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​Grow your little one’s imagination and understanding with our latest picture books. This list updates when we add new titles to our collection.

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Moth  by Holly Dunn


Holly Dunn

"Moths are creatures of night and shadow... But Moth isn't like the other moths. She doesn't like the light or the crowds, and the New Zealand forest is dark and dangerous for a moth out on her own. Will she find a friend before the sun comes up? Moth...

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At the end of Holyrood Lane   by Dimity Powell

At the end of Holyrood Lane

Dimity Powell

"Flick is just like any other youngster. She loves to chase butterflies and jump in autumn leaves. But life at the end of Holyrood Lane is often violent and unpredictable due to the constant storms that plague her home, causing her to cringe with dread...

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We're going on an elf chase  by Martha Mumford

We're going on an elf chase

Martha Mumford

"Four bunnies set off on a jolly Christmas lift-the-flap adventure to find ten little elves hidden under the flaps. You'll have to run, run, run if you're going to catch them all! And there are lots of obstacles along the way, from clippy-cloppy reindeer...

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The little pig, the bicycle, and the moon  by Pierrette Dubé

The little pig, the bicycle, and the moon

Pierrette Dubé

"Rosie is a little pig determined to learn how to ride a bike and see the world, no matter how many mishaps it takes for her to get there!"--

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Princess Snowbelle and the Snow Games  by Libby Frost

Princess Snowbelle and the Snow Games

Libby Frost

"Far away in the glistening land of Frostovia, Snowbelle and her brothers are preparing for the Snow Games contest. Snowbelle's best friend, Sparkleshine, and her brothers are competing too. As the first race starts, competition is fierce, but when S...

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Here come the llamas  by Laura Hambelton

Here come the llamas

Laura Hambelton

"Here Come the Llamas is a playful touch-and-feel book, full of energy, fun and of course, lots of cute llamas! Toddlers will laugh, shout, clap their hands and join in the fun as the simple text encourages them to point, count, match and talk about ...

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Tricky's bad day  by Alison Lester

Tricky's bad day

Alison Lester

"Poor Tricky! Nothing is going right for him. Milk spills, pyjama buttons won't work, his little sister wrecks their game, and when he tries to help out, everything gets worse. Tricky's having a very bad day! Then Dad has an idea. Outside it's wild, ...

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Ko 'emau tēniti puluú  by Sereima Lumelume

Ko 'emau tēniti puluú

Sereima Lumelume

After a cyclone destroys the village, the villagers show their resilience. Includes notes for parents, caregivers, and teachers.

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Silikana mo 'ene ngoue kakalá  by Seu'ula Fonua

Silikana mo 'ene ngoue kakalá

Seu'ula Fonua

Silikana is very fond of her sweet smelling garden but one morning as she flies over she notices something is dreadfully wrong, the plants have withered and need rain. Includes notes for parents, caregivers, and teachers.

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"Makes learning letters uniquely entertaining for the youngest Ripley's fan. 'ODDphabet' features colourful illustrations of animal characters based on amazing-but-true stories and facts. Amusing rhymes make learning your ABC's so much fun for everyo...

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Wacky 123.

Wacky 123.

"Count up to twelve with a variety of animals."--Publisher.

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Meet the heroes ... and the villains, too!  by Maggie Testa

Meet the heroes ... and the villains, too!

Maggie Testa

"Are you ready to meet the PJ Masks? Now you can learn all about Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko as well as their mischievous foes, Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja!"--Back cover.

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Olaf's 1-2-3  by Olga T Mosqueda

Olaf's 1-2-3

Olga T Mosqueda

"Olaf the snowman counts from 1 to 10!"--Back cover.

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Euphemia  by Deborah Brookes


Deborah Brookes

"What can Euphemia wear to the Midsummer Fairy Ball when her wardrobe is worn and threadbare? Luckily a little help from her Fairy Godmother solves the problem!"--Cataloguer.

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The big dig  by Sally Anne Garland

The big dig

Sally Anne Garland

"Best friends Tig and Tog must learn to share and work together to dig a mystery object out - and their stick just isn't enough for the job! A tale of friendship, teamwork and learning to share."--

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Ten minutes to bed  by Rhiannon Fielding

Ten minutes to bed

Rhiannon Fielding

"Written specifically for bedtime, this story is full of magic, big paws, fluffy fur and little claws! Weaving a journey from lively beginning to gentle end, the 10 minute countdown to bed is at the heart of this enchanting story. But will the monsters...

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Bubbles  by Bhagavan Antle


Bhagavan Antle

"The inspiring story of a baby elephant rescued from ivory poachers, who was brought to America and became an ambassador for wildlife protection. Vivid photography and a captivating narrative convey to young readers the memorable tale of Bubbles, a r...

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I can fly  by Fifi Kuo

I can fly

Fifi Kuo

"Little Penguin wants to fly like the other birds but cannot, no matter how hard he tries, until his father helps him see what makes penguins special."--Publisher.

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The remarkable pigeon  by Dorien Brouwers

The remarkable pigeon

Dorien Brouwers

"When a pigeon lands in a zoo it is in awe of all the beautiful, exotic birds and begins to feel inadequate until the pigeon makes a discovery about itself."--

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The tall man and the small mouse  by Mara Bergman

The tall man and the small mouse

Mara Bergman

"All day long, the Tall Man does tall things that need doing, like picking apples and untangling swings and fixing all the broken things. But, one day, the huge town clock simply stops to TICK and TOCK and DING! Whatever will the Tall Man do? However...

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Nights with Dad  by Karen Hesse

Nights with Dad

Karen Hesse

"When the sun sets, Dad's night shift as a school caretaker is just beginning. What is it like to work at night, while the rest of the city is asleep? There's the smell of lilacs in the night air, the dusky motorway in the moonlight and glimpses of s...

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Where happiness lives  by Barry Timms

Where happiness lives

Barry Timms

"Three little mice. Three very different houses. But which is the happiest home? A timely tale about discovering true happiness and appreciating all that you have -- with flaps to lift and peep-through pages."--

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Invisible Jerry  by Adam Wallace

Invisible Jerry

Adam Wallace

"People don't notice Jerry. If someone bumps into him, they don't say sorry. If someone waves, it's always to somebody behind him. If he makes a joke, no one laughs. He never gets picked last for sports teams -- but that's because he never gets picked...

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Mince Spies  by Mark Sperring

Mince Spies

Mark Sperring

"Who or what is destroying all the Christmas treats in the supermarkets? Santa sends his Mince Spies on a secret mission to uncover the culprits. With puff-pastry jetpacks, shortcrust walkie-talkies and squirty whipped cream they foil the villains - with...

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My bed is an air balloon  by Julia Copus

My bed is an air balloon

Julia Copus

"This book has two front covers. The text can be read from front to back and vice versa. The mirror form poem meets in the middle in a stunning centerpiece image as the two children in the story (twins, one in an air balloon, the other a sailing boat)...

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A whisper from Grey  by Louise Greig

A whisper from Grey

Louise Greig

"Shhhh! Can you hear that? A whisper from Grey. Quiet and a little shy. She does not shout out loud like Blue, or squawk like Green, or roar like Yellow. But though she's quieter than the rest, Grey makes the other colours glow."--

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Little fox in the snow  by Jonathan London

Little fox in the snow

Jonathan London

"A red fox explores his forest on a snowy winter day. He snares a hare and with a full tummy he takes a drink of ice-cold water, smells a vixen then comes across a wolverine - and he flees in time!"--Cataloguer.

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Contrary creatures  by James Weinberg

Contrary creatures

James Weinberg

"An exploration of unique animal opposites with stunning imagery."--

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Romeo explores the garden  by Alain Grée

Romeo explores the garden

Alain Grée

"Romeo the dog loves exploring and today he is exploring the garden. He finds out what grows in a garden, what plants need to grow and what kind of animals are in gardens."--Cataloguer.

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Zachary Quack minimonster  by Lynley Dodd

Zachary Quack minimonster

Lynley Dodd

"Zachary Quack is pestering and scruffling all over the river bank. Then he finds a flicketty-quick dragonfly and hustles it here, there and everywhere. But who is really hustling who?"--Publisher information.

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Jingle bells at the zoo  by Jeffrey Burton

Jingle bells at the zoo

Jeffrey Burton

"It's Christmas at the zoo, and all the animals are ready to celebrate. Lift the flaps to discover how the most magical night of the year leads to a big jingle bells at the zoo!"--Back cover.

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The 12 days of Christmas  by Jill Howarth

The 12 days of Christmas

Jill Howarth

"An illustrated version of a familiar song that encourages young children to sing along while brushing up on their counting skills."--

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Lois looks for Bob at the seaside  by Gerry Turley

Lois looks for Bob at the seaside

Gerry Turley

"Lois can't find Bob anywhere at the seaside! Can you help her find him?"--Back cover.

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Meet Owlette!  by R. J Cregg

Meet Owlette!

R. J Cregg

"Introduces Owlette and explains how she uses her superpowers to help fight crime along with her fellow heroes, Catboy and Gekko."--

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Lois looks for Bob at home  by Gerry Turley

Lois looks for Bob at home

Gerry Turley

"Lois can't find Bob anywhere in the house! Can you help her find him?"--Back cover.

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Peppa loves Christmas  by Lauren Holowaty

Peppa loves Christmas

Lauren Holowaty

"Peppa and George love Christmas! Find out all about their favourite festive things in this Christmas pudding-shaped board book. The perfect stocking filler present for little piggies!"--

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Slinky Malinki's Christmas crackers  by Lynley Dodd

Slinky Malinki's Christmas crackers

Lynley Dodd

"The Christmas tree looks splendid, with trinkets and tinsel, baubles and bows, until Slinky Malinki arrives on the scene. On board pages. Suggested level: junior."--

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There's room for everyone  by Anahita Taymourian

There's room for everyone

Anahita Taymourian

"A child grows and discovers the world. As he lies awake at night, he sees there's enough room in the sky for all the stars and the moon. When he visits the ocean, he sees there is enough room for all the fish, even for the whales. As he grows up, he...

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Robot repairs  by Jonathan Litton

Robot repairs

Jonathan Litton

"Robbie the robot has had an accident! With the help of Miss Eureka, Suzy and Max learn about circuits, tools, and batteries. Will their technology know-how rescue Robbie?"--Page [4] of cover.

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Emmett and Caleb  by Karen Hottois

Emmett and Caleb

Karen Hottois

"This book is about the many forms of friendships there are between creatures, and the many ways of expressing this friendship. Join two friends as they journey through the seasons together, birthdays and dark patches, daily chores and spontane...

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How could a bear sleep here?  by Julie Gonzalez

How could a bear sleep here?

Julie Gonzalez

"Shelby the bear is ready to hibernate, but everywhere he tries to fall asleep is far too noisy".--

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Colour of people  by Mauricio Negro

Colour of people

Mauricio Negro

"People come in different colours - and some of them change colour too. You might be blue with cold or be feeling a little green, but no matter what your race, you get feverish when you're sick, you can go cross-eyed with fear - and if you cut yourself,...

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The bandit queen  by Natalia O'Hara

The bandit queen

Natalia O'Hara

"The bandits give their queen treasure, tigers, mischief and mayhem. But sometimes a little girl needs something more ... A book about finding family in exexpected places."--Back cover.

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Hello lilac, good morning yellow  by Judith Drews

Hello lilac, good morning yellow

Judith Drews

"Introduces children to colours and in the process expands their vocabulary."--Cataloguer.

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We've got the whole world in our hands  by Rafael López

We've got the whole world in our hands

Rafael López

"Join in a multicultural celebration of unity and diversity friendships all around the world as we read and sing along with joy, love, and peace!" -- Dust jacket.

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The great monster hunt  by Norbert Landa

The great monster hunt

Norbert Landa

"Duck! There's a monster under your bed! It goes, pshh pshh, grrr, bang bang, pam pam, grrrrowl! Oooooooeee! Whatever could the monster be? Bravely the animals set off to find out... The CD contains witty narration plus original music and sound effects,...

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The lamb who came for dinner  by Steve Smallman

The lamb who came for dinner

Steve Smallman

When a hungry old wolf gets an unexpected visit from a little lamb, he starts planning a delicious lamb hotpot. But the lamb doesn't want to be the wolf's dinner, she wants to be his friend."--

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How to ride a polar bear  by Caryl Hart

How to ride a polar bear

Caryl Hart

"When Albie and his mum go to the museum, Albie has no idea what is in store for him. He know that museums are fusty and dusty and full of smelly things, but what he doesn't expect are igloos, wolves and a real life polar bear."--

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I give you the world  by Stacey McCleary

I give you the world

Stacey McCleary

"I give you the world and everything in it. Come, let me show you - it won't take a minute... From soaring eagles and timid deer, to the winter's chill and summer's laughter, I Give You the World is a beautiful celebration of life and the natural ...

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Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer  by T. S. (Thomas Stearns) Eliot

Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer

T. S. (Thomas Stearns) Eliot

"Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer were a very notorious couple of cats. As knockabout clowns, quick-change comedians, tight-rope walkers and acrobats. Join the cat-burglars Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer in the fifth picture-book pairing from Arthur Robins...

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Night walk  by Alison Binks

Night walk

Alison Binks

"Night Walk is a captivating story about a little boy's adventurous night out while camping. Full of wonder, this story not only honours our natural and beautiful landscape but also reminds us of the commonalities that bind us together regardless of where...

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Elbow Grease  by John Cena

Elbow Grease

John Cena

"Elbow Grease, a small, electric truck with a lot of gumption, enters the Monster Truck Grand Prix to prove to his brothers that he is just as capable as they are."--

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Hungry babies  by Fearne Cotton

Hungry babies

Fearne Cotton

"Every family's mealtimes are different. George likes messy eating, Kit is banana-mad and the twins can't agree whether their snack is yucky or yummy. From chaotic breakfasts to birthday parties, Fearne Cotton's adorable Hungry Babies love to have fun...

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My big book of Spot  by Eric Hill

My big book of Spot

Eric Hill

"Join Spot and his friends to find out all about colours, shapes and numbers in this big, bold and beautiful collection of first words and concepts. The playful, conversational text guides the reader through the chunky board pages making early learni...

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ABC what can she be?

ABC what can she be?

"Not even the sky is the limit with this fun approach to learning the alphabet. In this new title from Walter Foster Jr., "ABC What Can She Be?" encourages young girls by presenting a colourful variety of choices for their future careers. Talented il...

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Tiger walk  by Dianne Hofmeyr

Tiger walk

Dianne Hofmeyr

"One day Tom draws a tiger, inspired by his visit to the art gallery... That night, when Tom can't sleep, the tiger pads out of his drawing and purrs, Let's go for a walk! It's the beginning of a magical and life-changing adventure, as the tiger...

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Where do jet planes sleep at night?  by Brianna Caplan Sayres

Where do jet planes sleep at night?

Brianna Caplan Sayres

"Illustrations and rhyming text reveal what airplanes, helicopters, and blimps do to get ready for bed after a hard day's work."--

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Snail, where are you?  by Tomi Ungerer

Snail, where are you?

Tomi Ungerer

"An intriguing visual game for children 2-5 to find the simple shape of a snail in Tomi Ungerer's charming and retro illustrations. Ages 0+"--

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Santa Claus vs the Easter Bunny  by Fred Blunt

Santa Claus vs the Easter Bunny

Fred Blunt

"Santa has it so easy: a workforce of elves to make the presents, a team of reindeer to deliver them, even a hi-spec factory! The Easter Bunny has to make and wrap all the chocolate eggs in his garden shed, and deliver them himself on foot. No wonder...

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Hollybee Hope wants a prickly coat  by Deborah Hinde

Hollybee Hope wants a prickly coat

Deborah Hinde

"Hollybee Hope is a hedgehog with a prickly problem ... she doesn't have any spines! Her father tells her to be patient, but Hollybee is not a patient hedgehog. She wants to look like a real hedgehog and have spines right now. One morning, when Hollybee...

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My sunbeam baby  by Emma Quay

My sunbeam baby

Emma Quay

"See my bouncing baby, jigging on my knee. Then snuggling for a story, just baby, book and me. A gorgeous new picture book about how much we love our babies, from Emma Quay, the creator of the bestselling and award-winning Rudie Nudie."--

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All kinds of people  by Shelley Rotner

All kinds of people

Shelley Rotner

"A colorful exploration of diversity for toddlers. Cocoa, tan, rose, and almond--people come in lots of shades. Even in the same family there are differences. With vibrant photographs of children and a short but astute text, this charming book will i...

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Noni the pony rescues a joey  by Alison Lester

Noni the pony rescues a joey

Alison Lester

"Noni the Pony heads out for the day, to roam the green hills behind Waratah Bay. As she and her friends wander down a green trail, they meet someone small with a very long tail. Can they help the lost baby wallaby find the way home?"--

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Burpzilla  by Tim Miller


Tim Miller

"The biggest, meanest, HUNGRIEST monster in Behemoth Bay has a problem ... Frank has bitten off more than he can chew and now every time he opens his mouth he BURPS! The other monsters are more than happy to offer him advice. But will it work? Will Frank...

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Grandpa Christmas  by Michael Morpurgo

Grandpa Christmas

Michael Morpurgo

"Every Christmas Mia and her family read a letter which her Grandpa wrote to her. His letter is a heartfelt wish for a better world for Mia to live in. He remembers fondly the times they spent in his garden finding frogs and worms and planting seeds....

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Pete the cat checks out the library  by James Dean

Pete the cat checks out the library

James Dean

"Join Pete the cat as he visits a library for the first time, gets a library card, takes a fun tour, and reads some cool stories that take him on a few groovy adventures."--

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Does Frankenstein get hungry?  by John Solimine

Does Frankenstein get hungry?

John Solimine

"A young girl banishes her fear of monsters by imagining a series of questions and answers that make the ghoulish seem foolish."--

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Oscar the hungry unicorn  by Lou Carter

Oscar the hungry unicorn

Lou Carter

"Oscar the Unicorn has eaten his stable so he needs to find somewhere else to live. Not easy if you're a unicorn who eats everything in sight ... No one wants him around: not the pirates or the fairies or the dragons. Will Oscar ever find a place to call...

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Bear can't sleep  by Karma Wilson

Bear can't sleep

Karma Wilson

"It's time for Bear to hibernate but he can't sleep, so his friends all band together to help"--

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A Christmas carol  by Tony Mitton

A Christmas carol

Tony Mitton

"Our story starts on Christmas Eve as day was dying down. Christmas? Humbug! Scrooge exclaimed as ever, with a frown. Discover the tale of mean old Ebenezer Scrooge and the night three ghostly visits transform him into a kind, generous and compassionate...

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Go fish!  by Tammi Sauer

Go fish!

Tammi Sauer

"A group of friends become less enthusiastic about their fishing trip the longer they go without catching a fish--and when they finally hook a fish it is too big and scary!"--

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Wordy Birdy  by Tammi Sauer

Wordy Birdy

Tammi Sauer

"Wordy Birdy loves to talk, but will she ever learn to listen?"--

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Christmas comes to Moominvalley  by Alex Haridi

Christmas comes to Moominvalley

Alex Haridi

"Christmas Comes to Moominvalley is the perfect gift for Moomin fans of all ages. An exquisitely illustrated re-telling of Tove Jansson's classic story The Fir Tree, in which the Moomins are woken up from their winter sleep to be told that 'Christmas'...

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Last stop on the Reindeer Express  by Maudie Powell-Tuck

Last stop on the Reindeer Express

Maudie Powell-Tuck

"Mia misses her Daddy. Without him, Christmas has lost its magic. But when Mia discovers a world within a mysterious post box, she is whisked away on a truly wonderful adventure over sparkling seas and streets of paper stars. But what will Mia find at...

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Cherries  by Carrie Gallasch


Carrie Gallasch

"The days are long and warm, the nights balmy, and the cherries in the orchard are growing juicy and plump. Time stretches endlessly ahead as we're transported to an idyllic summer of swinging from trees, running with kites and gazing at stars."--

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Dino-Christmas  by Lisa Wheeler


Lisa Wheeler

"Dinos big and small deck the halls and enjoy snowball fights, hot cocoa, a parade, and more. Share in the dinosaurs' delight as they eagerly await the arrival of everyone's favorite... Santa Claws."--

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It all began when I said yes  by Simon Philip

It all began when I said yes

Simon Philip

"A brilliantly funny book about what happens when you say "yes". Sometimes saying yes is a brilliant thing. You can meet new people, discover amazing things and go on exciting adventures... but not always. When a gorilla named Gideon shows up at your...

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Everybody's favorite book  by Mike Allegra

Everybody's favorite book

Mike Allegra

"A slyly fun picture book for kids and adults alike! Anyone who says, You can't please everybody, isn't trying hard enough. At least, that's what the cheeky narrator of this meta picture book thinks! A good book may have a spaceman or a ninja or a cowboy,...

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Lucy fell down the mountain  by Kevin Cornell

Lucy fell down the mountain

Kevin Cornell

"Lucy is having a terrible day. She's falling down a mountain. As she passes various characters--a mountain man, a bungeeing duck, and a pile of shuffling bears--she tries to ask for help. But everyone misinterprets her requests. As Lucy gains velocity,...

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That's not my llama  by Fiona Watt

That's not my llama

Fiona Watt

"Another new title in the highly successful That's not my.... series, featuring touchy-feely patches to explore and a little white mouse to look for on every page."--

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The prettiest flower  by Anna Shuttlewood

The prettiest flower

Anna Shuttlewood

"Hedgehog loves her garden. Passers-by often stop to admire her beautiful flowers. But one day Hedgehog wakes to find her pretty garden ruined! Who has eaten all her plants? Hedgehog blames each of her friends, but it wasn't any of them. Then Hedgehog...

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Frockodile  by Jeanne Willis


Jeanne Willis

"Cliff, the crocodile wants to wear a dress.When the hyenas laugh at Cliff, he pretends he's dressing up for a play. But no play exists! Luckily his friend Freddy comes to the rescue and creates a show for Cliff to star in. But what will his dad say when...

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Grandma always wears red  by June Allen

Grandma always wears red

June Allen

"Fire engines arrive when Grandma speeds past in her red dress."--Publisher information.

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If you ever want to bring a pirate to meet Santa, don't!  by Elise Parsley

If you ever want to bring a pirate to meet Santa, don't!

Elise Parsley

"When Magnolia's family prepares to meet Santa at the local mall, she befriends a mischievous pirate and tries to get him taken off Santa's 'naughty list'"--

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Anna at the art museum  by H. J. (Hazel J.) Hutchins

Anna at the art museum

H. J. (Hazel J.) Hutchins

"A little girl becomes bored and cranky during a visit to an art museum until she begins to identify with details in the paintings. Suddenly art starts to imitate real life."--

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The problem with penguins  by Helen Stephens

The problem with penguins

Helen Stephens

"It's hard when you have to share everything with your baby brother. Tofta doesn't want to at all. So when an iceberg drifts past her window, she decides that it's her iceberg and she's not going to share it with anyone. But when five hundred playful...

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Scaredy Sam  by Mathilde Stein

Scaredy Sam

Mathilde Stein

"Perhaps Scaredy Sam is braver than he thinks? Scaredy Sam is scared of absolutely everything, from wearing his favourite flowery dungarees in public to the ghost he thinks lives under his bed. Sam makes an appointment with the Magic Tree to become l...

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The wobbly waitress  by Lisa Stickley

The wobbly waitress

Lisa Stickley

"Pop in to the Zoo Cafe for a sandwich or two and meet the waitress, Mabel and her friends. Mabel is one of the best waitresses you'll ever meet, but today there's a problem... Mabel has the hiccups! And suddenly, spaghetti bolognese is flying, ice c...

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The lost horse  by Mark Nicholas

The lost horse

Mark Nicholas

"When the sculpture of a horse disappears from the gallery, everyone is panicked! The police start a countrywide search - where could he be? Has he been stolen? Did he run away? In a village outside the city, young Lyra dreams of having a friend of her...

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Construction site on Christmas night  by Sherri Duskey Rinker

Construction site on Christmas night

Sherri Duskey Rinker

"It is Christmas Eve, and all the construction vehicles are finishing up work on the site, and when they leave they find that there is a special present waiting for each of them."--Publisher information.

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Charlie Star  by Terry Milne

Charlie Star

Terry Milne

"Charlie is an anxious dachshund who worries that something terrible might happen if he doesn't keep to his daily rituals. After he is called upon to help rescue a friend and in the rush forgets his rituals, Charlie discovers that he doesn't have to be...

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The Christmas tree who loved trains  by Annie Silvestro

The Christmas tree who loved trains

Annie Silvestro

"A pine tree grew in the farthest corner of the tree farm. . . .The tree loved trains. She loved to watch them ZOOM by on the tracks beside the tree farm. Her branches would ripple in the wind as the trains roared past. One morning, a little boy ran all...

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Who eats orange?  by Dianne White

Who eats orange?

Dianne White

"A unique exploration of different animals' favorite foods and what color those foods are."--

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Presto and Zesto in Limboland  by Arthur Yorinks

Presto and Zesto in Limboland

Arthur Yorinks

"This never-before published tale is an imaginative romp through the world of Limboland. Two great friends - a friendship largely inspired by Maurice Sendak's and Arthur Yorkink's own - must brave a monster, a singing cow, and several berserk goats, ...

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Snowball  by Sue Hendra


Sue Hendra

"A lonely young snowball, stuck at the top of a mountain, decides to visit the local town for a bit of fun - but on his way he trips, falls, and starts to roll... and when a snowball rolls through snow, we all know what happens! This snowball picks up...

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Patrolling police cars  by Tony Mitton

Patrolling police cars

Tony Mitton

"Patrolling almost anywhere, in any neighbourhood, police cars help police keep all things steady, safe, and good. Cruise around with some law-enforcing animal officers and their patrol cars in this dazzling picture book. Zippy wordplay, zappy art, plus...

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Awesome ambulances  by Tony Mitton

Awesome ambulances

Tony Mitton

"When the station takes a call to say that you're in need an ambulance will get to you by driving at great speed. Come to the rescue with this speedy ambulance and its busy animal crew in this action-filled picture book. Zippy wordplay, zappy art, plus...

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Counting blessings  by Emma Dodd

Counting blessings

Emma Dodd

"Big dog and little dog think of all the things that make their lives so special, from a home full of love to the blue sky above."--Back cover..

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