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Find more birds  by Heather Wolf

Find more birds

Heather Wolf

"A photo-filled trove of tips for seeing more birds wherever you look, from crowd favourites (hummingbirds, owls, eagles) to species you've never spotted before. What's the one thing everyone wants to know about birds? How to find them! Every day on social...

What do bees think about?  by Mathieu Lihoreau

What do bees think about?

Mathieu Lihoreau

"Explore the mind of a bee and learn what drives its behavior. Have you ever observed a bee up close and wondered what was going on inside its head? Like ours, insects' brains take up most of the space in their heads, but their brains are smaller than a grain...

The secret history of sharks  by John A. Long

The secret history of sharks

John A. Long

"From ancient megalodons to fearsome Great Whites, this is the complete, untold story of how sharks emerged as Earth's ultimate survivors, by a world-leading paleontologist Sharks have been fighting for their lives for 500 million years and are under dire...

The story of Earth's climate in 25 discoveries  by Donald R. Prothero

The story of Earth's climate in 25 discoveries

Donald R. Prothero

"Over 4.5 billion years, Earth's climate has transformed tremendously. Before our more temperate recent past, the planet swung from one extreme to another—from a greenhouse world of sweltering temperatures and high sea levels to a "snowball earth" in which...

Unseen universe  by Caroline Harper

Unseen universe

Caroline Harper

"This is the universe as you've never seen it before. Discover how the awe-inspiring images from Webb are rapidly changing our understanding of our solar system and beyond"--Publisher's description.

How life works  by Philip Ball

How life works

Philip Ball

"A cutting-edge new vision of biology that will revise our concept of what life itself is, how to enhance it, and what possibilities it offers. Biology is undergoing a quiet but profound transformation. Several aspects of the standard picture of how life...

Coastal fishes of New Zealand  by Malcolm Francis

Coastal fishes of New Zealand

Malcolm Francis

Coastal Fishes of New Zealand' provides a comprehensive, informative and up-at-date identification guide to the fishes likely to be encountered by New Zealand divers and fishers. Illustrated with 340 superb colour photographs of live fish in their natural...

Precious  by Helen Molesworth


Helen Molesworth

"Travelling through moments in history and layers of soil and sediment, this is world history as you have never seen it before. This is the story of precious gems, from emeralds and rubies, to sapphires and pearls. Explore their history and geology, as well as...

Mathematica  by David Bessis


David Bessis

"A fascinating look into how the transformative joys of mathematical experience are available to everyone, not just specialists. Math has a reputation for being inaccessible. People think that it requires a special gift or that comprehension is a matter of...

Groundbreakers  by Chantal Lyons


Chantal Lyons

"After centuries of absence, wild boar are back in Britain. What does this mean for us--and them? Big, messy and mysterious--crossing paths with a wild boar can conjure fear and joy in equal measure. Driven to extinction seven hundred years ago, a combination...

The waltz of reason  by Karl Sigmund

The waltz of reason

Karl Sigmund

"Over Plato's Academy in ancient Athens, it is said, hung a sign: "Let no one ignorant of geometry enter here." Plato thought no one could do philosophy without also doing mathematics. In The Waltz of Reason, mathematician and philosopher Karl Sigmund shows us...

Eat, poop, die  by Joe Roman

Eat, poop, die

Joe Roman

"If forests are the lungs of the planet, then animals migrating across oceans, streams, and mountains-eating, pooping, and dying along the way-are its heart and arteries, pumping nitrogen and phosphorus from deep-sea gorges up to mountain peaks, from the...

The ocean is alive  by Glenn Edney

The ocean is alive

Glenn Edney

"The Ocean covers over 70 percent of our planet's surface and accounts for 97-99 percent of the liveable biosphere. She is the cradle of our existence and the heart of our blue home, a vast, living and breathing superorganism. The Ocean Is Alive is first and...

Homegrown homemade alternative flours  by Rebecca Stewart

Homegrown homemade alternative flours

Rebecca Stewart

"This book has emerged from our own explorations into alternative flours. We primarily eat a low carb diet with a high focus on meat. However, it is nice to be able to include a low carb bread or occasional baking in our lives. But also, to maximise our yields...

Owls  by Stan Tekiela


Stan Tekiela

"They are silent and beautiful. They symbolize knowledge and mystery. Owls are among the most popular and beloved animals in the world. Yet most are nocturnal, so an owl sighting is a remarkable event, one worthy of remembering and sharing with others....

Vector  by Robyn Arianrhod


Robyn Arianrhod

"Vector takes readers on an extraordinary 5000-year journey through the human imagination. The stars of this book, vectors and tensors, are unlikely celebrities. Yet mathematician and science writer Robyn Arianrhod shows how they enabled physicists and...

Snakes without borders  by Richard Shine

Snakes without borders

Richard Shine

"Snakes Without Borders is a collection of amazing stories from one of the world's leading herpetologists, Rick Shine, who has spent fifty years conducting research on snakes of many different kinds, in many different places around the world, from his home in...

Journeys with emperors  by Gerald L. Kooyman

Journeys with emperors

Gerald L. Kooyman

"The 2005 Luc Jacquet documentary March of the Penguins won an Oscar for its depiction of emperor penguins' fifty-kilometre trek over sea ice to their breeding grounds. While such a trek may be common for emperors breeding in colonies around the Antarctic...

Worlds within worlds  by Bruno P. Kremer

Worlds within worlds

Bruno P. Kremer

"A microscope is a gateway to another dimension, allowing us to explore the fascinating realm of microorganisms. From the colonies of green algae that grace the cover of this book, to bacteria, cellular structures and protozoa - an entire world of life, almost...

Things that go bump in the universe  by C. Renée James

Things that go bump in the universe

C. Renée James

"The violent birth of the universe was only the first bang of a very bumpy ride. This unfathomably cacophonous beginning has spawned blasts, implosions, cosmic cannibalism, collisions, and countless other fleeting energetic events punctuating the cosmos....

Molds, mushrooms, and medicines  by Nicholas P. Money

Molds, mushrooms, and medicines

Nicholas P. Money

"From beneficial fungi that keep bacteria under control and consume dead cells to toxic molds that cause disease, our bodies are constantly navigating a fungus-filled world. And our interactions with fungi are not limited to what happens in our bodies as we...

Secrets of the octopus  by Sy Montgomery

Secrets of the octopus

Sy Montgomery

"The companion to the highly-anticipated National Geographic television special, this beautifully illustrated book explores the alluring underwater world of the octopus—a creature that resembles an alien lifeform, but whose behavior has earned it a reputation...

Rabbits  by Tom Jackson


Tom Jackson

"Often associated with spring and Easter, fluffy bunnies and rabbits are also synonymous with undeniably cute animals. You may have read the Velveteen Rabbit as a child or seen Bambi where rabbits are portrayed as sweet, sympathetic characters. However, wild...

The beauty of falling  by Claudia de Rham

The beauty of falling

Claudia de Rham

"This book explores the subject of gravity in a fresh way, taking the reader from Newton to the frontiers of gravitational physics. Per Einstein's general theory of relativity, gravity is a manifestation of the curvature of spacetime, and this is an excellent...

Love triangle  by Matt (Mathematician) Parker

Love triangle

Matt (Mathematician) Parker

"Explore the life-changing magic of trigonometry with Matt Parker, stand-up mathematician and No. 1 bestselling author of Humble Pi. Why can no two people ever see the same rainbow? What happens when you pull a pop song apart into pure sine waves and play it...

Grace in all simplicity  by Robert N. Cahn

Grace in all simplicity

Robert N. Cahn

"Grace in All Simplicity narrates the saga of how we have prospected for some of Nature's most tightly held secrets, the basic constituents of matter and the fundamental forces that rule them. Our current understanding of the world (and universe) we inhabit is...

Biology  by Eva Amsen


Eva Amsen

"One of the titles in a cutting-edge new series created in partnership with The Science Museum, this book introduces 100 key areas of biology such as life processes, evolution, DNA and inheritance, diversity of plants, immunity, and disease, and explains each...

The animal mind  by Marianne Taylor

The animal mind

Marianne Taylor

"We are only beginning to understand the ways in which the animal mind is as complex as our own. A prairie dog's vocal language is now the most sophisticated ever decoded, but their unique jump-yip poses as many questions as answers. Gorillas use sign language...

The world itself  by Ulf H. Danielsson

The world itself

Ulf H. Danielsson

"Can we ever truly comprehend the universe before we fully understand consciousness and the wonders, and limits, of the mind? Ulf Danielsson, an acclaimed theoretical physicist who has dedicated his career to probing the deepest mysteries of nature, thinks...

A photographic guide to insects of New Zealand  by Brian J Parkinson

A photographic guide to insects of New Zealand

Brian J Parkinson

This new addition of A Photographic Guide to Insects of New Zealand recognises the fact that New Zealand is a fascinating arena of study for anyone with an interest in insect life, be it casual or academic.The country's long isolation from other land masses...

A photographic guide to seashells of New Zealand  by Margaret S. Morley

A photographic guide to seashells of New Zealand

Margaret S. Morley

"Colour photographs illustrating 165 species. Compact, easy-to-use format; the ideal pocket-size travelling companion. Authoritative text describing key identification features"--Back cover

A photographic guide to sea fishes of New Zealand  by Wade Doak

A photographic guide to sea fishes of New Zealand

Wade Doak

"Wade Doak is a natural history photographer and author of world renown, respected for his observation and documentation of New Zealand's marine life." --Back cover.

A photographic guide to alpine plants of New Zealand  by L. J. (Lawrence James) Metcalf

A photographic guide to alpine plants of New Zealand

L. J. (Lawrence James) Metcalf

A Photographic Guide to Alpine Plants of New Zealand showcases the flowers that add so much to the attractions of walking in New Zealand's alpine zone. The ideal size for slipping into a backpack when tramping, A Photographic Guide to Alpine Plants of New...

A photographic guide to ferns of New Zealand  by L. J. (Lawrence James) Metcalf

A photographic guide to ferns of New Zealand

L. J. (Lawrence James) Metcalf

Ferns occur in great abundance in New Zealand - there are nearly 200 native species alone occurring everywhere from the coast through to the country's alpine regions. Then there are the fern allies - including clubmosses and forkferns that have an even longer...

Birds & flowers  by Jeff Ollerton

Birds & flowers

Jeff Ollerton

"The first book that deals with bird pollination in all of its diversity. Looks beyond the iconic hummingbirds, sunbirds and honeyeaters, to assess the real breadth and significance of avian involvement with flowers"--Publisher's description.

The backyard bird chronicles  by Amy Tan

The backyard bird chronicles

Amy Tan

"In 2016, author Amy Tan grew overwhelmed by the state of the world: Hatred and misinformation became a daily presence on social media, and the country felt more divisive than ever. In search of peace, Tan turned toward the natural world just beyond her window...

How the rose got its thorns  by Andrew Ormerod

How the rose got its thorns

Andrew Ormerod

"Have you ever wondered why the rose has thorns and other flowers don't, why the daffodil is the colour it is, or why some plants have shiny leaves and others dull or spiny, or even furry? Accompanied by beautiful colour illustrations, How the Rose Got Its...

Love triangle  by Matt (Mathematician) Parker

Love triangle

Matt (Mathematician) Parker

"Explore the life-changing magic of trigonometry with Matt Parker, stand-up mathematician and No. 1 bestselling author of Humble Pi. Why can no two people ever see the same rainbow? What happens when you pull a pop song apart into pure sine waves and play it...

Birds aren't real  by Peter McIndoe

Birds aren't real

Peter McIndoe

"Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? You haven't, have you? No one has, not in many, many years. They used to be everywhere. That's because they come out of the factory as adults. In the 1970s, the United States government killed off the entire bird population...

Incredible lizards  by Steve (Stephen K.) Wilson

Incredible lizards

Steve (Stephen K.) Wilson

"This book is a celebration of lizard-hood. It salutes a diversity of form and function unparalleled among terrestrial vertebrates, from apex predators capable of swallowing goats to limbless subterranean insectivores. In equal measure they thrive in a...

The science of garden biodiversity  by Julian Doberski

The science of garden biodiversity

Julian Doberski

"You step out of the back door into the garden. There may be a few birds flitting around, perhaps butterflies or bumblebees on the wing, but often the garden can seem very still. However, if you look beyond the superficial inactivity there is an ecological web...

The last rhinos  by Lawrence Anthony

The last rhinos

Lawrence Anthony

"Another extraordinary story of life on a South African game reserve from the authors of The Elephant Whisperer. Lawrence Anthony's South African game reserve is home to many animals he has saved, from a remarkable herd of elephants to a badly behaved bushbaby...

Chaos in the heavens  by Jean-Baptiste Fressoz

Chaos in the heavens

Jean-Baptiste Fressoz

"Nothing could seem more contemporary than climate change. Yet, in Chaos in the Heavens, Jean-Baptiste Fressoz and Fabien Locher show that we have been thinking about and debating the consequences of our actions upon the environment for centuries. The subject...

The return of the Grey Partridge  by Roger Morgan-Grenville

The return of the Grey Partridge

Roger Morgan-Grenville

"The heartening story of the return of nature to the Arundel Estate. The Return of the Grey Partridge tells the extraordinary story of how wildlife is restored to the Arundel Estate in West Sussex. Prompted by the collapse in numbers of one species, the grey...

Wisdom from The hidden life of trees  by Peter Wohlleben

Wisdom from The hidden life of trees

Peter Wohlleben

"This gorgeous compendium distills the essence of the beloved bestseller, The Hidden Life of Trees, and is the perfect pocket-sized gift for holding forester Peter Wohlleben's words dear, and sharing them with your loved ones. Discover the operations of the...

The new world on Mars  by Robert Zubrin

The new world on Mars

Robert Zubrin

"SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic are building fleets of space vehicles to make interplanetary travel as affordable as Old-World passage to America. We will settle on Mars, and with our knowledge of the planet, analyzed in depth by Dr. Zubrin, we will...

Cronin's key guide to Australian wildlife  by Leonard Cronin

Cronin's key guide to Australian wildlife

Leonard Cronin

"Beautifully illustrated and a wonderful introduction to identifying Australian plants and animals. An indispensable guide to Australian wildlife with plants and animals from the coral reefs to the rainforests, eucalypt woodlands and deserts. Over 600...

Quantum drama  by J. E. Baggott

Quantum drama

J. E. Baggott

"The definitive account of the great Bohr-Einstein debate and its continuing legacy. In 1927, Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein began a debate about the interpretation and meaning of the new quantum theory. This would become one of the most famous debates in the...

Cronin's key guide to Australian reptiles & frogs  by Leonard Cronin

Cronin's key guide to Australian reptiles & frogs

Leonard Cronin

"An indispensable guide to Australia's fascinating reptiles and frogs, packed with information about their behaviour, development, food and habitat. Each entry fully describes the species and its way of life. Colourfully illustrated throughout with detailed...

Ferdinand Bauer's remarkable birds  by Jonathan Elphick

Ferdinand Bauer's remarkable birds

Jonathan Elphick

"In 1786, the renowned Austrian natural history artist Ferdinand Bauer travelled to Italy and the Levant with his employer John Sibthorp, Oxford Professor of Botany. The exquisite watercolours he subsequently created from meticulous drawings made during the...

Faster than light  by Robert J. Nemiroff

Faster than light

Robert J. Nemiroff

"Albert Einstein knew already in the early 1900s, when he first published his famous paper about the constancy of the speed of light, that not only did this constancy imply that mass contains energy (E = m c squared), but that faster-than-light motion could...

All mapped out  by Mike Duggan

All mapped out

Mike Duggan

"Maps go far beyond just showing us where things are located. All Mapped Out is an exploration of how maps impact our lives on social and cultural levels. This book takes you on a journey through the fascinating history of maps, from ancient cave paintings and...

The allure of the multiverse  by Paul Halpern

The allure of the multiverse

Paul Halpern

"We are obsessed with the multiverse. From blockbuster movies Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Everything, Everywhere, All at Once to television's The Man in the High Castle and Rick and Morty, the idea that there could be an infinite number of...

Kingdom of play  by David Toomey

Kingdom of play

David Toomey

"For readers of Inside of a Dog and The Soul of an Octopus, a fascinating, charming, and revelatory look at the science behind why animals play that shows how life-at its most fundamental level-is playful. In Kingdom of Play, critically acclaimed science...

Sing like fish  by Amorina Kingdon

Sing like fish

Amorina Kingdon

"For centuries, humans ignored sound in the "silent world" of the ocean, assuming that what we couldn't perceive, didn't exist. But we couldn't have been more wrong. Marine scientists now have the technology to record and study the complex interplay of the...

Feathered marvels  by Dominic F. Sherony

Feathered marvels

Dominic F. Sherony

"From the discovery of the fossil Archaeopteryx to more than 10,000 different documented species today, birds have become the second most diversified class of vertebrates on Earth. Birds have changed and evolved extensively since they first emerged in...

Bird day  by Mark E. Hauber

Bird day

Mark E. Hauber

"From morning to night and from the Antarctic to the equator, birds have busy days. In this short book, ornithologist Mark E. Hauber shows readers exactly how birds spend their time. Each of the book's twenty-four brief chapters covers a single bird and a...

Evolution's bite  by Peter S. Ungar

Evolution's bite

Peter S. Ungar

"Whether we realize it or not, we carry in our mouths the legacy of our evolution. Our teeth are like living fossils that can be studied and compared to those of our ancestors to teach us how we became human. In Evolution's Bite, noted paleoanthropologist...

In hot water  by Paul E. Hardisty

In hot water

Paul E. Hardisty

"In the ongoing climate wars, the Great Barrier Reef has become a symbol of everything that we have to lose from global warming. For years, reports of the world-famous coral being irreversibly bleached have fuelled an ideological battle between those fighting...

Discovering the microscopic world  by Marianne Taylor

Discovering the microscopic world

Marianne Taylor

"Explore a teeming world only visible under a powerful microscope and the crucial role it plays in life on earth. With ever advancing technical developments, including scanning electron and probe microscopy, the miniature world has now been revealed to us in...

The cartoon guide to geometry  by Larry Gonick

The cartoon guide to geometry

Larry Gonick

"What's so funny about a trapezoid? Plus, what is a trapezoid? Cartoonist Larry Gonick unlocks the formula to understanding geometry in the latest entry in his New York Times bestselling Cartoon Guide series. For years, Larry Gonick's Cartoon Guide series has...

Color secrets  by Michelle Lewis

Color secrets

Michelle Lewis

"Many experts dive deep into the field of color psychology - with incredible books that show color's theory, history and science. But they've missed one of the most important truths of color as it relates to human beings: That color itself is a language. It...

Purposeful birdwatching  by Rob Hume

Purposeful birdwatching

Rob Hume

"With its mix of memoir, gentle advice and enthusiastic advocacy, this book sets out a case for purposeful birdwatching. Along the way, it explains how to make your birding more enjoyable, fulfilling and worthwhile. Using ideas and techniques from his five...

Our accidental universe  by Chris Lintott

Our accidental universe

Chris Lintott

"The BBC presenter of 'Sky at Night', and Gresham Professor of Astronomy, Chris Lintott, takes us on an astonishing tour of bizarre accidents, big characters, and human error to tell the story of some of the most important astronomical events of the past...

Math in drag  by Kyne Santos

Math in drag

Kyne Santos

"Unleash your inner math diva. Join sensational drag queen Kyne Santos on a fascinating journey through the glamorous world of . . . math? This hilarious and sometimes controversial book is your VIP pass, taking you behind the scenes with a TikTok superstar...

Nature's calendar  by Kiera Chapman

Nature's calendar

Kiera Chapman

"A fresh take on the traditional almanac, here is a companion to the British seasons - all 72 of them. Inspired by a traditional Japanese calendar which divides the year into segments of four to five days, this book guides you through a year of 72 seasons as...

Otter country  by Miriam Darlington

Otter country

Miriam Darlington

"Mysterious, graceful, and ever-clever, otters have captivated our imaginations despite the fact that few people have encountered one in the wild. In Otter Country, celebrated nature writer Miriam Darlington captures the fascination she's had for these playful...

The light eaters  by Zoë Schlanger

The light eaters

Zoë Schlanger

"Look at the green organism across the room or through the window: the potted plant, or the grass, or a tree. Think how a life spent constantly growing yet rooted in a single spot comes with tremendous challenges. To meet them, plants have come up with some of...

The last of its kind  by 1949- author. Gísli Pálsson

The last of its kind

1949- author. Gísli Pálsson

"The great auk is one of the most tragic and documented examples of extinction. A flightless bird that bred primarily on the remote islands of the North Atlantic, the last of its kind were killed in Iceland in 1844. Gísli Pálsson draws on firsthand accounts...

How to win friends and influence fungi

How to win friends and influence fungi

"In the vein of acclaimed popular-science bestsellers such as Atlas Obscura, Astrophysics for Young People in a Hurry, The Way Things Work, What If?, and Undeniable, the co-founders of the global science organization Nerd Nite bring readers a collection of...

The age of deer  by Erika Howsare

The age of deer

Erika Howsare

"Delving into the historical roots of our tangled attitudes toward deer and how they play out in the present, Erika Howsare observes scientists capture and collar fawns, hunters show off their trophies, a museum interpreter teaching American history while...

The lives of spiders  by Ximena Nelson

The lives of spiders

Ximena Nelson

"A beautifully illustrated guide to the natural history and breathtaking diversity of spiders around the world"--Publisher's description.

The lives of lichens  by Robert Lücking

The lives of lichens

Robert Lücking

"A richly illustrated guide to lichens and their biology. Existing at the margins of life, lichens are the result of symbiotic relationships between fungi and photosynthesising partners in the form of algae or cyanobacteria. Comprising more than twenty...

The lives of bees  by Christina Grozinger

The lives of bees

Christina Grozinger

"A beautifully illustrated guide to the vibrant and richly diverse world of bees. The Lives of Bees provides a one-of-a-kind look at the life and natural history of bees. Blending stunning photographs and illustrations with illuminating profiles of selected...

Australian falcons  by Peter Slater

Australian falcons

Peter Slater

"More than 50 years in the making, Australian Falcons is a beautifully illustrated volume of personal observations, interesting encounters with raptors, and detailed descriptions of behaviour that will inform and delight the reader"--Publisher's description.

Space oddities  by Harry (Harry Victor) Cliff

Space oddities

Harry (Harry Victor) Cliff

"Experimental physicist at CERN and acclaimed science presenter Harry Cliff offers an eye-opening account of the inexplicable phenomena that science has only recently glimpsed, and that could transform our understanding of the fundamental nature of reality....

The hidden life of garden birds  by Dominic Couzens

The hidden life of garden birds

Dominic Couzens

"A glimpse into the secret lives of over 50 garden birds, with beautiful illustrations and intriguing facts. id you know that woodpeckers are capable of learning simple codes? Hooded crows can form connections with humans? A jay's call affects the behaviour of...

Elemental  by Stephen Porder


Stephen Porder

"Over the past four billion years of Earth's history, three organisms-cyanobacteria, plants, and humans--have altered the planet in profound ways by harnessing the availability of five key elements. Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus are the...

The Earth in our hands  by Thomas Pesquet

The Earth in our hands

Thomas Pesquet

"Take a trip around Earth, with a front-row seat on the International Space Station and an astronaut as your guide. The Earth in Our Hands is a work of amazing breadth and beauty. Astronaut Thomas Pesquet brought his camera along for the ride when he was...

Discovering the prehistoric world  by Marianne Taylor

Discovering the prehistoric world

Marianne Taylor

"Renowned natural history author, Marianne Taylor, reveals mysteries of the ancient Earth, from the origins of life to the reign of the dinosaurs and the ice age, in a fascinating 3.8 billion year history. This beautiful, full-color hardback guide explores the...

Why animals talk  by Arik Kershenbaum

Why animals talk

Arik Kershenbaum

"From leading zoologist Arik Kershenbaum, a delightful and groundbreaking exploration of animal communication and its true meaning. Animal communication has forever seemed intelligible. We are surrounded by animals and the cacophony of sounds that they...

Be a birder  by author Ranger Hamza

Be a birder

author Ranger Hamza

"Discover the wonderful world of birdwatching with wildlife cameraman Hamza Yassin - winner of BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing2022 and presenter of BBC documentary Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey. 'Birds have been with me my entire life - from the colourful...

500 insects  by S. A. (Stephen A.) Marshall

500 insects

S. A. (Stephen A.) Marshall

"This colorful guide features 500 insects from all major orders, in a variety of climates and habitats. Professor Stephen Marshall has selected some of his most interesting photographs taken in North and South America, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand...

What's hidden inside planets?  by Sabine Stanley

What's hidden inside planets?

Sabine Stanley

""A guided journey to the inner workings of Earth - and the cloaked mysteries of other planets in our solar system and beyond. We live on the surface of Earth, but rarely consider the fascinating world beneath our feet. The daily machinations of Earth's deep...

In the name of sharks  by François Sarano

In the name of sharks

François Sarano

"Twenty metres below water, the oceanographer Franðcois Sarano came face to face with a five-and-a-half metre great white shark. Seduced by the gentle elegance of this majestic creature, Sarano experienced a profound sense of affinity with her as they swam...

A short history of nearly everything  by Bill Bryson

A short history of nearly everything

Bill Bryson

"In this book Bill Bryson explores the most intriguing and consequential questions that science seeks to answer and attempts to understand everything that has transpired from the Big Bang to the rise of civilization. To that end, Bill Bryson apprenticed...

The magic of reality  by Richard Dawkins

The magic of reality

Richard Dawkins

"This book explains a wide range of natural phenomena including how old the universe is, why the continents look like disconnected pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, what causes tsunamis, why there are so many kinds of plants and animals, and who the first man, or...

The night sky  by Nigel Henbest

The night sky

Nigel Henbest

"If you've ever wondered about the mysteries of deep space, or you're simply awed by the wonders of the cosmos, The Night Sky will introduce the basic concepts of when and how to observe space, through to current theories on everything from black holes to red...

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