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Have a flick through our collection of nonfiction eBooks on a wide range of topics. This list updates when we add new titles to our collection.

Caffeine by Amy Francis


Amy Francis

Provides a wide range of opinions on a specific social issue. Offers a variety of perspectives-eyewitness accounts, governmental views, scientific analysis, newspaper and magazine accounts, and many more-to illuminate the issue. Extensive bibliographies...

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Generation Z by Corey Seemiller

Generation Z

Corey Seemiller

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Mandela and the general by John Carlin

Mandela and the general

John Carlin

"Will the Freedom Struggle End in a Bloodbath? Nelson Mandela, the anti-apartheid hero and first leader of the new South Africa, is an international symbol of the power of a popular movement to fight structural racism. But that nonviolent struggle for...

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The dangers of diet drugs by Christina Gatti

The dangers of diet drugs

Christina Gatti

This book examines the use of diet drugs and the pressure young adults get from friends, family and the media not to become overweight. This volume describes the consequences of taking these pills and provides information about healthy alternatives to...

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The happy runner by David Roche

The happy runner

David Roche

"The Happy Runner breaks down the science of performance psychology, introduces training principles, and provides real-world stories to show how runners can successfully apply the authors' Some Work, All Play (SWAP) principles into their daily runnin...

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Open to reason by Souleymane Bachir Diagne

Open to reason

Souleymane Bachir Diagne

What does it mean to be a Muslim philosopher, or to philosophize in Islam? In Open to Reason, Souleymane Bachir Diagne traces Muslims' intellectual and spiritual history of examining and questioning beliefs and arguments to show how Islamic philosophy...

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Oil, power, and war by Matthieu Auzanneau

Oil, power, and war

Matthieu Auzanneau

"Oil, Power, and War is a sweeping, unabashed history of oil, told by French journalist Matthieu Auzanneau. It provides a detailed account of the people and events that drove the oil industry from its earliest days, and takes a critical look at the way...

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Sympathy for the traitor by Mark Polizzotti

Sympathy for the traitor

Mark Polizzotti

An engaging and unabashedly opinionated examination of what translation is and isn't.0For some, translation is the poor cousin of literature, a necessary evil if not an outright travesty -- summed up by the old Italian play on words, traduttore, trad...

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The Alchemy of Things by Karen McCartney

The Alchemy of Things

Karen McCartney

Explores the homes of 18 global creatives who take an eccentric, whimsical, curated and clever approach to their living space.

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Guest of honor by Deborah Davis

Guest of honor

Deborah Davis

In this revealing social history, one remarkable White House dinner becomes a lens through which to examine race, politics, and the lives and legacies of two of America's most iconic figures. In 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt invited Booker T. Wa...

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I have loved me a man by Sharon Mazer

I have loved me a man

Sharon Mazer

"From the Old Mill Disco in Timaru to San Francisco's ACT UP protests, through Jazzercise and drag, AIDS and homosexual law reform, I Have Loved Me a Man takes readers inside the social revolution that has moved New Zealand from the 1960s to the present...

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Arguments for a theatre by Howard Barker

Arguments for a theatre

Howard Barker

For more than three decades Howard Barker has argued passionately against the deformation of English theatre by social realism. Insisting on the primacy of tragedy over all art forms in Western culture, his elaboration of a tragic form for our time -...

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Chronic pain by Kelly Gurnett

Chronic pain

Kelly Gurnett

This book describes the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic pain.

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Understanding hepatitis by Naheed Ali

Understanding hepatitis

Naheed Ali

Hepatitis afflicts many people and is a growing cause for concern. Naheed Ali, MD, breaks down the history, causes, symptoms, and treatment of hepatitis so readers, both patients and those who love them, can better understand the disease and address the...

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Reduce, reuse, re-imagine by Beth Porter

Reduce, reuse, re-imagine

Beth Porter

People are proud to recycle, but in recent years many have become suspicious the process isn't operating as seamlessly as we'd like to think. Reduce, Reuse, Reimagine makes sense of the complex system for any reader who wants to learn how it works, what...

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The Two Kinds of Righteousness by E. W. Kenyon

The Two Kinds of Righteousness

E. W. Kenyon

This book unfolds a truth that is the key to the faith life, and reveals God's cure for sin consciousness.

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Forbidden mysteries of Faery witchcraft by Storm Faerywolf

Forbidden mysteries of Faery witchcraft

Storm Faerywolf

"Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft invites you to walk the bardic path of poetry, art, song, and ecstasy as you cultivate the power of the forsaken shadows. Guiding you through enchantments, reflections, demonic rituals, divine possession, necr...

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Sex, drugs and the electoral roll by Fiona Patten

Sex, drugs and the electoral roll

Fiona Patten

The incredible story of Fiona Patten, in her own inimitable words. Tireless fighter, courageous activist and effective politician who really is making a difference to her world.

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Brain health as you age by Steven P. Simmons

Brain health as you age

Steven P. Simmons

While we may expect to live longer, many wonder if their brains will keep up with their bodies. This book looks at typical functions and declines of an aging brain, the signs and symptoms of problems, the available treatments, the financial responsib...

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Medical medium liver rescue by Anthony William

Medical medium liver rescue

Anthony William

William, a medical medium, believes that a problematic liver is yet one more symptom of something much larger. Here he shares his take on the epidemic of illnesses he sees as being related to liver problems, and offers a life-changing toolkit to bring...

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Zero harm by Craig Clapper

Zero harm

Craig Clapper

"From the nation's leading experts in healthcare safety the first comprehensive guide to delivering care that ensures the safety of patients and staff alike. One of the primary tenets among healthcare professionals is, "First, do no harm." Patient an...

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Beginning robotics programming in Java with Lego Mindstorms by Wei Lu

Beginning robotics programming in Java with Lego Mindstorms

Wei Lu

This book will show you the difference between making a robot move and making a robot THINK. Using Mindstorms EV3 and LeJOS, an open source project for Java Mindstorms projects, you'll learn how to create Artificial Intelligence for your bot. Your robot...

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Tree by David Suzuki


David Suzuki

A new edition of a contemporary natural history classic, with a new foreword by Peter Wohlleben, author of The Hidden Life of Trees.

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Collecting old glass by J. H. (James Henry) Yoxall

Collecting old glass

J. H. (James Henry) Yoxall

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The Book of Snakes by Mark O?'Shea

The Book of Snakes

Mark O?'Shea

The Book of Snakes profiles 600 significant species from all 32 families, to create a beautiful collector's piece that is both a significant resource for enthusiasts and scholars.

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Murdoch by Ron Palenski


Ron Palenski

The story of Keith Murdoch is the story that won't go away. Ejected from the All Blacks' long tour of 1972-73 because of a run-in with a security guard, Murdoch thereafter chose the solitary life of a nomad, much of it in the Australian. Other rugby ...

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The lost battalions by Tom Gilling

The lost battalions

Tom Gilling

A little known story of two Australian battalions abandoned in Java during World War II and the heroes who kept them alive in the worst of Japan's prisoner of war camps.

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Does the Internet increase anxiety?

Does the Internet increase anxiety?

Provides a wide range of opinions on a specific social issue. Offers a variety of perspectives-eyewitness accounts, governmental views, scientific analysis, newspaper and magazine accounts, and many more-to illuminate the issue. Extensive bibliographies...

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Provides a wide range of opinions on a specific social issue. Offers a variety of perspectives-eyewitness accounts, governmental views, scientific analysis, newspaper and magazine accounts, and many more-to illuminate the issue. Extensive bibliographies...

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Feel free by Nick Laird

Feel free

Nick Laird

Celebrated for his novels and screenplays, Nick Laird has been 'an assured and brilliant voice' (Colm Toibin) in contemporary poetry ever since his impressive debut, To a Fault, in 2005. This is his strongest collection to date, in which we sense the...

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Once upon a fairytale

Once upon a fairytale

What if the Big Bad Wolf didn't eat Grandma, but he decided to date her instead? And Rapunzel didn't have long hair, but a massive straggly beard? These hilarious, imaginative retellings of classic fairytales from eight talented new writers give a br...

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Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica by John Kendrick. Bangs

Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica

John Kendrick. Bangs

American author John Kendrick Bangs carved out a unique niche for himself in the literary pantheon by penning dozens of satirical works focusing on historical figures. In the ersatz biography Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica, he mercilessly skewers bombastic...

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Knitting by Alison Ellen


Alison Ellen

"Knitting is one of the most versatile and exciting of textile structures. This book rediscovers its potential by exploring new ideas for design through the power of the stitch. Written for the dedicated knitter, it goes into the fine detail of how k...

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'Hauhau' by Paul Clark


Paul Clark

This book, the definitive study of the Pai Marire or 'Hauhau' Maori movement in the 1860s, presents a different view. Pai Marire is shown as being a search for ways of meeting European settlement and domination, and of using European skills and literacy,...

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Fighters in the shadows by Robert Gildea

Fighters in the shadows

Robert Gildea

The story of the French Resistance is central to French identity, but it is a story built on myths. 'La Résistance française' was not simply a national effort to free the country from German occupation, but a wider struggle, filled with conflicts and...

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Captain Cook in the underworld  by Robert Sullivan

Captain Cook in the underworld

Robert Sullivan

Captain Cook in the Underworld is a book-length poem by a gifted Maori poet, an archetypal exploration of Western mythology and legend as it 'discovers' itself in the South Pacific. The poem was commissioned as the libretto for a new work with composer...

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Over the mountains of the sea by David Hastings

Over the mountains of the sea

David Hastings

Based on the records of 250 voyages and the direct testimony of more than 80 shipboard diaries, "Over the mountains of the sea" recreates what life was like on the migrant ships for ordinary people - the ancestors of many of today's New Zealanders - as...

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Len Lye  by Roger Horrocks

Len Lye

Roger Horrocks

This is a biography of the New Zealand artist Len Lye, who became a leading modernist artist in London and New York, a major figure in experimental film, a kinetic sculptor and innovative theorist, painter and writer. The author was Lye's assistant in...

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Fast talker by David Eggleton

Fast talker

David Eggleton

This dynamic poetry collection combines punchy political and social awareness with tender observations of everyday life. Embracing a wide variety of subjects, these poems constantly shift in tone and rhythm, ranging from hard-hitting "rants" on the ...

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Someone else's life by Kapka Kassabova

Someone else's life

Kapka Kassabova

With both these books out of print, Someone Else's Life includes 26 poems from the first two and a substantial number of new poems, responding to new places and incidents, only confirm Kassabova's gifts. Drawing on a European tradition in several la...

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His way by Barry Gustafson

His way

Barry Gustafson

His Way is the only authorised biography of New Zealand prime minister Robert Muldoon? one of the dominant political figures of the last half-century in that country. His Way was based on many hours of conversation with Muldoon himself as well as col...

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Young knowledge by Michele Leggott

Young knowledge

Michele Leggott

"[Robin Hyde] was 33 when she died, ending fifteen years of massive production as a poet, novelist, journalist and historical biographer. Her autrobiographical writing has long been acclaimed ... and the scope of her social and political commentary is...

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An unsettled spirit by Terry Sturm

An unsettled spirit

Terry Sturm

G.B. Lancaster (the pen name of Edith Lyttleton) was a very successful novelist in the 1920s and 30s, but is now largely forgotten. This biography gives a picture of the harsh experience of a woman writer in the first half of the 20th century, whose ...

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Songs of a kaumātua

Songs of a kaumātua

This is a unique historical document uncovering the richness of Tuhoe music and poetry. Includes 60 traditional songs from outstanding singer Kino Hughes with the text of each song in both English and Maori; musical transcriptions; information on Kino...

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Ngā tini whetū  by Mason Durie

Ngā tini whetū

Mason Durie

Brings together twenty-five papers Mason Durie has presented at national and international conferences between 2004 and 2010. It discusses Maori moving towards a future involving new technologies, alliances, economies and levels of achievement and be...

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