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Find out what's new and cool! Fun and fascinating fiction and nonfiction for pre-school and school age kids. This list updates when we add new titles to our collection.

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Kātini  by Maria Samuela


Maria Samuela

Story about two young girls, who are meeting each other for the first time (at a concert) although their mothers are sisters. There is a lot of fun and laughter, which brings the cousins closer together. Suggested level: primary, intermediate.

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What's on your plate?  by Whitney Stewart

What's on your plate?

Whitney Stewart

"It's a big, tasty world out there, and this book takes kids on a tour through the cuisines of 14 countries, complete with a recipe for each one. What's on your plate? Chances are it's not quite the same as what's on other children's plates around the...

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A child's introduction to Greek mythology  by Heather Alexander

A child's introduction to Greek mythology

Heather Alexander

Presents an introduction to Greek mythology, discussing the roles of gods and goddesses, as well as the adventures of heroes and mythical beings.

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The cloak of feathers  by Nigel Quinlan

The cloak of feathers

Nigel Quinlan

"Once every hundred years, the small, forgotten, rural Irish town of Lisahee welcomes The Fairy Festival - a week of celebration where the mysterious and magical 'sidhe' emerge from the hill above the town and take residence alongside their human cou...

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Express train to trouble   by Robert Quackenbush

Express train to trouble

Robert Quackenbush

"Watch out, Miss Mallard! Miss Mallard is a famous detective who just happens to be a duck. Her latest case brings her to Egypt, land of ancient pyramids and mysterious mummies. On a exotic train tour, practical joker George Ruddy Duck disappears, and...

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Stairway to doom  by Robert Quackenbush

Stairway to doom

Robert Quackenbush

"World-famous duck-tective Miss Mallard must track down her disappearing family memebers in this engaging Aladdin QUIX mystery. Miss Mallard is travelling to Scotland's Duckinbill Castle for a family reunion. During the reading of a will, family members...

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Our principal is a wolf!  by Stephanie Calmenson

Our principal is a wolf!

Stephanie Calmenson

"Big bad Mr. Bundy? Mr. Bundy is the principal at PS 88. And it may be hard to believe, but he once came nose-to-nose with the big bad wolf, who gobbled him up in one bite! "Gulp!" One thing all the kids at PS 88 know for sure is that their favorite ...

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Sugar secrets  by Helen Perelman

Sugar secrets

Helen Perelman

"Princess Mini's adventures at Royal Fairy Academy continue. A class assignment for Parent Day has Mini worried her candy creation won't be sugar-tastic enough for her royal parents and even her cousin Prince Frosting wants to make sure his treats stand...

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A boy called Ocean  by Chris Higgins

A boy called Ocean

Chris Higgins

"One boy stranded at sea. One girl back on land. One ocean between them. The only thing willing him to survive is the thought of her. A romance with bite, perfect for fans of Jandy Nelson and Nicola Yoon. Sometimes you have to lose yourself, to find ...

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Will you catch me?  by Jane (Children's fiction writer) Elson

Will you catch me?

Jane (Children's fiction writer) El...

"Nell Hobson lives with a tortoise called Bob Marley, guinea pigs Asbo and Chaos, goldfish Beyonce and Destiny, gerbils Fizz and Tyrone, Aunty Lou the Hamster ... and her mum, who drinks too much. Nell does everything she can to be a good daughter so...

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A ride to freedom  by Olivia Tuffin

A ride to freedom

Olivia Tuffin

"It's summer time and Alice and Secret are going on a Pony Club trip to France. Alice is over the moon to be show-jumping at an international festival! She soon makes new friends, including the gorgeous Seb. But when Finn gets into trouble, Alice has...

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Max the detective cat and the disappearing diva  by Sarah Todd Taylor

Max the detective cat and the disappearing diva

Sarah Todd Taylor

"Max, chief mouse-hunter at the Theatre Royal, is up to his whiskers in his first mystery! Max is a pampered cat, used to the finer things in life, until a fun mouse chase goes badly wrong and he finds himself scruffy and alone and hiding out at the ...

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How to think like an absolute genius  by Philippe Brasseur

How to think like an absolute genius

Philippe Brasseur

"Be curious! Be imaginative! Be determined! With this book as your guide you can become absolutely awesome at whatever you put your mind to. Take inspiration from 26 of the world's greatest geniuses from an array of different eras and disciplines. Learn...

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The curse of the Gloamglozer  by Paul Stewart

The curse of the Gloamglozer

Paul Stewart

"In the floating city of Sanctaphrax, fusty old professors scheme and bicker with each other as they study the weather in minute detail - mistsifting, fogprobing, researching the air blowing in from beyond the Edge. But some experiments are best left...

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Echo's sister  by Paul Mosier

Echo's sister

Paul Mosier

"Eleven-year-old Echo finds the courage to help her younger sister fight cancer, and, in the process, finds the love and support of an entire community"--

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Our eyes can see  by Jodi Wheeler-Toppen

Our eyes can see

Jodi Wheeler-Toppen

"Describes how the eye works and can see"--

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Princess Sophie and the six swans  by Kim Jacobs

Princess Sophie and the six swans

Kim Jacobs

A king's daughter undertakes a difficult task to rescue her six brothers from the enchantment imposed on them by their wicked stepmother.

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Ripley's believe it or not!

Ripley's believe it or not!

"We're comparing the world's most bizarre parallel events! Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was presented at the 1889 World's Fair, the same year that Nintendo was founded? Or that the last beheading by guillotine in France occurred in 1977--the same...

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Start now!  by Chelsea Clinton

Start now!

Chelsea Clinton

"A book about issues in the world and what kids can do to help solve them. Topics include: health, bullying, and the environment"--

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The kids book of hand lettering  by Nicole Miyuki Santo

The kids book of hand lettering

Nicole Miyuki Santo

The Kids' Book of Hand Lettering will introduce young crafters to the joys of hand lettering through 20 fun and inspired DIY projects that are easy to create at home.

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Pearl  by Molly Schaar Idle


Molly Schaar Idle

"When young Pearl, a mermaid, becomes caretaker of a single grain of sand, she discovers that performing even the smallest task well can transform the world."--Publisher information.

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Inventions in 30 seconds  by Mike Goldsmith

Inventions in 30 seconds

Mike Goldsmith

Discover fast-track facts and information about 30 inventions it's hard to imagine living without. Fascinating facts are delivered in energetic bite-sized morels, while exciting mini-missions challenge you to find more. --Amazon

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Bible animals  by Sally Beets

Bible animals

Sally Beets

"A Bible-themed board book introduces engaging animals from the Bible, including a woolly lamb, a smooth whale, and a soft dove."--Publisher information.

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Tess the tractor  by Peter Bently

Tess the tractor

Peter Bently

"Join Tess the tractor as she learns all about becoming a farm vehicle at the Whizzy Wheels Academy. The story explores her journey of discovery she learns not just about her purpose but about herself. She must overcome a challenge and learn a valuable...

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Fergus the fire engine  by Peter Bently

Fergus the fire engine

Peter Bently

"Join Fergus the fire engine as he learns all about becoming an emergency services vehicle at the Whizzy Wheels Academy. The story explores his journey of discovery he learns not just about his purpose but about himself. He must overcome a challenge and...

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1 grumpy Bruce  by Ryan T. Higgins

1 grumpy Bruce

Ryan T. Higgins

"Bruce the bear does not appreciate all the animals who show up ready to party in groups from one to ten."--Publisher information.

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Meddy Teddy

Meddy Teddy

"Follow along as Meddy Teddy shows you his favorite yoga poses; you'll be a yogi in no time!"--

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Mole's star  by Britta Teckentrup

Mole's star

Britta Teckentrup

"Every evening, Mole comes out of his burrow to watch the twinkling stars in the sky above. How he wishes he could have them for his very own! Then one night he sees a shooting star and suddenly his wish comes true. There's just one problem: now that...

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The big race  by David (Illustrator) Barrow

The big race

David (Illustrator) Barrow

"Aardvark is only small and the Big Race is long and hard. But Aardvark is going to join in and give it everything she's got!"--Publisher information.

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Welcome To Oddleigh by Tor Freeman

Welcome To Oddleigh

Tor Freeman

"Chief Inspector Jessie and Sergeant Sid are tasked with policing the town of Oddleigh. Oddleigh is no ordinary place; strange things and bizarre behaviour are the order of the day. But Jessie's sworn to uphold the law of the town, and she's going to...

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Secret coders. 6, Monsters & modules by Gene Luen Yang

Secret coders. 6, Monsters & modules

Gene Luen Yang

"The Coders always knew their programming skills would take them far, but they never guessed they would take them to another dimension--or to be accurate, one dimension less. To save humanity, Hopper, Eni, and Josh must travel to Flatland, a dangerou...

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Zenobia by Morten Dürr


Morten Dürr

"Zenobia was once a great warrior queen of Syria whose reign reached from Egypt to Turkey. She was courageous. No-one gave her orders. Once she even went to war against the emperor of Rome... When things feel overwhelming for Amina, her mother reminds...

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Edison Beaker, creature seeker. 1, The night door by Frank Cammuso

Edison Beaker, creature seeker. 1, The night door

Frank Cammuso

"Edison Beaker and his young sister Tesla are staying with their Uncle Earl, manager of the family pest control company, when an alarm sounds and he has no choice but to drag them along on a service call. They should have listened when he warned them...

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Cucumber quest. 4, The Flower Kingdom by author Gigi D. G. (Artist)

Cucumber quest. 4, The Flower Kingdom

author Gigi D. G. (Artist)

"Continuing their journey to collect the signatures of each princess in the seven kingdoms of Dreamside, Cucumber and Almond's entourage travel to the Flower Kingdom. But when they get there they discover that the royal family was wiped out centuries...

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Yackety Zac  by Chris Gurney

Yackety Zac

Chris Gurney

"Zachary Black just won't shut up! From the moment he was born he was yakking non-stop. At first his parents are proud of their son but with time they tire of the constant noise. A trip to the doctor and a cure is found. A rhyme and rhythm tongue twister...

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Moon cow  = Masina povi  by Kyle Mewburn

Moon cow = Masina povi

Kyle Mewburn

"When Milly the cow looks up at the moon she knows it must be lonely, so she decides to keep it company. The other cows think she's crazy, but Milly continues trying to win the moon's friendship. But this is harder than Milly thinks. After all, how do...

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Is it really nearly Christmas?  by Joyce Dunbar

Is it really nearly Christmas?

Joyce Dunbar

"'This isn't any old night, this is a magic night!' There's only one more sleep to Christmas and Lucas and Willow, the moon and the stars are all waiting... While they wait, the children remember everything they love about Christmas, but they don't notice...

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Hello Ruby  by Linda Liukas

Hello Ruby

Linda Liukas

"What exactly is the Internet? A network of wires? How does the information travel online? Learn all this and more with Ruby! In Ruby's world anything is possible if you put your mind to it-- even building the Internet out of snow! But before you can...

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Vikings  by Laura Buller


Laura Buller

The Vikings are coming and these dudes are mean! Roaring in from Scandinavia to burn, pillage, and generally cause a whole heap of trouble, the Vikings terrorized Europe for hundreds of years. But they weren't all bad: Viking dudes were superb seafar...

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Nature's friend  by Lindsey McDivitt

Nature's friend

Lindsey McDivitt

"Gwen Frostic sought solace in art and nature. She learned to be persistent and independent--never taking no for an answer or letting her disabilities define her. An artist and business owner, Gwen dedicated her work and her life to reminding people of...

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Megalodon  by Dougal Dixon


Dougal Dixon

"This series draws on the latest research and discoveries worldwide, and explores the lives of some of the biggest, fiercest and most incredible beasts ever to live on Earth. Indulge in your love of all things dinosaur with page after page of special...

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Triceratops  by Dougal Dixon


Dougal Dixon

"This series draws on the latest research and discoveries worldwide, and explores the lives of some of the biggest, fiercest and most incredible beasts ever to live on Earth. Indulge in your love of all things dinosaur with page after page of special...

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Tyrannosaurus rex  by Dougal Dixon

Tyrannosaurus rex

Dougal Dixon

"Drawing on the latest research and most recent discoveries worldwide, this fantastic new dinosaur series uncovers and explores the lives of some of the biggest, fiercest and most incredible beasts ever to live on Earth." --Publisher description.

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The titanosaurs  by Dougal Dixon

The titanosaurs

Dougal Dixon

"This series draws on the latest research and discoveries worldwide, and explores the lives of some of the biggest, fiercest and most incredible beasts ever to live on Earth. Indulge in your love of all things dinosaur with page after page of special...

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Kids get coding  by Heather (Heather K.) Lyons

Kids get coding

Heather (Heather K.) Lyons

"This book will help budding young programmers design their own games and animation sequences. Learn how to plot out a game, design animated characters and check the code for bugs, then hop online to try out your new skills on the companion website."...

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Coding in the real world  by Heather (Heather K.) Lyons

Coding in the real world

Heather (Heather K.) Lyons

This book will help budding young programmers discover the technology in the world around them. Learn how computers play a big part in our everyday lives, controlling our cars, traffic lights, shopping and money, robots and much more, invent your own...

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Forest  by Cat Hickey


Cat Hickey

Explore the flora and fauna from all around the world with this exciting book full of amazing images, fun quizzes, and incredible information. Discover all types of forests from rain forests to woodlands and where they are found, learn about the diff...

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The sinking of the Vasa  by Russell Freedman

The sinking of the Vasa

Russell Freedman

Describes the building of the mighty Swedish warship the Vasa, how it sank not even a mile out of the harbor, the subsequent investigation, and how it was brought to the surface and restored more than three hundred years later.

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Royal sweets  by Helen Perelman

Royal sweets

Helen Perelman

"Princess Mini is worried about starting a new school and making new friends--even with a little troll named Gobo by her side. It's not always easy being a princess! Will she come to learn that her new school and new friends could lead to more adventures...

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Check out the library weenies and other warped and creepy tales  by David Lubar

Check out the library weenies and other warped and creepy tales

David Lubar

"Thirty-one creepy stories about vampires, transmutations, dreadful fairylands, and other terrifying things. Includes author's notes on how he got his ideas for these stories."--Publisher's description.

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How I (didn't) straighten my hair ... and other life lessons  by Angela May George

How I (didn't) straighten my hair ... and other life lessons

Angela May George

"Dora is trying to find her thing. Her sister knows her thing but Dora can't find hers. She's too busy worrying about her frizzy hair, her friends and the school bully. But when her dad loses his job, and Dora ends up in hospital with a broken hand, life,...

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Mars rover  by Danielle Smith-Llera

Mars rover

Danielle Smith-Llera

"Weighing as much as a small car, a rover named Curiosity rolls quietly around Mars. Scientific instruments pack its body and cluster at the end of a mechanical arm. An arrangement of lenses and instruments tops its mast, like a face. To the many NASA...

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Stretch it!  by Tammy Enz

Stretch it!

Tammy Enz

Which materials can be stretched? What can we make with those materials? Real world examples and practical projects help young readers discover material properties.

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Outsmarting worry  by Dawn Huebner

Outsmarting worry

Dawn Huebner

Worry has a way of growing, shifting from not-a-big-deal to a VERY BIG DEAL in the blink of an eye. This big-deal Worry is tricky, luring children into behaviours that keep the anxiety cycle going. Children often find it hard to fight back against Worry,...

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New hands, new life  by Alex Mihailidis

New hands, new life

Alex Mihailidis

"This book covers how advances in science and technology have made it possible for people with physical disabilities to overcome challenges."--

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The cities we live in  by Georgia Amson-Bradshaw

The cities we live in

Georgia Amson-Bradshaw

"What are the problems and challenges we face around the world when it comes to the cities we live in? How can we create enough living spaces and transport networks without contributing to climate change and habitat destruction? Interactive 'Solve It!'...

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Amelia Earhart  by Isabel Thomas

Amelia Earhart

Isabel Thomas

"Why is Amelia Earhart an aviation hero? She was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, broke flying records and wrote best-selling books, and fought for the equal treatment of women. Her disappearance while attempting to fly around the...

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The houses we build  by Georgia Amson-Bradshaw

The houses we build

Georgia Amson-Bradshaw

"What are the problems and challenges we face around the world when it comes to the houses we live in? How can we build enough safe, comfortable and energy-efficient homes for everyone who needs them without contributing to climate change and habitat...

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The Atlas Obscura explorer's guide for the world's most adventurous kid  by Dylan Thuras

The Atlas Obscura explorer's guide for the world's most adventurous kid

Dylan Thuras

"Presents a kid's illustrated guide to 100 of the world's wonders, both natural and manmade, in 47 countries and on every continent on Earth. Travel the world through common points of interest, from sacred skeletons (Trunyan Tree cemetery in Indonesia...

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Hey awesome  by Karen (Psychologist) Young

Hey awesome

Karen (Psychologist) Young

If kids with anxiety could see their strengths, they would feel so much bigger than their anxiety. They would feel bigger than everything - as though a tiny, tip-toed stretch could have them touching the top of the world from where they are. This book...

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Amazing animal babies  by Kay Barnham

Amazing animal babies

Kay Barnham

Find out about different animals and their babies, from caterpillars to butterflies, joeys to kangaroos and cubs to lions.This beautifully illustrated picture book shows the wonderful world of nature in all its glory.'Look and Wonder' is a fresh, bold...

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Incredible rainforests  by Kay Barnham

Incredible rainforests

Kay Barnham

Take a stroll through the rainforest! From squawking birds of paradise, to monkeys swinging through the trees and insects crawling along the forest floor, be amazed by the variety of life that lives in the rainforest. This beautifully illustrated picture...

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Dave Pigeon (racer!)  by Swapna Haddow

Dave Pigeon (racer!)

Swapna Haddow

"Have you ever sat in a shoebox? Of course you have. But have you ever sat in one when your best friend Dave has spread his feathery self out so wide that his cheesy feet are right up your beak and there also happens to be an old banana in the corner...

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Count Karlstein  by Philip Pullman

Count Karlstein

Philip Pullman

"All Souls' Eve is a night when nobody in the village of Karlstein dares to leave their homes. For that is the night that Zamiel, the Demon Huntsman, prowls through the forests in search of his prey . . . This year, however, the Huntsman doesn't need...

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Max and the millions  by Ross (Fiction writer) Montgomery

Max and the millions

Ross (Fiction writer) Montgomery

"Max discovers an entire, living world on the floor of the bedroom of the eccentric janitor who disappeared from his boarding school, and must protect from the evil headmaster."--Publisher's description.

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Forgotten footprints  by Rosemary Hayes

Forgotten footprints

Rosemary Hayes

"It is August 1711 and Annie Jansz is sailing from Zeeland with her family to a new life in Java on board the East Indian ship Zuytdorp, cooped up in a tiny stinking cabin with her feckless father, pregnant mother and their servant, May. The voyage takes...

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Big Foot and Little Foot  by Ellen Potter

Big Foot and Little Foot

Ellen Potter

"Hugo is a young Sasquatch who longs for adventure. Boone is young boy who longs to see a Sasquatch. When their worlds collide, they become the unlikeliest pair of best friends"--

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Dominic  by William Steig


William Steig

"Dear friends, I am leaving in rather a hurry to see more of the world, so I have no time to say goodbye to you individually. I embrace you all and sniff you with love. I don't know when I'll be back. But back I will be. Dominic"--Publisher's descrip...

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Gumboot stomp  by Samantha Laugesen

Gumboot stomp

Samantha Laugesen

"Join Luke the Pook in this foot-stomping celebration of a tried and true Kiwi favourite: the gumboot!"--Back cover.

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On holiday!  by Tim Cahill

On holiday!

Tim Cahill

"It's nearly time for school holidays, and Tiny Timmy just can't wait! He's been planning on going to soccer camp, seeing his friends and playing every day! But then Dad tells the family they're going away on an island holiday... It sounds like fun, ...

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Yasmin the painter  by Saadia Faruqi

Yasmin the painter

Saadia Faruqi

"Yasmin's painting for the art contest is due Friday, but she has lots of excuses for putting it off. She doesn't know what to paint, she doesn't think she's any good, and painting is messy. Turns out a mess is just what Yasmin needs for...

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The water cycle  by Georgia Amson-Bradshaw

The water cycle

Georgia Amson-Bradshaw

Learn all about the water cycle, the amazing process that keeps water moving around our planet. Discover how water evaporates from the ocean, gathers as clouds in the sky and falls as rain. Read about the different water stores that exist around the globe,...

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The secret of the crystal fairies  by Geronimo Stilton

The secret of the crystal fairies

Geronimo Stilton

"The Thea Sisters are just about to head off on their separate family vacations when they receive a call from Will Mystery. Once again, there is trouble in one of the imaginary kingdoms! A crack has been discovered in one of the maps in the Hall of Roses....

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The secret garden  by Geronimo Stilton

The secret garden

Geronimo Stilton

"When young Mary loses her parents, she is sent to live with her uncle in Misselthwaite. His house is very sad and gloomy, but soon Mary discovers a forgotten garden. It has long been kept a secret, and Mary can't wait to plant new flowers and bring it...

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The hotel between  by Sean Easley

The hotel between

Sean Easley

"Twelve-year-old Cameron discovers a magical hotel through which, with the help of new friend Nico, he hopes to find his long-lost father and help for his twin sister Cass's spina bifida."--Publisher's description.

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Aleca Zamm travels through time  by Ginger Rue

Aleca Zamm travels through time

Ginger Rue

"For Aleca Zamm, being friends with Ford, a fellow Wonder, means even more magical adventures! Ford can see things from the past and future, and when he sees a bridge that no longer exists in the present, Aleca can't wait to investigate. Hand in hand...

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The assassination of Brangwain Spurge  by M. T. Anderson

The assassination of Brangwain Spurge

M. T. Anderson

"Uptight elfin historian Brangwain Spurge is on a mission: survive being catapulted across the mountains into goblin territory, deliver a priceless peace offering to their mysterious dark lord, and spy on the goblin kingdom -- from which no elf has r...

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First words. English

First words. English

"Learn English words and how to pronounce them with this fun First Words board book!"--Back cover.

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Usborne baby's very first mix & match playbook  by Stella Baggott

Usborne baby's very first mix & match playbook

Stella Baggott

"Flip the split pages in this fun mix and match board book to create different animals. Each page is split into two parts - a head and a body. The bright colours and delightful illustrations will entertain babies over and over again."--Publisher info...

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The little kiwi and the Treaty  by Nikki Slade-Robinson

The little kiwi and the Treaty

Nikki Slade-Robinson

"Years ago a group of kiwi travelled to find a place to settle. Much later another group arrived and wanted to settle there too. Both wondered who these strangers were and they began to fight each other, until eventually they made a treaty and agreed...

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William's Waitangi Day  by David Ling

William's Waitangi Day

David Ling

"When the teacher asks about Waitangi Day, everyone else knows what they'll be doing, but William doesn't even know what Waitangi Day means. Then, with the help of his friends he begins to understand what it's all about and has a great Waitangi Day h...

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When I grow up  by Julie Chen

When I grow up

Julie Chen

"One night while getting ready for bed a little boy starts to wonder what life will be like when he grows up. He could be a painter, a musician, a mountain climber, a mayor... He tells his mother all about his big ideas...and all of the other things he...

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Lucía the luchadora and the million masks  by Cynthia Leonor Garza

Lucía the luchadora and the million masks

Cynthia Leonor Garza

"Lucía's little sister Gemma wants to be a luchadora like her big sister, but she is more bumble and splat than pizzazz and seems to find trouble wherever she goes. When Gemma makes a ginormous hole in Lucía's, her little sister seems to get away wit...

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Attack of the 50-foot Fluffy  by Mike Boldt

Attack of the 50-foot Fluffy

Mike Boldt

"Claire and her stuffed rabbit, Fluffy, wake up happy but one thing goes wrong after another until, finally, Claire and Fluffy are both very, very angry."--Publisher information.

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You don't know everything, Jilly P!  by Alex Gino

You don't know everything, Jilly P!

Alex Gino

"When her new baby sister is born deaf, Jilly makes an online connection with a fellow fantasy fan, who happens to be black and deaf, and begins to learn about the many obstacles that exist in the world for people who are different from her." --Publi...

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JoJo loves BowBow  by JoJo Siwa

JoJo loves BowBow

JoJo Siwa

"What do JoJo and BowBow like to do when they're off camera and relaxing at home? Thus duo is dedicated to sparkles, bows, cupcakes, and everything cute! Never-before-seen shots of BowBow and JoJo--plus exclusive JoJo quotes--offer readers an...

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JoJo's guide to making your own fun  by JoJo Siwa

JoJo's guide to making your own fun

JoJo Siwa

Shares suggestions for having year-round fun, including instructions for such activities as making slime, setting up a sundae bar, hosting a cupcake decorating party, and creating an end-of-school memory box.

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Squirm  by Carl Hiaasen


Carl Hiaasen

"Billy Dickens discovers that his mysterious father lives in Montana, so this summer Billy will fly across the country, hike a mountain, float a river, dodge a grizzly bear, shoot down a spy drone, and save his own father." --Publisher description.

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Shine of the silver dragon  by Tracey West

Shine of the silver dragon

Tracey West

"Diego is under the spell of the wizard Maldred who wants to control the Naga, an enormous dragon that lives deep within the Earth, and plans to use Diego to steal the two keys necessary for that purpose; the first key is guarded by Argent, the silver...

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What Monster?  by Liz Pichon

What Monster?

Liz Pichon

"This book contains monsters, mystery, a music festival, missing stuff, me and Marcus (not necessarily in that order). And a very strict supply teacher, but don't let that put you off." --Back cover.

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The Vanderbeekers and the hidden garden  by Karina Yan Glaser

The Vanderbeekers and the hidden garden

Karina Yan Glaser

"When catastrophe strikes their beloved upstairs neighbors, the Vanderbeeker children set out to build the best, most magical healing garden in Harlem--in spite of a locked fence, thistles and trash, and the conflicting plans of a wealthy real estate...

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Wild Violet!  by Alex Latimer

Wild Violet!

Alex Latimer

"Violet is wild. She growls at the dog, draws on the walls, and slurps her cereal straight from the bowl. Violet's Gran takes her to the zoo for a relaxing trip but, after a mix-up, Violet spends the night with the monkeys and a monkey goes back with...

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Redstone Junior High. Book 3, Dragons never die by Cara J. Stevens

Redstone Junior High. Book 3, Dragons never die

Cara J. Stevens

"When Uma shows up at Pixel's house over summer break, it's not just for a friendly visit. It's to bring chilling news of the Ender Dragon's death. Never before has their world suffered such a great loss. Uma now holds the one item that the Ender Dragon...

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Gruesome ghosts  by Barbara Mitchelhill

Gruesome ghosts

Barbara Mitchelhill

"When the new girl, Annabelle, begs Damian to investigate her grandparents' haunted house, he and his group of trainee detectives take on the case of tracking the ghosts that have been causing so much trouble."--Publisher's description.

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The second story  by Neil Patrick Harris

The second story

Neil Patrick Harris

"Growing up in an orphanage, Leila was bullied for being different. She turned her hardship into skill by becoming an escape artist--a valuable trait when belonging to a group of magical best friends. But when a famous psychic comes to town, Leila and...

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The ghost of Slappy  by R. L. Stine

The ghost of Slappy

R. L. Stine

Slappy's back as a ghost! And this time, the only thing you'll play is hide-and-go-shriek!

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It's the end when I say it's the end  by Stephan Pastis

It's the end when I say it's the end

Stephan Pastis

"Though I, Timmy Failure, have solved many notorious crimes and now wish to enjoy my retirement, my fans have begged me to turn my memoirs into a movie, an ode to my greatness. I am, however, beset by enemies, the worst of whom is Tom John John, the ...

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The phantom bandit  by Geronimo Stilton

The phantom bandit

Geronimo Stilton

"While vacationing at Skull Castle Geronimo stumbles on a mystery. A ghost cat is threatening the special pumpkins that grow in the Von Cacklefurs' garden! Can Geronimo find out who wants to steal the pumpkins?" --Publisher description.

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26 Fairmount Avenue  by Tomie DePaola

26 Fairmount Avenue

Tomie DePaola

"Children's author-illustrator Tomie De Paola describes his experiences at home and in school when he was a boy."--Publisher's description.

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