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Democracy!  by Philip Bunting


Philip Bunting

"Democracy! is full of fascinating and engaging information about democracy, and provides young readers with easily digestible information about the importance of their voice. It is filled with handy tips on how to engage in community discussions, from...

Ketchup on your reindeer  by Nick Sharratt

Ketchup on your reindeer

Nick Sharratt

Picture book

"A split page book where children turn the 1/2 pages to make up hilarious combinations of things that don't normally go together. Do you like ketchup on your Christmas tree? Or a Santa hat on your Christmas pud? Discover all these bonkers combinations and more...

Santa's secret diary  by Adam Wallace

Santa's secret diary

Adam Wallace

Picture book

"Santa has a diary. It's a secret diary! Read all about the disasters in the lead-up to Christmas, from frozen-tongued reindeer to exploding teddy bear-making machines! How will Santa get everything ready in time for Christmas Day?! Take a peek into his top...

20 elves at bedtime  by Mark Sperring

20 elves at bedtime

Mark Sperring

Picture book

"What's the best way to fall asleep? By counting elves, of course! With present-wrapping, bauble-hanging and sleigh-packing elves on every page, and a magical story counting from one to twenty, falling asleep on Christmas Eve just got fun!"--Publisher's...

Gobbolino, the witch's cat  by Ursula Moray Williams

Gobbolino, the witch's cat

Ursula Moray Williams

"Gobbolino is a witch's cat who would rather be a kitchen cat. Gobbolino has one white paw and blue eyes and isn't wicked at all, so his mother doesn't like him. He escapes to look for a real home but is distrusted everywhere he goes and blamed for mysterious...

The 100% official Piggy survival manual.

The 100% official Piggy survival manual.

"Make it out alive with PIGGY: The Official Guide! This handbook includes everything you need to survive in the terror-filled world of PIGGY! Uncover secrets, master every book and chapter, and learn all there is to know about the world and characters of...

On the tip of a wave  by Joanna Ho

On the tip of a wave

Joanna Ho

"A moving text about the life and work of social activist and artist, Ai Weiwei. Told in...lyrical writing, this story shines a light on Ai Weiwei's journey and focuses on Safe Psasage, his exhibition of thousands of life jackets at the Konzerthaus Berlin....

My family and other Romans  by Marie Basting

My family and other Romans

Marie Basting

"I'm Silvia Fortuna Juno De Luca: half schoolgirl, half goddess. Yes actual Roman goddess. But it all starts with Dad. He was messing about, re-enacting battles at Hadrian's Wall, when pow! he's transported to Ancient Rome. I go after him because someone has...

Castle Rock mystery crew  by Vicky McClure

Castle Rock mystery crew

Vicky McClure

"10 year old Jase is spending the summer holidays at the Castle Rock caravan park with his auntie and grandma, who has dementia. Expecting to be totally bored, he meets three other curious, brave, funny kids and together they solve the mystery of a series of...

Gallowgate  by K. R. Alexander


K. R. Alexander

"Sixth-grader Sebastian Wight is cursed with the ability to see the dead, but now a nasty spirit, the shadowman, is determined to claim him for the dead--and this brings him to Gallowgate Academy for Ætheric Arts, where he can learn to control his...



"Asha is a bright and optimistic young woman who cares deeply about her community in the magical kingdom of Rosas. When she discovers a hidden injustice, she turns to the sky and makes a wish; a wish that is so impassioned and generous that a cosmic force...

Engine of change  by Brandon T. Snider

Engine of change

Brandon T. Snider

"When Rube Goldberg stumbles upon the Null Corporation's construction of a massive machine in his beloved junkyard, he starts receiving anonymous messages and teams up with his friends to investigate the company's intentions before it is too late"--Publisher's...

Podkin and the Singing Spear  by Kieran Larwood

Podkin and the Singing Spear

Kieran Larwood

"Podkin is now Keeper of the Gifts - which is a tremendously important job and just a tiny bit boring. It doesn't help that there are still three gifts missing - Podkin can't stop himself from thinking about that. So when the Godseye Mirror begins to shimmer...

Maybe a whale  by Kirsten Pendreigh

Maybe a whale

Kirsten Pendreigh

Picture book

"After Grandpa dies, a girl and her mother take the trip he had planned for her, kayaking along the Pacific west coast to look for the whales that he loved. The trip will do them good, Mom says, but the girl isn't sure. How can that be true when grandpa isn't...

How to start school in 6 easy steps  by Dhana Fox

How to start school in 6 easy steps

Dhana Fox

Picture book

"‘My name's Rosie. I'm five and a quarter years old. Do you want to be my lunch buddy?' Rosie's book says starting school is easy: there are six steps to follow. But it's not as easy as she thinks!"--Publisher's description.

The feelings doctor and the emotions toolkit  by Anna Llenas

The feelings doctor and the emotions toolkit

Anna Llenas

Picture book

"One day, Nuna was in situation where she didn't know how to say no and it left her feeling strange and confused. So she goes to see Colour Monster who is now a doctor and who can help to heal emotions, especially those that are big and difficult to...

This is NOT a polar bear!  by Barry Timms

This is NOT a polar bear!

Barry Timms

Picture book

"This book is NOT about a polar bear. Well... OK, maybe it is! But this polar bear can drive a train, roller skate, disco dance and even save the world. And there's one thing this bear does best of all - he gives the biggest, cosiest cuddles!"--Publisher's...

Be you!  by Karl Newson

Be you!

Karl Newson

Picture book

"Illustrated with children in animal onesie costumes, young readers will love seeing their favourite animals on the page. Whether they identify most with the child hopping across the page like a frog, roaring like a lion or buzzing like a bumblebee this...

Sofia the lagoon dragon  by Maddy Mara

Sofia the lagoon dragon

Maddy Mara

""Three new girls share an incredible secret — they can transform into powerful Sea Dragons when they travel to the Magic Forest! They must work together to banish the evil Fire Queen, once and for all.Sofia the Lagoon Dragon must find the missing narwhal...

Ten days of Christmas  by Steve Cole

Ten days of Christmas

Steve Cole

"He also saved the world, and the universe, more times than anyone can remember. But from the Christmas Invasion to the Runaway Bride, things always seemed to need saving around the festive season... So follows a series of ten incredible tales across the...

Home is where the herd is  by Lu Fraser

Home is where the herd is

Lu Fraser

Picture book

"Gertie the littlest yak and her family are moving mountains to pastures new. And for Gertie, that means squeezing all her belongings onto her sledge. But when someone special gets left behind, will Gertie come to see that home is about so much more than the...

The zombie who cried sheep  by Zack (Fictitious character) Zombie

The zombie who cried sheep

Zack (Fictitious character) Zombie

"Have you ever wondered what life is like for a Minecraft Zombie? Zombie gets invited to join a secret adventurers club but only because he told a lie to a Sheep! He wonders if anyone will find out when he goes to their meeting in an underground cave. But when...

Dragon lore  by Curatoria (Fictitious character) Draconis

Dragon lore

Curatoria (Fictitious character) Dr...

The wheel of the year  by Fiona (Writer) Cook

The wheel of the year

Fiona (Writer) Cook

"Each "spoke" in The Wheel of the Year marks an important turning point: the winter and summer solstices, the spring and fall equinoxes, and the festivals of seeding, growing, and harvesting that arrive in between. Within each section, enjoy: An overview of...

Ruby and the itsy-bitsy icky bug  by Allison Wortche

Ruby and the itsy-bitsy icky bug

Allison Wortche

"Ruby does NOT like bugs! Until she's forced to spend some time looking more closely at one ... A funny story for kids with big feelings and curious minds. When Ruby discovers a bug on her window one morning she FREAKS OUT! She loves animals, just NOT bugs!...

A boy named Isamu  by James Yang

A boy named Isamu

James Yang

"If you are Isamu, stones are the most special of all. How can they be so heavy? Would they float if they had no weight? Winner of the Theordor Seuss Geisel Award in 2020 for Stop! Bot!, James Yang imagines a day in the boyhood of Japanese American artist,...

Ancient night  by David (David O.) Bowles

Ancient night

David (David O.) Bowles

"At the start of things, the elders say, the universe was hushed and still. The moon alone shone bright and round in the star-speckled dark of the sky. David Álvarez is one of the most extraordinary artists working today. His black-and-white illustrations have...

Me and the boss  by Michelle Edwards

Me and the boss

Michelle Edwards

"All the highs and lows of having a bossy, protective, and loving older sibling are depicted in this heartwarming picture book by a critically acclaimed author and award-winning illustrator. Meet Lee, a little boy who won't give up until he learns how to sew,...

There was a party for Langston  by Jason Reynolds

There was a party for Langston

Jason Reynolds

"New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Jason Reynolds's debut picture book is a snappy, joyous ode to Word King, literary genius, and glass-ceiling smasher Langston Hughes and the luminaries he inspired. Back in the day, there was a heckuva...

Rise to the sky  by Rebecca E. Hirsch

Rise to the sky

Rebecca E. Hirsch

Trees are the tallest living things on Earth. But how do they grow to be so tall? Science writer Rebecca E. Hirsch presents a poetic introduction to the tree life cycle in Rise to the Sky. Accompanied by Mia Posada's detailed collage illustrations, this book...

Strawberry swing  by author Coldplay (Musical group)

Strawberry swing

author Coldplay (Musical group)

"I remember We were walking up to strawberry swing I can't wait till the morning Wouldn't wanna change a thing . . ." Strawberry Swing is a tenderly illustrated picture book of one of Coldplay's best known songs. It was the fifth single released from their hit...

Dancing hands  by Joanna Que

Dancing hands

Joanna Que

"Our new neighbors' hands are dancing. Their hands move as if to music. What are they saying to each other? Sam's new neighbors' hands make graceful movements she doesn't recognize, and she wonders what they are saying. Soon she meets her new neighbor, Mai,...

Brothers Grimm  by Valeria Manferto

Brothers Grimm

Valeria Manferto

"The imaginations of children from all over the world have been inhabited by the unforgettable characters of the fairy tales written by the Brothers Grimm, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the courageous twins Hansel and Gretel, the unfortunate Frog...

Cut loose!  by Ali Stroker

Cut loose!

Ali Stroker

"It's the beginning of eighth grade, and Nat Beacon is nervous. Not only will she be the New Kid, but the New Kid in a Wheelchair. And the school year starts off rocky: No one seems friendly, and she can't get to the cafeteria without help. But there are a few...

Hollowthorn  by Kalyn Josephson


Kalyn Josephson

"It's been over a month since Anna Ballinkay and Colin Pierce defeated the King of the Dead on Halloween night, saving the magical Ravenfall Inn they call home. Now, with Hannukah approaching, the kids are looking forward to some peace and quiet-and maybe a...

Sonic the hedgehog 2  by Kiel Phegley

Sonic the hedgehog 2

Kiel Phegley

"After defeating Dr. Robotnik, Sonic is living the life of a free hedgehog! He's ready to prove to Tom Wachowski that he's all grown up, so he stays home when Tom and Maddie go on vacation. But Dr. Robotnik is back, with a vengeance! And he's not alone. It's...

Finn Jones was here  by Simon James Green

Finn Jones was here

Simon James Green

"Eric's best friend, Finn Jones, was the world's most enthusiastic prankster. Was, because Finn died recently of an illness. Or did he? Finn is sending Eric messages from beyond the grave - and it must be because this is Finn's biggest prank ever, faking his...

Rosie Frost and the Falcon Queen  by Geri Halliwell

Rosie Frost and the Falcon Queen

Geri Halliwell

""An adventure in which a suddenly orphaned girl is sent to a boarding school on a hidden island filled with endangered species where she discovers her own connection to Britain's ghostly past"--"--Publisher's description.

Marya Khan and the spectacular fall festival  by Saadia Faruqi

Marya Khan and the spectacular fall festival

Saadia Faruqi

"Marya loves fall. Every year, her family goes to the town's fall festival and picks out the best pumpkin. But this year, after she sees her frenemy Alexa winning a big, cool pumpkin-shaped trophy, Marya knows she's got to win a trophy for something. It just...

Nowhere Island  by Tania Unsworth

Nowhere Island

Tania Unsworth

"Hidden at the intersection of several busy highways behind the trees and scrubby undergrowth is an island, full of secrets... Pez has lived there for a while now, enjoying the solitude. She has a vegetable patch, a routine, her own way of doing things and a...

The raven throne  by Stephanie Burgis

The raven throne

Stephanie Burgis

"Once their triplet Cordelia became the Raven Queen, Giles and Rosalind knew they would have to learn to behave at court. No more fighting for Rosalind and no more singing for Giles. What they didn't foresee was having to foil a plot against their sister. When...

Birdy's tale of a story  by Sally Small

Birdy's tale of a story

Sally Small

Picture book

"Birdy, a creative thinker, has an idea to write a book with George, her quirky sidekick, which takes the pair on a fun-filled, and surprising adventure. Birdy's Tale of a Story is a book that encourages children to write, conceptualise or illustrate a story....

What little boys are made of  by Susanna Leonard Hill

What little boys are made of

Susanna Leonard Hill

Picture book

"What are little boys made of? Discover and inspire a new generation of loving, unique boys in this modern retelling of the classic nursery rhyme! Celebrate all the things that make boys special! Elaborating on the well-known nursery rhyme, this special story...

Sleepover fail  by Meredith Costain

Sleepover fail

Meredith Costain

"Warning: You are about to read my utterly biggest secrets. Can I trust you? OK then. I’m Ella, and this is my diary. Ella is staying at her best friend Zoe’s house for a whole week. The girls are sure everything will be perfect. But Zoe’s bedroom isn’t quite...

The shape of time  by Ryan Calejo

The shape of time

Ryan Calejo

"Antares De La Vega is an adventurer at heart. He dreams of journeying across burning deserts, trekking through wild and uncharted jungles, sailing the furthest reaches of the seas-and yet, he's never stepped foot outside of South Florida. Until strange...

The football encyclopedia  by Emily Stead

The football encyclopedia

Emily Stead

"This newly updated edition of The Football Encyclopedia (FIFA) will make you an expert of the most popular game in the world. The pages are brimming with the latest facts, stats and records, plus punchy profiles of the best international teams on the planet,...

The littlest turtle  by Lysa Mullady

The littlest turtle

Lysa Mullady

Picture book

"The little turtles always climb on top of the big turtles, to eat the freshest fruit, until the littlest turtle speaks up and makes a change"--Publisher's description.

The worry balloon  by Mónica Mancillas

The worry balloon

Mónica Mancillas

Picture book

"In The Worry Balloon, a thoughtful and reassuring picture book, Monica Mancillas's text and Betty C. Tang's illustrations show how one child experiences anxiety and worry, providing different tools to practice mindfulness and strengthen one's mental...

Cape  by Kevin (Children's author) Johnson


Kevin (Children's author) Johnson

Picture book

"When a child loses the person in his life that he loves more than anything, he uses his cape as protection from his grief. On the day of the funeral, he uses it to block out the pictures and stories people share, refusing to acknowledge the memories that keep...

The best me!  by Marvyn Harrison

The best me!

Marvyn Harrison

Picture book

"Can you keep CLEAN, EAT HEALTHILY and BE KIND? Say it with us LOUDLY... YES I CAN! Brimming with positivity, The Best Me is a fun and empowering book all about self-care, written to help preschoolers stand tall. Follow Blake and Ocean as they go through their...

Charlotte the ballerina  by Charlotte Nebres

Charlotte the ballerina

Charlotte Nebres

"The only thing Charlotte loves as much as ballet is Christmas. So, when she gets the opportunity to play Marie in the New York City Ballet's The Nutcracker, she leaps at the chance. Dancing takes practice-hours of adjusting her arms and perfecting her jumps....

Wings, waves & webs  by Robin Mitchell Cranfield

Wings, waves & webs

Robin Mitchell Cranfield

"A visually stunning introduction to patterns found in nature. Perfect for early STEM learning in preschool and kindergarten. From the dots on a ladybug to the spiral on a snail, patterns in nature can be found anywhere. This simple and playful concept book...

Don't panic, it's puberty!  by Anna Claybourne

Don't panic, it's puberty!

Anna Claybourne

"Girls today are learning about and going through puberty at a younger age than ever before. Don't Panic, It's Puberty! offers a positive, reassuring look at the main changes that they will go through during puberty both physically and emotionally - from hair...

Don't panic, it's puberty!  by Tim Collins

Don't panic, it's puberty!

Tim Collins

"A funny, body-positive look at puberty for boys. Boys today are learning about and going through puberty at a younger age than ever before. Don't Panic, It's Puberty! offers a positive, reassuring look at the main changes that they will go through during...

We got the beat  by Charlotte Caffey

We got the beat

Charlotte Caffey

"See the people walking down the street Fall in line just watching all their feet They don't know where they want to go But they're walking in time They got the beat . . . We Got the Beat is a children's picture book based on the hit song by the 1980s new wave...

Tokyo night parade  by J. P. Takahashi

Tokyo night parade

J. P. Takahashi

"Spirited Away meets Where the Wild Things Are by way of yokai mythology in this enchanting picture book by debut author J. P. Takahashi and illustrator Minako Tomigahara. The night parade is about to begin . . . The ground thunders in Tokyo. A gust of wind...

The last kids on Earth  by Max Brallier

The last kids on Earth

Max Brallier

"Ever since the monster apocalypse hit town, average thirteen year old Jack Sullivan has been living in his tree house, which he's armed to the teeth with catapults and a moat, not to mention video games and an endless supply of Oreos and Mountain Dew...

The world's worst children. 1  by David Walliams

The world's worst children. 1

David Walliams

"Are you ready to meet the World's Worst Children? Five beastly boys and five gruesome girls! Like Sofia Sofa - a TV super-fan so stuck to the sofa that she's turning into one! Or Dribbling Drew - a boy whose drool gets him into trouble on a school trip! And...

Bad hair day  by John Phillips

Bad hair day

John Phillips

Picture book

Yo, what's up, Fuzznut? Sing along with the viral TikTok song Bad Hair Day in this riotous journey through the world's worst bad hair day EVER!

Code Name Kingfisher  by Liz Kessler

Code Name Kingfisher

Liz Kessler

"When Liv finds a secret box from her grandmother's childhood she uncovers an extraordinary war-time story of bravery, betrayal and daring defiance. A story that will change Liv and her family forever. Holland, 1942. The world is at war and as the Nazis' power...

Cricket helps out  by Pat McCaw

Cricket helps out

Pat McCaw

"This inviting chapter book series explores health topics through the friendly lens of therapy dogs. Follow an adorable therapy dog helping a child through appendicitis, with strong messages of empathy, kindness, and courage. Therapy dogs are specially trained...

Call me lion  by Camilla Chester

Call me lion

Camilla Chester

"Leo has spent his life dreaming of performing on the West End. His love of dancing is getting him through the heatwave, but his selective mutism means he is unlikely to be able to perform in public and puts his spot in the end-of-summer dance show on the...

Lulu Bell and the sea turtle  by Belinda Murrell

Lulu Bell and the sea turtle

Belinda Murrell

"Lulu Bell and her family are setting off on an adventure a long way from home. Mum has been invited to visit an Aboriginal community to choose paintings for an art exhibition. Lulu, Rosie and Gus are having lots of fun swimming and fishing with their new...

Karen's surprise  by Ann M. Martin

Karen's surprise

Ann M. Martin

"It's fun to be a Baby-sitters' Little Sister! Yay! Ms. Colman's class is putting on a Thanksgiving play. Karen wants to be the star, of course. But Karen is given the worst part of all -- the Thanksgiving turkey! All she gets to do is walk across the stage in...

Daisy McCray and the wave of the day  by Nicole Miller

Daisy McCray and the wave of the day

Nicole Miller

Picture book

"When Daisy McCray wandered down to the bay, she carried her surfboard, expecting a wave. But the wind was onshore and the ocean was flat, so Daisy decided to wait on her mat . . ." Daisy's eyes are glued to her screen when the tide steals her surfboard. Join...

Spy school  by Stuart Gibbs

Spy school

Stuart Gibbs

"Can an undercover nerd become a superstar agent? Ben Ripley sure hopes so - and his life may depend on it! Ben Ripley may only be in middle school, but he's already pegged his dream job: C.I.A. or bust. Unfortunately for him, his personality doesn't exactly...

Evil spy school  by Stuart Gibbs

Evil spy school

Stuart Gibbs

"After getting expelled from spy school for accidentally shooting a live mortar into the principal's office, thirteen-year-old Ben finds himself recruited by evil crime organization SPYDER"--Publisher's description.

Pets  by Erin Suzanne Kelly


Erin Suzanne Kelly

"Book introduces the reader to different pets"--Publisher's description.

Diana and the journey to the unknown  by Aisha Saeed

Diana and the journey to the unknown

Aisha Saeed

"Pre-teen Diana travels to the mortal realm for the first time ever to fight against the evil force stealing the powers of the Olympian gods. Diana is tired of adults underestimating her because she's only a girl! So when the opportunity strikes for Diana to...

Medical robotics breakthroughs  by Heather E. Schwartz

Medical robotics breakthroughs

Heather E. Schwartz

"From laboratory robots to robotic prosthetics, this exploration of scientific inquiry celebrates the greatest developments to date in medical robotics. Get to know the physicians, scientists, and other researchers responsible for these breakthroughs in...

Vaccine breakthroughs  by Heather E. Schwartz

Vaccine breakthroughs

Heather E. Schwartz

"From the polio vaccine to mRNA vaccines, this exploration of scientific inquiry celebrates the greatest developments in vaccine science. Get to know the scientists responsible for these breakthroughs, and explore science in action.--"--Publisher's...

Painting with Bob Ross for kids  by Doug Hallgren

Painting with Bob Ross for kids

Doug Hallgren

"Young artists can learn to paint just like televisions favorite painter, Bob Ross, with these simple-to-follow lessons! In the officially licensed Painting with Bob Ross for Kids, children discover how to create stunning natural landscapes such as Happy Trees...

Alex Neptune, Monster Avenger  by David Owen

Alex Neptune, Monster Avenger

David Owen

"The sea creatures near Haven Bay are acting very strangely, attacking boats, and Alex senses some dark power is controlling them. When he tracks down his friend the water dragon, he finds it's been infected too. If he can't find a way to stop it, the deadly...

The legend of Ghastly Jack Crowheart  by Loretta Schauer

The legend of Ghastly Jack Crowheart

Loretta Schauer

"For Lil, life at the Squawking Mackerel inn couldn't be more miserable. She's tasked with the sloppiest, grottiest jobs and picked on at every turn. Her only friend is Augustus Scratchy, a cantankerous crow with a habit of stealing. When the dread villain...

Jessie and the star rider  by Esme Higgs

Jessie and the star rider

Esme Higgs

"After solving the mystery of the stolen pony, the Starlight Stables Gang are ready to have a relaxing summer and enjoy the Haversham Horse Trials, but things aren't as sunny as they seem. Can the Starlight Stables Gang band together and work as a team once...

Why I love numbers  by Daniel Howarth

Why I love numbers

Daniel Howarth

Picture book

"Everyone loves numbers - especially you!"--Publisher's description.

Tap-dance, Teddy  by D E. Maddox

Tap-dance, Teddy

D E. Maddox

Picture book

"Don't be afraid to dance, walk, run or play a sport to keep your body moving and in great shape. Teddy loves to tap dance, what do you love to do?"--Publisher's description.

Time after time  by Sarah Mlynowski

Time after time

Sarah Mlynowski

"Lucy Usthorn of Fort Worth, Texas, is super excited for her class trip to the Natural History Museum. Sure, Ms. Brock, the strict school librarian who happens to be dating Lucy's dad (awkward) is chaperoning. But it'll still be the best day, right? Wrong!...

The star that always stays  by Anna Rose Johnson

The star that always stays

Anna Rose Johnson

"When bright and spirited Norvia moves from the country to the city, she has to live by one new rule: never let anyone know you're Ojibwe. Growing up on Beaver Island, Grand-père told Norvia stories - stories about her ancestor Migizi, about Biboonke-o-nini...

I love your face!  by Karma Wilson

I love your face!

Karma Wilson

Picture book

"From the top of their heads to the tip of their chins, there's no better way to let your little one know how much you love everything about them -- especially those beautiful faces! I Love Your Face combines a warm and playful message of love from bestelling...

Angus & Mouse read a book  by Jane Godwin

Angus & Mouse read a book

Jane Godwin

Picture book

Angus and Mouse are best friends. When Angus brings home a new book from the library, Mouse nibbles its corners and walks all over its pages. What is Angus going to do? A story about the beauty of friendship and reading.

The magician's daughter  by Caryl Lewis

The magician's daughter

Caryl Lewis

"Discover the power of true magic in this funny, exciting, big-hearted story by Caryl Lewis, the award-winning author of Seed and The Magician's Daughter. Perfect for boys and girls of 8 to 12. Illustrated throughout by George Ermos. After one hilarious,...

A kid's guide to tabletop RPGs  by Gabriel Hicks

A kid's guide to tabletop RPGs

Gabriel Hicks

"An accessible, inclusive guide aimed at helping younger members of the gaming community get in touch with their inner Game Master with practical advice on how to design and share their own games, and create a safe, supportive community, plus a look at the...

Arkspire  by Jamie Littler


Jamie Littler

"Arkspire is a city obsessed by magic. The five Arcanists - a group of all-powerful magicians - have protected the great city for as long as anyone can remember. Within the hustle and bustle of these cobbled streets lives Juniper Bell, a thief who'd do...

The sniger and the floose   by Ashley Fayth

The sniger and the floose

Ashley Fayth

Picture book

In this delightful nonsense poem, Ashley Fayth introduces readers to a range of wild and wonderous beasts. With its playful rhymes and rollicking rhythm this is a perfect read-aloud. Yet even in its silliest moments, The Sniger and the Floose is a gentle...

The cat stole my pants  by Stephan Pastis

The cat stole my pants

Stephan Pastis

"Crime doesn't take a holiday. Neither does greatness. So although I, Timmy Failure, the world's greatest detective, am in Key West, Florida, I am NOT on holiday. And I am DEFINITELY NOT on a honeymoon with my mother and Doorman Dave, having found zero...

Charles Augustus Milverton  by Stephanie Baudet

Charles Augustus Milverton

Stephanie Baudet

An illustrated adaptation of the classic Sherlock Holmes adventure - at an easy-to-read level for readers of all ages! In the attempt to save a woman's marriage, Holmes is forced to come face-to-face with one of his worst enemies: Charles Augustus Milverton....

Aesop's fables  by Elli Woollard

Aesop's fables

Elli Woollard

"Charmingly retold in rhyming verse, with enchanting illustrations throughout, this is a retelling of a selection of Aesop's Fables. In this wonderfully illustrated collection meet the vain peacock and the wise crane, discover what happens to the boy who cried...

The football machine  by David Bedford

The football machine

David Bedford

"Harvey's football team always loses, but Professor Gertie thinks she has the perfect solution - Mark 1, the Football Machine. He has a metal body covered with squidgy skin and he is programmed to win. Will it take a Football Machine to help the team win at...

Night of the ninth dragon  by Mary Pope Osborne

Night of the ninth dragon

Mary Pope Osborne

"When a mysterious note invites them to Camelot, Jack and Annie travel in the magic tree house to the magical kingdom where they must find a lost dragon"--Publisher's description.

Minecraft mobspotter's encyclopedia  by Tom (Writer on Minecraft) Stone

Minecraft mobspotter's encyclopedia

Tom (Writer on Minecraft) Stone

"It's time for adventure! Discover all there is to know about every mob in Mincraft in the official Mobspotter's Encyclopedia: The Ultimate Guide to the Mobs of Minecraft. You'll meet seven expert guides, who are full of stories of their fun experiences, and...

Snowballs  by Matt (Illustrator) Stanton


Matt (Illustrator) Stanton

"Every kid wants to laugh, but Max is the boy who can make it happen. When Max and his friends holiday at a ski resort for the rich and famous, Max realises that everything he could ever need to be happy is all here in one place and he's determined to fit in...

How to be a friend  by Sarah Ayoub

How to be a friend

Sarah Ayoub

Picture book

"Do you know what it takes to be a friend, someone on whom someone else depends? Just a few ingredients, tips and tricks, Make the perfect friendship mix! A lyrical story with heartfelt ideas about what it means to be a good friend from the team that brought...

Ladybirds do not go to day care  by Ali Rutstein

Ladybirds do not go to day care

Ali Rutstein

Picture book

"Mum says it's the first day of day care, but Ravi's dressed up as his favourite insect, and he is quite certain that ladybirds do not go to day care. In fact, this ladybird would rather stay home and eat aphids, thank you very much! Can an anxious and unsure...

First mate Lenny  by Elayna Carausu

First mate Lenny

Elayna Carausu

Picture book

"In the cabin of a home on the sea, Mama leans over Lenny. 'Welcome,' she whispers, as lapping waves rock the boat like a cradle. For little Lenny, life at sea is one big adventure. There are dolphins and turtles, tropical islands and sandy beaches all waiting...



Picture book

"It's time to play cricket! As the grown-ups try to get Rusty out, Bluey learns that cricket is more than just a game"--Publisher's description.

Ready, set, big school!  by Jan Stradling

Ready, set, big school!

Jan Stradling

Picture book

"Maurice is getting ready to start big school. He's excited and a bit nervous too.His friends are here to take this step with him, to make new friends and begin their learning adventure together.The Play School Mindfully Me series helps children and their...

Pow!  by Neil Clark


Neil Clark

Picture book

"Aah, Ooh and Eek are three very worried friends. They worry EVERYWHERE - in school, at the park, in the pool, and especially in the dark. Sometimes their worries get so big, they just don't know what to do! Luckily someone is there to help - their good friend...

The duck who came for dinner  by Steve Smallman

The duck who came for dinner

Steve Smallman

Picture book

"One windy day, a little duck blows into Wolf's backyard. Wolf and Hotpot call her Apple, and together they nurse her wonky wing back to health. But though she may be small, Apple is one plucky duck, and it's not long before she is flying to their...

I'm feeling (a little bit) shy  by Anna Milbourne

I'm feeling (a little bit) shy

Anna Milbourne

Picture book

"This little girl sometimes finds it very hard to say hello. She struggles going into groups or parties and is very scared of starting a new school. However, when she shares her feelings, she learns that everyone feels shy sometimes, even her exuberant big...

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