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Tokelauan new titles

Ngā Taitara Tokelau hōu

Discover the latest Tokelauan language books. This list updates when we add new titles to the collection.


Pepe togitogi

Carmen Scanlan-Toti

It's fingerpainting time and Alisa comes up with a way to create an orange butterfly.

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Ko he kieufimoega mo Lōpati

Maria Samuela

A little girl helps her grandmother prepare a tīvaevae for her uncle's wedding. Suggested level: junior, primary.

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Tokelauan for kids

1968- Jahri Jah Jah

Learn to speak words and phrases in Tokelauan.

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Counting in Tokelauan

1968- Jahri Jah Jah

Learn to count in Tokelauan.

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Ko na lanu = Colours

A language reader in Tokelauan providing a simple introduction to colour.

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Ko nā fuainumela = Numbers 1-10

A reader in Tokelauan and English counting numbers 1 to 10.

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Ko nā vāega o te tino = Parts of the body

A reader for children in Tokelauan naming the parts of the body.

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Ko loto o toku fale = Inside my house

A reader in Tokelauan and English about the rooms inside your house.

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Te afīfīga fakapitoa

Lino Nelisi

Aiani and her mother go to the hospital to see Molene's new baby. When they leave the hospital, Uncle Tuki brings a mysterious brown paper parcel and wants to stop at a plant shop. Aiani asks why and learns that it's all part of a special family custom....

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Fātuga faka-Tokelau

Developed for schools with year 1-10 students, this book has been designed so that all students can join in and sing along. The compact disc contains ten songs, and the accompanying booklet contains teachers' notes, lyrics and information about each ...

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I te malae vakalele

Feana Tuʻakoi

A simple story about a little boy who describes the things he sees at the airport, while he waits for the arrival of his grandmother.

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Ko te tokotoko o toku tupuna

Emeli Sione

Alo, the eldest grandson, initially rejects, but in the end takes on his responsibility to be a support for his grandfather.

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He hoa lava

Maʻara Taia. Scheel

A story of a little boy in the Cook Islands, and his adventures with his shadow.

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