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Emily by Jilly Cooper


Jilly Cooper

If Emily hadn't gone to Annie Richmond's party, she would never have met the impossibly irresistible Rory Balniel - never have married him and been carried off to the wild Scottish island of Irasa to live in his ancestral home. She'd never have met the wild...

Lisa & Co by Jilly Cooper

Lisa & Co

Jilly Cooper

As well as Lisa, we meet Hester, Julia, Helen, Caroline and a host of other devastating girls, falling in and out of love, finding, losing (and often finding again sometimes in the most unexpected places) the men of their dreams. Lisa amp; Co is a sparkling...

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

The Color Purple

Alice Walker

Read the original inspiration for the new, boldly reimagined film from producers Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg, starring Taraji P. Henson, Danielle Brooks, and Fantasia Barrino. Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Alice Walker's iconic modern classic....

Prudence by Jilly Cooper


Jilly Cooper

Prudence had been overjoyed when Pendle invited her home for the weekend to meet his family. Then she met his brother Jack - handsome, married and only too ready to take over with Pru if Pendle didn't get a move on. It was only when she noticed the way Pendle...

Miss devoted by Grace Burrowes

Miss devoted

Grace Burrowes

Psyche Fremont has known two constants in life: Her passion for her art, and society's determination to ignore her talent. She isn't looking for anything other than a handsome model when she crosses paths with Michael Delancey, and he's only interested in...

A grandmother begins the story by Michelle Porter

A grandmother begins the story

Michelle Porter

Award-winning author Michelle Porter makes her fiction debut with an enchanting and original story of the unrivaled desire for healing and the power of familial bonds across five generations of Métis women and the land and bison that surround them. Written...

Scarred regrets by Adelaide Forrest

Scarred regrets

Adelaide Forrest

Broken men don't fall in love. We linger in the darkness, consumed by the sins that define us. Irina is the sole reason my heart beats. She's everything that matters in a world filled with evil that a woman so good and pure should never have to see. She'll add...

The mage-fire war by L. E. Modesitt

The mage-fire war

L. E. Modesitt

L.E. Modesitt, Jr., continues his bestselling Saga of Recluce with The Mage-Fire War, the third book in a story arc which began with The Mogrel Mage and Outcasts of Order. Once again, prejudices against the use of chaos magic force Beltur and his companions to...

The harp and the rose by Jean Grainger

The harp and the rose

Jean Grainger

Queenstown, County Cork. 1920 For twenty-year-old Harp Devereaux, life should be idyllic. At university, she feels for the first time in her life that she belongs, her mother Rose is running the Cliff House as a successful business, and her childhood...

Forgivable sins by Adelaide Forrest

Forgivable sins

Adelaide Forrest

No one knows me like she does. She's the only one who has power over me. I've loved Samara since I was a boy, since the moment I heard her sing and told her she would be my wife. I sacrificed that dream to keep her safe. Our love is a secret, hanging unspoken...

Most eligible billionaire by Annika Martin

Most eligible billionaire

Annika Martin

OMG - the cute little dog I adopted turns out to be a billionaire Maltese! That's right, my tiny dog just inherited giant corporation! I'm Vicky, the dog whisperer. (Not really, but that's what my elderly neighbor says whenever I walk her dog, Smuckers.) When...

Worship by Trilina Pucci


Trilina Pucci

Bestselling author Trilina Pucci brings you an intense, steamy love story with an even hotter alpha. What do you do when all the wrong choices are the only ones that feel right? You sin. I'm a powerful man who's never been refused. Until I met her. Gretchen...

Miss Dauntless by Grace Burrowes

Miss Dauntless

Grace Burrowes

Matilda Merridew, former hoyden of the first water, finds herself widowed, weary, and in want of coin. Along comes Marcus, Lord Tremont, with an interesting-and decent-proposition. Tremont will provide Matilda a handsome salary and keep a commodious roof over...

Shielded wrongs by Adelaide Forrest

Shielded wrongs

Adelaide Forrest

Every killer has a weakness.She's the one woman I can't have.She's forbidden to the Bellandi men. Yet after one look in her honey eyes, I need to carve myself into her soul so deeply, Sadie will never forget she's mine.Nobody else sees through her façade.She's...

Hope on the rocks by Annabeth Albert

Hope on the rocks

Annabeth Albert

One too many ... Doctor Quinn Strauss is beloved by his small-town patients. He almost never drinks, especially not alone on a weeknight. But he's heartbroken over an unexpected reminder of exactly how much his bad breakup has cost him. And the sexy ginger...

Tales of the Alhambra by Washington Irving

Tales of the Alhambra

Washington Irving

Irving's dreamlike description of the Alhambra, the beautiful Moorish castle that defined the height of Moorish civilization, and the surrounding territory of Granada remains one of the best guidebooks to the region and one of the most entertaining travelogues...

Puck me secretly by Odette Stone

Puck me secretly

Odette Stone

Odette Stone presents Book 1 in the Vancouver Wolves Hockey Romance series. Contains mature themes.

Shards of Frost by Suzanne Wright

Shards of Frost

Suzanne Wright

When had life stopped being so simple? Probably around the time that Casey Frost first agreed to pay off her drug addict brother's debt to save him from a brutal beating. It soon became a "thing." When the dealer-who's also an Alpha shifter-demands she do...

My kind of earl by Vivienne Lorret

My kind of earl

Vivienne Lorret

Jane Pickerington never intended to start a brawl in a brothel. She only wanted to research her book. Yet when her simple study of scoundrels goes awry, she finds herself coming to the rescue of a dark, enigmatic stranger... who turns out to be far more than...

A soul to keep by Opal Reyne

A soul to keep

Opal Reyne

All Reia ever wanted was freedom.Known as a harbinger of bad omens and blamed for Demons eating her family, Reia is shunned by her entire village. When the next offering is due and the monstrous Duskwalker is seen heading their way, her village offers her an...

Bloodied hands by Adelaide Forrest

Bloodied hands

Adelaide Forrest

She's an innocent. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. My Angel is the one who got away--the only person in the world I love. When she is caught in an unsanctioned bank robbery in my territory, only my reputation protects her. She should have stayed...

Fairhaven rising by L. E. Modesitt

Fairhaven rising

L. E. Modesitt

Modesitt continues his bestselling Saga of Recluce with his twenty-second book in the long-running series. Fairhaven Rising is the first book in a new character arc, and follows The Mage-Fire War. Sixteen years have passed since the mage Beltur helped to found...

Grieved loss by Adelaide Forrest

Grieved loss

Adelaide Forrest

This shadow always follows his Sunshine. Her life is a carefully crafted lie. For years, I only watch my Sunshine from the shadows; my loyalty to the Bellandis demands nothing less. When her husband is killed, the path is clear for me to step in and claim her...

The gift  by Freida McFadden

The gift

Freida McFadden

It's Christmas Eve and Stella Hansen is broke. She is so broke that despite working two jobs, she can't even afford a present for her husband on their first Christmas as man and wife. But then a mysterious storekeeper at a pawn shop offers Stella an intriguing...

Tonight, I burn  by Katharine J. Adams

Tonight, I burn

Katharine J. Adams

A thorn witch with the power to walk between the realms of Life and Death finds herself at the center of a magical rebellion--and a dangerous romance--that could destroy her coven and her soul in this dark and decadent debut. Thorns, Tides, Embers, Storms, and...

Veronica Ruiz breaks the bank  by Elle Cosimano

Veronica Ruiz breaks the bank

Elle Cosimano

From New York Times bestselling author Elle Cosimano, comes Veronica Ruiz Breaks the Bank--a hilarious short story diving into Finlay Donovan's partner-in-crime Vero's past.Anyone can spot a window of opportunity, but not everyone can manage to fall straight...

City of Ruin by Charissa Weaks

City of Ruin

Charissa Weaks

The night the Prince of the East razed her village, Raina Bloodgood's life changed forever. Forced into someone else's war-and into the arms of the Witch Collector, Alexus Thibault-Raina discovered that everything she believed was wrong, and that she was...

The rom con  by Devon Daniels

The rom con

Devon Daniels

A modern battle of the sexes about a journalist who hatches an elaborate plan to take down her professional rival, in a rom-com perfect for fans of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. After a particularly brutal breakup, Cassidy Sutton has had it with dating. So...

Pucking wild  by Emily Rath

Pucking wild

Emily Rath

My name is Tess Owens, and my life is officially on fire. I never thought dancing at my best friend's wedding would be the match to light the flames. But with one lingering touch, one longing look . . . and one sneaky caterer holding a camera phone, my almost...

Iron Flame  by Rebecca Yarros

Iron Flame

Rebecca Yarros

Everyone expected Violet Sorrengail to die during her first year at Basgiath War College. The Threshing weeded out the unworthy. Now the real training begins, and Violet's already wondering how she'll get through.

A court of silver flames  by Sarah J. Maas

A court of silver flames

Sarah J. Maas

"Sarah J. Maas's sexy, richly imagined audio experience continues with the journey of Feyre's fiery sister, Nesta. Nesta Archeron has always been prickly-proud, swift to anger, and slow to forgive. And ever since being forced into the Cauldron and becoming...

Dirty laundry by Disha Bose

Dirty laundry

Disha Bose

Brought to you by Penguin. A deliciously scandalous story about the dark side of suburbia DIRTY LAUNDRY bristles with lies desire and the secrets that can make or break a marriage.--Ciara Lauren and Mishti are three mothers friends wives. But underneath the...

Finally found you  by Carrie Ann Ryan

Finally found you

Carrie Ann Ryan

Presley Mackenzie knows she's not supposed to fall for her best friend. She really shouldn't fall for him--especially since he is her ex's brother. It doesn't matter that her ex cheated. It doesn't matter that she was the one to walk away. She's not supposed...

Land of the enemy  by Kirill Klevanski

Land of the enemy

Kirill Klevanski

A lot had changed in "The Holy Sky" School during the six weeks that Hadjar Darkhan was away. Everyone who was in the capital at the time became much stronger, thanks to the regular skirmishes along the Imperial road. By the Emperor's decree, all the disciples...

Second chance ink  by Carrie Ann Ryan

Second chance ink

Carrie Ann Ryan

From NYT bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan comes a new romance in her Montgomery Ink series...Tattoo artist Brandon never thought he'd see her again. He'd trained himself never to think of her or what they'd had together. It was the only way he'd been able to...

The dive  by Sara Ochs

The dive

Sara Ochs

Scuba diving instructor Cass leads her students out for their first dive off the beautiful coast of Koh Sang, Thailand's world-famous party island. It's supposed to be a life-changing experience, but things quickly spiral out of control...LEAVE YOUR SECRETS...

Midnight   by Amy McCulloch


Amy McCulloch

When she's gifted a once-in-a-lifetime Antarctic cruise, Olivia has never been anywhere so spectacular. Huge cliffs of ice loom up to the sky. The sun never sets over the sparkling sea. And there's a killer on board...Unable to sleep in the endless eerie...

The shortlist  by Andrew Raymond

The shortlist

Andrew Raymond

The gripping second instalment of Andrew Raymond's bestselling DCI Lomond Crime series.

The love wager by Lynn Painter

The love wager

Lynn Painter

HALLIE PIPER IS TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF. After crawling out of a hotel room (hello, rock bottom), she decides it's time to become a full-on adult. She gets a new apartment, a new haircut, and a new wardrobe. But when she logs into the dating app to look for...

Don't go home  by Jay Gill

Don't go home

Jay Gill

LOCAL POLICE SAY SHE'S A RUNAWAY. BUT YOU KNOW YOUR DAUGHTER, SHE WOULDN'T DO THAT. SHE MUST BE IN TROUBLE. DESPERATE. You frantically search for her. Asking strangers around town if they've seen her... your precious daughter. All you need is a glimmer of hope...

The chase  by Ava Glass

The chase

Ava Glass

MOVE FAST. STAY DARK. These are the instructions sent to new operative Emma Makepeace. She's been assigned to track down a man wanted by the Russians and bring him into MI5. It should be easy. But the Russians have eyes everywhere. Emma knows that if spotted...

The storyteller by the sea  by Phyllida Shrimpton

The storyteller by the sea

Phyllida Shrimpton

A heartwarming and uplifting new novel, perfect story for fans of Sally Page and Hazel Prior. Melody spends her days combing the shore for items washed up on her beach. She collects them in her basket and takes them back to Spindrift, her weathered little...

Burn  by Melanie Saward


Melanie Saward

When a tragic bushfire puts two kids in hospital, Indigenous teenager Andrew knows the police will come after him first. But Andrew almost wants to be caught, because at least it might make his dad come and rescue him from suburban Brisbane and his neglectful...

Point blank  by Logan Ryles

Point blank

Logan Ryles

His name is Mason Sharpe. Victims take heart--bad guys take cover. Army veteran Mason Sharpe's world is turned upside down when his beloved fiancée is killed in a random shooting. Struggling to cope with his grief, Sharpe instinctively heads for the North...

The clocks  by Agatha Christie

The clocks

Agatha Christie

Stenographer Sheila Webb let herself into the house at 19 Wilbraham Crescent where she made a grisly discovery: the body of a dead man sprawled across the living room floor. What intrigued Poirot about the case was the time factor. Sheila clearly remembered...

Murder by the seaside  by Jackie Baldwin

Murder by the seaside

Jackie Baldwin

Portobello, Scotland. Grace McKenna is just back from a hearty breakfast at The Espy seaside pub when a perplexing mystery arrives at her door. Glamorous widow Sylvia Gordon is determined to find the truth about the death of her husband, Paul. Once a local...



What does infinity hold? Does anything or anyone get buried and remain quiet for all time, or is death just a second life that lasts forever? From traversing the gnarled roots of trees reaching from the sand like claws, to the moment where one finds out the...

The Bromsgrove bookseller  by Kerry Tombs

The Bromsgrove bookseller

Kerry Tombs

Ledbury, December 1892. Detective Inspector Ravenscroft looks forward to spending a quiet Christmas with his family. Then he receives news that an old friend stands accused of a brutal murder. DID YOUNG STEBBINS STAB HIS OWN UNCLE IN THE BACK? Ravenscroft and...

Green dot  by Madeleine Gray

Green dot

Madeleine Gray

Hera Stephen is clawing through her mid-twenties, working as an underpaid comment moderator in an overly air-conditioned newsroom by day and kicking around Sydney with her two best friends by night. Instead of money or stability, she has so far accrued one...

Greek lessons  by Kang Han

Greek lessons

Kang Han

The unforgettable novel from Booker International Prize winner Han Kang, author of The Vegetarian.In this compelling and beautifully-patterned novel, Han Kang tells the interwoven stories of a Greek instructor who is losing his sight and a woman who refuses to...

Starting over in Cariad Cove  by Darcie Boleyn

Starting over in Cariad Cove

Darcie Boleyn

Family is what you make it - but is Hannah brave enough to take the chance? A freelance travel writer, Hannah rarely stays in one place long enough to call it home. After a childhood of moving between foster homes, her nomadic lifestyle means no lasting...

The secrets we keep  by A. J. Wills

The secrets we keep

A. J. Wills

Ten-year-old Annie Warren hasn't made it home from school and with every passing hour, hopes of finding her alive are fading fast. Her parents, Cathy and Kit, are frantic with worry, fearing the worst. Could their daughter, the miracle child who came as a...

Four seasons in Japan  by Nick Bradley

Four seasons in Japan

Nick Bradley

Flo is sick of Tokyo. Suffering from a crisis in confidence, she is stuck in a rut, her translation work has dried up and she's in a relationship that's run its course. That's until she stumbles upon a mysterious book left by a fellow passenger on the Tokyo...

The summer party  by Rebecca Heath

The summer party

Rebecca Heath

An atmospheric psychological thriller about a glamorous family living on the coast of southern Australia. 2023's most addictive beach read. A perfect family. A devastating secret. Summer, 2000. In the tranquil town of Queen's Point in southern Australia, the...

Crocodile tears  by Alan Carter

Crocodile tears

Alan Carter

Detective Philip 'Cato' Kwong is investigating the death of a retiree found hacked to pieces in his suburban Perth home. The trail leads to Timor-Leste, with its recent blood-soaked history. There, he reunites with an old frenemy, the spook Rory Driscoll who,...

The gin shack on the beach  by Catherine Miller

The gin shack on the beach

Catherine Miller

You're never too old to try something new! When octogenarian Olive Turner is persuaded by her son to move into a retirement home, she congratulates herself on finding the secret to an easy life: no washing up, cooking or cleaning. But Olive isn't one for...

Bad summer people  by Emma Rosenblum

Bad summer people

Emma Rosenblum

A whip-smart, propulsive debut about infidelity, backstabbing, and murderous intrigue, set against an exclusive summer haven on Fire Island. None of them would claim to be a particularly good person. But who among them is actually capable of murder?Jen...

Mr Einstein's secretary by Matthew Reilly

Mr Einstein's secretary

Matthew Reilly

All Hanna Fischer ever wanted to do was to study physics under the great Albert Einstein. But when, as a teenager in 1919, her life is suddenly turned upside-down, she is catapulted into a new and extraordinary life - as a secretary, a scientist, a sister and...

Vendetta by Sarah Barrie


Sarah Barrie

Ace hacker, former sex worker and vigilante, Lexi Winter is now a cop and not keen to revisit her criminal past. But when old friends invoke the wrath of a local motorcycle club - the same club Lexi herself used to work for - she races to help them the only...

The night she lied by Lucy Dawson

The night she lied

Lucy Dawson

Every family has secrets. Would you kill to keep yours? It's midnight in the hospital when Jude's phone rings, interrupting her precious 15-minute break. When she sees it's her 70-year-old mother, Margaret, she braces herself for the usual complaints. But her...

Just another missing person by Gillian McAllister

Just another missing person

Gillian McAllister

OLIVIA: 22 years old. No history of running away. Last seen on CCTV, entering a dead-end alley. And not coming back out again. Missing for one day and counting . . .Julia is the detective heading up the case. She knows what to expect. A desperate family, a...

The proof Is in the poison by Diane Kelly

The proof Is in the poison

Diane Kelly

Moonshine shop owner Hattie Hayes is ready to lend a hand when a mystery starts brewing at a train convention in Chattanooga, TN, in this charming cozy mystery series. Now that her moonshine shop is up and running, Hattie Hayes can focus her efforts on...

Role Model by Rachel Reid

Role Model

Rachel Reid

"Rachel Reid crafted a story of true heart, beauty, heat, and glorious, hard-won redemption! I loved both heroes and their journey to love was a gorgeous one to watch!"--Lauren Blakely, #1 NYT Bestselling author of Scoring With HimThe highly anticipated fifth...

City of fortune by Victoria (Victoria E.) Thompson

City of fortune

Victoria (Victoria E.) Thompson

When a day at the races reveals sabotage and subterfuge, Elizabeth Miles must use every ounce of her craftiness to even the score in this all-new Counterfeit Lady novel from USA Today bestselling author Victoria Thompson. Wealthy but uncouth Sebastian Nolan...

Left to run by Blake Pierce

Left to run

Blake Pierce

"When you think that life cannot get better, Blake Pierce comes up with another masterpiece of thriller and mystery! This book is full of twists and the end brings a surprising revelation. I strongly recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader...

Caribou's gift by Eve Langlais

Caribou's gift

Eve Langlais

Move over bears, and moose, there's a new rack in town. Damn it, a man had his pride and a caribou a certain majestic presence, all of which could wind up ruined if he abased himself to play a simple-minded reindeer in the town's Christmas parade. No way was...

Bain by Sawyer Bennett


Sawyer Bennett

Bain Hillridge is new to the Titans and he's building relationships with his new team, both on and off the ice. If only he could keep his hands off his teammate's little sister.I loved playing for the Arizona Vengeance but I'm stoked to be part of the legacy...

City of secrets by Victoria (Victoria E.) Thompson

City of secrets

Victoria (Victoria E.) Thompson

An exciting new book in the series featuring woman-on-the-run Elizabeth Miles--from the beloved national bestselling author of the Gaslight Mysteries. Con artist Elizabeth Miles has determined that Society is the biggest con of all. So far, Elizabeth's only...

City of schemes by Victoria (Victoria E.) Thompson

City of schemes

Victoria (Victoria E.) Thompson

The Great War is over, and Elizabeth and Gideon are busy planning their wedding. Gideon is happily welcoming home old friends who have been discharged from the army. One of them, Archie Carstens, the son and heir of a wealthy Knickerbocker family, served as a...

The Moonshine Shack murder by Diane Kelly

The Moonshine Shack murder

Diane Kelly

In this intoxicating new cozy mystery series, the future for modern-day moonshiner Hattie Hayes looks bright--until death darkens the doorstep of her Moonshine Shack. The Hayes family has made moonshine in Chattanooga since the days of Prohibition, and Hattie...

The long game by Rachel Reid

The long game

Rachel Reid

The sequel is finally here! Shane and Ilya's story, first seen in Heated Rivalry, continues in this long-awaited hockey romance from Rachel Reid."Everything you could want from this magnetic couple! A passionate, sexy, emotional sequel that grips your heart!...

Follow the dead by Lin Anderson

Follow the dead

Lin Anderson

Shortlisted for the 2018 McIlvanney Prize for Scottish Crime Book of the Year. Follow the Dead is the thrilling twelfth book in Lin Anderson's forensic crime series featuring Rhona MacLeod. On holiday in the Scottish Highlands, forensic scientist Dr Rhona...

Apollo by Marie James


Marie James

The first time we met, I was rescuing her from a cult. The second time I laid eyes on her was when she showed up at Cerberus with a secret, asking me for an unthinkable favor. What she was offering was something I never thought I could have, so I readily...

Murder at a Cape bookstore by Maddie Day

Murder at a Cape bookstore

Maddie Day

Set in a picturesque Cape Cod town, the latest in this cozy mystery series by the Agatha Award-winning author will delight fans of Lorna Barrett's Booktown series and Kate Carlisle's Bibliophile mysteries, as bike-shop owner Mackenzie "Mac" Almeida and her...

Blue Madonna by James R. Benn

Blue Madonna

James R. Benn

Billy Boyle, US Army detective and ex-Boston cop, faces his toughest investigation yet: infiltrating enemy lines in France as the Allies invade Normandy. It's late May 1944. Captain Billy Boyle is court-martialed on spurious charges of black market dealings....

Sincerely, the puck bunny by Maren Moore

Sincerely, the puck bunny

Maren Moore

Spoiler alert . . . Briggs Wilson, the NHL's most notorious bad boy, isn't actually who everyone thinks he is. He's kind, compassionate, loyal. And plot twist? The best baby daddy ever. Yep, you read that right. One weekend. One mind blowing weekend that ended...

The eighth life (for Brilka) by Nino Haratischwili

The eighth life (for Brilka)

Nino Haratischwili

At the start of the twentieth century, on the edge of the Russian empire, a family prospers. It owes its success to a delicious chocolate recipe, passed down the generations with great solemnity and caution. A caution which is justified: this is a recipe for...

Thumper by Marie James


Marie James

I've been many things in my life. A liar. A cheater. A thief. And I've never had a problem with any of it. I knew my path, knew which direction I was heading when it was all over-straight to Satan's lair. I accepted it, reveled in it, and always asked for...

Baking spirits bright by Sarah (Mystery writer) Fox

Baking spirits bright

Sarah (Mystery writer) Fox

In a cute new culinary cozy from USA Today bestselling author Sarah Fox, budding chocolatier Becca Ransom must solve a murder before she meets a sticky end.Winter has arrived in Larch Haven, Vermont, bringing with it holiday cheer, lots of snow, and freezing...

Common goal by Rachel Reid

Common goal

Rachel Reid

"Rachel Reid's hockey heroes are sexy, hot, and passionate! I've devoured this entire series and I love the flirting, the exploration and the delicious discovery in Common Goal!"--Lauren Blakely, #1 NYT Bestselling author of A Guy Walks Into My Bar New York...

All the little lies by S. J. Sylvis

All the little lies

S. J. Sylvis

English Prep stands tall with its ivy-covered exterior and old, wrought-iron doors. The stone gargoyles sit at the school's entrance, knowing just as much as anyone: I don't belong. Once upon a time, I did. I belonged in the "it" crowd with all the other...

Fiddling with fate by Diane Kelly

Fiddling with fate

Diane Kelly

When a local bluegrass musician disappears and a jug of her shop's corn liquor is implicated, moonshiner Hattie Hayes must stop further trouble from brewing in this delightful cozy mystery series. It's August in Chattanooga, Tennessee and moonshiner Hattie...

The three of us by Ore Agbaje-Williams

The three of us

Ore Agbaje-Williams

Brought to you by Penguin.A good job, a beautiful wife, a big house in a nice neighbourhood; there's really only one thing missing from the picture: a baby. But motherhood is a serious undertaking, especially for a wife who has always valued her selfhood above...

Third girl by Agatha Christie

Third girl

Agatha Christie

Three single girls share a London flat. The first works as a secretary; the second is an artist; the third, who comes to Poirot for help, disappears believing she is a murderer. There are rumors of revolvers, flick-knives, and blood stains. But, without hard...

The roommate situation by Katie Bailey

The roommate situation

Katie Bailey

Conor Brady is the hottest man I have ever laid eyes on. Ever. He's also my new roommate. In the past few days, I became jobless, homeless, and boyfriendless. So, I did what any 28-year-old woman with her life together would do: I ran. Far, far away from my...

The dark prince's prize by S. E. (Susan E.) Smith

The dark prince's prize

S. E. (Susan E.) Smith

Royal Flush ... Prince Adalard Ha'darra's mission is simple--stay out of trouble while on Earth. His plans to enjoy his time with a few pleasurable distractions change when his transport is sabotaged, forcing him to land miles from Paul Grove's remote ranch....

City of shadows by Victoria (Victoria E.) Thompson

City of shadows

Victoria (Victoria E.) Thompson

In this all-new Counterfeit Lady novel from USA Today bestselling author Victoria Thompson newlywed Elizabeth Miles must use her unlawful skills to expose a dangerous charlatan. Elizabeth Miles Bates has returned from her honeymoon with Gideon and is taking...

Love will tear us apart by Caimh McDonnell

Love will tear us apart

Caimh McDonnell

Brought to you by Penguin.Love can be a truly terrible thing.Marriages are tricky at the best of times, especially when one of you is dead.Vincent Banecroft, the irascible editor of The Stranger Times, has never believed his wife died despite emphatic evidence...

Grinch by Marie James


Marie James

I never ran from my past or the only woman I ever loved. She made sure to stomp me into the ground and demand I forget all about her. I tried to do just that, and in the twelve years since she ripped my heart out, I've done fairly well. Sometimes I could even...

The unbroken beauty of Rosalind Bone by Alex McCarthy

The unbroken beauty of Rosalind Bone

Alex McCarthy

Brought to you by Penguin.'Beautiful, incredibly painterly and full of breathtaking details. A devastating portrait of a particular place, which draws you in with its brutality and beauty' CARYL LEWIS, author of DRIFTTucked into the Welsh valleys and encircled...

The Olympian Affair by Jim Butcher

The Olympian Affair

Jim Butcher

The fate of the Cinder Spires may be decided by crossed swords in the next exhilarating fantasy adventure from the author of the Dresden Files, in this New York Times bestselling series of noble families, swordplay, and airships. For centuries the Cinder...

Harley by Marie James


Marie James

They say misery loves company, but after losing the love of my life all I wanted was to be completely alone. Having a young daughter made that impossible. I couldn't curl into myself. I couldn't spend hours in the dark living in regret. I couldn't end it all...

Sins of the dead by Lin Anderson

Sins of the dead

Lin Anderson

'The best Scottish crime series since Rebus' Daily RecordThe sins of the dead are all consuming ... While illegally street racing in the underground tunnels of Glasgow, four Harley-Davidson riders make a horrifying discovery: a dead man left in the darkness,...

Jinx by Marie James


Marie James

Fake relationships have no place in an adult's life. Until they do. It was one kiss. One trick to convince her ex she's in a happy relationship. One kiss is all it took. Captivated isn't a strong enough word. Haunted is a little closer. Obsessed fits the bill....

Legend by Marie James


Marie James

I wouldn't call it love at first sight, but my body definitely reacted when I saw her. Getting Faith Robbins under me became my obsession. I knew I wanted fast and done. It's how I always did things. Looking for anything more with a woman was never in the...

The billionaire's wake-up-call girl by Annika Martin

The billionaire's wake-up-call girl

Annika Martin

When my manager assigns me the task of finding a new wake up call service for our CEO, I think, how hard can this be? Answer: practically impossible. It turns out that no wake-up call company in the world will take him on as a client. They've all had enough of...

The devouring by James R. Benn

The devouring

James R. Benn

A murder in wartime Switzerland reveals Swiss complicity with the Nazis and profiteering during World War II Billy and Kaz are sent to neutral Switzerland to investigate the murder of a Swiss banking official with ties to the Office of Strategic Services...

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