives a most unusual gift from the Faerie godmother she never knew she had: the ability to change shape. Penniless and orphaned, she sets off for London to make her fortune as a man. But a position as secretary...

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The bolthole  by Lawrence Winkler

The bolthole

Lawrence Winkler

"The fates of three tormented men, born as many eras apart, come together in a rock cave on the Coromandel peninsula of New Zealand - Tama of the Ngatei Hei, Billy Green in the days of gold, and Dr. Sababa from across the ocean - seeking revenge, dis...

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The Quaker by Liam McIlvanney

The Quaker

Liam McIlvanney

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Caroline's bikini by Kirsty Gunn

Caroline's bikini

Kirsty Gunn

'Alright' I said, 'I'll try...' This is how Emily Stuart opens her intricate tale of a classic love affair that becomes Caroline's Bikini: a swirling cocktail of infatuation, obsession, and imagination.The moment that Emily's friend Evan Gordonstone -...

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The empathy code  by Angelique Praat

The empathy code

Angelique Praat

"Should robots make life and death decisions? Teacher and humanitarian, Mishra McKenzie, doesn't think so. But the international community is torn as the window to outlaw killer robots closes. Coaxed by her activist friends to help them expose a susp...

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Trusting Miss Trentham  by Emily Larkin

Trusting Miss Trentham

Emily Larkin

"Letitia Trentham is noteworthy for three reasons. One, she’s extremely wealthy. Two, she can distinguish truth from lies. Three, she’s refused every man who’s ever proposed to her. Until Letty receives a proposal she can’t turn down. Icarus Reid bar...

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Make or break  by Catherine Bennetto

Make or break

Catherine Bennetto

"Jess, a 29-year-old Londoner with a Kate Beckett fringe and a tendency for dramatics, gets taken on a surprise trip by her long-term boyfriend, Pete, to attend her best friend's last minute wedding in South Africa. Jess imagines sun, sand, wine and ...

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The outback governess  by Sarah Williams

The outback governess

Sarah Williams

"When special-needs teacher Paige takes up the position of Governess for three young children in the Queensland outback, she has no idea just how much and how quickly she would come to love the dusty, dry country, and the family who desperately need her....

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Levi's war by Julie Thomas

Levi's war

Julie Thomas

"Levi's War follows on from The Keeper of Secrets and Rachel's Legacy, tracing the story of the eldest Horowitz son, Levi, who is smuggled out of Berlin to London the day after the Kristallnacht in 1938, where he makes the momentous decision to be pa...

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Hell's unveiling  by Laura Solomon

Hell's unveiling

Laura Solomon

"Hell's Unveiling is the sequel to Marsha's Deal. Hell is raging and the devil and his minions are out to wage war on Planet Earth and on Marsha in particular. One of Marsha's foster children, Daniel, is framed for a crime he did not commit and is sent...

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The most important thing  by Belinda Hollyer

The most important thing

Belinda Hollyer

"Ginny and Shona are inseparable. they can’t remember a time before they knew each other. Tanya is new - she’s just moved to Waiheke Island because of her mother’s job. The old friendship is threatened by the incomer’s arrival. But more unsettling is...

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Resisting Miss Merryweather  by Emily Larkin

Resisting Miss Merryweather

Emily Larkin

"Sir Barnaby Ware made a mistake two and a half years ago. A massive mistake. The sort of mistake that can never be atoned for. He knows himself to be irredeemable, but the captivating and unconventional Miss Merryweather is determined to prove him wrong…...

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Claiming Mister Kemp  by Emily Larkin

Claiming Mister Kemp

Emily Larkin

"Lucas Kemp’s twin sister died last year. He’s put aside his mourning clothes, but not his heartache. If Lucas ever needed a friend, it’s now - and who should walk in his door but Lieutenant Thomas Matlock... Lucas and Tom are more than just best fri...

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Fishing for Māui  by Isa Pearl Ritchie

Fishing for Māui

Isa Pearl Ritchie

"A novel about food, whanau, and mental illness. Valerie reads George Eliot to get to sleep - just to take her mind off worries over her patients, her children, their father and the next family dinner. Elena is so obsessed with health, traditional food,...

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The Quaker  by Liam McIlvanney

The Quaker

Liam McIlvanney

"Glasgow, 1969. In the grip of the worst winter for years, the city is brought to its knees by a killer whose name fills the streets with fear: the Quaker. He takes his next victim - the third woman from the same nightclub - and dumps her in the street...

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Bittersweet  by P. D. R. (P. D. Rowan) Lindsay


P. D. R. (P. D. Rowan) Lindsay

"In the British army of 1872, corrupt young officers play games of a different kind. Their favourite is to rape young society women in their homes. The rogues make a competition out of it. The more girls the regiment savages, the more different ways they...

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I only killed him once  by Adam Christopher

I only killed him once

Adam Christopher

"Another Hollywood night, another job for electric-detective-turned-robotic-hitman Raymond Electromatic. The target is a tall man in a black hat, and while Ray completes his mission successfully, he makes a startling discovery - one he soon forgets when...

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Invasion  by Don E. (Novelist) McGregor


Don E. (Novelist) McGregor

"Kiwis had been anxiously watching the growing casualty and POW lists for loved ones in Europe and the Middle East for nearly two years. Pearl Harbour and the astoundingly rapid Japanese advance throughout Asia and the North Pacific increased local concern,...

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Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones

Mister Pip

Lloyd Jones

After the trouble starts and the soldiers arrive on Matilda's island, there comes a time when all the white people have left. Only Mr Watts remains, and he wears a red nose and pulls his wife around on a trolley; the kids call him Popeye behind his back....

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Murder on Muritai  by Genesis Cotterell

Murder on Muritai

Genesis Cotterell

"When your planet's sun is dying, what can you do? Find a new home. That's what the Ryxins did throughout the galaxy, and 150 of them secretly arrived on Earth in 1905. Once they'd changed into Human form they began to infiltrate Earth's population. By...

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Notice of death  by Genesis Cotterell

Notice of death

Genesis Cotterell

"When a Ryxin woman's body is found washed up on a beach, a prison inmate believes her friend has been murdered. She asks PI Curtis McCoy and his assistant Janux, to investigate. When they interview several ex-prisoners a complex web of intrigue unfolds....

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The forbidden gene  by Genesis Cotterell

The forbidden gene

Genesis Cotterell

"Curtis McCoy, now a fully fledged private investigator, is called on to solve a murder. But when it turns out the murdered woman is just one on a list to be terminated, things start to get serious. What's more - there's a bounty on each woman's head...

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Dancing bears  by Willow Alber

Dancing bears

Willow Alber

"Isolated in the Yukon Territory of Canada with memories of a different life, Agnes Nielsen struggles with loyalties and tragedy as she attempts to find meaning as rancher Jake's wife. Meanwhile, the other members of the Nielsen clan live their lives...

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The reluctant Muslim  by Alexander Logan

The reluctant Muslim

Alexander Logan

"Tom Grace, a Brisbane surgeon, attempts to find his kidnapped lover, Kaye Reynolds, a journalist, in Afghanistan. Instead, he is abducted by an arms dealer, Ahmed Bakir, and flown to Marseille as Bakir's prisoner. Tom had no idea Kaye was working for...

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Lahara  by Nuzhat Jahan


Nuzhat Jahan

"Filled with adventure and mysticism, Lahara uses her unique gift of interpreting dreams to uncover the reality of true oneness within the world. When Lahara’s best friend Emma dies in mysterious circumstances, Lahara’s life takes a transformational ...

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Hugo's gift  by Suzanne Singleton

Hugo's gift

Suzanne Singleton

"It is a 1926 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, a perfection of craftsmanship and engineering; a birthday gift to Isabel Kane from her husband, Hugo. Isabel appears to have it all. She is beautiful, with a loving husband who is successful in business, children,...

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Patched words  by Rae McGregor

Patched words

Rae McGregor

"Words put together, stitched and sewn into stories, to warm or delight or surprise"--Publisher's description.

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Ocean of milk  by Belinda Aycrigg

Ocean of milk

Belinda Aycrigg

"Waking up in hospital, all memory erased like a computer restored to factory settings, Amalia enters a bizarre world where nothing is normal, everything is experienced as if for the first time. Her perplexed husband, staunch father, and mother who w...

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High country hero by Holly Ford

High country hero

Holly Ford

"Having brokered a fragile peace with his demons at last, ex-Afghan War pilot Mitch Stuart isn't in the market for redemption. But when he steps outside his comfort zone to help a stranger in a country pub, he inadvertently opens the door to the ghosts...

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The rehearsal by Eleanor Catton

The rehearsal

Eleanor Catton

A high-school sex scandal jolts a group of teenage girls into a new awareness of their own potency and power. The sudden and total publicity seems to turn every act into a performance and every platform into a stage. But when the local drama school decides...

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Two Asian stories  by Ann Kit Suet Chin

Two Asian stories

Ann Kit Suet Chin

"The world has always been pro males. Asian women fare it worst. Women were sold as slaves, women were made to marry men they don't know, some of these matches were made even when the girls were babies. Girls were molested, raped, impregnated and had...

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Killing is my business  by Adam Christopher

Killing is my business

Adam Christopher

"A blend of science fiction and stylish mystery noir featuring a robot detective: the stand alone sequel to Made to Kill. Another golden morning in a seedy town and a new memory tape for intrepid PI-turned-hitman--and last robot left in working order--...

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William Deans  by Louise Deans

William Deans

Louise Deans

"William Deans, an extraordinarily passionate, often overlooked, early New Zealand pioneer, was a prolific letter writer. This most unusual work of Historical Creative Nonfiction is reconstructed from the letters he wrote. Told in the first person, his...

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Primus  by Paul W. Feenstra


Paul W. Feenstra

"The small picturesque hamlet of Mellester in Devonshire, England, is home to herdsman, Godwin Read and his son, Odo. When the aging knight, Sir William Ainsley, Lord of Mellester Manor goes on a hunt for wild boar, the inexplicable happens, and Godwin...

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Missing on Kawau  by Patricia Snelling

Missing on Kawau

Patricia Snelling

"When Laura McKenzie returned to Kawau Island with her friend Cass to live in her missing grandmother's cottage, it was a dream come true. The dream turned into a nightmare when she discovered that her grandmother, Nan, had not drowned but mysterious...

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Doctor Perry  by Kirsten McKenzie

Doctor Perry

Kirsten McKenzie

"Under the Hippocratic Oath, a doctor swears to remember that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug. Doctor Perry assures his elderly patients at the Rose Haven Retirement Home that he can offer wa...

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A risk worth taking  by Brynn Kelly

A risk worth taking

Brynn Kelly

"The murder of her fiance forced computer security expert Samira Desta into a world of isolation. A prisoner of grief and yet the only key to catching the killer her fiance died trying to bring to justice, she must now emerge into a reality that threatens...

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This mortal boy  by Fiona Kidman

This mortal boy

Fiona Kidman

"Albert Black, known as the 'jukebox killer', was only twenty when he was convicted of murdering another young man in a fight at a milk bar in Auckland on 26 July 1955. His crime fuelled growing moral panic about teenagers, and he was to hang less than...

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Toby's Endeavour voyage  by Kevin Boon

Toby's Endeavour voyage

Kevin Boon

"Toby Robinson has grown up with his uncle's stories and wants to join the navy. His uncle finds him a post as cabin boy on His Majesty's Bark Endeavour, under Captain James Cook, in the hope that it will put his nephew off a life at sea. Assisting the...

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Rotoroa  by Amy Head


Amy Head

"On tiny, isolated Rotoroa Island in the Hauraki Gulf is a treatment facility for alcoholic men. It's here, at the Salvation Army-run home, that three characters at very different points in their lives will find themselves gathered, each for reasons of...

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Wikitoria  by Laura Nicholas-Grieve


Laura Nicholas-Grieve

"The sequel to 'Rena' tells of her granddaughter Wikitoria's journey to marry Chief Aringi of the Whanganui tribe known for his brutality. Wikitoria's escape and survival depend on her knowledge of herbal remedies and bush craft until she can be...

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The Māori detective  by D. A. Crossman

The Māori detective

D. A. Crossman

"He's lost his wife, his job, and his mana. So what now? A PI? He really couldn't get used to it. Traipsing around after unfaithful wives and little old ladies' lost dogs? Was this the future for Carlos Wallace? And what of the beautiful matakite? Wasn't...

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Hellbound  by Evan G. (Evan Graham) Andrew


Evan G. (Evan Graham) Andrew

"A fast-paced thriller where four people find that following their desires leads to unintended consequences. An ordinary married couple and their two lovers fall foul of Chinese Triads and Mafia hitmen as they each seek their own future path regardless...

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Discovering Miss Dalrymple  by Emily Larkin

Discovering Miss Dalrymple

Emily Larkin

"At the age of four Alexander St. Clare was stolen by gypsies and sold to a chimney sweep. At the age of five he was reunited with his father. His history is no secret, everyone in the ton knows of his miraculous rescue. But when Alexander finds his...

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Ruining Miss Wrotham  by Emily Larkin

Ruining Miss Wrotham

Emily Larkin

"Eleanor Wrotham has sworn off overbearing men, but she needs a man's help - and the man who steps forward is as domineering as he is dangerous: the notorious Mordecai Black. The illegitimate son of an earl, Mordecai is infamous for his skill with women....

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Red mist  by Angus McLean

Red mist

Angus McLean

"The streets of south Auckland are a tough beat, and Dan Crowley’s detective squad is under-resourced and overworked. Violent crime is riding a surging wave and the cops seem helpless to stop it. With a brutal gang of gun-wielding thugs robbing cash vans,...

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September promise  by Denise Fitzpatrick

September promise

Denise Fitzpatrick

"Tracey Hansen loses the love of her life tragically and is overcome with grief. She buries herself in her country cottage, rejecting the comfort of friends and family. The arrival of spring is the catalyst for Tracey to move on with her life, and sh...

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Fallout by Paul Thomas


Paul Thomas

August 1987: Against the backdrop of the nuclear ships stand-off with America, the rich and powerful gather in Auckland for a lavish election-night party. Before the night is out, a seventeen-year-old girl will be murdered and several lives utterly changed....

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The wizard's harvest table  by Thomas Mooney

The wizard's harvest table

Thomas Mooney

"To silence utterers of magic, to expel imps from the nostrils, the wizard's harvest table lists a set of runes as ancient as the secretive mountain kingdom of Lual. They are the kind of runes that heal, summon, banish, possess.But their power has had...

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Caroline's bikini  by Kirsty Gunn

Caroline's bikini

Kirsty Gunn

"Art needs a sense of lack to bring about its own effects; where there is no feeling of need to make up a shortfall, there will be no work. Alright I said, I'll try... This is how Emily Stuart opens the intricately involved account of a classic love...

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In the Memorial Room by Janet Frame

In the Memorial Room

Janet Frame

Harry Gill, a moderately successful writer of historical fiction, has been awarded the annual Watercress-Armstrong Fellowship-a 'living memorial' to the poet, Margaret Rose Hurndell. He arrives in the French Riviera town of Menton, where Hurndell once...

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A soul burned  by R. J. (Richard James) Curtis

A soul burned

R. J. (Richard James) Curtis

"On 14th February, 1945, the Allies fire-bombed Dresden, killing tens of thousands and starting a political row and propaganda war that lasted years. James Dalton leads the Pathfinder group that pinpoints the target with flares and ensures that maxim...

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Levi's war  by Julie Thomas

Levi's war

Julie Thomas

"Tracing the story of the eldest Horowitz son, Levi, who is smuggled out of Berlin to London the day after the Kristallnacht in 1938, where he makes the momentous decision to be parachuted back behind enemy lines and fight as a Partisan, culminating in...

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Pachamama & the Jaguar man  by Ronald Greville Riddell

Pachamama & the Jaguar man

Ronald Greville Riddell

"Pachamam and the Jaguar Man deals with numerous human rights issues and abuses in the context of the fifty-one-year-old Colombian Civil War, a peace treaty for which was signed in 2016. This treaty was subject to a nationwide plebiscite held in late...

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Brynleith rising  by D A. Mayes

Brynleith rising

D A. Mayes

"Daniel Matheson is a young man who loathes himself and his dark secrets. After his horrendous experiences as a captive, he visits New Zealand and chances upon the Brynleith property. In his exhausted state, the idyllic place offers a welcome respite....

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The new ships  by Kate Duignan

The new ships

Kate Duignan

"Peter Collie is adrift in the wake of his wife's death. His attempts to understand the turn his life has taken lead him back to the past, to dismaying events on an Amsterdam houseboat in the seventies, returning to New Zealand and meeting Moira, an ...

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Death actually  by Rosy Fenwicke

Death actually

Rosy Fenwicke

"Maggie never wanted to go into the family business, but when her parents die suddenly and her husband has just abandoned her and their two small children, what choice does she have? With the support of her best friend Elka and her mentor Betty, she had...

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